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Chad returns home.
Author’s Note: First, I would like to take time out to thank all the fans of this series. You guys and gals keep me writing! Sorry to repeat myself but here goes: I use the italics in my stories as inner thoughts of the main character and, since musicals are my favorite movie genre, they are used for musical breaks as well. You will find in my writing I try to be as illustrative as possible so you, the reader, will have a clear visual of the characters and the environment they are in.

I apologize in advance as this chapter will be very long and the sex portion doesn’t come until much later on, but this chapter is much more than about sex. Also, if you pay close attention while reading you will see clues as to who some of my favorite authors are on this site. An ode to my contemporaries as I would like to call it.

Please enjoy and as usual constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcomed! Without further ado I present:

What a Difference a Summer Makes- Chapter 3

Part 1

All the passengers cheered and clapped as the plane finally touched down in sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL. Pulling out my cellphone I sent a quick text to my parents that I landed. Just as I hit ‘send’ on my phone I picked my head up with Taylor staring at me. We both gave one another a mischievous grin like two kids holding onto a secret. It was, without a doubt, the greatest flight of my life! As all the passengers were eager to get off the plane Taylor held us back. She wanted to spend a few more moments together.

“Just hold me,” Taylor said as she leaned into me.

I wrapped my arms around her waist holding her close watching each passenger, one by one, exit the plane. With the last gentleman walking by us Taylor let out a big sigh, “I guess it’s our turn.”

Reluctantly we got up and I followed retrieving her bags from the overhead compartment. She must have gathered something was wrong with me, “I’m sensing an air of melancholy surrounding you, what’s wrong?”

“Ah, nothing,” I replied grabbing her bag.

“Don’t bullshit me Chad. I know something is up. Spill it.”

Taylor had such a laid-back persona it surprised me how forthright she was being with me.

As I was about to say something one of the flight attendants walked over to us, “Sir, ma’am, do you need assistance?”

“No, we’re fine thank you,” I replied.

“Ok then, right this way please,” the attendant pleasantly said ushering us to the exit.

As we reached the exit, the captain and the rest of the flight crew bid us farewell. Making eye contact with the flight attendant, I saw immediately after my mile-high session with Taylor, she gave me a sly grin and said, “I hope you enjoyed your flight, come again.” The way she accentuated the word ‘come’ was more like ‘CUM’ and I couldn’t help but blush and let out a small giggle.

Walking out of the terminal Taylor turned and reached for my hands, “Ok, now tell me what’s on your mind.”

“It’s kind of crazy,” I sighed and confessed, “I’m thinking about Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.”

Have you ever seen Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood? There was a segment in it when Mr. Roger’s took the viewer to The Land of Make-Believe where his dreams, his stories, offered ways to control the chaos that surrounds us. That is what this summer was for me, an escape from reality, a blanket of protection from what I was about to face back home and now landing back here it all struck me at once.

Taylor looked at me sympathetically then joked, “You’re ONLY seventeen. What the hell do you know about Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood? That’s WAAAY before your time!”

I laughed nervously, “I’m serious Taylor. I don’t want to face them. What should I do?”

“Before we go for our luggage, come and sit with me for a bit Chad.”

The way Taylor said that reminded me of what my mother would say when she had to deliver a hard but truthful message.

“Yes, you faced something you never thought you would, but that’s how life is sometimes. Learn from it, grow from it and you’ll be better for it.”

I really listened and absorbed what Taylor was telling me, but I still felt uneasy.

She could sense my internal struggle then gave me a quick kiss on the lips then continued, “You’re NOT the same person you were 3-months ago. You’re a BIG boy now and I believe in you. Now it’s time YOU believe in you. It’s YOUR story that’s important. It’s YOUR mind and heart that can make things possible — just because of who you are.”

I grinned from ear to ear after hearing that.

“You’re in the wrong line of work. Fuck being a Linguist, you need to be a motivational speaker!” I jested.

“I just speak the truth- BIG BOY. Now, let’s get out of here.”

Taylor’s words of wisdom gave me a rush of self-confidence as my fog of uncertainty became much clearer in my mind. I realized I had to face Kimmie and Joe head-on and not let this fester any longer or it will eat away at me.

“You’re the best Taylor—thanks.” I praised.

Giving me a that beautiful smile she boasted, “I know,” along with a quick wink.

Playfully rolling my eyes at her I teased, “Oh Gawd, shut up. Last compliment - ever!”

“C’mon Chad. Don’t you like a woman with confidence?”

Laughing as we picked up our bags we headed toward the baggage claim area.

It seems it doesn’t matter whether you are in first class, business class or coach it is ALWAYS a hassle to get your bags… UGH!

“Is anyone picking you up?” I asked while retrieving the last couple of her bags.

“No - I have my car in Park ‘N Fly. You need a ride home?” Taylor replied.

I shook my head no and told her my parents should be here to pick me up. An idea came to mind to introduce Taylor to my parents to which she quickly shut down.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea – yet,” she said cautiously.

I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her in close to me. Giving her a quick kiss, I let her know that my parents would love her.

She leaned her head to side looking at me with a smile, “You…are…trouble…mister! But I don’t think your parents would be ‘oh so’ happy with their seventeen-year-old son with a thirty…” she muffled her voice then continued, “this is not France. I could technically go to jail for what we did in that airplane.”

I gave a chuckle while shaking my head to which Taylor lightly slapped my chest and uttered, “I’m serious Chad. I like you, but I have a lot to lose in this scenario.”

“Taylor,” I replied in a serious tone, “I would NEVER EVER let anything, or anyone put you in jeopardy. I promise.”

She just stared at me with those sexy brown eyes that could make a gay man straight and said slowly, “Not saying never just not today. Your parents haven’t seen you in a long time. Go spend time with them and we will broach this subject at a later date, but talk to them first about me to see what they think, agreed?”

“Deal,” I conceded.

Retrieving my last bag from the baggage carousel I walked back over to Taylor who waited for me. We hugged one another tightly.

“You’re one hell of guy Chad Lincoln.”

“You’re not too bad yourself Taylor…” I paused as I leaned back from our embrace then continued, “hey, what IS your last name?”

Giving me a quick smirk, she replied, “Rhiannon - Taylor Rhiannon. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance,” as she put her hand out to give me a handshake.

I playfully slapped her hand away and we hugged again.

“Okay, it’s time to get going,” Taylor kissed me a couple times then continued, “go meet your parents and we’ll talk later.”

Still in our embrace I thanked her again for how much her advice and her friendship meant to me.

“By friendship – you mean the sex, right?!” Taylor joked.

“You were… ok, I guess,” I teased in which she followed with a playful jab in the stomach.

Taylor looked around if anyone was overhearing our conversation and said coyishly, “No more ASS for you.”

Both of us smiling at one another, holding hands, I said, “Well, I guess this is good bye,” and with one final quick kiss we proceeded to walk in opposite directions. Every few feet I would look back at Taylor and one of those times I caught her looking back at me in which we waved then she was out of sight. I let out a satisfied sigh.

Summer is now officially OVER.

Part 2

Heading down the escalator I send a quick text to my mom to find out where she and dad are at. I get a reply that they’re by the arriving gate. As I’m walking, I take notice of the girls I’m walking by checking me out. Not all, but enough to make me aware that eyes were on me. Scratching the back of my head with a blush I realize that I’m still a little shy with this new-found attention I receive.

I see mom and dad at the exit looking around for me.

I get closer.

They don’t recognize me.

I get closer.

They still don’t recognize me.

I get right up to them and say excitedly, “Hi Mom! Hi Dad!”

They both look at me in astonishment with their mouths opened then look at each other then back at me. My mom breaks the awkward silence, “Squirt?! Is that really you?” as she examines my face then pulls me in for a bear hug.

“Yeah Mom. It’s really me!” I joke, “Your boy has grown up!”

Dad stares at me in amazement, hugs me as well and replies, “You sure have son. We missed you boy.”

Now, my dad is not what you would call an emotional person, at least he has not outwardly shown it to me over the years so when he said that I choked up, “I - I missed you guys too!”

