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Our dear slave becomes victim to those fighting to use him.
Rogarth held Daemon. He held Daemon with his arms grabbed and arrested him by his coarse hands; legs whose strength equalled more than Daemon’s arms clasped the poor boy in all woe of what was about to happen. A stampede with a march beating through the walls whose reverberations roused Rogarth that his hung cock could be felt on Daemon’s cheek. Those strong minotaurus legs captivated Daemon, forcing him to spread his legs as his chief captive, his Master, his reckoning to the human self goaded the horny men running towards the sorry boy in lightning speed. These hounds pushed each other, fought to race and in great success reached the boy in time for the final moment ere the initiation to the cult shall begin. No, this is only the prologue; it’s not even enough to join this cult for what it is.

“It is not just pleasure we own, we owe it all to pain. Now, you will understand what it takes to be one of us.”
“I am all yours to use, Sir.”
“Call me Rogarth, Daemon. From now on, you are ours; especially mine.”

Rogarth released Daemon. As the hounds entered the chamber naked with cocks engorged and equally just as huge. They began staring down at him; and as Daemon crawled back from his captive towards a dark corner but to no avail escape had finally captivated himself in the excess degree of worship at his Master’s hosts.

“Hey, boy. Remember me? I was the one who fucking cummed on that cute face of yours which I’m now about to ruin again!”
“Please don’t hurt me. I just want to go home now!”

They laughed and those who whistled him his attention had spat on him for prize. Rogarth knew this was what Daemon wanted. Watching all that porn on tumblr and other sleazy sites clearly gave abode as to what the boy truly wanted within his unconscious mind. Going to University wasn’t the answer; it was this!

“I remember I used to be a repressed shy boy when I was your age. Now look at me, boy” grinned another hound. Before he could even gaze upwards at the face of whom had flexed, his sight was taken aback by force against another hound’s extraordinarily thick cock. It was so thick that Daemon couldn’t even tilt his eyes without seeing at least half of it! Whilst Daemon was grabbed by the head and face fucked like no eve the next, it was another hound who sat beside and locked his leg with Daemon’s, lifting the boy up with it
to gain entrance at the oyster slightly opened by his Master previously.

Then another hound joined in to assist. At once, Daemon was lifted by these two heavily tattooed men whose cold touch by the arms being spread wide only made the pre-initiate more exposed and vulnerable; immobile and indiscrete; open and victorious. By this time, all the hounds were touching up Daemon, getting the chance to feel his pulsating pearl that lay within his well-fingered hole. A hole that was to be used. A hole that was getting readied; it wasn’t just a hole. Now he’s comfortable he’s even wanking off some men he couldn’t even see from either side of him. He was blinded by cock and deafened by chants of hounds barking for more cock to be razed at his peril.

They didn’t take turns using Daemon. They pushed each other aside and fucked each other hard to win the boy’s flesh as their own. One hound would bite the other on the neck as he slid his cock inside him. “Watch boy. See how I’m fucking this guy here? I’m the man here, I’m gonna fuck you just as rough! Just watch.” grinned that hound. It made Daemon hard seeing guys fuck and fight for him; it made Daemon feel valued and happy being with those who shared his sleaziness. At beholding such appreciation in the most depreciative way possible by the hounds breathing hoarse at the boy’s flesh, sliding their lubed fingers up his hole; such immediately made Daemon more cooperative. Far more than they had anticipated.

“Get me another slam. The first one to facefuck me till I cry gets to pound my hole!”

Hounds roared around him and grinned! They cheered on and within moments a new mixture was prepared. Two guys used their large hands as a tourniquet by wrapping their long and thick fingers around their new boy’s decently muscular arm. Daemon was well toned for his age; although he didn’t go to the gym his abs showed when he tensed up. This was obvious when he tensed up slightly as his host scratched him and delivered a more potent blend of meth mixed with mkat. It was a warmer feeling.

