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addicted to nasty sex (pt 1)
Tom and I have been married for about three years. He is a handsome man about 6 foot tall, and 180lbs. His hair is blond and eyes are blue. For a white man he is hung really well. His cock is thick and 10 inches long. I really love long thick cocks. At this time he was 42 and I was 23 years old. Tom is a mans kind of man. He is a professional hunter, he guides hunts in Missouri and Arkansas. Tom is a very out going person who has many male friends. All of them hunt and play poker with him regularly.
Me on the other hand am in my last year of college. I am getting my teaching degree. I have allways loved teaching. I allways knew what I wanted to do with my life. I am not very out going, not really shy just sort of blends in. I dress plain, I have the body, I just dont show it off, except to Tom.
One evening Tom and I were having dinner, one of his hunting dogs was laying by the fire place licking himself. Tom, I said, Why dont you let that dog out, I dont want to watch him doing that in here. Tom looked at the dog , and turned back to me, and smiled a sheepish grin at me. Honey, he said, I would give anything to watch you lick his dick for him. he laughed. You must be out of your sick mind. I snapped back. No honey, I am really not. I mean it. The thought of you doing it with one of our dogs, makes me horny as hell. he replyed. I am shocked you would even think that I would do such a thing. What have I ever done to make you think that I would let one of your dogs fuck me? I asked.
I just wanted to give you something to think about. he replyed. How long have you been thinking about me dog fucking? I aksed him. For a couple of years now, he fired back. I didnt realise there was anything missing from our sex life. I told him. Honey, there isnt anything missing, I just thought we could add something different to it. Thats all.he said. What else have you been thinking about? I asked.
Go on tell me, you started this sick shit, what else do you think that I would like? I snapped. Honey, dont get upset, were just talking. I am not upset, I want to know what you have on your mind. Like I said, you started this. I guess next you will want to watch your buddies fuck me too. I said to him. Tom smiled, and looked at me. Damn Tom, now thats it isnt it? I asked. Well honey, you did ask. he said.You want me fucked by a dog, then you want your buddies to fuck me too? I asked him.
Yes, Tom replied. You know they all just love you, and they all think you are hot and sexy. You know they all would love to use that fine body of yours. he said to me. I would love to watch you take all of them at once. You sick basturd, we are married, and now you want to share me with your dogs, and your friends too. Honey, dont the idea intrest you in the least?He asked.
I grinned a evil grin, and said. Be very careful what you ask for. People sometimes cant handle what they think they want. I told him. By damn I sure as hell can. he replied.
I got up from the table, and cleared the dishes. I kept thinking about what he had said. The thought, still did kinda excite me. I said to myself. I wondered if he was really serious, or just assing around. I wanted to find out for myself if he really wanted me to fuck one of his dogs, or if he was just joking. As I finished the dishes the dog walked into the kitchen, and started licking himself again. I watched him licking the red tip of his dick, Shit, I thought to myself, I think I could do that. I wondered what it would taste like and how it would feel in my mouth. Fuck, I thought to myself, what am I thinking? I noticed my pussy was getting wet. It would serve that basturd right if I did do his dog. I was mad and kind of excited at the same time.
Get the hell out of my kitchen, I growled. The dog jumped up and ran into the den with Tom.Dont yell at him, Tom snapped. Its me your mad at. The dog hasnt done anything to you. he added. You shut the fuck up Tom, its my kitchen, and I will not only run your dog out of here, if you raise your voice to me again, I will run you out as well. I shouted. I didnt mean to upset you, Tom replied.
I walked through the den, on my way to the shower, I glanced over at Tom and shook my head. I looked over to the dog and he was still licking his cock. You still need to do that for him, Tom said. You sick fuck, are you really serious? I asked. Hell yes, he replied. I have allways wanted to watch you with my dogs. To see your young tight naked body in the floor, with my dogs is making my cock rock hard now. You are fucked up, I said as I walked into the bathroom
As the hot water covered my body, I just kept thinking about what Tom said he wanted. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and hotter, as I thought of sucking that dogs cock. My face was getting flush red and my nipples were hard as I soaped them. That son of a bitch husband of mine. I thought. I am going to give that basturd something to watch. Fuck, I am really getting turned on, thinking about eating a dogs dick. What is wrong with me? I asked myself, as I turned the water off. Am I really going to do this? The answer is hell yes. Lets just see how he likes his wife sucking that dog, as I dried off. That cock sucker opened up this box, lets just see how he likes whats inside. Why not? I thought. Its our house, no one knows what goes on here, but us. I am going to walk out of this bathroom and suck that hounds cock. With my husband watching me. I think that excited me more that sucking the dog.
