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The day that began as one of his worst, turned out to be the best of his life.
My little medicine

It was early in the afternoon when I rolled up the driveway and parked the dented old rental in front of the garage. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be coming home at this hour, and this time it wasn’t exactly by choice either. Earlier today, while I was on my way to one of my clients, my brand-new 50,000 dollar piece-of-junk car had broken down. I had barely managed to steer my prized possession onto the shoulder of the road before its engine stalled with a big puff of smoke and an alarming number of blinking red lights lit up the dash.

Not ready to be defeated by an inanimate piece of technology, I popped the hood and looked inside. Just a single glance at all the plastic under the hood made me instantly lose all hope. This wasn’t a motor; this abomination was the love-child of a computer and a kitchen blender. I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for the problem, let alone mend it. I really missed the old days, when you could fix any problem with the right tap of a hammer or turn of a screw. Instead of attempting to repair my car myself, I pulled out my phone and called for help. After a long wait by the side of the road, the towing service finally showed up and dropped me and my car off at the dealership.

Half an hour later, I was sipping one of the worst cups of instant coffee in human history, while one of the mechanics hooked up his laptop to my car. I watched in disgust how his immaculately clean fingers started dancing on the keyboard as he investigated the problem. It didn’t take him long to find what he was looking for and then he informed me of what I already knew: my brand new car was in need of a lot of expensive and time-consuming repair. There were several parts that needed to be replaced and these had to be ordered first, so there was no way they could get it running again while I waited.

The dealership kindly offered me a free rental, to use while they went about fixing my car over the next few days. The rental was a dented old wreck of a car, but it had a working engine, and that was more than I could say about mine. Though I didn’t like it, it was my only choice. As my day was ruined anyway, I decided to have my secretary reschedule the rest of the appointments and go home. I accepted the offer and then I hit the road in the rusty clunker. Two minutes into my way home, I discovered that the AC in the rental had ceased working and with outside temperatures creeping towards one hundred degrees, the heat quickly became uncomfortable, and then unbearable. The last fifteen minutes were pure torture.

As I entered the home via the garage, it appeared there was nobody home. I yelled out to anyone upstairs, but I got no reaction. Maybe Charlotte was visiting her friends, or perhaps she was off on one of her shopping sprees. Who knows where the kids might be. Figuring I was all alone, I went into the kitchen and thought about how I might spend this unforeseen free afternoon. I grabbed a bottle of beer from the fridge and emptied it in one large swig. The fresh, ice-cold beer was just what I needed, and I was beginning to feel a bit like a human being again.

I was thinking I’d first open another beer and take a cold shower, and then later I’d fire up the old grill in the backyard and roast the two trout I had caught las weekend. It’d make a nice surprise for when my wife came home. As I took a glance out of the window to see if I dared to go out in the sun again, I discovered that I wasn’t home alone after all. Both my wife and son were out in our secluded back yard, lazing by the pool. I should have known; they couldn’t get enough of this heat. No sane person would go outside if they had a choice, but they absolutely loved it. I tapped the window and waved hello, but they didn’t hear or see me.

I decided to take that shower first and put on a new set of clothes, and then say hi to my family in the back yard. And maybe, I might grill those fishes anyway.

I drank another sip of beer and went upstairs to the bathroom. I tossed my sweat-stained dress shirt and trousers into the hamper, stepped out of my underwear and into the shower. To feel the cool water splash on my skin and wash the sweat and dust away was heavenly. A few minutes later I emerged from the shower refreshed and feeling like a new man. I dried off, tied the towel around my waist and strolled to my bedroom.

As I pushed open the door, I was surprised to see my daughter standing by the bedroom window. She hadn’t seen me enter the room, as she was looking out the window with her back towards me. The way she was standing there in the sunlight, framed by the walls and the gauze curtains made an awful pretty picture and I had to take a moment to look and admire my beautiful teenaged daughter.

Jody was wearing a short, flowery sundress that at one time belonged to her mother. I had to admit; Charlotte’s old dress suited her really nicely. Over the last few years our daughter had grown into a beautiful young woman; her body had filled out in all the right places and given her a figure that strongly reminded me of her mother when she was twenty years younger. The dress she was wearing fit her perfectly and subtly accentuated the graceful lines of her blossoming figure. Adding to that was the way she was leaning slightly forward, which made her pert bottom stick out in an innocent, yet incredibly seductive manner. It was a view that made me glad to be a man, and proud to be her father.

I walked up to my daughter, to greet her and ask what she was doing here, but the view out of my window had her so engrossed that she didn’t notice me. Even when I was standing right behind her, she was still unaware of my presence. Curious about what might have had her so absorbed, I cast a glance over her shoulder. The view out of the bedroom window was that of the pool area, where Charlotte and Nick were relaxing. My wife was still stretched out on her lounger, reading a magazine and sipping a fruity drink, while our son was floating in the pool.

Jody was holding her phone in her hand and it looked as if she was making a video of her family relaxing in the garden. I was about to give my daughter a lecture about spying on her loved ones, when Nick called out to his mother. My wife lowered her magazine and said something back to him, after which our son disappeared beneath the water.

