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Open sexual relationship in my marriage with my step daughter, leads to another mom and her daughter to join us in our sex practise.

My name is Vally, I'm 50 years by now, originally I’m from the Middle East. I’m wealthy individual but due to the Arab spring and the disturbances in 2011 there, I decided to move anywhere outside that region.

I moved to Romania since 2012 where these events took and still taking place.

I got married there to Nicoleta (Nicole), who is 46 years old by now, pretty, hot and lovely lady. Beside she is occupying an important position in the district we are living in.

We felt in love, or that what I thought, for me she was the perfect bride when we met 6 years ago, so we got married.

I have a step daughter Niky, she is 22 years old now, since I got married to her mother 6 years ago, we are in open sexual relationship with the knowledge and request of Nicole who is my wife and Niky’s mother.

Open relationship meaning, either two of us or threesome including me, Nicole, and Niky.


Physically, I’m in good shape and healthy, blissed with an over average thick long cock.

Most importantly I’m easily excited to full hard erection, but not easily brought to cum or ejaculation.

I can spend hours having sex enjoying bringing my Bitchs to several orgasms before I could cum if I want to.

Final remark, English is my second language but it's the language I communicate with in Romania since I don’t speak their language much.

Forgive me for any language mistakes, beside as a second language either for me or for the characters involved in this story, many words have a slight different meaning to us than first language English speakers.

For example, the word bitch it’s commonly used here not as an insult but more as expressing how hot and sexy that woman is.

Few weeks ago, my life took a sudden turn of events and below is what happened.

I hope you enjoy reading my story, welcoming your thoughts and comments either positive or negative.

It’s Saturday April 14th 2018.

I normally return back for dinner at 7 pm but in the morning when we wake up and having our coffee, Nicole told me about inviting Mariana tonight for dinner and if everything goes as planned she might sleep over and asked if tonight is ok with me.

Niky was there, showed much enthusiasm encouraging me to accept, “Yes daddy please, we will have a big party and a lot of fun tonight, you will like Mariana as well, let’s fuck that bitch.”

I'll explain later what is planned for Mariana and for what reasons.

I replied, “As you like Nicole, no problem with me regarding tonight.”

I looked to Niky saying, “Don’t judge people sweetie, we talked about that before, right?”

“Yes daddy but I use the word bitch in good way, as you taught me,” Niky replied with a big smile on her face.

I smiled back saying, ”Ok my young sweet bitch.”

Nicole laughed and said, “Sure she is, Niky loves you calling her so.”

Niky smiled more saying, “Yesssss.”

She came over my lap to kiss me, she stayed sitting on my lap just laying her head over my shoulder.

I knew for sure Nicole will give Mariana that Ecstasy pill, I didn’t know how she will give it to her willingly or will dissolve it in her drink, I didn’t care to ask.

I spend most of the day at home filtering and having sex with Niky most of the time as usual.

After lunch Nicole wanted to go to Carrefour for some shopping, Niky went with her because she needed some stuff for herself as well.

I took my shower, went out before they return back at about 3 pm.

I didn’t return back till 7.45 or so to allow Nicole do what she wanted to do with Mariana.

They were on the dining table when arrived home.

Guess what the dinner was!

Pizza, Tuica and beer.

Pizza for dinner meaning party night, normally we have such parties when Niky is at home and Nicole is off the next day, mostly in holidays and weekends.

Beside drinking beer after Tuica is quick way to be get totally drunk.

It was clear Mariana on that drug. It’s not my first time to see her, I heard their laughing from the stair case.

Also from Nicole’s text messages when I was out, I understood everything went as planned.

Nicole welcomed me saying, “Hi love, finally you are back.”

I said nothing.

I kissed Nicole while she was sitting on her chair slipping my hand between her legs, she kissed me back passionately as if we were alone in the dinning room.

Mariana was sitting beside Nicole, so I moved to her.

She said, “Hi Vally, long time I didn’t see you, how ar....”

I didn’t let her finish her greeting.

I leaned over kissing her lips, she was speaking, her lips were not closed, so I slipped my tongue inside her mouth touching her tongue.

She didn’t reject my kiss or pull back, that encouraged me to cup her breast and gave one of her nipples a nice squeeze.

She was not wearing a bra.

Both Nicole and Mariana did drink a lot of Tuica. Their breaths, kisses’ taste were saturated with that Tuica.

No wonder why since 2 third of a big new bottle of that strong Tuica was consumed already when I arrived.

Niky was on the other side of the table. I moved to her.

She just laid her head over the chair saying, “Hi daddy.”

Again I didn’t reply, just I bent behind her to kiss her more deeply than the ladies, while placing both my hands cupping both her tits in front of Mariana’ eyes.

On contrary to Nicole & Mariana, Niky didn’t smell much alcohol, she was the only one having a bottle of beer in front of her.

I sat beside Niky, finally speaking, “Good evening ladies, good evening, sweetie, how are you all?”

Mariana was open eyed looking surprised from the way I kissed her beside the way I kissed Niky in front of her and her mother.

Her nipples were so erected, so obvious pressing against her t-shirt she was wearing.

Nicole who replied, “Good evening my love, Why were you so late?, we are waiting for you”.

I replied, “ Just to get comfortable with your lovely guest sweetheart.”

For sure she understood what I mean.

She smiled saying, ”We are all just fine, waiting for you.”

I ate some pizza and drink some Tuica which was still severed heavily, more than usual, it was clear that Nicole and Niky are pushing Mariana to get really drunk.

They continued cheering, drinking but actually Niky and myself didn’t drink much.

Niky left the table to return in few moments with a box of chilled beer saying, “Who is able to drink the whole bottle at once?”

Nicole replied joyfully, “I will drink it all in one zip, I want to have fun tonight,” she added looking to Mariana, “For sure Mariana is feeling thirsty too from all that Tuica as well.”

Mariana just smiled without replying.

we cheer toasting the four bottles of beer before raising them to our mouths.

I was closely watching what will happen moving my eyes mainly between Nicole and Mariana.

Nicole got her bottle totally empty in now time.

Mariana drank almost half of her bottle before putting it on the table saying, “I couldn’t but I'll drink the rest now.”

“Yes sure, the night is still young, we will need more drinks later on,” Niky replied in her joyful voice, while coming to sit on my lap.

She started kissing me so passionately.

Mariana was looking little dizzy but she was just stirring at me and Niky while biting her lips before taking her beer to finish it.

Once she placed the bottle back on the table, she licked her lips with the tip of her tongue.

She was looking really incredibly horny hot.

I cut the kiss with Niky saying, “let’s move to living room.”

Nicole replied, “Yes but all of you take your drinks and your glasses with you.”

She brought a new bottle of Tuica plus another box of beers to the living room, announcing, “There's a lot of food on the table whenever anyone feel hungry.”

Let me explain three things.

• Nicole and Niky were wearing only long wide t-shirts without anything under as usual.

• Mariana was wearing a jeans with a short tight t-shirt revealing most of her belly, I noticed when she stood up.

• The living room consists of my desk my chair, big sofa, big arm chair, two side table, and the book cabinet which have a big curved screen smart TV. The living room is connected to my bedroom.

Once we moved there and the drinks were on the side tables Nicole sat beside Mariana on the sofa, me on my desk chair, Niky on the arm chair.

Nicole served another round of Tuica before filling a water glass to its half with Tuica.

I just smiled I knew exactly what that big glass is for but I didn’t say anything.

I'm not sure but it seems Nicole gave a sign to Niky.

Niky asked me, “ Daddy, don’t you feel heated in your clothes?”

I understood what she meant and I replied smiling, “Yes sweetie I feel very hot.”

She laughed while coming over to undress me.

Mariana’s face look was telling how much she was surprised, or even shocked, but she didn’t say a word.

By the time Niky undressed me totally and started kissing my chest.

Nicole looked to Mariana telling her, “We are very open family here as you are with your kids Mariana.”

Mariana said, “What do you mean?”

Nicole replied in affirmative voice, “We know that the baby born is Alex son!”

Mariana didn’t reply or say anything.

(Miruna and Alex are Mariana’s kids. They are 18 and 21 years respectively.

Mariana is 42 years old single mother never married, occupying an important position in the ruling party in Romania and she is the head of that party here in the city we are living in.

Mariana is about 175 cm tall, Like Nicole but slimmer than Nicole about 65 Kg, with more firm tits and similar big nipples.

Mariana is just a beautiful lady and so sexy looking.

4 months ago, Miruna gave a birth to baby boy.

Somehow Niky knew from Miruna that the baby is from her brother Alex.

Also she knew that, Alex is fucking her sister for the last 4 years or so as well having sex with his mother Mariana from time to time since he was 17 years old.

Since Niky mentioned that to Nicole and me, Nicole planned to that night telling me and Niky, “That is great way to blackmail Mariana, we need to invite her here and fuck her as well and video everything.

“I want the help of Mariana if I want to run in the next election, I need some tools in my hand,” she explained.

The time was set quicker after I know about the Ecstasy which Nicole and Niky are taking from the day before and I felt it’s a sort of bribe for me to invite Mariana the next night.)

“Tell me something my dear, do you fuck Alex every night or just you let Miruna fuck him more often?” Nicole asked Mariana.

Mariana was in sort of a shock saying, “What is such question?, how can you say something like that Nicoleta!”

Niky replied, “Miruna is my friend aunt, we don’t hide anything from each other’s beside I had sex with them few times as well but Alex is not my type.”

Mariana was still looking shocked while saying, “Omg, so there are no secrets hidden then.”

Nicole replied with slutty smile, “You bet my dear, if we want to hide our secrets we wouldn’t sitting here like that now.”

Niky started sucking my cock by now after she took her t-shirt off.

Nicole leaned over Mariana’s lips kissing her so deeply, Mariana kissed her back placing her arm around Nicole.

“Go suck Vally’s cock with Niky, he is long lasting dick, you will love him,” Nicole Told Mariana after few minutes of their long kissing.

Mariana didn’t hesitate a bit, she just stood up, came over.

She got on her knees beside Niky between my legs.

I felt her submission, and commanded her, “Get your clothes off sweetheart, I want to see your sexy body.”

She looked me in the eyes, I felt she was begging for assistance, so I leaned over and took her t-shirt off.

Also, I pulled her up to unbutton her jeans.

She took off her jeans together with her panty getting totally naked in no time.

Mariana returned back on her knees leaning closer to me.

Niky removed her mouth from my dick putting my cock over Mariana’ s lips.

Mariana took my dick holding him in her hand, she gave him a closer look then moved her head up to look me in the eyes.

She started licking my ball then with all her tongue licked the shaft of my hard cock up reaching over him just to wrap the head of my dick with her lips.

She suck the head for few moments before returning back to my balls again.

She did repeat so from all sides of dick without breaking her eye contact with me at any moment.

Niky just watched for few moments before placing her hand over Mariana’s tits squeezing her hard-large nipples.

Niky leaned closer kissing Mariana’s neck before moving her hand to her pussy.

By the time Niky started fingering Mariana’s wet pussy, Mariana took my cock deeper inside her mouth.

After few minutes, I stood up on my feet holding Mariana’s head between my hands pushing my dick deep inside her throat.

She chocked few times but she didn’t object or ask me to stop, so I kept fucking her head hard.

Nicole was videoing everything from different angles and she came over and kissed me deeply before sucking my chest nipple for a min or so.

She knows, I like her to suck my nipples which get me more excited.

After about 10 min Niky said in her begging slutty tone, “I need a cigarette daddy, let’s show aunt Mariana how we smoke together.”

Mariana got my dick in her hand out of her mouth.

While holding my cock still, she replied to Niky in frustration, “Stop that aunt, Niky, do not be mean to me.”

We all laughed while Niky saying, “Ok Mariana, sorry.”

“Vally and Niky have special way for smoking and for doing many things together,” Nicole tried to explain to Mariana.

At that moment we all were totally naked. We moved to the window of my bedroom.

Niky lighted a cigarette before bending over the window, exposing her anus to me.