Mom and dad each grabbed a suitcase and we headed toward the parking lot. Mom was very talkative and couldn’t take her eyes off me. She was astonished by the transformation especially with how tall I’ve grown. Dad tried to tell her a couple of times to calm down and relax but mom ignored him by saying, “I haven’t seen my baby in months Greg, leave me be.” Dad knew better than to argue because like all their other quarrels over the years this was a losing battle. Looking over at him he just rolled his eyes and sighed, “Yes dear.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Good to be home.

As we approached the SUV I was flabbergasted.

“Woah, what’s this Dad?!”

“You like it son? I traded in the Escalade. It was time to upgrade since I’m a boss now,” Dad boasted.

“Do I like it?! No, I love it and it truly IS boss status, but c’mon I know you didn’t do this by yourself.”

Glancing over at mom who had an evasive smile I turned back to dad, who tried to stay stone-faced, I pointed at him then chuckled, “You see, right there. I knew it!”

Both mom and dad started to laugh along with me. Mom let me know she had to plead with him to get a different car because dad has been driving a Cadillac Escalade, albeit he has upgraded over the years, since his college days because that was his dream SUV growing up. So, one Sunday morning, as mom continued, dad was going to Home Depot to buy some minor things he needed to finish the renovation of our home and she surprised him with a Custom Gray Range Rover Sport parked in our driveway that she had bought him for a job well done.

“You should have seen your father’s face Squirt, it was priceless! At first, I thought he was going to have a heart attack when he yelled out to me,” Mom joked.

“I wasn’t that bad Cheryl. Don’t over exaggerate. Geesh!” dad replied just as mom gave him a quick kiss on the lips and a slap on the backside.

Looking at them both in that moment I couldn’t help but think that this is the type of relationship I want. After all the years they’ve been together the love and admiration they have for one another is evident.

“I’m proud of you dad!” I beamed.

“Oh yeah Squirt. How come?”

“Because, you didn’t resist change. Change is sometimes hard for people to overcome. Great job.”

Mom and dad looked at each other in bewilderment then back at me with dad being the one to question, “Umm – who are you and what have you done to our son?”

I shook my head, grinned and said matter-of-factly, “Yeah, I know. What a difference a summer makes.”

With that we got into the Range Rover and headed to get some food because I was famished. I decided I would call grandma and Josef after dinner because being that it was around 10pm here in Florida and it would be 4am there, I wanted to give them a few more hours of rest.

As dad was driving, mom told me about how their summer went along. She told me that her new passion project, the yoga studio, has been a major success with tons of clients and that dad had finished renovating the house along with landing a new contract with a major substance abuse company to build five facilities in both Broward and Palm Beach County in the next three years.

“Wow guys. You both had one hell of a summer while I was gone! That’s amazing!”

Mom gave me a big smile, “Thanks Squirt! It was a very good summer – for both of us” as she rubbed the back of dad’s head.

“For ALL of us!” Dad exclaimed while looking at me in the rearview mirror. I gave him a grin and nodded my head in agreement.

“Anything in particular that you want to eat?” dad asked.

“I’m in the mood for some seafood mac & cheese,” I replied.

“That’s fine by me,” mom said.

Driving along to the restaurant I look down at my phone. Besides the quick text message to my mom at the airport and showing Taylor a picture of Chloe and Olivia I haven’t gone through it in a while since, what I call The Incident. I hit the message icon and I see 50 missed messages from either Kimmie or Joe.

Not even wanting to read them I just hit delete and as soon as I did that a message popped up from Kimmie that read: Are you home yet? Please call me?

“Are you ok back their buddy?” dad asked to which mom turned around, “You ok, honey?”

I gave them a half-hearted smile and replied, “I guess – I guess I’m just missing grandma and Josef, that’s all.”

Mom gave me a sympathetic “Aww” and reached out for my hand and rubbed it. I looked up at my dad who was staring at me again in the rearview mirror. It seemed as if he knew that was not what I was thinking about, but he let it go. Just then we reached our destination, The Boatyard.

The Boatyard is a waterfront restaurant located near our home in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I would describe it as a laidback atmosphere that embraces the pulse of the city’s yachting culture and with marina views abound. Sorry guys, I watch too much Million Dollar Listing, I can’t help myself… LOL

When we got to our table mom and dad started really asking me questions about my summer vacation. They wanted to hear all about it: What did I do? Where did I go? Who did I meet?

I tried to answer all the questions the best I could with some omissions, primarily the sex stuff that had to do with Chloe, Olivia, Bianca, and Taylor. They didn’t need to know everything… at least for now.

As we were talking a young waitress came over to our table and introduced herself as Stephanie. While taking our orders I couldn’t help but notice her staring at me and smiling. This didn’t go unnoticed by my parents as well who both gave me goofy looks which in turn made me feel a tad bit embarrassed.

Like I said previously, I’m still not use to the attention I receive. When you have been invisible most of your life it takes some time to get used to being brought up into the light.

“Ok guys, I’ll be right back with your drinks. Your orders will be ready momentarily. Anything else I can interest you in?” Stephanie said flirtatiously without taking her eyes off me.

I looked at my parents who were still smiling at me with my mother then saying, “Well, answer the young lady Squirt.”

“Squirt?” Stephanie wondered.

Giving my mother the death stare of REALLY MOM; I looked up at Stephanie with a warm smile and replied, “Goofy nickname. My name is Chad and no, I don’t think we need anything else, thank you.”

“Chad, huh? Nice name. Will be right back Hun.”

As Stephanie walked away, I turned to my mother, “Mom?! C’mon! Squirt?! Really?!”

Dad couldn’t help but laugh to which mom poked him in the side and told him to hush.

Mom turned back to me then replied, “What are you talking about? You’ve always gone by Squirt. What’s the big deal? It’s a cute nickname.”

Just as I was about to answer my phone buzzed. Looking at the screen it was Joe calling and I quickly hit decline.

“Mom, a lot of….” my phone buzzed again and this time it was Kimmie. I hit decline again.

“Sorry mom, but back to what I was saying, a lot of stuff has happened over the summer and I just don’t...”

Another two buzzes and this time it was a text message from both Kimmie and Joe.

“You seem a little distracted their son. Anything you want to talk about?” dad wondered.

“Yes Squirrr…” mom put her hands up to apologize then continued, “Chad… tell us what happened between you, Joe and Kimmie.”

Mom and dad both looked at me with concern in their eyes.

They deserved an explanation. How come I could tell a complete stranger but had difficulty in telling the people that love and care about me the most?

I took a deep breath and said, “Umm, I – I’ll tell you as soon as I get back from the bathroom. I have to pee.”

“Mhmm,” mom replied sarcastically, “Go ahead. We’ll be here.”

Walking to the restroom I read the messages from both Kimmie and Joe which both read: Squirt call me please!

In my heart of hearts, I knew I had to talk to them eventually. Looking down at my phone and contemplating whether or not to send a reply I didn’t notice as I turned the corner bumping into someone.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Are you ok?” I apologized reaching out to the young lady as she almost toppled over.

“Owww… hey, watch where you’re going!” she hissed as she rubbed the top of her head.

That voice! It was instantly recognizable even before she raised her head to face me! It was Lisa Montero, Danni’s best friend. When our eyes finally met, suddenly it seemed as if I was transported back in time to how I use to behave prior to my summer transformation because I instantly froze up just staring at her not knowing what to do or say. My palms started to clam up and my body temperature rose. I could feel a bead of sweat running down my brow and my heart trying to jump out of my chest.

Oh…my…God! I’m having a panic attack!

What I found odd was that while I was standing there unable to move her demeanor changed drastically from anger to delight as she looked me up and down. She fixed her hair, smiled and what seemed like subtle flirting said, “Oh – umm, hi! It’s ok. Not a big deal. It- it could have happened to anyone. Are you ok?”

Standing there momentarily, but it seemed like forever, as everything was going in slow motion. She was breathtaking in her black halter top which exposed her midriff accompanied by a black and gold cross necklace, open toe black boots and black skinny-jeans which accentuated EVERY luscious curve on her body. I was salivating, and blood rushed to my cock immediately. An accurate depiction of her would be Francia Raisa.