When he resurfaced a second or two later, he was holding something in his hand and threw it onto the lawn. Before I could see what it was, he rolled onto his back and let his body float to the surface. He was no longer wearing his swimming trunks and he was sporting a huge erection. He called out to his mother again, his big cock pointing straight up like a mast on a ship. While there was no strict taboo surrounding nudity in our household, flaunting a hardon like this was definitely not considered normal behavior. Neither was Charlotte’s response, for that matter. My wife dropped her magazine and gave him a sly smile. They exchanged another few words and then she got up from the lounger, ceremoniously untied her bikini top and tossed it on the ground next to her sunbed. Wearing nothing but her tiny bikini bottoms, she walked towards the pool, her big, juicy breasts bouncing and hips swaying seductively with every step. As she reached the pool, she crouched and beckoned our son to come closer.

I watched how Nick swam towards his mother, jumped up from the water and sat down on the edge of the deck. With his feet dangling in the pool, he leaned back on his elbows, and proudly offered his erection to my wife. Displaying an utter disregard of all parenting rules, Charlotte reached out and took his swollen member in her hand. Moving her hand up and down his shaft, she then began to masturbate him. Nick was in no way shocked or even surprised by his mother’s actions. If anything, he was encouraging her to go on. They exchanged a few more words and then she bent all the way over and wrapped her lips around Nick’s swollen cock.

I watched in amazement how my wife proceeded to fellate our son. Her head was bobbing up and down as she repeatedly sucked his erect penis into her mouth. I could see her swallow and let the shaft slide all the way down her throat until her lips touched his pubes. It was a while since I had seen her do that, and I had forgotten how easily she could swallow even a large cock like Nick’s all the way. My wife really loves pleasing her men and the things she could do with her mouth were truly amazing. The blissful expression on my son’s face told me that her skills hadn’t faded a bit.

I was totally taken in by the lascivious spectacle and had almost forgotten about my daughter. As I was leaning against the window to get the best possible view of the pool area, Jody finally became aware of my presence. She looked up and I felt her shrink as she saw me. She knew I had caught her snooping on her mother’s incestuous infidelity, and she probably feared my reaction. With me standing directly behind her and my hands placed on the window on either side of her, there was nowhere for her to run. She quickly put away her phone, averted her gaze and quietly watched the illicit show in the garden, too scared to talk.

She was a good girl. I’d comfort her later, but first I had to watch this.

After enjoying his mother’s oral skills for a while, Nick slowly and covertly reached for Charlotte’s shoulder and then suddenly yanked her forward. I could hear a squeal of surprise as my wife lost her balance and plunged headfirst into the pool, pulling our son along with her. She was laughing as they surfaced and flung an armful of water at the mischievous boy. Then she threw herself at him and tried to dunk him. Nick effortlessly resisted her attack, as he was easily twice as big as his mother. He could have ended the wrestling match in two seconds if he wanted to, but he didn’t. After watching them horse around for some time, I noticed a piece of fabric floating in the water. As there was only one article of clothing left between the two of them, it could only be one thing: Charlotte’s tiny bikini bottoms.

My wife, who only seconds ago was sucking our son’s cock, was now wrestling naked with him in the pool. Before long, their horseplay slowed down and their faces came closer together. As they turned around, I saw they were kissing lustfully, with their mouths open and lots of tongue play. Then, as the churning water calmed down a bit, I saw that Nick had his hands on her bare ass, supporting her while she had her legs wrapped around his waist and was slowly grinding her crotch against his. It didn’t look like they were having sex already, but it was obvious that penetration would occur sooner or later. What I was looking at was foreplay at its finest, beautiful in its depravity.

As if to confirm my conclusions, Charlotte reached between their bodies, raised herself a little, and then slowly pressed her pelvis down against his. She tilted her head up at the sky and I could see that look of bliss on her face as her pussy was being penetrated. A moment later my wife and son began to move again. Her arms were clasped around Nick’s neck, but she had relaxed her legs around his waist, allowing more room for him to move his hips back and forth. They started off slowly, but soon the water was churning like before as Nick vigorously fucked his mother’s pussy. My wife had always been a highly sexual woman and she used to come easily during intercourse. This time was no exception. In less than a minute after she impaled herself on our son’s cock, Charlotte was about to cum. She pressed her mouth against his shoulder to prevent herself from screaming out loud as her body shuddered and shook from a powerful orgasm.

While Charlotte was still reeling from her first climax, Nick carried her towards the shallow end of the pool and sat her down on the edge of the deck. He let his cock slip from her snug hole and kissed his way down from her cherry red lips to her big round breasts and from there to her inflamed pussy. My wife readily spread her legs for him and he dove between them.

