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A grandmother’s untimely demise brings to light an unexpected story about an apparently normal family.
Grandma's Secret

Earlier this month, my grandmother passed away in her sleep. Nan had been only 66 years old when she died, but it hadn't happened unexpectedly. The doctors had given her two months when they discovered the cancer that was slowly destroying her body, and that was just about as much as she got. At least she didn’t suffer much.

After the funeral and the period of grieving, there remained the task of moving all of Nan's possessions out of her house and get it ready for sale. Gathering, sorting and storing a lifetime's worth of possessions is a lot of work, and I decided to take a few days off from college to be with my family and help them as much as I could. My assistance was gladly accepted and mom had kept me occupied pretty much all of the time for the last two days.

Today was a Saturday, which meant that dad didn't have to go to work and was helping mom instead. I was relieved of my duties for the day and stayed at home to catch up on my assignments.

I had been sweating over an essay all morning and my eyes were hurting from staring at the computer display. Thankfully, I had already made good progress and could spare a little time for a well-deserved break. I was feeling quite thirsty, so I decided to head to the kitchen and raid the fridge for some soda or juice and maybe something to eat as well.

I found some leftover tuna salad in the fridge and I made a couple of nice sandwiches. Then I poured myself a big glass of juice to go with it. As I was taking the spoils back to my room, I heard someone whisper my name. I looked around and finally spotted my younger sister, peeking in from a crack in the door. She lay her finger on her lips and beckoned me closer.
“Are they still gone?” Audrey whispered.
I nodded “Mom and dad went to Aunt Shelley for the afternoon.”

Audrey swung the door open and quickly traversed the room, carrying something bulky and rectangular under her sweater. Intrigued by my sister’s secretive behavior, I followed her.
“What have you got under there, books?” I asked as I stopped her.
“I can't tell you. It's a secret” she said
“Come on, I'll let you have one of my sandwiches”
She looked hungrily at the food. “Is that mom's tuna salad?”
“Yes, the last of it. Just show me what you've got and you can have one”
She considered my offer for a moment. “Okay, but don’t tell mom or dad”
I promised her I’d keep mum and led her into my room.
“So, what are you hiding? Dirty magazines?” I asked as I sat down at my desk.
“No, something much better: Nan’s old diaries!” she said and retrieved a bundle of aged books from under her sweater, unintentionally flashing me her tight stomach and baby-blue bra.
“Diaries? There were no diaries!” I said, a little distracted.
One of the tasks I had been charged with was to gather all of Nan’s books, put them in sturdy cardboard boxes and carry them to the car. Every book, magazine or other piece of writing in the house had been in my hands at least two times. If there were any diaries, I would have known it.

“I know!” Audrey said as she stacked the books on my desk. “Mom hid them. I saw her when I was bringing a bag of clothes to the garage. She was behaving rather suspiciously, like she was hiding something from me. I pretended not to notice it and leave, but I kept an eye on her. When mom thought she was alone again, I saw her tuck this small bundle away in one of the boxes with junk. As soon as she turned her back for a minute, I dug the bundle out and that’s how I found these books. She had them wrapped in an old tablecloth so I swapped them with a couple of phone books and put the books in the bag of clothes instead.”
“And they’re Nan’s diaries, huh?”
“Yeah, I was going to read them. You know, I really don’t know much about Nan. I wonder why mom wanted to throw these away.”
“Perhaps she didn’t know they were diaries?” I asked while munching on a sandwich.
“You think so?” she asked sarcastically, holding up a dog-eared booklet with big golden letters embossed on a faded pink front, clearly spelling the words ‘My Diary’.
“Well I don’t know, Audrey. Ask mom”
“And let mom know I’ve got the diaries? I thought you were supposed to be the smart one? If she wanted to throw the diaries away secretly, she’ll take them as soon as she hears I've got them.”
“Maybe the answer's inside”
“That's what I thought. Do you mind if I read it here?”
“Just be quiet, I've got a lot of work to do”

Audrey dropped her fine ass on my bed, opened the first of the five books and started reading while I sat down at my desk to finish my essay. She kept reading all afternoon, chuckling sometimes and making sympathetic noises at other times. By the time our parents returned and mom called us for dinner, she was already halfway the first volume.

“And, have you learned anything yet?” I asked. I wasn't really that interested, more like making small talk, but a little feigned interest always seemed to make my sister happy. This time was no exception.
“Have you discovered why mom wanted to get rid of those books?” I added.
“Maybe. Did you know Nan was a very… you know… naughty girl when she was our age?”
“Naughty? Like in a sexual way? What did she do, fuck the entire football team or something? Do you suppose mom’s ashamed of Nan?”
“No, you dog! Nothing like that!” Audrey hissed angry. “Listen, why don’t you come to my room after dinner, and I’ll tell you what I’ve learned so far.”

It was already late when our parents came home, so dinner was take-away in front of the TV. I didn't mind; I've always liked Chinese food and there would be no plates to clean afterward. Less than half an hour later, I followed Audrey to her room.

“So, tell me about the little nympho” I said as Audrey closed the door behind us.
She just looked at me disapprovingly, not even dignifying herself with a reply.
I tried to laugh it off, successfully, so it seemed.

“Well, she writes that she’s... masturbating, all the time. Sometimes five or six times.“
So much there wasn't much shocking news. There were days even I had managed to top that.
“That's all?” I said, a little disappointed.
“Let me finish, I don't mean at home, but at school!”
“What, you mean in the girls’ room, like Anne?”
“Err... Yes, but even in the classroom, with everyone around”
“No way!”
“Yes, here, listen to this bit: She's at school and has been fantasizing about one of the boys all morning...”
She picked up the book, went back a couple of pages and started reading

“...when I went to pee during recess my panties were all damp, so I thought it would be better to take them off and stuff them in my bag. I didn’t have a fresh pair with me, so I had to go without. The bell hadn't rung yet, so I stayed there and tickled my kitty a little longer. It was such a relief to finally touch myself and I was just about to feel good when the bell rang. It was quite a bummer because I was so close, but I couldn't risk getting caught, so I cleaned up as well as I could and joined the others in class.”

“This is so cute, imagine Nan, secretly fingering her pussy on that 1960’s school toilet!” she said, all excited and giggly. All I could imagine was the frail old woman I’d last seen, a few hours before her death. Thinking of her masturbating only disgusted me.

“It was so naughty to be naked under my skirt, but the cool air felt really nice on my damp kitty. When I came in the classroom, Mr. Wilson had closed the drapes and was busy loading a film in the projector. I was glad it was dark in the room, so I wouldn't have to worry about someone seeing up my skirt as I sat down. And it might have gone just fine if it hadn't been for Liv.
She saw me holding my skirt as I sat down and asked me if I wasn't wearing any panties. I told her to forget about it, but of course she didn’t. She grabbed the hem of my skirt and lifted it high enough to see my bush. I yelled out and slapped her hand away. Everybody looked at us and teach gave us a warning. If he could have seen under my desk, he'd have us expelled for sure.
“Stupid Liv wasn't didn't back off after that, and when the movie started, she put her hand back under my skirt. I quickly closed my legs and told her to piss off, but she pushed her finger between my legs and touched the folds of my naked kitty”

“Wait a minute, who’s this Liv anyway?” I interrupted my sister.
“Olivia is sort of her BFF. She’s even worse than grandma.”

“Luckily she pulled her hand away before Mr. Wilson saw what she was doing. She didn't do nothing for the rest of the film, but her brief touch had made me all hot again. I knew there was no way Teach would allow someone to go to the bathroom this shortly after recess, so I would have to sit it out. To make things worse, the movie was the most boring play of Shakespeare ever and all I could think of was how good it would feel to touch myself. Finally, I could stand it no more and while the movie was still playing, I hiked up the side of my skirt and slid my hand underneath. I slumped down a little and leaned against the wall, so nobody could see what happened beneath my desk.
I let my fingers run through the curls and then between my legs. It felt so neat, I just couldn’t stop. I pressed a finger on my button and rubbed it in little circles until I quietly climaxed.”

“See what I mean? And that's not the only time, she's done it lots more after that, even with the lights on.”
“Wow, that was really hot” I said. My initial disgust had more than disappeared.
“Yes, I can see that” Audrey laughed, pointing at the bulge in my pants.
“So what. Your nipples are hard too, and I bet your panties are soaking wet” I snapped back.
“Do you think I should take them off, then?”

I knew this was my sister talking, but I never was sure whether she was joking, or actually flirting with me. It didn’t stop me from giving her an equally inappropriate retort.

“Sure, go ahead. I’ll turn off the lights and put on a boring movie so you can finger your pussy while I pretend not to see it.”
A fluffy little pillow hit me in the stomach.
“You should use that one to cover your little dick so you can play with yourself during the next story. Do you want me to read it?”
“Sure, if that’s what gets you off”
“Okay, but try not to cum all over my cushions”
She flipped a few pages, looking for the next part. “Here it is. This is what I was reading just before dinner. It is about a month after the last story”

“Dear diary,
Today I got a look at Donny’s penis, and a really good look too! I had just finished hanging the sheets on the washing line in the scullery when he came in to take a bath. He didn’t know I was there, as the sheets nearly hung to the floor and I was behind them.
“Before I could warn him, he had taken off his shirt and pants. So, I hid and watched as he stepped in the tub, completely naked. At first I could hardly see his penis, but as he was washing it, his penis grew bigger and began to stand upright. He’s got a really nice one, it was really big, even bigger than Spot’s and a lot prettier too. I felt all tingly inside and I just had to tickle my kitty while I was looking at Donny. I don't think I ever climaxed this quick or this good. I think I will be spying on him a lot more”

“Donny, is that…” I asked as she paused at the end of the page.
“Uncle Donald, Nan’s older brother”
“Her brother?”
“Yeah, but the story isn’t over yet” Audrey said while she flipped the page. “Here, three days later she writes:”

“I am so embarrassed; Donny told me he knew I was in the bathroom last Friday. I really hope he didn’t see me touch myself! He said that showing off his naked body had turned him on and that he had rubbed his penis on purpose, to make it big for me. He then said that he would love to see me naked too. I got a little scared and said I had to think about it.

“I was feeling hot all day today, just because I keep thinking about Donny’s big penis. I wonder what it feels like. Maybe he'll let me touch it if I ask him.
Oh, dear diary, what should I do? It’s all so naughty! Mom and dad would kill me if they knew, but I really want to see Donny's penis again and touch it too. I guess I’ll just have to let him see me naked. And even though it scares me, just thinking of showing him my tits and kitty gets me all warm and tingly again.”

“And it gets even worse the next day” Audrey said and continued.

“I did it! Donald was hiding when I took my bath and I pretended I didn’t see him. I took of my dresses and panties and got in the tub. I didn’t sit down like I always do when I wash myself, but I stood up so he could see all of me. I showed off my tits and my bush, knowing Donny was looking at me. It was so naughty!

“When I bent over to pick up the bar of soap, I spread my legs a little and slowly pushed my butt in the air. I could hear a muffled gasp as I showed Donny absolutely everything I had. Then I went even a bit further. While I was standing like that, I ran my fingers through my bush and rubbed my button a little. I heard another gasp and then he ran away. I was afraid someone might have seen or heard us, so I quickly finished and got dressed. Mom was in the kitchen when I came from the scullery, but she wasn’t upset or anything, so I don’t think she knew Donny was in there with me.
It was weird to be naked in front of a boy, even if he was my brother, but I liked it. If he asks me again, I’ll do it. I’m sure he enjoyed it too, even though he ran away before I was finished”

Audrey stopped reading and skipped some lines.

“I asked him why he ran away. He said it wasn’t because he didn't like to look at me, it was because he had liked it too much. When I bent over and touched myself down there, he had ‘shot his stuff in his pants’ and needed to change before mom would see it.
During recess, I asked Olivia if she knew what a boy’s ‘stuff’ is and what happens when they shoot it. She said she would tell me after school…”

Audrey stopped again and scanned the text with her eyes.
“Geesh, how naive can a girl be?” she muttered. “This is from nineteen-sixty…seven... she’s what, eighteen years old and doesn’t know about a boy’s cum?”
“Not all girls are as easy as you, sis” I laughed, which resulted in another cushion being thrown in my face. Like any girl, my sister had dozens of them.
“I’m not easy!” she replied. “FYI, I’ve only been with three guys. That’s a lot less than your girlfriend”
“EX-girlfriend” I corrected her. “And Anne wasn’t easy, she was a slut.”
A third fluffy pillow hit me. I decided it would be better to bury the hatchet before she ran out of fluffy pillows and would start throwing other things. “I’m sorry Audrey, I was only kidding. Please tell me, what happened next?”
“I don’t know; that was about as far as I got. Where was I?”
Her eyes scanned the page and she started reading again.

“As he came home today, I asked him if he would shoot his stuff for me. He was surprised by my request, even a little scared maybe. He said he’d do it for me tonight, but only if I was going to be naked too. I can’t wait!”

Audrey flipped the page and quickly scanned the next page. I asked her to keep reading. I had to admit I was eager to know how the story of my horny grandmother and her brother was going to unfold.
“It’s just girl stuff about school and clothes, nothing happened. Oh, here it goes”

“Golly, it was so hot! Mom and dad were visiting Uncle Paul, so Donny and I were alone all evening. After we fed the animals, we went to his room and he dropped his clothes on the floor. His penis was already as big as before and he slowly stroked it while he watched me undress. We sat down on the bed and then he let me feel it. The skin was so soft and I could feel the bone inside. He said it felt really good when I held his dick, as he called his penis. Then he taught me how to play with it by sliding the skin up and down.

“I asked if I was doing it right and he said that it felt even better than when he did it himself. Then he said that if I kept stroking his dick like that, he would shoot his stuff real soon. A little while later he groaned again and told me to do it faster. About ten strokes later, his dick began to twitch in my hand and a squirt of thick, whitish fluid splashed onto his stomach. I let his penis go and watched it throb and squirt again. It was soo neat!
After six or eight more spurts, Donny stopped shooting and his penis began to shrink a little. I started stroking it again because I wanted to see him shoot more stuff, but Donny said he had to rest a while before he could do it again. I asked if it would get hard again if I rubbed my kitty for him. He said it might, but just as I got started, mom and dad came home.”

“Hmmm… Poor naughty Grandma!” Audrey cooed
“Yes, too bad they had to stop. I bet he could have fucked her too, if they had a little more time”
“No way! Do you really think Nan would have had sex with her own brother?” she asked, shocked by the suggestion.
“Definitely. Maybe not right now, but she really needs to get laid”
“Well, you're right about that. She definitely needs to get laid”

“Better find out then” I said and she started reading again. She was silent for another hour, reading page after page. Soon it was almost bedtime.
“So… has anything happened yet?”
“Sure, lots of things happened. They went on vacation, Donny got a new job, their dog Spot died…”
“You know what I mean, has Nan fucked her brother yet?”
“Oh, so you only want to hear about her sexual adventures? I thought you honestly wanted to learn more about our dear grandmother” Audrey berated me in mocked disappointment. “You men are all the same.”
It was time for me to throw back one of the fluffy cushions. She got the hint.

“No, she has jacked him off a couple of times and he has fingered her too, but other than a bit of kissing, nothing else has happened”
“That’s too bad. I would have liked to hear that story.”
“No, you wouldn’t!” Audrey admonished me “That would be incest”
“So what if that’s what they call it. They're adults and if they both want it, there’s nothing wrong with them having sex. Let them have a go at it. It’s the sixties, you know; the sexual revolution, Flower Power and all that shit”
“Do you really think it is okay for a girl to have sex with her very own brother?” she asked, still a little shocked.
“Sure, that’s what makes it even hotter. Don’t you think so?”
“Would you have fucked her if you were Uncle Donald?”
“Damn right I would!”
“You’re crazy, you know that?” she said, shaking her head.

She knew I was joking. Or was I?

“Yes, well I’m going to put my crazy ass to bed now” I yawned, “see you tomorrow”


The next morning I was woken by my sister. She was still wearing her nightgown and her hair was an auburn mess. I could see she hadn’t gotten much sleep last night, but even in this state she looked beautiful to me.

“They did it! You were right, Nan and Donald had sex together” Audrey said before I could even greet her.
It took a second or two to process what she said.
“Told you so” I yawned.
“Whatever” Audrey said as she sat down on my bed. “Here, I’ll read it to you.”
“Wait, get inside, you’ll get cold if you don’t” I said, folding back the duvet.
Audrey hesitated for a second, and then got in bed with me. Luckily it was Sunday morning and our parents were at our grandmother’s house again.