I put on some makeup, and wrapped a towel around my naked body. I then took a good long look at myself in the mirror. and said to myself. If a slut is what he wants, a slut is exactly what he is going to get. I knew right then my sex life was going to change. I am going to start with the basturds dog, then his friends. But, first the dog!
Tom was in his chair watching tv, the hound was still by the fireplace. I walked past Tom, I went straight for the dog. I sat down beside the hound, my legs spread wide. My tight little pussy was glistening in the light of the fire. Tom turned towards me, his mouth wide open, in shock. I started running my hand along the dogs body. I could feel his muscles under his fur. My right hand rubbed his body, my left hand found his sheath covered cock. My pussy was hot now! Tom had taken out his thick long cock to stroke. Fuck him, I thought to myself. As I rubbed the dogs sheath, I could feel the dogs cock growing. My eyes were fixed to the opening of his sheath as the red pointed cock started to emerge.
The hounds cock was fully exposed with the knot, it looked strange to me. But, I had gone too far now to stop. My mouth was dry as cotton, now I really wanted to feel that red pointed cock in my mouth. I bent my head down and touched my lips to the tip of the dogs cock. I rubbed the dogs cock over my lips, as though I was putting on lipstick. I could taste the sweet salty precum on the tip of this strange dick. I slipped about half of the dogs dick into my wanting mouth. Tom was yelling, GO BITCH. I payed no attention to him.
I couldnt believe how excited I was. I was really eating a dogs dick, while my basturd husband watched.! Shit this is the nastiest thing I have ever done. I thought to myself, and god I am loving it. I moved my mouth farther down the shaft of the dogs cock. I was surprised at how good his cock tasted. I also loved how nasty I was being. I thought to myself, If Toms friends were here now, I would fuck them all, and leave Tom to his jacking off. My mouth was opened wide, as i swallowed this wonderful cock knot and all. This dog was hung well too, I kept thinking to myself. About 11 inches and this knot was the size of a tennis ball. Shit! I really love this. The hound was humping my hot mouth. I could tell the animal loved my mouth on his leaking dick. GOD!! his cum tastes great too.
I moaned as the dog thrust his cock into my mouth. My cunt was leaking my juices onto the hard wood floor. I couldnt believe this, I am going to cum without being touched. God !!! this animal cock is making me crazy with lust!! The dog exploded in my mouth, as he fucked my lips wildly. The dogs cum was thin and watery, but the taste was driving me insane. I moaned again as my cunt exploded with the dogs cock. My cum poured out on the floor, as I sucked the dog madly. I need this cock, I thought to myself. The dog kept filling my mouth with his love juice. I drank it down not loosing a drop of this wonderful dog juice.
I could hear Tom breathing hard, I knew he would shoot his load of cum soon. CUM on the dogs cock, so I can taste both of you, I shouted. With that, Tom dropped to the floor and jacked his cock off as I held on to the dogs knot. Tom screamed, I AM CUMMING. CUM on the dogs cock, I want to eat your cum off his wonderful cock. Tom started to cum, he pulled on his cock draining his thick cum all over the dogs pointed dick. I dropped my mouth down the dogs shaft and sucked like there was no more cum in the world. My own cum still pouring onto the floor as i sucked Toms cum off the dogs hot cock.
Fuck, I thought to myself. If I can cum this hard just sucking this animal, fucking him has to be just great. I pushed the hound on his back, I took his knot in my hand, I threw one leg over the dog. I aimed that wonderful pointed cock to the swollen lips of my hot cunt. I eased my cunt down the shaft of the dogs cock, I was feeling every inch of his red cock. My cunt lips were to the knot, I came again as I wiggled my cunt lips over the tennis ball sized knot. FUCK MEEEE!!!!!!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!, I screamed , as the knot passed through the lips of my cunt. YESSSSSSSS GOD YESSSS, FUCK MY HOT CUNT, I yelled as my cunt filled with dog dick.
I looked through glazed eyes at Tom. I knew he was still in shock. I really didnt care. I love this dog dick and it was his idea. I moved my full cunt around the dogs cock. The hound was whinning and thrusting upwards into my soaked cum filled cunt.