My wife loves to have her pussy eaten and I love to lick her just as much. It appeared I wasn’t the only one in our house. Nick was licking her pussy with passion and was pushing his fingers into her at the same time. Despite the great job he was doing, I could see the hunger for her son’s cock was too great for her to fully enjoy his oral attentions. When she could not stand it any longer, she pulled her young lover back on his feet and scooted as far to the edge as possible. Then she grabbed Nick’s cock and guided it back towards her needy pussy. Charlotte was seated at a perfect height for penetration and all he had to do was to push forward. Nick pushed, and I watched his large penis slowly inch its way into my wife’s hairless pussy.

“Oh god...” I groaned

“Please daddy, don’t be angry” Jody whispered.

“…That’s so fucking hot!”


“Damn... Have you ever seen anything like it?”

“Well… err…”

“Never mind, baby”

Of course she had seen anything like this before. The way they were moving, their bodies undulating in perfect harmony, this couldn’t be the first time my wife and son had sex together; these two were seasoned lovers who knew each other’s body like their own. Each move was calculated and anticipated, honed in countless repetitions and perfected over the course of years.

“Daddy? You’re not going to divorce mom, are you?”

“Divorce? Who’s talking about a divorce?”

“But mom and Nick… aren’t you supposed to be angry?”

“Oh no baby, of course not” I said, distracted as I watched my son fuck my wife, making the water splash wildly between their bodies once more. I could see she was biting her lips to stop her from moaning out loud as she was racing towards yet another orgasm. My son obviously knew the signs as well as I did and sped up his fucking.

Charlotte screamed a noiseless scream and heaved forward, wrapping her arms around our son’s muscular back and digging her nails into his skin. Held up by his strong arms, she let the waves of pleasure take control of her body. Her delicate face was contorted into a pained grimace by the stupefying bliss triggered by Nick’s ceaseless thrusting. I hadn’t seen my wife cum this hard in a really long time, and knowing it was my son who made this beautiful woman orgasm like that, made feel a little jealous, but mostly I experienced pride.

Jody stifled a deep moan as she watched her mother climax on her brother’s cock. The lewd spectacle was affecting her, and me too. Subconsciously, our own bodies were yearning for human contact and as the show continued, we moved closer and closer together. Though I don’t remember ordering my hands to move, they were now so close together that I was effectively embracing my daughter from behind. I could feel the warmth of her youthful body through the thin dress as she was leaning back against me and the air I inhaled was heavy with her sweet and arousing scent.

She groaned again. Was she imagining what it would feel like to cum like that? Or was she already familiar with the pleasure Nick was giving my wife, because she too was fucking her brother? No, not my sweet, innocent, sexy-as-hell daughter. While I knew how unlikely it was that a girl her age was still a virgin, especially if she was a girl as attractive as Jody, she would always be my baby, my little angel. She would never give in to something as dirty and depraved as this. Not her.

In the back yard, my wife was sharing another sloppy kiss with Nick as she rode the last waves of her orgasm. Her hands were caressing her youthful lover’s muscular back, as if she was trying to soothe the fiery marks her fingernails had left when they scratched the skin in ecstasy. I could almost feel the burning marks myself, like I had years ago, when it was me who was making passionate love to her like that.

Eventually, their lips parted, and she released her young lover from her clasp. Then she playfully pushed him back into the water and walked back to her lounger. Not easily shaken off like that, Nick rushed out of the pool and ran after her across the lawn. Within a couple of feet, he had caught up with her and grabbed her. I could hear her shrieks of laughter through the window as he wrestled her to the ground. Though she put on a great show trying to fend off the horny boy, she soon ended up on her hands and knees, her bare ass thrust up high in the air. Nick did not need to be told what to do. He saw the opportunity and immediately he was on his knees behind his mother and slammed his cock back inside. He grabbed her waist and once more his naked ass started making that age-old motion.

As her mother and brother were fucking like rabbits on the lawn, Jody could not stand my atypical reaction to my wife’s unashamed infidelity any longer.

“Daddy?” She asked, reluctantly averting her eyes from her brother and my wife to turn halfway so she could face me. “Why aren’t you angry? Isn’t mom cheating?”

I could no longer ignore her, I owed her an explanation.

“She’s not cheating, baby, your mother is the most faithful wife a man like me could ever hope for.”


“It’s okay. Your mother is free to have… relations… with other men.”

She looked up again, and the look in her eyes had changed from confusion into curiosity.

“You mean like, you are swingers?”

I’d laugh if the true reason wasn’t so dire.

“No it’s not like that. I err… you see, I am not able to… satisfy your mother… in bed”

“OMG! Mom’s a nympho?”

“No, no, no, there’s nothing wrong with your mother. She’s absolutely wonderful, she’s… perfect. It’s me. Since I’ve had my operation, I’m… impotent”

As I told Jody my deepest secret, she turned around and faced me. She looked at me for a moment with a strange puzzlement in her eyes.

“But you’re not, daddy” she said, rather enigmatically.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Whatever you may think, there’s nothing wrong with you, daddy. Trust me, a woman knows that sort of thing”

She moved her hand over the front of the towel around my waist and stroked my comatose penis through the thick cloth. If it weren’t for my problem, I would have loved having a beautiful girl touch me like that. Somehow, the fact that the beautiful girl in this case happened to be my own nineteen year old daughter, made little difference to me, it was only a minor detail. Watching my wife and son have passionate sex on the lawn had made me reconsider all the irrational preconceptions I used to have regarding incest.