“Now, you just keep your hands on top of the blanket, okay? There's gonna be no jacking off until I’m gone.” Audrey said as she crawled next to me and opened the diary.
Her feminine scent was intoxicating. I could already feel something stirring between my legs. “Just start reading” I said.
“Okay, listen. It's about a month or two after the last story. They are home alone and Nan has just jacked him off”

“He wiped his stuff off my boobs and played a little with my kitty. Suddenly he stopped and looked at me funny. I asked what it was and he said he wanted to have sex with me. I asked him if he knew how to do it.
He said we could do it like Spot did with the neighbor’s dog. He said sex was supposed to be the best, much better even than anything we had done so far. He promised he would pull out before he'd shoot his stuff, so I couldn't get pregnant. I said I wasn't sure, but if he really wanted, we could try it.

“He got on his knees behind me and put his hands on my waist. His dick poked at my legs and butt a few times, so I reached out and helped it find my kitty. The next time Donny pushed, the tip nudged between the folds and then it squeezed into me. Donny grabbed my waist even more firmly and as he pulled me against his body, his penis speared deep into my kitty. It hurt a lot and I asked him to stop, but Donny said it was too good and pushed his dick even deeper. The pain got even worse as he started to move in and out. Thankfully he pulled out soon and then I felt his stuff on my back.

“Donny said it really was the best feeling ever and he wanted to do it again later. I told him it had hurt a lot and that I didn’t want him to put his dick in my kitty again. I could see his disappointment when I said that. I hope he is not angry about it and wants to stop playing.”

“That’s too bad” I said. “I bet they could have had lots of fun together”
“Well, this is what she writes the next day”

“Dear diary,
My kitty is still sore and there was blood in my knickers from what Donny did last night. I don’t think you’re supposed to put a dick in there like that. I hope Donny will still play with me if I do not let him put it in my kitty. Just kissing and using our hands is much nicer.”

“So, that’s it?” I asked when she stopped reading.
“Of course not, you didn’t think Donald would give up that easy, now that he’s had his first taste of pussy?”
“No” I said. I knew I wouldn’t.
Audrey nodded.
“So they continued fucking?” I asked.
“Not immediately, but eventually, yes. But they had also a lot of fun in between”
Audrey leaved through the pages and started reading again.

“Donny came to my room again and asked if I wanted to fool around again. I rubbed his dick while he rubbed my kitty until I climaxed. Then he asked if we could have sex again and I said it still hurt. He was a bit disappointed but he wasn’t angry. He said that if I did not want to do it I wouldn’t have to. He’s so sweet! It almost made me sorry I didn’t let him.

“I said I wanted to apologize to his dick and gave it a kiss. Donny said it felt nice and asked me to kiss it again. I kissed again, and this time I got some of the slimy stuff in my mouth. It wasn’t gross at all. In fact, it tastes kind of nice, so I did it again and again, tasting more of his stuff. Between kisses, I licked the tip with my tongue. Donny groaned loudly and said I had to do that again, so I did it a few more times. Then I took his dick in my mouth and sucked on it. Suddenly his penis pulsed and his stuff shot in my mouth.

“I nearly chocked as his first shot hit the back of my throat. Just as I gasped for air, Donny's dick pulsed again and this time his stuff sprayed all over my face. I quickly closed my mouth again and let him fill my mouth with the thick, gooey stuff. It tasted a little bitter in my mouth, but I was happy Donny loved it this much. Later he said that when I sucked on his dick, it felt almost as good as when it was in my kitty.”

I was getting dangerously aroused now. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and probably leaking lots of precum as well. I was going to have to readjust myself soon, before I would violate my sister with my erection. The little devil on my shoulder was telling me to just let it happen and see how she'd react, while the little angel had been screaming ‘stop’ for so long, his voice was almost gone. Still, I managed to behave and listen to the story.

“He said he wanted to kiss me down there too, like I had kissed him. I said my kitty was not like a dick, which you could suck on, but he wanted to try it anyway. He got between my legs and sniffed. Fortunately, I had bathed just before, and he liked the smell enough to close in and he touched my folds with his tongue. He said it didn't taste bad at all and licked me again. When he licked the top of my slit and his tongue touched my little button, I gasped. It felt soo neat! He knew he had struck gold and he planted his lips on it and sucked.

“It was like an explosion of pleasure when he sucked softly and moved his tongue around my sensitive nub. Soon I was panting and shaking as powerful waves of unbelievable delight raced through my body. Donny kept kissing and sucking and licking long enough for me to climax another time. It was the best thing ever.
After this, Donny stopped licking and kissed me on the mouth. I could taste my wetness on his lips. I was surprised, as it really tasted nice, a little like the sweet clear stuff his penis had leaked when I first started sucking it.
My kitty was glowing for a long time, long after Donny had gone to his room. I can't believe something can feel this good. I will definitely have to tell this to Livvy, maybe I'll try licking her the next time we sleep over.”

“And they stuck to oral sex after that?” I asked, after she stopped reading.
“Yes, well at least for the next few weeks”
“Well… I guess that can be nice too” I said a little disappointed, but hopeful for the future.
“Yes, don’t you think it's nice to have your pussy licked?” I teased.
“Uh, yes of course” she stammered, embarrassed.
“Maybe your three guys just didn’t do it right” I pressed on.
“They were… Just shut up and listen, okay?”
I chuckled softly.
“So… what about Liv then?” I asked.
“Did they ever…?”
“Oh, yeah. A lot”
“I would love to hear about that”
“I thought so, but wouldn't you rather hear about when she started fucking Donald again?”

“Dear diary

“Donny and I had sex again last night and it was great!!

“He came to my room after mom and dad went to bed and asked me if we could try to have sex again. I agreed, but only if he made my kitty feel good first and he would pull out if it hurt again. He promised to do so.
He got between my legs and licked me for a long time. It was the best, especially when he pushed two fingers inside me and moved them in and out while he licked my nub at the same time. I never knew it could be this nice to have something inside my kitty, so I got on my hands and knees and said he could try to put it in.

“My kitty was all wet and slick from his licking, so it didn't hurt at all when he pushed into me. I could feel his hips pressed against my butt and I knew I had his dick all the way inside me. He still stretched me, but this time it felt really nice, and when he started to move slowly in and out, it was just fantastic. His dick reached every good spot and rubbed my entire kitty with every push. I couldn’t help but moan softly.
Donny stopped moving and asked if he was hurting me. I said he wasn’t hurting me, that I loved what he was doing. Hearing this he started going again, a little faster and harder now. I started moaning because it felt so unbelievably good. He was moving in and out really hard, so hard that my arms gave way and I almost fell over. I just lay there with my face in the pillows while he kept going. Soon he was panting and groaning like he does before he’s going to shoot. I wanted it to last longer and so did he, but he had to pull out.
After he had finished shooting, Donny slumped on the bed and said he loved me. I said I loved him too and we kissed.

“I asked Olivia if she knew how to get hold of some condoms, but she didn't. I had told her about the sex I had with my 'boyfriend' and that I had enjoyed it so much. She said she knew I would love it. I told her how much I hated that he always had to pull out, just when it was getting good. I said that if I had some condoms, he wouldn't have to pull out so soon and then, maybe I’d get to feel good too.

“Olivia said that her sister Eleanor knew a way to have sex without the need for him to pull out, and still not get pregnant. I said I’d very much like to know how to do that. We asked Eleanor and she told us her secret, that there are only a few days of each monthly cycle during which a girl is fertile. If you know these days, then the other days are safe. It sounded like a load of hogwash to me, but Eleanor assured us that she had sex like a hundred times, with eight different boys and she never got pregnant.

“I have decided to trust Eleanor and just go for it. I checked, and it is almost four weeks since my monthlies, so it should be safe right now. I will try it tomorrow morning when mom and dad are feeding the animals. I can hardly wait!

“It was great! I told Donny I wanted to have sex with him again and that I didn't want him to pull out this time. He didn't dare to at first, but when I explained him everything Eleanor had told, he said he wanted to try it too. He humped me for a long time, much longer than he would normally have. Then he grabbed me even firmer than before and pushed his dick deep inside me. He grunted and shook and then I felt his hot stuff flowing in my belly.

“As I write this at my desk, it's like I can still feel him inside me. Sex is so much better when he can shoot his stuff in my kitty. It feels great and I don’t have to clean up afterward. I think I want to do it like this for always.”

“See, I told you. She just needed to get laid” I said.
“Yes, but... Her own brother?”
“Why not, it’s perfect. Nan and Donny clearly love each other and they both like doing it. And the best thing is, they already live together”
“It’s wrong” Audrey said weakly, as if she didn't believe it herself.
“People who say it is wrong just never had a hot sister” I stated.
Audrey laid the book on the floor and turned around, facing me. She looked at me, her deep brown eyes looking into mine, searching for something.
“Like Nan, you mean?” she asked.
“Or... like you” I replied. As I heard these words leave my lips, I wanted to kick myself. What was I doing? Yes, I was attracted to my little sister and not a little. I had been as long as I can remember, but I had vowed never to act upon it. Now I had spooked her, I could see it.

“Do you really think you could have sex with your sister?” she asked after a while.
“Are you trying to seduce me?” I asked playfully, trying to lighten the atmosphere a little.
“NO!” she yelled, turning red in embarrassment.
There was another uncomfortable silence. Until this moment she too had been joking. Now I didn’t know anymore.
“Well, could you?” she whispered, barely audible. She sounded sincere and extremely vulnerable and, in a way, also extremely endearing. I was compelled to tell her the truth.
“I don’t know. I can’t say I have never thought about it. Do you think you could?”
“If my brother would be as handsome as you…” she said in a husky voice, her hand trailing down the band of my V-neck. Now she was definitely flirting with me. I was suddenly aware of how close her face was. Unconsciously we moved even closer and our lips met. It wasn't weird to kiss Audrey. My sister and I had been flirting for so long, it was inescapable. It had to happen one day. As it turned out, we both liked it a lot. Our lips locked for at least ten minutes while our tongues played and our hands explored our heated bodies.
At some time during our kiss, Audrey had rolled on top of me and my hands had invaded the forbidden and enticing realm covered by her nighty. They moved over her soft skin, ever higher until they reached her perfect round breasts and her little erect nipples. She moaned softly and pressed her crotch down on my painfully swollen cock as I pinched the sensitive points. Only a few thin layers of fabric separated us and I could feel the heat from her sex as she ground her pussy up and down the length of my shaft.

“I need you inside me” she gasped as we finally broke our kiss. Her eyes were burning with lust.
“I want you too” I whispered back.

It was like a wet dream came true. Still on top of me, Audrey sat upright and with one sweep of her arm she sent her gown flying. She was truly gorgeous, far more beautiful even than she had been in my dreams. Just perfect. Everything about her was perfect; her skin, her breasts, her smile and her eyes. She was the most perfect girl I could ever imagine, and she was my own sister.
My hands reached out and grasped her slender waist, caressing her from her round ass to her firm breasts. She moaned softly as I fondled her tits and tweaked the pink tips. While I was enjoying my sister's naked breasts, she was still struggling to remove the shirt I wore for pajamas.
A bit reluctantly, I let go of the magnificent pair and sat up a little. Audrey now easily pulled off my shirt and then covered my chest in little kisses as she progressed downwards. She hooked her fingers in the waistband of my boxer shorts and pulled them down. She smiled in delight as my erection sprang up and slapped against my stomach. I knew what she planned to do next, but I wasn't going to let her. My first orgasm inside her would not be in her mouth.

She looked at me hungrily and licked her red lips, but just as she was about to take me into her mouth, I grabbed her and before she knew what happened, she was on her back on the mattress. Another second later, my sister’s panties were somewhere on the floor and I was between her legs, lapping at her nectarous pussy. Soon Audrey had all but forgotten her intentions and was crying out in pleasure.

As I ate her out I could feel a soft stubble tickling my nose. Audrey’s mound was covered with dark stubble. It told me two things. First, she shaved her pubes, which I loved. I believe there's nothing more beautiful than a smooth, hairless pussy on a nicely toned girl with firm, perky breasts, especially if she had a golden, all over tan like my sister. Second, she wasn't sexually active at the moment, nor had she expected something sexual to happen presently. In a way, the week-old stubble gave her an air of chastity which I found highly sexy.

I didn't spend much time contemplating my sister’s virtues, as I had something more pressing on my mind; making Audrey' cum on my tongue. Her half-hearted protests quickly died down as I kissed her labia and probed her tight hole with my tongue. When I closed my lips around her little clit and sucked gently, her hands were grabbing my head and a loud groan escaped from her mouth.
Within minutes her legs began to twitch and then the first waves of contractions raced up and down my sister's tight body. Making her cum had been my goal, but that did not mean I was finished now. I kept her pinned down on the mattress and continued my assault until I had made her scream two more times.

Only after her third orgasm it was ready to move on. I gave her pussy a moment of respite and kissed my way up Audrey’s flat stomach. After that I spent a little more time exploring her flawless breasts. I kissed and licked every inch of her soft mounds and paid extra attention to the pink tips. I quickly learned my sister had extremely sensitive nipples. Every time my teeth grazed the erect points, her body contracted and she uttered a soft groan. It was by far the sexiest sound I had ever heard.

I kept teasing Audrey until she finally grabbed my head again and pulled me all the way on top of her. She folded her legs around my waist and pressed her mouth to mine. While our tongues danced together, she grabbed my cock and guided it between her lips so the head was at the entrance of her pussy. Neither of us could wait any longer, and with a slight push of my hips, the tip entered her silky orifice.

Audrey inhaled sharply as her body welcomed my invading member. She was as tight as a virgin, but plenty moist, and scorchingly hot. As I pushed a second time, my cock smoothly slid in the rest of the way. Just as I bottomed out in her smoldering wetness, my pubic bone came to rest on the soft padding of her downy mound and I felt the muscles at the mouth of her vagina squeeze like a rubber band around the base of my shaft. I was all the way inside her and filled her up completely, it was like her pussy was tailor-made for my cock.

I needed a moment to process and appreciate the sensations that radiated out from where our bodies were united intimately. After a while her legs relaxed around my waist and our bodies started to move. Her eyes were staring up deeply into mine and she whispered for me to make love to her. We started off a little tentative at first, but soon we found our natural rhythm and then we were really fucking.

I could hardly believe this was happening for real. Audrey was the most wonderful and gorgeous girl I knew, more beautiful and sexy than any girl I could ever dream up. And the best thing was, she wanted me as badly as I wanted her. Our lips locked again and she was kissing me with a predatory lust that was far more voracious than I had ever expected from my sweet little sister.

After a few minutes of thrusting into her buttery pussy, another massive orgasm washed over her. Her muffled whimpers melted into a lengthy groan while her entire body shook uncontrollably. Her vagina tightened even more, its muscles frantically trying to milk the cum from my balls. The only thing that stopped me from unloading inside her was a sharp flash of pain as her teeth breached the skin of my bottom lip.

Audrey giggled apologetically as she tasted the blood on her lips and gave a sweet kiss to soothe my pain. Then she pushed me onto my back and began to ride me like a cowgirl. She expertly bounced her ass in my lap, sliding her pussy up and down the length of my slick cock with every stroke. My sister had incredible muscle control and squeezed, almost grabbed, my cock as she rose. Then she would stop, with just the tip inside her, tilt her hips and plunge down again. Loud wet noises sounded as she touched down and ground her clit on my pelvic bone.
She alternated between this energetic and intense fucking, and slowly rocking her hips and kissing tenderly whenever she thought I was getting too close to cumming. I had managed to last a long time, much longer than I ever expected, but still I had to acknowledge I couldn’t postpone it much longer. We rolled over again and I pumped her as fast as I could until my balls contracted.

“I'm gonna cum” I grunted and began to pull out.
“Don't….” she groaned, clutching me firmly while another orgasm took her ability to talk. I presumed that she didn't want me to pull out, and it was too late for me anyway. I thrust into my sister one last time and came deep inside her tight pussy. Never before had I climaxed simultaneously with a girl, yet on my first time with Audrey it happened. Our shared orgasm was magnified and lasted longer, racing back and forth between our unified bodies. I had never come this hard or this long. It felt like I was releasing a gallon of sperm over a period that spanned several minutes before I collapsed on top of my lover, drained mentally as well as physically.

Audrey wasn't doing much better than me, she had all but passed out after her own powerful orgasm. Her auburn hair was sticking to her damp and flushed face. As I wiped the strands of hair from her brow, she opened her eyes again. For a moment, she looked confused and then a smile formed on her lips. She brought her face up to mine and gave me the most delicate and tender kiss. Then she dropped her head on the pillow and stared up into my eyes for a while, still smiling happily.

“What is it?” I asked softly.
“I…” she started, then turned away.
“Tell me what's on your mind, please”
“Don't freak out… but… I think I… I love you”
“Why would I freak out? It's the-”
“But I'm your sister” she interrupted, her voice cracking.
“Yes you are my sister, but you're also the sweetest and most beautiful girl I know and... I love you too. I've been in love with you for as long as I can remember, and there's nothing I’ve ever wanted more than to hear you say those words”
“You're not just saying that, are you?”
“No baby, I absolutely, truly love you. I always have, and I always will.”