As soon as his host finished the slam, Daemon’s eyes widened just like before and felt his cock and prostate throbbing. In ecstasy, he was in pleasure then; he is in pleasure now; he will be in pleasure there. There, he will rest against the ground and bark at the hounds staring at him. “Come and use me. Please fucking ruin me; I want to become just like you are. Teach me how to become a man like you guys!”

“Oh, we’ll fucking teach you, mate! You’re gonna love being with us. You’ll be a fucking greedy slut who’s gonna beg for cock everyday with plenty of guys around you every night. Join us. Let go of the world. Join us!”

At once one hound whose cock was so thick it was pretty much a cockwurst. The flesh so thick that it felt heavy to hold and solid in the mouth as it is so tender and mouth watering. By this time two hounds took turns face fucking their new demonic companion. Daemon’s spit mixed with the cocktail of these two alpha males’ precum that oozed graciously from their thick dicks that battered through Daemon’s once-innocent face. “What a cunt you are! What a cunt you got!” shouted one guy as he was prodding Daemon’s hole with his cock. The two guys instantly got pissed off with him as they wanted to fuck Daemon first. They got back and pushed that greedy hound away, mounting their weapons for the ultimate assault against Daemon’s entrance.

“We both want in. You’re gonna fucking take both; but we’ve agreed to take it slow so you’ll enjoy it. Don’t worry, Daemon, we will never hurt another demon so harshly.” They both snogged Daemon and ordered him to stand up and land him atop one of them. The one reassuring him was called Doltrak; the one Daemon was about to mount was Guhl.

Guhl was laying down smirking at Daemon, and as he prepared himself straightening out his cock for Daemon’s hole to suck in as the boy stood before him that beheld a toned and semi-smooth body just gauging for a man to become a man. As he crouched the tip of his thick meat touched Daemon’s hole that sent a shock coursing through his body livening up his cock before the man that will now plough his sizable cock into the darkest chambers of Daemon’s inner foray. Guhl’s cock was long but not as thick as Doltrak’s whose thickness made up for the length.

“Fuck, amazing!” Daemon groaned.
“Try getting it all in.” winked Guhl.

As Daemon slowly pushed himself down on the fleshy pole that invaded him so well, it stung just as well, urging Daemon to pull out. “Oh, no you fucking don’t! Stay; just stay put, boy. I’m not gonna hurt you, understood?” Daemon, who was in the land between pain and pleasure whose groans of pleasure equalled with slight moans of pain sending two polar messages that nerves cannot process all in one go. His brain was on fire from the heat and meth; his legs were shaking and wanted to collapse, bringing his entire body by the surge of gravity that pulled him closer to pleasure than the urge to oppose nature in pain. After a minute, the pain subsided and Daemon travelled deeper and deeper to the utmost parts of his inner chamber: that stubborn gate which boasts not to open unless he relaxes.

“Your inner gate won’t let me in unless you relax. Fuck me with all you got in; that’s an order!”

Daemon was now slowly fucking on the cock that prodded through his pearl and was slowly battering the inner gate that refused to let Guhl pass upward. “Let me help ya, mate. We’ll break into you in no time. Suck my cock and ride my brother’s!” The sound of slurping filled the air as a smooth silky sound erupted from below. Daemon’s arse was lubricating itself; it truly was a hole to be reckoned with! At the same time, Guhl’s cock was precumming like fuck crazy that only made it easier to gain passage with headlong flaming in ecstasy for riite of passage by male right.

His cock was prodding against the inner gate; both of them sweating as the heat intensed between them. After only a few minutes there was progress and Daemon was slowly bringing himself lower and lower to touch the ground. Doltrak decided as encouragement to kneel in front of Daemon, complimenting him for his progress and kissed him passionately as his arse beheld itself in view of Guhl now gaining ease through Daemon’s passage.

“Fuck finally!” he sighed, relieved that now his arse has fully consumed Guhl’s long cock of supreme entity. It was magnificent to watch a boy only 24 hours ago was getting facefucked at an abandoned site then kidnapped and brought here only to finally gasp for more cock before him and then to mount this colossal figure of a man who held Daemon in place to ease the passage for an almighty pounding in him they pursue.

