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Flight back Home
Sorry for the long wait. Constructive criticism is welcomed as I want to improve. Hope you enjoy!

What a Difference a Summer Makes- Part 2

I started to drift off to sleep as the music was playing until...

A sudden feeling of pressure on my crotch startled me as I groggily open my eyes seeing a small hand placed right on top of my dick. As the hand removed quickly, I followed it to my right which made me come face to face with a stunning young woman staring at me with an embarrassed grin.

“Oh, I am so sorry. I tripped while I was trying to put my bag in the overhead compartment” the young lady explained as she stood up.

“Not a problem. Do you need help with that?” I replied pointing to her bag.

“Oh yes, would you be so kind?”

“Of course. I got it” I responded with a smile.

The first thing I noticed was the bag was heavy and probably should have not been allowed as a carry-on, but I just chalked it up to business-class privilege.

“Thanks for your help and sorry about that mishap earlier” she leaned in and whispered.

“Oh that. Not a big deal. It’s not every day that I’m woken up by a pretty lady grabbing my junk. I should be the one to thank you” I joked which brought out a chuckle from her.

That’s when I really took notice with how pretty she really was as she stood there smiling. But what really caught my eye was what she was wearing. She had on a white Gucci t-shirt with a picture of Marilyn Monroe on it, a pair of red high-top wedges with Velcro straps and skimpy jean shorts. She had on the jean shorts that you can basically see the bottom of her ass cheeks and she had a cute little ass on her.

Just then the flight attendant stated on the microphone that we must all take our seats. As we both took our seats, she introduced herself.

“My name is Taylor by the way” she said extending her hand.

“Chad, nice to meet you” I replied shaking her hand.

“Pleasure is all mine. You are quite gifted, you know?”

I looked at her with a puzzled expression to which she giggled. She put up her hand that touched my cock giving a squeezing motion. My face instantly felt warm as Taylor bubbled, “You're blushing... AWW”.

“Oh, you're funny. Ten hours with you is going to be a breeze and thank you for the compliment” I laughed.

“Like you said, it is going to be a long flight and we are stuck together so we better make the best of it, right?” she remarked.

Taylor was a great conversationalist. She is one of those people that talk a lot, but it doesn’t seem like it because she is very engaging, energetic and just made you feel at ease to talk with her. We both talked about our vacations in France in which I found out she was there longer than I was.

Not just there for vacation but she also was there for work. I came to find out that Taylor was a Linguist and her job paid her to go to France to learn the language.

Getting paid to go to such a beautiful place for 5-months! Sign me up!

She let me know that she now speaks 7 different languages which includes: Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, French and English.

“Very impressive. Are there any other languages you are interested in learning?” I wondered.

“The next one will probably be Chinese. It will probably the most difficult as my job will send me to China for a year to master it. Probably next year I will go. Not sure yet”

With that she told me she had to excuse herself because she had to go to the bathroom. Watching her get up and walk as her ass moved from side to side down the aisle to bathroom was a treat not just for me, but for the other men who ogled her as she walked by as well. The guys looked back at me and just mouthed ‘WOW’. Raising my eyebrows in agreement with the guys, I sat back and smiled.

Like I said before, Taylor had a cute little ass on her. She is what you would call petite. She is brunette, brown eyes, olive complexion, slim build, standing at 5’6”, and A-cup breasts. What I liked the most about her was the freckles on her face. Very cute. Comparable to Alice Greczyn. Look her up.

Perusing the Sky Mall catalog, which I've become addicted to, checking out different electronic stuff I stumbled on some cameras that caught my eye. Looking at each one and comparing prices I didn't notice Taylor come back until she flopped down on her seat then asked, "What you looking at?"

As she leaned over to me, I replied, "Oh nothing much. Just checking out some cameras. I've been thinking about taking up photography when I get back home."

"Oh yeah? That's cool. What peaked your interest in that?" Taylor inquired as she looked over the catalog with me.

"Being in France I witnessed a myriad of beautiful things from the architecture, the beaches and the people. I just want to start capturing things like that."

"And by the people, you mean the women?" she replied coyly.

Taylor noticed my face light up when she asked that question.

"There is a story behind that look Chad, do tell" she implored while turning her body towards me.

Looking at her I blushed again, and Taylor knew she struck a chord in me, so she asked me again about my summer vacation.

"Tell me everything. Start from the very beginning and leave nothing out. You have a story and I want to hear it all” she insisted.

Listening her say that made me realize that I never told anyone about what actually happened with Kimmie and Joe. Not my mom, grandma, Josef or even Bianca. My mood suddenly changed from joy to sadness as I put my head down and that did not go unnoticed by Taylor who grabbed my hand.

"Chad, are you ok? You don't have to talk about if you don't want to. I'm sorry, sometimes I just get ahead of myself. I didn't mean to pry"

Turning my head to Taylor I gave a warm smile and assured her that it was ok, and it was nothing that she did, but it was something I haven't discussed with anyone as of yet.

She nodded her head and with a sympathetic look let me know that it might do me some good to tell someone and get it out because it's not good carrying all that negative emotion inside. Plus, she said, telling a complete stranger could be good because they would have an unbiased opinion on the matter.

"OK Taylor. You ready for this?"