We sealed our pledges with another make-out session and then fell asleep in each other's arms. A little later I woke up again, feeling like I just had a pleasant dream. As I opened my eyes I saw there was a naked girl in my bed, her head on my chest and her arm draped lovingly around me. It took a second or two to realize this gorgeous naked girl was in fact my very own sister and then it all came back; how we had made passionate love together and then expressed our feelings for each other. Remembering her saying she loved me made me feel like I was king of the world.

I knew it was going to be difficult to keep up a romantic, sexual relationship with my own sister, but as she was lying naked in my bed, those worries were miles away. I let my hand trail along her spine over her sleeping body, down to her smooth round butt. Slowly she began to move and raised her head.

“Good morning baby” I whispered
“Good morning love” she said. “I've slept wonderfully”
“I know, I watched you”
She smiled again and kissed me on the lips. “You should try to get some sleep too. You'll need the energy”
“For what?”
“Me” she said, smiling mischievously.
“I think I've got plenty energy to fill all your needs”
“Good… 'cause I have a need that could use a little… filling… right now”
“I know something that would be perfect for that”
“Yes, I can feel that… want me to take care of it?”

She didn't wait for me to answer. She just kicked away the duvet and crawled down to my erection. Then she dragged her tongue up the shaft and closed her lips around the tip. What followed was one of the best blow jobs I have ever had. She did everything, from licking the shaft to taking my cock deep in her throat. When she started massaging my balls at the same time, I couldn't help but cum. She sucked every drop from my balls and then swallowed my load.

After she had cleaned me with her tongue, she lay next to me again and we snuggled. Even the cum on her breath didn't put me off. In fact, my cock was already coming back to life again. I was thinking how I could turn this cuddling into foreplay, when Audrey had to ruin my plans.

“Do you know the time?” She asked lazily.
“It's almost twelve, why?”
“Shit! We were supposed to help mom and dad this afternoon”

She hastily extricated herself from my arms and climbed out of the bed. I guess playtime was over. A bit reluctant, I got up too and helped her gather the clothes that lay scattered on the floor. Then we headed to the bathroom to wash off the sweat. The shower was big enough for two and we washed each other, making sure all our naughty bits were squeaky clean.
After we got out, Audrey needed a bit more time to dry and brush her hair, so I quickly got dressed and headed for the kitchen to make us brunch, to replenish the energy we burned earlier. I tossed some eggs in the pan and a couple slices of bread in the toaster. Just as it was ready, Audrey came in.

“Here, drink this” I said, handing her a glass of fresh orange juice.
“Hmmm, thank you”
“Do we really have to go?” I asked.
Before she could answer, my phone came to life. It was mom, who wanted to know what was taking us so long. I told her we'd be there in half an hour. We rushed breakfast, got in dad's truck and drove to Aunt Shelley's, to meet up with the rest of the family.

First, we helped unloading the stuff from the van dad had rented and pile it into Shelley's garage and then we went back to Nan's home together. Mom had dad and me employed with moving boxes and furniture all afternoon while the women were cleaning. A couple of hours later, the cars were fully loaded and it was time to go home again. Dad and Audrey went home in the van while mom and I took dad's pickup, filled with boxes and junk, to the dump.

Audrey had cooked dinner, so, by convention, it was my turn to do the dishes. To avoid raising suspicion, my sister had gone to her room, but I knew she'd be waiting for me. Half an hour later, while the rest of the family was watching TV, I went upstairs and to her room. She was sitting at her desk and was reading the diary again. I stooped behind her and wrapped her in my arms, nuzzling her neck and kissing her softly.

“Hi baby, what's happening?” I whispered
“Hi” she said, swiveling her chair around and throwing her arms around my neck. As I stood up, I lifted her off her seat and what followed was another lengthy kiss that sent the blood rushing to my cock. I could feel Audrey’s nipples stiffen and the way she pressed her crotch against me told me she was every bit as horny as I was. However, as much as I wanted to take her then and there, the risk was much too great.

“How's the happy couple?” I asked instead.
“She loves Donny like only a sister can love her brother” she said, followed by another tender kiss.
“That much, eh?”
She nodded.
“I bet he couldn't keep his hands off her” I said, letting my hand drop to Audrey's ass.
“Only when they were alone” she said, pressing her crotch firmly against my bulge.

As if to illustrate her point, we suddenly heard mom's footsteps on the stairs. We quickly detached ourselves and I sat down on the bed, trying to hide my erection while Audrey tucked the diary away in one of her drawers. Seconds later, mom entered the room. She told us that she and aunt Shelley had an appointment with a realtor in the morning, so I wouldn't have to get up too early, unless I wanted to come with her.
I glanced quickly at my sister and told mom that I'd rather stayed at home, claiming I could use the time to work on my essay. She agreed and then advised me to have a little fun as well, before she left us alone again.

“Damn, that was close” Audrey whispered.
“But we'll be alone tomorrow morning, and I'm gonna make sure you'll have that little bit of fun”
I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. Audrey did her best to keep her voice down as we wrestled playfully until we ended up in each other’s arms.

“So, did Nan and Donald ever get the chance to be alone?”
“Of course. Do you want to hear about what happens when they did?”
Audrey got up to get the diary and crawled next to me on the bed. She opened the book and started reading.

“We knew mom and dad wouldn't be back before nightfall, so Donny stayed in bed with me. I was lying with my head on his chest, and listened to the steady beating of his heart and soft breathing. It was so comforting, I must have fallen asleep.
“I don't know how much later it was when I woke up again. Donny was also awake and his dick was standing up again. I really wanted to feel it inside me again, but instead of getting on my knees for him, like I always did, I threw my leg over his body and put his dick in my kitty while we were face to face. Donny then pushed his hips upwards and slid partly inside me. We made love like that for a minute, but he said he couldn't move enough, and he rolled me onto my back. I spread my legs for him and he moved on top of me and put his dick back into my kitty. Now he could move much better and it was just fantastic.

“It was very different to make love like that. I didn't feel him as deep inside me, but we could kiss and he could play with my tits while we did it. He even lasted a whole lot longer too. He humped me long enough for me to reach my climax, just as he shot off inside me. I think I like it this way the best.”

“Good for her” I sighed.
“Well, I’m afraid her hunger for sex only got worse. The next twenty or so pages are filled with them having sex every day. It’s incredibly detailed. She recounts every single act, from a quick blowjob in the scullery to an all-night lovemaking session in their parents' bed when they were out of town for the night. She's recorded every new position they discovered, even drawing little pictures to illustrate them. Look, it's almost like a copy of the Kama Sutra.”

She leaved through the diary and showed me a page with a couple of pencil drawings. There was a female figure riding a male in what I would call reverse cowgirl and another sketch of two people in some kind of lotus position. On the next page were more drawings, as were on the next. It was clear Nan wasn't only a talented illustrator, but also had a vivid sexual imagination.

“So, are there any tips for getting rid of nosy parents? How did they manage to be alone often enough to be so adventurous?”
“They lived on a farm, so there was ample opportunity to sneak off and be alone. And every morning, when their parents were feeding the animals, she comes to his bed for a quickie to start the day.”
“Like, every morning?”
“Yeah. Let me tell you something; Nan really loved fucking her brother.”
“But… aren't they afraid she might get pregnant?”
“I don't know. He's supposed to pull out before he cums on the days that she is fertile, but you can hardly call that a reliable form of birth control. Still, they might be okay, with a bit of luck.”
“I really hope so”

Audrey lay in my arms for a few more minutes, just enjoying our closeness. A glance at her alarm clock told me it was nearly bedtime. If we didn't want to get caught again, I'd better go to my room. I kissed her goodnight and promised to see her in the morning, as soon as our parents were out.


After just an hour of sleep, I was woken again by Audrey crawling in my bed. In the dim moonlight, I could see her eyes were swollen and red. Without saying anything, she grabbed my arm and draped it over her chest, crawling snugly against me. Again, my nostrils filled with that wonderful scent.

She was sniveling softly.
“What's wrong, baby?” I whispered.
“It's Nan. It's bad.”
“What is it?” I asked.
“Well... remember you were worried about her getting pregnant?”
“I guess you were right again, and this is what happened”
She flicked on a light and handed me the diary, pointing me to where I should start reading.

“Dear diary. I think I’m getting sick. It’s like I don’t have any energy and this morning I had to throw up again. At first I thought I ate something wrong again, but I can’t think of what that might have been. If I don’t get better soon, I’ll ask mom”

“Ah, and that’s how mom came to be?”
“No… mom wasn't born for another five years. Unless she’s been lying about her age and is really 50”
“What happened then? “
“The story continues on the next page. But it’s not a cheerful story.”

“Dear diary, I’m in so much trouble! I asked mom about me being tired and sick all the time and she took me to the doctor. He asked me a few questions and when I told him about the games that Donald and I played, he said he thought I might be pregnant! He told me to take off my sweater and lift my shirt. He felt my stomach and listened and then he told me there was a baby growing inside me! The doctor gave me a leaflet. It’s called ‘So you are pregnant’ and said I’d better read it.

“Mom was so angry! She didn’t speak to me all the way home and just sent me to my room to wait for daddy and Donald to come home. I really don’t know what to do.”

“Oh shit, this can’t be good” I sighed.
“No. I guess our great-grandparents weren’t as fond of incest as you are”
“Maybe they should have tried it” I said, planting soft kisses in my sister's neck.
Audrey once again grabbed my arm and pressed it against her chest.
“Well, I’m glad I’m on the pill just the same.”

“I'm dead. My life is officially over. Dad almost exploded when mom told him. I've never seen him so angry! He beat Donald so hard he was crying and then he ordered him to get in the car. I don’t know where they are taking him, they wouldn’t tell me. They hardly spoke to me anyway. Mom told me to go back to my room and wait here. When dad is back they will decide what they are going to do with me.”

“Look, the paper is all wrinkled. She was crying as she wrote this.” Audrey pointed out.
“Yes, seems like it. The ink has run too”
Audrey didn't say anything for a while, just lay silently on her back, staring at the ceiling. In the early morning silence the only thing I could hear was her breathing.
“What happened next?” I asked after a few minutes of silence. “Did they kick her out too?”
“I don't know”
“Wanna stay here and read?”
Audrey nodded and grabbed my arm again. I drew her close to me and we read the diary together.

“I read the leaflet. It explained how a boy’s sperm and a girl’s egg formed a baby. It didn’t say how those two got together, but I guess that's what happens when he shoots his stuff in a girl’s ‘vagina’.
It said the baby would be born nine months after conception. I guess that means having sex. The first thing that would happen was that my monthlies would stop. I hadn’t paid much attention to that, but when I looked in my diary, I saw it’s been almost three months now. The last time it happened was three weeks after Donny first shot his stuff inside me. According to the book, that means the baby is growing for about two months now. Pretty soon I should be able to feel it move.“

“But if she’s really pregnant, and it isn’t mom… Who is she pregnant with?” I asked.
“I don’t know”
“Did they abort it?”
“Not likely. Her parents are very religious. And this is nineteen sixty-seven, so abortion is still illegal”
“So, what happened next?”
Audrey flipped the page and we quietly read on as the story unfolded.

“It was a long time before daddy came back. Donny wasn't with him anymore, so wherever he took him, I guess he had to stay there. The only thing he said to me was to go to my room. Mom and dad were arguing loudly in the kitchen. I could hear dad’s booming voice and the fainter sound of mom’s. I cannot hear what they were saying; a single word every now and then is all I got. One word I did hear clearly. It was dad calling me a whore.

“They’re silent now, I’m afraid of what they have decided.”

The rest of the page was blank.
Audrey suddenly let the book fall on the mattress. I could see there were tears in her eye. I wanted to comfort her, but didn’t know what to say. I simply wrapped my arms around her and asked her to continue.

“Dad came into my room and locked the door behind him. He unbuckled his belt without saying anything. He just looked at me with hate and disgust in his eyes. With the belt in his hand he told me to take off my dress and panties. I was so scared, I was crying and trembling as I took off my clothes.

“He told me to stop crying and made me stand there before him, wearing nothing but my bra. He then ordered me to turn around and place my hands on the mattress. I did as he said and waited for the pain of his belt to hitting my back, but he didn’t lash me. Instead he put his hand between my legs and roughly rubbed his fingers through my kitty. He said that if I wanted to be a whore, he might as well fuck me too.

“He got behind me and I felt his dick push against my kitty. He forced the tip into my hole, but my body wasn't ready and it didn't go in easy. He spat on my kitty and pushed again. This time it went in. It hurt and I fell on the bed. He cursed and hit me with his belt as I lay there. Then he told me to stop crying and pulled me back on my feet. He spat on my kitty once more and pushed his dick back in me, pushed until he was all the way inside. The pain never stopped as he humped me for a long time. It felt like hours before he grunted and I felt his stuff gush inside me.

“When he was done, he pulled up his pants and walked to the door. He told me to clean up and said that I could never tell anyone what happened. Then he left and locked the door. As I lay in bed, I cried. The marks on my back were burning and I was completely raw inside.”

“I had to stay in my room all day today. I slept a lot, so I wouldn't have to feel the pain. My kitty is still sore from what he did yesterday. I didn't tell mom what he did, but I think she knew. She didn't say much, but she gave me a tube of cream to soothe the tender skin. He didn't speak to me at all. He just looked at me with hateful eyes, which is even worse than the pain.

“I dared to ask mom if she knew where Donald is. Mom just said he was gone and that I would never see him again. I asked what would happen to me and she said I was going to move in with Aunt Barbara as soon as my belly begins to grow. It is already visible, but I don’t want them to know that. I don’t want to have to move away and lose Liv too. She's the only one who is still nice to me. I’m not allowed to see her after school, but we can still talk during recess. I told her everything. She’s the only one who tries to comfort me when I cry for Donny and who prays with me for my future. If I wouldn’t have her, I’d be all alone.”

After this, Nan's writing began to decrease every day, even skipping days altogether. There probably is little to write about when you are locked in your room. The next entry was dated more than a week later.

“It's been two months now since Donny has gone. Dad still comes to my room sometimes and has sex with me. If I don’t obey, he hits me. He doesn't care if he is hurting me, he just wants to shoot his stuff. Other than that, he doesn't touch me or talk to me. I’m glad the baby is growing fast and I'll soon be leaving this hellhole.”

Then, on the next page she wrote:

“Mom told me that my belly is getting bigger and soon people will be able to see I’m pregnant. I'm not allowed to go to school anymore and next week I’ll be going to Aunt Barbara's. I asked her what would happen when the baby comes.
Mom’s voice cracked and I saw tears in her eyes. She just said she was sorry and went away.”

I felt the urge to say something, but couldn’t find the words. Fortunately, the story continued in a slightly more optimistic tone.

“Aunt Barbara is actually quite nice. She’s much nicer to me than my parents. She told me that it was a sin to sleep with a man if you weren’t properly married, and an even greater sin to sleep with your own brother. But she also told me she couldn’t blame us, as we didn’t know what we were doing.
She also knew what happened to Donny. She said dad had enlisted him in the navy. She wouldn't tell me in what base he is, or maybe she really doesn't know. Anyway, I'll never be able to find him.

“I asked her if she knew what was going to happen to my baby, as mom didn’t want to tell me. Barbara looked at me the same way mom had done. I begged her, telling I had to know. Then she explained that when it is time for the baby to come, I will be taken to a home for unwed mothers. There I will give birth and nurse the baby until they have found a new family for him.
I started crying when I heard that I would have to give my child up for adoption. I never cried this hard or this long.

“All this time Aunt Barbara held me tight, telling me to let it all out. When I was finally cried out, she made us tea. I said I didn’t want to give up the baby and she said she knew how I felt. She explained that I had no choice, and that it would be the best thing to do, for me and the baby. Because, if I was unmarried, the child would have to grow up without a father, and there was no chance I’d ever find a man if I had a child already. She is probably right, but it doesn’t change my mind one bit. It is MY child and MY life.

“I asked her if she’d allow Liv to come visit me. She said she’d think about it. I hope she will.”

“She's stopped writing again” Audrey said, flipping the pages and scanning the few written lines of text. “I guess she has nothing to write about. No school, no friends, nothing to do. The only thing she does is read and sleep, it’s depressing.”
“It must be horrible for her. Can’t she run away or something?”
“Where could she run off to? She has no money, doesn't know anybody and is pregnant. She’d die for certain”
“Yes, but still…”
“I know”

I felt really awful. I could never have guessed our dear, sweet grandmother had such a woeful past. There was nothing anyone could do about it now and I just hoped she had at least found peace and happiness. At the same time, I really wanted to know how the story would continue.