“Go on your back, slut. I wanna be riding, not you!” Shouted Guhl, clearly horny from the sweet hot fleshy silk inside Daemon’s wet arse that begged for more daring assaults against it. So it was done; Daemon went on all fours and at once spread his open and wide revealing an already loosened up hole gaping in pink leaking with precum that looked a clear liquid oozing out like lube and cum mixed together. “Come on, Guhl! You know you want a piece of his arse, so come get it and cum in it!” Guhl roared like a wild animal and pressed against Daemon’s legs to give room for the ploughing of the night. As Guhl started sliding his cock up Daemon’s arse they both moaned as they drew closer with every inch between them done was every second between them gone. Now Daemon spread his legs and kept them in place. His entire body locked within Guhl’s muscular arms; Daemon’s head by now was supported against Doltrak’s thick cock which served as a cushion for comfort; and as a tool for pleasure. And for the first time in Daemon’s life he saw in full view the faces of Guhl and Doltrak gazing before him, and what demonic faces they had!

Doltrak was a bull; he had a septum piercing that was 5mm thick and the horseshoe was sized that it extended down to the upper lip. Pierced low, it was the most defining and sleaziest feature that Doltrak beheld. Tattoos were engraved into their flesh and soul with tributaries to Satan and hell engraved in all of them adorned in ancient Aramaic worthy of demonic song and praise. Guhl himself had nipple piercings with rings that descended from both, and just like Doltrak, he too bore a septum piercing. In fact, most people had septum piercings and it was difficult to find someone who didn’t have such a mark through them. This realisation got Daemon even more horny and his eyes widened and he smiled openly and in such a sleazy way that both men knew what he was just thinking.

“You like our septums, don’t you boy?” Guhl oomphing as he pounded deep into Daemon’s arse. Where every silence drew every pound deeper grew. “Yes, I fucking do! I want to become just like you Sir.” Daemon began sucking Doltrak’s cock, deepthroating him as Guhl pounded him more rough than before. He would pull out almost entirely, then slam his cock right back in, battering through the outer wall and barraging through the inner gate right up the deeper passage, sending Daemon into new heights of ecstasy fulfilling himself as a true slave to pleasure and a conquerer of pain in years to follow.

“You know why we got septums, mate?”
“Coz we’re fucking Satanists. We love Satan! We devote ourselves to Him and pleasure!” gasped Guhl, clearly out of breath from the immense fucking.
“You’re gonna get yours done too, boy. I love an untouched body; no piercings nor tattoos you got. That will sure change!” smirked Doltrak.

Daemon begged to be moulded as they see fit. His arse already being moulded by the ins and outs of thrusting that slapped thighs on arse, cock in hole that brought Daemon closer to hell and closer to pleasure.

“My turn now, brother! Let me get a taste of his hole!”

Guhl pulled out and leapt to the side as Doltrak leapt over Daemon’s body and began rimming his loosened and wet hole. “Fuck! Your hole is so sweet! I can even taste my brother’s tasty, warm precum!” Greedily he devoured the juices; greedily he pressed his tongue against his hole and like ice cream he licked the flesh and buried his face deep inside. The vibrations felt by Daemon from the groans Doltrak uttered sent reverberations throughout them both that sent shocks further through a boner longing to breed the host the same.
It couldn’t have lasted longer. By then Guhl approached Daemon’s hole with his mouth and so the two brothers shared Daemon’s hole, readying it for the cockwurst that Doltrak was preparing for a beautiful fuck inside Daemon’s hungry hole. Guhl tickled Daemon’s hole by flicking his tongue in and out; this whilst Doltrak had his tongue tucked inside Daemon’s chamber, wiggling its way round whilst his tongue was massaged by his brother’s as the two shared turns in slurping Daemon in and out. Their tongues wide and long enough to reach through the ends, and touching Daemon so wildly that his horniness went through the floor to hell and above the world to the stars. It was truly a sight! It was amazing; no guy could resist. Lucky for Daemon though; all the other hounds were busy fucking each other wild as they were just as high!

