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marriane, me and a lustfull bodily talk!!
"Aah,c'mon honey,lick it hard" I whispered seeing into her blue oceanic eyes!!
She's in between my legs kneeling, head up sucking my cock!!
And myself standing in front of her comforting my dick into her mouth!
She's squeezing my balls and deep sucking the dick! Her tongue whirling around my dickhead inside her mouth!!
"Aaaaaah,honey yeeeeah suuuck it sssuck ittt harddd aaaaah uuuuumhhh"I moaned with pleasure,holding fist full of her hair and making her suck even more hardly,
" mmmmhh,,uuummmmm,,mmmm,,uhhh" are the few terribly horny sounds she's making while riding my cock in her sweet mouth bordered by juicy red lips!!
While she's sucking! My eyes went onto her body, she has very dark black hair, and they were partially covering her huge 36d cup titties nakedly dancing in air due to her jerks, her navel was so damn sexy and her tummy was staring at me like a one eyed sexy monster,down below her navel I could see a slightly stretched chubby pink pussy with very less hair as a crown over it, coz of that lustful view my rock hard monster twitched like a flexible stick in her mouth!!!
She,Feeling the urge in me, started sucking it even more hardly, punishing my balls!!
"Aaaaah biiiitchhhh ammm gohhh gonnna cummm uuuuhhh" i literally screamed with horny tone!
She then started teasing her own boobs,squeezing them and rubbing the clit, with her one hand, and with another continuing the punishment to my balls!! Sucking my dick very desperately and deeply as if there's tomorrow!!
Seeing her playing herself I screamed "aaaaaaaaahhh horny cat!!!! Am almost cummingggg mmmmh aaaaah uuuuh"
She took her mouth off my dick saying "aaahh yea!! cover me with cum honey" jerking my dick!
She's jerking it soo fastly that I released my pre cum,as i fired it into the air she opened her mouth directing it into her mouth and swallowed it like a babie eating candy!!
"Ummmm,that was so fuckkking warm" she said fly kissing me
I then released my first phase of sperm army on her face hitting the skin!!
"Aaaaahhhh,,yyyyyyeeeeeeeah" I screamed with joy as my juice started leaking outa my huge pipe!
I then released my second phase of hot juicy n huge collection of sperm army over her breasts this time!!
Third fourth n fifth rescue teams followed the second phase of my white ink!!
Her firm big boobs are now covered with sperm!!
"Hummmmmm uuuuh" I gasped with relief!!
She started rubbing the sperm all over her boobs n face,,and licking the remains on her fingers!!
"Ummmmm mhhhhhh mmmmh" were the sounds i could hear while she licking her fingers!
I pulled her up holding her hair n uplifted her,took her onto my hands,one behind her spine near the neck another whirled around her hips!! And started walking to bed
She:mmmmmmh honnn that was soo fuckin tasty!!
Me: yeah bitch it was waiting to get into ua mouth!!
She:love you babiee,thanx!
Me:"do u think its all over now",growled
She:ummm I know its time to fix my dripping hole horny Dogg!
I winked at her,n pumped my thighs while walking, slightly making my erected rod touch her ass!
She:aahhh your monster is trying to pierce the ass skin!!
....we reached the bed,I mean we have traveled the longest short 10 steps towards bed!!
The bed has a white floral printed bedsheet over it,the room was dark with the open window opposite to the bed, as the only light source,,cool breeze from the window pushing our two hot bodies even more close!
I slowly placed her on the bed like a glass statue!!
I then comforted my legs on either side of her hips!!
I bent towards her all most close to her mouth...I started kissing her neck instead!
"Ahhhhh mmmmmh ur the mannn!!! You know how to tease me! Uuuhh" she screamed with lust as my wet tongue sensibly exploring her warm neck!! Caressing it!!
I sent my two hands Down in search of her two huge melons.. One found the melon and the other found pink emarald marble over the melon!!!
I started squeezing the soft smooth flesh of her one of the boobs and gently rubbing the nipple of her another tit!!
"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh mmmmmmh uuuuh" her moans filled the room
My tongue went up and around her mouth,,on the cheeks,biting earlobes, My hands continued ther bussiness..
"Mmmm" She yelled with unknown extreme pleasure "Uuuuhhhh u dickhead!!! Stop teasing me and drill mah mmmy"
And then suddenly I closed her mouth breaking her words!! Introducing my tongue to its twin
I sent my hand down in search of an other beautiful territory,the pussy..while my other hand has taken the work of its twin and started squeezing and rubbing the nipple of the same tit!!
"Mmmm aaaah uuuuh there it is!!! Hmmmm that's for u and dripping for you" she gasped breaking the smooch and attacking back with even more pressure!!
I bit her lip soooo romaaantically!!