God knows I wouldn’t mind a hot young piece of ass myself. I had already established that Jody was an exceptionally fine piece of ass, and if she wanted to fondle her daddy’s cock, then I would gladly let her, even if it would be an exercise in futility to try to get a reaction out of it. Had I still been I able to get it up, then I would have gladly shown her what a real man could do to please a woman. I would have fucked her so hard, she wouldn’t be able to walk straight for days. It was a pity that that wasn’t going to happen, but I it didn’t mean I couldn’t have some fun with her. I could still show her there were so many more ways to enjoy one’s body, other than having intercourse. I was already thinking of a couple of things I’d love to try with that sexy, nubile body of her.

While I was imagining those things, Jody’s hands had moved back up towards the knot I had tied in my towel. Before I knew what she was doing, she pulled on the knot and let the piece of cloth protecting my shame fall to the ground.

“See? There’s nothing wrong with you, daddy!” she said, smiling proudly.

I felt her hand on me and as I looked down, I saw she had it wrapped around my erect cock. “In fact, I’ve never seen a cock this big and hard before” she added.

“Well, how about that?” I said in surprise.

“I think we just learned what makes you tick”

“You mean watching Charlotte and Nick? … I can’t believe it”

She slowly moved her hand up and down, stroking my rigid shaft. She was biting her lip, looking incredibly sexy. Seductively even.

“Daddy? Are you sure it wasn’t me?”


“Well… you were humping my ass like a horny teenager”

“I was?”

“You were”

“Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to”

“That’s okay daddy, it’s nice to finally receive some attention too. I was beginning to feel a bit left out, with Nick always fucking mom and all.”

“Was that why you were watching them? Because you want to be part of it?”

“No daddy, it’s not Nick or mom that I want… It’s you. You are the one I’ve always dreamed of.”


She nodded.

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t know.”

“Don’t you think I’m attractive?”

“Baby, I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world”

“Thanks, you should see me naked” she said, smiling seductively. My god, she was definitely coming on to me!

“I can believe that.”

“Good, ‘cause I think I might let you”

I could only groan, causing her to smile again.

“Now, what shall we do with this?” Jody asked while she continued to slowly stroke my shaft. She wasn’t exactly jacking me off, but her delicate fingers were caressing me in a heavenly way, giving me pleasure I hadn’t experienced in years.

“I think your mother would be mighty pleased to see it”

“Yeah, but mom’s already got a cock to play with… wouldn’t you rather let me have it?”

“No, I can’t… your mother…”

“I can make it hard again, daddy. I promise”

My daughter took a small step back and turned around. Standing with her back towards me, she slowly let the thin straps slide off her shoulders and then the sundress fell to the floor. I already knew she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath the dress, and now I learned she wasn’t wearing panties either. As a result, I was treated to a view of her naked body and most notably that gorgeous tight ass she had accused me of humping earlier. It was perfectly smooth and enticingly curved; full and round and firm. My daughter turned her head and gave me a coquettish look over her shoulder. She must have seen the lustful look of hunger in my eyes as I gazed at her fabulous rear.

“I knew you’d like it” she giggled.

“A corpse would like it” I uttered.

“It can be all yours, daddy”

“God help me.” I groaned as she turned back, facing me again.

Jody was standing before me with one hand over her breasts and the other between her legs, covering her most private parts. There was a sexy smile on her lips as she teasingly slowly let her arms fall to her sides and proudly presented her nubile body to her father. I was standing face to face with the most beautiful naked girl that I had ever seen. Of course, I had seen my daughter in her bikini often enough to know that she had a stunning body. Her mother’s genes had already given her a head start, and years of playing volleyball had finalized that into a smoking hot athletic figure. There wasn’t an ounce of misplaced fat anywhere on her body, without giving her a skinny or boyish appearance. Surprisingly, there were no tan lines anywhere on her body, just a lovely all-over golden tan. It seemed Charlotte and Nick weren’t the only ones who liked to spend their time in the backyard naked.

I took my time to study every part of my daughter’s naked body. Among her most notable female charms were a pair of long, shapely legs; her fabulously tight ass; a supple, narrow waist; and a truly gorgeous set of perky breasts. Her twin beauties were delightfully full and round, their youthfulness emphasized by their apparent defiance of the forces of gravity. Stand high and firm on her chest, they were about a large handful, and each adorned with an extremely suckable nipple in a pinkish shade of gold, just slightly darker than the creamy skin surrounding them. The erect nubs were fat like pencil erasers, about a quarter of an inch long and surrounded by small, perfectly circular areolas made of that same pink gold. My mouth was already watering as I imagined sucking on them.

Tearing my eyes away from Jody’s juicy breasts, I arrived at her flat and toned stomach. While still decidedly feminine, there was a visible definition her abdominal muscles. At the center of that sculpted belly was a cute innie navel, decorated by a tiny green gem that jiggled slightly with each beat of her heart.