“Fuck me! I want both of you in me!”
“The best is yet to come.” said Doltrak.

Guhl went to the other side and began facefucking Daemon wildly, having him clean his cock as Doltrak with a loud roar declared “Hail Satan!” and charged his cock through Daemon’s hole that slid in with heat and scare, daring Daemon to scream in such ecstasy that the whole chamber was awakened by this glorious session that gained the attention from everyone in the room including one of the chiefs of the domain.

“Oh, yeh! That hole is begging for my toxic cock!”
“Toxic?” Asked Daemon. He didn’t know what toxic meant.
“Shut the fuck up, you fucking loud boy! Gag him, Guhl! I am gonna fuck this boy so rough and hard he won’t have a chance to breathe from neither ends!”

Slamming his thick, 6” cock in, it was a monstrous cock that although nearly 6” in length was thick enough to stretch his pearly prostate in great proportions that Guhl couldn’t. His brother rammed through the inner gate; now Doltrak wants to spurn the treasure, to open the oyster and unlock the pearl within that shall stream a cum so mighty that it will summon an avalanche to consume them whole.

Thrusting in and out; hard and fast; lightning fast; as hard as a rock; it was the moment Daemon was waiting for. His eyes were covered by Doltrak’s hands who by weight of his body pressed against Daemon’s puny body that these two muscular men on either side of him dared to violate and dirty.

“I’m gonna cum inside this whore’s mouth soon at the rate he’s sucking me dry!”
“Just you wait I’m gonna make him cum without his wanking! Grab his hands and choke him, Guhl!”
“Yeh bro, keep fucking that bitch! Fuck him, man! Fuck him hard!”

Grunts were heard from Doltrak, sweat dripped down his face onto Daemon’s; the two brothers kissed each other as Daemon’s hands were in the middle bound. They looked down at Daemon and smirked together, highfiving one another and spitting at Daemon, treating him like dirt.

Their hands clasped together and with furious fucking done were the hours soon gone ere the final moment in this pre-initiation was ended. As Doltrak continued to pound away, this time slower and more deeper which sent Daemon’s pearl through a vibrating frenzy that pushed cum right through him. “Fuck! I’m cumming! Fuck yeh, Satan!” Moaned in such a loud way did Daemon usher out his cum as the two brothers were now getting closer to cumming. Guhl began wanking his cock fast and the tip was enclosed within Daemon’s mouth who sucked endlessly for glory dew in time that grew to come.

“Now, I’m gonna cum! Fuck I’m closer! Tense your arse Daemon, and play with my nipples. It helps me cum.”

After long minutes of twisting his nipples and tensing his arse, he could feel Doltrak’s cock pulsating and a loud roar battered through the soundwaves that sunk into the room that manifested itself through a gushing of warm stream of cum barreling through the fleshy creases that demanded it. The flesh absorbed that cum well; this much whilst Guhl looked on and saw Daemon and his brother in ecstasy.

“So horny, bro! Watch this stream of cum he’s gonna drink! He’s not only got toxic cum up his arse but he’s gonna drink it up too!” What is toxic cum, Daemon thought? He didn’t know, not yet anyway. Regardless, his mind was too busy slurping the juice that erupted from Guhl’s cock and sweet liquid flowed graciously like a stream of creamy milk mixed in honey flowing down Daemon’s longing throat to be seeped into the flesh. Therein lies his ultimate conversion.

Guhl and Doltrak highfived each other again, laughing at the poor defenseless and most violated boy who laid in between them. They kissed and both of them kissed their new brother in turn.

“Welcome to the Sleazy Satanic Cult.” Doltrak announced.
“But your initiation is not yet done. More is to come; and that’s no pun to be intended with.”
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