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This is the tale of how I found true love while participating in one of my hometown’s little known, but deeply cherished local traditions. The story contains no bestiality.

Hi, I'm Jethro, I’m twenty years old and I live with my parents and two younger sisters on one of the small islands off the east coast. Although, to be truthful, that’s where I used to live, as I'm currently spending most of my days on the mainland, attending university. But the island will always be home to me and once I’ve graduated, I’ll surely go back. There's just something special about life on a small, isolated island like ours that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

Until the day I’ll return to the island for good, I can only try to visit home as often as I could, which is nowhere near as often as I wanted. You see, merely driving from the campus to the harbor would take at least four hours. If traffic was heavy, five or six hours was more likely. And that was just the first part of the journey. From there on, the only way to the island was by a three-hour boat trip. Weather permitting, this boat shuttled back and forth three times a day. Bad weather, however, was liable to keep the ferry moored at the harbor for days at a time, especially during the stormy autumn and winter months.

While this remoteness was a bit of a pain to me now, the isolation was also what made our island unique, and is therefore essential to the story I am about to tell you.

As you can imagine, our community is largely self-reliant and very much independent of the mainland. It’s been like that for centuries, and even modern technology had not been able to change that. According to the tourist board, our 'picturesque island' houses about 19,000 people, and over 50,000 sheep that roam the fields and forests. Apparently, we are ‘known for our own unique and age-old traditions', most of which are in some way connected to our ‘long lineage of brave fishermen’ and dedicated to ‘the men who sailed stormy seas to bring home nothing but the finest fresh fish’.

While most of our local festivities do indeed involve the sea and its bounties in one way or another, one was quite unlike all the others. That particular day is known as Linus Day, and it is probably the most cherished of all our traditions. Linus Day is celebrated each year on the day of the first new moon in spring and got its name after a nobleman that featured in one of the local legends. It was because of this holiday that I had decided to skip my classes and visit home for a couple of days.

The Legend of Linus.

A long time ago, there lived on the island a man named Linus. As the story goes, he was a wealthy nobleman who had everything his heart could desire. Good looks, lots of money, a luxurious home and scores of friends. His good fortune seemed complete when he met a beautiful girl with a smile that brought sunlight to a rainy day. He quickly fell in love with her and within weeks of their first meeting, he asked her to be his wife. She gladly accepted his proposal and a huge wedding feast was announced. Everyone on the island was invited.

Unknown to Linus, his fair young fiancée wasn't the only one who had fallen for his handsome looks and charming personality. There was another woman, one who was deeply scorned when she learned of his betrothal. On the evening before the wedding, this other woman paid the nobleman an unannounced visit. She warned him that his fiancée was not his true love, and that he should marry her instead. When Linus replied that she was mistaken and that there was nothing she could do to change his mind, the woman burst out in anger. In a fit of rage, she summoned the ancient spirits and put a curse on the bride-to-be.

Before storming out the door, the enraged woman swore that if Linus did not call off the wedding, his bride would be turned into a sheep and be cursed to roam the island among the other animals for the remainder of her life. Only if Linus could prove his love for the girl was true, would he be able to lift the curse.

Linus was a judicious man and in too good a mood to let the woman’s angry ravings ruin his day, and quickly forgot the entire incident. However, the next morning, on the day of the wedding, the young bride was reported missing. The townsfolk searched the whole island and left no stone unturned, but the girl was nowhere to be found. It was then that Linus recalled the woman's angry words, and fear struck his heart. He ran into the fields and scrutinized every herd on the island, desperately looking for his lost fiancée among the sheep. He searched all day, but the animals all looked and sounded the same. Devastated, he returned home.

Before long, people started talking about the nobleman's increasingly eccentric behavior. He hired a dozen huntsmen and ordered them to shoot all the wolves and wild cats on the island. Once that was done, he had all his lands converted into pastures and bought many acres more, only to let them lay unoccupied, except for a few flocks of sheep. He subsequently declared that no-one on the island was to ever lay a finger on the animals and assured the people he would repay all damages caused by them.

Even his friends and family believed he had lost his mind when Linus then sold his wealthy home and became a shepherd, living in a wooden shed. The years went by and the nobleman spent a fortune doing everything he could to protect the island’s ever-growing population of sheep. His resources were diminishing fast, but still he managed to feed and shelter the animals throughout one of the longest and harshest winters the people on the island had ever witnessed. At last springtime arrived, and on the night of the first new moon he lay in his shack, alone, cold and hungry. He had lost absolutely everything, every penny he owned, his mansion and his scores of friends. Everything but his looks and the thousands of animals he cared so deeply for.

On that first moonless night in spring, though he himself was starving, he gave his last piece of bread to one of the sheep that took refuge with him in the shack. Then, as he watched the animal devour the dry morsel of bread, it suddenly shed its thick coat and from under the layer of wool emerged a beautiful young woman. It was none other than his long-lost fiancée, his one true love. By sacrificing absolutely everything he had, Linus had finally managed to lift the curse.

Reunited at last, Linus and his fiancée were married the very next day. The news quickly spread throughout island and the townsfolk now arranged to host a feast for the impoverished nobleman and his beautiful bride. Together they built them a new house in the fields, where the couple lived happily ever after. Linus and his wife had six children, all beautiful girls with blonde, curly hair like that of a newborn lamb, a trait that was still prevalent on our island to this day.

As the story goes, it was this legendary wedding feast that the people hosted for the nobleman and his wife that evolved into the local holiday now known as Linus Day, and it is still dedicated to that ancient couple's true love.

Although you won't find it mentioned in any of the tourist board's leaflets, the legend of Linus was also linked to another, more obscure, but equally cherished tradition. This tradition was commonly referred to as Sheepshaggin'.

On the evening before Linus Day, all the young and unmarried women would dress up as sheep and hide in the woods or fields. Then, as soon as the sun had set, the men would go out as well. If they were in a relationship, it was their task to find their girlfriends and if they did, their love was supposedly destined to be true.

The festival of sheepshaggin’ was arguably even better for those who were not in a committed relationship. If you were a single guy, tradition allowed you to go into the forest and have sex with as many dressed-up girls as you could find. All night long, all single and willing females were considered fair game. And better still, the complete darkness of the new moon and absence of electric lights practically ensured complete anonymity, if that's what you desired. It was understood that even a total loser could get lucky on sheepshaggin’.

Me, I was not a total loser and furthermore, I was in a serious, albeit waning, relationship. This night, like every other sheepshaggin’ for the last three years, my girlfriend Amanda was somewhere out there waiting for me, but tonight I had not been able to find her. I had been searching the dark woods and desolate fields for ages and looked for her in all the places that used to mean something to us, yet I was still wandering alone. I had run into several dressed-up girls in various locations, but none of the lambs proved to be my true love.

In a way, it was indicative of our relationship; I just did not know what Mandy was thinking anymore. After we finished high school almost a year ago, I left the island to attend college while she chose to stay behind and find a job. Although we telephoned almost every day and I did my best to be with my girlfriend as much as possible, our relationship had been going downhill ever since. Especially over the last few months she had changed, becoming more and more detached from me. Whatever remained between us now was purely physical. I mean, the sex we had was still great, but at times it felt more like she was an escort than a girlfriend.

A month ago, my friend Dave told me that he had heard that Mandy was making new friends and seeing other guys. A few days later I had confronted her, and we had a big fight, during which she vehemently denied the accusation. The subsequent make-up sex was spectacular, and maybe I was a bit too eager to believe her after that. But it didn't seem so far-fetched to me now. In fact, it would explain a lot.

It was pitch dark. The only light around was from the few ships far away on the ocean and the millions of tiny stars above me. A gentle breeze rolled in from the sea, dragging thin, ghostly shards of fog into the valleys. I was shivering. Although the vast stretches of water surrounding the island provided us with moderate temperatures all year round, it was quite chilly tonight. It was unlikely anyone would be hiding here on these inhospitable beaches, least of all Mandy, who absolutely despised the cold. I left the dewy shores behind me and directed my search more inland. As I moved on to higher grounds, the climate improved greatly, but still I couldn’t seem to shake off the cold.

It wasn’t the weather though, that caused my discomfort. The duffle coat I was wearing was thick enough to keep me warm, but no amount of wool could keep the chill from my heart. What I really needed to fend off the cold were a loving pair of arms around me, and a supple, warm body to cuddle and caress. Unfortunately, apart from those few twinkling lights far away on the ocean, there wasn’t a single sign of human life around.

As I strode on, the dead silence of the night was broken by the sound of church bells tolling in the distance. It was twelve o’clock, which meant I had fruitlessly traversed the fields and forests for some two hours now. Who knows what would happen tonight. Spending this much time searching the island was proof of my love for Mandy, right? And maybe when I finally kissed her lips, she'd turn back into the girl I used to know and forever be my true love.

On the other hand, if it didn't happen tonight, we might as well break up. Part of me was already willing to accept that I wasn’t going to find her and take it as a sign that Mandy was not my true love after all. Though the idea of going home surely was tempting, it wasn’t in my nature to quit this easily. I could not give up the search until I had examined every place that had some kind of special meaning or memory to us, no matter how insignificant. I pushed my hands deeper into my pockets and walked on, feeling more and more morose and pessimistic with every step I took.

Another hour later, I was just about to throw in the towel. I had checked every site I could think of that had some memory attached to it, and for the last twenty minutes I had been wandering around aimlessly. I knew it was time give up, go home and seriously rethink our relationship. But which way was home? Looking around, I had to admit that I was lost. All I knew was that I was in the middle of a large hayfield, surrounded by a vast, empty darkness. With no recognizable landmarks anywhere in sight, the only thing I could do was to keep walking and hope to eventually stumble across some point of reference to point me home.

As I cut across the field, my path was blocked by one of the old rock wall borders that haphazardly divided up the fields. With no particular direction to go, I walked along the border to wherever it was leading. A couple of hundred yards further on, I saw something moving in the darkness, something grey or white. By now, most of the girls would have been taken home by their lovers, whether old or new, and only a girl who was truly dedicated to her love would still be around. The figure seemed to be a little too big to be a stray sheep, it could be a dressed-up girl. Who knew, maybe this time I was lucky.

As I closed in on the creature, the sound of my footsteps alerted it to my presence. The way it moved was like a girl, not like a sheep. With new hope, I walked toward the girl. A soft, hesitating bleat soon confirmed my suspicion as she greeted the stranger approaching her from the dark. I was still a couple of feet away, but I already knew this girl wasn’t Mandy. She had the right kind of curly blond hair, but her girlish figure was too small, too lithe and her voice too soft and kind. I bend over and kissed her anyway. Her lips were soft and warm. Her scent and the touch of her lips made me thirst for more. Sadly, our kiss ended all too soon.

I held the girl in my arms, delaying the moment I had to let go of this little lamb and head back into the cold and lonely darkness. I really wished this lamb was the girl I was looking for. Though I had no idea who she was, I felt a strange connection with her. If I wasn’t supposed to be looking for someone else, I would have loved to stay. The girl must have thought the same thing, because as I was hesitating to let her go, the blonde pressed her lips once more against mine and gave me another kiss. A little shy she opened her mouth and licked my lips. Knowing I shouldn’t, I opened my mouth anyway.