My own heart, however, was pounding in my throat as I explored my daughter’s perfect body, gazing ever lower on my way to that most coveted prize, her forbidden pussy. I took a deep breath of air and looked. I wasn’t mistaken; it was a beautiful pussy, a pussy made to worship.

Her well-defined abdomen flowed smoothly into a sexy bulging mound, that, like her mother’s, was entirely smooth. Because she was standing up, I couldn’t see much of her vulva; only a small part of her clitoral hood was visible, wedged between her plump outer lips. The rest of her goodies were still out of sight, hidden between those long legs. Like the rest of her body, her hairless mound and lips had a soft golden tan, only the protruding hood was the slightest bit darker than the skin of her lips. Completing the picture was a streak of moisture on her lips, giving her slit a sheen of satin gloss.

While I was admiring my daughter’s youthful, lithe body and mouth-watering pussy, she stepped up to me, took my hand and placed it between her legs.

“Can you feel how wet I am for you, daddy?”

She was. My finger slipped easily between her yielding lips and made a quick exploration of her little gem. My daughter had a lovely tight little wet pussy, hot and ready for penetration. I would have to be an idiot to turn it down.

“But what about your mother?”

“I don’t care, daddy. Mom and Nick are fucking all the time; I think she’ll forgive you if the two of us had sex just this once”

“Just this once?” I asked.

Jody picked up on the playfulness in my voice. She gave me a coy smile and added “Well, maybe more than once... Please daddy? Will you make love with me?”

I could never say no to my daughter, and it was practically impossible now, when we were both desiring the same thing so much. Giving in, I nodded. Jody renewed her grip on my cock and, while she raised herself on her toes, ran the tip up and down between her delicate lips. The soft and slick female folds hugged the bloated head and coated it in a thick layer of her moisture. Finally she aimed it at her entrance and held it there.

“Do it daddy. Push”

I guess it is like riding a bike. I tilted my pelvis and pushed upwards. The blunt tip of my cock pried apart her soft lips and entered her body. Looking down, I watched in awe how my penis slid in through Jody’s tightly stretched labia. Her vagina was hot, wet, slick, and incredibly tight. I hadn’t had proper sex with a woman in six years and my daughter’s tight young pussy felt like pure heaven.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a beautiful doe-eyed look.

“Oh daddy,” she whimpered. “you’re finally inside me”

Standing face to face with Jody and with my cock buried halfway up her pussy, I began to move my hips. Even though it was almost impossible to really thrust into her in this somewhat awkward position, it was hard to believe how stupendously awesome it felt to be fucking again. Over the years, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never have intercourse with a woman again, and to be doing this with my gorgeous daughter was like a dream coming true. Even if I never had another erection for the rest of my life, I would die a happy man after this experience.

Knowing there was even more pleasure to be had if I was able to move more freely, I grabbed Jody’s delicate buns and sat her down on the windowsill. I spread her legs wide and then told her to lean back against the glass window. Not only did this give me much better access to her pussy, it also meant I could look at her while we were making love. I could even keep an eye on my family on the lawn behind her, if I wanted to. I took my cock, guided it towards Jody’s moist vagina and, while holding on to her hips for leverage, thrust forward.

Jody gasped. In this new position I was reaching much deeper inside her than before, the tip of my cock regularly touching her cervix as I pushed in all the way. Each time this happened, Jody would moan softly and then tighten her hold around my waist. Knowing she could handle it, I repeated the move a few times, evoking another lustful moan with each deep thrust, before I slowed down into a gentler rhythm.

“You’re so big…” she whispered, “you’re so deep… Don’t stop, daddy. Don’t ever stop.”

“I won’t, baby. I’ll never stop”

Jody’s sighed contently.

“I love you, daddy” she whispered, and then she leaned forward and kissed my lips. Her mouth opened and I felt her tongue come out to play with mine. Following her lead, I also opened my mouth and we kissed passionately while our bodies began to truly move as one.

Jody clearly had inherited my wife’s highly sexual nature. After only a couple of minutes of kissing and fucking, she was already on the brink of orgasm. However, after not having intercourse for six years, my stamina was not that good, and so was I. I had to slow down, or risk cumming way too soon. The wise thing to do would be to take a short break, but I couldn’t. Not when I was about to have my gorgeous daughter climax on my cock. I bit my lip and soldiered on, pumping Jody’s silky pussy as fast as I dared.

My little girl was really close now; she was thrusting her hips back at me and whimpering desperate pleas to fuck her harder and faster. I complied as well as I could until suddenly her supple body became almost rigid. A pained expression distorted her delicate face, and she groaned softly between her clenched teeth. Just when I thought I had to pull out, Jody came. With both her arms and legs wrapped tightly around my waist, she pulled me deep inside and locked me in place while she shook and shivered as strong waves of contractions raced through her entire body.