But even though I honestly wanted to learn more, I was struggling to stay awake, and so did Audrey. She was yawning and I could see her eyes were getting heavy too.
“Can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked.
“I would love that, but what about mom and dad? What if they catch us?”
“They won't. I'll set the alarm for six, I'll go to my bed then”
“Make it seven”
She laid the book down on the ground, grabbed my arm and draped it firmly around her. Then she turned off the light and whispered goodnight. I kissed her in the neck and closed my eyes, breathing in her scent as I drifted off to sleep.

Much too soon I was woken by soft tinny music coming from my alarm clock. I was spooning my sister, who was still sleeping, despite the alarm. She was looking as beautiful as ever and I would have loved to watch her sleep a little longer, but we were cutting it close already. In fifteen minutes, dad would be getting ready for work and mom would get up soon after.

I gently shook Audrey and watched as she opened her eyes.
“Wake up baby” I whispered
“Hmmm?” she groaned.
“You have to get up”
“Why?” she murmured sleepy.
“It's seven o'clock. You have to go to your own bed, or they'll see us together”
“But I want to stay with you”
“Get up, baby”
She finally got the message and folded back the duvet.
“Can I come back later?” she asked feebly.
“Yes baby. But wait until mom and dad are out. I'll be waiting for you”
“I love you, Chuck”
“I love you too”

Shortly after our parents had left, Audrey came back to my room, wearing nothing but a pair of little lime green panties. She had showered and her long, waving hair barely covered her perky breasts. She looked like she had just walked out of a precious old painting, or maybe a playboy magazine. But what made her even more beautiful was the way she was radiating, as a woman in love.

She crawled onto my bed and greeted me with a long kiss.
“I liked sleeping with you” she smiled.
“Me too. You look so beautiful when you're sleeping”
“You're sweet”
“You're beautiful like this too” I added, as I caressed her round ass.
“Really?” she asked playfully, as she sat upright and threw her hair back, exposing her immaculate breasts. “I thought you might like it”
She moved forward again and kissed me again.
“I wish we could stay like this for ever” she sighed.
“Me too” I said, drawing a finger between her breasts and over her smooth belly. “But mom and dad… they would go ballistic if they caught us”
“I know...”
“Speaking of which...” she said, “Is the diary still here?”
“I think it's under the bed”
“Would you mind if I read it here?”
“Of course not. Do whatever you want, baby”
I'd rather snuggle a little longer and maybe do a little more, but I could see that wasn't in the cards right now and frankly, her mentioning the diary kind of killed the mood for me too.

Audrey put on a loose sweater and began to read quietly while she lay in my arms. Then she spoke again.

“Dear diary,

“I have a beautiful son. I'm a mommy!
I never knew it was possible to love someone as much as I love him. He's so beautiful, so small and so sweet. He even has his father’s brown eyes.

“Two days ago, they took me to the hospital. My water had broken and the contractions had begun. It hurt like hell, but it was nothing compared to when the baby came out my vagina. It took hours to push him out and they say I bled a lot. Finally, the nurse grabbed him and lifted him up. He screamed. It was a sound unlike I had ever heard before, and my maternal instincts came alive. I just had to hold him in my arms.
The nurse cut his umbilical cord and wrapped him in towels. The moment she got out of my sight, I knew I’d never see him again and screamed and kicked and cursed everyone. The nurse came back immediately and laid the baby against me.
She told me he was a beautiful, healthy little boy and handed him to me...“

As Audrey was lying in my arms and reading the story, her voice cracked.

“...they tell me not to get too attached to him. They say he’s mine for only a short time and then they’ll have to take him away and I’ll never see him again. They might as well tell the sun not to shine. How can I not get attached to my own son? How can I look into his eyes, smile at him, feed him and not love him?“

Nan wrote very little. On most days it was only a couple of lines about how sweet and beautiful the baby was, and how fast he was growing. What she didn’t write about, but was clearly weighing heavily on her, was the fate that was looming over them. With every day that passed and every ounce little Donny gained, the moment she would have to give him up neared a little bit more. A few pages later came the moment we all dreaded.

“Today sister Diane told me they had found a family that was willing to adopt Donny. She said they were good people, rich too. She said I was lucky these nice people wanted to take care of my son. Stupid bitch.”

Audrey flipped the page again. The date showed three more weeks had passed since the previous entry.

“They have stolen my baby. Two nuns held me while the third took my baby and left. I don’t understand these nuns. How can they be such caring people and be so cruel at the same time? I hope those nuns will burn in hell for what they’ve done to me. I really do.”

My sister’s voice broke as she read that last part. I was feeling chocked up too. Although all of this had happened some fifty years ago, I still felt I had to do something to fight this injustice. Right now, all I could do was let Audrey know I was there and was feeling with her. Holding her hand was the least I could do.
“Go on, tell me how she's doing”

“I am back at Aunt Barbara’s again. I don’t know what will happen next, and I don’t care either. I miss him so much. I feel hollow. There’s not a second that I don’t think of him. The doctor gave me pills that are supposed to make it easier for me. All they do is make me feel numb. Every day is the same in this hell.

“Barbara said I could stay here with her, if I wanted. I said I didn’t care. She told me to think it over and not make a hasty decision. I guess she’s right. If there’s one thing I'm sure of, it’s that I never want to go home or see them ever again. At least Barbara is nice to me, but there are too many painful memories here. I just don’t want to live here either. I don’t want anything anymore.”

“I feel so bad for her,” Audrey spoke after being silent for a while. “First losing her brother and lover, her friends, and now their baby son. Imagine how she must have felt. “
“I can’t... It must be awful”
Audrey flipped the page, then another and another.
“She’s almost stopped writing now. Not a single thing for another two weeks, and then only one line: ‘I still miss him.’ It’s so sad.”
She started leaving through the pages. “The rest of the book is blank”
“Who do you think she’s missing? I mean, her brother or the baby?” I asked softly.
“I don’t know. Does it make any difference?”
“No, I guess not”

“I wonder what made her write again,” she said as she got up. “I’ll go get the next book”
I got out of bed too. I quickly put on some clothes and went downstairs to fix us breakfast. A few minutes later, Audrey joined me in the kitchen. She carefully wrapped up the old diary and opened the others, one after another.
“I don’t know if there is a book missing, but the next one I can find is dated over three years later.” she said after she checked every book twice.
“Read it to me”

“Dear Diary
The city is very different from home and I love it. Every time I walk outside I just feel so joyful. It’s like the city is telling me that I have left all my troubles behind and that never again will other people tell me what to do. It’s a very comforting feeling. I’ve stopped taking those pills and the scars on my wrists have all but gone. I feel like I’m ready to live again.
I have my own little house and hopefully a job soon. The landlady told me…”

Audrey’s voice trailed off as she read on.
“Well, at least she sounds happy again” she muttered as she finished the page.
“Yes, but does it say what happened with her brother?” I asked “Or the baby?”
“I don’t know, she hasn’t mentioned either of them even once. Maybe it’s still too hard for her to think of them”
“First, have something to eat” I said as I piled a stack of pancakes on her plate.
I put down another plate for me and started to eat while I let the words sink in.
“Do you think Nan tried to kill herself?” I asked.
“You mean those scars on her wrists? I don't know. It wouldn’t surprise me if she did.” Audrey said. She quickly finished her pancakes and opened the book again. She was silent for the next twenty minutes, reading page after page while I stared at articles in the local newspaper.

I had to admit that the story was getting to me. I had become genuinely interested in my grandmother’s life story. “And, still no mention of any of them?” I asked as I put away the paper.
“No, nothing. All I know is she moved out of her aunt’s home and to a new city. There’s not a single mention of the past three years. I guess she’s determined to move on and start a new life in the city. It’s probably the best thing to do, don’t you think?”
“Sure, we wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t” I said.
“That’s true.” she said, draping her arms around my neck and looked in my eyes. “Gotta thank her for that” she added and gave me a sticky, syrup-flavored kiss. Then she resumed reading while I tidied up.

Just as I had put everything away, Aunt Shelley's beat-up car rolled up our drive. It seemed that every time I saw that car, it had accumulated more dents. I really hoped mom was driving, and not Shelley. Sadly, mom stepped out on the passenger side and waved, beckoning me to get in. I discreetly kissed my sister goodbye and walked up the drive. I took a deep breath and got in the back.
twenty terrifying minutes later, we arrived at Nan's. Mom made coffee and told me about the meeting they had this morning, and that they had decided it would be best to renovate the house before it was going on sale. Then she gave me a list of things that had to be done in the house. She already had a contractor coming to the house this afternoon and wanted me to be there when he came.

All in all, the time flew by and before I knew it, it was six o'clock and time to go home. Dinner was pizza, and while we waited for the food to be delivered, I went upstairs to see Audrey. She didn't hear me coming, so I surprised her by wrapping my arms around her supple waist and pull her body against mine.
“Hi baby”
“Hi” she giggled, as she turned around so she was facing me. “I missed you”
“I missed you too” I said and kissed her on her soft lips.
She pushed me down in her chair and sat in my lap, her arms around my neck.
“And what have you been doing while you were missing me?” I asked.
“Let me guess… those diaries again?”
“Yeah. I've almost finished the third volume”
“And did you discover anything about the missing years?”
“No, nothing at all”
“Anything about the baby? Or Donald?”
“Not much about them either. Just this” she said.
She opened the book at one of the bookmarks and shared what little she had learned.

“I've been thinking of trying to contact Donald and ask him if he wanted to visit and see my new house. I don’t know what I want. I don’t even know where he lives right now.
He probably must have moved on with his life as well. What if he doesn't want to know me anymore, or our son? Maybe it is best to leave the past behind and focus on my new life here. I don’t want to complicate things any more than they already are. Besides, I wouldn't know how to reach him anyhow.”

“That's all” she said, “that's the only time she mentioned either of them”
“Maybe she'll write more later?”
“Maybe. But right now, all she writes about is this new guy she met”
“Who's that?”
“Someone she met at the supermarket. She described him as a tall, handsome stranger, and his name is Charles”
“Wait, wasn’t grandpa called Charles?” I asked
“Yes, I guess that’s him”
“They loved each other, right? I mean like, truly loved each other?”
“That’s what mom always said. Like a fairytale”
She was right, those were mom’s exact words.
“Good, she deserves some good luck” I said with gladness.

The story had to wait a little longer. Mom called us, dinner was ready. We ate pizza in front of the TV and made a little small talk. After dinner, Audrey asked to be excused and went upstairs. About an hour later I did the same.

“Do you still want to know what happened after they took little Donny?” Audrey asked as I came in her room.
“Are mom and dad still downstairs?”
“Yes, still watching TV”
She retrieved the diary from where she hid it and opened it at one of the bookmarks. “Here, listen to this”

“Charles asked me about the scars on my arms. He said he knew what they were and asked me if I wanted to tell him how I got them, but that he’d understand it if I didn’t. I said I had to think about it. I will be hard to tell him the story I’ve tried to forget for so long.
I decided there will be only one person I’ll ever tell my story, and that person will be the man I will grow old with. Could Charles be that man?
I hope he is.

“Lying in his arms I realized I was happy. I was not just feeling cheerful, but truly happy, secure and content. It was a nice, almost forgotten feeling. It was almost as if I was lying in Donald’s arms again, far away from all the difficulties of life. I asked Charles if he loved me. He said he did, more than anything else.
I told him I wanted to tell him about my scars. He reassured me that I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to. I said I had to, because I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. He said that would make him the happiest man on earth.

“I told him the complete story of my life and he silently listened to everything. He didn’t judge me when I told him about discovering sex with my brother and subsequently getting pregnant from him. He held me to his chest and stroked my hair and I could feel his tears on my shoulder as I told about losing my brother, my friends and my baby.
He asked if that was when I cut my wrists. I told him I had nothing to live for, and that I wanted to end the pain. I took the knife from the kitchen and cut myself in the bathtub. I told him about the burning pain and the feeling of deliverance, and how finally everything became silent and dark.
I told him about waking up in the hospital, and how completely defeated I felt. I told him they doubled my dose of tranquilizers and how three years went by in a haze until I finally moved away from Aunt Barbara and into my new home in the city.

“Charles said he loved me and that he would never let anything bad happen to me ever again. As he spoke those words, I saw the kindness in his eyes and I heard the sincerity in his voice. I knew he truly meant every word and I knew I would love him forever for it.”

“Well, that explains a lot” Audrey said.
“Can you imagine, three whole years?”
“No, it must have been horrible”
“I hope there will be happier times for her now”
“Yes, me too. She deserves it”
My grandmother’s well-being wasn’t the only reason I was hoping for happier times, there was also a somewhat more selfish reason. The past day and a half Audrey had been lying in my arms, reading the story. Her sexy body so close and so alluring, but neither of us was really in the mood to do anything. We had hardly made love at all and the pressure in my balls was reaching uncomfortable levels. I would love to release some of that pressure before I would leave for college again tomorrow.

“I said I loved him too and we kissed. It was during that kiss, I knew I had done the right thing by telling him. He now knew everything about me. There was nothing that stood between us anymore and I felt closer to him than I had ever felt. We made love for the first time.

“It was a bit unexpected when it happened, but I’m glad we did it. Charles is such a fantastic lover. He’s sweet, passionate and very considerate, but at the same time he’s like an animal, strong as a horse and dogged like a wolf, relentlessly pursuing his goal, making me climax again and again. Making love with him is almost medicinal. With every thrust of his cock he makes all the unpleasant memories seem farther away and with every kiss I love him more”

And with that, happy times had returned. Once more the dairy was filled with page after page of graphic descriptions of Nan's sexual adventures. It got Audrey so excited, she couldn't even wait for the relative safety of the night. Only half an hour after I left her room, and while our parents were still watching TV downstairs, she came to see me again. She lay her finger on her lips, telling me to be quiet. She didn't have to explain what she wanted, the look in her eyes told me everything I needed to know, and I liked it.

She kneeled in front of me and nimbly unbuttoned my fly, grabbed my cock and sucked it into her mouth. Within seconds she had me fully erect.
“Please Chuck, I need you, right now” she whispered as she dropped her pants, bend over and placed her hands on my desk.

I moved my hand between her legs and felt her soft lips. I hadn't had sex in two days, and in front of me was the hottest and wettest pussy ever. Even though the threat of being discovered was substantial and the consequences would be dire, my desire for her overruled all calls for caution. I lowered my pants and took position behind my sister.
I nuzzled her neck and kissed her behind her ear while I slowly dry humped her with my hard cock between her ass cheeks. She turned her head and was looking at me with lust burning in her eyes, non-verbally ordering me to stop fooling around and fuck her hard.

I grabbed my cock, bent it down and eased myself back and forth between her slick lips. Audrey was whimpering with need and rolled her hips to give me better access to her pussy. The tip found her opening and I pushed in. Wish a gasp of release, her delicate tissues yielded and I was engulfed by her delightfully tight and hot pussy. Slowly I pulled halfway out and then pushed forward again until the cheeks of her butt were pressed firmly against my lower abdomen. Audrey bit her lip and uttered a strained groan as I gave her what she wanted. With my hands on her waist, I fucked her as hard as I dared to, without making so much noise it would alert our parents downstairs.

In all honesty, the threat of getting caught only increased our excitement. My sister came within minutes, and only seconds before I did. I was biting her neck as I pumped two days’ worth of sperm in her quivering pussy. The hazardous pressure in my balls had been relieved, and I instantly felt a whole lot better.

Audrey turned around and wiggled her pants back over her ass. She gave me a quick peck on my lips and vowed that she'd be back later. Then, as quietly as she came into my room, she left again. The sex had been rushed, raw and quiet, but it was fantastic.

Audrey was true to her word. As soon as our parents had gone to bed and silence had descended over the house, she slipped back into my room. She wore nothing but a short nighty as she crawled onto my bed and squatted on my face. She had showered and shaved. Her smooth, fragrant pussy tasted fresh and sweet and I feasted on her copiously leaking juices like a man dying of thirst. I licked, kissed and sucked until her legs began to tremble and her muffled whimpers reached that high pitch. She was cumming like crazy, but I wasn’t going to let her get away now. I locked my arms around her legs and kept eating her out until she begged me to stop. I let go of her and she fell down in my arms, panting and softly murmuring sweet words in my ear.

I didn't grant my sister much time to recuperate. I rolled her off me, got behind her and lifted her onto her knees. In one thrust I was deep inside her squishy pussy. We still had to be quiet if we wanted to avoid waking up our parents and alert them to what was going on in my room. There was a lot less pressure this time, so I took my time and fucked her at a more relaxed tempo. It might actually have been better that way, because it made me last longer too. This was our last night together, and I was going to enjoy it as much as possible.
A few minutes later, Audrey was chewing on my pillow, trying to smother the moans that inevitably escaped from her mouth while I pounded her from behind. Her hands were clawing at the sheets as she tried to withstand my restrained but forceful pumping. Nonetheless, with every thrust she slowly slumped forward until she lay flat on her belly and I was straddling my sister's legs.