Had that first kiss merely been a traditional and rather impersonal greeting, this second kiss was something completely different. Tender. Intense. Playful. Inquisitive. Sensual.

It is hard to describe how much I enjoyed kissing this girl. But, although our second kiss lasted a whole lot longer than the first, it too had to end sometime, whether I wanted it to or not. When our lips disconnected, my head was spinning and my search for Amanda suddenly seemed a lot less important than before. Before she released me from her embrace, the girl gave me one last peck on the lips. Then she got down on all fours again, and went back to her role as a sheep, like she was supposed to.

“Little lamb, could you be my true love?” I asked the customary question.

I was unsure of how she would react. I didn’t even know how I wanted her to react. Had she been my true love, she would now get on her feet and take off her costume, then whisper “yes” and kiss me once more. If she was waiting for someone else, then she'd look away and bleat again. Secretly, I was hoping for option number three. If this girl was single and willing, she would now present me her rear for some more anonymous, casual fun.

The girl remained silent. Still on all fours, she hesitated for a few moments and then, finally, she moved. My heart rejoiced as she turned around; not only was the girl still single, she was single and willing. Even though I couldn’t accept what she had to offer, it was a relief to know that somewhere on this island there was a sweet girl that wanted me. She brushed impatiently against my leg, like a playful lamb. As if her intentions weren’t clear enough, she then grabbed my hand and placed it under her skirt, between her legs.

I wavered. The smooth skin of her inner thigh was soft and warm, and it felt dangerously good. The only thing that kept me from ravishing this lovely little lamb on the spot was a deep-rooted moral obligation to my girlfriend. For a guy in a relationship, kissing other girls was permissible during sheepshaggin’, but anything beyond that was still considered cheating. But what if I wasn’t in a relationship anymore? It would be a shame if I passed up this lovely lamb because of a misplaced sense of loyalty to a girlfriend who was nowhere to be found tonight. A girlfriend who I was just about finished with anyway, and who in all likelihood had been cheating on me for weeks, if not months.

I was fighting a losing battle with myself. The frustrations of this long, lonesome night and the doubt that had grown over the last months got the better of me. I knew the right thing was to stay faithful to Mandy and leave before I did something I’d regret later, but no matter how hard my conscience was ordering me to stop, I simply couldn't. There was something about this sexy little lamb that held me captivated. It was like the spirit of Linus was whispering to me, telling me that this girl and I belonged together.

While my conscience was still battling my carnal desire for this girl, my hand had begun moving on its own, drawn like a magnet towards that wonderful place high up between her legs. I was so close to her pussy now, I could feel the heat radiating from it. The lamb bleated impatiently and spread her legs even more, granting me full access to her fiery sex. As she was moving, I felt something tickle my wrist. I knew it was something other than her skirt, but didn’t have the time to find out what it was, because an instant later my fingers encountered a downy patch of hair and then a very, very aroused pussy. She gasped as my thumb slid between the slick and delicate female petals and traced her little treasure from the tiny bead of her clit to the tight hole beneath her puckered ass.

She pushed back against my hand and gently rocked her hips as I played with her pussy. While my hand moved up, her ass moved down and the tip of my thumb lodged itself into her opening. While I was still hesitating, she immediately pushed back, and her vagina hungrily accepted the intruding digit. She was tight but wet, and I entered her smoothly. My thumb was enveloped by her moist heat. I pulled it out a little and then pushed back in, gently squeezing her juicy peach between my fingers.

The girl groaned sexily as I explored and played with her pussy. Getting her this horny was in itself very gratifying, but I knew it was only a prelude to what the night held for us. By now, there was only one thing on my mind, and that was bringing this nightly encounter to a mutually satisfying end. I was determined to give us a good start by making her cum first. Guided by her reactions, I quickly learned what excited her most. When I slowly pushed my thumb in and out of her pussy and rapidly rubbed her swollen clit with my finger at the same time, I knew I had struck gold. Her moaning quickened and then she bucked her hips as her orgasm took control of her body.

The way her tight pussy had been squeezing my thumb when she came was unreal. I could only imagine how incredible it would feel to have those muscles work on my cock. I could take her right now if I wanted, while she was still in the throes of her climax. All I had to do was drop my pants, aim for penetration, and we’d be fucking. As much as I looked forward to doing exactly that, something was holding me back. It wasn’t my girlfriend. It was the notion that this girl was special, someone who deserved much more than a rushed, anonymous shag in the dark. While I couldn’t do much about the anonymous part, there was nothing that could stop me from taking my time with this girl.

Knowing I was going to have sex with the lamb in due course, I first sought to taste her kiss again. I kneeled down next to her and pulled her into my arms. She was still panting when our lips met, but as my tongue slipped between her lips, it was eagerly greeted by her own. She truly was a great kisser. She displayed a tenderness and enthusiasm that I just couldn’t get enough of, and despite us being complete strangers, her kisses had the distinct taste of something I had been missing for a long time; genuine desire and sincere affection.

After another lengthy and passionate kiss, I was starved for air and feeling drunk on the little lamb’s lips. I opened my eyes, half expecting to be greeted by the most beautiful girl with the sweetest smiling face, but all I could see was the faint silhouette of a girl with blonde curls and wearing what most likely was a pair of sheep’s ears. She still had her arms draped around my neck and her face was mere inches from mine, yet almost invisible in the moonless night. I was staring deeply into her eyes, trying to establish what color they might be. She was gazing back into mine, possibly wondering the same thing.

She leaned forward again and tenderly placed another one of those soft pecks on my lips. Though still passionate and intense, the message behind this kiss was again completely different than before. With this kiss the girl told me that she was ready to move on.

“I want you” she whispered, in case her kiss had failed to deliver its message.

Despite the obviousness of her statement, my heart skipped a beat when I heard her say those words. I grabbed her ass and lifted her in my lap. Without wasting another second, she moved her hands down my chest and began to work on my pants. Regardless of the rather awkward position and the lack of visual guidance, she managed to undo my belt buckle and open my fly. She reached into my boxers and pulled my penis out of my pants.

She closed her fingers around my engorged cock and ran her hand up and down the shaft. An appreciative moan escaped her lips as she felt up my manhood. My cock was as big and hard as it had ever been, and I was glad I lived up to her expectations. I lifted my ass off the ground and she worked my pants a little further down my legs. She then re-straddled my lap and sat down with her hot, naked buns on my bare legs. With her arms wrapped around my back she scooted forward until her firm breasts were pressed against my chest. We kissed again.

While the girl was seated in my lap, she unzipped her pleated skirt and took it off. She hugged me even tighter and pressed her pussy against the underside of my cock. My hands were holding her naked ass, cradling and fondling the firm round buttocks. I was fully aware that if I lifted her just an inch or two into the air, my cock would be poised for penetration, and that I would only have to lower her again to be inside her. From the impatient way she was dry-humping me, I knew she must be thinking something similar. The downy fur on her cushiony mound tickled my shaft as she rubbed against my throbbing erection. Every now and then she would tilt her hips a little and her pussy would give my cock and balls a hot, wet kiss.

It was around that time that I discovered what had been tickling the back of my hand earlier¬. Tied around the girl’s slim waist was a small ribbon, and attached to it was a woolen tail, a sheep's tail to complement the ears on the headband in her hair and the black make-up on the the tip of her nose and upper lip. I let the soft, furry tail run tail through my fingers. It was only a little detail, but I liked it. While I was wondering what other surprises this girl had in store for me, she grabbed my hand and slipped something in it. It was a square wrapper with jagged edges and a flexible, ring-shaped object inside. I easily recognized what it was; a condom.

Thinking straight had become an impossibility, it was like my body had already chosen for me. The blood had drained from my brain and inflated my cock, which by now was so hard, it felt like it was going to explode if I didn't get inside this girl soon. With trembling hands, I tore open the package and pulled out the condom. I could hardly see my own hands, but I managed to put it on. Nothing was gonna stop us now.

The girl rose onto her knees and wrapped her arms around my neck to steady herself as she lowered herself down onto my lap. My cock needed no guidance to find its goal. Like a heat-seeking missile, it homed in on its target and pierced her smoldering pussy. She inhaled sharply as the tip of my cock parted her lips and penetrated her inner sanctum.

She held still for a moment with my cock an inch or so inside her pussy. I could feel her struggle to take me in. I know I’m no porn star, but I have nothing to complain about when it comes to size, particularly in circumference. The girl discovered this when she reached inside my boxers earlier and now she knew what it was like to feel it inside her. She was very tight, but I don’t think I was hurting her too much, and if I did, it didn’t stop her.

Finally, the girl was sitting in my lap, having accepted every inch I had to offer. She sat still for a moment as she needed a little time to get used to having her intimate tissues stretched by my cock. Her pussy was deliciously hot and wet, and incredibly tight. I could feel the muscles of her vagina ripple and twitch, trying to contract around my cock. Even without moving, being inside her was nothing short of sensational. Finally, she sighed contently and kissed me again. It was only a quick kiss, merely a nonverbal way of conveying her appreciation. I wanted to kiss her back and return the compliment, but she was gone again.

The girl rose onto her knees, taking nearly all of her weight off my lap and started to move. At first she was only rocking her hips, but it wasn’t long before she progressed to moving her entire body up and down along the length of my cock. Each time she went up, the muscles in her already tight vagina grabbed my shaft, as if her body was reluctant to let me go. Then she’d come down again, and the silky tissues eagerly yielded and sucked me back in, making soft squishy noises as she dropped in my lap. I renewed my grip on her butt and thrust up into the delightful depths of the horny little lamb on each downward movement. Our bodies instinctively found the right tempo and soon we were truly fucking. The memories of my missing girlfriend were fading fast, hopefully to be replaced with new memories the girl and I would make tonight.

Having sex with this stranger filled a need inside me I didn’t even know I had. It is difficult to describe, but it was beyond mere animal lust, it somehow transcended my physical needs. I know it sounds cliché, but it was like our souls were meant to be together, like she was a part of me, and I was part of her. Until tonight I would never have guessed I was incomplete, but now I suddenly was whole, and it felt good.

After riding my cock for some time, it became evident the girl began to tire. She tried to continue at the same pace, but inevitably had to slow down and ultimately stopped moving altogether. She draped her arms around my neck and moved in for another hot kiss. I could hear and feel her rapid breathing as her lips sought mine. Then, as our lips met, she leaned back and pulled me along with her until she was lying on her back on the ground, and I was on top of her.

Now that we were lying in a missionary position, it was up to me to do most of the work, but she wasn’t just lying there. She had her ankles locked behind my back and pushed her pussy up at me with every thrust. I was penetrating her much deeper now. My cock regularly bumped into the end of her pussy, but she didn’t show any signs of discomfort. All she did was beg me to go harder, faster and deeper as she raced towards another orgasm.