I just put some salvia over the head of my dick before shoving him all the way inside her asshole.

She was inhaling a big smoke from her cigarette before releasing a loud moan.

I stayed still inside her asshole just stroking my dick few times but most of the time just staying still while she continued smoking.

That’s not new as you already know.

That the smoke game I have with Niky all the time but for Mariana it was a mind blowing.

Nicole started kissing Mariana, sucking her nipples then she got on her knees eating Mariana’s pussy.

No objection or refuse from Mariana at all.

As her eyes were fixated on Niky’s anus while my dick is totally vanished inside her asshole during cupping her tits with one hand, scratching her back and her legs as far I can reach with my other hand.

I noticed the way Mariana was stirring at Niky’s anus.

I moved one hand from Niky’s body placing it on Mariana nearest tit to me, cupping it all letting her nipple slipping between two of my fingers.

She let out a soft moan when I closed the two fingers squeezing her erected big nipple.

“Come closer, kiss me,” I told Mariana.

She didn’t let me finish my word, she approached closer to kiss me so passionately.

After Niky finished her cigarette, I pulled my dick out from her asshole, I lighted one cigarette for myself.

Nicole stood up saying to Mariana, “Suck that beautiful dick. Vally like that while he is smoking.”

Mariana kneeled down eagerly, she started to lick each inch of my cock.

Meanwhile Nicole went to the living room to bring the water glass filled with the Tuica.

When she retuned she said in blaming bitchy tone to Mariana, “Oh sweetheart! let me wash Vally’s cock first for you.”

That was a mean say from Nicole because she waited till Mariana licked all the yellow liquid stuff which came out on my dick from Niky’s asshole.

As if she was stating s fact that Mariana did lick the shitt from my cock.

Nicole took my dick and insert him in the Tuica glass then took him out stroking him together with my balls with more Tuica.

She shoved my Tuica wet dick inside Mariana’s open mouth since she was still on her knees watching what Nicole was doing with open eyes and lusty unsatisfied mouth welling to continue sucking my cock.

Me and Niky lighted another cigarette while Mariana sucking my dick so eagerly, taking my balls inside her mouth from time to time.

Nicole continued drooping more Tuica over my dick and my balls for Mariana to swallow.

After I finished my second cigarette Nicole asked me seductively, “My love, where do you want to fuck Mariana first?”

I replied, “For sure in her ass, if she doesn’t mind but I saw how she didn’t remove her eyes from Niky’s anus.” , I added while looking to Mariana in the eyes who was still on her knees stroking my dick with her hand, “ sure your asshole is itching by now Mariana!!!!”

Niky and Nicole laughed loudly.

Mariana felt really exposed, she stood up saying, “You are paying much attention to what’s going on while you are busy Vally.”

I replied with a smile, “Only when I’m among lovely women like you, trying my best to satisfy all of you.”

That put a pleased nice smile on her face while Nicole saying, “You are charming and diplomatic as always, my love.”

Nicole pulled Mariana from her hand to got her on my bed on her knees and elbows.

I positioned her on the edge of the bed so I can fuck her while I’m standing.

I lowered her butt a little bit opening her legs more.

As I did exactly with Niky I just spell over her anus before I shoved my dick all the way in in one stroke without even fingering her anus.

Mariana screamed loudly in pain which made me stay still deep inside her.

Nicole said, “Do it again she will get used to that.”

Mariana didn’t reply or reject, so I got my dick totally out and again shoved him all the way in her asshole.

She screamed again but not like the first time.

“You see dad, she likes that,” Niky said joyfully.

I continued like that for few minutes, shoving my dick all the way inside Mariana’s asshole, pausing for a moment deep inside her then pull my dick totally out of her before inserting him all the way back deep as I can.

By now Mariana was really enjoying that invasion in her asshole, she started moaning in joy saying in begging low voice, “Omg that’s so nice please don’t stop Vally.”

I asked her, “Don’t stop what Mariana?”

She replied in the same begging low voice, “What you are doing, you are doing great.”

I tried to explain telling her, “Name it sweetheart.”

I paused longer inside her.

It seems Mariana didn’t get what I meant till Niky told Mariana, “Say don’t stop fucking my asshole please Vally.”

Mariana just repeated the exact words which Niky told her to say in the same begging low voice.

Niky continued, “I enjoy your dick fucking my asshole like you are doing now, you are amazing Vally.”

Mariana again repeated exactly what she was told without changing any word.

“I’m your bitch Vally, you can fuck me whenever you like,” Niky continued.

Mariana didn’t repeat that and just got silent.

Here Nicole said, “Say it sweetheart, Vally likes to hear that while fucking me and Niky always, we all are his bitchs.”

Mariana then said in more begging tone, “Keep fucking me Vally please, I’m your bitch, I like your dick inside my asshole, please don’t stop, fuck me please.”

Nicole smiled saying to Mariana, “Good bitch my dear, later you will like him more inside your pussy.”

Nicole got her big didlo, wearing the belt strip on before laying on the bed.

She told Mariana, “Ride my rubber dick, bitch.”

I pulled out from her asshole allowing her to do what Nicole asked her to do.

Niky didn’t stop videoing everything after we finished smoking with her mobile.

Once Mariana took the rubber didlo of Nicole inside her pussy, she started ridding it really hard.

After two minutes, I got behind Mariana on the bed.

I pushed her gently to lay over Nicole’s body to get access to her anus while she keeping that huge rubber dick inside her vagina.

Remarkably her anus was shiny wet still.

I just hold my dick in my hand pushing him against her anus ring which welcomed my cock letting him slid all the way inside her asshole.

That time I didn't pull my dick out any more.

I fucked her asshole in quick long strokes.

She adjusted her rhythm over the rubber dick to match my pace in her ass.

In 2 or 3 minutes Mariana was having her first orgasm after that double penetration we gave to her groaning in real pleasure.

I got out of her asshole hole then I straighten her up on the rubber dick before french kissing her while squeezing her nipples.

Mariana appreciated that move very much, putting her hand around my neck to pull me closer to her and kissed me back very intensely.

Nicole harshly commanded Mariana, “Switch positions bitch, take my rubber dick into your asshole, let Vally fuck your pussy.”

To be honest that rubber didlo is much bigger than my own cock.

Mariana had hard time to get it all inside her asshole but never she refused or rejected or not follow what was told.

After Mariana accommodated that rubber dick inside her asshole facing up.

I raised her legs over my shoulder and started fucking her pussy really hard as I did in her asshole before.

After few minutes Niky came over and started to bite Mariana clit. Yes, biting by her lips and sucking it hard.

Mariana didn’t take much time to groan in stronger orgasm than the first one.

Big rubber dick in her asshole, me fucking her pussy with my own dick and Niky biting and sucking her clit.

I pulled out putting her legs down on the bed.

Mariana was taking that big rubber dick in her ass still but not moving, just pausing for a break after her orgasm.

After few moments, once Mariana regained her normal breaths, Niky moved up standing on the bed opening her legs over her face telling her, “Mariana eat my pussy please.”

Mariana adjusted her position over Nicole rubber dick raising her head to Niky’s pussy and started eating her pussy.

Niky looked to me saying, “Daddy I need your dick in my ass please, I need to cum”

I did as she asked.

I guess Niky tried to teach Mariana a lesson of dirty talking.

Once I shoved my dick inside her asshole, more than usual, Niky didn't stop saying loudly, “Yes daddy, fuck my ass please, I love your cock fucking your bitch's ass, I’m your bitch daddy, fuck me please.....”

Also she talked to Mariana instructing her how to eat and suck her pussy.

So, Nicole was on the bed, Mariana ridding that rubber dick but she faces up eating Niky’s pussy while Niky totally standing on the bed positioning her pussy over Mariana’s mouth, just pending a little to give me a path to her asshole.

We stayed like that for a while till Niky held Mariana's head steady between her hand pushing her pussy more inside her mouth, rubbing her clit against Mariana's teeth.

Yes daddy fuck me harder, I’m Cumming, don’t stop dad pleassssse, yes yes yes , oh daddy,.......,” Niky kept saying and moaning till she finished her orgasm.

Once she stopped talking, I pulled my dick out of her ass.

She then turned around to kiss me saying, “Thanks daddy, that was amazing as always, I adore you and your cock dad.”

I kissed her back saying, “You are welcome sweetie, you should thank Mariana as well.”

She turned her head over her shoulder telling Mariana, “Thank you Mariana, you doing fine, that was fun.”

Once Niky finished her say, Nicole said in real loud slutty tone, “We need to welcome our new bitch more than that guys.”

I moved back getting my dick inside Mariana’s pussy fucking her slowly while enjoying cupping her tits, squeezing her lovely big nipples, and feeling all her body.

Mariana understood Niky’s demonstration of dirty bitchy talk, she didn't stop saying in real horny bitchy way, “Yes Vally, you are amazing, I love you fucking me, I love your touch on my body, I love being your bitch Vally,..........”

After a while Niky brought a strong vibrator applying it directly to Mariana clit.

Mariana had still that rubber dick filling and fucking her asshole for over half an hour by now.

I was feeling the shape of that rubber dick in her vagina walls.

Me fucking her pussy and Niky applying that vibrator on her clit while Nicole and me squeezing Mariana’s tits and benching her big erected nipples from time to time.

Mariana didn’t bear all of that and she entered in induced continued orgasms, gushing out like crazy while screaming in total joy.

She was screaming really groaning loudly but none of us me or Niky and of course Nicole stopped till Mariana’s arms couldn’t hold her anymore.

She collapsed over Nicole not able to catch her breaths.

Nicole laughed and moved her away pulling that huge rubber dick out of her asshole telling Mariana, “I think you got enough for one-night sweetheart.

“Call your kids let them fuck each other’s or fuck themselves and tell them you will sleep here. I need you for my pleasure tonight bitch.”

Mariana still trying to catch her breathing replied, “Whatever you want Nicole just give me few minutes please.”

They stayed on the bed silently beside each other's .

Me and Niky just smiled before I told her, “Time for a cigarette sweetie.”

“Yesssss,” Niky replied with her joyful voice.

We went to the window and I lighted my cigarette first.

Niky just got on her knees to suck my dick as usual.

Once I finished smoking, she stood up, sat on the edge of the window facing the bed looking at her mother and Mariana who were laying there still.

She took my dick in her hand inserting him in her pussy which was soaking wet, putting her head over my shoulder.

She lighted her cigarette while I just fucked her pussy in slow strokes.

She squeezed my dick with her vagina muscle while I contracted the muscle of my dick inside her.

She likes that wrapping squeeze so much.

I placed my thump over her clit rubbing it nicely till she groaned having her orgasm again before she finish her cigarette.

Once I pulled out of her, Nicole came over to kiss me and Niky, saying to me, “Thank you my love, you are amazing as usual, we will leave you to have a break, me and Mariana will have some fun together before we sleep.”

Nicole pulled Mariana from my bed taking her to her bedroom.

“let's have some beer and a slice of pizza sweetie.” I asked Niky.

“Sure daddy, well deserved break, well done dad” she replied with a big smile on her face.

We moved to the kitchen.

While eating and having some beer Niky suggested, “ let's go to mom's room later on, I want to make more videos of Mariana, and let’s have more fun, it was amazing we all together.”

I replied, “so you liked Mariana being with us.”

Niky said, “Yes it was fun,” then she asked me, “Daddy, when do you want to fuck Miruna?”


She continued, “ Do you want to fuck Miruna together with her mother?, or only with us first!” , her and her mother she meant by us.

I was really surprised, and choked the beer I was drinking, “What are you talking about sweetie,” I replied.

Niky came over to me and kissed me then said, “Miruna wants to fuck you Daddy and I promised her I’ll arrange that with you, I’m sure you will enjoy fucking Miruna as you enjoyed her mother now, didn’t you daddy?”

I replied, “Niky sweetie, you know why Mariana is here now, Nicole who asked for that and she told you why.”

Niky said, “Fine, mom asked for Mariana, now I’m asking you for Miruna, trust me daddy you will enjoy that much, and mom too, that will give her more power over Mariana.”

