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A Father discovers new dynamics within his loving family.
A Hot Day

Revised – 4/2019

Hotter than most

The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 18 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least a fictional 18. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

I woke to a hot and humid day with the threat of a storm hanging in the atmosphere, and as usual I went straight for the coffee. I was soon joined by my daughter. Still in her nightie she looked like a model out of playboy. Her long tanned legs, slim and athletic body, reminding me of a younger version of her mother.

The nightie was a light one suitable for the hot weather we had been having lately with Shoe string straps over her shoulders and a low front showing her budding breasts it was nearly sheer, giving glimpses of her B cup breasts. It was bordered with lace along the bottom edge that came just low enough to nearly hide the white panties she was wearing.

We had as a family always been open around the house when it came to nudity and with two stunning females in the house that suited me.

She sat opposite me at the meal table. “Mom still not home?” she asked as I poured a coffee for her.

“No,” I replied, “she probably dropped in to the newsagent to get the morning paper and some bread and milk.”

Her mother, Felicity, my wife, was a nurse and worked permanent night shift at the major hospital in town.

We chatted about her school finishing last week and the parties she’d been to, to celebrate the end of high school and the start of her Uni courses after the break. It was all picked out and she would be attending my old University and she was excited to be going into a career like her mother and studying for her Bachelor of Nursing.

I was getting a little worried as to where my wife was when I heard her car pull into the double garage and heard the auto Rolla-door close.

“Hi Ted, Hi Amy. Sorry I’m late,” Felicity said as she entered, “I Bumped into Jill and we got to chatting. Her daughter Janis will probably be going to the same Uni as you Amy”

She grabbed some breakfast and joined us at the meal table telling us about the long shift and how busy it was.

“I’m going to bed, and as I’m late getting there I’ll stay in bed till about 3, OK?” She gave us a kiss each, picked up her brief case and went to our bedroom.

“Well I’m off to my room,” Amy said, “I’ve got to text Janis and see if we can be roomies at Uni.”

“If you need me I’ll be in the study,” I said, “I have a project to finish by noon today.”

We both went our separate ways knowing we had to be quiet in the house while mum slept or she would be a bear to live with.

While working on the computer I kept thinking of my daughter and how good she looked in her skimpy nightie this morning, making it hard to concentrate. I switched to a porn channel and had a satisfying wank as I fantasised going down on her sweet muff. I’m a typical male that will easily get aroused over a pretty girl and after all it was just a fantasy.

Not planning to wank off I hadn’t locked the door and didn’t know that Amy had seen the whole thing and heard me call her name out as I filled a ball of tissues with my spunk.

After a while I still couldn’t concentrate so I went to the family room and turned on the box. Waste of time. More ads than shows and most of the ads kept repeating. Boring!

I was nodding off not thinking of anything when Amy came in and flopped down next to me on the couch. “Dad I’m going over to Janis’s house. I have to talk to her.”

“Weren’t you just texting her?”

“Yes. But this is important.”

“Well come home for lunch. I’m making a salad.” Are you going out in that skirt? Isn’t it a bit short? Go and put those new shorts on, the ones you bought recently, the blue ones, they’re nice.”

“Dad, I have to get over there before they both go out to the mall. This is really important and can’t wait.”

I learned later that she had told Janis what she had seen and heard me doing in the study earlier and Janis wanted it all in detail and with colour photos if possible. Fortunately there were no coloured photos of the event.

“OK go, and by the way they said on the news that there would be a storm so watch out for that.” I could feel the humidity in the air and knew a storm was brewing.

She kissed me on the lips and held the kiss for a bit longer than she usually did and squeezed my bicep firmly. “Love you Dad”.

She laughed and said, indicating my bicep, “Your workout sessions are doing you good. Bye, see you at lunch.”

Chapter 2

Well, as nothing was on the box and everyone was asleep or had gone out, I thought I’d go and lie down and continue my interrupted nap, and to hell with the project, that could wait until Monday.

It was only a two bedroom house now that I’d converted the third bedroom into a study, but it was all we needed. I often went to take a nap in my daughter’s room during the day if she was out so as to not interrupt my wife’s sleep. It was always quiet at the back of the house where her room was and she had our old Queen size bed, something that I always felt was more comfy that our new one.

The day had got hotter and even more humid, so rather than sweat in my shorts and shirt I stripped down to my boxers and lay down on top of the sheet. After the wank and the boring TV I was soon asleep.

Only a short time later the rain started to hit the roof with a steady pattering the sound sending me deeper into dreamland.