Giving that cute smile of hers which could light up a room she answered, "Yes sir. Tell me"

She was right. I've been holding onto this deep sorrow for so long that I needed to talk about it with someone. I gave Taylor the complete story of my vacation from the Joe and Kimmie incident, my transformation with Josef, losing my virginity to Chloe and her best friend Olivia, and of course Bianca.

Taylor listened intently and would ask questions periodically to gather further information on how I felt on each moment I discussed. Taking it all in as I finished, she sat back in her chair and just gasped, "Wow!" looking over at me she continued, "That was one hell of a story! You definitely had a summer to remember!"

Nodding my head in agreement with a grin I replied, "Yep, I did"

Tapping the top of my hand Taylor sat up and exclaimed, "Before we get to anything else. Tell me more about your first time with Chloe and Olivia"

With a puzzled look on my face and a raised eyebrow I jested, "Out of all the things I told you, that’s what you want to focus on that"

"Yes! It was your very frst time and it was a threesome. You do realize ya kind of skipped over that part. I love that type of stuff" she beamed then gave me a pouty face and continued, "please Chad?"

Shaking my head and laughing I gave in.

"Alright, if you must know, but I'll start from the very beginning" I reluctantly said.

Taylor's eyes lit up like a child getting a toy as she clapped, moved closer over to me and bubbled, "Yay! Tell me, tell me!"

I couldn't help but chuckle at her enthusiasm. So, I began:


Josef thought it would be good for me to hang out with people my own age instead of just him and grandma all summer long, so he asked his good friend Gabin, who is the local baker in town, if one of his children would show me around Marseille. Gabin, who met me on my third day in France and did take a liken to me, readily agreed. He had three daughters Alice, Sarah and Chloe.

Alice was more like me as she was into computers, video games and anything related to tech. She was a tomboy and we hit it off well, but she was only fourteen, so she couldn't really show me around too much.

Sarah was a bookworm, fictional stories were her thing. She would lose herself into a novel for hours upon hours. She was currently wrapped up in Stephen King's latest offering, The Outsider. With her being the same age as me, seventeen, Gabin thought she would be a good choice, but Sarah politely declined because she was not the out-doorsy type.

So, that left Chloe and she wasn't too thrilled at first because as she explained to her father, she wanted to spend the time when she wasn't at work to be with her boyfriend.

"She had a boyfriend?! Ah, you devil! You're a homewrecker, aren't ya?" Taylor jokingly interjected.

"Are you going to let me tell my story or are you going to be like one of those people who talks during a movie disturbing everyone?" I teased.

"Oh, hush and continue. I promise I won't say another word" she smiled then stuck out her tongue at me.

So, where was I... oh yes...

Remember, this was near the early part of my vacation where I was still pudgy, filled with zits on my face, wearing clothes a size too big for me, basically I was a REAL mess. Did I forget to mention that Chloe was gorgeous? Standing at 5'2", caramel complexion, with sexy green eyes, natural black hair, B-cup breasts and a nice booty. Nothing too big or small. Perfect for her petite frame. Google Kat Graham, that's her.

"You and she are very similar" I said as I showed Taylor a picture of Chloe from my phone.

"She IS hot! You seem to be attracted to petite women Chad." Taylor smiled.

"You think so?"

"Remember, I felt him twitch when you saw me the first time" we both looked down at my groin, she continued, "so I have it under good authority that you are"

Staring in her eyes I took a big gulp, not knowing what to say. Taylor was in full control and she loved it as she gave me a sexy grin and wink.

Snapping me out of my trance Taylor urged me to continue.

Umm... so where was I, oh yes...

Chloe did, even though reluctantly, showed me around the first few days as well as introducing me to her friends and boyfriend. I was nervous around her at first because of how shy I am around beautiful women, but she had a laid-back personality that put me at ease. She was very nice to me and made feel welcomed which I was very appreciative of. Plus, Chloe was a great tour guide as she showed me a lot of the ins and outs of Marseille.

We didn't see one another for weeks after, maybe, the third day we hung out when she took me to a party her friends were having.

"What do you mean that you didn't see each other for weeks after? What happened?" Taylor blurted.

Staring at her with playful annoyance then putting my hand over my eyes and shaking my head she realized what she did.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry...that's just how I am. I promise...last time"

Umm... so where was I, oh yes...

It was at some small club which I don't remember the name of, but I do remember how loud it was in there. Deafening loud. They were playing techno music, which I'm not a big fan of, but I was invited so I sucked it up and tried my best to enjoy. Chloe and her friends showed me a good time as we all danced and drank together.

Later, that night while dancing with her friend Olivia I noticed Chloe being led to the bathroom by her boyfriend, Remy. Feeling a tinge of jealousy, as I was becoming infatuated with her, but I knew there was no chance there because Remy was a typical French good-looking guy. Chiseled face, beautiful long hair down to his shoulders, blue eyes. Picture Gaspard Ulliel. I couldn't compete with that.

"Don't ever say that again Chad. You are sooo fine" Taylor blurted out unexpectedly then put her hands to her face. "Sorry, I didn't mean to" she stated embarrassingly as she shook her head.