She leaned and kissed me again.

I cut the kiss with Niky saying, “Let’s talk about that later sweetie, I need a break now please.”

“Sure Daddy,” she said while retuning to her chair on the table.

Niky picked her mobile and started texting for few minutes.

I asked her, “What are you doing sweetie?”

“Nothing daddy,” she replied.

“Don’t lie to me Niky, we agreed about that,” I said.

Niky said, “I’m chatting with Miruna and sending her the videos I took for her mother.”

“Oh my God,” I said

She replied, “Don’t worry daddy, I know what I’m doing, trust me.”

I left the table and went to my window to smoke not knowing what I should do any more with Niky or Nicole even.

Niky followed me and got between my legs and took my soft dick by now in her mouth and started twitching my dick with her tongue while he is inside her mouth.

I let her do what she likes and continued smoking, trying not to think at all about anything.

After I finish my cigarette, Niky said, “Let’s go to mom’s room and let’s have some fun daddy it’s still early.”

It was about midnight by now that the early she meant.

“Ok sweetie, let me go to the bathroom first then we go,” I replied.

“Ok daddy, I'll wait for you,” she said.

I spend about 20 min in the bathroom and took a quick shower to clean myself and freshen up.

When I returned to my room Niky was still chatting with Miruna, I grabbed her hand and led her to her mother room.

The door was closed but the light was on. I knocked on the door but Niky just opened the door and went in, I followed her.

Nicole was laying on her back and her head over a double pillows, Mariana on her knees inserting a big didlo inside Nicole pussy and sucking on her clit.

It wasn’t exactly the 69 position but Nicole was able to finger Mariana’s pussy as well.

Once Nicole saw us she just smiled and she said, “I felt you will join us again.”

I replied, “Niky insisted wanting to have more fun.”

Mariana raised her head and looked at me with a big smile, “Does Niky only who wants to have more fun,” she asked me.

I smiled back and replied, “Me as well if that fine with you and Nicole.”

“Sure, my love,” Nicole said.

Niky didn’t say a word just she was holding her mobile and videoing Mariana and Nicole.

She got over the bed still her camera is on and got on her knees positioning her pussy over Nicole’s mouth and asking her mom to eat her pussy.

It crossed to my mind that videoing and Niky request for Nicole to eat her pussy is a show for Miruna after Niky’s talk earlier about Miruna and chatting with her, but I didn’t care.

I watched the whole scene and Niky just looked to my eyes with a big smile on her face.

Mariana continued fucking Nicole’s pussy with that big rubber dick while sucking Nicole’s clit.

I laid on the other side of Nicole where my face was in front of Mariana face.

I hold Mariana hand which has the didlo and I pulled her hand with the didlo out of Nicole’s vagina.

She raised her head and looked at me wondering what I’m doing.

I took Mariana fingers after I removed the didlo from her hand and sucked her index finger for a moment.

I hold all her fingers I closed them in conical shape.

I hold her hand rest and pushed the conical five fingers inside Nicole’s pussy.

Nicole was busy eating her daughter’s pussy and didn’t notice what I was doing till the whole hand of Mariana vanished inside Nicole’s vagina.

Nicole moaned loudly and Mariana got sort of confused not knowing what to do.

I pushed her hand deeper and twisted her arm telling her, “Reach to the womb and scratch it with your nails as well that vagina walls.”

Mariana did exactly as I instructed her and Nicole started moaning more and building her orgasm.

With my other hand I pushed Mariana head down to Nicole’s pussy saying, “Suck and bite that pussy and don’t stop till I tell you.”

Nicole screamed from her orgasm and Niky was still sitting over chest by now and I repeated to Mariana, “Don't stop.”

She continued to fest Nicole’s pussy and biting her clit and Nicole just moaning and raising her hips to get more friction inside her vagina.

I was totally hard from all what was going on I moved myself behind Mariana and in doggy style I shoved all my erected dick inside her asshole.

Mariana didn’t see that coming and just screamed.

I didn’t take my dick out that time. I fucked her asshole in long deep strokes and saying to her, “Do not stop eating that fuckken pussy. “

I looked to Niky asking, “Come sweetie, eat Mariana’s pussy while I’m fucking her ass.”

In no time Niky was under Mariana and raised her head and started eating Mariana and sucking her clit.

Both Nicole and Mariana were screaming in continued orgasms and none of us stop any of the actions we were doing.

I couldn’t take it any longer and I announced, “I’m going to Cum.”

Niky just heard that and yelled, “Please daddy Cum in my mouth please, I’ll eat it all you, know that dad.”

I just pushed Mariana forward so she was over Nicole body I laid over Mariana positioning my dick inside Niky’s mouth.

She sealed her lips around my dick with her hand grapping my balls and pushing my dick more inside her sealed mouth.

I started shooting load after load inside Niky’s mouth.

With all the amount of Cum I shoot no drop escaped her mouth and just kept milking my dick with her closed lips while her tongue moving around my dick inside her mouth.

All the motions stopped and the time just freeze for few moments.

I collapsed over the bed Mariana still over Nicole but pulled her hand out of her pussy. My legs over Niky belly.

We stayed there for about 10 minutes. Our bodies over each other’s just not moving or saying any word.

It was about 2 am by now.

Finally, Niky jumped and said, “I need another beer.”

I replied, “I need a cigarette.”

She pulled my hand and we moved out.

In few minutes Mariana showed going to the bathroom and Nicole sit on the table eating a slice of pizza and drinking more Tuica waiting the bathroom to get free.

Me and Niky were on the window smoking and having some beer when Mariana came, she was wearing her t shirt while me and Niky still Naked.

Marian kissed me and said, “You are amazing man Vally thank you so much for such wonderful evening.”

I replied, “Thanks to you Mariana, you are beautiful lady and it was a pleasure joining us tonight.”

Mariana turned to Niky and kissed her longer kiss, telling her, “You are wonderful Niky I love you.” , Mariana added in real bitchy tone, “You taste so yamiiiiiii.”

Niky picked the bitchy hint and replied, “I taste daddy sperm, I don’t wash my mouth after daddy cum in my mouth and I adore that sweet taste of his sperm.”

Mariana replied with a slutty loud laugh, “Exactly that what I meant darling.” , she added, “But I meant also that I love kissing you Niky.”

Believe it or not I felt shy and blushed, I didn’t say a word about that conversation regarding my sperm taste, just I got my head out of the window and continued smoking my cigarette.

Niky replied, “WE love you too Mariana, you should not make any plans next weekend we didn’t get enough from you yet.”

Mariana replied, “With my pleasure Niky I’ll arrange with Nicoleta.”

Niky said, “OK but next time bring Miruna with you. I know she wants to fuck my dad and we need to taste her breast-feeding milk.”

Mariana opened her mouth in shock but Niky just pulled her and kissed her again.

Nicole arrived and Niky stopped the kiss and repeated again what she told Mariana about her daughter Miruna in her mother presence.

Nicole replied, “We will talk about that later Niky.”

She took Mariana from her hand and left after she kissed us good night.

I said to Niky, “You are incredible young smart bitch Niky, bravo you got Mariana’s comment about your kiss taste.”

She hugged me and replied, “Sure daddy, I’m your girl.” She added, “I love you daddy so so so much.”

I replied, “I love you too sweetie, but don’t push that Miruna issue too much, it seems both Nicole and Mariana didn’t like the idea.”

Niky said in sarcastically tone, “I don’t care if they like it or not, I’ll arrange that with or without them, just tell me dad, do want Miruna with her mother or with us alone first?”

I replied in calm tone, “I don’t know sweetie, let me think about it first then we talk about that.”

Niky kissed me saying, “Ok daddy.”

Then she got on her knees holding my soft cock in her hand saying, “I need you inside me dad, I didn’t orgasm much tonight, I need you to make me cum before I go to sleep please.”

She took my dick in her mouth and started twitching him with her tongue inside her mouth.

I replied, “Sure sweetie I’m all yours now.”

I lighted another cigarette and knew it’s still long time to be able to sleep.

After I finished my cigarette I asked Niky to return to the living room and have some beer.

I sit in the middle of the sofa and Niky returned with cold beer for me and just got between my legs and continued sucking my semi hard dick by now.

I turned on the TV switching it to the porno channels trying to get excited faster to finish Niky and go to sleep.

In few minutes Mariana showed in the living room saying , “Can I sit here for a while?”

I replied, “Of course you are welcome.”

Niky didn’t bother to look even and continued sucking my cock.

Mariana explained, “I didn’t mean to interrupt you but Nicole is deeply sleeping and snoring so loudly and I couldn’t sleep.”

I laughed and replied, “That’s why I sleep alone in separate room.”

Niky raised her head and said to Mariana, “You can sleep on the sofa after daddy make me cum,” she added, “You can help me if you like to get my daddy’s dick hard again.”

Mariana smiled and replied, “Sure Niky, whatever you want darling but I need a drink first please but not Tuica,” she looked at me asking, “Do you have any other strong drinks Vally?”

I replied, “Sure sweetheart, I was thinking to have a glass of whisky myself, is the whiskey fine with you?”

She replied, “Sure, that’s great thank you.”

I told Niky, “Excuse me sweetie for few minutes.”

I moved to bring new glasses filled with ice and my whiskey bottle.

I heard Mariana talking with Niky and saying, “You are a well trained beautiful young woman Niky.”

Niky replied with a loud laugh, “You mean I’m a real bitch.”

Mariana replied furiously, “I didn’t say that Niky.”

“I don’t mind calling me a bitch, I love being a bitch specially with my dad,” Niky replied with the same laughing she had.

By then I was back and I passed Mariana a glass half full of whisky, asking Niky, “Would you like something to drink sweetie?”

She replied, “Thanks dad.”, Niky added, “I was telling Mariana that I’m a bitch and I love being your bitch daddy.”

I smiled saying, “You are so special bitch and you know that sweetie.”

Mariana drink the whole whiskey in one shoot and said to Niky, “I really loved you and I didn’t mean to offend you in any way.”

Niky laughed again saying, “I know, you didn’t offend me, don’t you believe I just I love being a bitch.”

Mariana replied, “Wow you know what you are doing and loving that.”

“Of course, I do as well as Miruna we love sex and we are not ashamed to have sex with whoever we want,” Niky said in firm voice.

Mariana replied, “OK great, good for you both, but you are much stronger and experienced than Miruna.”

“Do you mean I’m more bitchy than Miruna,” Niky said with a slutty loud laugh.

Mariana finally said it to Niky, “Yes you more bitchy, you are well trained than Miruna, and much more experienced bitch.”

Niky smiled really big proud smile saying, “Thanks to daddy he did teach me a lot, and I owe what I’m now to my dad.”

I poured more whisky for Mariana and she just took it all as the first glass.

I asked her, “Would you like more whisky?”

she replied, “Enough for now thank you.”

I looked to Niky asking her, “Don’t you want to suck my dick any more sweetie?”

“Sure daddy,” she replied and took my cock in her mouth.

I looked to Mariana saying, “Come sit beside me lovely lady.”

I was trying to end that conversation.

Mariana moved and sit beside me, I started kissing her and squeeze her tits.

She cut the kiss and asked Niky, “Is it OK to join you or you want your daddy alone?”

Niky replied, “ No its OK, I already asked you to help me to get my daddy’s dick hard faster, didn’t I?.”

I pulled Mariana back and we continued kissing and after few minutes I told Mariana, “ Go suck my dick sweetheart, I want to eat my sweetie’s pussy.”

Niky heard me and just jumped over the sofa standing and exposing her pussy to my mouth.

I grabbed Niky from her ass chicks and just start eating her wet soaking pussy.

Mariana wasted no time and started licking my hard dick by now and suck my balls inside her mouth then shoving all my dick inside her mouth and throat.

About 5 minutes passed and I command Niky, “Take my dick in your ass sweetie.”, adding to Mariana, “Eating Niky’s pussy while I fuck her asshole.”

Niky said loudly, “No.”