I gladly complied. Spurred on by her whimpered pleas I fucked her as hard as I dared. A minute later her supple body stiffened, and with a loud gasp, she came. She tightened her arms and legs around me, clutching me with all her might. Her hips bucked as a series of powerful tremors chased through her body. It was a good thing she had made me wear the condom, or else I would have blown my load that instant. It was only because of the slightly reduced sensitivity that I was able to keep fucking her throughout her entire orgasm, stretching and intensifying it until she couldn’t handle any more and fell on the ground, begging me to stop.

I held the girl in my arms while she kept cumming. She had both her arms around my back and was holding me tightly. Even without me fucking her, her orgasm seemed to go on, as ever diminishing series of contractions continued to milk my cock for over a long time after that first powerful wave of contractions. All this time I lay on top of her, cuddling and caressing her while she slowly regained her senses. The girl’s lithe body was so much smaller than mine that I was afraid I’d crush her underneath my body, but every time I tried to move, she clung onto me and pulled me back.

Finally, her eyes opened, and she giggled apologetically, as if she was embarrassed for letting herself go like that. She nuzzled my face and sought my lips wit hers. Our mouths met, and she slipped her tongue slipped between my lips. Once again, I was struck by how great a kisser this girl was. Her tongue led the dance in our mouths in a way that was unlike any girl‘s I had ever met. Compared to her I was sluggish, slow and inept, but if I in any way failed to meet her expectations, she didn’t show. Her kiss and the taste of her lips were like a drug, and I was becoming hopelessly addicted.

With our lips pressed together and locked in intimate embrace, we rolled around on the ground. I hardly noticed the painfully sharp little rocks and sticks that littered the cold, hard soil, absorbed as I was by her smell and taste and the feel of her body. When we finally had to break off our kiss, I was lying on my back and she was on top again.

The girl sat upright and held me pinned down with one hand on my chest as she slowly moved her hips back and forth. After about a dozen of those movements, she moved back a little too far and I slipped out of her pussy. The night air felt cold on my cock as it swung free and slapped wetly against my belly. The girl didn’t put me back in, but moved even further down on my legs, reached for my cock and wrapped her hand around the shaft. She grabbed it rather firmly, almost painfully. Despite being an incredible kisser and a wonderful sex partner, the girl wasn’t great at giving a handjob. As a matter of fact, it was almost like she didn’t know how to jack a guy off at all; she just kind of dug her fingers into the skin and pulled. I was just about to take her hand and guide her movements, when I felt the condom slip. She renewed her grip and then pulled the rubber all the way off.

Now that the girl had gotten rid of the thin layer of protective latex that had separated us before, she moved over my lap again and guided my cock back between her silky lips. Her already deliciously hot and tight pussy felt a thousand times hotter and tighter without the protective condom. Its velvety tissues now kissed and cherished every inch of my cock and I could feel the muscles in her tight canal work on my shaft.

The girl gave me another quick peck on the lips and whispered, “Better?”

I had lost the power to talk. All I could do was grunt. She giggled again and then started to move. Although it was her who was fucking me now, I was in no way just an instrument she used for her own gratification. As she gracefully moved her body up and down, she seemed to intuitively know exactly what gave us both the most pleasure. She alternated long slow strokes with short, quick rocking motions of her hips, steadily building up the pressure, but always slowing down again whenever she sensed I was getting too close to ejaculating.

Before long, I could feel she was going to orgasm again. Her breathing quickened, and the graceful movements became more erratic until she stopped bouncing up and down altogether and sat down in my lap, rapidly rocking her hips back and forth. Wet noises sounded as she ground her clit into my pubic bone. Then she froze and with another loud groan she came. She shook and bumped her pussy against my pubis a couple of times and then she fell into my arms, limp and lifeless like a rag doll.

Her lips sought mine as she recovered from another exhaustive climax. She was shivering, and I could feel the goosebumps on her damp skin of her back as the tips of my fingers traced the series of bumps of her spine, wandering upwards under her thick sweater. By the time I reached her neck, I realized this lamb wasn’t wearing a bra. I retraced my steps and felt her sides, from her arms to her waist, confirming my suspicions. Moving back up via the front, my wandering hands were treated to a delicious pair of firm, naked breasts. I cupped my hands around the two perfectly shaped little orbs. Like everything on her, her breasts were quite petite, barely a handful, but they were delightfully firm and soft and smooth. I could only dream of what these beauties would look like. Were they pale or tanned, did she have small areolas or large? One thing was sure; whatever her breasts looked like, I bet they were spectacular.

It was like she was reading my mind, because as I was caressing and exploring her hidden feminine treasures, she grabbed the hem of her sweater and casually pulled it over her head. She flung the thick woolen garment in the air where it disappeared in the darkness. Although I still couldn’t see much of her, I now had a naked girl in my lap. I silently cursed the darkness, as I knew I was missing out on a spectacular view. This girl had to have a pair of magnificent tits, perhaps the most beautiful pair ever created, but all I could see was a faint silhouette swaying in my lap.

Even though I couldn’t see her breasts, fondling them was just as thrilling and there were many more things I could do without sight. My mouth was watering as I envisioned sucking on them. I leaned forward and closed my lips around one of her nipples. I flicked my tongue across the sensitive nub and was rewarded with a sexy groan. Biting softly, I pulled back until the nipple slipped from my mouth and then I latched onto the other one. I spent a lot of time thoroughly teasing and tasting each nipple, the sensitive areolas and the smooth skin surrounding them.

All this time my anonymous lover was steadily rocking her hips, and even though her movements were small and subtle, the constant stimulation of my cock pushed me increasingly towards an inevitable orgasm. The feel of her body, the taste of her lips and nipples was simply too intense, too good. My balls drew tight and I whispered I was going to cum. She just whispered ‘yes’ and grabbed my shoulder. Like before, she pulled me on top of her and folded her legs around my waist. I thrust into her with all my might as we both raced towards orgasm. The moment I felt the first blast of semen race up my shaft, my mystery lover came too. For an instant, time ceased to exist, and the girl and I were one being, one single body in our own universe made of pure pleasure.

We remained together until long after out orgasms ended, locked in a passionate embrace while we were coming down from our sexual high. For what seemed like an eternity I could feel her pussy twitch and clench around my cock, still trying to draw every last drop of semen from my balls. Finally, she relaxed her grasp and opened her eyes. Her lips found my mouth and we exchanged another sweet, tender kiss. I was falling in love with this girl, and I could not stop it. Suddenly, I felt a pressing need to know who she was.

There was one big rule at sheepshaggin’; anonymous sex was anonymous. Until the break of dawn, you did not reveal your identity. It was the one rule you simply were not allowed to break. Telling the girl my name, or asking for hers could possibly offend her, which was the last thing I wanted. The only accepted way to circumvent this taboo was to spend the night together and get properly acquainted in the morning. There was only one problem. I couldn’t possibly spend the night with this girl, no matter how much I would have loved to. Not as long as I technically still had a girlfriend.

Half an hour ago, I had all but decided to give up the search for Amanda, but now I was once again determined to find her. Although the goal was the same, my motives had changed drastically since I met the girl. Had I first hoped to find Amanda and be reunited with my true love, now I only wanted to make sure there was nothing left to salvage, and then quickly move on with my life, preferably together with this girl.

The girl was shivering in my arms as the cool night breeze chilled the damp skin of her back. Although I wouldn’t mind fooling around a little more, I didn’t want her to catch a cold, or worse. I was feeling around for her sweater when my hand landed on something soft and furry. Picking it up, I recognized it as the woolly tail the girl had been wearing around her waist. At some point while we were having sex, the ribbon had come undone and the tail fell off.

“You've lost your thingy” I said.

“My thingy?”

“Here” I said, giving her the furry tail.

“My lucky tail… Here, you keep it,” she whispered, “and think of me.” She handed it back to me and gave me one more kiss. After the kiss, her lips stayed near mine, as if she was hesitating. “But… If you want… I'd… really like to spend the night with you”

‘Spend the night’ didn’t mean just more sex, it also implied waking up together. It was as close to asking me who I was as was allowed. It meant I wasn’t the only one who felt something special had happened here tonight.

“Little lamb, I wouldn’t want anything else” I whispered, “But… I can’t. Not yet. There’s something I have to do first… I…” I didn’t know what to say, how could I tell this girl that I loved her, but that I first had to dump my girlfriend of three years, and not sound like a complete douchebag?

I tucked the wooly tail in my pocket and got up. We didn’t say another thing while we dressed ourselves and reluctantly got ready to part. I hesitated to let her go while her identity was still a complete mystery to me.

“I…” I started.

“Shhh” she said, laying her finger on my lips. “It’s okay, I understand… But, if you change your mind, I’ll be waiting for you in Old Jim's barn. And please, for God’s sake, be quiet” she whispered. Then she stepped back and disappeared into the darkness. She was gone, and I missed her already. Almost immediately she reemerged and gave me one last sincerely affectionate kiss. Then she disappeared for good, and I was alone.

After I had gathered my belongings, I sat down on the rock wall and replayed her words, digesting them and making sure I remembered them correctly. Despite its obvious intention, it was a strange request. Old Jim, or uncle Jim as we called him at home, was a grumpy old bastard who was known to chase people off his property with a loaded shotgun. He was my mother’s uncle and I knew him well, so he probably wouldn’t shoot me, but the girl couldn’t know that. Why then would she ask me to go to such a perilous place? Was she testing me? Did I have to prove my valor by risking my life to be with her? Or had my rejection angered her and was she now playing a cruel trick on me?

Then another idea came to mind. What if she had chosen Jim’s barn because she knew nobody would look there but me? It was the option I liked best, but I knew there was only one way to learn her true reasons, and that was to spend the night together and ask her in the morning. It was another reason on my already long list to go there, but before I could allow myself to take one step in the direction of Old Jim’s barn, I had to find Amanda.

Suddenly, I was feeling terribly guilty. I had cheated on my long-time girlfriend. Even if Amanda turned out not to be my true love after all, I still betrayed her when I had sex with that gorgeous lamb. It was an act I disapproved of wholeheartedly, despised even, and I could not understand what had come over me to let myself go like that. What made my infidelity even worse was that I didn’t regret it, and longed to do it again. Making love with the little blonde, even as rushed and anonymous as it had been, was so much more intimate and passionate than it had ever been with Mandy. It had been everything I yearned for these last months, and much, much more.

I decided that first, I had to find Amanda and figure out my feelings for her. Only if there really was nothing worth salvaging, and I had formally broken up with her, would I allow myself to think about that other girl again. The only problem was time. I had no idea who the little lamb was or where she lived, I only knew that she would be waiting for me at uncle Jim’s barn. It meant I had to hurry if I wanted to see her again. Who knows how long an angel would wait for someone like me? Half an hour? An hour? Two?

One thing was clear; if I wasted too much time looking for Amanda, the identity of the blonde goddess would remain a mystery forever. With renewed determination to find my girlfriend, I fastened my duffel coat and hurried off into the darkness. Having already checked all the familiar places, I decided to revisit the ones I checked first, in case I had missed her before. My first stop should be somewhere nearby; a small forest known as Jack’s grove. Hidden in the heart of that dense group of trees was a little pond and next to it a patch of mossy grass. It was one of our dearest spots on the island. It was there, on that secluded pasture, that Mandy and I had made love for the first time. It was also where I had found Mandy on our first night of sheepshaggin’, three years ago.

