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After Liz and Tom had sex with his older siblings before him, it is time for Jack to have his special night with mom.
How Traditions Start – part 7

An original story by Starrynight


The house was dead quiet as Jack lay on his bed in the dark bedroom. His mind was wandering as he stared at the digital clock on the nightstand. He looked at the red digits, lost in thoughts as they changed.

Jack smiled to himself as the clock read 00:00 and he closed his eyes. He was eighteen, finally an adult, and in just over a month he would be leaving home and going off to college. He couldn't wait.

Growing up on a remote farm and being home schooled was not always easy for Jack. He was the fourth out of five siblings, and since his older brother and sisters left the house it was just him, his younger sister Lisa and his parents.

Puberty was an especially confusing time for Jack. When he first discovered masturbation, like any healthy teenage boy, he would do it a lot. He would picture pretty girls he saw on TV, making sure to take in the more exciting images of hot actresses in bathing suites and lingerie for his alone time.

At first this was enough for Jack, but as he grew older, he found that the two-dimensional images of the women on TV were not nearly as affective as real life, and with his life in the farm, the only girls around were his sisters and his mother.

Jack could clearly remember the first time he had inappropriate thoughts. It was a warm sunny day and the entire family went to swim in their small lake. He was already in the water when his oldest sister, Molly, striped down to her bikini and walked facing him towards the water. That night was the first time he thought of his oldest sister while jerking off. He knew it was wrong and inappropriate, but he couldn't help it, the image of her tight bikini clad body was stuck in his head as he brought himself release.

Since that day, Jack would often think about Molly when he masturbated, and it wasn't long before Jack stared noticing how attractive his other older sister, Presley, was, and began having the occasional dirty thought about her and even about his mother. He couldn't help it. He was a young horny boy and the women of his family were all so sexy.

That was one of the reasons Jack couldn't wait to go off to college. He wanted to meet cute girls, experience sex for the first time and get all inappropriate thoughts of his family off his mind.


Liz was laying on her bed wide awake as the first light of dawn trickled in through the bedroom window. Her husband was sleeping soundly next to her and Liz thought about what she would be doing that very same night.

It had been five years since she took her oldest son's virginity before he went off to college, and now was the time to do the same with her second son.

Unlike previous times there was no discussion or concerns between her and Tom. They were both completely synced on what was going to happen and both onboard. Tonight, on the night of his birthday, she was going to have sex with her youngest son, to make a man out of him while teaching him how to pleasure a woman. The following night, his oldest sister would have her way with him, and finally his second sister would help hone his sexual ability, making sure he was completely ready for the real world.

Liz felt butterflies in her stomach as she thought about her youngest son and what they were about to do. She pictured him naked, his dark shaggy hair and thin facial hair between her legs while she introduced him to oral sex. He was not as muscular and tall as his big brother, but he had grown into a handsome young man and Liz was mad at herself for being excited about tonight. She let out a deep breath and gently got out of bed, realizing there is no way she would fall back to asleep.


"Get up!" a shout woke Jack up after a few loud knocks on his bedroom door. He opened his eyes just as Presley opened the door with a big smile. "Happy birthday little brother" she said, walking towards him as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sat up on the bed. "You're the only one I know who can sleep through their entire birthday" she said with a laugh and took a step closer to him. "Breakfast is almost ready, though by now it's more like brunch" she mumbled, "mom told me to wake you." she added, her eyes fluttering over to the almost unnoticeable bulge in the blanket.

"Yeah okay, I'm coming" Jack said sleepily and quickly shifted the blanket around. He woke up with an erection and his sister entering his room wearing very skimpy jeans shorts and a very revealing top was not helping. "You can go back down," Jack told his sister "I'll get dressed and be right there" he said and waited for his sister to give him a final look before turning around and leaving the room, her fine ass swaying sexily as she did.

Jack waited for his erection to go down, then put on a loose pair of shorts and a white t-shirt before leaving his bedroom.

"Happy birthday" a unanimous shout echoed through the dining room as Jack joined them for his birthday breakfast. His parents, older brother and two of his sisters were all sitting around the table waiting for him. The table was loaded with delicious food, much of Jack's favorites included.

"I don't remember sleeping so much when I was your age" his father said jokingly as Jack took a seat and started pilling food onto his plate.

"Leave him alone" his mother said in a tender voice "it's his birthday, he can sleep all day if he likes" she added while exchanging knowing looks with her husband who just laughed and said he was joking. They ate breakfast while chatting giddily when they heard the front door open, a heavy bag being set down and footsteps coming their way.

"Molly!" Lisa said ecstatic as her big sister entered the dining room.

"Sorry I'm late" Molly said and walked over to her brother. She was wearing a flowery sun dress, her blonde hair tied into a bun as she hugged her younger brother from behind. "Happy birthday" she said and kissed his head before going around the table and hugging the rest of her family.

"How did the interview go?" Zach, her twin brother, asked after she took a seat next to him. It was summer break, so he and Presley were back home for almost a week now, while Molly returned only today because of an interview she had for a prestigious internship position.

"It went really well," she said as she stacked up pancakes on her plate and poured her mother's raspberry maple syrup on it "they said they would have answers next week" she added before digging in.