“Um- um, ‘err – yeah, I’m ok.” I stuttered at first then continued, “I’m more concerned about you though. You’re the one that almost tumbled over.”

She smiled at me as she tucked her hair behind her ear, “I’m good…NOW,” she said playfully while raising her eyebrows.

“I’m Lisa, by the way,” she volunteered and extended her hand.

Wait a minute… she has no clue who I am?

I shake her hand and was about to say something until…

“Squirt… Sorry, sorry, I’m still working on it” mom said apologetically then walked over, “Chad, the food is here. What’s taking you so long and who’s your friend?”

Lisa looked stunned as she glanced at my mother then a back at me.

“Squirt? Is that you? Oh my GOD - it is you!” Lisa said in a bubbly tone then jumped into me giving me a hug.

Oh, it felt so good as she pressed herself into me. FUCK! Could she feel my hard-on?

As we were hugging, I looked over at mom who had the same goofy-look on her face she had when the waitress was flirting with me. I let her know that Lisa was a schoolmate of mine and I’ll be at the table in a few minutes I just wanted to catch up. Mom gave me a reassuring smile and told me not to be long.

Releasing her embrace Lisa gazed up at me shaking her head in disbelief and praised, “Wow – Wow Squirt, you have changed a lot over the summer vacation. You look GOOOD!”

“What, I didn’t look good before?” I teased raising an eyebrow.

She got a little flustered with that response then added, “No – no, umm, that’s not what I meant. I’m just saying…” she took a deep breath the opened her eyes wide and exclaimed, “Wow! You didn’t look like this!”

Giving her a warm smile, I replied, “I was just teasing and thank you. Just been working out a little over the summer break to get more fit, that’s all.”

“Well, it DEFINITELY payed off,” she admitted as she unwittingly raised her hand to feel my chest. She realized what she was doing then blushed, “Oh, I’m sorry Squirt.”

Lisa was definitely bold. There was no shame in her game.

I let her know I had no problem with her, pretty much feeling me up in the restaurant hallway, but if she would please no longer call me Squirt and just refer to me as Chad. She claimed to have no issue with that at all and said she preferred to call me Chad. We talked for a few more minutes catching up on stuff. She let me know that she was at the restaurant with her parents celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary. Lisa also gave me a brief account of her summer of just hanging out with Danni, going to a couple parties and the beach. Typical teenage summer vacation.

“Well, I have to get back to my parents. It was nice seeing you. I’ll catch up with you at school next week. See ya,” I said.

Walking down the hall Lisa calls out, “Wait Chad!” she walks up to me “Can I get your number, so we can hang out sometime?”

Lisa Montero is asking for MY number?

She handed me her phone and I entered my number. She hit the call button and my phone rang.

“There… you can call or text me anytime. Call me soon, ok?” she said coyly as she walked by me caressing my arm.

Is she’s trying to seduce me? If so, it’s working!

I was transfixed watching her walk away from me as her ass swayed from side to side seductively. I took a big gulp then cleared my throat, “Hey Lisa.”

She turned around, “Yes?”

I closed my eyes and let out a deep breath.

Just let it out damn it!

“Yes, Chad?” she asked again.

“Umm – what are you doing after dinner? I know it’s late, but do you think you can hang out with me tonight afterwards?

Giving me a sly grin, she responded, “Sure. I’ll have Danni cover for me like I’m going to her house and I’ll text you when I’m leaving mine. Just send me your home address.”

I nodded my head in relief and said nervously, “Great, great. See ya later then.”

Lisa giggled at my nervousness, kissed me on the cheek softly and teased, “Oh yes you will Chad.”

As she rounded the corner giving me one final look, I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin!

“Lisa Montero is going to hang out with me! This is great!” I mumbled to myself while I gave two fist pumps in the air.

Fuck! I really do have to pee now! LOL

Returning to the table my parents already started to eat as they told me they couldn’t wait for me any longer. I was fine with that because that kept me from addressing the Kimmie and Joe issue plus I was starving for this seafood mac and cheese. During the meal we continued to talk about dad’s total renovation of the house to which he told me I will be floored on how it looks now, and mom told me about the possibility of adding more classes to the yoga studio due to the high demand. Sitting back listening to them I could not feel prouder.

It is said that it is not work if you enjoy what you do. And both my parents are living their best life.

“Ok, now Chad. Spill it. We’ve been dancing around this subject long enough. What happened?” dad demanded.

They both stared at me waiting with anticipation. It was time to tell them. Now or never. I let out a resonant sigh and began, “Well mom, dad, it all started…”

Part 3

They both sat looking dumbfounded not saying a word for what seemed like forever. I could see the disbelief in their face as I finished telling them the whole story of what transpired. Mom put her hand over her mouth and looked visibly distraught while dad looked bewildered and seemed as if the wheels in his head were formulating a thought he just couldn’t get out. Not knowing how to read their reaction I slowly asked, “Err, are you guys…ok?”

Tears started to well up in my mom’s eyes to which I reached out to hold one of her hands and I begged, “Mom, please don’t start crying. I did enough of that already. I refuse to give this anymore tears.”

“I’m sorry hunny. I just can’t believe they did that to you. They ARE your best friends. They ARE your family. You must have felt all alone.”

“Well, I had Josef, grandma and some other friends over there who helped keep my mind off of it, so I was not entirely alone. I had support,” I replied.

“So, son what are your plans to deal with this now that you are back home?” Dad questioned.

“To tell you the truth dad the only thing I do know is that I have to talk to them both. A good friend of mine told me I can’t hold on to this negative energy. I have to let it out or it will eat away at me.”

“That’s a good friend. More than I can say about Kimmie and Joe,” Mom hissed.

Dad gave mom a quick look of disapproval to which she replied, “What?!”

“At the end of the day they’re kids who made a mistake Cheryl for goodness sake.”

“What they did GREG is a downright betrayal to Squirrr…” mom turned her head to me and mouthed an apology to me then continued, “to Chad and is unforgivable.”

I sat there watching my parents argue back-and-forth with my dad on the side of me working things out and mom on the side of distancing myself from Kimmie and Joe entirely. Both of them brought up valid points, but I knew it was me who had to make the final decision on what to do. Pulling out my phone I sent them both a quick text that I will speak with them tomorrow.

Riding home in silence the tension in the car could be cut with a knife until my dad asked, “Son, who was that pretty young lady you were talking to before you came back to the table?”

That instantly brought a smile to my face.

“Oh, that was Lisa Montero. A friend of mine from school.”

Dad looked at me through the rear-view mirror and teased, “Hmmm. Friend, huh? The way you strolled over back to us with that grin on your face seemed as if she may be more than a friend.”

Mom turned back at me then looked at dad and disclosed, “You should have seen it Greg. He was actually glowing when I saw him talking to her.”

“Oh, mom please. You always taking things to that next level. I was NOT glowing.”

“Oh, mom please – nothing,” she mimicked then turned to me, “look…you’re glowing now!”

Fuck Yeah, I was glowing! It’s Lisa ‘God-damn’ Montero we’re talking about! Lol

We all started to crack-up with laughter. It felt good to be back home.

Checking my phone, it was getting kind of late, so I sent a quick text to Taylor telling her I was thinking about her and I hope she made it home ok. I sent a text to Lisa my address and asked her to text me when she got close by, so I could meet her outside.

Taylor text me back with a couple of kissing emoji’s and a message that said: Aww, you’re too sweet. I’m beat, and I know you know why…lol. Lisa replied with a smiley face and a thumb up emoji.

Looking down at my phone I smiled reading both messages thinking to myself that today was a great day when I heard my mom and dad mutter in unison as we pulled up in front of our house, “Oh shit!”

Not looking up initially I put my phone back in my pocket then raised my head, “What’s the matt – oh no.”

Standing in the driveway were Kimmie and Joe. Fuck My Life!