The sound of a door opening woke me up and I opened my eyes to see my daughter standing in her walk-in closet dripping wet. The storm had gotten worse and was pounding on the roof. She had started to pull off her soaked shirt and skirt. Bending forward she started drying her hair with a towel and pulling it over her creamy shoulders and back which pushed her lovely little B cup breasts out.

I was relishing this sight too much, so to prolong it I partly closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Now nearly dry she slipped out of her bra and thong and dried those bits that I had been fantasising about in all my wank sessions.

She had the most perfect pussy I think, that I had ever seen and no hair just smooth and pink. Her cute titties were just what I had fantasised about with their pale pink nipples.

She knew I was laid out on the bed because she kept glancing in my direction to check if I was awake. She turned away from me to pick up some PJ’s and bent over giving me a nice little look at her shaved snatch.

I must have made a noise because she straightened and turned and stood still for a second looking in my direction.

She quickly got dressed in an old T shirt and stood there shivering and looking at me. Her nipples were poking out, making her PJ top extend.

“Dad...Daddy?” She called out.

I slowly opened my eyes giving her the impression that I had been well asleep and hadn’t seen her changing.

“What is it sweetie?”

“I got caught out in the storm on the way back from Janise’s and I’m freezing.”

I went straight into ‘daddy protection’ mode and hopped up and hugged my little girl. “Oh you are freezing. Quick hop into bed and I’ll warm you up.”

We both jumped under the covers with me spooning behind her. With my left hand around her middle I pulled her close to me.

With teeth chattering and her sniffing she was pushing back into me for warmth. Her hair was still a bit wet but I buried my face into it and smelled her apple shampoo.

She was humming softly and relaxing into my embrace. She had her hand over mine pulling us closer together. She pulled our hands up till they cupped her breast and started to squeeze my palm over her nipple.

Soon she didn’t have to assist me with the squeezing as I was doing that on my own. Her hand moved down across her hip and over it till it fell between us and she found my rod and lightly touched it, exploring its length and girth till she had an impression of its size.

At this point I felt I had to say something, but what should I say? That I loved her? There was no need because she knew that, but was she sure she really wanted this?

Before I could put the words together she rolled onto her back looked at me with a look of all consuming love in her eyes and we kissed. That said it all and answered any questions about whether she wanted this.

I helped her out of her cute little panties and she knelt and pulled down my boxers. She knelt there for a bit and fondled and stroked my cock.

My hand was on her breast and hers now on my erect stiff cock, we kissed and held each other tight for a long time just lying there and cuddling. I ran my hand up along her smooth back. She felt my shoulders and back muscles. She draped her top leg over mine, her calf pressing down on my cock and I pulled her over and on top of me.

She spread her legs, her breasts and pubic mound pressing down I felt my cock wedged between her legs.

She sat up and removed her T shirt and revealing those sweet breasts that were so firm they hardly moved when she bent forward, and pressed one of them to my lips to suck and nibble on.

She moaned and shivered on top of me as I sucked and swirled my tongue on her sweet soft Brest.

She reached down and spread her pussy lips so they enveloped the underside of my rod and ever so slowly started to move, the moisture from her pussy and my copious Precum, helping to lubricating her movements.

Faster and faster she slid along my rod. I could smell her excitement and feel how wet she had become. The sight of her young athletic body moving on top of me was breathtaking. Her hair falling down around my face I reached up to hold and caress her breasts. I gave a pinch to her extended nipples and that’s all it took to push her over the edge, she shook and shivered then stopped to pressed herself down hard so as to give her clit the best possible contact and then she shuddered and let out a low moan that went on for what seemed like minutes as she came and gushed over my ball sack with her warm girl cum.

“Oh Daddy.” She said almost in a whisper.

She sighed and fell forward onto my chest and we cuddled and held each other tight, enjoying the afterglow of our first sexual encounter. She turned her head to the side, resting it on my shoulder and we looked at each other and kissed lightly. Just little pecks between our laboured breathing.

“That was lovely!” she said. “One of the best Daddy cuddles I’ve ever had.”

“I quite enjoyed it myself,” I said in a great understatement, and then we kissed again. The kisses got longer and more French style as our emotions reached a peak and we both had to stop to catch our breath.

“We shouldn’t take this any further.” I gasped.

Equally breathless she began to say, “Dad I should tell you...”

Anticipating what she was about to say I put my finger to her lips to hush her. “I know, I want to go further as well, but I think darling, that would change our relationship forever. There would be no going back.”

“No dad what I wanted to tell you was that Mum and I have been getting closer and more intimate lately too with cuddles and kisses getting longer and more involved and I...we wanted to tell you before this happened but then I got drenched and the rest is history. I hope you’re not too mad at me.”