When I first visited that place, there was a dressed-up girl hiding by the pool. A lamb I initially thought to be Mandy, had it not been for the stale taste of cigarettes on her lips and a coldness in her kiss. While I was still undecided, she quickly broke off the kiss and a resolute bleating sealed her rejection. That was three hours ago, but it felt like years had passed since.

It took me a while to figure out where I was exactly, but then I was off. Running most of the way, I made it to Jack’s grove in under ten minutes. As I neared my destination, I heard the sound of male voices hollering in the dark. I decided to check out the source of the commotion and headed in the direction of the voices. Maybe I’d find one of my mates, or someone who might know Amanda’s whereabouts. A couple of yards ahead, I discovered the clamor of voices originated from inside Jack’s grove.

As I made my way through the trees, the hollering fell silent for a brief moment. No longer drowned out by the loud male voices, I could now hear a series of hoarse moans. It was a girl who was doing the moaning, and she sounded suspiciously much like Mandy. I could not yet see what was going on inside the clearing, but the noises that echoed in the forest left little to the imagination. The loud, lustful moaning was cut off by muffled gagging and slurping noises, and accompanied by the rapid, repetitive sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

At last, I reached the opening in the forest, and the source of the racket. As I looked through the trees, I saw the small patch of mossy grass was illuminated by the soft glow of a kerosene lamp. Carrying a lantern or flashlight was expressly forbidden by the unwritten rules of sheepshaggin’, but I did not care about that, because it allowed me to see what was going on. There were at least thirty guys standing in a semicircle, drinking beer and scratching their balls as they gazed at the lewd display that was taking place next to the pond. Peering through the group of men, I saw a glimpse of not one, but two naked girls, one of them being Amanda. She was on all fours and had her head buried between another girl’s long, shapely legs, while some fat guy was fucking her hard from behind.

I quietly crawled through the brush to the other side of the pond and hid there in the darkness. From this position I had an unobstructed view of the action across the water. There was no mistake, the girl was Mandy. The legs wrapped around her head belonged to her new friend Diane, also known as the biggest whore on the island. I did not know the guy that was fucking my girlfriend, nor did I know either of the two Neanderthals who were having their cocks sucked by Diane. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls didn’t know them either.

I had already suspected that Mandy’s friendship with Diane was partly responsible for the growing divide between my girlfriend and me. She knew I didn’t like her associating with people like Diane, and she assured me she had nothing to do with her, barely even knew her. Like all her lies, I had believed it at the time. It was only later, when Dave swore me that he himself had seen them going out together, getting drunk and having fun with guys in bars that I started to doubt her words.

Now there was no doubt anymore. She claimed she hardly knew Diane, yet here I was, less than twenty feet from my whoring soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, watching her lick Diane’s hairless pussy like it was made of ice cream. I had no idea Mandy even had any lesbian or bisexual appetites, but it was obvious Amanda was well versed in the art of eating pussy. She was slurping lustfully on Diane’s clit and fingered her sloppy hole at the same time. Her friend was grabbing handfuls of hair and moaned loudly whenever her mouth wasn’t filled with one or more cocks.

All this time, the nameless fat guy was pounding away at Mandy’s pussy. His bloated, hairy belly slammed against her ass with smacking sounds that reverberated in the forest. After another minute of this brutal fucking, the man bellowed that he was going to cum. He slammed into Mandy’s ass one last time and then clenched his butt as he flooded her canal with his sperm. Amanda didn’t even look up as the guy came inside her, she just kept lapping and sucking Diane’s pussy.

When he was completely spent, the guy withdrew his wilting cock, pulled up his pants and staggered away. A flood of his slimy semen gushed from Mandy’s inflamed pussy and oozed down her legs. Judging from the amount of cum already dripping down her thighs, this man wasn’t the first to unload inside her tonight. Nor would he be the last.

Right then, one of the guys who Diane was blowing grunted a few words and yanked his cock from her lips. He pumped his fist up and down his shaft a couple of times and then poured a dozen squirts of cum into her wide-open mouth. Then he too tucked his cock back in his pants and stumbled back to his mates in the pasture. Meanwhile, the other guy was also jacking off and within a couple of seconds he too ejaculated into Diane’s gaping mouth. After he had added his load to that of the first guy, Diane closed her mouth and got up.

With her mouth full of cum, Diane pulled Mandy up on her knees. She grabbed Mandy’s head and, while the crowd was going insane, let the slimy cum drip from her lips. Amanda opened her mouth and let her friend feed her the double dose of cum straight from her mouth. The girls kissed and swapped back and forth the large mouthful of sperm until Mandy swallowed it all. She then proudly presented her empty mouth to the audience, and promptly called out to the crowd for more men to fuck her.

A new guy walked up to the girls and dropped his pants. I knew the guy, a total asshole. The girls couldn’t care less about his personality, they only had eyes for the big, throbbing, pre-cum drooling erection he offered them. They both jumped at it, but it was Mandy who won. She gobbled up his cock and really went to town on it. Diane, formerly the biggest slut on the island, was forced to play second fiddle to her friend and pupil. All she could do was lick the guy’s balls and asshole, and hope Mandy wouldn’t have sucked him dry before she had her chance to blow his cock. To add injury to insult, while my cheating slut ex-girlfriend was slobbering on the asshole’s cock, a second guy grabbed her ass and rammed his cock in her sodden pussy.

With Mandy being fucked from both ends and having no cock inside her herself, Diane was feeling left out and she also called for more guys, practically ordering the audience to come and fuck her. A small group of volunteers emerged from the crowd and not much later she was sucking cock, bouncing up and down in another guy’s lap while a third guy fucked her ass. With all her holes stuffed and her role as top slut somewhat restored, Diane was happy again. The audience was cheering wildly as the five men proceeded to fuck the girls in all their holes.

I gazed at the depraved spectacle for maybe fifteen minutes while I was trying to digest this new information and decide what to do next. I figured I had only two options; either make my presence known and give Amanda a piece of my mind, or just leave and forget about her. As I watched her thirstily gulp down another load of cum and then hoarsely call out for more, I decided to take the second option. Making a scene would be humiliating, risky even, and utterly pointless.

Besides, I really didn’t care that much anymore. I had seen how my cheating girlfriend was being passed around like a 5-dollar whore and cummed in by one guy after another. There was no doubt as to whether she was participating willingly. Whenever Mandy’s mouth wasn’t on a cock or pussy, she was asking for more guys to fuck her ass or pussy and ordering them to fill her holes with cum.

I also understood now that the girl I had met here earlier had indeed been Amanda after all. She undoubtedly had known who I was when I kissed her, and she chose to reject me. Maybe it was at that moment that she decided she didn’t want me anymore, or, more likely, she and Diane already had their little gangbang prearranged, and she didn’t need me hanging around. Frankly, it didn’t matter, I had seen enough.

The sounds of Mandy’s infidelity were fading quickly as I distanced myself from Jack’s grove. My feet carried me away aimlessly, and soon I was completely alone again, surrounded by silence and darkness. Once again, my path was cut off by one of the low rock walls and again I had to decide where to go. But this time, before I could pick a direction, I first had to determine my destination.

I sat down on the hard, cold rocks and tried to make up my mind. There was a lot to think about and I had to clear my head a bit before I made any rash decisions. I had set out to find Amanda, and I had found her. Seeing her and discovering her true nature, didn’t make me feel angry. I didn’t even feel betrayed. I already didn’t want her anymore before I even entered Jack’s grove. If I felt anything, it was relief that our decaying relationship was truly and undeniably over.

I pushed my hands in my pockets and let the furry tail slide between my fingers. The little keepsake was the only evidence I had that the encounter wasn’t a dream, that the girl was real and the time we enjoyed together really happened. The girl’s whispered request to meet her in Old Jim's barn was firmly etched in my mind. At the time I couldn’t take her up on her offer, but now that I had declared myself single again, I was morally allowed to see her, and even spend the rest of the night together. Maybe I should just go there to see if the girl was really waiting for me.

I really, desperately wanted to be with her again. Not just for more awesome sex, but to hold her in my arms, smell her hair and kiss her lips. And of course, to spend the night together and get properly acquainted after sunrise.

At the same time, there was another voice inside my head, warning me that it might not be the best idea to rush into another relationship just yet. While I couldn’t ignore the fact that there was wisdom to that voice, the idea that I might lose the only chance I had to find out who the lamb really was, scared me. It was almost an hour already since we parted. Bad idea or not, I just had to go back to her, back to Old Jim’s barn.

But, where the hell was I?

Not surprisingly, I was once more completely surrounded by darkness. I knew that behind me was a hayfield and on the other side of the rock wall border there appeared to be an empty meadow. I could see the stars in the sky above me, and far away in the distance a few buildings, but no recognizable landmarks. I climbed over the wall and continued my hike in the direction of the houses. Maybe I’d know where I was when I got there, or else there would be a road that would lead me back to civilization. I made my way through the knee-high grass until I arrived at a barbed wire fence. As walked along the fence, I had an almost religious experience.

The building I was heading for was none other than Old Jim's barn. Fate, or maybe the spirit of Linus, had guided my feet directly back to my little lamb. There was only one thing I could do. I hopped over the fence and tiptoed towards the big old shed.

Uncle Jim was probably asleep, and I happened to know that his aging watchdog was practically deaf. Still, the dog could see well, even in the dark, and his sense of smell wasn’t bad either. I knew that as long as I kept quiet enough not to wake either Jim or the dog, I should be reasonably safe. A few nervous seconds later, I had made it across the yard and reached the barn. My heart was pounding in my throat as I pushed open the big door.

Inside the barn it was even darker than outside. I whispered into the darkness, announcing my arrival and closed the door behind me. Though there was no reply, I had the uneasy feeling that I was being watched. Then I heard a noise behind me, and as I turned around, the silhouette of a girl leaped into my arms. Even though I was quite startled to say the least, I caught her mid-air. She had covered my entire face with kisses before her mouth found mine and her tongue snaked between my lips. Her sweet kisses were like a drug to me, and the longer we kissed, the more I wanted to keep kissing her. The increasing need for oxygen made us break it off eventually.

“Little lamb, could you really be my true love?” I whispered after I got my breath back.

“Maybe...” she replied, and gave me another peck on the lips. “Yes”

She took me by the hand and led me deeper into the barn. She must have spent some time exploring before I arrived, as she appeared to be quite familiar with the interior of the barn. It was utterly dark in here, as even the faint light of the stars was mostly blocked by the tattered roof, yet the girl effortlessly maneuvered us past empty stables and old farm equipment. I couldn’t help but feel a little pride swelling inside my chest as I imagined the girl roaming the barn while she was waiting for me, preparing herself for another encounter with her true love.

My little lamb carefully guided us through the darkness to our destination, which turned out to be a haystack. She halted and turned around. I bumped into her and she caught me in her arms.

“We’re here” she whispered.

