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Samone is in for one wild weekend.
Samone takes a chance.

A story of rape and murder.

I am a school teacher from a small town. I am black and lucky to have this job. As I am in the spot light, a young transplanted black girl, I must be on my best behavior at all times. I am a lesbian, but I cant let anyone in the community know this. I am 24 years old and I’m getting very horny with no steady girlfriend. I visit many chat rooms on line in hopes of meeting my heart throb, with other lesbians, but all I do is talk. There are many FaceBook groups of lesbians, but no lesbians close to me. All this chatting is producing is one fed up, horny, black lesbian that is getting no pussy. Pussy seems to be all I think about. Anytime I look at other female teachers, I wonder if they have hair on their pussies and what their cum would taste like. I like a hairy pussy that leaks lots of cum while I am licking my way from their asshole to their clit. If any of the teachers are gay, they dont show it. I am getting desperate.

Through one chat room I learned about a big ass party in a town about 2 hours from me. It is suppose to be wild where anything goes. There will be many gay girls and guys as well as straights. People of all ages. This sounds like something I could fit into with little or no chance of being recognized as the young school teacher from small town USA. I decided to go.

I know in parties like this, there will be plenty of drinking and plenty of drugs. I will have some of the drinking, but I never use drugs. I also know to keep an eye on my drink to make sure no one slips me any.

The party is in a large ball room in a hotel. I figure who ever did the planning, wanted rooms available for horny people like me. I would love to get some sweet thing to take me to a room and spend the night with me sucking, licking, and fingering until there is no more cum left in either of us.

When I arrived, the party was swinging. The music was loud, people were dancing. Some females dancing with other females. Some men dancing with other men. This was getting me excited. Maybe this trip would pay off. There were some dancing that looked like they were having sex on the dance floor, if it wasn’t for their clothes. I saw some girls walk up to two girls dancing and cut in. I saw men go up to two girls and cut in. Hell some men danced with two girls in a threesome. After a few drinks, I was ready to give it a try.

I walked up to a girl about my age, not beautiful but not a bow-wow. I figured that is who I would have my best chances with. She gave me a smile and we went to the dance floor. She held me tight. I could feel that old familiar feeling as her breast were grinding against mine. That was causing my breath to come in short gasps. I took the chance and lowered my hands to her ample ass cheeks, and she pulled me tighter. I was happier than I had been in years. As I could feel my cunt starting to drip, another girl came up and cut in with me. I felt the first girl was into me, now I could see another was into me. She was much older, maybe late 30’s or early 40’s, dark hair with dark piercing eyes, and as she pulled me tight, she whispered in my ear. “I have never eaten any black pussy. Can I have a taste of yours”? I was ready. I gave it all of 10 seconds to decide. All I did was smile and give her a nod.

She took my hand and pulled me with her. She knew the way to the ladies restroom. As we entered, the smell of pussy was in the air. I could hear moaning coming from the stalls, and two couples were just leaning against the walls with their dresses pulled up and their partner on their knees with lips and fingers giving the one standing enough to where it looked like they were about to fall over. The lady with me grabbed me and turned me around and shoved me against the wall. She pulled my short dress up and grabbed my panties, pulled them down and off, and slung them across the room. She looked at my pussy. “Oh heavens. I have never seen so much hair. I will really be a muff diver now.” She grabbed my pussy lips and her mouth started right off sucking my clit and then started licking all the hair around. I have never had anyone to lick my hair unless it was covered with cum. After licking all around, she went back to my clit. It was wonderful. I hadn’t had my clit licked for over a year. As she was licking and sucking, I felt a finger or two go up my cunt. They would go in and out a few times and then in her mouth. Back in my cunt. By her movements and moans, she was enjoying this more than me, but I was getting close. I grabbed two hands full of black hair and held her mouth tight against my cunt as I let go of all the spent up cum I possessed. She was going wild. As I took my hands from her hair, I was coming down from a splendid cum, she still held tight to my cunt. She was sucking out all my cum she could.