Part 4

I felt an instant pit in my stomach as I stared at the both of them through the window. This was one of those times in life that you think you are prepared to do something but when that time arises you fall flat on your face! I started getting shortness of breath, my hands were tremoring, basically falling into pieces. This wasn’t a panic attack, this was unadulterated, genuine, fear! Fight or flight type of fear you read about in textbooks.

Fear of the moment. Fear of how I would react. Fear of how they will react. Everything built up to this moment and I was shrinking under the pressure.

Mom looked at dad then back at me and I must have seemed ill as she said with concern, “You’re turning pale honey. Are you ok?”

Slowly nodding and with the feeling of a lump in my throat I replied, “Umm, I – I don’t know.”

“Just breath son. We’re not going to let anything happen to you. Do you want me to get rid of them?” dad wondered.

Him asking me that I immediately thought back to my conversation with Taylor at the airport when she told me that this was my story and it was time for me to believe in me. It almost seemed as if she was preparing me for this exact moment! Taking a deep breath, I looked at my father, shook my head and replied confidently, “No dad…I got this.”

“Chad, I’m not sure this is a good idea. Please let us just handle this?” mom pleaded.

Dad turned back to me and we stared into one another’s eyes; he knew I was ready. He caressed mom’s hand and uttered, “Cheryl, he’s got this. Go get ‘em son.”

Do I have this? I’m not sure, but it’s now or never!

Giving both mom and dad a quick head nod with a reassuring smile I asked them to go on ahead inside the house while I’ll talk with Kimmie and Joe. Mom gave me a kiss on the cheek and dad patted me on the shoulder. As they headed toward the door I could overhear Kimmie and Joe say good evening to them and that they were sorry for coming over so late, but they had to come and talk to me.

My parents didn’t seem upset or angry but showed visible disappointment when suddenly my mom choked up, “I- I know you love him, but you guys…HURT him…deeply. He- he deserved better than that guys.”

Kimmie, while rubbing her hands tightly, visibly nervous said, “I’m soooo sorry Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln. We didn’t mean to…” She couldn’t finish as tears started to well up in her eyes.

Joe stepped in putting a comforting hand on her shoulder and softly said, “We REALLY messed up and there is no excuse for what we did. We just wanted to come and tell Squirt how truly sorry we are. He’s our best friend, we love him and we’re going to fight to get his trust back.”

Wow! To tell you that didn’t pull at my heart strings I would be lying. I was not expecting that; at least NOT from Joe.

“Well said Joseph,” dad said proudly then pointed towards the SUV, “but don’t tell us, go tell him.”

Have you ever seen one of those Westerns when there is some type of confrontation pitting one gunslinger versus the other? Now picture that scenario with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly theme song playing in the background with me about to get out of the SUV to face my two best friends.

Watching my parents enter the house I took a deep breath trying to calm my nerves reaching for the handle to open the car. It felt like I was moving in slow motion as I stepped out onto the pavement.

The silence was palpable as we stood finally facing each other. Kimmie and Joe had their mouths open in awe as I watched them look me up and down.

I played this scenario so many different times in my head with me either being angry, disgusted, or saddened. Standing here at this time I felt none of that, I just felt numb. I felt NOTHING.

Kimmie was the one to break the silence walking towards me, “Oh…my…gosh Squirt! You look…Amazing! Holy crap!”

Joe chimed in from the background, “Buddy, you look great!”

Extending her arms trying to give me a hug I quickly backed away putting my hands up and hissed, “No, don’t you dare!”

Kimmie had a startled look on her face stopping in her tracks.

The numbness was subsiding, and now pure anger was burning up inside of me as I stared at them both and said coldly, “I told both of you I would speak with you tomorrow. What about that message wasn’t clear?”

Joe stepped forward and said in a mellow tone, “Squirt, we just wanted to tell you in person that we are truly sorry about…”

I cut him off with a sarcastic laugh, “Sorry? Sorry? Huh, sorry about what exactly? Sorry about calling me a loser? Oh no, I misspoke...your both sorry for saying I’m YOUR loser to Danni that night. Or maybe you’re sorry for, let me see, oh yes…sorry for when SHE said I’m holding you guys back and you both kept YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS CLOSED. Does that about cover it?”

Joe with a slouched posture put his head down in embarrassment then Kimmie started to tear up again and begged, “Squirt, PLEEEASE - PLEEEASE don’t do this.”

Stepping towards her I placed a hand on either side of her shoulders and sneered, “You see this feeling you’re experiencing now…it’s called heartbreak and that is what I felt that night; twelve times over,” making eye contact with both of them I continued, “the same number of years you both PRETENDED to be my friends, PRETENDED to be my family, PRETENDED to LOVE ME!”

The anger was subsiding, and sadness swept over me as tears were now forming.

I swore to myself I would not shed another tear over these two, but my emotions hit me like a ton of bricks.

Kimmie leaned into my chest crying and pleading with me not to hate the two of them.

“We- we’re family…Squirt. Plea- Please give us another chance. It was one- ONE mistake. I’m- I’m SOOO sorry,” she sobbed in my arms.

Joe came closer and placed his hand on my shoulder, “Like Kimmie said Squirt, we’re family. We grew up together, Christ, you’re like a brother to me and Kimmie a sister.”

Kimmie looked up at me with her blood shot eyes in shock at what he just said then closed them in bewilderment when she saw my mood change. She must have thought to herself, why Joe?! Why would you say something SOOO stupid!

“So, I gather you fuck your sister now and at the same time shit ALL over your brother, huh Joe?!” I snapped while stepping away from Kimmie.

Joe realized his poor choice of words and put his head down quickly and I could hear him mumble, “Fuck.”

He lifted his head back up and tried to apologize but I cut him off, “You know what guys. It is time for you to go. We can talk about this tomorrow, like I said we would in the text message.”

Kimmie was about to say something until we hear, “Umm – hi guys. Is everything ok?”

We all turn to see Lisa standing in the driveway giving a modest wave to all of us.

Amid my rage I totally forgot she was coming over and like I said before this is Lisa ‘FUCKING’ Montero we’re talking about!

“Hey Lisa – umm…what are you doing here?” Kimmie asked giving her a puzzled look.

Walking over to Lisa I raised a smile in which she returned. I leaned in to give a her a kiss on the cheek then whispered, “Thanks for coming.”

With a little giggle and a wink, she mouthed, “No problem.”

I turned back around seeing Kimmie and Joe give the look of ‘WHAT THE FUCK?!’ written all over their faces.

I must admit I did take some satisfaction in that!

“Alright guys as you can see, I made plans tonight, so we can continue this at another time,” I said.

The look Kimmie gave me and Lisa was a look I never seen from her before. I could have been wrong, but it seemed like there was a trace of jealousy there.

“But… we’re not…” Joe started to say then I interjected, “We’re DONE! GO Home.”

I made eye contact with Lisa while taking her by the hand and said, “Let’s get out of here. We can talk in the back by the pool.”

She smiled back fairly playful and nodded, “Ok, lead the way.”

I put my head down and escorted Lisa pass Kimmie and Joe feeling their eyes burning a hole in my head, but I didn’t dare look at them because I didn’t want to get worked up any more than I already was. Lisa gave a quick wave and said, “Bye guys.”

As Lisa and I approached my doorstep Kimmie voiced bluntly, “It feels like I don't know you anymore. I don't understand why you're so cold to us. We made a mistake and we’re trying to apologize.”

I stood at my front door absorbing what she had just said.

Did she just say that? Is she fucking kidding me? The funny thing is, and don’t ask me why, the first thing that popped in my head after she said that was the movie The Color Purple. I really wanted to turn around and say to her and Joe, “Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail!” But, that would have been too over the top, even for me!

Slowly I turned around, looked her dead in the eye and said cruelly, “This – this person you see standing in front of you now Kimmie is your creation. No one else to blame but yourselves. Now, if you think there is any way to salvage our friendship it’s best that you both leave… NOW.”

I could see she wanted to respond but Joe stopped her by telling her it was enough, and they will respect my wishes. Kimmie nodded her head at him reluctantly then looked back at me and Lisa. They both said goodnight to which Lisa and I responded in kind. As we stood by the front door watching them drive off Lisa turned to me and asked, “What the hell was that all about?”