Despite the more difficult position, I kept thrusting into her at the same relentless pace. My cock didn't reach as deep as before and I even slipped out a few times, but with her legs closed as they were, Audrey's pussy was squeezing more tightly than ever. A minute or two later, I felt I my balls tighten as a warning that I was going to cum quickly.

I pulled out, rolled her onto her back and licked her pussy for a minute while I allowed my cock to cool down. Then I sat up, leaning against the headboard, and pulled her onto my lap. Audrey mounted me and rode me like a cowgirl. She moved gracefully and smoothly, with a rapid rolling motion of her hips. Her perky breasts were bouncing before me and I only had to bend my neck a bit and I grabbed one of her pink nipples between my lips. She groaned softly as I sucked and gently bit on the sensitive tip. I moved between both nipples and also paid extra attention to the soft skin between. It did not miss its intended effect, as I felt my sister’s body stiffen again. Her whimpers got louder and I pressed my mouth on hers to stifle them. Then the first orgasmic waves shot through her body. Her pussy seemed to flutter around my cock in a rapid series of contractions. I no longer wanted to fend off my own orgasm. I grabbed her ass and bounced her on my cock until I flooded her pussy.

After we were both finished cumming and cuddling, she leaned back and let my cock flop onto my belly. A creamy glob of cum oozed from her blushing lips and fell down in a long string before pooling on my thigh. She giggled in a cute way as she scooped up a shiny drop and licked it off her finger.

“We taste good together” she decided.

We looked good together too. Seeing her play with my sperm that leaked from her was by far the most outrageously sexy thing ever. My cock slowly came back to life and, with a little help from Audrey, soon was hard enough for another round.


As much as I hated it, I really had to return to college. Early in the morning, while the whole world was still asleep, I had topped off Audrey's pussy one last time. She then went back to her own room, but not before she made me promise I'd be back on Friday.

A few hours later, I said goodbye to my family and got in my car. As I drove away, I suddenly felt like crying. I missed Audrey already, and every mile I traveled was one more mile between us. I couldn't believe how hard it was to be away from her, even for just three and a half days.

When I arrived on the campus, I went straight to my lectures. But even there, I could not get Audrey out of my mind. While the professor was talking, I took out my phone and wrote my sister a little message. I got an answer immediately. She was missing me too. We exchanged about a hundred more messages and I even received a couple of naughty pictures. It did lighten my mood a bit, but what I missed most was just being with her, feel her and smell her. No amount of technology could fix that.

At night she called me on the phone, and we talked for hours about everything and of course she kept me updated on the sexual adventures Nan shared with her new husband. Not surprisingly, these stories got me so hot, I had to jack my cock while I listened. My sister then joined me and our conversation shifted to full-blown phone sex.

It wasn’t long before Audrey told me about Nan being pregnant again. This time it was 1971, and the baby was a girl, our mother. It was already late when she called, but I was glad to hear her voice again. Thankfully, she spared me the details of labor and all the diaper changes, but she did tell me an interesting detail.

“Did you ever realize that mom is named after Donald?”
No, I hadn't.
“Apparently, it was grandpa's idea. He thought they should call her Donna, after her missing half-brother and his father. Nan liked the idea, so they did.”
“Gee, I never... thought” I yawned, feeling very sleepy. It was past midnight already and I would have to get up in less than 7 hours. I carefully excused myself, and promised to call her tomorrow. We blew some kisses into the microphone and then I hung up.


I couldn't wait for today to come. When it finally arrived, I decided to skip the afternoon's lectures and head home instead, and surprise my lover with an early arrival.
As luck had it, she was home alone and working on her computer as I walked into her room.
“Hey, you're back” she said, smiling as she held out her arms for an embrace and a long, hot kiss. God, how I had longed to inhale that scent again.
“I've missed you so much” I whispered between kisses.
“I've missed you too” she said, grinding her pussy against my crotch.
“Hey, I've got great news” she said, grabbing my hand and leading me to my old room. “See?”
My whole room was filled with boxes and random stuff from Nan's. I couldn't even see my bed for all the junk. There was no way I was able to stay here.

“How's this good news?” I asked.
“Because, as your loving sister, I selflessly offered to share my room and bed with you, and mom accepted. Now we can sleep together all night, all the time!”
I immediately understood the implications of this situation. A smile formed on my face.
“That's brilliant! Remember me to properly thank you tonight”
“I know just the way you can thank me... all night long”
“Speaking of mom and dad… where are they?”
“I don't know. Gone” she said with a naughty twinkle in her eye.
“Do you think there’s time for a quickie?” I asked
“No… but I’ll let you eat me” she chuckled as she led me back to her room. She lay down on her back and spread her legs a little, flashing her white panties as she hiked up her short skirt. I pulled them off and I was greeted by her pink pussy. I swear it was smiling.
I got on my knees between Audrey's legs and closed in to give her moist lips a kiss, then licked and fingered her until I had gotten her so hot, she was begging me to fuck her. We made love like the long-lost lovers we were, frantic and rushed at first, then more slow and tender as our most urging needs were filled.

An hour later, we were still in bed, sweaty and exhausted, but completely satisfied and more in love than ever.

“Are you still reading those diaries?” I asked as I spotted one of the books under her pillow.
“No, I haven’t had much time to read. Too much damned homework”
“Anything good happened?” I yawned.
“Not really. I’ve told you about mom, right? She writes mostly about her growing up. It's actually not that interesting. I have pretty much skipped through most of this part. Maybe I'll read it later when I’ve got more time”
“So, nothing new?”
“Well... Shelley was born, but you knew that of course… Grandpa got a new job, but we knew that as well…” she picked up the book and leaved through its pages. “Wait, here is something you might like to know.”

“I wrote a letter to Aunt Barbara today. It is something I have been wanting to do for some time now, but I never dared to. I told her of my new life in the city and of my husband and our two daughters, but most of all I wanted to thank her for everything she has done for me, for taking care of me and also for saving my life. I also told her I don't blame her for anything and apologized for running away without leaving a note. Finally, I included my address and asked her to write back, if she wanted. I must say, it feels really good to have finally done this, although I so feel a bit of anxiety as I await her answer.”

“And, did she write back?” I asked
“Err… yes, she did. Within days actually. With a little extra too.”
“A little extra?”

“I got a letter back from Barbara. Inside the envelope were also a couple of letters from Donald, all addressed to me. He writes that he met with Barbara and she told him everything she knew, up to the point where I left. He said no words can describe how sorry he is for everything that happened to me and writes he hopes I'm doing well. He also hopes the best for our son.

“He also explained what happened to him after our father took him away that day. He was in the navy for four years, saw a lot of the world and made a few promotions before he met his wife and settled down. He owns a little shop now, but he doesn't say what kind. He married a woman named Brenda and they have two sons, Jim and Ronald who are six and seven years old now. There were a few grainy photos of his wife and kids attached to the letter. They look nice. She does too.

“Every letter ended with his address and phone number, and that he'd love to hear from me. I think I will do that.”

“And, did she?”
“She did”
“What happened?”
“according to the diary, she called him the next day, and they were on the phone for hours, sharing all the things that had happened in the past years. He said Barbara had told him about their baby, and that he had tried to find him. He had send dozens of letters to the nuns at the orphanage, but didn't get a single answer.”
“So, nothing new there either?”
“No, but he visited her, for real, a little later”
“Must have been weird, huh?” I said “I mean, old lovers and that”
“Not according to Nan. Let me see...”

“I was afraid it would be difficult to face him again, or awkward even, but it wasn't. The moment I saw him and looked into his brown eyes, I knew I would always love him. We weren't in love anymore, I had Charles now and he had Brenda, but there were still warm feelings that will always remain.”

“That's sweet, don't you think?” I said.
“Yeah, but it's a bit sad too.”
“Sad?” I asked, not quite knowing what she meant.
“Yeah, their love, ultimately destroyed by their stupid parents”
“Well, they've been separated for over a decade. They're happy now”
“I couldn't stop loving you in 100 years” she said sincerely.
I knew how she felt. I thought the wisest thing was not to answer and kiss her instead. “Nobody's ever gonna separate us”

We cuddled for a few more minutes. Our parents would come home soon, so it was time to get out of bed and air out the room, take a quick shower and get decent again.

I helped mom prepare dinner and she got me up to date with the matters pertaining Nan’s estate. After dinner, I stayed with my parents while Audrey went to her room. When dad was fully engrossed in his football game, and mom was reading her novel, I excused myself, telling I had to unpack, and went upstairs to Audrey's room.

“Hi baby” she smiled as I came in her, no, our room. She embraced me and gave me a peck on my lips. She had a strange, somewhat proud look in her eyes.
“I think I’ve discovered why mom wanted to keep the books a secret”
“Yeah? And why is that?”
“Well, if you thought Nan had issues, wait ‘till you hear about mom”
“Let we say… illicit desires?”
“Desires bad enough to eradicate her mother’s diary?”
Audrey nodded, picked up another one of the diaries and opened it at one of the bookmarks.

“As we drove home, I had a casual chat with Donna. I asked her if she was seeing someone. She said no and I asked why. I didn't mean anything by it, but the way she reacted was a little odd. She blushed and told me she didn't like any of the boys she knew, claiming they were all still boys; rude and immature. Then she said the darnedest thing; she said she was jealous of me having a man like Charles.”

I nearly choked as Audrey said that. “Are you saying mom was hot for her own father?”
Audrey ignored my question and kept reading.

“I asked her what she meant by that remark, and she listed all the things she desired in a man and then compared this ideal man to the ‘boys’ she knew, and to Charles. On a hunch, I asked whether she wanted someone like daddy, or her actual daddy. Donna didn't answer, but the way she blushed and stared at her knees told me what she didn't want to say. I told her it was okay, that there was nothing to be ashamed of, that lots of girls developed a little crush on their father.

“She started crying, saying she was a sick freak for craving her own father. I parked the car on the side of the road and we got out. We sat down in the grass and talked for a long time. As I was trying to comfort her, I told Donna she I knew what she was she was going through. She questioned me with her eyes, and asked if I too had been in love with my father. I hesitated for a moment and told her it had been my older brother.

“She was visibly surprised by my confession. She asked if I was talking about her uncle Donald. I nodded. I could see a thousand questions rush through her mind. Finally she simply asked if we ever 'did' something. I just nodded again. Then she surprised me by asking if that was why we never visited my parents. I said it was part of it.

“She asked how old I had been. I said I was eighteen, like she was now. Then she asked how old Donald was. I said he must have been twenty, or twenty-one. She said Uncle Donald was a handsome man, and that she could understand why a girl would fall for him. She asked if I regretted anything. It was the hardest question I ever had to answer. For all the misery that followed our short-lived romance, I did not regret one moment of it. I told her so. Through her tears, she smiled at me, and thanked me.”

Audrey opened the diary at the next bookmark and continued.

“Charles is oblivious to Donna's affliction, but every time she looks at him, I can see the desire burning in her eyes. She's no longer the happy, outgoing girl she used to be, and becoming more retreated every day. I know what she needs. She’s a lot like me in many ways, but unlike me she doesn’t have a horny brother to give it to her. Maybe I should ask Charles if he wants to help. I’m sure I can persuade him to allow Donna to join us in bed when her need gets too high.”

“And, did they… you know?”
“I haven’t gotten to that point yet”
“But you think they will?”
“I don’t know”
“You’ll read it to me when anything happens, won’t you?”
“Of course”
“I hope she does. That would be so hot. I can already imagine it: Mom having sex with her own father”
“You’re weird” Audrey giggled.
“I know. But you love it”
“I do” she admitted and kissed me on the lips.

There wasn't time to do more than exchange a few kisses, as it was almost bedtime and our parents would come upstairs any moment. Indeed, only a few seconds after Audrey and I broke our kiss, the door swung open and mom came in.

“Good, you're already here” she said to me. “I'm sorry, but we had to put all the stuff somewhere”
“It's okay mom, Audrey explained it already.” I said. It was hard to look at mom and keep a straight face.
“Okay. Well then… err, the bed is big enough for two, but if you'd rather sleep somewhere else, there's an aero bed, or you can use the couch”
“That's fine mom, I don't mind sharing a bed with my little sister”
“Come on mom, we're both adults. I told you, it's okay” Audrey added, maybe a bit too eager.
“I know… It’s just...” mom said “...never mind”
She shook her head and walked out.

“Oh my god!” Audrey whispered. “She knows!”
“She does not” I said decisively “Do you think she'd even let me sleep on the same planet as you if she had the slightest idea of what I plan on doing with you?”
“I don't know. Remember, she fucked her own father”
“She did?”
“Probably. Not yet anyway. But she would have, if she had half the chance”
“Like sleeping in one bed you mean?”
She nodded, smiling again.
“So, tell me, what are those plans you mentioned?”
I laughed. “You're gonna love it”
“I'm sure. Tell me more”
“First, I'm gonna start by going down on you and then I’m gonna make love to you until the sun comes up”
“Is that a promise?” she giggled.
“I promise.”


The next morning, I woke up first, feeling better than I ever had. When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was my sister's beautiful face, still sleeping peacefully. She looked like an auburn-haired angel in the morning sun. I watched her delicate features and listened to her steady breathing while she slept. Finally, she opened her eyes and smiled.
“Hey” I said.
“Did you sleep well?”
“Hmmm” she smiled. Her hand reached for mine and our fingers intertwined. “I like sleeping with you. I dreamed of you. It was nice”
She pulled my face to hers and gave me a kiss.
“Do you know what time it is?” she asked
“Just after ten”
She groaned unhappily. “We've got to get up”

We showered separately, still a little cautious after last night's narrow escape. Audrey went first and then I took my turn. When I got back in our bedroom, she was sitting on the bed, reading the diary. She was leaning against the wall, still dressed in only her bathrobe, and her hand was between her legs.
“Mom and dad are gone” she said as she saw me. “We're all alone. I was waiting for you”
“Were you playing with yourself?” I asked.
“Maybe” she said with a naughty smile.
I pulled her hand from between her legs and put the fingers in my mouth. It tasted deliciously of pussy.
“I think you’re hiding candy under your robe. Your fingers are all sticky”
“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” she said, giving me that smile again.
I flipped her onto the bed and was immediately greeted by a naked and very aroused pussy.
“There is some tasty candy” I said “is there enough for me too?”
“It’s all for you” Audrey giggled.

It was the invitation I was waiting for and lowered my head until my lips touched her stomach. From there I kissed my way to her freshly shaven mound, then past her pussy and down her thighs. Twice more I passed the moist lips as I nibbled and kissed the inside of her legs, before I suddenly dragged my tongue all the way over her seething slit and rolled the tip around the little nub of her clit. She inhaled sharply as my finger penetrated her. I moved my finger in and out, and licked her at the same time. Soon she was moaning softly and her hands on my head told me she was ready for more.

I pulled her further down on the bed and crawled between her legs. Because of the way she lay, her pussy was an open target and the tip of my cock slid smoothly between her slick labia.
“Wait” she whispered as I was about to enter her.
“Do you want to fuck now, or shall I read to you the story of when mom first had sex with her father?”

My cock was already about to blow. As much as I wanted to learn more about mom's naughty secret, there really was no choice for me. I pushed my hips forward and penetrated my sister while I visualized our teenaged mother losing her virginity to her father. We fucked savagely, grunting and moaning as we raced towards orgasm.
It was a quick and desperate shag, and I don't know which one of us came first. I just remember blasting off in her convulsing pussy as she was biting my lip hard enough to draw blood.

As soon as the lightness in our heads cleared, Audrey crawled back up the bed and opened the diary again. I lay behind her, looking over her shoulder and listening to the story.

“This morning, as Charles walked out the kitchen, I saw Donna staring at his ass. She caught me looking at her and sighed, smiling hopelessly. She was still very much in love with her father. Then a tear grew in her eye and I could see she was about to have another breakdown. I pulled her into my lap and told her I was going to arrange for her to have sex with Charles tonight, if she still wanted. Her reaction was beautiful, her eyes got big and a smile formed on her lips. The gloom and listlessness instantly vanished from her and I had my old daughter back. She asked if I was serious and I promised her I was. She hugged me and kissed me, telling me she didn’t know how to ever thank me.

“I handed her my sheer negligee and told her to put it on and come to my bedroom at exactly eleven o’clock. She asked me if I would be there too. I said I hadn’t planned on it, but she asked me to stay. I said that if she wanted it, that I’d be there. I just hope it won’t be too hard to watch Charles make love with another woman.

“I still have to think of a way to get Charles ready. A few days after Donna’s confession, while we were making love, I tried a little roleplaying and started calling Charles ‘daddy’. It made him more aroused than ever and he even called me ‘Donna’ as he came inside me. He has always been a good husband and a good father, but there’s no denying, he wants her almost just as much as she wants him. But while Donna desired nothing more than to give herself to Charles, he might need a little encouragement. If I played things right, he would surely be willing to take her.
I don’t know yet how I will do that, but it will be one hell of a surprise for him.”