She undid my coat and let it fall on the ground. Then she took my hands and sank down into the soft hay. I moved with her and sat down next to her. We both knew we had the entire night ahead, and despite our mutual desires, there was no rush. I couldn’t be happier. Being with this girl was all I wanted, for as long as possible.

All my thoughts, all my hopes and wishes revolved around the girl, yet I still didn't have a clue who she really was. All I knew was that she was about 7 or 8 inches shorter than me, with a willowy physique and a head full of blond, curly hair. This only narrowed it down to a couple of hundred girls on the island. I still couldn't ask her name, but there was no rush. There was a time for talking and a time for making love, and this wasn't the time for talking.

We made out in the hay for a long time. I couldn’t get enough of her kisses and her hot, supple body. While our tongues dueled, my hands sneaked underneath her thick wool sweater and ventured into the enticing territory hidden below. Her soft skin was radiating with heat, burning my fingers as I felt her up. Inch by inch I caressed my way up from her waist, dragging her sweater up as I went. As I reached her shoulders, I had her upper half almost naked. Finishing the job for me, she pulled it over her head and sent it flying. Like before, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and again I cursed the darkness that prevented me from ogling her treasures. Like a blind man, I reached for her chest and cupped my hands around her pert little breasts and studied them by touch.

I squeezed and kneaded her supple female flesh. The delightfully full and firm breasts were barely a handful, but they were hers, and I didn’t want them any other way. I could feel her erect nipples as they poked into the palm of my hand as I caressed the soft skin. I let my fingers trace around the puckered nubs and over the tiny bumpy areolas surrounding them. Her nipples were small, but they were firm and perfect for sucking and nibbling. Though I didn’t know what she looked like, I was sure I could make a perfect sculpture of her face and body.

My half-naked lamb was dry humping me as I explored and teased her with my fingers. She was already hot and willing, but I wanted to draw out our foreplay until I had her literally begging to be fucked. Planting a trail of kisses down her neck, I moved down towards her breasts. She groaned sensually as I drug my tongue through the valley between her twin beauties and then kissed and sucked on her delicate skin. Making my next move, I closed my lips around one of the puckered-up tips and softly bit down on it. I gently tugged on it with my teeth and then slowly let it slip from my grip, which elicited another sexy moan.

At the same time, one of my hands had struck gold underneath her skirt. Her downy pussy was still as hot and wet as before. She readily parted her legs for me and my fingers slipped inside her. While I continued sucking on her breasts, I started fucking her with one, and then two fingers. The nerves in her nipples seemed to be directly connected to those of her pelvic muscles. I could feel her pussy contract around my fingers every time I bit on her nipples.

Her hands were on my head, grabbing fistfuls of hair as she groaned, delirious with lust. She did her best to stay quiet, but when I also brought my thumb into play and rubbed it around her tiny clit, she forgot all about the world around us and moaned out loud. It was vitally important to stay quiet, and not wake uncle Jim or the watchdog, but the girl was drowning in ecstasy, gasping and moaning with little restraint. I had no choice but to relinquish her breast and cover her mouth with mine to muffle her voice while my fingers kept working on her pussy.

Soon thereafter the sustained attack on her sex became too much for her. She held her breath and I could feel the tension build inside her lithe body. Then, with a muffled cry, her orgasm washed over her. With my thumb tweaking her clit and my fingers massaging her g-spot, I was sending waves of pleasure through her body. She was cumming long and hard, shaking violently with every new wave. Long after her orgasm started, little tremors kept running over her entire body.

While my young lover had been almost naked for some time now, I was still entirely

dressed. It was something that had to change. Though still slightly fatigued after the long and intense orgasm she just had, the girl straddled my lap and began to undress me. Her nimble fingers quickly undid the row of buttons on my shirt. Every inch of skin exposed was greeted with another kiss. After she had undone every button, she continued working on my belt and then my fly. With a little help, she managed to pull off my shirt and then my pants, along with my underwear. Now we were both practically naked.

She closed her hand around my cock and moved her fist up and down, proving for once and for all that she did know how to give a proper handjob. Then she kneeled between my legs and kissed it. Her lips were all over my shaft, kissing every inch from the root to the head. She seemed reluctant to take me into her mouth, and I wasn’t going to make her do it if she didn’t want to. She kissed her way back to the tip and I thought she’d leave it at that, when suddenly her lips closed around the head. I uttered a deep groan as she sucked me into her mouth.

It was obvious this girl didn’t have much experience in giving blowjobs, but her enthusiasm more than made up for that. Besides, I knew I’d have a wonderful time helping her perfect her technique later on. It wasn’t long before she got the hang of it. I didn’t have to say anything, it was like she knew what I liked and what I was feeling. A few times she accidentally scraped my glans with her teeth, but I forgot about that instantly when she started sucking again. With only the tip in her mouth, she bobbed up and down while she applied a strong vacuum. At the same time, she had one hand stroking my shaft, and the other fondling my balls. The feeling was incredible, and I knew I wasn’t going to last long being stimulated like that.

I warned the girl that I was about to cum. She just nodded and intensified her stroking and bobbing even more. I gave her one final warning and then I had to let go. A wave of semen was rushing up my cock and erupted in her mouth. I was seeing stars and feeling light-headed as I came harder than I could remember. Despite my repeated warnings, the force of my ejaculation caught the lamb off guard. She gagged and coughed as the first jet of cum splattered against the back of her throat, but she kept sucking almost without interruption. She kept sucking until after I had stopped shooting and then she swallowed everything I had given her. After she released me from her hot mouth, she licked my shaft for any drops that may have escaped her lips and then placed a last peck right atop the sensitive tip.

She came up again, kissing my neck and cheek. There was a heavy scent of sperm on her breath, but it didn’t put me off. However, she seemed disinclined to kiss me with the same mouth I had just ejaculated in. I wanted her to know she needn’t be worried. If she was willing to swallow my cum, then the least I could do was kiss those lips. I lifted her chin up and kissed her full on the mouth. As voraciously as she had blown me, so tenderly did she kiss me. The girl was capable of being both an angel and a devil at the same time, and I loved them both.

All this time her hand had never left my cock and her steady rubbing had prevented me from going flaccid. In fact, I was still fully erect. As she broke our kiss, she straddled my waist and slowly sat down on my cock. She whimpered softly as she impaled herself and the delicate tissues of her pussy, still tender from our first encounter, were straining to accommodate my invading penis once more.

Despite her tenderness, she took me in all the way, and in one smooth go. When I finally bottomed out, she held still for a moment and then she began to move. Barely perceptible at first, she rolled her hips and rocked back and forth in my lap. It was torturously slow, but incredibly exciting. Her nubile, lithe body weighed next to nothing and I could have easily grabbed her and use her body for the gratification I so much desired. However, it was she who was in control and if she wanted to take it slow, that was fine by me. Besides, I’d last a whole lot longer that way.

My hands found her ass and I caressed the firm, round cheeks as she slowly moved up and down in my lap. Every now and then she’d lower her face to mine and we shared another kiss. Each time she moved up, her delicious breasts were right in front of my face. I only had to lean forward, and I could feast on the smooth skin as she rode me. Like before, I felt her muscles contract each time I bit on her nipples, only now they were clutching my cock instead of my fingers. She rode me like that for a long time, slowly and lovingly. It had nothing of the frantic hunger for release that had characterized our first time. This time it was all about sharing and exploring our feelings, learning about our bodies, and giving as much pleasure possible. I realized that without ever sharing a single conversation with the girl, I had completely fallen in love with her.

Surrounded as we were by utter darkness, it was almost like the two of us were alone in our own private universe where time did not exist. The only sounds were the rustling of the hay and the squishy noises her greasy pussy made as she moved up and down my shaft. With every stroke her intimate muscles were massaging my cock, but after her tremendous blowjob I was in no risk of cumming too soon. I was glad for it, as I desired nothing more than to keep making love with this girl, to keep feeling her supple body underneath my hands and to keep tasting her tender kisses on my lips, for as long as possible. By now, our bodies were highly in tune and we were moving together as one, rhythmically pushing and relaxing as our bodies instinctively found new and unimaginable levels of pleasure.

She rode me in that slow, heavenly way for a long time, but eventually she began to show signs of fatigue. She was breathing heavy, even as we were kissing, and I could feel that there was but little strength left in her little body. By and by her motions became less fluid and the pace more irregular. My hands were already supporting most of her weight as she moved, but still her legs were tiring, and they couldn’t sustain the movements much longer. Finally, she lowered her ass in my lap and slowly rocked her hips while her fingers combed through the hair on my chest. While she may have been temporarily worn out, she was not done fucking yet. I wrapped my arms around her back and while holding her tightly, I rolled us over, so she was resting in the hay and I was back on top.

She pulled her legs up high and wrapped them around my waist. At the same time, her arms were clutching my shoulders. She clung to me like a limpet as I pumped her pussy in a restrained, but relentless pace. Her soft moans were getting louder now that her excitement grew to climactic levels. So loud in fact that I was once more fearing she might wake uncle Jim, or the dog. It didn’t mean I was going to slow down now, not while the girl was this close to orgasm. It would almost be worth fighting off an angry watchdog or shotgun-wielding maniac if I could make her climax once more.

Just to be sure we wouldn’t be disturbed, I placed my hand over her mouth to muffle her moans and whimpers. Then her orgasm hit, and I could feel her teeth cut my skin as she involuntary bit down on my hand. I hardly noticed it, as her divine pussy was milking my cock like crazy and I suddenly found myself in risk of climaxing too. It took all I could muster to keep thrusting into her buttery snatch without cumming. After another minute of seemingly continuous orgasming, she fell back in the hay, panting and begging for a time-out.

I honored her request and pulled out of her snug sheath, but I wasn’t planning on granting her that time-out. I crawled down her body, past her magnificent breasts, her tight stomach, and the small patch of pubes, to her fiery sex. Her swollen lips were dripping with honey and I licked it all up. Along with my cleaning work, I periodically teased her little clit, testing whether she was ready for my cock again. When I was able to close my lips around the swollen nub and suck on it without her shirking back, I knew she was ready for another round. Before I took her again, I spent a few more minutes licking and kissing her sweet peach, fingering her slick hole, and pleasing that little bead of her clit. I thought about tickling her tight little asshole with my tongue, or introduce that highly sensitive orifice to my probing fingers, but I didn’t know how the girl would react to anal play, and besides, it might be a good idea to keep a few aces hidden in my sleeve, so to speak, so I could surprise her with it sometime in the future.

I pulled the girl onto her hands and knees, kneeled behind her and then prepared to ease my cock back into her deliciously tight pussy. My hands moved down my lover’s slim waist until they came to rest on the swell of her firm, round behind. Having found some meat to hold on to, I pushed forward. A deep, involuntary groan sounded from her mouth as I slid in until my hips pressed against her ass and the tip of my cock bumped into the firm lump of her cervix.