Being stuck in this embrace meant that I was finally able to stop thrusting into her, but it also meant I couldn’t pull out either. Through sheer force of will I managed to stave off flooding her pussy with seed while it was convulsing like crazy around my cock throughout her orgasm. When the waves of contractions finally ebbed away, and Jody relaxed her grip around my waist, I quickly yanked my cock from her churning pussy. For a moment I thought I was losing it, fearing I was about to waste my only orgasm by ejaculating all over the windowsill instead of in my daughter’s buttery pussy, but then the pressure dropped. While that disaster had been narrowly avoided, I still had to cool off for a minute. It was time to worship that beautiful pussy.

“Let me take you to bed, baby” I said, taking her in my arms. I carried her to the big, soft bed that I shared with my wife, and lay her down on the silk sheets. My little angel looked so beautiful lying naked on the bed; her creamy, sun-kissed skin and dark blonde hair contrasted beautifully with the delicate gloss of the bedding, giving the sight almost a dreamlike appearance. It was at times like this I wished I had a good camera, and the talent to capture this stunning image and preserve it for eternity.

Even while lying on her back, Jody’s perky young breasts were still proudly pointing up, openly mocking the laws of gravity. I cupped the perfect tits with both hands and then kissed the pink nipples, like I had promised myself earlier. The protruding tips were incredibly sensitive and Jody was gasping and groaning as I kissed and played with her breasts and nipples. I enjoyed it as much as she did, and I could have kept playing with her treasures all day long if I had to, but there was something else I wanted to do even more. I let go of her breasts and kissed my way down to that place between her legs.

I parted her thighs a little wider and got on my knees between them. In front of me was my daughter’s pussy, the forbidden pussy that I had fucked to orgasm only minutes ago. I could at last see all of her, and in great detail. It was by far the sexiest and most mouth-watering little pussy I had ever laid eye on. Her enticingly padded mound was perfectly smooth and had obviously been waxed recently. Not a single hair obscured my view of her pink vulva, nor was there even the slightest trace of unsightly stubble disgracing her mons or lips.

Her outer labia were flushed with arousal and had parted slightly. Between them I could see the small hood covering her clit and a pair of slightly darker inner lips that just barely protruded from the protecting outer lips. While I was admiring her sexy pussy, Jody spread her legs even wider and suddenly her sex opened up like a flower, right before my eyes. Her dainty inner labia were coated in a glistening film of moisture that made them stick against the outer lips, allowing me to see all of the glossy pink interior of her moist vulva, from the tiny tip of her clit, partly covered by its hood, to her equally small pee-hole and the mouth of her vagina; a deep, dark pink opening, soaking wet and eager to receive her father’s throbbing cock.

I moved in even more closely and kissed her inner thighs, just next to her pussy. Jody’s intense feminine fragrance was truly inebriating; clean and fresh from a recent shower, and heavy with her lust for me. In a minute I was going to attend to her aroused sex, but for now, I enjoyed teasing her too much. From her thighs I kissed my way up to her lower belly and then placed my lips on her soft mound. I kissed every inch of the soft piece of padding, each time purposely skipping over her pussy as I moved from side to side. The effect of my teasing on my daughter was noticeable. She rolled and twisted her hips impatiently as I kissed her, trying to get my mouth to land where she wanted it so badly. After another visit to her inner thighs and an excursion to her feet and toes, I knew I had teased her enough. When she almost thought it would never happen, I finally placed my lips full on her lips.

By now my daughter’s pussy was literally dripping with arousal, and I got a real mouthful of her juices as I licked the delicious nectar off her delicate inner folds. With the tip of my tongue I probed her vaginal opening and then I tickled her hard little clit. It wasn’t long before her hands were grabbing my head, pressing my mouth firmly against her sex. There was no need for her to do so, as there was no way I was going to leave my spot before she was begging me to, but it was nice to know she liked what I was doing. The art of eating pussy is something I learned to perfect over the years, and I prided myself on the fact that I could make my wife cum every time. My daughter wasn’t much different from her mother, they both had their own little things that they liked best, but after a little bit of teasing and testing, I knew just what to do, and then it was only a matter of time before I had Jody cumming on my tongue.

At the height of her orgasm, while uncontrollable contractions made her body heave and reel around on the bed, I closed my lips around Jody’s engorged clit. I sucked hard on the nub and then I slid my index and middle finger deep into her vagina and massaged her g-spot at the same time. Within seconds she came again, gushing her hot juices over my chin and fingers. Knowing I had struck gold, I continued my two-pronged attack on her pleasure centers until she was begging me to stop.

“Please… please… can’t breathe… no more… need…”

It was the sign I was waiting for. I crawled on top of her shivering body and lay down between her raised legs. My cock came to rest against her inflamed pussy, but I didn’t dare to penetrate her just yet. I took my little girl in my arms and tickled her lips with my tongue. Though still only semi-conscious, she immediately opened her mouth and her tongue touched mine. Her body was damp with sweat and I could feel her heart pound as I held her and kissed her while she convalesced. For a long time she was still panting and every now and then minor spasms made her body twitch. Finally she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Hmmm… that was great, daddy. I never… ever… came like that before.”