My hand has finally reached her clit and I started rubbing it so sensibly!!
"Aaaaahh ummmmm" a sound mixed with both of our tones echoed on the room!
Shes twitching her body!! M rubbing her nipple and the clit soo hardly now!!
"Aaaah fuuuck mee" she literally screamed!
I went down between her legs!
She supported me spreading her legs,she started pressing her own boobies!
And I Rubbing her clit with my thumb, inserted my wet n warm fleshy tongue into her slowly like a slimy snail!
"Ooooh yeeea uuuuuh" she screamed and pulled her titties towards her face and licking one nipple and rubbing the other
I now increased the speed of tongue fucking!!
She could feel the wetness and the warmth of my tongue all around her pussy walls!!
"Aàaaaaah you taste sooo great honey mmmm uhhh" I whispered and continued licking it!!
Am rubbing her clit very hard and tongue fucking her soo smooothly and deeply!
"Aaaaauuuh mmmmmm aaah babie my pussy is crying to get drilled" she literally begged me!!
"Yeeaaa hon!" I kissed her clit and holding my cockster in hand I managed to get close to her legs
As she knew what I was about to do,she spread her legs supporting me!!
I slowly and steadily like a tiger eating her prey, inserted my dick into her pussy!
"Aaaaah uuuuh that feels solo huuuge n fulll" she yelled with joy!!
I pulled it out and pushed it even more hardly and deeply!!
"Uuuuuh mmmm aaaaah" " fuck it aaaaah horny Dogg am all yours" she moaned with joy twitching her body!
I managed to get her boobs moving onto her continuing the fuckiing pumping!!!
Am pressing her boobs as if they might burst out!!
And fuckinng her soooo harrddd! n deeeeep!
"Yaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaah hhhhhhh mmmmm that's it uuuunmmmm uuuuuh aaaah fuck me! Aaaah fuck your bitch!"she screamed whirling her legs around my spine
We're now in a classic sex position!!
" uuuhh mmmm" her moans everywhere in the room
" daaaamn aaaah uuuuh bitch your so fucking tight" I whispered biting her ear lobe quiet painfully!!
I slowly got up turned her around and slapped her butt!
"Mmmmmmm lemme spread my flesh for you" she whispered spreading her ass cheeks
Now I could see her wet dripping pussy,,i bent down kissing her ass biting it and slowly rubbing my dick all around her vestibule!
I then rushed my dick into her strongly and deeply
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" she screamed hitting the bed with her hand!!
I started fucking her soo deeply and hardly like a fucking machine with huge rod at its end!! Without any mercy!!
"Aaaah yeeea just like thaaat honey uuuuuh" she screamed
"Aaaaah hon am about to cum mmmmhh" I said slaapi g her asss!
"Cum inside me sweety fill me up" she turned around n asked me pleadingly!
"Ooooh yeeaaaaaa uuuuuh cuming ggg! Aaaaah yeees!!"
I moaned releasing my bullets from my slimy short gun
"Mmmhhhh uuuhhh soo hoooot" she blushed "u almost murdered my cervix with a headshot"
I slapped her butt and grinned at her!
.I felt something wet between my thighs which made me open my eyes!!!!!
NOT AT ALLL!!!!! Huh!!!!!
though I was soooo fucking disappointed I Axepted the reality and went to washroom washed myself and returned back to bed thinking how good that was!!
My phone beeped and a pop up appeared on the screen "hiee,idioto!! u still awake?" From my bestie whom I fucked jus now!! Yeah not in real!! but its hard to take that as a dream! Jus a dream!!
Though my hormones forced me to cross the line with her,I pinged "hey sweety" controlling my libido!!
She:u know me n James went to a resort today!
(James is her boyfrnd)
Thinking about what they both did there, I reluctantly pinged "oh!! Cool!! You enjoyed?"
She:let's talk about it tomorrow!! :(
I was pretty confused, all that made me smile at that particular fucking death hours, was her sad emoticon,it obviously do mean that there date don't show up!!
That made me smile actually, not her emoticon!
With that smile on my lips and her thoughts deep somewhere in my mind, I closed my eyes fell asleep thinking about "tomorrow"


2020-08-14 17:23:39
This story lakes any formatting that lends to being an easy read. It may, or may not be pure shit, I don't know I got a headache trying to concentrate on where I was reading. Nothing wrong with short paragraph's but dialog should start at the beginning of the paragraph. And there should be a lines pace between each of the paragraphs. You don't need smile and frowning faces, they do nothing for the story. ! should be used sparingly, and !! should never be used. and if you are going to give what some said, they should always be inside " ". Your assignment is to rewrite it and give a shit when you do.

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2016-08-30 01:36:44
Pure shit

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Wall of text too hard to read.

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