After eating, Zach and Presley helped with some jobs around the farm while Molly went up to rest. Jack switched through the channels for a few minutes before turning the TV off and heading upstairs. As Jack reached the top of the stairs, he heard the bathroom door open. He turned around and caught Molly exiting the bathroom. She had a white towel wrapped around her from breasts to mid-thigh, her blonde hair wet and flowing down her back. When she saw Jack, she gave him a warm smile and turned towards her bedroom.

After not seeing her for a couple months, Jack almost forget how beautiful his oldest sister was. Her beautiful long blond hair, slim sexy figure, perky breasts and tight butt. Jack could feel his penis getting hard and quickly shook his head, trying to get rid of the thoughts he was having about his sister before he continued to his room and climbed onto his bed. He grabed the book from the nightstand and plunged into the fictional world of Nabokov.

Later, in the afternoon, he went down to grab a snack, then joined his brother who was cleaning up the barn. He helped him a little as the two talked, Jack asking him questions about college and Zach trying to answer and give his brother advice as best he could. Zach knew what was in store for his brother that night and couldn't help feeling slightly envious of him and the fact that for the next three nights he was going to have sex with their mother and sisters.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Jack asked his brother as he noticed him looking at him strangely.

"What are you talking about?" Zach answered, trying to hide the smile from his face.

"You're looking at me weird" Jack said but Zach just shrugged and continued working, making Jack think he was just imagining it.


The family gradually finished their work for the day and one by one got ready for dinner, showering and putting on nice clothes for the traditional birthday dinner. They sat around the table, the entire family, as wine started flowing and delicious food went around. They had not had a family dinner where the entire family was present since Christmas, and this was indeed a joyous occasion.

After dinner they moved over to the living room for dessert and Liz was getting more and more nervous. She could feel her husband and children's eyes on her as Jack opened his presents. They all knew she was going to do it with him, and after they finished dessert and opening all the presents, they all went up to their rooms almost on que. Jack was too busy with one of his presents to notice until it was just him and his parents.

"I'm going to step out for a bit" Tom said to his son and wife and quickly stepped outside through the front door, leaving his nervous wife with their son.

"I think I'm gonna go up to bed too" Jack said and started picking up his presents.

"Sweetie," Liz started, her voice slightly shaking "before you go up can you come with me to my room?" she asked. She didn't remember being so nervous when she did it with Zach.

"Yeah, sure" Jack said without giving it much thought. His mother seemed a little flustered as she placed down her glass, but Jack just figured it was from the wine. He got to his feet and followed his mother to her bedroom.

Liz entered the bedroom and waited for her son to follow before closing the door. She was wearing a short light blue dress that complimented her feminine body, showing off a little cleavage and her smooth legs. She held her blonde hair up with a black clip and noticed the confusion on her son's face as he looked around.

"Mom?" Jack said, looking at her with a quizzical expression on his face. Liz looked at her son nervously, she took a deep breath before bringing her hand to her hair. She undid the clip, and let her long blonde hair fall down her neck.

"Jack, do you think I'm pretty?" Liz asked her son nervously. She was five years older than when she had sex with her other son and she was worried Jack would not want to do this.

"Um, I don't know, you're my mom" Jack mumbled while blushing and lowering his gaze to the floor.

"Come on, it's just between us" Liz pushed her son a little, she could tell by his reaction that he thought she was, and it calmed her down a little. "I myself think you are a very handsome young man" she said truthfully and watched her son's face blush even more.

"Yeah, I guess I think you're pretty" Jack said, raising his gaze to meet his mother's "Why are you asking?"

Liz looked at her son, giving him a calming motherly smile, and without saying another word, she grabbed the hem of her dress and started pulling it up.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Jack asked nervously as his mother pulled her dress up slowly. He looked at her tone thighs as she slowly revealed them, following her hands as they lifted the dress over her panties, flat stomach and bra before finally pulling it over her head and tossing it over to the laundry basket.

"Jack honey," Liz started saying as she stood in front of him in a pair of matching sexy black bra and panties "I thought that before you go off to college you should see what a woman's body looks like" she said. Jack was much shyer than his older brother, and Liz decided to take things slow and see how her son would warm to the idea of seeing her naked before moving to the sex part.

"I don't know about this mom" Jack mumbled while his eyes stayed glued to his mother's gorgeous tan body.

"Why not?" Liz said with a pout "A woman's body is a very natural thing. Looking at it is nothing to be ashamed of."

"What about dad?" Jack asked.

"Your father is quite alright with this" Liz said, thinking for a flash second of the night her husband took Presley's virginity. "What do you say, do you want me to take these off?" Liz asked her son gesturing towards her underwear.

"Yeah, okay" Jack said, his heart pounding. He still wasn't sure what was going on but was very eager to see his mother's nude body.

"Good" Liz said as she moved her gaze for a split second to her son's crotch. She took a deep breath as she reached behind her back, unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor.

"Wow" Jack let out as his mother displayed her bare boobs to him. They were large and round with small pink areolas and small hard nipples. They were surprisingly tan and sagged slightly, but were still beautiful and Jack could not hold back his cock as it continued to harden in his pants.