Giving her a half-hearted grin then a kiss on the hand I responded, “Too long of a story to talk about tonight. I’d rather focus on you and me. Is that ok?”

Lisa gave me a wink with a warm smile, “Sure, I’ll like that.”

Part 5

As we walked in the front door, I instantly was taken aback with what I saw. My dad did say he renovated the house over the summer but SHIT he was not messing around. This was not the same home I left before my summer vacation. This place looked FANTASTIC.

“Wooooaah!” I said astonished.

Mom and dad had a big smile as they watched me take in the old but new house.

“You like?” dad asked proudly.

“Oh, hell yeah!” I boasted then continued, “You killed it dad! This is absolutely amazing!”

“Thanks son.”

“Are you going to introduce us to your friend?” mom requested.

I was so lost in the house that I completely forgot about Lisa.

“Oh, I apologize. Where’s my manners?” I cleared my throat, “Mom, Dad this is Lisa. She’s a friend of mine from school. I asked if she could come over for a little while. Is that ok?”

Mom and dad were now the ones who looked astonished because this was the first time, I EVER brought a girl over to the house that wasn’t Kimmie. Standing there stunned they did not know how to react until Lisa walked over to them extended her hand and said in a bubbly tone, “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln nice to meet you.”

Both mom and dad had the same ‘WHAT THE FUCK?!’ faces Kimmie and Joe gave me moments ago while shaking Lisa’s hand and telling her it was nice to meet her too. Shaking my head with a small laugh that escaped my lips I returned to look at the masterpiece my father had constructed while they chit-chatted with Lisa.

I was truly impressed and taking it all in when mom tapped my shoulder, “Would you like to see the rest of the place?”

“Yes, yes of course!”

Mom motioned her hand to follow her so they can give us the tour. I reached for Lisa’s hand and she said excitedly grabbing it, “This is so cool. I feel like I’m on an episode of Million Dollar Listing!” Laughing at that comment we walked through the house.

Sorry guys…you know what is coming…lol… Unique split-level home, completely renovated with open-concept floor plan, all new KitchenAid appliances, impact windows, porcelain tile floors, poly vinyl fence. Features include a spacious great room with wall of sliding glass doors overlooking private pool area and huge 2nd floor master suite w/sitting area and walk-in closet. Two 1st floor bedrooms, which one of them are mine, have direct access to patio/pool. Prime corner lot offers circular paver driveway and additional side driveway w/2-car garage.

The tour ended with us in the backyard by the pool. Dad could sense looking at me that I wanted some alone time with Lisa and said, “Well, look at the time. It’s getting kinda late so we will leave you guys alone for a bit, but don’t stay up too late. Ok son?”

“No problem dad. We’ll be back here and just talk for a bit before Lisa heads home.”

Mom walked up to Lisa to give her a hug and said warmly, “It was a pleasure to meet you Lisa. Don’t be a stranger, ok?”

“Sure, no problem Mrs. Lincoln. It’s nice to meet you too!” bubbled Lisa.

Dad shook her hand as they both exchanged pleasantries and then he looked at me giving a wink. Mom came over to me giving me a hug and a kiss while dad patted me on the shoulder. We said I love you to one another then they retreated to their bedroom for the night.

Sitting on the outdoor sofa by the pool, Lisa and I just started talking and talking. We talked about our summer, upcoming junior year, goals we wanted to achieve, and what we aspired to do after high school. I was surprised that she was interested in getting into Forensics. She says her favorite shows on TV are Snapped and The First 48.

“Why do women like these shows?” I asked in jest.

“Because…we get ideas on how to get away with murder…just in case our boyfriends/husbands act a fool!” she teased.

“You’re just too cute.” I confessed looking at her nervously.

Lisa blushed at that comment then hesitantly asked, “Chad…may I…ask you something?”

Sitting straight up on the sofa I replied, “Sure, anything?”

“How come you have never asked me to hang out with you before?”

She has to be smoking something! Lisa Montero is asking me why I never asked HER to hang out with ME? Is she confusing me with another Chad Lincoln? Am I being Punk’d right now?

“Lisa, are you serious?”

“I am Chad. How come?”

I was a loss for words looking at her dumbfounded.

“Umm – Lisa, YOU are out of my league. I don’t even know how – why you said yes now?”

She looked at me quizzically as if she was forming a thought and about to give a measured response, but all she said was, “Hmmm?”

Not the response I was thinking or hoping to get so I pried, “Hmmm, what?”

“I liked you for a long time Chad. You just didn’t notice.”

Staring at her gauging if she was serious or not, I chuckled, “I call bullshit on that.”

“I’m telling you, I did,” assured Lisa.

Being that I was no longer in an arguing mood, especially with what just transpired with Kimmie and Joe earlier in the evening, I requested to Lisa if she could explain to me how I had no clue she liked me and how come now she is telling me.

Life could have been SOOO much different if I knew Lisa Montero was interested in me!

Lisa scooted closer to me in the sofa and began:

“Do you remember freshman year and we had Mr. Edwards for AP English Literature and Composition?”

“Do I? That class was one of the toughest I’ve ever had. Mr. Edwards was a tyrant!” I remarked.

“Oh yes he was, but I want you to think back when we had that group assignment on King Lear and Lord of the Flies,” Lisa said.

Thinking back to that time I did recall we had to do a comparative essay.

“Yes, the comparative essay! Oh man that was hard!” I exclaimed.

“That exact one,” Lisa nodded then continued, “if you recall we were partners and I was going ragged racking my brain to try get my thoughts together to put down on paper.”

I nodded in agreement but was still unsure about where she was going with this story.

“You don’t remember, do you?” Lisa giggled as she playfully ran her fingers through her hair.

“Remember what?” I stressed.

“You helped me write my portion of the paper. You stayed after school in the library with me for five-days straight helping me formulate my thoughts and improve my sentence structure. You made me a better writer.”

“Oh yeahhhh. I do remember that now,” I acknowledged.

“And do you remember the nickname I gave you afterwards even though it didn’t stick?” Lisa challenged.

Now, that one I couldn’t remember even if my life depended on it and Lisa could tell by the strained look on my face.

“Bashful Scribe, I called you my Bashful Scribe,” Lisa revealed.

She liked me? The way she gazed at me with those beautiful, brown doe eyes it seemed she was telling the truth, but I wasn’t exactly 100% sure. I wanted more than anything to believe her, but I knew fairly well who and what I was prior to this summer and it wasn’t the type of guy who can land a girl like Lisa Montero.

“I do… remember that,” I chuckled, “I was more than happy to help you.”

Lisa went on to say that my behavior towards her was inconsistent. She pointed out that when in class I would engage in conversation with her, but out of class I was quiet, shy and reserved.

“You were sending me all sorts of mix messages. I wasn’t sure if you liked me or not, so I just gave up,” she said with a hurt look on her face.

I sat there with my mouth open stunned like someone slapped me in the back of the head with a basketball. Lisa Montero just confessed to me that she was interested in me and not as Chad now but Squirt back then. Sitting there unable to formulate the right words to say I just reached out and caressed the top of her hand which brought out a small smile from her.

“I – I had no idea,” I admitted sheepishly, “I’m such an idiot.”

“Don’t say that Chad. You’re not an idiot. We’re here now and that’s all that matters.”

Looking into each other’s eyes just inches away from one another, I knew in my head this was the moment. You would think that after fucking four different women over the summer I would be much smoother at this, but this was different. Lisa was a girl I’ve fantasized about, not only fucking but having a relationship with. Countless hours I would daydream about us together and now that I’m literally at the doorstep of my fantasy and I’m clamming up.

It feels like I’m reverberating back into Squirt at this very moment.

“Lisa if you don’t mind, I’m going to,” I hesitated then took a deep breath in and out, “kiss you now.”

She just sat there with a welcoming smile that put me at ease and I leaned and planted my lips to hers.

The kiss was careful, sweet and gentle. She had her eyes closed, but mine were wide open as I wanted to make sure this was real, and I wasn’t dreaming.