I could feel the ring of muscles around her pussy’s entrance squeeze the base of my cock, and I knew I was all the way inside her. Although it was a fantastic feeling to be fucking her this deep, I eased back a little, as I didn’t want her to feel sore inside. While holding on to her ass, I began to fuck her at a moderate pace. Almost immediately she pushed back at me, silently reassuring me that if there was any discomfort, she could handle it, and spurring me on to fuck her harder and deeper. Well, if that’s what she wanted, I was happy to give it to her like that. I renewed my grip on her ass and began to thrust into her as hard and deep as I dared. It didn’t miss its effect, as the girl was soon moaning continuously and chewing on her sweater to keep her from screaming.

The pressure in my loins had faded a little while I was licking her sweet pussy, but after a few minutes of this intense doggy-style fucking, it felt like I was about to burst again. I hoped I could hold on just long enough to cum together with the girl. Sharing an orgasm together would be the perfect ending of the best sex I ever had. However, before I could make that perfect ending happen, we needed to change positions one last time. Although fucking her from behind like this was awesome and highly stimulating for both her and me, it was lacking a bit in intimacy, and of all things, intimacy was what I was craving most. When I was gonna cum with her, it would be with her arms around me, and my lips mashed against hers.

I pulled out, gave her dripping pussy a few licks and then I nudged her side, signaling her to roll onto her back. She understood what I wanted and once she was on her back, she immediately spread her legs for me and pulled me on top of her body. Reaching between us, she grabbed my cock and guided it back inside her.

I grabbed her legs and raised them high. With her legs on my shoulders I proceeded to pump her fast and deep. I knew I wouldn’t last long anymore. Her soft whimpers and moans told me that she too was approaching another orgasm. I pounded her buttery pussy with the last of my strength, doing my utmost to make her cum before I did. I felt my balls drew tight, and then the first jet shot up my tubes. Thrusting deep and pressing my lips in her neck, I fired a second load into her pussy, just as she came as well. As I felt myself flow into her body, we became one and climaxed together.

We stayed like that for a seemingly endless period of time, fucking and cumming until I had given her everything I had and my deflating cock slipped from my lover’s pussy. We remained in each other’s arms long after we stopped moving, lying face to face while we cuddled and kissed in the afterglow of the best sex I had ever had. I was feeling completely drained, both mentally as well as physically, but happy and completely satisfied.

She moved her head back a little and looked at me, despite the utter darkness.

“I… I think I love you” she whispered.

“Little lamb, I think I love you too” I whispered back.

She gave me another kiss. Like all her kisses it was a passionate and tender kiss, but once more, its message was different. There was a feeling of surrender in this kiss, like she lay the responsibility for her happiness solely in my hands. It was a tremendous obligation, but one I gladly accepted, as I knew I could never be happy again, unless she was happy too.

She lay her head on my chest and I draped my arms around her. With her mouth next to my ear she whispered she was so lucky I had chosen to come back to her. I said it wasn’t a choice, that I had to be with her, and that I was the lucky one to find her still waiting for me. She replied that she would have waited all night for me if she had to. As she was saying these words, she was speaking slowly and her voice was drowning in sleep. One last thing I remember is pulling a horse blanket over our naked bodies and then I too fell asleep, dreaming of a long and exciting future with this nameless blonde.

I woke up only a few hours later. The first thing I noticed was an intense itching sensation from lying naked in the hay. Then the scent of farm animals and diesel engines entered my nose, and when I opened my eyes, I discovered there was a girl sleeping in my arms. It took me a while to figure out where I was, and then everything came back to me. I was in uncle Jim's barn. The mysterious blonde in my arms I had met during sheepshaggin’ and she had asked me to spend the night with her. We had made passionate love in the hay and expressed our love before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Now that morning had arrived, it was finally time to learn who this unknown blonde goddess really was.

The early morning sun shone in through the many cracks and holes in the weathered planks that made up the roof and siding of the dusty old barn, bathing everything inside in a dim, yellowish light. The girl was still sleeping peacefully, with her head on my shoulder and her arm draped around my chest, her breathing regular and deep and slow. Because of how she was lying, I still couldn’t see much of her face, and what I could see was largely obscured by the curly wisps of blonde hair.

It was still very early in the morning, and the world was still quiet and asleep. I lay awake in the hay for some time, listening to her breathe and enjoy the feeling of her warm, naked body against mine. As I studied the girl’s features, I realized she was not a lamb anymore. The thick woolen sweater lay discarded in the hay behind her, and of course she’d already given me her sheep’s tail after our first meeting. During the night, her headband with the lamb ears had come off, and even the black make-up had rubbed off her nose and upper lip. Like in the legend, my true love had transformed from a sheep back into a real girl.

The horse blanket lay loosely draped over our bodies, hiding her from my sight. Though I didn’t want to wake her up, I couldn’t resist taking a little peek underneath the blanket. I carefully lifted our covering and got my first view of her gorgeous young body. I wasn’t disappointed. She had the physique of a swimmer, or maybe a distance-runner. Lean, toned and extremely well proportioned. She had a small but curvy bottom with a cute pair of dimples at the base of her spine and a slim waist that gave her a pleasing hour-glass figure. I could see only part of her breasts, but I liked what I saw. The apple-sized breasts were nothing short of perfection, as I had always known they would be. They were pale, with small reddish-pink nipples that pointed slightly upward and just begged to be kissed and nibbled on

I vividly remembered how soft the smooth skin of her creamy globes had felt underneath my hands and the way her little nipples had stiffened between my lips. My cock also remembered, and was growing once again. My balls had replenished their supply of cum and my body was getting ready to have sex with the girl once more.

But, as much as I wanted to crawl between those well-toned legs and renew a few of last night’s memories, I simply couldn’t do it; my love was sleeping too lovely. I consoled myself with the knowledge that I would have all day and maybe the rest of my life to kiss and admire her. I draped the blanket back over her shoulders and gave her a kiss on her head.

With every minute that I lay there, the need to know who the girl in my arms was became stronger. I didn’t mind having to wait until she woke up to hear my love’s name, but I could not stand another moment without knowing what her face looked like. I carefully lifted her arm off my chest and wiped the curly strands from her face. The girl mumbled softly in her sleep and tilted her head a little back in reaction to my soft touch. As I lay eyes on the girl’s angelic face, my feeling of happiness turned into sheer terror. The nameless goddess I had met and made passionate love with in the dark, the girl I assumed to be my one true love, was none other than my own little sister Lizzy.

I had committed incest with my little sister, and what was perhaps even worse, I had enjoyed it immensely.

It was unreal. I didn’t even know my younger sister was going to take part in sheepshaggin’ this year. Sure, Lizzy was old enough, but she never seemed to show any interest in boys. She always seemed to enjoy spending her evenings at home and reading her books better than going out and meet people. Every once in a while, her friends pressured her into going on a date with someone, but those dates never progressed into something more, and as far as I knew, she was still a virgin. Until tonight, that is.

Silently I cursed my luck. Not merely because I had shagged a sheep that turned out to be my sister, but mostly because I knew I had hopelessly fallen in love with her. Even now, I longed to kiss her again, to show her my love and feel loved in return. I was being tormented by the conflicting feelings inside me. Never had I met someone that made me feel like I did when I first kissed Lizzy, and never had I enjoyed making love with someone half as much as with my little sister. Sex with her was not merely physical; we had connected in a way I had never known before. Making Lizzy happy and giving her pleasure was the best feeling I ever had, better even that the carnal sensation of making love with her.

Yet, she was my little sister, and that made everything I wanted impossible. The things we had done when we were strangers in the dark were bad enough, willfully doing it with my sister would be… immoral.

Lizzy was still sleeping peacefully, unaware of the unspeakable things we had done during the night. Looking at her, it wasn’t difficult to see why I had not recognized my sister in the darkness. She had left her thick-rimmed glasses at home, bleached her hair and used mom's curling iron to give her a perm like a sheep's coat. I had to admit, the result was absolutely stunning. Gone was the little bookworm and in her place was now a sexy blonde knockout, delicately beautiful, but with a killer body. Nevertheless, though Lizzy may have looked like a completely different girl, I had to accept that she still was, and always would be, my little sister. Nothing could ever change that.

I managed to disentangle myself from my sister’s limbs without waking her and crawled out of the haystack. The only way to protect Lizzy from this humiliation and possible mental trauma was to get as far away from here as possible, before she woke up. Until now, the darkness and her farsightedness had kept my identity concealed from her, but I knew my anonymity wouldn’t last another minute once she woke up, even in the early morning light. I carefully gathered all my belongings, and made sure I hadn’t left anything that might implicate me. I had to go. Now. Really.

Casting one long, last glance at Lizzy, I realized that I was about to leave behind the girl that was everything I could ever want in a woman. She was stunningly beautiful, with a body that was made to worship, but at the same time she was funny and smart and had the most caring personality; sweet, pure and innocent.

Walking away from her was perhaps the hardest thing I ever had to do. I gave my love a farewell kiss on the lips and inhaled her scent for a last time. She mumbled softly in her sleep as I kissed her, but luckily, she didn't fully wake up. Knowing I had pushed my luck as far as possible, I picked up my gear and tiptoed out of the barn.

I didn’t feel like going home, there was still too much going on in my head. For the next hour or so I roamed the coastline, climbing over the rocks and crossing the beaches as I tried to clear my head. It was to no avail. I was still troubled and confused when I snuck into the home.

It was still early in the morning, and I could really use another couple of hours rest, but I was not ready to go back to bed. I took a can of beer from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table. Last night had been both the best and worst night of my life. I had fallen in love with a girl, only to learn I could never be with her. There were literally thousands of girls on this island, and yet, the only one I wanted was my own little sister.

Then, as I opened a second can, my thoughts drifted to Amanda. I had all but forgotten about my cheating slut of an ex-girlfriend. I opened my wallet and took out her photo, the photo that had always been with me for the last three years, and I tore it in half. Next I tore up the halves and then again and again, until her picture was reduced to hundreds of tiny pieces, nothing but a heap of confetti. Feeling a little better, I put my wallet back in my pocket.

Besides my wallet, there was another object in my pocket. It was a woolly tail, the sheep’s tail Lizzy had worn under her skirt and given to me after our first meeting. I pulled the keepsake out of my pocked and let the soft fur run through my fingers while I recalled some of last night’s events. Thinking of her was mental torture, but I couldn’t stop myself. Every time I closed my eye, I saw Lizzy’s beautifully sculpted body and I remembered the touch and taste of her skin. Most of all, I remembered the way she had kissed me, hungrily and sincerely, and with a promise of more to come. There wasn't anything about her I didn't like, and there were so many things left to explore. If only...

I walked back to the fridge and looked inside. There was a whole six-pack waiting for me. I decided it'd be better that, instead of taking a third can of beer, I'd go upstairs and take a cold shower. Getting drunk now would be stupid and dangerous.

A little later I lay down on my bed and waited for sleep to come. The shower hadn’t done a thing to calm me down, and the alcohol hadn’t helped either. Finally, after a lot of tossing and turning, sleep came. Not much later I was roused again by the smell of bacon and coffee.

“Good morning Jethro” mom greeted me as I stumbled into the kitchen. She pulled back a chair for me and put down a plate with toast, scrambled eggs and bacon in front of me. “Dig in”

“Thanks” I groaned groggily.