Liz stood motionless and let her son ogle her naked breasts. She noticed the growing bulge in his pants and could not help but grin as she slipped her fingers into her panties and slowly pulled them down her smooth legs and stepped out of them. She decided not to shave her pubic hair like she did with Zach, but instead trimmed it into a small triangle of light brown hair. Jack's eyes instantly moved to his mother's exposed vagina and his cock threatened to tear through his pants as he gawked at it, her pink interior peeking between her labia.

"Well, what do you think?" Liz asked her son as she bared herself to him. His eyes moved up to meet hers before running down along her entire naked frame.

"You have a very pretty body mom" Jack said embarrassed and turned red again.

"Thank you sweetie" she said enjoying the compliment of her young son "would you like to take your clothes off too?" she asked "that looks uncomfortable" she said pointing to her son's very noticeable erection.

"No, that's okay mom" Jack said, embarrassed by the fact that his mother noticed his erection.

"Don’t be shy honey," Liz said to her son "it's completely natural for you to have an erection with me standing here naked. I feel a little weird being naked just me and would be much more comfortable if you took your clothes off too." Liz added. She could see the uncertainty on her son's face as they stood there in silence for a few seconds. She looked at him with a calm smile and her heart skipped a beat when Jack started to remove his clothes. He started out by quickly pulling his shirt off, revealing his average upper body and slightly hairy chest. He followed by stepping out of his shoes and pulling his pants down, and finally grabbed his loose boxers and nervously pulled them down.

Liz looked at her son's penis as it sprung up when he removed his boxers and studied it. Her youngest son's erect penis was shorter than his father's and older brother's, standing at a little over five inches. It was not very thick, similar to his brother's in girth, and far thinner than his father's. It had a little dark pubic hair around the base and Liz could feel herself getting wet as she looked at the young cock in front of her. She found herself wondering what it tasted like as she and her son looked at each other's naked bodies awkwardly.

"Isn't that better?" Liz asked her son who nodded while still blushing bright red. Liz sat down on the edge of her large bed and patted it, gesturing for Jack to join her. He gave her a hesitant look but took a few steps forward and sat down next to his mother, his cock rock-hard and sticking up.

Liz's heart was racing as she readied herself for the next part. She looked at her naked son as he kept stealing glances at her naked body and took a deep breath. "Jack," she started saying nervously "would you like me to teach you how to…have…sex" she blurted out and watched as her son's eyes went wide.

"What?" Jack stammered, sure he heard his mother wrong "sex? With…with you?" he asked incredulous.

"Yes, that's right" Liz said nodding and kept looking straight at her son to make sure he knew she was serious.

"But, you're my mom, we can't do that" Jack said nervously.

"What if I told you this wouldn't be my first time doing something like this?" Liz said cautiously and noticed the way her son looked at her.

"What do you mean?" Jack asked intrigued.

"Well, I know it's not easy," Liz started saying to her son "growing up here on the farm, being homeschooled, not knowing or having any interactions with kids your own age. And suddenly, going off to college and meeting people who to them it's nothing new." Liz continued and noticed her son nodding agreeably to her words. "Before Zach and Molly left home, your father and I talked about this. We tried to think about the best way for us to prepare them for leaving home."

"And what then?" Jack asked curiously as his mother paused to take a breath.

"On your brother and sister's eighteenth birthday, your father and I took Zach and Molly into separate rooms. I had sex with your brother and taught him about sex while your father did the same with your sister." Liz said and watched the shocked expression on her son's face as he learned of the taboo family tradition. "A few years ago, when Presley turned eighteen, your father did the same thing with her, and now it's your turn" Liz said and looked into her son's eyes as he took all of this in.

"So, dad…?" Jack started asking.

"Your father knows what we're doing here and approves of it" Liz said calmly and kept looking at her son as everything sunk in. "So sweetie, what do you say, would you like us to have sex?" Liz asked though she was pretty sure she knew the answer.

"Yes" Jack said plainly, not having to give the subject much thought and looked at his mother as she smiled back at him. His hard cock was twitching, and his heart was pounding in his chest as the fact that he was about to have sex with his mother downed on him.

Jack jumped in surprise as his mother reached out and grasped his stiff penis. It was the first hand that did not belong to him to touch it, and the sensation of her warm hand on his manhood was nice.

"Let's start by getting to know each other's bodies" Liz said with her hand wrapped around her son's penis. "Just relax and let me show you a few things" Liz said, and Jack nodded. She gave her son's shaft a few strokes before she brought her hand over to her mouth, spit in it, then returned it to her son's dick.

Jack let out an unintentional moan of pleasure as his mother closed her saliva coated palm around his shaft. She grasped it firmly and continued to masturbate him, her hand smoothly running up and down his rod and bringing him unbelievable pleasure. She was not even stroking him a minute when Jack already felt his climax approaching, his moans and groans growing accordingly.