Mariana thought she was rejected but Niky continued, “Please bring the didlo from my mom’s bedroom and fuck me with daddy, I need double penetration as you had earlier.”

Mariana just smiled and kissed Niky before running to Nicole’s room and returned with 2 didlo asking Niky, “Which one do you prefer darling?”

Niky replied, “ The one with the vibrator,” adding, “Turn it on to the maximum from the beginning please.”

Niky was already sitting on my dick and taking him all the way inside her asshole, she just laid on my chest and raised her legs open for Mariana to fuck her with the vibrator in her pussy.

Mariana inserted all the didlo inside Niky pussy and started to move it in and out to fuck Niky but again Niky yelled at her, “Insert it deep inside me and don’t move.”

Mariana was scared but obeyed what she was asked.

After few minutes, Niky said to Mariana, “Lick my pussy please and don’t move the vibrator,” adding in command tone, “When I pull your hair suck my clit and my pussy’s lips, if I pulled you hair harder that mean to suck me harder.”

Marina replied, “Ok darling, whatever you want.”

We stayed still for few minutes and Niky started pulling Mariana hair and Mariana gave her the sucking intensity she wanted and Niky exploded in big orgasm and groaned so loudly.

She removed Mariana head from her pussy taking the vibrator out while getting of my dick, she just laid beside me catching her rapid breaths.

I said, “Time for some more whisky.”

Mariana said eagerly, “OK, its much needed Vally, thank you.”

Niky agreed saying, “I need some too please daddy.”

While we sitting and drinking our whisky Mariana looked to Niky saying, “I thought you would need harder fuck Niky to get your orgasm.”

Niky laughed loudly in the most slutty way possible, replying, “You don’t know the secret and what daddy did teach me.”

“What secret!” Mariana curiously said.

Niky replied in very serious tone, “When daddy fuck me, we don’t stroke much, he trained me to control my muscles either my vagina muscle or my anus muscle so I wrap and squeeze his dick and he just make contraction on his big hard cock’s muscle while he is inside me till I orgasm, then I do whatever he wants to make him Cum if he wants to Cum.”

Mariana opened her mouth wide open and said’ “Omg, I never heard about that before, that would be real fun.”

Niky hugged me saying to Mariana, “For sure it’s more than sex and fun, in that way I feel the pulses in my daddy’s cock blood vessels and I get my orgasm on his heart beats.

“Also, that’s keep my holes so tight but it need a lot of training and practice and I’m lucky to have such a dad with his lovely cock,” Niky added.

“Wow, you are really in love with Vally,” Mariana commented.

I replied, “Of course we are in love and Niky knows how much I love her as well.”, trying to end that conversation which I wasn’t comfortable with that dialogue.

After few moments, Niky said to my surprise to Mariana, “You can try now if you want, daddy is still hard, but you have to do exactly as I’ll tell you.”

“For sure, you are more experienced than me,” Mariana replied making all laughing.

Mariana continued and asked Niky, “What did you mean, you do whatever Vally wants to Cum if he wants to Cum?”

Here I replied, “With such beautiful hot family and our continuous intercourses specially when Niky is at home, I have to control my ejaculation if I want to stay alive, I’m almost 50 years old and can’t afford to cum more than once a day or even once each two day.”

Mariana laughed loudly and asked, “How do you manage to do so and stay so hard in the same time and satisfy all their needs,” adding in a smirk smile, “As I saw their needs are much.”

I laughed and said, “That’s my secret sweetheart.”

She replied, “That’s why your sperm was so precious and Niky didn’t share it even with her mother.”

We laughed while Niky saying, “For sure it’s so precious and it’s only for me, Daddy only cum with me not with anyone else,” she looked at me asking, “Right Daddy?”

I replied,” Sure sweetie you know that.”

Mariana didn’t comment just I saw that surprise look in her eyes.

Niky took the bottle of whisky and drink a big shot directly from the bottle, and said, “Mariana come suck My daddy’s dick and make him real hard.”

Mariana just moved between my legs and stated licking my dick and suck him again.

Niky with loud bitchy laugh asked Mariana, “Does my shitt taste nice Mariana?”

Mariana raised her head and replied in more slutty tone, “Sure honey it tastes great I hope you liked my shitt as well when Vally took his dick from of my asshole and Cum in your mouth, I’m sure I covered his cock with a lot of my shitt.”

Me and Niky laughed loudly and Niky replied, “Wow really smart bitchy answer,” adding, “So you were not drunk after all!”

Mariana laughed as well and said, “little drunk but just aware of what’s going on especially with the presence of a bitch like you sweetie.”

Niky laughed really proudly.

I said, ”Great,” while pushing Mariana’s head down to my dick to end that shitty conversation.

After about 10 min. I was hard enough and I asked Mariana, “Where do you want my cock, sweetheart?”

Before Mariana raise her head and talk, Niky replied, “In her asshole, it’s easier to control her anus muscle than the vagina muscle, it need more training.”

Mariana replied with a wide smile, “If you say so, what should I do know?”

Niky said, “Lay down on the sofa and raise your legs up, you need to close your anus,” Niky added, “When Vally force his dick in your asshole try to reject as if you are shitting, once he is in, he will not move and you keep squeeze and push out.”

Mariana did lay on the sofa as told and raised her legs up.

I approached her and positioned my dick on her anus entrance but Niky jumped to check Mariana anus.

She said to Mariana in harsh voice, “Squeeze, close your anus.”

She removed my dick aside and fingered Mariana’s anus with two fingers.

Mariana moaned after Niky finger slipped inside her asshole.

Niky still in that harsh tone told Mariana, “Squeeze my fingers.”

Mariana did what she was told but Niky kept yelling at her, “Harder, squeeze more, didn’t you have constipation before!”

I pulled Niky aside and said, “That’s fine sweetie.”

I pushed my dick inside Mariana’s asshole, really, she put a good resistance till my dick passed her anus muscle and I got totally inside her.

I shoved my dick twice or three times before staying still deep inside her asshole, telling her gently, “Try to squeeze my dick more, sweetheart.”

She did and I started flinching my cock muscle.

Mariana felt that and moaned in pleasure, “Wow that’s amazing.”

Niky smiled saying, “Sure, I know, that what I told you.”

We continued that squeeze and flinching in Mariana asshole and she just love it.

Niky bent over Mariana pussy and started fingering her pussy really hard and rubbing her clit and her entire pussy.

In few minutes Mariana was gushing in super orgasm and her anus muscle relaxed.

I stroked my dick several times in Mariana’s asshole before I pull my dick out.

Niky sat beside Mariana who was calming down and catching her breath. Me I sit on the arm chair.

Once Mariana got her heart beats to normal she pulled Niky and kissed her saying in real joyful voice, “That was amazing, you were absolutely right, no wonder you adore Vally”

Niky replied in serious tone, “ Of course I adore daddy,” she continued, “Go kiss daddy and thank him for the pleasure he gave to you, be grateful bitch Mariana.”

Mariana, didn't comment on Niky calling her a bitch, she just came over and kissed me very warmly for about a minute or so.

Then she said in real joyful voice, “Thank you Vally for that wonderful experience, and that unforgettable night, you are an amazing man you know how to satisfy any woman.”

“You are most welcome my dear you are a lovely lady yourself and I guess all of us like you so much,” I replied feeling really flattered.

I excused to the bathroom to pee and clean up to go to sleep

When I returned from the bathroom, they were sitting as I left them but they sink more in the sofa and opened their legs wide open.

I had no idea what they said to each other’s while I was in the bathroom.

I said, “Time to get some rest, I’m going to sleep.”

Niky came over and kissed me saying, “Good night Daddy, Good night Mariana.”

She left to the bathroom before going to her bedroom.

Mariana said, “Good night Vally, see you in the morning.”

It was already morning, it was 5.30 am.

I smiled and just took a while looking at Mariana sitting on the sofa with her legs wide open, and the whisky glass still in her hand.

Mariana looked in my eyes saying, “What!”

“What what,” I replied laughing.

Mariana smiled saying, “You are looking at me and stirring at me.”

I said, “Just looking at you sitting like that is amazing, You are lovely sexy woman Mariana.”

She replied putting a lovely smile on her face, “You who is amazing Vally you fucked my brain out and still my mind spinning.”

I offered my hand and helped her to stand up and kissed her on her chick.

Then I whispered in her ear, “Would you like to meet me on Monday, I want to have you alone.”

She smiled wide smile and replied, “They pushed me to say I’m your bitch whenever you want so let it be, OK Vally whenever you want.”

I said in tender way, “Don’t put it that way Mariana, you are a fine lovely lady and I don’t judge any person ever, just I didn’t get enough from you still and I’d love to see you again alone.”

She kissed me deeply for saying so and I kissed her back.

Once we finished the kiss she said, “You are really so charming Vally, I’ll take Monday off then and wait for your call.”

“For sure you want that to be kept between us only, don’t you?,” she added.

I replied, “Sure I do, it’s better to have our own secret from now on.”

I kissed her again, before I took a big zip from my whisky glass then I went to bed to sleep.

About 10 am in the morning I wake up on Niky licking my neck and ears and inserting my dick in her vagina as she does each morning.

once I opened my eyes and moved my head, Niky said, “Good morning daddy.”

She didn’t wait for my reply and started kissing me.

I kissed her back and cupped her ass chicks and pushed her more down on my dick.

She stayed still and started squeezing her vagina muscle around my hard dick, and I started flinching my cock inside her vagina.

About 10 minutes doing so, I placed my fingers between our bodies and rubbed her clit. She started to get her morning orgasm.

Her moaning during that morning treatment was loudly more than usual and once she orgasmed she groaned really loudly.

I guess to let Nicole and Mariana hear her.

After she licked my cock clean, I asked her, “Is your mom awake?”

She said, “Yes, from half an hour ago, she having coffee with Mariana in the Kitchen.”

I laughed saying, “Is that why you moaned and groaned so loud, to make them hear!”

She just laughed loudly and replied, “Yessssssssssss, you really understand me daddy.”

“Coffee is much needed now, let’s join them,” I said smiling.

I put a short and t shirt on me and moved to the kitchen.

Niky followed me but just Naked as she was.

“Good morning ladies,” I said.

“Good morning love,” Nicole replied and came over to kiss me.

“Good morning Vally,” Mariana said while sitting on her chair.

After Nicole finished kissing me, I moved to Mariana and kissed her as well.

Nicole prepared fresh coffee for me and Niky.

Nicole was putting her long t-shirt and Mariana in her jeans and the t-shirt as she came last night, only Niky stayed Naked.

Mariana looked to Niky saying in real slutty tone, “You don’t waste any moment with Vally, do you?”

Niky smiled and said in her joyful voice, “Of course no, but what you heard now is our love ritual, that’s how I wake up daddy every morning when I’m home.”

She added in more bitchy way, “Its great way to start my day with the orgasm daddy gave me beside daddy like it much.”

“Don’t you daddy?” She asked me.

I replied, “You know sweetie how much I love that morning wake up,” I continued laughing, “But most days I return back to sleep.”

They all laughed.

Mariana turned to me saying, “What a splendid family and life you have Vally!”

I just smiled and didn’t reply.

Niky who replied, “Me and mom who are lucky to have Vally with us and for us Mariana.”

Nicole agreed and said, “We are in love with Vally and we appreciate his love and more importantly his understanding for our conditions, way of living and our unique life style.”

Mariana replied in real serious tone, “It’s important to have that understanding and doesn’t affect the love you have for each other,” she continued, “But believe me Nicole it’s not so unique, behind every closed door and in many families there a lot of things going on.”

Niky jumped in saying, “Of course you can say so since you fucking your son and Miruna got a baby from her brother.”

I interfered telling Niky harshly, “Don’t be rude Niky, don’t judge people, you are not entitled to do so, or any one of us.”

Niky tried to explain, “I didn’t to mean to be rude or judge any one, just stating a fact and replying to what Mariana was saying, of course our life style is unique, not all the families are having sex as we do inside our both families.”