“Dear diary,

“Everything went perfectly! I had not told Charles anything about my plan, but he played his role beautifully. Of course he noticed I was more excited than usual, but he didn’t know the true reason. He just let me drag him to the bedroom and tear off his clothes. I kneeled between his legs and began to massage his cock to hardness. My timing was perfect. At eleven o’clock I had him close to ejaculating, when I heard Donna’s footsteps in the hall. In just a few moments, she’d come in through the door. I got up and waited by the door, leaving Charles naked and erect.

“As he sat there on the bed alone, he looked at me and asked me what I was doing. I told him to relax and enjoy the surprise I had for him. Then, the door opened and Donna came in, wearing nothing but my negligee. The lamp in the hallway lit up the sheer fabric and gave her an ethereal aura, like a nymph or perhaps an angel.
Donna’s young, flawless body filled the delicate garment better and more beautifully than mine had ever done. She was excited, with a light flush on her face and chest and puckered up nipples, hard like little pink bullets. I took her hand and led her into the room. She walked confidently towards her father, seductively swaying her hips as she moved.

“Charles looked at me in astonishment. He couldn’t believe the surprise I promised him was our own virgin daughter. I let go of her hand and she sat down in her father’s lap. She kissed him on his lips and told him that she loved him and wanted him to her first lover. He looked at Donna again and back to me, his eyes now asking for permission to go ahead. He's so sweet, I honestly believe he would have rejected Donna if he thought I wasn't hundred percent okay with it. I nodded again and blew him a kiss. Taking this encouragement, he took our daughter in his arms and untied the negligee. The silk garb fell off her shoulders and floated to the ground, leaving Donna as naked as the day she was born.

“She was nothing like that little baby girl anymore. Now she was endowed with a pair of gorgeous round breasts, a slim waist and curvaceous hips. Donna was a full-grown woman now, and ready for her first man. I could tell Charles was liking what he saw. His big cock was obscenely erect, throbbing against our daughter's stomach as he grabbed her and kissed her on the lips. She eagerly kissed him back, with pure sexual hunger.

“Without wasting another second, Charles lifted our daughter in his arms and tenderly laid her down on the bed. By instinct she spread her legs and raised her knees, giving her father full access to her dripping wet pussy.
He got on his knees and moved over her. He kissed her breasts and then her stomach. Her nubile body shook as his fingers tickled her sides on his way down. Then her eyes got big and she gasped as Charles kissed her between the legs. Like no other, I know the wonderful things Charles can do with his mouth, and I could see its effect wasn’t lost on Donna either.

“As he licked her lips and suckled on her clit, I saw the look of surprise on our daughter’s face change into lust and then almost pain as she approached orgasm. There was a moment I felt a touch of jealousy creeping up on me. At first I thought it was because of Donna, who was tasting the pleasure that had been exclusively mine, but if I am honest, the one I really envied was Charles, nibbling on that delectable virgin pussy.

“Within minutes, Donna was hit hard with a first orgasm. Her fists were clenching handfuls of her lover’s hair as she kept him trapped between her legs. Though he may have had some difficulties breathing, Charles’ mouth stayed locked on her sex while she lay shuddering on the mattress. She seemed to climax forever, but eventually the convulsions lessened until they were nothing but shivers.

“Charles got on his knees and crawled between our daughter’s wide open legs. He lifted her knees a bit and positioned himself on top of her. Before he made his move, he asked if she was ready. Donna nodded. She was a little scared, but determined to go ahead.

“Now that he had her permission, he grabbed his fat cock and rubbed it up and down her pussy a few times. Then he aimed the tip at her entrance and began to push in. I could see Donna brace herself as her father slowly increased the pressure. Then I saw and heard her wince as the blunt head of her father's penis broke her cherry.

“Charles was a lot more gentle and careful than Donald had been with me. After this first move, he allowed some time for Donna's vagina to accommodate to his invading cock, so it wouldn't be too painful. After a while she whispered that she was okay, and Charles slowly fed her another few inches. Soon he was almost all the way inside her.”

All this time while Audrey was reading, I had been spooning her. It wasn't long before the story had triggered another erection and now my cock was pressing firmly against her ass. Seeking a little more room, I slipped my shaft between her legs, where it fell smoothly into the tiny gap between her thighs and pussy. The little bit of sperm that had flowed from her vagina made the snug space extra slippery and I couldn't help but gently saw back and forth between her thighs as she read on.

“It was beautiful to watch Donna writhe underneath her father. She had her long legs wrapped around his waist and held him tight as he made love to her. Now that she finally had him inside her, she made sure he wouldn't pull out before she was completely satisfied.”

Audrey kept reading calmly while I was slowly pumping my hips, but I knew she was becoming more and more aroused. Her voice told me that, and the increasing heat between her legs confirmed it. When I pushed forward once more, she suddenly pressed her hand between her legs and tilted her hips at the same time. Instead of sliding along her slick lips, my cock now pried them apart and smoothly re-entered her greasy pussy.
She grunted softly as I pushed in as far as I could, which wasn't too far because of the way we were spooned. But, as we had shared an intense orgasm only a few minutes ago, there was no pressure and no rush. Just sliding my cock in and out of my sister's velvety orifice was all I wanted. We made love slowly while Audrey read from the diary, the sentences laced with gasps and moans.

“Now that Donna was more accustomed to his size and girth, he began to thrust more deeply into her. Her mouth fell open and she stared wide-eyed at the ceiling as she first experienced the pleasure only a man could give her. Thinking back to my painful first time, I was glad Charles was her first. He took his time, thrusting steadily for minutes while he kissed her lips, neck or breast, only increasing the pace as her excitement reached a new, higher level.

“I knew both Donna and Charles were close to orgasm. He was truly fucking her now, with all his might. I was beginning to fear he would not be able to hold it off long enough for her to peak, when Donna tensed up, whimpered a soft ‘daddy’ and came. The muscles in her stomach contracted so powerfully they lifted her upper body clear off the mattress, and kept her suspended in the air as the waves raced through her body.

“Just as her fingernails dug into her father’s back, he thrust his cock one more time deep inside her. I could see his butt clench and I knew he was ejaculating inside our daughter. I doubt if Donna was aware of what was happening, as she was being consumed by her own climax. She clung onto her father and looked deep in his eyes, begging him not to stop. Spurred on by her whimpered request, Charles kept thrusting into her throughout his orgasm and long after.

“Slowly Donna came back to her senses and pressed her lips against her father's again. She kissed him hungrily and passionately, intensely grateful he had finally scratched the itch that had tormented her so long, had filled her up and made her a woman. I know she'll want more from now on, and I will have to compete with my daughter for my husband's attention, but I'm not jealous. I love them both incredibly much, and seeing Donna climax under her father's body was perhaps the most beautiful and rewarding thing I've ever seen.

“Charles pushed his hands underneath Donna's back and lifted her off the mattress. While he was still inside her, he rolled onto his back so she ended up on top of him. Guiding her movements with his hands, he taught our daughter how to ride his cock. She quickly got the hang of it and soon she was rolling her hips as she rose and fell in his lap.

“Until now, I had been watching them from across the room. For this second round, I got onto the bed as well and lay down next to my husband and daughter. I didn’t mean to force myself onto them and turn the twosome into a threesome, but I did want to be part of it somehow. Charles saw me and grabbed my hand. Our fingers intertwined in a gesture of affection and gratitude. I kissed his hand and lay my head on his shoulder.

“Donna on the other hand, was way to absorbed by all the new sensations in her body to notice my presence. The whole world might have exploded without her noticing, so completely focused she was on riding her father's cock. She was looking gorgeous though. Her eyes were fixed on Charles’ and she had an expression on her face that was a mix of lust, determination and delight. Her firm breasts were dancing as she bounced up and down, her body all flushed and glistening with a sheen of sweat, the dark hair between their legs matted with a thick, creamy lather of sperm and her own lubrication.

“In her eagerness to find more pleasure, she would rise a little too high or move a bit too much forward, and Charles’s penis slipped from her pussy. I grabbed it and put it back in its place. While I was at it, I couldn't resist giving Donna's clit a quick little rub too. She looked up and smiled as she saw me. She bent over to give me a kiss on the lips and then she said I was the best mother ever, and that she loved me too.

“I gave her butt little pat and she started to move again. By now, she needed no more guidance from her father, but he held on to her ass anyway, kneading the firm globes as she bounced in his lap, making loud wet noises as she moved up and down.

“I kneeled over Charles and gave him a kiss on the lips. To him it was a confirmation I was okay with him fucking our daughter, but honestly, I wanted to taste Donna's pussy, and Charles's lips were as close as I could get to it without licking it myself. The faint taste on his lips left me hungry for more.

“Once more, Donna’s enthusiasm got too great and Charles slipped out of her again. I dove in immediately, and this time, before I reinserted him, I sucked his cock into my mouth and sampled Donna’s juices fresh from the source. She tasted really nice. Heady and sweet and undeniably feminine. I gave his cock one last suck and guided it back in Donna's waiting pussy and gave her another little rub.

“After I sucked Charles's cock and guided him back into our daughter's pussy a few more times, I saw Charles wasn’t going to last much longer. I lay my head on his chest and watched how Donna rode him to another orgasm.”

“Now I’m confused,” I interrupted her, “Is grandpa also our father, or didn’t mom get pregnant that first time?”
“No, he can’t be our father; grandpa had a vasectomy after Shelley was born. And this is still years before you were born”
“But wait, the story doesn’t end there”

“Even after his second orgasm Charles kept thrusting his cock up into Donna's pussy, forcing out rivulets of cum on every push, until his erection finally wilted and he inevitably began to slip out. Donna too kept pushing her hips down, her body trying to keep as much of him inside her as possible. Maybe she had hopes for a third round, but Charles was truly spent for the moment.

“She kissed and cuddled with her father for some time and then she rolled off his body and onto her back. His cock and belly were wet with his sperm and Donna's juices. I cleaned him up with my tongue, and licked every drop of the heady concoction from the shaft and balls, then took his flaccid dick between my lips and sucked the last drops of sperm into my mouth. Donna had drained him well and even my best efforts did not result in a drop of cum or the slightest erection.

“As I came up, still hungry for cum, my eyes were drawn to Donna, who was lying on her back with her legs spread. She was lazily playing with herself as she watched me. I could see the lust in her eyes and decided to go for it.
I moved between her legs and brought my face to her pussy. She didn't make a single move to stop me as I dove in and slowly dragged my tongue from her sperm-filled hole to her little clit.

“I had not been this close to another woman's naked, aroused pussy in over twenty years, but my tongue had not forgotten. It easily found all the good spots and I had Donna moaning in seconds. I used all the techniques I had perfected on Liv and also tried some of the things I loved Charles doing to me. I knew I was doing it right when Donna's hands were clawing my hair and pulling my mouth tightly against her overheated sex. It didn't take long for her to climax.”

“Which reminds me, you still haven't shown me the part about Nan and Livvy going down on each other” I said
“Shush. You can jack off to it later. Now shut up and don’t stop moving.”
I grabbed her hips and pushed into her deep a few times before I resumed my slow, steady thrusting.

“We kissed and her fingers played with my pussy. During this kiss, Donna rolled on top of me, and from kissing my lips, she went to kissing my nipples, to kissing my lower stomach and thighs. Her lips and tongue moved teasingly slow towards my pussy, and when she finally kissed me on the lips and licked my clit, I came almost on the spot.
She was inexperienced, but a quick learner. As she was licking me, I pulled her on top of me with her dripping pussy over my face. I immediately latched onto her moist lips and licked her while she licked me. We rolled around on the bed like that, sucking, licking and kissing each other's sex.

“Suddenly, as I was twirling my tongue around Donna's little clit, I felt a pair of hands on my ass and then my pussy was penetrated by something big; Charles' reinvigorated erection. Watching his wife and daughter sixty-nine had gotten him so aroused, his cock had come back to life once more. He was fucking me like he was in his twenties again; tireless, wild and energetic.
Sometimes Charles would pull out of me and offer his cock to Donna, who would suck it a little, and then push it back into my pussy. After a few more repeats, he told Donna to get on her knees next to me and fucked her for a while. Donna and I kissed while Charles took turns in fucking us both, until he came inside me.

“After that, we were all exhausted and satisfied. Donna gave us both a hug and a kiss and thanked us for everything. We cuddled in the big bed and then the three of us fell asleep, Charles in the middle and his two women on each side. Twice more that night I was woken by movement in the bed as Donna was riding her father’s cock or being fucked from behind. All in all, he had stuffed her hungry pussy five times before breakfast and once more before Shelley came home at noon.”


I woke up alone in my own bed. Time had flown. The weekend was over and I was back in my room, two hundred miles away from home and Audrey. It's astonishing how quickly one becomes accustomed to sleeping next to a warm supple body and waking up together with the girl you love. Life seemed bleak without her and everything seemed to drag on endlessly. My days were filled with hours of unending lectures and then more studying.

As I was walking home at the end of the day, I received a message from Audrey. It was a photo of a pair of panties, its gusset dark with moisture. All it said was that she wished I was with her now. As soon as I was alone in my room, I gave her a call, eager to learn what got her all hot and excited.

She told me she didn’t have time to tell me right now, but she’d call me back tonight.
I threw a pizza in the oven and collapsed on the couch. The minutes felt like hours as I waited for Audrey to call. Finally, my phone started to buzz on the table. I picked up and answered in less than a second. It was great to hear her voice again. I instantly felt a lot happier. I told her how much I missed her, how I had hated waking up without her

When I asked her what caused her to dirty her panties like that, it was no surprise she started talking about the diary again. As expected, the weeks following Donna’s deflowering had been filled with sex between the three of them. The latest major development was that Donna’s sister Shelley found out something was going on.
The whole family sat together and had a honest and genial conversation during which Shelley expressed a curiosity towards girls. She had experimented a little with a couple of girlfriends, but was eager to learn what it was like with a man. What ensued was a steamy foursome during which Shelley learned she was not gay, but loved cock just as much as pussy.

No matter how hot the story was, it was not what I wanted to hear most. Audrey’s voice was. She might have been reading to me from the dictionary and still had me captivated. An hour flew by as I listened to her, and for the time, I almost felt close to her. However, it was running late and mom had already told Audrey to get off the phone up and go to bed. I wished her goodnight and told her once again that I loved her. Thinking of her, I closed my eyes and waited for sleep to come.


Only a few hours later, I was woken again, by my cellphone buzzing on the nightstand. It was one thirty and it was Audrey calling. Worried something had happened, I answered the call as quick as my still sleeping brain allowed.
“Chuck?” Audrey asked. I heard the tears in her voice.
“I'm here baby… what's the matter?”
“Charles is dead.” she cried.
“Ow shit… I'm so sorry baby… What happened?”
“He was driving when he got hit by a speeding truck. Killed him instantly.”
“Damn… I…”
“Why did he have to? Why him?”
“Who knows… some things just happen. You did know he was going to die, didn’t you? I mean…”
“Yeah, but not like that. It’s so… sudden”
“Well, it was an accident, after all”
“I know, but the day before she was writing about the wonderful sex they were having together, and now he’s gone.”
I didn't know just what to say.
“What if… I… I don't want to lose you” she sobbed.
“Don't say that, baby. Nothing's gonna happen to any of us”
“You can't know that”
“You are right, but you shouldn't worry. What counts is the time we have together.”
“But we're half a state apart. We're not together”
“You're always with me, baby”
“I want to feel you” she said softly. “I could visit you. Then I wouldn't have to wait so long to see you again”
“It's only three days, I'll be back on Friday”
“I don't want to wait three days. I want you now”

I didn't object too much, I missed her more than I’d like to admit. We agreed she'd visit me on Wednesday and stay until Friday. We’d have two full days all to ourselves and then we'd go home together. It wasn't that unusual for Audrey to visit me, but I hoped our parents were too busy to realize we were spending an awful lot of time together lately. The prospect of seeing me tomorrow calmed her nerves a bit. After a few more sweet words we ended the call.

I closed my eyes again and though I was tired, sleep wouldn't come. Suddenly my phone buzzed again. It was a message from Audrey.
“Life goes on. Can't wait to see you. XXX” it said. Attached to it was an image file. My curiosity was tickled and I opened the attachment. It was a photo of one of the pages of the diary. I guess she wanted me to read it.

“We were all heartbroken. The man that taught me to love again was gone, leaving an enormous hole in my heart.
“Donna and Shelley were inconsolable. The girls cried all day. Of course, they had lost their father, like I had lost my husband, but we all had lost our lover. They stayed with me and we all slept together in my bed. It was nice to have the girls with me, so I wouldn’t be all alone in the big double bed.
I didn’t sleep at all, just lay there, reliving all the happy and sad moments I shared with my husband in the 22 years we had been together.