Liz could tell her son was getting very excited very fast and let go of his member before he came. "I'm going to give you a blowjob now," Liz told her son, his eyes popping out of his head in shock. She slowly got off the bed and kneeled between her son's legs. "Before I do, I want to go over some things" Liz said and reached out for Jack's cock, holding it loosely in her hand. "You should know that some, maybe even most girls, don't like it when guys…ejaculate in their mouth. When a girl is giving you a blowjob, you should always tell her when you feel you are about to…cum. She might be okay with it and keep going, but it is very likely she will stop and finish you off with her hand or let you finish with yours." Liz blushed at her own words and looked up at her son before continuing. "Since this is your first time I want you to enjoy this as much as possible, so I will let you finish in my mouth, but I do want you to let me know before you do, okay?" Liz asked, and Jack nodded as he looked at her in disbelief.

Liz shifted around on the floor and moved her mouth over to her son's manhood. She grasped the base firmly, holding it in place as she closed her mouth around the engorged head.

"Oh god mom" Jack moaned as his mother sucked on the head of his cock and pulled it out with a loud suction sound.

"Did you like that?" Liz asked her son and licked around the tip of his cock with her tongue.

"Yes" he answered slightly shivering and let out another moan as his mother engulfed his cock with her mouth once again and started taking it in. She took over half of his cock into her mouth before starting to bob her head up and down the shaft, sliding and swirling her tongue over it as she took the shaft in and out of her mouth expertly, her son moaning and groaning in sexual pleasure.

"I think I'm gonna cum" Jack called out in alarm after less than a minute of his mother sucking his penis. He could feel the tension building in his body as the pleasure grew. His mother pulled off so that just the head was in her mouth. She sucked on it while using her hand to stroke the length of his shaft. "Oh mom, that feels so…" Jack started saying as mid-sentence he started moaning. Pleasure rushed through Jack's body as his cock started squirting inside his mother's mouth. His eyes closed, and his cock sent waves of pleasure though his body as it shot load after load into his mother's warm mouth.

Liz forgot just how little stamina young men had, as her son filled her mouth with his salty spunk in no time. She hoped this meant he would last longer when they moved to the next step and continued sucking him through his orgasm and until his cock was drained. When his orgasm completely faded, Liz pulled her mouth from Jack's cock. She got to her feet and walked over to the bathroom where she spat the content of her mouth into the toilet, wiped her face and returned to her son.

"Mom, that was amazing" Jack said red faced.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it" she said with a smile and took a seat again next to him, placing a hand on his thigh and rubbing it. She looked into his eyes as his breathing steadied and placed a hand around his neck, pulling him into her and putting his lips onto hers as she began kissing her son.

"Wow," Jack said as they broke the kiss after a few seconds "what was that?" he asked surprised.

"I think it's important for you to know how to kiss a woman too, don't you think?" she asked and moved her lips onto his again. Originally, Liz intended to start off with the kissing, but with her being so nervous, and his cock looking so inviting, she completely forgot.

Liz brought her other hand behind her son's head and pulled him in harder as their lips locked in an intense kiss. Her son's lips were soft and warm, and he kissed her back tenderly, surprising her. They kissed hungrily for a minute or two before Liz snaked her tongue into her son's mouth and began exploring it. To Liz's surprise, Jack was not caught off guard by it and seemed to naturally accept her tongue, swirling his tongue around hers and gradually slipping it over to her mouth and starting to explore it as he moaned into it.

"You're a really good kisser" Liz told her son when they broke their intense lip lock. If she didn't know any better, she could have sworn this was not his first time kissing a girl.

"Thanks," Jack said and blushed "I kind of kissed a girl before" he admitted.

"Really, who?" his mother asked amazed.

"Mia and I practiced kissing a few times last family reunion" Jack admitted, referring to his cousin.

"So, that's where you always disappeared off to?" Liz said with a smile. "Did you just kiss, or did you do other things?" she asked cautiously.

"Just kissing" Jack admitted shyly "I wanted to try other things, but Mia didn't want to" he said blushing and his mother let out a small laugh.

"Well, you certainly got it right" she told her son, noting she was perversely relieved that she would be her son's first. "How about we do other things?" Liz asked her son and smiled as he nodded eagerly. Liz climbed onto the bed and moved up. She turned around towards her son and laid down flat on her back, resting her head on a pillow and spreading her legs a little. "Feel free to touch and lick me anywhere you want" Liz told her son, noticing the hungry expression on his face.

Jack looked at his mother as she laid on her back naked and let him explore her nude body. She was so beautiful as she laid there, her blonde hair spread around on the pillow, her heavy boobs raising and falling as she breathed, her sexy trimmed bush and her enticing pink pussy. He looked at her amazing naked body for a few seconds before climbing onto the bed.

Jack moved his body along and over his mother's, until their bodies were aligned. He held himself above her with his hands and looked down at her eyes before pressing his mouth onto hers and giving her a lustful kiss. He pulled up and looked at her eyes again before moving down her body.

Liz watched her son as he pulled his mouth off hers and moved it down her body. He gave her a kiss just below her neck and moved his body down, placing his knees between her legs before moving his hands towards her breasts. Liz moaned as her son grabbed her left tit with his hand and began kneading it.

"Aww, sweetie stop" Liz told her son as he harshly squeezed her breasts and he immediately stopped and looked up at her. "You need to be gentle with a woman's breast" she said.

"Sorry mom" Jack said nervously and pulled his hand away.

"It's okay, that's why we're here" Liz told her son and smile at him. "Let's try again. Put your hand back and start very gently massaging it" Liz told her son and watched as he cautiously placed his palm on her large boob and started caressing it tenderly. "Much better" Liz said and watched her son as he placed his left hand on her other breast and started caressing it too.