She put on her sad little girl pouting look, and I could see a tear forming in her eye indicating that there was some real emotion there. So I held her lovingly for a while and she sighed.

I said consolingly, “No I could never be mad at you. It’s not really much of a revelation either. I’ve got eyes and I have noticed you two kissing a lot more often that in the past.

Holding her like that she could feel my still hard rod and she said “Well in that case.”

With a look of mischief she started to move down my body raining kisses on my chest and abdomen. Trying to hold her back without making too much noise and waking her mother was impossible, and now that she had my cock in her mouth I was lost. Any guy will tell you that when your girl has her hand on your cock or has it in her mouth, that’s it; you’re theirs to do with as they please.

Oh that wet and warm feeling on my cock, and then some suction. Just a little at first and gently rolling her tongue around the head and then suckling on it as if it was a teat.

She heard me sigh and gave a lovely little girly giggle. I knew I wouldn’t last long and surprised myself that I didn’t blow my load when she took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, the tip hitting the back of her throat. She slid it almost out and looked up at me and smiled, and then licked the shaft from bottom to top and slowly sucked the tip using just the front of her lips against the head and stopped, looked up at me with those big brown eyes and rolled her tongue over the sensitive area just under the head.

With a grunt I lifted my hips off the bed and tried to warn her of the coming inevitable explosion.

She had enough experience to see what was about to happen and engulfed the head and sucked catching nearly all my cream that was now pulsing from my cock.

Still keeping the head in her mouth and swallowing and licking she gave me a cock-in-mouth smile. I just loved my baby girl.

She held my soft cock in her mouth slowly licking and sucking the life back into it. I was so caught up in the sensations coming from my groin that I hadn’t noticed that she had been slowly frigging herself this whole time and swinging her leg over me again, her warm wet pussy rested against my cock.

Her hips started to grind on me and she sat up and reaching for my rod, positioned the head just at the start of her hot pussy lips and slowly sank down till she could grind her clit on my pubic bone.

She slowly rose up along my length, stopping just till the head was at her entrance then just a slowly sank down again. I looked at her face. At the look of wonder she displayed. Eyes closed, thinking only about the sensations she was feeling.

Her warm and oh so tight pussy was engulfing my length and squeezing the head as it neared and touched her cervix was unbelievable. My hands automatically went to her hips and on each down stroke I held her there for a second and ground my hard shaft into her, pressing on her clit.

A low moan came from her as she increased her pace. She changed her rhythm and started rocking on top of me faster and faster until she suddenly stopped and shuddered, squeezing my cock inside her warm sheath. Slowly, still shaking, she lowered her slim young body to lie atop me. I hugged her to me and whispered that I loved her, kissing her face and cheek while running my hands on her back from her shoulders to her pert bum.

I was so close to coming that I was making jerking motions inside her as she came down from her orgasm. Slowly she started to lift herself of my pulsing cock and lay beside me.

“I'm too sensitive down there to stay like that Daddy, but I want to try something.”

She moved more to the centre of the bed and got on all fours and motioned me to get behind her. I didn't have to be asked twice. In a flash I was sliding my cock back into heaven and from this position I could see the flawless expanse of her back and her hair spreading like a mat across the pillow.

I was sliding in and out of the best piece of ass that I could remember and she was moaning and griping the sheets every time our skin slapped together.

It didn't take long and she was pushing back every time I pushed into her saying that 'this was the best, don't stop nearly there'.

As our pace increased, so did the moans coming from her till she berried her face in to the pillow and shuddered and griped my rod with so much force I thought she would rip it off. This was too much for me and I emptied my balls deep inside my lovely daughter, gripping her hips as I spasmed and shook till I was drained.

We both collapsed, her, face down and me to her side, one hand stroking her back and squeezing her that lovely ass.

Chapter 3

In a panic I looked to the bedside clock but saw that it was just 12 o’clock.

“If we go to the shower and be really quiet we can both get cleaned up without waking your mother.” I said.

We both went to kiss each other at the same time and held that kiss for a while until both of us knew that if we didn’t stop now we never would.

In the shower together we both experienced a special intimacy, a stronger bonding than we had ever felt before. We touched each other everywhere and soaped up everything, just loving the openness that we both felt and of course we kissed long and hard and not just on our mouths.

Holding her in the shower with the hot water rinsing off the remains of the soap on our bodies, my cock slowly began to grow and stiffen between her legs. She got up on her toes, her legs trapping my erection and pressing it up against her hot snatch. “I love you Dad.” She put both of her hands behind my neck and I felt her stroking my cock as she moved her hips back and forth, sliding her pussy lips along my length. I bent down and without separating the contact at our hips I kissed her deeply using my tongue as we held each other in a tight embrace.