“It was my pleasure baby, I loved it just as much as you did”

She kissed me again.

“You’re still hard, aren’t you?”

“Yes, thanks to you”

She grabbed my shaft and aimed it at her pussy. She looked at me with those bright blue eyes and then uttered those three beautiful words: “Fuck me, daddy”

I gladly obeyed her command and as I thrust forward, I felt her pussy open up to let my cock in.

“Oh yes,” Jody gasped as I filled her once again.

Being on top of her on the spacious, comfy bed, I was finally able to show my daughter how a real man made love to a woman. After a long, open-mouthed kiss, I began to move in a good, strong rhythm. My probing penis had no problem finding the right spots deep inside her and with my thumb I rubbed little circles over her clit. Jody threw her arms around my neck and covered my cheeks and neck with hundreds of little kisses whenever she wasn’t too busy moaning. The hazardous pressure in my loins had largely faded while I was pleasuring her with my mouth, and I was fucking her with renewed vigor. Long before I began feeling the urge again, I was seeing the white of her eyes and her tight body began to tremble underneath me.

Unlike the first time I was able to keep fucking my baby girl throughout her entire orgasm, and with a lot more ease than I could have hoped for. When she finally stopped convulsing, I slowed down my thrusting nonetheless and gave us both a moment to breathe. When I was ready to go again, I pushed my hands underneath her and rolled onto my back, pulling her with me. Still a little weak from her lengthy climax, she lay in my arms for another minute, before she sat up in my lap and began to move her ass. Her perky breast were moving beautifully as she bounced up and down and I could have watched them dance for hours. I cupped the firm mounds, squeezed them softly and tweaked her firm nipple. They felt as fabulous as they looked.

The delightful sight and feel of her magnificent breasts in my hands was only surpassed by the view I had of her deliciously slick pussy sliding down my cock as she was riding it. It was nothing short of unreal. Seeing my penis erect was unbelievable enough, watching the shaft disappear into my beautiful daughter’s bald pussy was almost beyond me. If I was dreaming, it was the by far the best dream ever.

Jody’s pussy, which had already been well lubricated from watching her mom and brother fuck in the garden, was now soaking wet from her many orgasms. My entire shaft was gleaming with her slick moisture, and every time Jody dropped her ass down in my lap, her pussy was making soft squishy noises. As she kept moving, her greasy juices were leaving milky streaks on my shaft that trickled down and matted the hair around the base against my skin.

After another few minutes of her riding me like that, she lay down again and pulled me back on top of her. Releasing myself from her embrace, I grabbed her long, shapely legs and lifted them up until they were resting on my shoulders and then I resumed thrusting.

This way I reached much deeper inside her than ever before. I could feel the tip of my cock bump into the bottom of her pussy as my balls touched her ass. Jody groaned with pain and pleasure as my cock forcefully stretched her delicate inner tissues. Her eyes opened wide and flashed with pure lust. Jody was just like her mother, who also delighted in a little pain when she was really horny. Knowing she would love it, I fucked her hard and fast and deep. I wasn’t going to last this way, but after giving her several orgasms already, I was ready to cum.

Her firm young breasts were jiggling beautifully as I fucked my daughter with all my might. It wasn’t long before the pressure in my balls was once more reaching dangerously high levels, but luckily, Jody was also close to climaxing. The squishy noises, and even the sounds of our bodies slapping against each other were drowned out by her continuous moaning. I really wanted to make her cum once more before I did, and feel her pussy work on my cock while I shot off inside her. She already had that anxious look of concentration on her face, and with another few thrusts she lost the ability to speak as well. Nearly incapacitated by pure lust, she was using her eyes to plead me to fuck her harder. I sped up one last time and frantically fucked my daughter as hard as I could until she climaxed.

My little girl was clinging to my body, her athletic body once more wracked by powerful convulsions. Her teeth pierced my skin when she bit down my on shoulder, but I hardly noticed it, as I was feeling that wonderful sensation of sperm rushing up my shaft. I was seeing stars as my cock began to spit thick jets of potent cum into Jody’s tight, wet pussy. I kept cumming for ages, pumping what felt like six years’ worth of sperm into my daughter’s thirsty vagina. My head was positively spinning from the unbelievable pleasure. At some point during our climax, our lips met and we kissed lustfully while our bodies continued to share the biggest orgasm we’d ever had in our lives.

At last my cock stopped spitting and then it began to wilt and slip from my daughter’s sucking pussy. She was still out of it, her eyes closed and her nubile body limp except for the erratic contractions that made her jerk every now and then. We stayed in each other’s arms for a long time, kissing and sharing the post-coital high. Finally, she opened her eyes and gave me a beautiful, satisfied smile.

“I love you, daddy” he whispered as she nuzzled my neck. “That was truly amazing. You were even better than in my dreams”

I kissed her and told her I loved her too. We stayed in bed together for perhaps half an hour, kissing and cuddling while we rested our weary bodies. Jody was the first to get out of bed and walked back to the window. I looked at the beautiful image of my well-fucked daughter standing naked by the window. Her hair was tousled, her skin was sweaty, and a trickle of cum was dripping down the inside of her thigh. I was feeling mighty proud of myself, and happy that she had persuaded me to make love with her.