"Is it okay like this mom?" Jack asked as he gently played with his mother's beautiful rack.

"Yes baby, that's perfect." Liz said letting out a gentle moan. "Girls also like it when you touch their nipples." she told her son as her erect nips begged for attention. "You can run a finger over them or even pinch them a little, just remember to be gentle" Liz said. She watched her son's hand as he moved his thumb over to her nipple and traced it along her areola, sending a jolt of pleasure through her. He traced a circle with his thumb over her areola then grabbed her nipple between his thumb and index finger and started pinching it. Jack gave his mother's aroused nipples a few playful pinches, before leaning down, closing his lips around mommy's nipple and starting to suck on it.

"Oh yes sweetie!" Liz moaned, her body shivering with pleasure as her son began sucking on her erect nipple. She didn't expect him to do it and it felt so good. He unlatched his mouth from her right breast and moved to the left one, caressing and flicking her nipple with the tip of his tongue before sucking on it too, his mom moaning encouragingly in the process.

"How was that?" Jack asked his mother after extracting himself from her gorgeous breasts. He moved around and was on his knees on the bed beside her, looking at his mom with big eyes.

"That was really good honey" his mother said, noticing his cock was hard again and brushing against her thigh. Liz gave her son's cock a hungry look, then sat up on the bed with her back against the headboard. She spread her legs a little and noticed her son looking at her pink pussy in awe. "You can get closer" Liz said and spread her legs open a little more, moving her right palm to her pubic mound as her son stared at her vulva. "This is what a vagina looks like" she told her son while moving her hand down and using her thumb and index finger to spread her pink petals apart. "This is the clitoris, or clit." she said, moving her other hand over and pointing to her little nib "be sure to take extra care of it when you're with a woman" Liz told her son and watched as he nervously brought his hand down and gently ran his finger over her clit, making her body shiver with pleasure. Liz continued showing and explaining about the different parts of the vagina, Jack touching and feeling each part in the process.

Jack's cock was standing in high solute as his mother finished presenting her prized jewel to him. It was the most arousing thing Jack has ever seen and he couldn't wait to put his penis inside it. His mother finished her short lesson in female anatomy and just let him play with her vulva. He ran his fingers over her intimate region, moving from her prickly bush, over her clit and along her puffy lips. He brushed a finger along her slit, pressing a little into her warm wet hole and enjoying the way his mom cooed as he touched her.

"Jack sweetie, I want you to try licking me down there, okay?" Liz asked her son as her body reached new heights of arousal.

"Okay mom" Jack said looking up at her and moved his body down the bed for a more comfortable position. He leaned down between his mother's legs and inhaled her intoxicating aroma. He then looked at her exposed genitals and moved in until his mouth was on her lower lips.

Liz could feel her son's warm breath on her vulva seconds before he put his lips on hers. A tingle went through her body as her youngest son's lips touched her, and he began kissing all around her pussy. He started out with a soft kiss on her pubic mound and moved down to her clit, kissing it. He kissed along the lips of her womanhood before pushing his tongue out and running it all along her slit.

"Yes baby, that feel amazing" Liz said with a moan. Her son ran his tongue along her slit a few times then went back to kissing her pussy. He was kissing it like he kissed her mouth, pressing his lips against her labia and Liz was surprised by how good it felt. "Honey, go back to licking" Liz said after letting him do his thing for a little while. Jack quickly obeyed and started running his tongue along her slit, stopping each time just before reaching her clit. "Do you remember what part I told you to make sure you take care of?" Liz asked her son trying to keep the sexual frustration out of her voice. "Ugh that's right!" Liz moaned as her son moved his tongue to her clit and started licking it feverishly. "Oh, fuck baby yes!" Liz called out as her son ran his tongue all over her clit, the pleasure of it almost overwhelming. "Now try sticking your tongue into my pussy" Liz called out in a frenzy and felt her son's tongue running along her slit and searching for her entrance. "Oh, god yes!" Liz whimpered as her son snaked his tongue deep into her folds.

Jack's taste buds where flooded by the taste of his mother's womanhood and it only made him want it more. He started exploring her intimate hole with his tongue and raised his eyes to his mom. She had her eyes closed and was moaning and groaning intensely as Jack continued to twirl his tongue inside her. He placed his hands on her upper thighs and slid them up, using his thumbs to spread his mother's labia apart so he could push his tongue even deeper.

"Jack…oh god!" Liz started saying after her son devoured her cunt for a few minutes. "I want you to suck…my…clit" Liz said in a trembling voice between moans and looked down at her son as he pulled his tongue out of her scorching twat. She had a moment of rest before she felt his lips closing around her clit. A second later she felt the pressure of him sucking it.

"Oh my god yes!" Liz screamed out loud as her body erupted in a powerful orgasm. She closed her eyes and bucked her hips, trying to push her pussy harder onto her son's mouth. Her hips and legs started shuddering and she moaned and groaned like an animal as waves of electrifying pleasure rushed through her body. Her son continued to suck on her clit hungrily and another wave of unbelievable pleasure rushed through her, making her squeal.