Smiling back at her and squeezing her hand, "That's how I use to feel Taylor. I don't feel like that any longer and thank you. You're pretty fine as well"

"Well, thank you Chad. Sorry, please continue"

Where was I... oh yes...

Drinking a few shots too many with Olivia and others I excused myself as I really had to pee. This was the most I have ever drank in my entire life as I was dazed and confused walking into the bathroom which, I found, was surprisingly empty. Making my way over to the first stall I let a big sigh of relief as the flow of urine was coming out of me. Getting my bearings together is when I heard...

"Oh yeah, give me that fucking mouth bitch! Take this dick!"

Slurping and gagging sounds ensued.

"You're such a fucking whore and I love it Chloe!"

Oh shit! I forgot Chloe and Remy were in here.

I looked under my stall to see Chloe in a squatting position with her dressed raised up and Remy standing right in front of her.

"Tell me you're my fucking whore!"

He took his dick out her mouth then she gasped, "I'm your whore!"

My dick got hard instantly as this nice girl I have come to know is being slutted out.

"Yes, that's right bitch!" Remy groaned as I could hear him slapping her face with his cock.

"Open" he commanded, and the slurping and gagging sounds continued.

"You don't get this dick in your cunt until you take this whole fucking thing in the back of your whore throat. Do you understand?"

All I could hear from Chloe was a muffled sound of "Mhmmm"

"Yes...yes...yes...yes, you got it bitch! Take that cock!" Remy snarled with each pump in her mouth.

The sound of spit flying and gasping for air echoed throughout. Then suddenly, the ghastly sound of Chloe barfing reverberated the bathroom. I looked under the stall again to see vomit splashing to the floor under them both.

"I don't give a fuck about you vomiting! Get this cock to your throat!" Remy ordered.

The more cock she took the more of the contents of her stomach was heaved onto the bathroom floor until she reached the base of his cock when Remy said, "Yes, hold it there. I am helping you whore ass stay skinny with all this shit you barfed up! Breath in this dick bitch!"

Holding her head for a few seconds longer he picked her head up off his dick in which a loud gasp could be heard.

It was sick and disgusting but strangely I was completely turned on as I was stroking my cock to this.

Chloe was coughing and gasping for air when she snapped, "You fucking bastard!"

"Turn around and shut the fuck up! You love it when I treat you like a fucking piece of shit!"

"Just put that worthless cock inside of me or I am going to have to get a REAL man to come and fuck me!"

I could hear Remy slapping Chloe's ass a couple times which made her yelp. She let out a loud sob as Remy entered her.

"A real man, huh? You mean like the fucking mascot you've been hanging with Chet or Chad or whatever the fuck his name is!"

Are you serious? This can't be happening again.

"Yes, I bet you he has a big fat cock that can fuck me better than this!" Chloe grunted.

Wait... maybe a little different than before...

"The only thing big on him is that pimple in the middle of his forehead!" Remy chided as he was pumping his cock into her.

This guy is fucking douchebag I thought as I rubbed the pimple on my forehead.

The constant violent sound of his balls slapping against her cunt with both Chloe’s and Remy’s moans and grunts were piercing through the air.

As my eyes were closed, secretly I wished it was me that was pumping in and out of Chloe as I was furiously stroking my cock.

“Don’t stop fucking me! I’m going to cum again! Don’t…Stop…Fucking…MEEEEE!” Chloe screamed.

“Oh, yes bitch! Squirt that fucking pussy juice all over my cock! Who owns this cunt?!” Remy roared while still pumping in and out of her.

“You own this pussy baby! My pussy is made for this cock! Only for you!”

“That’s right” Remy panted then continued, “Now tell me, where do you want this cum?”

He must have pulled her hair because she suddenly yelped, “I want to feel it on my face!”

Remy snickered “Does your daddy know how much of a slut you are? Getting fucked in a bathroom stall and begging for some warm cum on your face! You must make him proud”

“Fuck you!” Chloe snapped.

“That’s exactly what I’m doing! Now turn around and take this load” Remy snarled.

I couldn’t take it any longer as I put my hand over my mouth screaming in unison with Remy. Three long ropes of cum erupted from my dick splattering the wall as I visualized it was me that was cumming on Chloe’s pretty face.

Leaning back against the toilet I was out of breath. I never came that much in my entire life and I am no stranger to jacking off. Listening to them both fuck and with me also being totally shit-faced drunk made me have the best sexual experience of my life, up until that point.

“And… what happened after that?” Taylor implored as she leaned in listening intently.

Snapping me back to the present I looked at her and smiled as I noticed her hand was in-between her legs.

“Are you playing with yourself?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

Her face reddened instantly looking flushed as she removed her hand and put it on her lap.

Thinking back to Bianca at that moment I remembered what she told me last night. She wanted me to live my life to the fullest and now I am sitting next to this hot girl who is ‘getting off’ to a story I’m telling her. What’s your next move Chad?

“You are; aren’t you?” I teased.

“And, what if I am?” Taylor teased back.

As we both stared at one another, obviously flirting, an idea popped in my head.

I motioned Taylor to lean towards me then whispered in her ear, “Do you want to hear the rest of the story?”

Hearing her let out a small giggle she nodded and replied, “Yes”

“Put those fingers in my mouth and we have a deal” I requested pointing to the fingers that she just removed from her crotch.