Tom stood in front of me with his still limp dick. Suck me honey, Please suck me, he begged. I looked into his eyes. Tom! I want more dog cum! The hound exploded in me, I screamed. FUCK MEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!MOREEEEEEEEE. I yelled at Tom, GET ME ANOTHER DOG. I WANT TO SUCK ANOTHER DOG. I demanded. Tom went to the door and opened it, three more dogs ran into the house. My cunt gushed at the sight of three new dogs.
I let the dogs dick slip out of my cunt, my mouth went straight for his dick. I threw my dog cum filled cunt into the air as I sucked my juices from the dogs cock. I was deep throating him while the three new hounds were licking dog cum from my pussy. I cleaned my cum off the first dogs cock, then reached out for another. I pushed my cunt towards the two hounds, EAT MEEEE , I screamed. They ate me more complete than any man or woman ever did. I just kept pushing my naked ass to their wonderful tongues GOD EAT MEEEEEEEEEEE I AMMMM CUMMMMMMMMMMMING I screamed. The lips of my cunt were swollen and on fire. I pushed the other dog to his side. I was like a mad woman. I was almost raping the animal. I need to suck him. My mouth was watering for more dog cock. I layed my head on his belly. I put my mouth over the sheath. Go honey eat him, Tom yelled. I want to see you suck more dog cock. he said.
I worked my hand down the shaft of the dog cock. I wanted it to come out of the sheath and straight into my mouth. The cock eased out of its sheath into my hot mouth. God I love this. I thought to my self. I really need this dog cock. The other two dogs were eating my cunt. Gang banged by dogs god I really was into this nasty sex. GET ONE OF THEM HARD TOM, I yelled. GET ONE HARD AND HELP HIM MOUNT ME, I begged Tom. I went back to sucking the other dog. Piss on that . Tom said. I am not jacking on a dogs cock. he added. Fuck you then, I told him. This one is hard help him mount me. I will suck the other two. I told him. I need cock you asshole.
I fell to my knees between the two dogs, my hard nipples were pressed against the floor. I took a sheath covered dog cock in each hand. My ass was high in the air. HELP HIM MOUNT ME YOU SORRY FUCKING BASTURD , I yelled at Tom.Tom grabbed up the hound he lifted the heavy animal upon my ass. Guide his cock in me. I pleaded. Make him fuck my cunt. Both of the dogs that I was stroaking were hard now.Their cocks were throbbing in my hands. TOM, PUT HIS COCK IN ME. GOD DAMN I WANT DOG FUCKED. I NEED HIS COCK. I yelled again. I WANT KNOTTED , I WANT TO BE HIS FUCK BITCH. Tom aimed the dogs pointed cock to my cunt lips, the animal took over from there. YES YES YES FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE, I yelled. as the dog drove his pointed cock deep inside my wanting cunt. FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE, I screamed. As my cunt exploded. I felt the knot drive deep into me. GOD I HAD HIM NOW. I knew I was a knotted slut. I was knotted like the bitch in heat, that I am. GOD FUCK MEEEEEE SHIT CUM IN MY HOT CUNT, I yelled as the animal hammered my swollen cunt.
The dog turned his ass to mine, I was truely knotted. I clamped my cunt lips tight around the dogs cock. I want this to last all night. I thought to myself. My mouth went to one of the cocks I was stroking. I sucked him hard taking cock knot and all down my throat. The dog humped my mouth as I sucked down his leaking dick. Damn I really loved this nasty sex. I really need more. I thought to myself. The other dog was pulling at my still hot cunt. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, I wish I could see the dog hung in my cunt while I am sucking this one, I thought to myself. Tom was still yelling and shouting, but to me he didnt exist. not right now. All I wanted was dogs cock. I dont know how many times I got off, I lost count. But there was more in me. I needed more. FUCK MEEEE, I screamed again as the hound finallyslipped the grip of my now empty pussy.
I looked over at Tom. I want you to help this dog to fuck my ass.I demanded. YOUR ASS, he cried out. FUCK YOU WONT EVEN LET ME FUCK YOUR ASS. Why the dog?? I want the dog to knot my asshole. I replyed. I need his knot. I moved around my ass was towards the dog. MY cunt had puddled my juices along with dog cum on the floor. As Tom helped the dog mount me. I moaned as he touched the tip of the dogs cock to my asshole. I pushed my ass towards the dogs cock. YESSSSSS GOD YESSS, I screamed as the dog lunged forward. FUCK MEEEEEEEE OH YES FUCK MY ASS YOU SWEET DOG, I yelled. I started licking my own cum off the floor, as the animal hammered my streached asshole. His knot was pressing against me, I relaxed my asshole to allow the dog to push that wonderful knot home. FUCK FUCK FUCK MY ASSSSSS. I screamed as my asshole swallowed his knot. GOD DAMN DOTTIE, I CANT BELIEVE THIS SHIT. Tom cried out.