She sat down opposite of me and slowly sipped from her mug of tea. I knew there was something on her mind, but she was unsure how to bring it up. “So, err… You left a bit of a mess last night” she said after a while.

“I'm sorry. I know you don't like me drinking, but I'm old enough and I’ll pay for it if you want.”

“You don’t have to pay for anything. And that’s not what I meant anyway. I was talking about the photo.”

I looked up. “Photo?”

“That picture of Amanda, torn into tiny pieces. I guess last night didn't go too well?”

“No. Not at all. I've had it with her.”

“You're breaking up with her?”


“Oh, my… What happened?”

“I don't want to talk about it” I said, knowing full well mom wouldn't back off until I had told her the whole story. She had the tenacity of an inquisitor.

“I'm sorry Jethro. Are you gonna be okay?”

“Yeah. I was thinking about breaking up with her anyway.”

“Oh, why's that?”

“I don't know… we've been drifting apart. She's changed.”

“That's too bad… She wasn't there?”

“Oh, she was there alright” I growled over my cup of coffee.

“Did you have a fight?”

“No, we didn't fight. Didn't even speak.”

“Then what happened?”

I shrugged and rolled my eyes.

“Please tell me, what happened?”

“Okay… well. So, I was out looking for Mandy, and one of the first places I looked was the pond in Jack’s grove. You know the place?”

Mom nodded.

“It’s always been one of our special places, and I really thought I would find her there. Well, sure enough, there was a lamb that looked like Amanda, and I kissed her. But when I asked, she bleated like she didn’t know me. So, I moved on and kept searching for hours.”

“Hmmm… and then what happened?”

“Well, the thing is, that girl in Jacks grove, it was Amanda.”

“She was? Why would she do that?”

“I didn’t know that either, but I found out later. Before I went home, I went back to Jack’s grove, to see if I hadn’t missed her. The small pasture by the pond was packed with people. There were at least thirty guys, and Mandy was there, and so was Diane. They were both naked and having sex with all those guys, fucking two and three at a time, one after another” I blurted out.

“Oh, I'm so sorry baby” she said, hugging me tightly.

“Thanks mom.”

Suddenly I felt like crying. I missed the good old days of being a kid and not have to worry about life. The days that mom’s hugs cured every pain, and I could still play innocently with my sister without dreaming of her sweet kisses and her perfect naked body.

“I never liked that girl, Diane. I bet it’s all her doing” mom said as she sat down again.

I shrugged my shoulders and stirred my eggs.

“Remember, there are many girls that are much nicer than Amanda”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Hi there,” dad greeted me as he entered the kitchen. “Wow, you look like you've had a rough night”

“He and Amanda broke up last night”

“Breaking up at Sheepshaggin'? Are you daft?”

“Please, be a bit more sensitive, Dan”

“Why? He doesn't seem to mind it much. Anyway, all I’m saying is, if he had dumped her just one day sooner, he'd be single for Sheepshaggin’, which is the best night to be single. I bet he could have shagged over half a dozen lambs. You know, when I was his age-”

A stern look from my mother shut him up quickly.

“I'm sorry son. You'll get over her” he said as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

“I am over her”

“Well then. Onwards and upwards, I say”

He drank his cup of coffee and grabbed a sticky bun.

It wasn’t a lie, I honestly was over Amanda. Now I had to get over Lizzy, which might prove to be a more difficult, if not impossible task. All I could think about was my poor, sweet little sister, waking up alone in Jim’s barn. During the night, our bodies had made a promise, and I had broken it.

“Are you?” mom asked suddenly.

“Am I what?”

“Are you really over Mandy?”


“Then what's eating you?”

Damn it mom, you really don't want to know.

“I err… never mind”

“Just tell me what happened, son?”

I sighed. I might as well tell her. She’d find out one way or another anyhow.

“Well… last night I met this other girl and we… you know”

“We know, don't we?” mom said, winking to dad.

“Sheepshaggin'” he replied.

“Was this after you found out about Amanda?”

“Ehm yes… and also… before”

“Also? Like, twice?”

I nodded, blushing.

“So, you must have really liked her?”

“Yes, I did, more than I’d like to admit, but...”

“You did... Then what's the problem?”

I took a deep breath and spilled my secret.

“I err… well, this girl… it was Lizzy”

“Lizzy? Like, our Lizzy?”

I nodded. “But in my defense, I didn't know it was her at the time”

“Jethro...” mom chuckled, slowly shaking her head.

Dad was less considerate. He burst out in laughter, so hard his eyes were tearing up. “Oh boy, you really screwed the pooch this time” he snickered. “Though I must admit, son, you really have a fine taste in women. My compliments!”

Mom slapped his arm, silencing his snickering.

“I’m sorry, mom. I didn’t mean for it to happen”

“It’s okay, Jethro. That’s sheepshaggin’, I’m sure something like this happens a dozen times every year.”

She was probably right, as always. Who knows how many guys shagged a niece or sister in the dark, and never got to find out like I did. Why did I have to go back, and fall for her like that?

“Not like this, I mean, she… I…”

Mom sighed and nodded. She read me like a book. I didn’t have to tell her how badly I was in love with my little sister.

“Does Lizzy know it was you?”

“I don't think so. It was dark when we were, you know… intimate. And I left at sunrise, while she was still sleeping.”

“You ran off?”

“Yes, I didn’t want her to know it was me.”


“Because. I was scared it would upset her”

“No… You shouldn’t have done that”


“You men…” she sighed, shaking her head. “Whatever you do Jethro, just… be careful you don’t break her heart” mom said. “She's a delicate, sweet girl and she’s had a crush on you for a really long time”

I nearly choked in my coffee. “She’s what?”

“You men are just too thick. I don't know why we keep putting up with you”

“If you need a reminder, I'll take you upstairs and explain it to you” dad suggested.

Our conversation was cut short when my youngest sister barged into the kitchen.

“Good morning” Journey greeted us.

Mom and I said hello, while dad was still gasping for air. Of course, my sister sensed there was something going on.

“What did I miss? Something happened last night?”

“Jethro sheepshagged Lizzy” dad said, unable to suppress a wide grin as he informed his youngest daughter of my nightly indiscretion.

Journey looked at me, then at mom then at me again. At sixteen, she was too young to partake in the nocturnal activities of sheepshaggin, but of course she knew what it was all about.

I nodded. “Mea Culpa”

“OMG! Does she know?” Journey asked wide-eyed.

“Not yet,” dad chuckled.

“Shall I go tell her?”

“Nobody's gonna tell Lizzy anything” I interjected.

“You sure? I don't think she'd mind. In fact-”

”Please, don’t you start as well” I sighed.

“All I’m saying is...”

“Journey, give your brother a break” mom cut her off.


“It’s his choice what to do. If Jethro decides to be an idiot, then we'll just have to accept that”

Once again, the argument was cut short. This time it was Lizzy who entered the kitchen.

“Hi mom, dad, Journey, Jethro”

God, she was truly beaming. I've never seen her this cheerful. Or beautiful. Also, the blond hair suited her really well, especially now that she had showered, and her hair was straight again.

It was the first time the rest of the family got to see her new looks, and the resulting barrage of compliments masked the commotion my testimony had caused earlier. Blissfully unaware of the moral quandary she was part of, she sat down.

“Well, don’t you look joyful this morning” mom said.

“Found your true love, have you?” dad added, smirking like the cat that ate the canary.

Lizzy nodded, a little embarrassed, but smiling. I noticed a few scratches on her left cheek, probably from when she slumped onto the ground after I fucked her senseless that first time by the rock wall. It reminded me to hide the cuts on my hand before she’d identify them as her own bitemarks.

“Tell us, who is the lucky boy?” He asked saccharine. His smile stayed on his face, even as mom kicked his shin under the table.

Oblivious, Lizzy sat down and continued her story.

“I don't know his name, but he is out there somewhere, and I'm sure I will find him again”

“I know you will” mom said. “Sometimes, all you need is a kiss. When I first kissed your father, I knew I’d never want to kiss another man but him.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean” she said dreamy. “You know, I didn’t even want to go on sheepshaggin’, but I’m glad Lise made me do it. At first there were a couple of guys, but I, you know, didn’t want to. Not like that. And then I met him and when we kissed… It felt so right, everything after that just sort of happened.”

“That’s how it should be, sweetie. Just follow your heart”

“I did… but mom, how did you know it was dad?”

“Well, the next morning, I woke up in his bed… and I never went away”

Her smile disappeared. “Oh...”

“He left, didn't he?” mom asked.

“Yes… does that mean he didn't like me?”

“No, it just means that he's an idiot. But then again, all men are. I'm sure he'll realize he made a mistake soon enough”

“I hope so. I've never felt this way about someone before”

As Lizzy said this, mom looked at me. Without saying anything, she conveyed her message: You break her heart, and I'll break your legs.

“Just let the spirit of Linus be your guide, and you might find him sooner than you think”

“I will, mom” she said and kissed her on the cheek. “Love you”

“Wait… do you actually want me to be with Lizzy?” I asked once my sister was out of hearing distance.

“Sure, you'd make a cute couple”

“But she's my sister” I said in absolute bewilderment.

“Jethro,” mom sighed, “we live on an island. Almost everyone here is related in one way or another. I could name a hundred couples that are relatives. Close relatives too, and more than a few of them brother and sister, like you and Lizzy. Do you think any of that matters when you truly love someone? Heck, even our own family is so convoluted that your father and I are second cousins, and if you go back in history only two more generations, you’ll find that we are related in at least four more ways.”

I had never thought about it, but I realized that in such a small community, unions between members of the same family must be almost inevitable. As a student of marine biology, I was well educated in the principles of genetics and I knew that, although it generally was inadvisable, having kids with a cousin or even a sibling actually wasn’t nearly as dangerous or unfavorable as popularly assumed. The fact that no genetic disorders prevailed on the island was prima-facie evidence that mom might be onto something.

Still, I had to admit that I was feeling a little apprehensive about hooking up with my little sister.

“But what will the other people say?” I asked.

Mom looked at me disapprovingly. “I think I’ve raised you better than to care about other people's opinions”

“I err… I have to go” I said and fled to my room.

I was staring at my books, reading the same words over and over again. The conversation I had with my mother kept going back and forth in my mind.

“Hi” Lizzy said as she walked in my room “How are ya doing?”

“I'm fine”

“Mom told me you broke up with Mandy” she said and hugged me in a sisterly way. She smelled great. She felt great too, almost as great as she had done last night. I hoped she couldn't feel my hands tremble or my heart pound in my chest.

“Yeah, well… it was bound to happen anyway. Part of me is glad to be rid of her, if I’m honest”

“Good for you. You're a great guy, and you deserve much better than her” she said. “She wasn't right for you. I mean, if she really was your true love, you wouldn't have had those doubts about her, right?”

“I don't know. She changed”

“People don't change, they just stop caring. She never was your true love”

“And since when are you such an expert on true love?”

She didn't really answer me, her smile told it all. She was in love, fallen head over heels for her mysterious lover.