“They’re still going at it.” Jody said, looking back at me. “Come, look”

A little reluctantly I got up and stood behind her, spooning her round behind and wrapping my arms across her belly. It was insane to realize that, deep inside that taut belly, my little seeds were swimming up her uterus, trying to reach a waiting female egg and create a new life.

“Jody, you are on the pill, right?”

“Of course, daddy”

Peering over her shoulder, I looked at the lawn below. I was surprised by my son’s stamina; it must have been almost an hour since he first got his mother to suck his cock, and he was still fucking her hard.

“Sometimes they do it three times or more.” Jody whispered, answering my unasked question. “He never lasts that long. Not like you, daddy”

Charlotte was on her back on her lounger and our son was on top of her. Imitating the way I was fucking his sister earlier, Nick had his hands on his mother’s ankles and had her folded up underneath him. His ass was rapidly pumping back and forth, fucking her deep and hard. I reached out for the latch and pushed the window open. Now we could not only see them fucking on the lawn, but also hear my wife’s barely suppressed moans, my son’s labored grunts and the slapping sounds each time his hips bumped into her.

Jody was getting horny again and groaned softly as she watched her family members have sex. I don’t know if she did it on purpose, but the way she was gyrating her behind was causing the blood to flow back into my cock. For the second time in six years, my penis was getting hard again.

Feeling this, she pressed her ass even more firmly against my erect cock. Although I had ejaculated inside her only shortly before, my cock was again standing upright and was throbbing from excitement. Our bodies were prepared and ready for another round of sex, but this time I would not give in to my daughter’s alluring nubile body. My second erection I would save for my wife.

Not wanting to leave my daughter high and dry either, I moved my right hand between her legs and slipped my fingers between the greasy lips of her pussy. Using my own semen as lubricant I let the tip of my finger run circles around her swollen clit. She leaned back, pressing her back against me. I moved my other hand from her belly to her breast and closed my fingers around her erect nipple. I planted kisses in her neck and inhaled her sexy female scent. My resolution began to waver.

“Look, he’s cumming”, Jody said suddenly.

I looked over her shoulder and saw that Nick was struggling to keep up the regular, rapid motions with which he was fucking my wife before. He thrust deep into her one last time and then I saw his butt clench rhythmically as he pumped wave after wave of virile sperm into his mother’s pussy. My wife lowered her legs and held our son in her arms while they cuddled for a minute before he rolled off her. Even from the upstairs window I could see the satiated look on my wife’s face, indicating she had enjoyed their sex as much as he had.

At that point I decided to disclose the fact that they had an audience and began to applaud. Hearing the noise, the couple on the lawn looked up and saw us. The look on their faces was one of surprise and confusion. Especially Nick, who knew he was caught fucking another man’s wife, looked like he was gonna run.

“It’s okay! I just had sex with Jody!” I shouted.

The confused look on my wife’s face changed to one of wonder and joy.

“And I’m still hard!” I added.

My wife parted her legs and beckoned me to come and prove it to her. I bolted down the stairs and into the garden and then literally dove between my wife’s thighs. My cock was still as hard as rock, and I had no difficulty plunging it into her cum-soaked pussy.

Charlotte was truly ecstatic to receive me after all those years, and we fucked like newlyweds. Her pussy was not nearly as tight as Jody’s and quite sloppy from several helpings of our son’s semen, but the fact that I was making love to my sweetheart more than made up for all of that. The look in her eyes was priceless and to hear her moan like that was incredibly rewarding. I have loved her all my life, even when I couldn’t be the man she needed me to, and now that I had been cured, I loved her more than ever.

A dozen memorable minutes later, we were both lying in the grass, tired and sweaty and thoroughly satisfied. My lovely wife was in my arms, her head on my chest. I had given her multiple orgasms and made her scream out in ecstasy, like I used to do all those years before. My life, my virility, my manliness were completely restored, and I owed it all to my daughter’s fabulous ass. I looked up, searching for my bedroom window and saw that Jody was watching us. I blew her a kiss, telling her that I hadn’t forgotten her. Even as I lay in the grass, basking in the afterglow of making love with my wife, I knew I was going to fuck my daughter again. I had sampled the forbidden fruit and there was no way back. I only hoped my wife was willing to share my cock with our little girl.

“Adam?” Charlotte whispered.

“Yes baby?”

“You know you’ve always been the one for me… but…” she started hesitatingly and stopped halfway the sentence. She didn’t need to finish it, I knew what she wanted to say.

“It’s okay baby. I don’t mind if you and Nick are having sex together”

She turned her head towards me and kissed me tenderly on my lips.

“You’re a wonderful husband, Adam. And I’m fine with it if you want to have sex with Jody again” she said.

I smiled. “You’ll have to, baby. She’s my little medicine.”


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