“Light was coming in through the window, announcing the new day. My first day without Charles. The girls were still sleeping peacefully. I realized I wouldn’t be alone after all. They were his legacy and he would live on in them.
Shelley woke up first. She opened her eyes and looked at me. She realized it was just the three of us and she remembered why. A tear welled in her eyes and she laid her arm across my chest, seeking solace in my arms. The movement also woke her sister and soon we were hugging and cuddling together.
I don’t know who instigated it, but we were kissing and a little later one of the girls was licking me while the other was kissing my breasts. With every kiss, our sorrow seemed a little less unbearable.”

Part of me was glad there was no repeat of the dry spell we had after Nan's first pregnancy. I missed my girlfriend more than I had thought, and not just emotionally. In one more day, we would be together again.


All day I was feeling like a kid on Christmas. My sister, my lover, the girl of my dreams was coming to visit. I was counting down the hours to her arrival. She told me she’d be at the station at four and that’s where I was now, waiting to pick her up. The train arrived exactly on time and when the flood of people began to disperse, there she was. I waved for her and as soon as she saw me, she came running. She leaped into my arms and covered my face with kisses while she whispered how much she had missed me.
I picked up her traveling bag and carried it for her while we walked hand in hand to my car. Like a real chauffeur, I opened the door for her and closed it when she sat. Then I tossed her luggage in the back and sat down behind the wheel.

“Where do you want to go milady?” I asked, taking off an imaginary driver's cap.
“You may drive me home, Charles”
“Shall I take the scenic route?”
“No, you shall take the shortest” she said sternly, but with a twinkle in her eye, before she burst out in laughter.
“As you wish, milady”

I turned the key in the ignition and drove crosstown from the station to the university campus. I parked the car and lead her to my home. As soon as we were alone, she was back in my arms and locked her legs tightly around my waist. I carried her into the home and kicked the door shut. While I was navigating the house, she was kissing me fiercely and unbuttoning my shirt. By the time we made it to my bedroom, my shirt was somewhere on the floor and she was fumbling with my belt. I threw her onto my bed and soon she was just as naked as me.

Half an hour later she lay in my arms, her head on my chest. We were both sweaty and fatigued, but content.

“I want to take you out on a date” I said.
“Like, a proper date?” she asked lazily.
“Yes. Boyfriend and girlfriend. A date”
“They'll see us”
“I don’t care”
“I have nothing to wear”
“You're beautiful, no matter what you wear”
“A real date?”
“Yes. You and me, tonight.”
“I'd love to”

I took Audrey out to a nice little restaurant not far from the campus. We sat at a small table in a dark corner. Audrey ordered the pan-fried halibut with seasonal vegetables and I had venison tenderloin with a red wine sauce and a leek and potato puree. For dessert we had creme brulée and a shot of espresso. The food was delicious, and the company was even better. Audrey was looking absolutely beautiful. She was smiling and chatting as we ate the delicious meal, feeding each other bits of our own plate.

After dinner, we went to see a late movie. Her hand was on my leg the entire show and we spent more time smooching than watching the picture. As the end credits rolled off the screen and the lights softly lit the room, we got up and followed the other patrons outside. It was dark and the temperature was dropping fast. Part of me wanted to take Audrey home and cuddle some more before we went to bed, but more than that, I wanted to make this moment last. Tonight had been the best night I had ever had and who knew when we would have an opportunity to repeat this. I’m sure she felt the same and we strolled through the streets, hand in hand, taking the long way home.


I woke up from an erotic dream. A suntanned Audrey and I were marooned on a deserted island, and we were making love on the beach. The coral sand was soft and warm and the surf was washing around my feet. My lover had her legs wrapped around my waist and I was about to erupt inside her, when the alarm clock started beeping. I was confused when I opened my eyes and the dream continued. The sunny beach changed in to a sunlit bedroom, but the heavenly sensation remained. When I finally was awake enough to be able to discern between dream and reality, I realized where I was and what was happening.

As I flipped back the duvet, I was greeted by my sister, who had her lips around my morning erection.
“Hi baby” I said as she looked up in reaction to the sudden flash daylight.
She stopped sucking and came crawling up. “Good morning, sleepy” she replied smiling, as she straddled my waist and took my swollen member all the way up her hairless pussy. Even though I probably should be exhausted from the intense and lengthy lovemaking that followed our romantic evening last night, I was fully reinvigorated, and so was she. By the time we finally got out of bed, I barely had enough time to shower before I had to go to college. Breakfast had to wait.
Twenty-six minutes later, I walked to the lecture hall. A playful punch to my shoulder woke me from my reverie.

“I didn't know you had a girlfriend?” I heard someone say.
I looked behind me and saw one of my mates.
“I saw you yesterday, but you were too busy to notice me” he said.
“I’m sorry, I-”
“It's okay. If I had a date with a girl like that, I wouldn't have noticed you either”
“No really, she's hot! She doesn't by chance have a sister?”
“I thought you were still seeing Ashley?”
“Yes, but I'm always ready to trade up”
“Well, I’m sorry mate. She's only got a brother, and I think he's already taken”
“Too bad” he laughed. “So, where did you meet?”
“I don't know, I’ve known her practically all my life. It just… you know, happened”
“Well, congrats again”

Thankfully there wasn’t time for more interrogation, as we were late already. There wasn’t even time to get a sandwich, so I had to sit through three hours of lectures on an empty stomach. I made a mental note to program my alarm clock at least half an hour earlier if I wanted to have breakfast this week.

During lunch hour, more of my friends gathered around me, all demanding to know who the hot girl was that was visiting me. Apparently, Audrey had made quite an impression.
It wasn't hard to hide the truth from my friends. I didn't even have to lie or make up stories, Audrey really was my girlfriend and none of them had any reason to suspect there was anything extraordinary about our relationship.

The conversation I had with my mates made me think. Nobody in town knew Audrey, or that she was in fact my sister. To them, she was nothing but my girlfriend. In two months, Audrey would have finished high school and go to college, like me. It just happened my university was one of the institutions she was considering to attend. How great would it be if we could really be living together, here, in a city where nobody knew our secret.

We could be lovers and no-one would frown upon us. Better yet, for the price of two rooms, we could also rent a small condo. We'd be together day and night, and maybe, in a few more years, we could pretend to be husband and wife, and even raise some kids of our own.

My thoughts drifted off to a beautiful future, when I was alerted by sudden activity around me. The other students all started packing their books and notes. The lecture had ended and I hadn't heard a single word the professor said. I wasn't sorry, this was the last course of the day, and the end couldn't have come soon enough. I quickly tossed my stuff in my bag and got up, paying no attention to my friends as I rushed off.

I practically ran all the way to my room. My sweetheart was lying on my bed and rolled over as she heard me come in. I leaned over her and greeted her with a kiss. She pulled me onto the bed and straddled me, kissing me passionately while she was dry humping me. Clearly, I wasn't the only one who had missed being together.
“Wow” was I could say after we finally broke up our kiss, gasping for air.
“I've was so lonely” she said. “six hours is just too long without you”
“I know” I replied and kissed her again, popping the buttons of her shirt at the same time. Twenty minutes later I was lying in her arms in post-coital bliss.

“So, what have you been doing all day, besides being lonely?” I asked lazily.
“Shopping. I’ve got the perfect dress for our next date” she said. “And I’ve been reading. Do you want to hear about when mom introduced daddy?”
I was surprised she'd even brought the diary, but I should have known better. Audrey seemed eager to tell her story.
“Is that what made you this excited?”
She nodded. Nan had not remarried after grandpa's death, so I assumed there wouldn’t be too many steamy sex stories anymore. Apparently, I was wrong.
“Sure” I said.

Audrey pushed me off of her and walked to the door, still naked and with creamy cum trickling down her leg. After a quick rummage, she pulled the book out of her traveling bag and got back in bed. She straddled my lap again and began to read.

“Donna introduced her new boyfriend today. His name is Michael and they met two months ago. She’s really gotten to like him and she says he could be the one. Of course, Donna has said that before, but this time it is different. I hope it’s true, he’s such a nice young man. Tall, strong, well-mannered, and the only child of a well-to-do businessman. If she can hold on to this guy and keeps him happy, she’ll be set for life. I already catch myself dreaming of the beautiful grandchildren they’ll give me.”

“And that, they did” she smiled. “But then again, they first had you” Audrey added as she stuck out her tongue and wiggled her butt.
“So, that’s dad then?” I asked, ignoring both her gibe and the effect of that wiggle on my worn-out cock.
“I guess so, unless she was dating another Michael at the same time”
She skipped a few pages and resumed her story.

“Donna and Michael dropped by unannounced. She said she had great news. Michael has proposed to her and she said yes! I’m so happy for Donna, I’m sure it’s true love. I can see it in his eyes, and eyes don’t lie. Whenever he looks at her, his brown eyes have the same look as Donald used to have when we were together.”

I knew what Nan meant. Those same beautiful brown eyes were now looking lovingly at me every time I kissed my sister.
“That's sweet”
“But wait, it gets even better.” she said. “I won't bore you with the wedding preparations and stuff. If you want, you can read it later. Besides, you've seen the pictures and know the stories, right?”
“Okay. So, they are married and have just returned from a two-week honeymoon”
“Yeah, Hawaii, right?”
“Guam” she corrected me, “but that doesn't matter. What does matter, is that after they returned, Nan picked them up at the airport and they spent the night at her house.”

Audrey grabbed my penis and readjusted herself. As she sat down, my semi-erect cock slipped back in her sloppy pussy. Gently rocking her hips as she read, she continued her story.

“I was woken in the middle of the night by Donna coming to my room. Without saying anything, she crawled in bed with me, like she used to do before she moved out. It was nice to feel her next to me again and we snuggled and kissed. Things heated up quickly and before I knew what was happening, she was on her knees between my legs, eating my pussy like she had never left. I told her to turn around, so I could do her too. She shaves her pussy now. I think it looks nice-”

“Hey! I felt that!” Audrey said, lowering the diary and looking me in feigned anger. “Don't you dare fantasize about mom's pussy while you are fucking me, mister!”
I stuck out my tongue and tilted my hips, pushing my cock firmly against her cervix. “No need to be jealous, sis. Your shaven pussy is the only pussy I'll ever want”
“Thank you, you’re sweet” she smiled, giving her hips another little wiggle.
“Please keep reading”
My sister resumed her reading and, thankfully, also her rocking.

“I think it looks nice. It’s beautiful and clean. It was very enticing and I quickly planted a kiss on her pink lips. She was still as juicy as ever, dripping almost. I didn’t know how much I had missed her. Like no other she knows how to bring me off and soon I was cumming. I did my best to keep up and together we were having series of quiet orgasms.

“Donna turned around again and gave me another long kiss. We lay together for another few minutes, just laying together and enjoy the closeness. I took delight in every moment we were together, knowing that soon she would have to go back to her husband in the guest room.

“I suddenly felt guilty and I told her we shouldn’t be doing this, that she's a married woman now and her affections belong to someone else. Donna disagreed, and said Michael was okay with it. She said he knew how I had unselfishly shared my husband with her and her sister when they needed a man so much. She said that my selfless generosity had kept her happy and sane during some of the most difficult years of her life.

“I objected, saying that was years ago, but she cut me off and said she said she had a surprise for me. I had to close my eyes and wait. I felt her get out of the bed and heard her open the door. Seconds later she was back and told me to open my eyes. In a reversal of that night years ago, Michael was standing in the doorway. He was naked like us and he was sporting a huge erection. Donna said it would be an honor to share her husband with me now.

“I was dumbstruck. I hadn’t been with a man since Charles died, almost five years ago. I had no desire for another relationship, but my body was starving for a bit of male attention. Not knowing what to say, I simply opened my legs for him. Guided by Donna he crawled into the bed and between my legs.
I was waiting for him to make his move, when Donna asked me if I was safe.
At first I didn’t understand what she meant, but then I realized I had stopped taking the pill after Charles's vasectomy, over twenty years ago. I shook my head.
She said it was okay and handed Michael a condom. I knew Donna was on the pill, so she must have bought these condoms specially for me, in case I might need them. Sharing her husband with me was no impulsive act, she had planned this whole night in advance. I could have kissed her for that.

“There was no time however, as Michael had put on the rubber and was ready to take me for real. With his eyes he asked me for permission. I nodded, though I wanted to scream for him to go ahead. His cock easily slid into me, despite the years and the fact that he is a tad bigger than Charles was. It was delightful to be filled again with live flesh. No piece of plastic can ever replace a real penis, especially if it belongs to a strong and handsome man like Michael.”

While Audrey was reading, she kept rocking her hips and as the story got hotter, so did she. As she was describing the intimate details of Nan's first time with our father, she stopped rocking and started to move up and down in my lap, riding me with ever increasing pace as the story progressed.

“Donna truly hit the jackpot when she married a stud like Michael, and I am equally fortunate to have him as a son in law. His strong, masculine body was so much bigger and stronger than mine as he was on top of me. His hairy, muscular chest, his broad shoulders and the big arms that held me firmly made me feel tiny and powerless. I was completely defenseless against him or the steady thrusting of his-”

Audrey couldn't finish her sentence, as she was overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm. She lay aside the book and grabbed my shoulders, leaning forward as she slammed her pussy down a few last times before she collapsed on top of me. Her mouth sought mine and she bit down on my bottom lip, moaning into my mouth while she orgasmed.
The sensations were overpowering and I had to grab her ass and keep it steady to I keep myself from spilling my seed inside her churning pussy. It was difficult, but I managed. A while later, she opened her eyes again and giggled apologetically as she gave a kiss on my bruised lower lip.

Then, as soon as she had regained enough control over her body, she reached beside her and picked up the book she had carelessly tossed away in the throes of her orgasm. She resumed her earlier, gentle rocking and though she was still a little out of breath, she continued the story as well.

“Donna sat behind me and cradled my head in her lap. Her hands were around my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples as she watched her husband and me make love.

“I looked up into her eyes and told her this was the best surprise I ever had, and that I loved her, that I loved them both. She gave me an upside-down kiss and then he kissed me too. Then Michael and Donna kissed passionately. I was glad there were no misgivings or jealousy on either side. I closed my eyes and let everything go, just lie back and enjoy the sensations that were flooding my body.

“Michael's steady thrusting and Donna’s relentless teasing were getting to me fast. The muscles in my pelvis tightened and then I came. My body shook violently and I felt Michael’s cock pop out, but he was rubbing my clit and I came as hard as I ever did.

“While I was still coming down, he was licking me, lapping up the excess juices between my legs and evoking another small wave of pleasure each time he hit my sensitive clit. Then he got up again and pushed his penis back in me. He was thrusting harder now, and faster. His body slammed against mine and we were making loud, wet noises with every thrust. I had just barely recovered from my previous orgasm, yet the next one was already growing.

“Michael warned me he too was about to come. I looked up in his eyes and told him I wanted to feel him cum inside me. He thrust into me a few more times and then he threw his head back and his body tensed up. A throbbing sensation in my pussy told me he was shooting a big load of sperm in the condom. Seeing and feeling my handsome son-in-law cumming inside me triggered another, smaller orgasm within me too.

“He kept thrusting a little longer, but then his strong erection began to fade and he had to pull out before the condom would come off. I sat up and removed the soiled rubber from his cock. Then I took him into my mouth and sucked out the last drops of his seed. He tasted great too.

“After Michael was spent and Donna had cleaned me up with her tongue, we all lay in his arms for a long time. We showered together and then we all slept in my bed, just like we used to all those years ago.

“I’ll make an appointment with the doctor for this afternoon, for a new prescription for the pill. The next time, I want to feel Michael without a rubber and he won’t have to pull out anymore”

Audrey closed the diary. Her story may be finished, but I wasn’t. My sister had been riding me for forty minutes and my balls were beginning to feel sore. I was in desperate need of release. As soon as she lay down the book, I threw her onto her back and fucked her with fast, short strokes, with no other intention than to make us cum as quick as possible. Within a minute, I felt her pussy squeeze around my cock and then her body began to convulse. As she lay thrashing on the bed, I lost it too and fired a massive load of sperm into her vagina.

“Well that explains a lot” I sighed as I rolled onto my back, sweaty and tired.
“What's that?” she asked a little later.
“Why mom and dad so often went to visit Nan without us.”
“Yeah, who'd have thought”, she grinned.


Audrey and I had agreed to go back home in the afternoon and be there in time for dinner. This also meant I really had to go to the university in the morning, as there was a lot of work I had been putting off these days. I much rather would have spent our last day alone with Audrey, but if I didn't get my work done now, I’d be in serious trouble later. If I did my best and worked as quickly and efficiently as possible, there was maybe time for some quality time before we went home.