Jack released his mother's clit from his lip lock and raised his head. He watched as she writhed and moaned on the bed, marveling the sight of his first ever female orgasm. He was sure that if he hadn't cum earlier, he would have cum just from the sight of his mom's climax. He watched spellbound as his mother's moans faded and she was left sitting on the bed breathing heavily.

"You did great sweetie" Liz told her son after catching her breath "I haven't had an orgasm that strong in while" Liz admitted. She made a note that maybe she should give Tom a little guidance next time he went down on her. Not that her husband didn't know how to eat a pussy, but guiding Jack to the exact spots she needed touched each moment, took her orgasm to a whole different level.

"That was wild mom" Jack said, his cock so hard from what he just saw it was beginning to hurt. His mom gave his erect shaft an approving look and started getting up on the bed.

"Let me just show you how to put a condom on while you're is still hard, then we can have sex" Liz said to her son. Liz crawled over to the edge of the bed and reached for the nightstand. She opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a wrapped condom. She then got up and walked over to her son, gesturing him to come sit next to her on the edge of the bed.

"That's a condom?" Jack asked as he saw the shiny wrapper in his mom's hand.

"That's right," Liz said "you know what it's for?" she asked, and her son nodded. "Good, let me show you how to put it on" she said and ripped it open. She pulled the rubber out, grabbed her son's very hard cock and showed him how to put it on.

"It feels a little weird" Jack told his mother after his cock was covered with the condom.

"You'll get used to it" Liz told her son. "Be sure to use one whenever you have sex with a girl. Unless she is on birth control" Liz said "I'm too young to be a grandmother" she added with a smile and started peeling the condom off.

"Wait, what are you doing mom?" Jack said surprised as his mom removed the condom. He was sure they were about to have sex and now that she was taking it off he felt alarmed, not understanding why she would unless it was not going to happen.

"You don't need a condom with me, I'm on birth control" Liz said to her son's relief. "Are you ready?" she asked her son who nodded while giving her a lustful look.

Jack watched his mom nervously as she climbed onto the bed. He looked at her amazing ass as she grabbed a pillow and turned around. She laid down on her back, placing the pillow under her and propped herself on her elbows as she looked at her son. Jack continued looking at his beautiful mom as she made herself comfortable. Once she did, she spread her legs while bending her knees and signaled for him to approach. Jack placed his knees on the bed and moved closer, looking at him mother's nude body as she offered it to him in a way no mother should.

"What do I do now?" Jack asked his mother as he got on his knees between her legs, looking down at her with incestuous lust.

"Put your penis to my vagina and slowly push yourself in" Liz told her son, amused by his innocence. She watched him as he closed the gap between them and grabbed his cock in his right hand. He placed his left hand on the mattress for support and leaned in.

Liz gasped as her son's cock touched her vulva. He was looking down focused and started sliding his dick along her pussy. He moved it down searching for her opening, and as his cock slid over it, the tip aligned, he pushed it in.

Liz and Jack both held their breath as the head of his cock disappeared inside her. Jack looked up at his mother's eyes and Liz gave him an approving nod. He placed his right hand on the bed also, and with great pleasure pushed himself in, penetrating his mother's forbidden hole as she stripped him of his innocence and made her young boy into a man.

"Oh my god mom" Jack whimpered as he pushed his cock all the way inside his mother's snatch. He looked up at her eyes and let out a moan as the walls of his mommy's wet cunt pressed with unworldly pleasure around his shaft. They stayed still for a few seconds, mother and son adjusting to the disgustingly beautiful sensation of their taboo act, Jack's cock deep inside the vagina that brought him into this world. After a few seconds, when the shock of having his dick buried inside his mother's pussy wore off, Jack started moving.

Liz let herself lay back and moaned as her son started moving his hips. She wanted to see her son's manhood as he breached her sacred hole and it sent a shiver through her body. "Oh yes baby!" Liz called out in pleasure as her son started slowly thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. She spread her legs a little more and looked at her son's eyes as he defiled her snatch with his hard member, just like his older brother did before him.

As Jack fucked his mommy in slow rhythmic motions, he felt like he was dreaming. The feeling of his penis inside his mother's velvety box was indescribable. "Mom, this feels so good" Jack said with closed eyes and opened them. He looked down at his mom as she moaned quietly and started going slightly faster.

"Oh yes baby, that does feel so good" Liz said with a moan as her son started shoving himself into her more rapidly. He started pumping her pussy, building a good pace and Liz let out a loud groan.

"Oh fuck" Jack moaned and closed his eyes as he kept pushing himself into his mother's twat. He opened them to the sight of his mom's boobs swaying to the rhythm of their merging bodies. "Mom, I'm gonna cum" Jack announced as the pleasure of fucking his mother became too great for him to hold back anymore, the sound of her moans as he penetrated her also not helping.

"Go ahead baby, cum inside mommy" Liz told her son perversely and looked up at his face as it contorted with sexual pleasure.

"Oh yes mom, yes!" Jack screamed as he erupted inside his mother. A wave of searing pleasure tore through his body as his cock began to squirt, filling his mother's vagina with his incestuous sperm. He moaned like a wild animal, closing his eyes as he kept on plunging his spouting dick in and out of his mother, the pleasure so powerful his body shuddered while he continued to breach her.