As she finally finished, she rose to her feet and started to walk off. I grabbed her arm and spun her around. I took her ample bosom in my hand and squeezed as hard as I could. “Pull up that dress bitch, and spread those legs”. I wasn’t going to let her go without me getting my taste. Her eyes lit up and she smiled as she raised her skirt and spread her legs. As I got on my knees and looked at her hairless pussy, I could see dried cum up and down her legs and dripping from her pussy folds. Her clit was hanging down like it had been pulled many times recently.

As I got close, I could smell her cunt. It smelled like it had been well used tonight and had a wonderful aroma. I licked her dripping cum. OH WoW. It has been much to long since I tasted anyone’s cum but my own. I loved it. I went inside her lips and shoved my tongue in as far as I could. I wanteed to suck out some more. She had a hold on my hair and pulled me close. “My asshole cunt, two”. OK, I knew what she wanted. I shoved two fingers in her cunt to get them slick and then I jammed them quickly in her ass. She squirted just then. Not a lot, but she soaked down my face. My fingers went in and out of her ass as I tried to catch all her pussy juice as she let go. My face and her legs were covered. Now I knew how she had so much dried cum on her legs. She pulled my head from her pussy and stepped back. I stood and she gave me the most sloppy kiss I have had in a long time. Our tongues were working overtime swirling around in each others mouth. She stopped, gave me a smile and a wink and said, “darling. That was wonderful. I hope I meet you again”. Then she was off.

As I walked out of the restroom, I meet another lovely. As she saw my soaked face, she smiled and said “oh I see you have met Jackie.” She moved closer to me and gave my face a lick, stepped back and said “yes you did”.

I went back to the dance floor trying to find the first girl I danced with. Before I could find her, another girl asked me to dance. A little on the heavy side with a strong smell of cum emanating from her body. She started feeling me up as soon as we were together. She pinched my tit and grabbed my ass. As she started licking my neck and ears, I felt my pussy start to ooze again. To reciprocate, I pulled up her dress and shoved my finger between her legs. No panties, but she had some hair and it was wet. She was moaning very quickly. She was rather loose, so in went two fingers. Still not tight. Three, then four. She liked this. That quick, she cam and pulled my hand from her dripping cunt. I stuck all four fingers in my mouth and sucked them of all their taste. I was going crazy with all that was happening to me. I should come back every week. I am going to cum and cum.

She held onto me as she came down from her last cum. She said “I see you are a cum whore. Do you like cock?” I told her absolutely not. “I eat pussy. I have been know to suck cock juice from a fresh fucked pussy tho.” She was in her late 30’s and wanted to know if I wanted some young pussy. “I want all the pussy I can get tonight. It may be a long time before I can get back”. She pointed to a young thing with a man and a boy. She said they had given her the “date rape drug” and they were going to take her to an upstairs room and have a party. “Do you want to go?” OH she looked so good and if I played it right, I may get to suck some man cum from her fresh fucked pussy. “Hell yes”. She took me to the three and introduced me. The older one looked to be a slime ball. I guess the young boy got acquainted with the girl to get the drug into her. They looked at me, grunted and we made our way to a room.

As soon as we got there, they threw her on the bed and stripped her clothes. She was barely conscious. As she lay there, my heart was going crazy. I wanted her so badly. As the men just stood there, I dove right into that beautiful cunt. Her pussy was so small I could cover the whole thing with my mouth. I ran my tongue over her ass and it was great. Up to her clit and back down. I formed a suction on her puss and sucked as hard as I could. She was half awake and as I did this, she let out a small moan. I shoved my tongue as far up her hole as I could. I gave her the ole two licks in her butt hole, two tongue fucks in her pussy hole, then two licks on her clit. Over and over. I could taste the first drippings. Oh so sweet and tasty. I inserted a finger as I licked. She was so tight. She finally bucked up from the bed and she had her climax. I sucked all I could get from her.