Giving me a devilish look Taylor was contemplating whether or not if she should give in to my request. With a wry smile she responded, “Someone is very confident. Do you think you deserve to taste me?”

Trying to think of a witty comeback my mind went blank as I leaned back and the only thing that came out my mouth was “Umm, Umm…”

Taylor smiled and let me know that even with my great summer experience I still had a lot to learn when it came to women.

“Your innocence and boyish charm coupled with your good looks are your greatest qualities Chad. Don’t ever lose that, but don’t become overconfident because you'll just come across as an asshole.”

Listening to what she said I nodded in agreement.

Taylor looked behind her and up and down the aisle then turned to me and said, “Come here.”

I moved in close as she lifted her fingers and put them slowly in my mouth. Sucking both fingers then one at a time as I took my time savoring every second of her sweet nectar. Every once in a while, I would look in Taylor’s eyes and I could see the lust behind them. Her nipples started to poke through her t-shirt as she was squirming in her chair.

Plopping her fingers out my mouth like I was licking a Charms lollipop I gave them a final kiss.

"You taste amazing!" I boasted and in my best Oliver Twist impression continued, "Please, may I have some more?"

Taylor put her hand over her mouth and laughed, "You're too much!"

Her laughing made me start to laugh which made others on the plane look over at us to which we both noticed.

"We have to keep it down" she whispered. I shook my head in agreement.

Taylor wanted me to complete my story, but she told me to hold on a second as she asked the flight attendant for a blanket because she was feeling chilly. After thanking the attendant for providing the blanket Taylor spread it across the both of us.

"There, there. Much better. Now, please continue your story" she said laying her head on my shoulder.

"I see someone is getting comfortable" I joked.

"Oh please. You're loving this!" she replied playfully slapping my chest.

Just as I was about to continue, I could feel my zipper being pulled down as Taylor was fishing for my cock. I jumped up as she touched it. "Oh yes, there he is. Just what I was looking for" she teased. I let out a soft moan as she slowly was massaging my cock to full erection in her hand.

"How can you expect me to finish my story while you are doing this" I whispered as I looked around to see if anyone was aware what she was doing.

Looking up into my eyes she gave me a sexy grin and said, "Relax, no one is paying attention to us. Kiss me Chad"

We both leaned in and planted a soft warm kiss on one another.

I was in heaven as her lips were so soft!

Parting our lips, I put my tongue in her mouth as Taylor sucked on it tenderly. With playful bites on my tongue and lower lip while she still was stroking my cock it sent my senses into overload. I didn't know how much more I could take before my cock exploded all over her hand. As if she knew what was going on inside of me Taylor leaned back, smiled and said, "Calm down and concentrate. I don't want you cumming yet. I'll tell you when you can"

"I don't know if I can Taylor. This feels so good" I grunted.

"Try for me Chad. It will totally be worth it. I promise, ok?"

Looking at her with despair I nodded and replied, "Ok, I'll try"

"Focus on something else. Tell me the rest of the story. What happened next in the bathroom with Chloe and Remy?"

Oh fuck...where was I... oh yes...

I stayed in my stall very quietly peeking through the crack as Chloe and Remy came out to get cleaned up.

“You were amazing babe! What got into you tonight?” Remy questioned.

Washing the cum off her face Chloe looked at him through the mirror and replied, “I dunno. I guess the mixture of alcohol and us not having sex in a week caused me to be extra horny tonight”

Leaning over to give him a kiss she continued, “I love it when you fuck me dirty like that, but…” she sneered as she lightly slapped him in the groin, “you almost made me ruin my dress shoving your cock in my throat!”

Remy apologized telling her ever since she told him to live out their porn fantasies with one another he just got lost in the moment. They finished by giving each other a kiss and as they were walking out Chloe stopped and said, “By the way, leave Chad alone he is a good guy. No need to insult him like that”

“I just don’t like the way he looks at you”

“What are you insinuating Remy”

“C’mon Chloe; you know he wants to fuck you, right?” Remy conceded.

“All right that’s fine, but I’m not interested in him like that and he’s a friend so treat him nicely”

“Yes ma’am” Remy responded, patted her on the ass then continued, “let’s get back to the party”

Listening to Chloe and Remy’s conversation made me think back to Kimmie and Joe. I barely knew Chloe and she treated our friendship far better in the 3 days we known each other than my so-called best friends did after 12 years!

I must have been in deep thought as I got startled when Taylor called my name.

“Did you say something?”

“I’ve been calling out to you. Are you ok?” Taylor asked.

Giving her a fake smile, I replied, “Yeah, I’m ok”

“Well, it’s either you’re lying, I’m losing my touch, or your dick has been talking to Tom Brady”

“What?! Tom Brady?” I asked looking at her puzzled.

Raising her eyebrows, she pulled the blanket up, as we both looked down noticing her hand around my now limp dick.

“Umm… hashtag Deflate Gate!” she declared with a grin.

It took all the strength I had to not burst out with laughter as I brought my hands to my mouth as Taylor also started to laugh along with me.

As I kept laughing, I could barely form the words as I said, “I’m sorry Taylor. It definitely, is not you! You are too funny, oh my God!”