Mariana said, “What I mean Niky, the new generation, the Internet generation is different, many young girls now want to be porno stars.”

She continued, “With all the excitement they watch online they lose control inside their homes either boys or girls, it becomes more common than our generation me and Nicole and it’s a big challenge for us the mothers and fathers to deal with that.”

Nicole wanted to talk but I replied, “True what you are saying Mariana, but it’s not an excuse for any one, we don’t need to look for excuses, either we accept and like what we are doing or we reject that kind of sexual behaviour.”

“I totally agree Vally, and I’m not looking for an excuse for anything, but if you read the last EU report they mentioned that Romania become the number one country exporting prostitution beating even Ukraine and Russia. I’ll give Nicole a copy of that report, please read it, Mariana said and added, “Niky and Miruna are raised in high standard families but in poor families if girls are used to have sex specially in young age which they are doing now inside their families because all the excitement and the porno they watch online, they become professional prostitutes to earn money when they grow up.”

I agreed and mentioned, “That’s true, in Dubai the most popular European prostitutes are Romanian.”

Nicole tried to alter that debate saying, “How do you know that?, did you miss Romanians, while you are there?”

Niky and Mariana laughed but I replied in serious tone, “No sweetheart I never deal with prostitutes, you know that but it’s very known fact there.”

Again, Niky jumped in asking Mariana, “So, next weekend will you bring Miruna with you?”

“No Niky”, Mariana replied firmly. “I’ll arrange with Nicole what we do next weekend,” she added.

Nicole said, “Sure my dear.”

Then she looked to Niky saying, “No need to rush anything Niky, we are glad that we got Mariana in our circle and we had a fun night last night.”

I replied, “Sure we did.”

Mariana excused to leave, she kissed all of us warmly before she hit home., or that what I thought.

We returned to the table and I said to Niky, “Why are you rude and so judgmental sweetie?, we talked about that before and we shouldn’t judge or be mean to any one, you don’t know all the circumstances.”

She replied in upset tone, “No I know, Miruna told me everything.”

I said harshly, “I don’t care just don’t be rude and judgmental.”

She really got upset and left to her room.

I told Nicole “I’ll take a shower and go out till she leaves to Iasi, text me when she leaves.

“Sometimes she is unbearable,” I added.

Nicole replied, “Sure love, you are absolutely right, I understand.”

I took my shower, got dressed and left even without breakfast and I took lunch outside.

Nicole text me around 5 pm, “Niky left, I'm preparing fish for dinner, don’t be late my love.”

I replied, “I’ll get back home at 7 as usual, sweetheart.”

I got back home took dinner, drink some white wine with the fish.

During the dinner Nicole tried to open a conversation asking me, “Did you enjoy last night?”

I replied, “Yes sure we had real fun all of us.”

“So, you liked Mariana, should I invite her more often?,” she asked.

“Do whatever you want Nicole, invite her only whenever you like or want for your agenda, but make sure Niky won’t be at home,” I replied.

She said, “Ok great, you are still upset from Niky behaviour but you understand her more than me.”

I replied firmly, “I’m upset because the drug you are taking and you gave to Mariana last night.”

I added, “It was fun, but later on I didn’t feel good fucking drugged women.”

Nicole said seriously, “The Ecstasy isn’t magic, it helps us to just relax but none of us would do anything we wouldn’t like to do.”

“Whatever Nicole I don’t care,” I replied.

We finished dinner and I changed my clothes and sit in the living room watching TV.

Nicole tried to approach me and touch me but I said, “I didn’t sleep enough last night beside you need to wake up early tomorrow for your work so let’s have a break tonight please.”

She said tenderly, “Sure Vally, whatever you like my love.”

She kissed me good night and went to her bedroom.

I stayed till 11 on TV then took some sleeping pill and went to bed early.

I set the alarm on my mobile at 8.30 am to wake up early.

I prepared some coffee and smoked a cigarette then I text Mariana. I didn’t call her just text her on what’s up.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” I send

Instantly she replied, “Good morning Vally, wow you waked up early. I thought you would wake up afternoon as usual.”

I texted, “Just for you lovely lady.”

“You are so charming Vally,” she replied.

I send, “So, are you home or at work?”

“Lolzzzz, of course at home, I told you I’ll take today off as you requested, I always keep my word,” she replied.

I said, “Great, I already made a reservation in Rapsodia hotel.”

Mariana replied, “No no, we will go to my other apparent, it is safer and more comfortable for both of us.”

“I didn’t know about your other apartment, are you sure we will be more comfortable there than the hotel?” I asked.

She texted, “Absolutely, trust me.”

“OK, what the address and when should we meet?”, I asked

“No address, just be ready in half an hour, I’ll pick you up in front of your building,” she replied.

I said, “Wow, great just make it an hour please I need to shave and take a shower.”

“Sure, take your time, OK I’ll text you once I arrive,” she replied.

I send, “Thanks sweetheart, see you. Kisses.”

“See you soon Vally, kisses,” she said.

In 50 minutes I was down stairs in front of the building and smoked a couple of cigarettes till Mariana arrived and before she texts me I was beside her in her car.

We kissed and she continued driving saying, “You are a real gentle man Vally.”

I leaned to her kissing her neck and cupping her tits.

She smiled saying, “Let me drive please.”

In less than 10 minutes she parked her car in front of nice building saying, “Here we are, come in please.”

She opened the trunk of her car and pulled two bags from there.

“Let me help you with these bags,” I said.

She handled them to me.

Her apartment was in the second floor, during we going up I said, “You are looking so elegant in that dress Mariana.”

She was wearing so tight dress showing here body curves as well as her panty border underneath and wearing a light short jacket over it.

She replied, “Thank you Vally,” she added, “Don’t worry no one have the keys here even the kids, I came yesterday afternoon to clean a little and put new bed sheets.”

I Said, “Great.”

She opened the door and let me in then she locked the door from inside and took her jacket off.

The first door was for the kitchen so I entered there and put the bags I carry on the table there.

Mariana followed me saying, “Check what is in the bags please Vally.”

I looked at her replying with a smile, “Let me check you first, is that why you were wearing a jacket!”

“What do you mean?”, she asked laughing.

I said, “To cover theses beautiful hard nipples. You look so hot.”

She laughed more loudly saying in spoiling voice, “True I’m hot, you notice everything Vally, check the bags please.”

I put my hand and grabbed a box, she said, “New towel and bath robe for you Vally I know how much you are neat.”

I replied in a surprise, “Wow thank you Mariana, that’s so kind from you.”

I opened the other bag and found a bottle of my favourite whisky the same whisky we drank on Saturday evening, two boxes of beer, my favourite deodorant, my cologne which I was wearing, and my body shower gel I usually use.

In real surprise I asked her, “Omg, how do you know my favourite stuff?”

“Most of the times I go with Nicole to Carrefour for shopping together, I know what she usually buys for you,” she replied with wide smile on her face.

I smiled back, saying, “ So you who notice everything, not me, you are amazing Mariana.”

She laughed saying, “Feel at home please Vally, would you like a beer or a glass of whisky?”

“I’d like you first, show me your bedroom,” I replied.

She put a big smile on her face, saying, “You are wonderful Vally, that’s the perfect answer.”

She turned around toward the bedroom.

Once we were there I hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck and cup her tits.

“So you don’t wear a bra all the times,” I said laughing while squeezing her beautiful firm tits.

She laughed replying, “Not all the times but when I can I prefer not to wear them.”

“Nice colour, of your sexy dress, what is that colour?”, I asked smiling.

“Dark orange to a brown, I like that colour much,” she replied while pushing her butt against my cock.

I smiled more telling her, “You know that summer fruit, that’s the colour of Peaches.”

I pronounced it more like bitchs not peaches.

“Peaches you mean,” Mariana said then exploded in laughing loudly.

I replied, “That what I said,” while laughing as well.

“You are so funny Vally, I love your sense of humour,” she said.

She added with more slutty laugh, “No you said colour of bitches not Peaches, but it didn’t cross my mind when I picked that dress in the morning.”

I pulled the zipper of her dress and undress her while kissing her back and touching her everywhere. She dropped her panty off as well.

Once she was naked, she turned around and kissed me deeply while undressing me.

I helped her to get naked and then started to kiss her back and hug her closer to me my body while touching and feeling her body and her butt chicks.

I moved my hand between her legs and felt the wetness of her pussy just when I approached there.

I cut the kiss and hold her on my arms saying, “You were wrong, you are super-hot sweetheart not only hot as you said.”

She laughed loudly again and kissed me on my neck.

Mariana has a nice loud laugh, that kind of laughing which make her more sexy and get me more aroused , I loved hearing her laughing.

I was so excited and totally hard so I put her on the bed and just got over her and inserted my dick softly inside her soaking wet pussy and started kissing her again after the soft moan she released.

I started to move my hips so I can stroke my cock inside her and begin to kiss her neck and lick her ears.

Her moans started to get louder, saying, “You are wonderful Vally.”

After couple of minutes, she twisted her body to get on the top of me.

Still my dick deep inside her pussy, she did sit on me and didn’t move.

She looked me in the eyes saying in so intimately voice, “You are making love to me, aren’t you?”

“Don’t you like so?”, I asked her.

Mariana replied in the same intimate tone, “Of course, I love so, not only like it, just I didn’t expect that from you, thank you Vally, you are so charming.”

Then stared to move her hips over me without ridding my dick and she leaned to kiss me and I felt her clit rubbing against me.

We kissed and I squeezed her tits and sucked her beautiful hard large nipples with little bite which released a nice soft scream from her mouth.

Then I turned her again on her back but I raised her legs over my shoulder and stated to shove my dick inside her and get him out and slam her erected clit then go inside her for few strokes then get my dick out and slam him over her whole pussy then fuck her again.

I continued like that for about 15 minutes.

By now her head was moving from one side to another and saying in joy, “Oh Vally don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me please.”

She continued moaning and groaning in real joyful voices till she reached her orgasm.

Once she finished her orgasm I laid her legs back on the bed and returned totally over her and kissed her so passionately.

After about 2 minute I moved my head little up asking her, “Where do you want me to cum Mariana, can I to cum inside you?”

“You can cum inside me but I want to taste your sweet precious sperm,” she replied with a loud laugh.

She was referring to Saturday night conversation with Niky.

I got out of her and laid on my back and she jumped and took my dick inside her mouth. Only few strokes and I exploded in her mouth.

Her mouth was open and most of my loads fall back on my dick and my balls.

She kept sucking and stroking my dick dry till I finished my ejaculation.

Then she licked each single drop of my sperm from my dick and my balls.

She did that in a way that made me feel she really tasting my sperm and eating each drop of it with total joy and pleasure.

“Really yamiiii,” she said.

Once she finished she came and laid on my chest.

To her surprise I raised her head and kissed her in so passionate way.

She didn’t except me to kiss her after eating my sperm.

The smell of my own sperm was even in her breath but I just continued kissing her.

I moved my hand over her pussy and fingered her and rubbed her clit and her pussy lips. she orgasmed again in few minutes.

We laid there for few minutes till she jumped out the bed saying, “Time for a drink.”

“Sure but I need a cigarette, where can I smoke here?”, I asked.

She smiled replying, “Right here I’ll bring an ashtray. What do you prefer whiskey or beer?”.

I smiled back saying, “Both please.”

She smiled and ran to the kitchen.

After about 10 minutes she returned back with big tray. Whiskey bottle, two glasses, ice bucket, bigger bucket filled with ice and 4 beers bottles, three different types of nuts and an ashtray.

She put all the tray on the bed telling me, “Help your self and serve me whatever you will drink Vally.”

I replied happily, “That too much spoiling for me Mariana, thank you sweetheart.”

“You are used to that kind of spoiling honey. Just feel at home please Vally,” she said so winking with her right eye at me.

I winked back at her, asking, “ Please bring my cigarette pack and the lighter from my trousers, Mariana.”

I filled the two glasses with ice and filled them with the Dimple whiskey.

She brought my cigarette pack and opened it and took 2 cigarettes and lighted them together between her lips.