The young boy told me to move. He had his cock out and it was standing tall. He got between her legs, lifted her knees and as I had her all wet and opened up, he slid right in. The horny little bastard didn’t take long. He started grunting, gave a little yell and collapsed on the girl.

As he got up, I could see his creampie oozing from her ‘fresh fucked pussy’. That is what I wanted. I jumped right between her legs and put a suction on her pussy that would rival a Hoover. I was in heaven. The cum had ran down her crack and was also on her asshole. I love a finger in an asshole, so I used this to shove a finger in. Again she gave a little moan. It didn’t take long to suck her dry. I love nothing better than sucking man cum from a pussy. This trip was getting me all I could dream of. I rolled off her and slowly got up.

The slime ball old man started taking his clothes off. It was his turn at the young girl. As he took his pants off, a gun fell out of his pocket. He just ignored it as his eyes was on that beautiful pussy. All wet and opened up for him. The young boy asked him if he was going to use a condom. “Hell no. I have the disease, why cant everyone?” The young boy said, “No Jim. Dont give this to the girl. I got her for you, so at least use a condom?” “Fuck you asshole.” He started going to the girl. I didn’t know what to do, but I didn’t want him to give her his disease. I didn’t know what he had, but the boy was awful worried about it.

I jumped on his back hitting and yelling at him and tried to pull him off but he was to strong and was only thinking about young pussy. I picked up his gun and hit him in the head to get his attention. “Leave her alone or I will shoot you, you fucker.” As he grimaced in his pain and looked at me, he got up and started cussing at me. He started towards me and said, “Maybe you need a little of my cum?”

OH fuck. What am I going to do. It looks like this fucker was going to do damage to the both of us. I looked him in the eye, pointed the gun at him and yelled “stop”. He didn’t. I pulled the trigger twice. He stopped and fell to the floor. What the hell have I done?

The blood was running from his chest and flowing to the floor. I have never seen blood coming from a body. I think I was in shock. He was actually dead. My heart was beating out of my chest. The boy appeared to be frozen. The weirdest feeling come over me. I cant explain it. I walked to the man, bent over and touched the blood coming from his body. It was warm and slick. I dont know why, but I raised it to my lips. My tongue came out to taste it. It was a little salty like man cum. As I stuck my whole finger in my mouth, my other hand went to the bloody body. I moved it around and covered it with blood and brought it to my mouth. As I tasted it, I started shaking. My hand went to my pussy. All I did was touch my clit. I felt my orgasm coming. I pushed hard on my clit and my head throbbed. My whole body went numb. My legs gave out and I fell to the floor. My body was going into spasms. What was happening? It hit me. I had the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. I think I may have passed out for a little while. As I recovered from the orgasm I started to think about what had just happened.

The boy was visibly shaking. As I thought through this, I said to him. “We need to get out of here and go as far as possible. The gun is his and when they find the girl, they will find the ‘date rape drug’ in her body and will think she came to and shot him. It will all be over. We just need to run.” I was thinking of the people back home finding out about me and it would all be over. I would loose everything.

“No, I cant do that. He was my friend.” “If I leave here, you dont know me. You will be caught with a drugged girl and a dead body. You will go to jail for the rest of your life. Think about it and lets get out of here.” “No. I cant do it.”

Fuck Samone. What are you going to do? I thought of one thing I could do, and for just a second, I raised the gun and shot twice at the boy. He fell. As the blood ran from his body, I again got a hand full, sucked it into my mouth. Again just a touch on my clit and I again went into a spastic orgasm. What is this taste of blood doing to me? After my breath came back to normal, I put my clothes on and got the hell out of there. With the noise from the dance floor, I guess no one heard the shots. I exited the back door, got in my car and slowly drove home. When I got there and thought of all I did, all the cumming, all the pussy I ate, and what about tasting blood?

I stripped my clothes, got out my assortment of dildos and vibrators and fucked myself for over a hour. Cum was running everywhere. As I was cumming, I was telling myself, “I have to get over my thirst of blood.
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