Taylor removed her hand from my dick, sat up straight and said with a serious tone “Chad, may I ask you something?”

“Of course. Ask me” I replied still laughing.

“Obviously your friends hurt you deeply and just by the mere thought of them sends you to a dark place. Have you given any thought about what you’re going to do when you finally see them?”

Letting out a big sigh I sat back in my chair thinking about an answer with none coming to mind.

“I honestly can tell you I have no idea what I’m going to do. There are so many feelings pent up inside of me there is no telling what my initial reaction is going to be when I see them”

“Do you think you can forgive them?” she wondered.

That was a good question. Can I forgive them? Should I forgive them?

“Hmmm… I don’t know. I think of myself as a forgiving person, but I’ve replayed that night so many times in my head these last 3-months and do you know what hurts me the most?”

With a concerned look on her face Taylor replied, “Tell me”

“When Danni told Joe and Kimmie that I’m holding them back and they didn’t say a fucking word!” I said angrily punching my fist down on my seat.

Not realizing how loud I was, the surrounding passengers looked in our direction and one of the flight attendants walked over to us, “Is everything ok sir?”

Taylor grabbed my hand and responded, “Yes, everything is fine. He just got some bad news from back home he was telling me about, but he’ll be ok, thank you”

“I’m sorry to hear that. If there is anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask” the attendant said sympathetically.

After Taylor gave a thankful smile to the attendant, she turned back to me rubbing my hand and telling me that everything will be ok and will work itself out in the end.

Staring at nothing in particular I wept, “That’s just it, Taylor. I don’t know if everything will be ok. All the years Kimmie, Joe and I have known one another they really, really hurt me with their betrayal”

Taylor asked me to look at her and I shook my head no as I was breathing heavily.

“If I look at you, I’m going to cry, and I’ve already shed enough tears for them already”

“Please Chad, look at me” Taylor implored.

Turning to her slowly the tears started to well up in me when our eyes finally met, I couldn’t hold it back any longer as I started sobbing uncontrollably. Taylor pulled me in close; hugging me tightly. Not since crying on Josef's shoulders that following morning have, I really let out any emotions about what had happened. I put all my energy into working out, being with Bianca, Josef and grandma to occupy my time from dealing with it. Having Taylor hold and console me felt really good as I let it all out.

Holding onto her tightly I said, my voice quavering with emotion, “They were my best friends. I loved them. How could they have done this to me?”

Not saying a word but just rubbing my head I could hear Taylor sniffling a little. After a few minutes she picked my head up from her shoulders, looked at me giving me a reassuring smile while she wiped the tears from my eyes with her thumbs.

“I must look like a mess" I sniffled, "I’m sorry to lay this all on you”

Shaking her head in disagreement Taylor replied, “Oh no Chad. You needed to let this out. I’m just glad you felt comfortable enough to share this with me. Not that many people, especially guys, would be able to express their feelings”

“Thank you, Taylor”

“You’re welcome and I promise, everything is going to be fine” Taylor said and with that she kissed me.

Our kiss was so soft and sensual. Sometimes a kiss is more than a kiss. It was just what I needed and put me at ease in more ways than one as a stirring in my loins was awakening.

As our kissing continued from soft and sensual to heavy and passionate, I pulled Taylor in close to me. Our tongues dancing together, Taylor started to massage my chest, working her way down, stopping when she reached my hardened phallus.

"Oooh, the Dark Knight Rises" she joked stroking my cock through my shorts.

A mixture of a moan and laugh escaped my lips while still tongue wrestling with her as I squeezed her ass with both hands forcefully which made her moan back into my mouth.

Taking her hands off my cock which made me whimper she put her hands up to my chest and pushed me back, "You're going to get us in trouble, mister" Taylor panted as she looked around to see if anyone was watching us. Rest assure, we did have two admirers, an elderly couple, who gave us a smile and a nod.

I gave an awkward smile and head nod back to the couple. Taylor looking beet red with embarrassment just ducked down and turned to me laughing quietly. Grabbing the blanket, she covered us both, leaned on my shoulder and put her hand inside my shorts. I closed my eyes to concentrate on not blowing my load all over her hands as she slowly moved up and down on my dick giving it intermittent squeezes.

With a sigh Taylor said as if just making casual conversation, "Ok. All better now. You may continue your story on how you lost your virginity to Chloe and Olivia"

Looking down on Taylor with tremendous desperation to fuck her, she smiled back at me knowing full well what was going on in my head and flippantly remarked, "Proceed" as she gave the head of my dick a light squeeze.

Oh, my God her hands feel so good...where was I... Mmmmm... oh, yeah.

After the bathroom incident I headed back home because I was just tired. Tired of everything. Tired of being the looked down upon. Tired of being the butt of everyone's jokes. I just wanted to focus on me and getting my shit together. Chloe did stop by the next day to check on me to ask why I left without telling her. I made up some bullshit story about not feeling well and not wanting to be a party-pooper, so I just left. She asked if I wanted to hang out some more, but I politely declined and told her that I had some stuff to do with Josef and if I can get a raincheck in which she agreed. As she was about to leave, Chloe seemed as if she wanted to say something but just gave me a smile and told me to call her when I'm ready to hang out again. I told her I would and that was the last we saw each other for about 6-weeks.