Like I’ve said before: This was Lisa ‘FUCKING’ Montero. I had to make 100% sure this was not my imagination.

She tasted so sweet, like a nectarine, as I pulled her in closer to me with my hand resting on the small of her back. My dick was instantly at attention! She gave me a little tongue to which I eagerly accepted and sucked on. Me sucking on her tongue must have been a big turn-on because our kissing intensified, and Lisa knotted her fist into my t-shirt to pulling me harder against her. My hormones were in overdrive now as my hands now crept down to her luscious ass kneading it and in one fell swoop scooped her up and place her on my lap.

There’s no way she couldn’t feel my hard cock when I sat her on top of me.

Lisa’s tongue seemed to disappear inside my mouth as if she needed a part of me to breathe herself. We were lost in lust and I would have fucked her right on that sofa until an alarm went off in the back of my mind then I broke the kiss much to Lisa’s disappointment.

“Ooooh…let me catch my breath…Oh man,” I panted then continued, “we have to stop…my parents – my parents.”

The look on Lisa’s face expressed that she was not going to take no for an answer as she said, “Chad, take me to your room.”

Part 6

This was a mind-blowing experience, to say the least, as I was sitting on my bed watching Lisa from across the room fiddling around with my Bose radio trying to find some music to play. The only thing running through my mind in a constant loop was, Lisa ‘FUCKING’ Montero is in my bedroom!

This was, by far, the greatest experience of my life! Staring at her I just took her all in. I began to think back that she always treated me nicely, but I was so preoccupied with thoughts of Kimmie and Danni I overlooked what was right in front of me. In fact, Lisa always made things easy and relaxed when you were around her. That was her greatest quality, her inner beauty, which radiated through her eyes. To be around her made you feel like you were somebody.

“Perfect,” she said happily as she turned around to me, “this is a perfect song to set the mood.”

Walking back to me confidently with her head held high I took notice how the clicking of her heels added a pulse to the instrumental that played prior to the song beginning. She stepped in between my legs looking down at me and me up at her. I pull her in caressing her thighs taking in her scent. She was intoxicating. Just as Khalid’s song Love Lies begin, I slowly rise as my hands run from the back of her thighs to her beautiful round ass.

With lust in both of our eyes we sway to the lyrics:

Sorry if it's hard to catch my vibe, mmm

I need a lover to trust, tell me you're on my side

Are you down for the ride?

It's not easy for someone to catch my eye

But I've been waitin' for you for my whole damn life

For my whole lifetime

Don't be afraid to tell me if you ain't with it (you ain't with it)

I see you're focused, yeah you're so independent (independent)

It's hard for me to open up, I'll admit it (I'll admit it)

You've got some shit to say and I'm here to listen

So baby, tell me where your love lies

Waste the day and spend the night

Underneath the sunrise

Show me where your love lies

She looked up at me and commanded, “Lift up your arms Chad.”

Lifting my arms above my head without hesitation, “Good boy,” Lisa smiled seductively then shoves me onto my bed.

As I fall down to the mattress, she hops onto me like a skilled gymnast on a pommel horse straddling me then leans forward pressing her soft lips to mine. Moaning into her mouth her finger tips were electric as she ran them across my chest toward my abdomen just above my pelvis. My senses were in overload laying under her paralyzed as she had her way with me. I know this wasn’t my first time, but you couldn’t tell by my nervousness.

Lisa pulled her lips away slightly still with her hands still circling my torso and whispered, “Chad… are you ok?”

With my eyes remaining closed as if I was hypnotized all I could utter was a soft, “Woaaaahhhh.”

I would have remained in that state if it wasn’t for her small giggle that snapped me back to reality. Slowly opening my eyes, we stared at one another, not in lust, but in something different I couldn’t explain.

Yes, I wanted her. Yes, she wanted me. This wasn’t just two horny teenagers wanting to fuck, but two people who knew there was a chemistry, a magnetism, a force that was undeniable.

“I’ve dreamt about this exact moment for so long. I – I can’t believe it,” I panted.

“I hope the reality is better than the fantasy,” she breathed with a tinge of doubt on her face.

As I looked in her eyes I knew, she was the girl, she was my goddess, she was the one!

I reached up and gently grazed my hand through her hair pulling her into a kiss. As our tongues were entwined I massaged her breast and pulled her nipple through her shirt to which she whimpered into my mouth. With my hand still in her hair I pulled her away softly, “Does that answer your question?”

It seemed in this moment everything around us didn’t matter and all we wanted was to fuck each other’s brains out.

Before I knew it, we were naked with Lisa still straddling me. Reaching her hand below she grabbed my shaft, cooed in my ear, “You have a beautiful cock,” and with one swift motion she puts me inside of her.

The feeling was electric as we both gasped. I wrapped my arms around her waist and I slowly began to thrust into her.

I’ve wanted this for so long my eyes started to well up while looking into to Lisa’s eyes. Suddenly she stopped with my cock pulsating inside of her, “What’s wrong Chad? Why are you crying?”

“I – I don’t know. Being here with you now is like a dream and yet my old insecurities are creeping up in the back of my mind. I’m just being emotional – I’m sorry.”

“You’re just the sweetest guy I have ever and I mean EVER been with!” Lisa smiled as she resumed bouncing ever so slowly on my manhood.

There's something about her smile that lights me up from the inside.

Pressing my mouth against hers, our lips fitted perfectly-- as if they were meant for each other.

“Oh…yeah…oh…yeah,” Lisa panted with every push my cock gave her, “You’re – stretching me SOOO good! I’m in love with this dick!”

I had to place a hand over Lisa’s mouth as to not wake my parents but hearing that from her added to the fact her pussy enveloped my phallus like a silk glove, I was over the moon in ecstasy! I grabbed the back of her neck, growling in the kiss as Lisa whimpered in pleasure.

In and out. In and out. In and out. Lisa was like a drug I couldn’t get enough of. The addiction was instant as soon as I touched her. We locked eyes and we both knew this was meant to be, we were meant to be. As the sweat glistened from her face I thought to myself she never looked more beautiful.

I was close to cumming and I whispered that in Lisa’s ear as I held her close to me driving my cock into her like a piston firing in an engine.

“Don’t cum in me! On my face! Spray that cum on my face!” she chirped hopping off my lap then kneeling by the side of my bed.

Scooting over to her I took hold of my cock and aimed it at her pretty face.

What I found sexy as hell was as she was staring up at me her eyes became watery and that set me off instantly!

“Here it comes! Ahhh!” I grunted covering mouth not to wake my parents.

It seemed as if I unloaded forever as my cum splattered over her forehead, across her eyes, on her cheeks, into her nose and mouth. After the last drop emptied from my cock, I got lightheaded and had to sit back down on my bed.

Once I regained my bearings, I caught Lisa’s eye and she had a complete look of satisfaction as if completing a lifelong mission; expressed by a raised eyebrow and her massaging my love juice all over her face like it was sunscreen.

“I LUV the feel and taste of cum! It’s just so wonderful!” Lisa giggled massaging it on her face and licking her fingers.

“Oh my God…You – you’re a goddess,” I panted with a broad grin.

She crawled back on top of my lap, “I’m your Cum Goddess baby!”

The next thing I knew, she slammed her lips into mine. I hardly had time to react before she pushed her tongue into my mouth. It was a dirty, nasty, sloppy kiss and I loved it. I could taste and smell the scent of my cum as it rolled off her tongue and seeped down my throat.

Heavenly bliss is how I would describe the next twenty or so minutes… Heavenly Bliss!

Part 7

I can’t believe I’m here right now. These last few months have to be a dream. This is the type of stuff you see in movies or stuff you read about on an erotica website. It doesn’t happen to guys like me. Not to Chad Lincoln. I was lost in thought until…

“Earth to Chad,” Lisa said tapping my chest.


“Did you hear what I asked?” questioned Lisa.

I kissed the top of her head, “I’m sorry. I was lost in thought. What did you say?”