After a deep inhale she gave me one of them.

I handled a glass of whiskey to her, took mine and cheered her.

We drink good portion of these two glasses right away.

“So, you are smoking,” I asked Mariana.

She replied with smirk smile, “Yes I smoke, but not so often like you and your young bitch.”

I laughed loudly, asking, “Is that why you didn’t smoke on Saturday night, because of my young bitch.”

“Yes, she is so possessive and rude and I didn’t want to ruin the night for a smoke,” Mariana replied in real serious tone.

I smiled saying, “I noticed you are dealing with her with caution.”

“I don’t care about Niky I care about her mother, Niky isn’t young any more and she knows exactly what she is doing,” still in her serious tone, she replied.

“Caring about her mother, is that why we are here now?”, I commented really in sarcastic laugh.

She silent for a minute or so, she drank some whisky while finishing her cigarette without saying a word.

She looked me in the eyes saying, “Vally you are an amazing man, I love you so much, you treat me in very elegant way, you are a real gentle man much more than Nicole described you always.”

She added with more serious tone, “I know I can trust you on what I’m going to tell you now.”

“Thank you Mariana, you are a wonderful fine lady yourself and that the least I can be with you, but you got me worried, what’s that about?”, I asked.

Mariana replied, “Promise me it will be a secret between us , at least for now, I feel you can handle such a secret specially after the way you made love to me today which I didn’t expect but I appreciate it more than you can imagine.”

“Sure, I promise. Mariana I met you not to have only sex, you know I have on my plate more than I can handle but I need a special woman in my life and I just like you,” I continued with a big smile, “Beside we didn’t finish yet we are just warmed up.”

Mariana smiled back saying, “Sure, I know your capabilities , just I hope you will not get upset from me but I can’t not tell you the truth.”

I lighted another cigarette, and said, “You got me really worried, spell it out Mariana. Don’t worry you can trust me, you know that otherwise we wouldn’t be here now. Right?”

“Right,” she replied, adding, “OK, me and Nicole are partners from long time, and all what Nicole told you and Niky about blackmailing me and drugging me isn’t true and she knew about my kids since long time as I knew everything about her, her first husband, Niky and you.”

I didn’t understand what she told me and I asked her, “Slow down Mariana please and explain what you mean.”

She poured more whiskey for both of us before saying, “I don’t know from where I can start, but all I told you now is true, you can ask about any details you like to know and I’ll answer you directly and honestly.”

“First what did you mean you and Nicole are partners?, partners in what!”, I asked her.

Mariana replied, “Actually, we are partners in many things, in sex, in drugs, and in her political career.”

“Slow down please and explain,” I asked her again.

Mariana replied in more calm voice, “Sorry, oK we are lovers since about 15 years and we meet occasionally to have sex and we love each other.”

In surprise I asked, “Have sex with whom?”

Mariana laughed on my misunderstanding question and said, “Have sex with each other,” she added trying to comfort me, “Don’t worry, Nicole is so loyal to you and even to her first husband, just we love each other and we enjoy being with each other as a lesbian lover.”

“ Lesbian lovers!, How lesbian and she is married twice and still married to me and actively fucking me, beside you yourself aren’t lesbian, I don’t believe that,” I replied in real shock.

Mariana tried to calm me down saying, “Sorry, sorry, lesbian isn’t the right deion, Nicole is bisexual as well as me but that’s not the point. We are lovers and we don’t hide anything about each other.”

I calmed down a bit, and asked Mariana, “So, you know about Niky and her father and me, the drugs, as Nicole knows about you and your kids from the beginning. Interesting!”

“Yes, it’s interesting, the situation with our kids is unusual,” she said.

I looked at her saying, “Forget about the kids now please. Tell me about the drugs.”

“Ok, Ecstasy isn’t a real drug, it is not causing addiction, we use it to overcome the odd situations we have in our lives and to deal with the non-stop horny desires & lust of our kids,” she replied and continued explaining, “Similar pharmaceutical drug was prescribed to Niky when Nicole took her to Psychologist after she divorced George to overcome isolation and separating from her father, who she still love by the way, that how we knew about the Ecstasy, for Niky it’s a treatment.”

I said in sarcastic way, “Odd situations of what, being bisexual or fucking your kids or having an orgy with your lover together with me and her daughter, you are funny Mariana.”

“Everything, sometime we feel terrible guilt, we have to continue in our lives with all the odd situations we have,” she replied calmly.

I become more calm too and told her, “I feel that guilt and I understand what you mean but I don’t take drugs to continue my life with such a family.”

“You are stronger than us and able to deal with that situation in better way, Vally,” she said.

I replied, “Not really, Mariana.”

Mariana surprised me again by asking, “Why do you feel guilt?, you were a Muslim before marrying to Nicole and get baptized, right?”

“What is that has to do with what we are talking about?,” I asked her back.

Mariana tried to explain herself by saying, “Being a Muslim you are allowed to get married to four women, right or wrong?”

I laughed and replied, “Right but under certain circumstances and with the approval of the previous wives.”

“That’s not the point, the point is you can get married to four different women and make love to them in fair way, right?”, she asked.

I got where she wants to reach so I replied, “True, but that’s doesn’t include a mother and her daughter, in Islam, even if I were married to one of them and that one died I can’t marry he mother or daughter.”

“But you are allowed as a Muslim to get married to your first cousin, while we consider the first cousin as a brother or a sister and we can’t marry them, right or wrong?”, she continued asking these silly questions.

I replied with a smile, “Right, get married not to have sex with them.”

“When you get married don’t you have sex with them?”, she asked laughing loudly in her slutty way.

I laughed as well saying, “Of course, we do.”

“Do you believe in one God or several Gods, Vally?”, she asked.

I replied little annoyed, “I believe in one God, what’s your point Mariana?, it becomes silly conversation.”

“Be patient please Vally, my point is, why God put different rules in different religions or in different societies, me myself I believe in one God but not as these religions says.

“The point is there is no rules, some people believe in something and others believe in something else, do you know that somewhere in India, it’s allowed for a woman to have several husbands, in Portugal and Serbia they don’t incriminate the sex between family members. What do you make out of that?”, she replied trying to convince me with that twisted logic.

I really tried to change the subject, so I said, “Ok ok, I got your point, but I don’t agree with your logic, now tell me how are you and Nicole partners in her political career?”.

“We are planning for years to get her into the party and get her into the parliament, once she retires, as planned she should retire next year, she will run in the elections of 2020 with all the support of the party,” she explained.

I looked more confused asking Mariana, “If so, why Nicole told me that story about blackmailing you, videoing you having sex with us to use that to get your help in her political plans!”

“That story wasn’t meant to be for you and let me explain, give me a cigarette please,” she said.

I gave her a cigarette and lighted one for me as well and poured more whisky for both of us.

Mariana explained saying, “Niky and Miruna are so close friends since they were young even with the 4 years age difference between them.

“They don’t hide any secrets from each others Miruna told Niky about her and Alex, Niky who encouraged her to fuck Alex.

“Also, Niky told Miruna about Gorge and you and how you are making sex with her and Nicole.

“Me and Nicole as well we don’t hide anything at all from each other and we knew that the girls are protective to each other, never they mentioned to us any of what they think it’s their own secret.

“Till few weeks ago when Niky told you and Nicole that the baby born is Alex’s son, in the same day Miruna told me that Niky is having sex with Vally and Nicole knew about that.

“Me and Nicole we met that day and we conclude that the girls are planning for something because they exposed each other secret to us in the same day and after so many years.

“Me and Nicoleta agreed to create that story of blackmailing and so to discover why the girls exposed each other’s secret.”

“Hold on Mariana, I don’t understand, how would that story help?”, I asked.

Mariana hesitated for a while the said, “OK I promised to be honest and forward with you Vally.

“Since long time Nicole trying to find a way to introduce me to you.

“Once Niky told her about the baby we saw it as an opportunity to do what we wanted from long time.”

“Still I don’t understand, introduce you to me for what and what you wanted for long time, what do you mean?”, I continued asking not getting what she meant.

Mariana blushed while saying in shy tone, “Since long time me and Nicole want to have sex with you together so that we become lovers the three of us.”

“Seriously are you talking?, I’m married to Nicole since 6 years, why now!”, I in surprise asked Mariana.

Mariana replied in more firm tone, “True but you left to Dubai early 2014, you were coming only for short visits, otherwise we would arrange that long time ago.”

“I’m here for 6 months by now, why when Niky told us about the baby,” I asked her.

Mariana said in firm tone, “Believe me we were waiting for the right moment and it would happen soon but without Niky, but after the girls exposed each other, we created that story since it’s a good reason to blackmail me and introduce me to you as only sex blackmailing then we develop our relationship between the three of us.”

Still surprised I said, “Interesting really interesting and why now, the day after I discovered that Nicole and Niky are taking that Ecstasy.”

“To please you first with fucking new woman, then to be part of the conspiracy of knowing I was drugged and videoed while you are fucking me so you accept the fact that they are taking that Ecstasy,” she tried to explain.

I really got frustrated from her explanation asking Mariana, “To accept the fact or to blackmail me in fact, as if I’m a part in such crime!”

“No one can blackmail any one honey, beside what crime are you talking about?”, she asked, trying to calm me down, she added in seductive voice, “I wanted you since you met Niccole and get married to her, Nicole was waiting for the right moment and it arise, and if you stayed here and not left to Dubai for sure we would arrange that many years ago.”

I replied in less frustrated voice, “If so why with Niky presence, why not only me, you and Nicole!”

“We wanted to know as well why the girls exposed each other to us, so Nicole suggested Niky’s presence,” she explained.

I seriously asked Mariana, “Did you discover why they exposed each other?”

“Of course, don’t you realise why Vally?, you are smart and were paying much attention to all the details on Saturday night!”, she asked back.

I replied anxiously, “What didn’t I realise?”

“Niky said it clearly, Miruna wants to fuck you, she even asked me in front of you and Nicole to bring Miruna next weekend with me,” Mariana answered.

I asked her in total surprise, “Are you and Nicole OK with that?”

“ I talked with Nicole yesterday afternoon after Niky left to Iasi, we agreed that if the girls really wants that and they insist, then Nicole will put a fight with Niky and come spend the night with me leaving you with the girls,” Mariana replied in very firm tone.

I asked in disgusting voice, “So, Nicole spend the night with you and your son you mean while I’m fucking both of your daughters, are you both crazy or what.”

“No no, never Nicole had sex with Alex or any other man neither me for 5 years except Alex.

“Our positions are critical as you know and don’t allow us to hang around with other men beside I told you Nicole is so loyal and faithful to you and even she was loyal to George as well.

“Beside, Alex left the home a year ago and we don’t see him much.” Mariana explained in very serious way.

I asked, “Why did Alex leave you and Miruna?”

“Because he didn’t want us to have the baby, he wanted Miruna to get an abortio, when we both refused, he left the house.

“He is working now in Cluj, beside he got a girlfriend as well,” she explained sadly.

I got more surprised and asked, “Wow, tell me Mariana, why did you want to keep the baby?”

“It’s the best thing can happen to a girl in her early age to have a child, she gets freed from the obligation of marriage, she can progress faster in her life and her career and enjoy her life more freely till she finds real love if she will find it,” she replied with a real convinced conscious.

Sarcastically I laughed while saying to Mariana, “Enjoying her life freely by fucking her best friend’s step father,” I added in more serious voice, “Let me get that straight Mariana please, I need simple clear answers even yes or no if you can.”

“Ok honey,” she replied.

I asked her very calmly in firm tone, “You wanted to fuck me from long time while your lover Nicole agree with that, hopping both of you that the three of us could be in sort of relationship”

“Yes, and we would tell you everything about our relationship and even my kids,” she replied.

I continued asking her, “You accepted meeting me today and you agreed or suggested to be secret relationship between you and me and brought me to your apartment!”

“Yes,” Mariana replied firmly.

I followed questioning her, “If the girls insist as you said, you and Nicole have no problem that I fuck Miruna together with Niky!”