Her breathing increased and she broke our kiss and dropped to her knees and devoured my cock taking in about half the length.

Oh the feeling of her soft mouth was wonderful! She stroked the remaining bit of my cock whilst sucking and all too soon I was filling her mouth again with my third load of the day.

I helped her up and we crushed our mouths together and I could taste the remains of cum in her mouth, it was a new experience for me and not unpleasant.

Hopping out we both got dried off and went back to her room and got dressed. Watching her get dressed was nearly as exciting as it had been watching her undress in the walk-in robe. I confessed to her that I had peaked and seen her getting out of her wet clothes and got a slap on the arm and the admonishment that I was a naughty daddy.

I said that we needed to get some food into ourselves realising I was famished. Out in the kitchen we made ourselves busy getting salad together with cold chicken and dressing.

Chapter 4

We took the lunch into the family room and ate in front of the TV. The same boring shows were still on as we cuddled on the lounge under a blanket, she in her Long T shirt and me in some loose shorts and ‘T’. We were so comfy and wasted from this morning’s efforts that we soon both nodded off. It was there that my wife, found us and mentioned that we both looked worn out poor things.

I looked at my daughter and explained how she had got caught in the rain and when the temperature had dropped following the storm, had got cold and we both cuddled under the blanket for warmth.

“Stay right there I’ll just get a drink and share the warmth with you, she said.”

I sat there, with both my girls cuddling up to me, one on each side, their heads on my shoulders and my daughter slowly slid hand on my cock under the blanket.

My wife turned her head and looked up at me and kissed me on the cheek. Amy, not to be outdone did the same to my other cheek which in turn spurred my wife to kiss me on the corner of my mouth. Amy mirrored her again. I loved this attention until both Felicity and Amy kissed me on the lips at the same time. Unprepared for this I automatically returned the kisses, turning what we were doing into a three-way kiss.

They broke the kiss and Amy started to chuckle and soon she had Felicity joining in too. Embarrassed a little I also began to chuckle. Soon it was so infectious and we were all laughing.

Felicity was the first to stop and asked Amy. “Have you told him yet?”

“Yes. He knows.”

They leaned across me and hugged then kissed each other deeply.

“Well”. Felicity said “We both want you to know that we love you and we have wanted to get this all out in the open for a while now and I’m so relieved that you’re taking it so well.”

“You know that I love you two as well,” I said, and I put both my arms around them and brought them closer to me and cuddled.

Looking into each other’s eyes they moved together and kissed. Felicity’s hands moved to Amy’s breasts and Amy did the same to her. I was beginning to come to terms with what had been going on. What should have been obvious to anyone except to a male of the species!

I was not surprised to see this level of affection between them after what Amy told me earlier. They had always been close, but it had been building up these past few years to where it was not uncommon to see them just walk up and hold each other for a time and kiss and then often drop into one of those mother-daughter quiet conversations that fathers aren’t allowed to hear.

They both stood and facing each other holding hands in front of me. Seeing them side by side I was struck by the fact that they were both the same height and hair colour. Both sported trim figures and both were just gorgeous.

They stopped and glanced at me to see how I was surviving this revelation. Seeing my smile and the bulge in my shorts, they both broke into big grins.

Amy was the first to speak and sat down next to me again. “Daddy we wanted to tell you a long time ago but it never seemed to be the right time. If I hadn’t got caught out in the rain today we mightn’t be where we are now. So are you okay with this?”

Felicity sat to my left and held my hand. “We both love and want to share you in a more intimate way,” she said, and kissed me for a long time full on the lips.

Wow I thought could my life get any better?

“Of course I’m okay with it,” I assured them, “How could I not be? You two are the best things to ever happen to me and more precious than anything else in the world. How long have you two felt this way about each other?”

“Mum knew I was falling for you years ago, dad,” Amy said, “and noticed how I was sitting on your lap at night to watch the movies and holding you close before I went out to school. We had a little talk and a cuddle and a cry. But then we had a kiss then another and before we knew it we had to stop and have a talk. We realised we both had the same feelings for each other, strong feelings.”

Felicity joined the in conversation saying. “At first I thought Amy’s feelings were just transference from you to me but I soon saw that she loved us both equally and needed a more physical form of relationship from both of us, not just me.”

“Well you know we should celebrate our new love life. Let’s get into the Jacuzzi with some champagne and see what comes up.” I said with a wink.