It was around noon and I was in the university library, reading articles, when my phone buzzed. It was a text from my sister, saying “Big news. Need to talk now”

I knew that, as much as I hated to, I would have to postpone my work a little more. I quickly copied some of the articles I needed to read and went home. As I closed the door behind me, Audrey got up from my couch and walked up to me. She looked anxious. Whatever she had discovered, it had left quite an impression on her.

“Here, you'll need this” she said as she handed me a glass of scotch.
“Is it that bad?” I asked.
She nodded. “Sit down and read it yourself”
I did as she said and picked up the book.

“I came across a random bit of trivia a few days ago, and it reminded me of something that happened at Donna’s wedding, six years ago.

“After the wedding, when all the other guests had gone home, Donald came to me. He asked if Michael’s parents had been present. I said of course, in fact, they had been sitting next to me and the couple. He said that was what he thought. I asked him why, and he said the strangest thing.

“He said 'They have blue eyes.' I asked what he meant by that remark, but he wouldn’t tell me and said 'Nothing, just saying.'

“At that time, I didn’t know why he said that, but now I understand. A pair of blue-eyed parents can’t produce a brown eyed son. What Donald was saying was that Michael couldn’t be their biological son. I keep thinking about it and, although it really is none of my business, I’d like to hear their story.

“I went to visit Michael’s parents. I delicately steered the conversation towards her son. After a few glasses of wine, she confided that she and her husband couldn’t conceive, no matter how much they tried. After a series of medical tests, it was discovered that she was infertile, and there was no hope of her ever having a baby. Sometime later, they started talking about adopting a baby and that’s how they got Michael. Donald had been right; Michael is not their biological son!

“It was comforting to hear her story, how giving up a baby could make another couple so very happy. I could only hope my son, and my suffering, had made his new parents just as happy.
I tried to inquire if she knew anything about the birth mother, but she only knew what was told, that it was an unmarried woman who had given him up for adoption. I was a bit disappointed by that, as I would have liked to meet someone who had gone through the same things as I had, to finally have someone to relate to, someone who understood the pain.”

“So, dad is adopted then?” I asked after I finished the page.
“And that's what you wanted to tell me?”
“Just wait, it gets worse”
“Much worse"
The feeling of unease was getting stronger again. I took another sip of whiskey and waited while Audrey leaved through the diary and handed it back to me. She was nervously walking up and down the room while I was reading.

“I casually mentioned to Donald that his suspicions about Michael being adopted were right. He wasn't surprised at all. He just nodded and said he knew this already. I asked how he knew this. Donald hesitated a moment and then confessed that, after the wedding, he had hired a private investigator to look into it. I thought it had been excessive to hire a detective to investigate his niece's husband, but he said I should listen first to what the detective had discovered.

“Donald told me that the official identity of Michael's birth mother was still unknown, but that his investigator had discovered enough. He proceeded to list the information his private investigator uncovered from the military records, like blood tests and place of birth. It was the very same home for unwed mothers as our parents had sent me too. An uncomfortable feeling grew inside me as I began to understand what Donald was telling me. It got even worse when he added that although Michael's exact date of birth was not documented, the adoption papers were signed about three months after I was admitted. He stopped talking and just looked at me.
'He is your son' he said, after a long silence. 'Our… son'

“I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, I still don't. Donald admitted it's mostly circumstantial evidence and even the blood tests are only about 85% certain, but he just knows Michael is our son, and he has known it from the first time he laid eyes on him. My stomach tightened and I was feeling sick as Donald's words sank in.

“I stared at the wall, hoping Donald was wrong somehow, when I glanced at the wedding picture. I knew Donald was right, Michael's eyes are the same. The same as my brother's and the same as the son I had to give up.”

“Fuck me” I sighed after I finished reading.
“Do you realize what this means?” she asked.
I nodded, slowly. “Dad is mom's brother”
“Can you imagine… Mom and dad, brother and sister… just like Nan and Donald” Audrey said
“And us” I added.
“And us” she repeated.
I downed the glass of scotch and took a moment to digest the news.
“So, that makes us... cousins?” I asked
“And second cousins too”
“What the hell is wrong with our family?”
“Who knows.” she said as she sat down next to me and lay her head on my shoulder. “What do we do now?”

One thing was clear. This wasn't going to change anything between Audrey and me. I still loved her and still wanted her. Facing our parents would be another thing.
“There's nothing we have to do, baby” I said, holding her hand. Slowly she calmed down a bit.
“Nothing?” she said, thinking. “But what if they find out?”
“They won’t. You and I are the only ones who know the secret. We can keep it a secret.”
“I guess we can do that. Or at least I’ll try” then she looked at me. There was doubt and fear in her eyes. “And… us?”

I pulled her onto my lap and held her in my arms. I kissed her on the forehead and assured her I still felt the same about her. This finally eased her nerves.

“I guess we'll have to go home soon.” I said after hugging her a few minutes. “Are you ready to face mom and dad?”
“No, but I guess I’ll have to do it sometime” she said.
“Do you think they know any of this?”
“I don’t think so. I’m beginning to think mom never read these diaries”
“But maybe Nan or Donald told them?”
“Not that I've read so far.”
“Well, just try to keep a straight face”
“What if I can't?”
“Sure you can, you're a great actress”
“I only- “
“You'll manage… Hey, I just thought of something”
“And what's that?”
“We are second generation inbred kids… We should be retards”
“Hey! Watch who you’re calling a retard, retard” she said and playfully attacked me. After a little wrestling, she was sitting in my lap, her arm around me. I was glad to see she was smiling again.

We cuddled a little longer, but there wasn't much time left, so we packed our gear and got ready to go home.

Audrey tossed her bag in the back of the car and got in beside me. As we hit the road, Audrey was reading again. I could never read in a car, I'd be sick in seconds, but she could read for hours. I put a CD in the stereo and listened to a little Pink Floyd while I was driving. Not long after we hit the highway, Audrey turned off the music, and read out loud.

“I asked Donald why, if he knew about Michael for six years, he hadn’t said anything. He explained that by the time the investigator got him the proof he needed, Donna was already pregnant. He then kept it a secret, because he feared I would tell Donna, and they might split up because of it. By not telling, he wanted to protect me and my – our – family from re-experiencing the nightmares of our own youth.

“I understand Donald's motives, but I wish he had told me though. I mean, we must have made love over a hundred times, Michael and me. What’s wrong with me? I’ve had sex with my brother, my father, my daughters and now my son too. Donna and Michael will visit on Friday. I hope I will know what to do by then.”

Audrey stopped talking and read on silently until she saw something worth sharing with me, about half an hour later.

“Now that I know, it is hard to miss the similarities between Donna and Michael. I can't believe I never noticed! Their eyes are the same, their hair and lots of other things too. The longer I looked, the more I saw; the way they laugh and tilt their head, ever their fingers look similar.
It was impossible to hide my anxiety from Donna, but I just couldn't tell her the true grounds for my distress. There were moments when I wanted to, but I just couldn't do it.

“Of course, then came that time, after a few glasses of wine, that the three of us went upstairs. Maybe it was the wine, but as soon as we were all naked, and Donna was licking my pussy, I felt no more inhibitions. Michael offered me his cock and I sucked him. I was giving my own son a blowjob and I enjoyed it, just like I had enjoyed his father's, years ago. Then, when he got between my legs and started fucking me-”

“Audrey, please. I'll crash the car if you keep distracting me like this”
“Sorry” she giggled. “Just one little bit, then I’ll be quiet, I promise. And don't worry, this is after they're done”

“Donna and I were laying in his arms. The distress had gone and I was feeling happy. Happy that I found my son at last, and happy for the man he had become.”

True to her word, Audrey read quietly for the rest of the trip. It was around five when I drove up the drive. There were no lights on in the house, and dad's car wasn't here either.

“I think Nan should have told them.” Audrey said as she released her seat belt. “Or dad at least. I mean, she's his mother, wouldn't you want to know who your real mother is?”
“Well… he did know her. He just never knew she…”
“Maybe we should tell them?”
“No, I don’t think we should. For all we know, dad doesn't even know he's adopted”
“Yeah, but still…”
“Anyway, if you tell them, you might as well tell them that you’ve taken those diaries.”
“Well, I’m halfway the last volume right now, but you’re right, let’s not tell them anything yet”
“Okay. So what do we do now?”
“Well… how about… we go to our room... and you give it to your little niece?”
“How can you be horny all of a sudden?”
“I guess it’s in my genes. I can't help it, I just have to have my brother's cock inside me”
“I just love those genes of ours” I chuckled as I unlocked the door for my sister.

We carried our stuff into the house and raced to Audrey's room. Audrey tore off my clothes and then undressed too. Mere seconds later she was on her knees and had her lips wrapped around my cock. If I hadn’t been erect already, her sweet mouth would have made me hard in seconds.

She then got on the bed with her ass high in the air and her shoulder resting on the mattress. She was looking at my erection with unadulterated sexual hunger. “Fuck me, bro” she whispered, spreading her swollen labia with her fingers.
I stood behind her and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I gave her a quick lick and then got behind her. With her free hand, she grabbed my cock and guided the tip between her slick lips. She was as tight and hot as ever and really wet too. I slid in completely and started thrusting right away. Soon we had a good rhythm going and soft slapping sounds were filling the room.

After weeks of fucking in secret, I guess it was bound to happen that we would get a little careless. I had assumed mom wasn't home, but wasn’t sure. I thought Audrey knew. Apparently, she thought I did. So, I was happily fucking my sister’s pussy, when suddenly our mother walked into the room, carrying an armful of folded laundry.

There was no way to hide what we were doing, I mean the floor was littered with our clothes, we were stark naked on the bed and cock was deeply embedded in her vagina. The three of us froze in shock, and in a weird, fatalistic way, my body chose that very moment to cum. The only sound that broke the silence was the involuntary groan I uttered as I fired thick gobs of seed into my sister's vagina.

“Well…” mom stammered.
“Mom!” shrieked Audrey
“Nnnhh” I grunted.

Audrey pushed me away and covered her nudity with a blanket. I was now standing naked, my stiff cock still dribbling semen, and with nowhere to hide. I couldn’t get in bed, there was my naked sister. I couldn’t flee the room because mom was blocking the door. My post-orgasmic brain wasn’t alert enough to suggest grabbing my shirt or pants from the floor.

Luckily mom was a little more astute and threw me a towel to cover my modesty. It was my sister however, who spoke first.
“Don’t be mad mom”
Mom said nothing, put down the laundry and walked out the room.
“Shit” I whispered
“Shit indeed” Audrey said. “Wait here, I’ll talk to her”
We gathered our clothes and got dressed when mom walked back in.
“Sit down,” she said sternly. “So, how long has this been going on”
“A few weeks”, I whispered.
“It happened a few days after Nan’s funeral.” Audrey added.
“You are taking the pill, right?”
“God, yes mom!”
“Don’t worry, I’m not mad at you.” she said, then added “But this thing has to stop. It’s not… proper”
I could see panic and anger flash in my sister’s eyes. She didn’t want to end this and was willing to fight mom if she had to.
“You have no right to stop us mom! Not when…”
“When what?”
“Not when you fucked your own father!” she snapped.
Now it was mom's turn to be speechless, blown away by Audrey's sudden outburst. Never would she have expected to hear those words and it was like each of them was a knife, stabbing her as it was spoken. She stumbled back and dropped down on the bed, her mouth trembling as she was trying to form the words she couldn't find.

Unconsciously, Audrey and I moved closer together. Her hand found mine and our fingers interlocked as we waited for our mother's reaction. A lot was depending on what would happen next, but as long as we were together, we could face anything. Anything but ending our love affair.

“How… how do you know?” mom finally whispered.
“I… It's in Nan’s diaries” Audrey confessed.
“You’ve got her diary?”
“Yes, I found the books where you hid them and I’ve read them all. I know all the things you did with Nan, Shelley and granddad”
“All the things?” mom asked weakly, emphasizing the first word. Of course she knew what Audrey was hinting at.
“Yes mom, I know all the secrets, and so does Chuck”
Mom looked at me now. I could see tears forming in her eyes. I really felt sorry for her. I sat down next to her and gave her a hug and a kiss. “We love you mom, nothing could ever change that.”
“It's true, mom.” Audrey added as she joined me in hugging her.

“Is that why you wanted to destroy these diaries, mom? So we wouldn’t find out?” Audrey asked after we broke our hug.
“No, it’s not like that” mom sighed. “It wasn’t me who wanted to destroy those diaries, it was mother. Before she died, she made me promise to do it. She told me she didn’t want anyone to know what was in them, not even me or Shelley.”

For a moment, I felt a bit guilty for violating our grandmother’s request, even though we were unaware of it until now. Looking at Audrey, I could see my sister was feeling the same thing.
“Well, I’ve almost read it all...” she said, then hesitated for a moment, “and I think she was wrong. I think you should know what’s in it”
Her statement surprised me a little, did we really want mom to know she was married to her own brother?
“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Trust me” she said, looking at me.

I've never believed in such a thing as female intuition, but I must admit Audrey was generally right when it came to this sort of things. I wasn't gonna argue. She retrieved the first four books from under her bed and the last volume from her bag and then handed the stack over to our mother. One by one, mom opened the diaries and read a few pages. Even these few pages were enough to spike her interest. Without saying anything, she walked out our room and retreated to her own, closing the door behind her.

We didn't see mom for the rest of the day, or the next. Two more days we waited anxiously for her to reappear. I didn't go back to college on Monday. It didn't seem that important to me now. All I wanted was to spend as much time with Audrey as possible and be ready for when mom decided to show herself again. In the meantime, my sister and I vowed never to be separated and forged plans to elope in case mom still wouldn't let us be together.

The sun was already setting on the fourth day, when mom finally left her room and walked into ours. It was clear she hadn't slept much these days and her eyes were swollen and red from crying.
My sister was sitting in my lap and she promptly jumped up as mom entered, but sat down again as mom made a gesture that meant something like 'don't bother'.

“Well… that is quite a story” she said after a short, awkward silence.
“Have you read all the books, mom?”
She nodded. “Most of them, anyway”
“Even the last one?”
She nodded again.
“So, you've read the part about dad too?”
“Yes” she sighed. “My brother. My brain hasn't accepted it yet, but my heart knows it's true.”
“you're not going to leave him now, are you?”
“No!” she said with a fierceness that reminded me of my sister's outburst a few days ago, when the roles were reversed. “I'll always love him, this changes nothing about that”
“But what are we going to do now?”
“I…” she sighed. “I don't know... I need more time, I need to think.”
“But what about Chuck and me?” she asked, grabbing my hand.
Mom gave another pensive look and a weak smile.
“You're not going to break us up?” I asked.
“It seems that would be a bit hypocritical now, isn't it?” she said, smiling weakly. “Besides, I don't think you'd obey me anyway”
“No, we're in love” Audrey stated.
“That's… nice”
“Thanks, mom” Audrey said and gave her mother a long hug.

Mom looked up at the clock, stretched and seemed to literary shake off her worries.
“I'm hungry” she said. “Is Michael home yet?”
“I haven't seen him, but he must be home soon”
“Why don't the four of us go out for dinner tonight?” mom suggested.
“You mean… like a double date?”
“Don't push it, Audrey” mom laughed.

The sound of mom’s laugh did wonders to lighten the atmosphere and when dad came home from work, she was almost her normal self. She had showered, dressed nicely and best of all, she was smiling again. Dad was just happy his wife had come out of her room and gladly accepted her offer to take us out to a restaurant.

As dad steered the car off the driveway, mom lay her hand on his leg and gave a soft squeeze in a deliberate gesture of affection. “Would you mind if we made a stop at the cemetery after we go to the restaurant? There is something I have to tell you.”


2024-04-29 01:34:50
My compliments I’ve been reading a few of your works and you are a great author. This has been the best out of the 3 so far can’t wait to read the rest of your body of work posted on this site.


2024-02-02 04:18:04
I kept thinking it couldn’t get any hotter….. and then it did. Wow! Thanks


2021-07-06 09:32:10
I've read a lot of stories on this site and over the last 15 years or so on several other sites. So saying I've probably read a few thousand stories is fairly accurate. This is by far one of the best stories I've ever read. That includes any of the stories I have written myself and Being biased I think mine are pretty good. Yours totally blows them away


2020-05-26 10:10:05
This story deserves every single bit of praise that it has received. With a name like Squatting Eagle i can tell you that my people (Ojibway) would call you debaajimojig (story teller).

Dudley DowrongReport 

2020-01-17 02:27:27
Fantastic, AWESOME, I think I have read one of Ur stories Eagle, but this is one of the best I've read. "Family Traditions" by Starrynight is another excellent story of a caring & loving family. The back & forth. between the diary & to date life was done very well. Technically, very few errors & hardly noticable. Professionally done as a readable story. MAkes me waaht to read more of your works. THANKS for sharing Ur talent with us.

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