"Wow 6-weeks! That's a long time" Taylor said then questioned, "Did you call her at least? Did she call you?"

"We spoke, maybe, two or three times. Nothing special just the typical Hi, how are you, type of thing.... Ugghhhh" I panted as Taylor was stroking my cock, "I don't know how much more of this I can take"

"This helps you build up stamina. Just trust me. Keep talking" Taylor teased.

Well, six weeks since that party and probably seven weeks into my transformation I was shopping in a clothing store called Brick City buying some souvenir t-shirts to bring back home for myself and my parents when I heard:

"Chad, is that you?!" someone shouted from across the store.

Turning around I saw both Chloe and her friend Olivia.

"Chad, that is you!" Chloe exclaimed walking over to me.

I waved and replied, "Oh hey, Chloe and Olivia. How are you?"

They both gave me a big hug, looked at one another wide eyed then giggled and hugged me again.

"Someone has changed a lot I see! This French air has done wonders for you" Chloe praised.

"You look so good Chad! What have you been up to?" Olivia chimed in.

At this point in time I was getting a lot of attention from women and even got a few numbers, but I still was a little uneasy around beautiful woman.

Scratching the back of my head I replied, "Oh nothing much, just been working out with Josef who has been kicking my ass every morning"

"It definitely is paying off" Olivia mumbled as she looked me up and down with the tip of her finger in her mouth.

"Owwww... watch it" I yelped as Taylor's hands squeezed my dick harder than she expected.

"Ooops, sorry Chad" she apologized then jested, "if you told her, Olivia would have dropped down to her knees right in the middle of that store and swallowed your cock whole"

"Well, if you had squeezed any harder no one will ever be able to suck my dick again because you would have ripped it right off"

With a seductive stare, Taylor told me not to cum then ducked under the covers and kissed the head of my dick a couple of times before putting it in her mouth. She sucked on it as a baby would suck a pacifier with quick, short suctions. Watching her head bob up and down on my lap I groaned quietly as I could feel her saliva dripping along my shaft.

"Yeesss, that's it. Wet that fucking cock" I hungrily whispered.

Just then she took my dick out her mouth, came from under the covers, looked up at me and smiled.

"No, no, no, no. Don't stop" I pleaded.

"That's enough for now. I had to make the boo boo go away" she joked.

"Not funny. YOU ARE KILLING ME” I grumbled then looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to what we were doing. The other passengers were in their own little world; either they were sleeping, watching a movie or reading a magazine. I glanced over at the elderly couple who spotted us earlier, they were fast asleep.

With a mischievous grin Taylor agreed, telling me that she pushed me far enough and released my now rock-hard cock covering it with the blanket.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do with this” I blurted out pointing to the obvious tent in front of me, “don’t be mean and leave me like this”

Taylor put her hand to her mouth and started laughing and apologizing, “I’m so sorry Chad”.

Returning a sarcastic grin, my blue-balls was leaving me in agony as I tried adjusting myself in my seat to get in a more comfortable position, but it was no help.

Taking pity on me as she pouted her lips and patted me on the shoulder. Taylor looked around again to see if anyone was watching us then ducked back under the covers and inhaled my entire 7-inch cock in one fell swoop.

“Oh shit!” I shrieked biting on my index finger. Quickly I looked around, but no one was paying us attention. I put my hand under the covers grabbing a fistful of Taylor’s hair pulling her head up as I raised my hips off the seat to fuck her mouth. Her mouth felt so good wrapped around my shaft I tried hard not to cum too quickly, so I closed my eyes to concentrate, but with all the foreplay prior I was getting close to blowing my load.

Reopening my eyes, to my horror, the flight attendants were pulling the lunch cart in our direction.

“Oh, fuck! Noooo!” I groaned pulling her off my saliva drenched cock. Looking at me as she wiped off the saliva from her mouth Taylor asked me what was wrong. With a distressed look on my face I just pointed at the oncoming cart heading in our direction. Taylor couldn’t hold back her giggle because she knew, by the looks of me, I've been tormented enough and needed to cum badly.

Getting up from her seat she turned to me, "Meet me inside the bathroom in two minutes" as she scampered towards the restroom.

Watching her ass swaying from side to side in those short shorts made my dick actually hurt as it couldn't get any harder.

Blue balls suck!! I needed to cum NOW.

The problem that I had was the fact that where we sat on the plane the restrooms were in the direction of where the attendants were coming from. My erection was not coming down anytime soon and I would either brush my dick up against the attendants or the seated passengers; either way it would be sexual assault with the way my dick was at the moment! I decided to push my dick up and fasten it against my abdomen with my belt.

Oh, shit this hurt like a motherfucker! All this to bust a nut!

I tried to walk with a calm demeanor but anyone who was paying attention could see the distressed look on my face. Unlucky for me one of the attendant’s picked up on that right away.

“Sir, are you ok?”

“Oh, I’m fine” I said with a strained smile, “Just need to get to the bathroom”

“Oh ok. Right this way” the attendant replied pointing me in the direction to the restroom.

I slowly walked passed giving a quick nod with another strained smile as the top of my shorts were chafing the head of my dick with each step!