The dog hammered my asshole hard, my cunt still draining dog cum onto the floor. GOD YES, FUCK MEEEEE I yelled. As the red cock exploded in my ass. YES YES, FUCK MY ASS FUCK IT PLEASE, I yelled. Bring me the other dog Tom, What?? He asked. Yes , please bring me the other dog. I was knotted in my ass and I had one more dick to eat. Please Tom, I need his cum. I want more dog cum. I want more dog cock, please, please, I want more, while my ass is full of dog cock. I told him. I couldnt believe I still wanted more dog cum
Tom led the dog around to my face. I reached out under his belly. GOD YES< DO MY ASS YOU WONDERFUL DOG, I yelled as the hound moved his cock around in my full asshole. The dog in front of me needed my attention now. I reached around to the dogs balls and played with them as I worked on his sheath covered cock with the other hand. I pushed the animal onto his side and pulled him to me. I rubbed his cock, I leaned over and started licking his balls. YES GOD YEESSSSS, I screamed as I came again with the animal in my ass. I sucked the dogs balls into my mouth and rolled my tongue over them. SHIT DOTTIE, I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD EVER GET YOU TO DO THAT. YOU ARE A DOG COCK LOVING CUNT. He added. I just ignored the asshole. and kept sucking dog balls.
I let the dogs balls slip from my mouth, I started running my tongue to the dogs asshole. I knew the dog in my ass would be done soon. I am making the most of this. I placed my lips over the hounds asshole and sucked gently, as I stroked his hard red dick. Shit I just keep getting nastier with every passing minute. I was thinking to myself. I sucked the hounds ass and licked all around it. I took my lips from the dogs asshole and started sucking his dick. I needed his cum. As the dog slipped from my asshole. I screamed again. I started sucking my last dog. I really needed to taste his cum. I needed his cum down my throat. I was making love to the red cock, I sucked slowly tasting every inch of this sweet dick. Honey, Tom asked. I want to fuck you while you eat his dick. Sure, I replyed. You have to suck the dog cum out of me first though. I told him. THATS JUST SICK, he shouted. NO, I replyed. This was your idea remember?? I KNOW BUT. BUT my ass. I added. If you want to fuck this cunt you WILL eat me first.
FUCK YOU BITCH, He screamed. and stomped off to the bedroom. FINE COCK SUCKER, I have a cock right here. I added as the bedroom door slammed. I bobbed my head on the dogs cock, the animal humping my mouth wildly. I swallowed all the dogs love juice to the last drop. My cunt gushed one last time as I swallowed the last drop of dog cum. FUCK YESSSSSSSSS, I screamed, as my cum poured to the floor. My body shook as the waves of pleasure flowed through my body. I sucked the dogs balls and kissed his asshole before I let him up. God what a night, I said to myself. What a nasty slut I have been I smiled as I bent down to lick my cum off the floor.
Tom had gone to bed, Mad, I got up from the floor couldnt walk real good, Shit my cunt was used like never before. I was thinking, as I let the four dogs out for the night. Mommy will see you boys later I told them as they cleared the door way. I went to the shower to clean my drained body up. My mind still reeling from the wonderful nasty night. I dried off and grabbed a blanket, and headed to the den. I stoked the fire, threw some pillows in the floor. I drifted off to sleep and dreamed of my night of dog fucking.


2023-05-19 20:05:38
the person who wrote this i dont think has had sex with dogs whickjust degrades the story a bit , but a good idea for a beasty story


2020-09-17 11:37:41
Great story loved it


2019-11-20 23:47:47
I say BullShit! Dogs have a bone in their penis and are always "hard". They have muscles that make it slide out of it's sheath when hard. Also, crappy writing. Try some punctuation and paragraphs.


2019-04-01 13:09:03
I can see why this story is one of the most read stories here. Although it was written several years ago, it continues to interest and inspire others to share their similar experiences. Having grown up on a farm, I too am experienced. I will add, the multitude of comments on this story are almost as entertaining!


2018-03-13 06:02:43

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