Liz looked at her son and moaned as she could feel his warm semen shooting out of his young cock and filling her pussy. He lasted almost three whole minutes inside of her before shooting his load. She looked at his face and the blissful expression on it as the last of his orgasm rushed through his body and he stopped ejaculating. He gave a final moan as he looked at her, then pulled his cock out of her pussy. It was still rock-hard.

Jack was breathing heavily as he looked down at his mother after cumming inside her and pulling out. He was covered with sweat and he was so turned on by the situation, his cock refused to go limb even after he came.

Liz looked at her son's rock-hard cock with awe as it refused to go down, still fully erect after finishing inside her. She knew young men could get hard again quickly, but this was ridiculous. Liz and Jack kept looking at each other as they both caught their breaths.

"Mom, that was…the greatest thing I ever felt" Jack said and gave his mother a hungry look as his cock signaled it was ready for more.

"It looks like you're ready for another round" Liz said as she pointed towards Jack's cock as it twitched. Still hard and refusing to go down.

"Yeah," Jack said blushing "it happens sometimes when I get really horny. I stay hard even after I cum" he said feeling embarrassed talking about it. The last time it happened was after he accidently walked in on Presley getting out of the shower and glimpsed her naked backside. He had to stroke himself to a release twice before his penis agreed to recede.

"Wow, well, I think girls will like that a lot" Liz told her son and rolled to her stomach before getting up to her knees on the bed. "Lay down just like I was and let mommy take care of it" Liz said to her son and felt the combination of her son's cum and her juices trickling out of her wet cunt.

Jack quickly did as he was told, laying on his back where his mom was and moving the pillow she had under her aside. He looked up at her face as she waited for him to get comfortable before moving. Liz reached out and grabbed her son's hard cock. It was still slick with her juices and she gave it a few tugs as her son moaned. She then bent down and gave it a little lick, tasting her own juices on her son's penis as his eyes went wide with surprise. She gave him a naughty little grin then raised her body and sat on Jack's upper thighs.

Liz grabbed Jack's shaft again and slid forward. She pressed his manhood against her vulva, her wetness growing even more, and looked at Jack moan as she rubbed his penis over her prickly bush a few times. Liz then raised her waist and with her son's dick still in her hand she guided it to her entrance. She looked him in the eyes as she lowered herself until she felt the tip of his manhood breaching her, then with her eyes still locked on his, impaled herself on her son's pole with a loud moan.

"Mom!" Jack cried in sexual bliss as Liz buried his cock deep inside her snatch. He loved the feeling of his cock wrapped by his mother's warm wet haven and let out another moan. His mother looked down at him, her mouth slightly ajar as she began to ride him, slowly raising and lowering her pussy along her son's dick.

Liz closed her eyes and moaned as she rode her son's hard penis with perverse delight. The feeling of her son's cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt was so unbelievably good. "Do you like mommy's pussy?" Liz whispered in her son's ear as she leaned down to it, her heavy breasts resting on Jack's chest as she moved her lips to his, giving him a gentle kiss before raising back and quickening the pace.

"Uh huh" Jack let out and moaned as his mother began to ride him even faster. He couldn't believe how his mother was talking to him, but then again, he couldn't believe any of this. He ran his eyes along his mother's naked body and took in the cock hardening sight. Her long blonde hair was sweaty and matted, clinging to her neck, and her amazing boobs were bouncing around provocatively. He moved his eyes along her flat stomach and looked at her vulva, her labia parted as his cock continuously disappeared inside her tight folds. Jack watched with perverse fascination as he mother continued to ride him in this unholy yet oh so pleasurable union of their nude bodies.

"Honey, are you close?" Liz asked her son after riding his cock for a while. She leaned forward and placed her palms on his stomach while still sliding her pussy up and down his dick.

"No, I don’t think so" Jack said to his mother's delight. After cumming twice already, the second time only a few minutes ago, Jack felt it would be awhile before he climaxed again.

"Good," Liz said and stopped bouncing on her son's cock "I want us to try another position" she said and lifted herself off Jack's hard penis. "Get on your knees" Liz told her son as she shifted on the bed "I want us to try doggystyle" she said to Jack and noticed the amused smile on his face "that's when you have sex with the girl on all fours while the guy penetrates her from behind" Liz explained to her son and waited for him to get up.

"That sounds fun" Jack said as he moved to his knees, his hard cock swinging as he did. He watched his mom as she got down on all fours and moved around on the bed facing away from him.

"Go ahead baby" Liz said to her son after getting in position. Liz looked so hot as she stood there naked on all fours waiting for her son to mount her from behind.

Jack looked at his mother for a few seconds, watching her gorgeous ass and big breasts hanging. He made his way behind her, placing his palms on her butt cheeks and squeezing them sensually. His mother let out a small moan as he massaged her firm orbs and waited in anticipation for her son to be inside her once more. Jack let go of his mother's ass and grabbed his cock with his right hand. He moved his left hand to her side, grabbing her waist and looked at her bare back as he guided his cock forward until he found his mother's opening. He gently inserted the tip of his cock in, moved his right hand to his mother's waist, then finally plunged his cock all the way inside his mother's snatch.