My dick needs to be released NOW

Letting out a sigh of relief reaching my destination I was about to knock on the door until Taylor opened it and pulled me in.

The first thing I noticed stepping into the restroom was Taylor totally naked with her big nipples, which looked like quarters, poking out.

“Shit, you’re not playing around” I said with my eyes wide open looking her up and down.

The next thing I noticed was just how sensitive her nipples were as I leaned down and sucked in and bit down lightly on one of them.

“Oh GAWD” she moaned then panted, “What took you so long?” unbuckling my belt, fishing my dick out “I need this cock inside of me”

As her hand grabbed my now sensitive cock, I let out a low groan staring right in Taylor’s eyes. She gave me a sexy grin because she knew I had nothing but ill intentions in my mind.

“Oooh, looks like you about to beat this pussy up” she teased.

“You have no idea” I grunted as I slipped a finger into her sopping pussy. Closing her eyes briefly and trembling with anticipation she looked right back at me with nothing but pure lust.

“No more teasing. We both need this. Put this beautiful cock in me now”

I sat down on the toilet not taking my eyes off Taylor and she not taking her eyes off of me. In that moment all we wanted was to feel each other. She stepped over top of me and eased herself down slowly onto my eager and waiting cock with us still not taking our eyes off one another. It must have been the anticipation because the initial contact as the head of my dick parted her labia sent an electric sensation through the both of us as we both let out a soft moan. Easing further down Taylor put her tongue in my mouth and whimpered adjusting to my girth as she reached the base of my cock then stayed seated.

Wrapping her arms around my neck she broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, “You’re stretching me so fucking good but be easy with me I’m not use to a dick this thick”

Taylor carefully fucked me at first as she slid up and down my cock getting use to its size as I squeezed and spread her ass cheeks apart. With every pump in an out of her pussy she moaned in my mouth and dug her nails into my back which caused me to wince in pain.

“Aaargh, ahhh” I shrieked looking at Taylor feeling her nails pierce my skin.

Not saying a word, she stared back at me with hunger in her eyes as she picked up her pace sliding up and down my rod. Her pussy sucked and massaged my dick completely as if it was made just for me. I’ve been dying to cum for well over an hour at this point and I didn’t know how much longer I could last.

“Don’t you dare cum yet!” Taylor hissed, “I want you to choke me”

“What?!” I replied with a strained look on my face as my balls were ready to explode.

“I can’t cum…unless I’m being…choked” she panted riding my dick fast as my balls were now slapping her ass “and do it hard for me…please”

Pain is what gets her off! Up until this point I’ve only had sex with three other women in my life and none of them were like Taylor. She liked scratching and biting but her asking me to choke her threw me for a fucking loop.

It was like Deja-vu as I immediately thought back to Chloe and Remy fucking in the bathroom. Smiling at Taylor I took her nipple in my mouth and bit on it causing her to shriek. I reached up with my right hand and wrapped it around her neck then took control slamming her down onto my cock.

“Oh, MY GAWDDDDD…FUCK YESSSSSS” I quickly covered her mouth with my left hand to muffle her scream.

Taylor looked at me like she was drunk. She was drunk with cock! My cock! I took pride in that as I continued to slam her up and down on my dick squeezing her neck. I took a page out of Remy’s book and taunted her, “Look at you dripping cum on my cock like a filthy whore. I ought to snap your fucking neck. You would like that wouldn’t you?”

Her face was beet red with tears running down her cheeks, but she was in ecstasy when she nodded and snorted, “Yes…fuuck…meee!”

That was all it took. The buildup from me telling her my story from the summer, her teasing my cock with her hands and mouth, and now with me choking her culminated with me having the biggest orgasm of my young life! With the final push I erupted into her cunt releasing her throat from my grip which Taylor gasped for air then bit down on my shoulder violently to mask her own orgasm. I kept pumping and pumping and pumping into her as it seemed I was producing endless amounts of cum.

I can’t believe I was doing this, let alone doing this in the bathroom of an airplane! This summer is ending off with a bang… No pun intended… maybe…lol

As we both subsided from our orgasms my dick was still inside Taylor as she sat motionless on top of me. We were both drenched with sweat as I could hear her shallow breathing, I kissed her shoulder a couple times.

“Taylor…Taylor…are you ok?”

“Mhmmm” was all she could muster. I hugged her softly which mad her let out a soft moan. Thinking to myself that I couldn’t believe what has transpired over the last few months leading up to now with Taylor I let out a small giggle.

Taylor sat up releasing her mouth off my shoulder and I let out a cry “Oh fuck!” looking at the teeth marks with a little blood on my shoulder “are you a vampire?”

“I’m sorry, I got carried away” Taylor replied then continued “but you fucked me so good I couldn’t help it”

“Well, you know” I boasted giving her a cocky smirk.

“Oh, shut up! Don’t get a big head now” she teased “what were you laughing at?”

Wiping the sweat off her forehead and giving her a quick kiss “Just thinking this is the greatest summer of my life. That’s all”

“You bet your sweet ass it is, but we need to get out of here before we get in trouble” Taylor replied as she rose up off my lap plopping my dick out of her wet box.

Not in even in porn movies have I seen so much cum coming out of women’s pussy like it was gushing out of Taylor’s and running down her leg onto my cock.