“If they insist we can not do anything about it, beside I guess you wouldn’t mind to have sex with Miruna as well,” Mariana replied in sort of seductive voice.

I asked firmly, “So, did you and Nicole agree to that?”

“Yes, Vally,” she answered.

Shocked as I was, I said, “Oh my God.” I paused for a while trying to process all these nonsense bullshitt, then I asked Mariana, “I need to know how did you start fucking your kids and how did they start fucking each other?”

“OK I’ll tell you because you said you don’t judge people,” she said in sort of ashamed voice.

I replied, “Yes, I don’t judge any one but what’s going on is over my wild imagination.”

“Enjoy it you are a lucky man, you hit two horny mothers with their slutty daughters,” She said that with a big smile on her face.

I replied in still shocked attitude, “I'll see if that’s luck or not just tell me how did it start with your kids?”

Mariana adjusted her sitting while telling me, “OK, one after noon almost 5 years ago I returned home earlier than usual, the kids were at home after their schools.

“I heard some noises in Alex room, I got closer and I heard moaning and laughing.

“I opened the door, the kids were both naked in the 69 position, Alex laying on his bed eating his sister pussy while Miruna on the top sucking his cock.

“That was after Nicole told me what happened with you regarding Niky and how she asked you to have sex with her.

I were freezed, the kids got panic.

“What came to my mind then was Nicole, Niky, and you.

“I left Alex room without saying anything.

“I went to my room and I called Nicole, I told her what I just saw.

“She who advised me, if they are welling to get in such a relationship, it would be better for everyone to be under my eyes not behind my back.

“Also, Nicole told me that she was checking Niky’s mobile and she understood that Niky had told Miruna about having sex with you with her mother's approval, beside Niky was encouraging Miruna to have sex with her brother.

“We agreed then not to let the girls know that we knew what they are talking about.

“Alex and Miruna, came to me and tried to apologised and to explain after I finished talking to Nicole.

“I took Nicole advise, and told them they are free to do whatever they want, if they like what they doing, just they must keep it as a family secret.

“They promised me it will be a secret, and they were happy that I didn’t get mad on them or do something bad to them.

“The funny thing, after I gave them the ok to do whatever they want, they mentioned it was only oral sex and that was a sort of their excuse.”

I asked in surprise, “ Did you tell Nicole everything once it happened?”

Mariana replied firmly, “Yes, we don’t hide anything from each other, beside she told me everything before that when she got divorced with George and how Niky fucked you when you were sleeping and how you made Nicole write an approval for you to have sex with her daughter as she asked you.

In more surprise, I said, “Wow, really you know everything.

“So, you know I was dragged to that threesome and now it will be multiple threesomes.”

Mariana with real bitchy loud laugh said, “I told you, you hit the jackpot of two horny mothers and their slutty daughters.”

“Jackpot of fuck holes you mean,” I replied with sarcastic smile.

Marina laughed more loudly and joyfully on my comment of jackpot of fuck holes saying, “Wow you are so funny Vally.”

“Ok that’s Alex and Miruna, how did you get involved in having sex with them?”, I asked Mariana.

Mariana stopped laughing and tried to get serious while saying, “In few days after I did catch them, Alex had full intercourse with Miruna.

“They become obsessed about sex, sex all the time, naked all the time, fucking every where in home, it was just too much live porno for me.

“One evening after about 4 months, Alex suggested that I should join them, they saw online how a man can be with two girls and they like that.

“Again, I remembered Nicole advise, if I refuse, they might find another girl and try that threesome with her, and we got exposed, also again I imagined you with Nicole and Niky.

“I agreed and since then we were in open sexual relationship almost every day either two of us or the three of us together.

“Miruna is so bisexual and enjoy sex either way, and Alex so young and so energetic.

“Till Miruna got pregnant last year, Alex got mad and didn’t want the baby, he left as I told you to Cluj, studying still and working there.”

“I promised not to judge but how on the hell, you and Nicole who are bisexual and lovers for 15 years as you told me, end up both of you with kids involving incest sexual behaviour. Don’t you think you are both responsible for that?”, I seriously asked Mariana.

Mariana replied with sad face, “I don’t know, I have no explanation, maybe that is our destiny, that’s why we are so close me and Nicole.” She added, “Please Vally, don’t use that word incest, sex is sex between family members or strangers, at least that we agreed to believe me and Nicole.”

I left to the bathroom and returned sitting on the edge of the bed telling Mariana, “Come suck my dick bitch.”

“Thank you I’m happy you are not upset or angry and it’s OK to call me bitch. I’m and will be your bitch whenever you want Vally,” she replied really happily.

I said with controlling tone, “Sure you will be Mariana.”, then I asked her, “Did you take that Ecstasy today before meeting me?”

“I swear I didn’t, I really want you with all my senses and my complete awareness.” Then she added in pure lusty slut way, “I want you in any way either with Nicole or alone as now or even with the young bitchs, I don’t care, I just want you Vally.”

She come over to kiss me but I pulled away saying, “Just suck my dick bitch.”

She smiled, although I said what I said in disgusting way, saying, “Whatever you like Vally.”

She got on her knees between my legs and started licking and sucking my cock.

I just enjoyed my time, I lighted a cigarette, opened a beer while she stayed sucking my cock and licking my legs for over half an hour without any word or any sign of being bored or tired.

I really tried not to think about any of what Mariana just told me.

I pulled her up, still without kissing her, telling her, “Get on your knees over the bed bitch and show me your ass.”

She removed the big tray and put it beside the bed and bent as I told her.

I positioned myself behind her commanding her, “Squeeze your anus muscle Mariana.”

She did and I just spell some Silvia over her asshole entrance and shoved my dick inside her asshole all the way in.

A loud scream followed from her mouth.

I pulled my dick out of her asshole and insert him in her soaking wet pussy.

I stroke my dick inside her pussy few times, then I asked her, “Squeeze your anus muscle bitch.”

Again I shoved my whole cock inside her asshole in one hard push, she screamed again.

“Keep squeezing,” I told her while I started fucking her squeezed anus for few minutes then I pulled out again and entered her pussy.

“Omg, you are amazing Vally fuck me please,” she said while moaning in her joyful bitchy way.

“Who is my bitch?”, I asked Mariana.

She replied remembering the Saturday night, “I’m your bitch Vally, fuck me, you can fuck me wherever you want, whenever you want, you are my man, I’m your bitch, I’ll do whatever you want me to do, just keep fucking me please.”

I kept moving between her asshole and her pussy and she kept talking dirty and it seems that she got more aroused , she moved her hand to rub her pussy lips and her clit.

I said in firm voice, “Don’t touch yourself when I’m fucking you bitch.”

“Yes, ok fuck me Vally as you like, the way you want, I’m your bitch, do whatever you want with me,” she said so while moaning and screaming when I fuck her asshole.

After over 15 minutes, I told her, “Turn on your back bitch.”

I slammed her tits and squeezed her big hard nipples with my fingers once she turned on her back.

I said, “Wrap your legs with your arms and keep them up Mariana.”

Once she did so, I inserted my dick in deep in her asshole while she was screaming.

I fucked her asshole really hard in long quick strokes.

After few minutes I stayed still inside her asshole telling her, “Squeeze my dick hard bitch.”

She did, and once I regained my breath back I started to flinching my dick muscle inside her asshole without stroking.

Her screams and loud moans were non-stop and her dirty talk either.

During that I move my hand to her closed pussy from her leg position and inserted my thump inside her pussy while the rest of my hand rubbing her erected clit and her closed pussy lips.

In 30 seconds or less she exploded in a gushing orgasm groaning like a lioness.

“Omg omg you are amazing Vally,” she mentioned that with her exhausted breaths and her heart beats were so rapid and strong.

I could hear them.

I removed my hand away from her pussy and gave her a couple of minutes to catch her breath but my dick was still stiff hard deep inside her asshole, I kept flinching my dick muscle without stroking.

once she recovered a little and was able to squeeze again my dick, I started fucking her asshole in the same pace as before her orgasm.

Few minutes and I retuned my hand to assault and rub her pussy in the same way.

Again in less than a minute she gushed in another exploding orgasm.

“Omg, Omg, what are you doing to me?”, in breathless voice she kept saying so.

I pulled my dick out from her asshole and laid on the bed.

She downed her legs turning on her side.

Her rapid breath and her heart beats were as if she just stopped after a long sprint.

After I catch my own breath and she calmed down a little bit, I pulled her to me saying, “Now you can kiss me bitch.”

She kissed me so passionately and so deeply and I kissed her back.

I ended the kiss and asked her to handle me a cigarette and my mobile.

She lighted two cigarettes, handling one to me after deep inhale from the two cigarettes as she did before.

I checked the time it was 14.30, over 4 hours since we arrived to her apartment.

I said, “ Mariana, I’m hungry, should we go out to eat?”

She replied, “I can order a delivery if you have time my love.”

“I’m free till dinner time at 19.00 unless you want to go,” I said.

She kissed me saying, “Where to go while you are free with me.”

I returned to my mobile to find many messages from Nicole and Niky.

I didn’t bother to read any of them, just I text Nicole and informed her I’m out and I won’t be back home till dinner time.

I stand up saying, “Mariana I’ll go take a quick shower to refresh and clean myself.”

“What do you want to eat?”, she asked.

I said, “Whatever you order just ask them to come quickly please.”

I left to the bathroom and stayed there about 15 min.

once I returned back Mariana said in so joyful voice, “I’ll go too clean up and take a shower as well, the delivery should arrive in 10 min, the money is on the kitchen table.”

I replied, “Ok sweetheart.”

I stayed in the bath robe she bought for me and in less than 10 minutes the food arrived, I unpacked the boxes on the kitchen table and I waited for her till she came in.

Finally, she came to the kitchen wrapping her body in a big towel.

We started eating like wolves, she ordered too much food, salad, steaks, pasta, some appetizers, deserts.

After a while she pulled 2 cold beers from the fridge, and opened them.

While giving me my beer, she said in so happy relaxed voice, “Would you believe me if I tell you I never felt such intense orgasms, joy, pleasure and satisfaction in my entire life as I felt today.”, she added with a bitchy laugh, “I thought Saturday night was my best time ever, till half an hour ago, you are unbelievable Vally, no one gave me such satisfaction ever, no wonder Nicole and Niky are adoring you.”, she continued saying, “I love you really, and i adore you as well, really I do.”

I felt so flattered and replied, “All the pleasure is mine Mariana, as I told you before you are a fine lovely lady and I like you much.”, I added, “Sorry for the dirty talks but I need it to keep me excited,”

She came over and kissed me saying, “Never minded Vally but you are driving me crazy.”

“Why?”, I asked while smiling.

Mariana answered in firm voice, “I never met a man like you, you are so gentle, sweet talking, treating me so nicely and politely, in the same time you are so vulgar and humiliating in bed.”, she laughed loudly while saying, “Not all the times, in the morning you surprised me by making love to me, but later on you treated me like a whore, fucking me without even kissing me.”

I really laughed from my heart on her expression for a while then I asked her, “Which style do you prefer more sweetheart?”

“Honestly I like the both styles, you can do whatever you like to me the way you like Vally, l love you as you are, you are exceptional man honey,” she replied without thinking or hesitation.

I smiled saying, “ Great, thank you Mariana, you are a wonderful lady as well, you are kind, stylish, I like that much,” I paused for a moment then I said, “Mariana, you repeated more than once that you love me, what’s the point?”

“Isn’t allowed for me to love you?”, she replied seriously.

I said also in a serious voice, “You understand what I mean Mariana, you who said you are partner with Nicole and she is your best friend, beside you know everything about me.”

“I love Nicole and I love you now as well, don’t you think the heart can love more than one lover in the same time,” she replied still very seriously then added, ”I don't want to return to the 4 wives argument, but the man who is married to 4 women in your country, doesn’t he love the 4 of them in the same time?, don't they love him accepting sharing him sexually.

“You love Nicole, You love Niky as well, don’t you?”