"Yes baby!" Liz moaned as her son pushed himself inside her. He paused for only a second before pulling his cock out to the tip and shoving it back in. "Oh god yes" Liz cried as Jack buried his cock inside her a second time before starting to thrust his hips. "It feels so deep" she added with a moan, loving how deep she felt her son penetrating her in this position. Liz closed her eyes and moaned as her son slowly and rhythmically thrust himself in and out of her.

"Fuck mom, this feels amazing" Jack said as he fucked his mom from behind. He sped up a bit and was instantly awarded by more pleasure along with a loud moan from his mom. His cock easily slid in and out of his mother's well lubricated pussy and Jack felt it getting even wetter as he kept plunging his manhood inside it.

"Baby, fuck me harder!" Liz called to her son as her arousal reached new heights. She wanted to climax again so bad and hoped she would while her son was fucking her. She didn't have to wait long before she could feel her son shoving his young cock into her twat harder, making him moan loudly behind her.

The room filled with a loud slapping sound as Jack pound his dick into his mother's pussy, his body slamming into hers as they fucked with an intense passion. Jack closed his eyes and moaned as his penis rapidly slid all along his mother's wet hole, his balls slapping against her vulva with each powerful thrust of his hips.

"Harder sweetie, I'm almost there." Liz cried out in a frenzy as she felt her welcomed orgasm approaching "Fuck mommy's pussy as hard as you can!" she ordered her son. Liz closed her eyes and screamed with sexual pleasure as her son obliged.

"Oh my god mom!" Jack called out in pleasure as he started hammering his mother's pussy with everything he had. The large bed was creaking loudly beneath them as son fucked mother as hard as he could. Liz was clawing at the sheets with her eyes closed as her vagina screamed with the extreme pleasure of her son's cock pounding it. She could feel her buildup rising and rising, until Liz finally exploded on her own son's penis.

"Oh yes baby!" Liz cried out in a shaking voice as her orgasm took hold of her. A first wave shot through her body and she closed her eyes at the excruciating pleasure. Her son kept destroying her pussy from behind and Liz moaned as another more powerful wave washed over her. She arched her back and her feet started flapping as another and another wave shook her body with intense pleasure. Her son was still fucking her hard, plunging his stiff cock into her pussy as it started convulsing and made her orgasm even more intense.

"I'm cumming" Jack called out as his own climax took him by surprise. His mother's pussy began convulsing and clamping down on his cock and it made him cum almost instantly. He slowed down his plunges and moaned with sickening pleasure while he began ejaculating into mommy's convulsing vagina, his body burning with orgasmic delight.

"Yes…cum for mommy" Liz heard herself say in a shaking voice while she was still deep in her orgasm. Her son's body was shaking as he continued thrusting and so was hers as the feeling of her son firing his hot cum inside her, caused another body shaking wave of pleasure.

Liz and Jack moaned and groaned with raw primal pleasure as they climaxed together. Their bodies continued to collide, Jack fucking his mother as the last waves of the orgasm flowed through his and her bodies. He held his mother tightly as a few last shivers ran through her body and drained the last drops of his cum inside her heavenly cunt as his orgasm came to an end. Jack paused for a second or two before pulling his receding cock out of his mother and letting go of her.

Liz's body turned into putty as she fell onto the bed exhausted and Jack quickly followed, taking his place next to her on the bed. Both their bodies were still trembling slightly as they rested on the mattress panting. They stayed quiet for almost ten minutes, catching their breaths and go over what they just did in their minds. When Liz regained enough strength, she rolled over to her side and faced her son.

"How do you feel?" Liz asked her son as she looked at his face with only a few inches between them.

"Pretty good" Jack said in a hoarse voice and stole a glance down at his mother's breasts.

"Did you enjoy it?" she asked tenderly.

"Uh huh" Jack said, making sure to look into his mother's eyes.

"Are you glad we did this?" Liz asked in a soft motherly tone.

"Yeah mom, I'm really glad we did it" Jack said with a reassuring smile. Even though he knew what they did was considered wrong and disgusting, it felt so good he did not regret doing it even for a second.

"Good" Liz said with a smile and rolled over to her back. They stayed silent for a few more minutes, resting and thinking about what they did. When Liz got up after a few minutes, she looked at her son and saw him sleeping next to her. "Jack" Liz called her son's name as she shook him gently until he opened his eyes and looked at her sleepily "Come on, you need to get dressed and get to bed" she told her son and moved towards her clothes.

"For a second I thought I dreamt the whole thing" Jack said as he rose and moved his gaze between his and his mother's naked bodies. He got up and reached for his clothes.

Liz smiled and looked at her son as she put her clothes back on. She saw him looking at her boobs and vulva as she covered them up and she also found herself looking at his limp cock as he put his boxers on. After they were both completely dressed, Liz moved to the door with Jack behind her.

"Good night mom" Jack said and pressed his lips to his mother's, for one last kiss. Liz was flustered as her son pulled his lips away and looked at her. "Thanks for tonight, it was amazing" Jack said.

"Good night sweetie" Liz said, placing a finger over her lips. She opened the door and looked at her son as he quickly made his way up to his room, a dreamy smile on his young face.

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