Lisa wanted to know if I could be her date to the Back to School party that Danni was going to have. Danni’s house parties were epic as her family, who are in the wealth management business, were one of the wealthiest families in all of South Florida and they gave their only daughter anything her heart desired.

I definitely was not planning on it because I didn’t want to anything to do with Ms. Danni Perkins.

“I’m not so sure I want to go to that party,” I said doubtfully.

Lying her head on my chest and running her hand up and down my stomach she immediately rose up with a perplexed look, “Why not? Everyone from school will be there.”

This was not going to end well, and I knew it. Plus, I didn’t want to go over the story again so with a reluctant smile I conceded, “Sure, I’ll be honored to take you to the party.”

Lisa gave me that beautiful smile of hers and put her head back on my chest. We talked for a few moments more then we drifted off to sleep…


Groggily I am stirred out of my sleep with someone calling my name. I put my pillow over my head and moan, “Just a few more minutes PLEAASSSE.”

“Wake up sleepy-head. Rise and shine. We have a surprise for you.”

I take the pillow off my head and slowly open my eyes to see my dad standing over top of me by my bed with a cup of coffee in his hand.

Oh shit! Lisa!

I jump out of my bed and look around with no sign of her.

“Woah! Calm down son. Are you ok? Did you have a nightmare?”

Rubbing my eyes with my hands I let out a yawn, “Sorry dad. You just startled me, that’s all. Wassup?”

“Hmmm, startled you huh? Well, go wash up and come out front. Your mom and me have something to show you.”

“Of course, I’ll be there in a sec,” I replied giving myself a wake-up stretch.

Just as my dad reached my door he turned around, “Chad?”

“Yeah dad?!”

“We never had to discuss this before, but I’m sure you know that you’re not ready to have a kid. So please wrap it up, ok?”

“I know dad and I will.”

How did he… I’m not going to worry about that now. When did Lisa leave? I didn’t even feel her get out of bed.

Immediately I grab my phone and I see a text from Lisa that read: Chad you are an amazing lover! You’re gonna get a girl hooked if you keep fucking me like that. Text me when you wake up. Bye boo.

I read that message probably five times then jumped back in my bed like a little kid. “Yes!” I exulted pumping my fist in the air with delight, “Lisa ‘FUCKING’ Montero!”

Walking out of my room I see my parents by the front door, and they motion me over to them.

“Mom, dad, what’s going on?”

They both look at me with a big, fat smile on their face.

“What?!” I grin.

Mom hands me her phone and I see grandma and Josef waving at me. My heart swells with love.

“Hi guys! I’m so sorry I didn’t call yesterday when the plane landed. I knew it was going to be late over there, so I wanted you guys to get some good sleep.”

Grandma and Josef let me know that it was ok, and they were just happy I made it home safely. Josef told me to continue my workout and nutrition regimen and not to slack off just because I’m home. I let him know that I will continue and not ruin all the hard work we put in. Grandma told me she loved me and missed me already and to come back soon. I gave her a kiss through the phone and invited them to come for Thanksgiving to which they readily agreed.

“This is not entirely why we called Chad,” grandma said.

“Oh?” I asked with a puzzled expression.

“Ok, Greg and Cheryl on the count of three open the door,” grandma instructed.

With them all in unison they said aloud, “One…two…three! Happy Birthday!”

Mom opened the door and my eyes lit up.

“Oh…my…GOSH!” I roared jumping up and down.

What stood before me in the driveway was unbelievable. A flat black paint 1969 Chevrolet Camaro with a custom powder coated Lorenzo wheels, Bluetooth Kenwood stereo system. Carbon fiber Autometer gauges with a Monster Tach. Custom front seats with aircraft style seat belts, installed front and rear. This car is a head turner!

I ran outside as giddy as a boy scout getting their first merit badge. This car was magnificent! I’ve wanted this car since I first saw it three years ago in Car and Driver magazine.

My parents stood looking at me with a satisfaction to them. Mom was still holding the phone as grandma and Josef looked on. After going around the car a few times, inspecting the inside I looked up at my parents, grandma and Josef with a smile.

Perhaps ‘smile’ wasn’t the right word for it. Excitement ran through my veins and happiness burst through my eyes.

I ran back over and embraced my parents to thank them all for this wonderful gift.

“I knew you guys were buying me a car, but I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this gift.”

Mom gave me a kiss on the cheek and dad said, “I remember when you told me about this car a few years ago and my plan was to buy one so we can renovate it together, but we all decided that we should just get you this instead. I think that was the right decision. Don’t you?”

“It sure was dad. It sure was,” I grinned pulling him in for a hug.


Part 8

Sitting on my bed I reach for my phone to send out a few texts before I go and do my morning workout routine at the beach. I send a text to Lisa telling her it was a wonderful night last night and I can’t wait to see her tomorrow when I pick her up for the party. I sent a text to Taylor telling her if she was free for lunch today because I wanted to see her because we had a lot to discuss. I messaged both Chloe and Olivia telling them I made it home safely.

Finally, staring at my phone, I send a message to Kimmie to meet me at the beach in two hours so we can talk. I told her to come alone. I didn’t want to be ambushed by both her and Joe. I would talk to them individually on my terms.

Heading out of my bedroom towards the kitchen I see dad making an omelette.

“Smells good dad.”

“Thanks son. You want one?”

“Nah, I’m good for now. I’m going to head to the beach for a bit to workout. Can you save me one and I’ll have it when I come back?” I replied.

Dad’s face brightened, “My son, had a girl over last night and now working out this morning. I’m proud of you boy!”

I shook my head and chuckled, “Thanks dad.”

Mom was on the couch watching television so I walked up behind her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, “What you watching?”

She turned her head to me, “Hey honey, I’m watching this interesting story by the new investigative reporter on A&E. Her name is Anganell Brigette, she is doing a story on this new TNC that is fascinating.”

“What’s a TNC?” I questioned.

“Oh, I’m sorry Chad. A TNC is a transportation network company. Think of Uber or Lyft. This company she is reporting on is a competitor called Ride Along,” she explained.

Mom went on to say that this company growth was so fast that it caught the attention of the SEC and the IRS. Ms. Brigette was reporting that Ride Along attached false dates to the granting of stock options, distorting its financial statements, thus misleading investors, and assist in the evasion of income taxes by those who were granted those options.

“This lady is good. I like her. She explains things in a way that can make anyone understand no matter what the topic,” mom stated.

“That’s great mom. Enjoy your program. I’m heading to the beach for a workout. See ya.”

“Ok honey, be careful,” mom replied.

Mom loves herself some A&E. If she is not working, she is glued to that network.

As I walk to my car, I see my neighbor Nate checking it out.

“Nate, wassup bro. You like?” I asked enthusiastically.

"This car is sweet," he said before he turned to me and his eyes almost jumped out of his head, “Squirt?! Is that you bro?”

“Yeah, it’s me man,” I said with a grin.

“Brah, you look hella good! What kind of super-soldier-serum did they give you over there in France? I want some of that!”

I wanted to stay straight faced, but Nate had a way about himself that even a corny joke could make you laugh. Before I could stop myself, my mouth twitched upwards and I started to giggle despite myself.

“You’re a clown dude!” I joked.

“I know. I know, but that’s why you love me bro!”

Nathan Buchner has been my next-door neighbor for the last five years and we’ve been friends for three of those years. We hit it off when we found out we were avid Call of Duty players. We even formed a Major League Gaming Squad called the P-Stars (Porn Stars). He along with Kimmie, Joe and I were a top ten 4-man squad in the online category.

Our gamertags were named after some type of porn activity. My nickname being Squirt was an obvious choice for me, Joe’s tag was Money Shot, Kimmie’s tag was Creampie and Nate’s tag was throatHer.

“Bro, we missed you this summer. Our team took a big hit. I don’t know what happened with Joe and Kimmie, but they fucking sucked ass in the tournament. We placed 10th overall, which isn’t bad, but we should have done much better especially with who we added to take your place,” Nate explained.

“Dude, they let you play in the tournament with that dumb-ass name throatHer?” I asked teasingly.

“Bro, that name is hot! Plus, that’s what I be doing to these bitches out here on these streets homie.”