I really smiled saying, “It is wrong argument Mariana, it's totally different situation, I’m not married to you or Niky,” I added in more serious tone, “And honestly, I don’t know if that is a love with Nicole and Niky or not, in 2014 I left to Dubai to run away from that situation, nowadays I’m feeling the need to run away again.”

Mariana was surprised with my reply, she said, “why would do that?, if I were you I just enjoy the joy of life.

“Nicole is rich and really loves you and appreciate all you are doing and did before for her and Niky, you were so kind and generous with them when you were financially in better situation.

“Believe me Vally every man in the world dream with 1% of the sex, fun and joy you are having, don’t throw that away.”

She paused for a moment before exploding laughing loudly, saying, “You hit the jackpot of fuck holes, didn’t you said that?, no one throw a jackpot winning away.”

She regained her serious tone adding, “Your wife is highly respected and successful in her career and most probably she will get her political career as well, if not, she will be retired.

“You can travel, enjoy her pension and wealth. I know what you have been through last year and how you lost everything in Dubai.”

“I understand all you are saying Mariana, but earlier you mentioned the guilt feeling, you all are using the drugs to overcome that feeling, I don’t like drugs and I’m not welling to start using them now,” I replied really sadly.

To my surprise, Marian asked me, “Why not?”, trying to explain herself, she added, “As long you can afford them you can enjoy them, Nicole has good stock,” she said so with smile on her face adding, “Both of us are capable to get them with no risk, beside they are not harmful, health wise I mean.”

“Did you finish eating?”, I asked her.

Mariana replied, “Yes, why?”

“Let’s return to the bedroom then, I need to lay down a bit and have a cigarette,” I replied.

Mariana smiled saying, “Sure, let’s move, I want to give you a massage like the one Nicole and Nike make for you.”

“Really you know everything about me, but leave the massage later on to digest the food a little bit, beside I’m enjoying talking to you, I don’t have any one knows that much about me and what’s going on with me as you are,” I said that in sincere way.

Mariana felt my sincere tone so she Kissed me for saying so.

“The charming gentle Vally is back again, you are killing me, you are so sweet,” she said that after kissing me with her bitchy loud laugh.

I kissed her back saying, “You are so lovely nice lady as well Mariana.”

I laid on the bed and lighted 2 cigarettes for us.

“So, would you like a pill?, I have few in my purse,” she asked me while looking into my eyes and smiling in seductive look.

I smiled back telling her, “No thanks Mariana, I feel great with you, beside you said you didn’t take any today”

“Yes, I didn’t, I feel great as well, I don’t need any pills while you are with me,” she said that so tenderly then with a big smile on her face she added, “ I feel just a little guilt towards Nicole, but I think after last Saturday, it’s not big deal to meet you alone without any one knowing. Don’t you think so.?”

I replied with a big laugh, “ You are a real bitch, what little guilt are you talking about”

She laughed her loud bitchy laugh.

I added, “But sure, it’s better to keep it that way and I hope you keep anything I tell you between us as well.”

“If I don’t intend to do so, I wouldn’t tell you everything in the morning,” she replied in assuring voice, then added, “Omg I was so scared you might get upset or react in different way, but you proved what you said about yourself.”

I asked her, “What did I say about myself?”

Mariana replied, “Understanding and not judgemental, by the way thank you for taking myside when we had the coffee yesterday with Niky.

“I appreciate that so much as well as Nicole, also Nicole mentioned that yesterday when she called me, and said Vally is controlling Niky very well, and she told me that Niky left to Iasi more upset because you went out without kissing her goodbye, she is so rude and so spoiled,” she added.

“You are welcome, for sure some one must leash Niky a little, she is so spoiled and she is the last one on the planet who can judge anyone else,” I commented.

Mariana smiled widely saying, “Yes, she is a terrible rude young bitch.”

“Mariana, you too can’t judge her or anyone else, that rule apply for all of us,” I said firmly.

Mariana apologised, “Absolutely, you are very right Vally, sorry.”

She leaned and kissed me for a minute or so, I kissed her back.

Then out if the sudden she said, “Vally Miruna is different than Niky, please please don’t hurt her.

“She never had any boyfriend except Alex and Alex is a young man cannot be compared with you or your stamina in any fashion.

“Even she delivered the baby through a C-section so her vagina is still intact, she is not any near experienced as Niky. Can you promise me that please Vally?”

I was surprised again with her forward talking about her daughter and assuring that me having sex with Miruna becomes an accepted fact.

“Sure, Mariana I promise you, I understand all you have said without telling me, it’s obvious, I saw her all the times with Niky, don’t worry, beside I didn’t decide yet to accept that threesome or not,” I replied after I absorbed that new surprise conversation.

Mariana seriously said, “No no please, if the girls insist enjoy yourself and have sex with them,” trying to seduce me or convenience me, she added, “Miruna just turned 18 few weeks ago, you will love her Vally for sure.”

“We will see,” I replied.

“Just be the gentle charming Vally with Miruna, with Niky you can be whoever you want,” She said that with a real slut loud laugh.

I laughed as well telling her, “You and Nicole are the strangest mothers ever, both of you say we love you, we enjoy fucking you, but please fuck my daughter as well and just have fun enjoy your self.”

“True, you are right Vally, you were asked before with almost the same words. “You are right its totally crazy.

“We both love you, we adore having sex with you and in the same time asking you fuck the young bitchs,” she replied.

“By the way on Saturday night, Niky was texting Miruna and I guess she send her some videos for our orgy as well,” I said to Mariana.

Mariana smiled saying, “Eh good, let Miruna knows what’s she up to.”

“Aren’t you concerned at all that Miruna watch what you were doing?”, I asked really surprised.

Mariana with her bitchy laugh replied, “What I was doing, I was having sex,” she laughed more loudly and more bitchy adding, “Beside I’m having sex with Miruna all the time, nothing to be ashamed of, I’m glad she saw what’s she up to, maybe she change her mind, but I know her, she wouldn't, she wants you now more than before for sure.”

She noticed the surprise on my face from her unbelievable reply, so she calmed down and stopped laughing saying, “Vally let me tell you something, I guess you know that.

“People are two types, the majority are not able to have their fantasies come true and maybe not able to have real sex at all, early marriage, conservatives, not experienced, name it as you like.

“That type are living miserably, not happy, not healthy, and you can recognise them just by looking to their face or their look.

“The other type is who are able to really live their lives and enjoy that life.

“No way any one can do so without proper continuous sex life and fulfilling whatever they fantasy about.

“Your problem as I see you ran out of fantasies I guess,” she said the last sentence with bitchy loud laugh again.

I smiled telling, “If I ran of fantasies I would not ask you to meet today Mariana.”

“Omg you are so charming and sweet Vally,” she said so approaching to kiss me.

We kissed for a while, then I told her, “I am really enjoying talking to you, I feel much relived Mariana.”

“Great, me too Vally, and forget about the sex, consider me your real friend from now on, we can talk whenever you want, and I promised you everything will be between just the two of us,” she replied seriously.

I said seriously as well, “No, I don’t want to forget about the sex with you, I liked much today, we can be real friends from now on but friends with benefits.”

I can't describe how much loudly or bitchy she laughed before saying, “I agree, friends with benefits, open benefits as you wish, whenever you wish, however you wish Vally.”

“Is the massage offer still available,” I asked smiling.

Mariana replied joyfully, “Of course Vally, whatever you want whenever you want where ever you want, I’m your friend as well as your bitch and your lover too if you accept my love.”

I just replied, “Thank you sweetheart.”

She kissed me and asked me to remove my bath robe and lay on my stomach.

I laid on the bed in the middle of it and hugged a pillow under my chin.

She unwrapped the towel from her body and got naked and laid above me.

“Am I heavy?”, She asked

I replied, “No sweetheart, it’s ok.”

She started kissing and licking my ears and my neck for some time, then slide over my body kissing and licking my shoulder, she continued to slide down while licking and kissing each inch of my back, my both sides with soft nice scratches over my back.

She reached to my butt and started light bite on my butt chicks with smooth kiss after each bite, she took some time on my butt chicks before moving down on my right leg licking and kissing each point of my leg till she reached my right feet.

She took my right leg up and bent it from my knee and started sucking my foot fingers, licking between them, she took quite time doing so.

I was really enjoying her touches.

She continued biting and licking all my right foot, then she left my left leg as well to bent it as my right leg.

She repeated the same sucking, liking and biting my left feet, for some time. She inserted both my thumps inside her mouth and sucked them and gave them more attention.

It felt so great.

She laid my legs back down and started going up through my left leg, licking and kissing each point of my leg as she did with my whole body till now.

Till she reached back to my butt, again soft bites and kisses on my butt chicks then she moved my butt chicks apart and licked between my butt chicks and my anus.

She inserted her tongue inside my asshole, I opened my legs to give more access.

She ate my asshole for about 10 minutes deep eating, I was in heaven.

She stared to pull out and lick between my butt chicks, then using her right index finger she penetrates my anus, which was so lubricated from her Silvia.

I squeezed her finger, she fingered me softly then inserted another finger and third finger.

She began twisting her three fingers inside my asshole giving my prostate very well nice massage.

She bent over and softly bite my butt chicks while twisting her fingers inside me.

After almost an hour in that massage treatment, I said, “Enough sweetheart, that was really amazing, thank you Mariana.”

She pulled her fingers out saying, “I hope you like it, I don't know if I match Nicole and Niky in their massage to you.”

“You are amazing sweetheart you are the best, I felt your passion in such wonderful massage,” I replied tenderly.

I turned on my back, I pulled her to kiss her so intensely even she tastes as my asshole but I needed to appreciate her long passionate massage.

I positioned her over my super hard dick by now, and just inserted my dick inside her soaking wet pussy.

“Omg, again Vally?”, she said while letting out a so nice moan, then she laughed saying, “That was free massage I got many friend benefits today.”

I replied, “But I didn't get enough from you yet.”

She kissed me so passionately for a min or so while moving her hips to accommodate my cock inside her vagina more deeply.

After the kiss, she said laughing, “I really enjoyed giving you that massage, fingering your asshole was so exciting, you have a nice hot butt Vally.”

She kissed me again then surprised me by saying, “Please don’t cum again with me, Nicole is waiting for you tonight, you didn’t touch her yesterday.”

I replied, “Unbelievable what you know about me, Nicole updates you about everything on hourly basis.”, I added, “Anyhow do not worry, I will not cum again and I’ll handle Nicole later on after dinner. Just I want to feel you little more.”

She smiled saying, “Whatever you want Vally.” , before returning to kiss me for a while.

She straighten her self over my dick, riding him for about 10 minutes.

I poisoned my finger on her clit and rubbed them nicely till she orgasmed.

She laid over my chest and I pulled out of her, we kissed again.

She smiled in total joy saying, “You are more than amazing Vally, if you were my husband I wouldn’t share you with any one.”

I checked the time, it was 17.40, I told her “I’ll take my shower, I should prepare to go.”

“Sure, honey,” she replied with that joy on her face and in her voice, adding, “Thank you Vally again and again and again.”

I kissed her and went to take my shower.

When I returned back she was dressed her sexy dress.

She said with her bitchy laugh, “I’ll take a bath at home, I want to keep your smell on me as long as I could.”

I smiled and got dressed.

She said, “I’ll leave everything till tomorrow, I’ll come to clean and arrange everything,” she laughed adding, “I’ll tell Nicole that I rented that apartment, so it become only for us whenever you like.”

“Were you coming here together?”, I asked Mariana.

Mariana laughed more loudly replying, “Yes, many times, but also, we were meeting in her apartment when you were in Dubai and Niky wasn’t home, or in my home if the kids were not there.”

I smiled saying, “Interesting.”

We left her apartment together, she offered to drive me back home, but I insisted that I need to walk to home because I need some fresh air.

“Ok Vally, we keep in touch, feel free to contact me any time day or night honey,” she said.

I replied, “For sure Mariana, thanks for everything sweetheart.”

I kissed her on her chick and left.

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