“It's like mom said. Sometimes, all you need to know if it is true love, is just one kiss. Kisses don't lie, and a kiss tells more than a thousand words. When I see my true love again, all I will need is one kiss and I’ll know it's him”

“I hope you will,” I said, “but be careful, Lizzy, I don't want you all heartbroken over a guy you hardly know”

Her sunny face clouded over. “Can't you just be happy for me, for once?” she said as she released me from her hug.

“I am... but...”

“But what?”

“I err… I saw you last night”

“You saw us?” her expression now changed to curiosity. “Can you tell me who he is?”

I hesitatingly shook my head. I honestly couldn’t tell her.

“Tell me what you know”

“I'm not sure...”

“What did he look like?”

“He looked a lot like me, actually”

She looked up curiously. Her smile returned as she looked at me.

“I know” she said. “He's strong like you, too”

She stroked my arm, feeling my biceps in an almost flirtatious way. “You know, a girl could do a lot worse than someone like you”

She was smiling mysteriously as she stared at me for a moment.

“What?” I asked

“You know, I always, like, fancied you a bit.”

“I know, mom told me.”

“She did?”

“Yeah. She said I was an idiot for not noticing”

She nodded.

“and that we’d make a cute couple.”

“Yeah, we would… If only you weren’t… Hey, did you know that mom and dad are actually cousins? They have the same grandparents” she said suddenly.

I chuckled softly and nodded. It appeared that mom had given my sister the same speech as she had given me. Did mom genuinely believe Lizzy and I belonged together? It seemed unbelievable, but what if she was right; what if I was making a huge mistake by trying to hide my feelings for my sister?

“If you see him again, you'll tell me, right?”

I was too conflicted to say what I wanted to, or to tell her what I had to.

“Err yeah, sure.”


I travelled back to the campus that same evening and did my best to keep my distance from my sister. Of course, it was impossible to avoid her completely, I would see her every time I visited home. But now that I had officially broken up with Amanda, I had an excuse to stay away from home a little longer than I usually would. I knew I couldn’t delay my visit forever, and honestly, I didn't want to either. As much as I dreaded to face my little sister, the idea of not seeing her was even worse.

A couple of times mom had called me and tried to talk some sense into me. She was quite persistent, but so was I. I listened to her arguments and then I tried to explain that I wasn’t doing it for myself, but for Lizzy’s own good; that I wanted her to forget me, fall in love again, and be happy. It was what I wanted, even if it meant that I would be miserable and alone for the rest of my life. Knowing it was pointless trying to convince me, my mother once more stated that I was an idiot, and left it there. Despite our difference of opinions, I have to give her credit for keeping her mouth shut to Lizzy, and keeping the rest of the family in line too.

I knew that mom was right in many things, and that my stubbornness was affecting all of our lives. It was a good thing she didn’t know how badly I was doing. Since I couldn’t be with Lizzy, I had no desire to be with anyone else either. I had lost interest in all other people, romantically or socially. I was becoming quite a recluse and shied away from all the activities I had enjoyed before. I was aware of it, but I didn’t care. The impact my choice had made on me was considerable, but it would all be worthwhile if Lizzy would give up on me and moved on with her life.

Time was dragging by slowly. Linus Day was more than a month ago, and my little sister was still on my mind every waking moment and I dreamed of her at night. There were moments when a stray whiff of perfume brought me back to that moment when she lay in my arms, and I was still the luckiest guy on earth.

I had to see her again, so the next weekend I went home after a long time. It was hard to face my little sister, a lot harder than I had expected. I knew I was messed up, but my own heartache was nothing compared to the way Lizzy was suffering. I had hoped she would be over me, if only a little bit, but as I saw her, it became evident that I was wrong. She had not forgotten our nightly encounter, and she would not give up seeking for her true love. It had changed her; the fruitless search had made her moody and depressed. I didn’t stay home long. I went back to college after only one day.

Three times I made the trip home over the next weeks, and every time I was feeling worse after. Another two months had passed, and now summer was approaching, and with it, recess. Summer is when the island is at its most beautiful. Fragrant wild flowers are flourishing in the fields, the air is warm and the water not too cold. We’d go swimming, sailing, and fishing. Normally I’d be looking forward to spending the summer at home, but at this point I was actually contemplating to not go at all, as I couldn’t bear to see my sister suffer. I was feeling like a complete bastard for causing all this misery, and even more for abandoning her when she needed me so badly.

Today I was feeling particularly blue. I had fled the lecture hall halfway a three-hour lecture on the reproductive cycle of jellyfish and was now sitting in my room, alone. As I was trying to decide whether it was still too early to start drinking, I noticed the small light on my cellphone was blinking as it lay on my desk. I picked it up and saw that I had missed several calls from home.

I called back and was answered almost immediately.

“Hi mom” I said, trying to disguise the dread I was feeling.



“Is it a bad time?”

“No, I just got home, watching TV” I lied.

“I’ve got to talk to you” she said with an urgency in her voice that made me feel uneasy.

“What is it, mom?”

“It's about Lizzy, it's looking bad… really bad.”

My heart dropped, and she instantly had my complete attention.

“What happened mom?” I asked.

“You know she never stopped looking for you, right? I mean… since that night?”

“Yeah, I know.”

“She was looking for you again last night… and… She never came home. We called all her friends and looked everywhere, but we couldn’t find her. This morning Uncle Jim phoned us and told us that he had found Lizzy lying on the floor in his barn.”

Horrible images flashed through my mind. “No!”

“The doctor said she collapsed from severe exhaustion and dehydration. He examined her and administered some fluids, but there was nothing else he could do…”

I sensed a little hesitation, but then she continued. “Jethro? There is something you should know. Lizzy… she’s three months pregnant”

Her words hit me like a hammer. If I wasn’t seated, I might have fallen. Three months pregnant! The math was easy, she had to be carrying my baby. Our baby!

“Is she… are they okay?”

“The doctor said that there’s no immediate danger to her, or the baby, but that she… He’s afraid she…”

Her voice broke mid-sentence. She didn’t need to complete her story to tell me how dire the situation was. There was no doubt this was my fault.

“Jethro, she needs you. You’re the only one who can help her. Please!”

There were tears in my mother’s voice. Her heartfelt plea made me feel like crying too. There was only one thing I could do,

“I'm coming, mom”

I looked at my watch. It was almost three o'clock, which meant I had to hurry if I wanted to catch the last ferry of the day. There was no time to pack, I just grabbed my coat, left everything the way it was and dashed out the door. Luckily, my car started immediately, and I sped towards the harbor, breaking just about every speed limit on the way. I was the very last one to board the ship, but I had made it.

An hour later I was restlessly pacing up and down the deck, cursing the sluggish speed at which the ferry was cruising. It would take at least another two hours before we would arrive at the docks. With no reception, I couldn’t even call home to ask how things were going. As I was staring into the gray twilight, my fingers were gripping the sheepstail in my pocket. The keepsake was always with me, day or night, wherever I was. Even though it reminded me of my terrible conundrum, it was also the only tangible memento I had of the most wonderful night of my life.

As I brought the furry tail to my lips and inhaled her long-gone scent, I realized this was no longer true. Another very real memento was growing inside Lizzy, and had been growing there for three months. In another six months she would give birth to our child. There was no doubt that things would change a lot. I was going to be a father, I would have my own little family, a son or daughter and a wife. Suddenly I stopped caring about Lizzy being my sister, and accepted her for who she really was: my one true love, the mother of my child and the woman I was going to grow old with. I could kick myself for being so stupid all these months, and I could only hope my epiphany hadn’t come too late.

Finally, a familiar blinking light on the horizon indicated we were at last approaching the island. After being greeted by the lighthouse, soon more lights appeared. First the church tower and then the other houses. Ten minutes later the captain announced our arrival and people started to line up behind me. As soon as the gangplank dropped and the gate was opened, I was running, and I didn’t stop running until I was at our front door.

Journey was waiting for me downstairs, and she immediately ushered me up the stairs, to Lizzy’s bedroom. Mom and dad were also in the room, sitting next to their daughter’s bed. As soon as mom saw me enter, she got up and offered me her seat next to Lizzy’s head.

My little sister looked pale and weak as she was lying in bed, barely a shadow of the smiling person she used to be. Her cheeks and the pillow were damp from her tears. I was painfully reminded of the terrible mistake I made when I decided not to tell her it was me who was with her at Sheepshaggin’. I had tried to protect her, but even my worst fears weren’t half as terrible as what had actually happened. In fact, I don’t think it could have gone any worse than it did.

“Lizzy baby” I whispered and kissed her softly on the lips.

She opened her swollen eyes and looked at me in wonder.

“I'm so sorry baby”

“It’s you” she whispered weakly, but with a spark of hope in her eyes.

“Yes, it’s me, Jethro”

“No...” she whispered and fell back on her pillow, her eyes closed and the weak smile gone from her face.

“I have to show you something” I whispered.

Lizzy opened her eyes again and saw me holding her woolly tail. She took it, felt the soft fur between her fingers and then looked at me in confusion.

“My lucky tail… how… Where did you get it?”

“You… you gave it to me”


I nodded.

“You told me to keep it. On that night, at Sheepshaggin’”

“That was you?”

“Yes, it was me. Both times”


I nodded solemnly.

Before I knew what happened, Lizzy had raised herself off the bed and flung her arms around my neck. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me tenderly. I smelled that scent of her, that same scent that touched my very soul. Despite her weakened state, she kissed me with the same playful vigor that had characterized our first kisses on that moonless night. Her lips parted and then her tongue snaked out, initially a little shy, but soon it danced sensually with mine.

We remained lip-locked for minutes. Finally, Lizzy broke off the kiss an let her head fell back in the pillows. She was panting faintly and lay silently for a moment, looking up into my eyes. She reached for her glasses and put them on. Her eyes now focused on mine and a smile formed on her lips. It was like it brought sunlight to my heart.

She undid the fastenings on my black duffel coat and ran her hand over my shirt, coming to rest on my heart and feel it pound in my chest.

“It is you” she whispered. “My true love”

She was right. I nodded and reached down to her lips for another kiss. Before she kissed me again, Lizzy looked me in the eyes and whispered, “You're an idiot”.

With her kiss, she told me I was forgiven, but I was determined to make it up to her for the rest of our lives.


2024-04-30 16:58:48
Another wonderful tale, grandma’s secret is my fav so far but this story equals it for me. Exceptional writing!


2021-07-07 09:24:09
So wonderfully written and beautiful story. Bookmarking it to my favorites. It brought tears to my eyes.


2020-04-14 22:10:18
omg, i loved this story, i have read it four times now and made it my favorite, true love, reminds me of my brothers love for me. we were madly in love, but the way things are we could not get married, legally. so we eloped. what a life, i would do it again...thanks.


2020-02-10 15:16:14
An excellent piece of writing. The story drew me into the events as I projected myself into story. I caught myself reading a little faster as I pushed forward to the finish I hoped was coming ... happy ending for all. Thanks for submitting this outstanding story.

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Despite being long, this is friggin awesome XD

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