“Oh shit, you flooded me!” Taylor bubbled, “this feels great!” she leaned back against the wall rubbing her clit.

All I could do was smile as I watched her bring herself to another orgasm while I cleaned myself up and put my clothes back on.

“You’re lucky I am on the pill because you would have gotten me pregnant for sure” she said putting her cum coated fingers in her mouth, “Mhmm, you taste good!”

I gave her a smile and a thank you before giving her a quick smack on the ass as I left the bathroom first.

Walking back to my seat I hear “You look much better sir?”

I turn around and see the same flight attendant from earlier. Smiling back at her “Oh, so much better. You wouldn’t believe”

She gave me a wry smile and a wink.

Did she know? Nah, she couldn’t. Could she?

“I took the opportunity to put your food on your table. I feel you will find it quite replenishing” the attendant said in jest. Not knowing how quite to react I just thanked her and went to my seat. I was very impressed at the dish as they served Salmon with Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze accompanied by a Citrus Salad.

Like Rachael Ray would say…Yum-O!

Watching Taylor walk back to our seat she just looked mesmerizing. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and by the looks of it no one else could either. There were head turns from both men and women alike. Sitting down next to me she gave me a warm smile then kiss on the cheek.

“You’re glowing” I said.

“That’s what happens when you get that good D!” she joked.

I put my hand to my forehead, laughed and shook my head.

“What I say? It’s true” Taylor leaned in and whispered.

“You’re crazy” I laughed.

“I know. Let’s eat I’m famished” she replied.

After finishing our meal, we decided to get some rest because were tired and we did have a few more hours to go before we landed. Taylor got the covers and snuggled up against me drifting off to sleep instantly. I gave her a quick kiss on top of her head, put my headphones on to listen to some music then I was out like a light…….

My eyes slowly opening, and I stretch my neck from side to side trying to get my bearings under me I faintly hear Taylor next to me. I turn to the side and she has my headphones on bobbing her head and singing something, but I just could not make it out. Focusing a little harder I hear:

She's in love with who I am

Back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance (Yeah)

Now I hit the FBO with duffels in my hands

I did half a Xan, 13 hours 'til I land

Had me out like a light, ayy, yeah

Like a light, ayy, yeah

Giving her thigh a light squeeze she takes of the headphones “Hey there sleepy head. Your headphones were falling off your head, so I hope you don’t mind me using them”

“No, not at all” shaking my head no and yawning, “but?”

“But what?”

“What does a white girl know about Sicko Mode?” I joked.

“What you mean? I grew up on hip-hop. You just don’t know young buck” she fired back.

Now, this peaked my interest as I was now fully alert.

“Oh really?”

“Yes, really, Chad!”

“Ok, ok, ok. Favorite rapper?” I questioned.

With almost a look of disappointment Taylor shook her head and answered, “Jay-Z, of course. That’s a silly question”

“What do you know about Jay-Z?” I teased.

That was a bad idea on my part.

Taylor looked at me as if I was challenging her to a duel, smiled and took a deep breath:

Yo, gather round hustlers—that's if you still livin'

And get on down to that ol' Jig rhythm

Here's a couple of jewels to help you get through your bid in prison

A ribbon in the sky, keep your head high

I, Young 'Vito, voice of the young people

Mouthpiece for hustlers - I'm back, motherfuckers

Your reign on the top was shorter than leprechauns

Y'all can't fuck with Hov', what type of X y'all on?

“Any other questions mister?” Taylor teased.

“No one likes a show-off” I playfully rolled my eyes at her.

Giving me a big smile, she leaned forward to kiss me and asked for my tongue. Our tongues swirled together as if dancing under the stars. This was perfect, and I couldn’t ask for a better person to be with on my flight back home. I knew what was waiting for me there and Taylor put me at ease, in more ways than one.

We decided to watch a movie and not continue kissing because we were both getting aroused and didn’t want to test our luck again in the restroom. Taylor got the blanket again to cover us and rested her head on my shoulder. Something was weighing heavily on my mind while we were watching the movie.

I want to see Taylor again. I don’t want this to be a one off, but does she feel the same way?

I took a deep breath and said, “Taylor, I know there is an age difference between us, but I hope this is not the last time we see each other”

Taylor casually confessed while looking at the monitor, “Oh, don’t you worry about that. While you were sleeping, I put my number in your phone. By the way, you really need to put a security code on that." looking up at me she smiled, "and you better call me soon because don't think I forgot about the threesome with you, Chloe and Olivia”

Returning an awkward smile as I scratched the back of my head, I replied, “Yeah, you’re right. I didn’t finish.”

“It’s ok. We’ll have plenty of time for that, amongst other things.”

Damn...why does the summer have to come to an end?

As I watched the movie I thought of everything that has transpired over these last few months. It has been like a fairy-tale, but like all great fairy-tales it has to an end.


Author's Note: Thanks for all the feedback guys and gals. Like I said previously I'm sorry for the long wait but when I'm writing I read and re-read and re-read my work to try and make it the best I can. I want to give you guys the best experience possible when reading my work that is why I try to be as desriptive as I can be.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Working on part 3 now which will be quite long so please bare with me. I write 2 pages a day so by that math it will be finished by the end of this month.


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