Did I mention that Nate is Jewish? Jewish kid that wished he were black… LOL

“Whatever dude! Who did you get to replace me?” I asked.

Nate’s facial expression brightened, “We got Paul Douglas from our coding class to join.”

My eyes almost jumped out the socket when he said that.

“PabloDiablo – You got PabloDiablo to join us?! Holy shit dude!” I shouted, “How the hell did you get him away from MI (Murderous Intent)?”

Paul Douglas aka PabloDiablo is the number 3 ranked player in the United States in Call of Duty so getting him on our team was a MAJOR get.

Nate gave me the rundown on how he stole Paul from his crew by getting him a summer job as a driver for people in an assisted living community. He would drive the elderly to wherever they needed such as the grocery stores, doctor’s appointments, Bingo or movies.

“So, you got him a job as a chauffeur?” I said sarcastically.

“Don’t be a dick, Squirt,” Nate chided while looking at my car, “he made bank this summer. Over six-grand.”

“No shit! Really?!”

“Really bro. Plus, he fucked maybe four to five granddaughters as well. So, that negro is indebted to me for life!”

I shook my head at Nate, “You are aware that Paul is white, right?”

“Yeah, and?” Nate replied with a quizzical look.

Like I said before, Nate wishes he were black, and I know he wants to say ‘nigga’ so badly it’s kind of comical when he says ‘negro’ in its place.

We talked for a few minutes more about the summer in which I found out he lost his virginity to his new girlfriend Tanya Davis, a new sophomore coming to our school this year he met through Paul from one of the girls he was fucking.

Just as I was about to get in my car, I asked him about his brother David who was two years ahead of us and he got a full-scholarship to MIT this year.

“D-Buck?!” Nate said, his face trying to conceal his disappointment, “the boy goes to one Metallica concert and now he thinks he’s a Rock star! My mother and father were furious when he told them he will take a,” he put his fingers up mimicking quotations,” ‘gap-year’ to try and see if he can make it as a guitarist in a band!”

Words left me. Not in a million years would I have thought David Buchner, the valedictorian, a person with a 5.0 GPA and also received a college associates degree due to a program in our high school would forego MIT to be a…Rocker.

The look on my face was worth a thousand words and all Nate needed when he said, “Exactly – what a difference a summer makes.”

I hopped in my car after we said our goodbyes and headed toward the beach.

Part 9

I had every intention of going to the beach to work out, but while at a stop light my phone chimed, it was a message from Taylor that she missed me and if I could meet her before lunch. My dick stirred in my shorts immediately, she sent me her address and I sped over to her place.

Opening her door, Taylor’s emotions were not easily hidden on her innocent face. She wanted to fuck standing there in her tan teddy with her perfect skin that looked so fragile yet so soft and the unerring number of freckles around her nose.

My eyes slid over her body, salivating like a wolf ready for the kill.

“Chad – Chad,” she whispered before I cut her off.

“Don’t speak. You are mine to do with how I wish until I’m done with you. Do you understand?”

Fuck?! Did I really say that? Where did that come from?

She stared back at me with those deep brown eyes as if she could see deep into my soul, Taylor knew I meant business.

“Yes – yes sir,” she said with eager anticipation.

I stepped closer to her taking in her scent.

“Take off my shorts,” I commanded.

Taylor lowered her head to my shorts seeing the outline of my hardened cock, she let out a small gasp of excitement as she bit her lower lip. She lowered herself to the floor not taking her beautiful brown eyes off of me.

I don’t know what’s going on with me. When it came to Lisa I was all about being gentle and pleasuring her, but with Taylor I wanted to exert my dominance, to have her submit to all my needs. It is like I’m two different people! Squirt with Lisa and Chad with Taylor.

As she pulled my shorts from my waist my cock sprang out like a wild animal caged hitting her on the top of her nose. Taylor let out a small giggle that seemed so genuinely sweet my cock could have burst right there. In the short time I’ve been having sex I’ve never been so hard.

You can say I was harder than Chinese calculus! Maybe not that hard, but close enough. LOL

Darting her gaze from my cock then back up to me, she had pleading in her eyes waiting for an order.

“Go ahead,” I encouraged.

Taylor took a big gulp of air, leaned in and put the head of my cock to her wet lips.

The warmth and wetness of her mouth sent electricity throughout my body as I threw my head back letting out an, “Ohhh Yeesss!”

Wrapping both her hands around my cock she starts rhythmically stroking and sucking me off while further taking inch by inch of my manhood in her mouth.

This was pure ecstasy!

I tried to watch her face the best I could, but the feeling she was providing was making my knees buckle - I had to lean back a little against the wall as my breathing became rough and fast.

“Your mouth is fucking incredible!” I roared pushing more of my cock down her throat.

Her eyes closed and then suddenly opened, staring up at me with a mixture of helplessness and hunger as my cock reached the back of her throat.

I wanted to blow my load right then and there but I wasn’t finished with Taylor just yet.

Taking my hand, I caress her head gently then reach for a fistful of hair pulling her off my cock, she lets out a guttural moan as I stand her up.

Taylor’s eyes had a spark of passion behind it… pure desire. She loved every minute of me treating her like a whore. I loved the way she could be wanton and sensual one minute, then meek and demure the next.

She looked so beautiful with her makeup and spit smeared all over her face like a scene from a porn movie.

I pull her in for a kiss that was both hard and soft which made her moan in my mouth. She was putty in my hands. The only thing that mattered to me was touching her more, kissing her mouth, her breasts, her stomach.

Pressing my head against hers, staring into each other’s eyes I removed her teddy and it slipped to the ground. Taylor’s body trembled as I caressed her skin. Her eyes told me all I needed to know. She was mine! In mind, body and soul. That sense of power sent a rush through my body. At this moment I could do or say anything I wanted to her and she would obey without question.

Taylor standing in front of me quivered with every touch my lips made to her body. I gently bit her top lip then sucked it. I tugged at her nipple, feeling it harden as I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger.

“Ahhhh – ahhhh!” she panted in pleasure closing her eyes.

I take her hand, place it on my cock and order her to stroke it slowly.

It took all the energy I had to restrain myself from just bending her over and ramming my cock in her. I wanted her, but I wanted this moment to be more than just a fuck session. I wanted to leave my mark so she would realize whose pussy this is.

“Are you ok?” I asked trying to get my mind focused on not cumming while she was stroking my cock.

“Never better. I’m glad I called you over,” Taylor purred, as she locked her eyes on me.

Working my way down her body I kiss and stick my tongue in her bellybutton causing her to stir. I held her into place by grabbing and kneading her ass in between my fingers.

Suddenly I was face to face with her treasure box.

My nostrils flared inhaling that sweet aroma her wet, glistening pussy was supplying.

She was on fire!

I flicked my tongue at it as it pulsated and Taylor cooed, “Pleeeeaassssseee – please Chad, fuck me. I can’t take anymore.”

That’s all I needed to hear!


Post Notes

Like I started this chapter, these authors are the ones who have inspired me to write so it was only fitting that I put them in my story. The works of ART they provide transports us into their worlds and we love them for it. So here are the shout-outs to you guys:

Rhiannon57- Game of Inches is the best series, in my opinion, this site has EVER produced.

BashfulScribe- A true wizard with words. Much thanks, my friend.

Jashley13- Your story She’s the One is a masterpiece. I’m sorry you’re not on this site any longer because you are the master of character development.

CumGoddess- My literary bestie, who allows me to bounce my ideas off her at any time of the day. Thank You.

DBuck- You are an awesome story teller and the Rocker series is one of the best.

Pablo Diablo- Besides the over-the-top sex scenes, creativity is your gift and your stories have me always wanting more.

Special shout-out goes to, probably the best critic out there, Anganell Brigette. I love your insight on the stories you read. You put effort in on how an author can improve their craft so I had to put you in my story.

Thank you all once again and WaDaSM chapter 4 will be on hiatus for a bit so I can focus on my What Would Steven Do series as I have neglected it for a while. But don’t you worry, Chad has much more adventures to come. Until then, take care.


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