“Daaaaad.” said my daughter. “That’s so typical of you.” Ha

My daughter ran to the Jacuzzi stripping off her T shirt on the way and jumped in. My wife went to the fridge to get the champagne. I grabbed her from behind in the kitchen and said. “I love you and I love this new openness we have. This can only bring us closer together.” We kissed and heard Amy saying, “Hey, where is everybody?”

“Coming” we both said at the same time.

Chapter 5

Sitting in the Jacuzzi with both girls either side of me we toasted and touched glasses saying. “Here’s to us and our new love.”

“We’ll have to keep this pretty quiet and just between ourselves,” I said, “and we might need some rules like not being too overly affectionate to each other in public.”

Amy lowered her head down and said. “I may have mentioned that I saw you wanking off this morning to Janis.” She went on hurriedly to say. “But she will keep a secret. She's my BFF and I know all her secrets too.”

“What’s this?” Felicity said. “What happened? Come on I want it with all the salacious details.”

After confessing the “salacious details” to my wife about Amy catching me wanking, they both had a giggle.

Felicity then said that it was the best thing that could have happened. “It made you want to go off and tell Janis and you then got caught in the storm which started you on this path were now on.” She was so happy for us as a family that it had happened.

We sat in the Jacuzzi chatting about all the things that had occurred in the past to bring us to this stage in our relationship, and I realised that right from the moment that I witnessed the birth of our daughter and saw my wife hold our new baby girl, that I would love both of them unconditionally for the rest of my life, and that this new physical bond that we now had would cement those feelings.

Before we turned into shrivelled prunes we all went to the bathroom naked and dried off. By mutual consent we jumped into the master bed and held each other tight till I felt my wife fondle my sack and stroke my shaft. Rising to the occasion I kissed her and tweaked her nipple.

Amy to my left and behind me spooned me and pressed her now hard nipples to my back.

After kissing Felicity first I turned on to my back and Amy started kissing me. While I was doing this I felt my wife move down the bed and take my cock into her mouth. I groaned into my daughter’s mouth the feeling was so good. She giggled that little girl giggle that I loved and said “I want you to do something very special for me Daddy.”

“Anything darling just name it.”

I want you to eat me out.” She bit her bottom lip and went on. “I always get off really big like that, so please.”

‘Always’ I thought. I’ll need to follow that up later.

Without anything else being said I helped her move over my face and settle down over my lips. Oh wow another check off on my bucket list.

I started to lick her delicious pussy, and I took in her female aroma, her smoothness, and her taste. I knew she would taste sweet but combined with her fresh soapy smell I was on another level of ecstasy.

The feeling of my cock being expertly sucked stopped only to be replace with that feeling I knew so well of my wife’s pussy being lowered down onto my shaft. I sighed into Amy’s pussy bringing a contented moan from her as my warm breath washed over her clit.

We continued this way for about 10 minutes and then Amy gave the first indication that she was having her first orgasm of our Ménage à trios.

She moved faster and faster then stopped holding her breath and pressing her genitals down on my mouth while I drove my tongue onto her clit sucking her little nub into my mouth while she howled ecstatically above me.

She moved off my face and started kissing me passionately. “I told you I really get off that way. Oh I love you so much Daddy.”

My wife meanwhile was slowly moving up and down on my shaft. If I hadn’t been so engrossed with my daughters pussy I probably would have blown my load long before but my wife knowing me so well had taken it slowly to delay my orgasm, and she had enjoyed the spectacle of her daughter having a breath-taking orgasm from her Father.

Now that she had my attention she was more than ready to let go and pull out all the stops to achieve her own orgasm. She placed her hands on my chest for support and griped my cock with her pussy saying, “Are you ready to have your cum sucked out of you?”

“Oh yeah bring it on.” I moaned.

She moved slowly at first gripping my cock with an incredible pressure, milking my cock on her upstroke and using less pressure on the down. She was showing our daughter how to really get and give the most pleasure from lovemaking. She loved being on top; being in control, and I loved the feeling that she wanted all that I could give her.

We continued for some time slowly building up to a pace that was sure to end with me blasting my sperm deep into her womb. While we were engaged in this Amy was lying beside me snuggling into my side watching her mother demonstrate her skills that she had learned.

As the pace of our loving increased Amy knelt beside us and, facing her mother, started suckling on her breasts while she rode me. This was all too much for her and she had an explosive orgasm spilling a huge amount of female juice over my balls which in turn swept me into my own orgasm and I pumped a stream of my sperm into her.

We all collapsed into a rough ball of fulfilled and exhausted lovers.



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