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Oh, what a Day!
Author’s Note: Fans of this series, I am TRULY sorry for the long wait. This is a labor of love and I try to carefully craft this story to the best of my ability. I want to give you, the reader, the best experience I can by giving you a clear visual of the characters and the environment they’re in. This series is more than about sex so if you are looking for a quick sex romp this is not the story for you.

This latest installment WILL BE VERY LONG and I’ve chosen to break it up into a Part A and Part B because of its length. Part B will be posted in a few days from this release.

There will be a great focus on character development this time around as the sex portion will be at a minimum in Part A. I will use musical breaks to pay tribute to some of my favorite television shows I watched growing up along with some of my favorite songs of today.

Please enjoy and like always, constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcomed! Without further ado I present:

What a Difference a Summer Makes- Part 4a


The saying goes: The more things change. The more they stay the same. Uggh, I thought this shit was behind me, but tonight proved I was wrong, dead wrong! How come this shit keeps happening to me? From as early as I can remember my parents always told me to treat people how I wanted to be treated. I’m one of the good guys – at least I thought I was. This may be the problem.

Should I change?

Don’t make emotional decisions dad always told me – but, right now, I feel so much rage that I don’t know if I can follow that train of thought.

“Chad, please - please don’t leave! I’m so sorry! I’m begging you not to leave!” Lisa plead reaching for my arm.

“Get your damn hands off of me!” I exploded shrugging my arms from her grasp as I stormed towards my car, “You fucking used me!”

Lisa began sobbing, “No – no, I didn’t. I swear I didn’t Chad! Please stop and let me explain!”

“Oh, yeah. You’re going to explain why you had your exes dick in your mouth! Don’t bother – tell it to another loser. I don’t want to fucking hear it!”

Just as I reached the handle of my car door, I hear a voice off in the distance, “Wait for me! You’re not driving alone!”

Turning my head, I see Kimmie running toward our direction. Lisa also sees her and starts, “Please not now Kimmie! I’m trying to talk to Chad in private; give us a sec ok?”

Kimmie glares at Lisa and hissed, “Not ok. He’s my best friend and what you just did to him is despicable.”

“Ohhhh please Kimmie,” Lisa rolled her eyes and then chided, “you don’t even want us together – so, fuck off!”

That was a VERY bad move by Lisa.

I know Kimmie like the back of my hand and I whipped around faster than a New York minute and grabbed her by the waist just as she lunged towards Lisa’s throat screaming, “FUCK OFF?! Say that to me one more time BITCH! I fucking dare you slut!”

Lisa jumped back quickly in horror, just out of reach, as I was holding onto Kimmie for dear life.

“Get the fuck out of here Lisa before she kills you!” I warned struggling to keep my grip on Kimmie.

Kimmie had a very short fuse; if she felt disrespected in any way, she would just see red and go bat-shit crazy! Many, many times, Joe or I had to stop her from beating the shit out of someone!

Lisa didn’t budge. She just stood there staring at me with worry in her eyes that said she didn’t want me to go and she was willing to get her ass beat if that meant me staying.

“I LOVE you Chad,” Lisa emphasized with a sniffle, “even though you hate me right now.”

Hearing those words made both Kimmie and I stop in our tracks as we stared at Lisa then back at each other.

She loves me? What?

“What - what did you say?” I said perplexed.

How did I get here again?

Chapter 1

As I stood by the bathroom door watching Taylor in her sports bra and Lacie cheeky panty taking selfies, in front of her full-length mirror, making over-exaggerated poses it made my dick rise instantly! She notices me, in the reflection, lights up into a smile then begins to flirtatiously dance and sing along to Ariana Grande’s Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored:

You got me some type of way (Hmm)

Ain't used to feelin' this way (Mmm-mmm)

I do not know what to say (Yeah, yeah)

But I know I shouldn't think about it

Took one fuckin' look at your face (Hmm)

Now I wanna know how you taste (Mmm-mmm)

Usually don't give it away (Yeah, yeah)

But you know I'm out here thinkin' 'bout it

Then I realized she's right there

And I'm at home like, "Damn, this ain't fair"

Break up with your girlfriend

Yeah, yeah, 'cause I'm bored

You can hit it in the mornin' (Mornin')

Yeah, yeah, like it's yours

I know it ain't right

But I don't care (Care)

Break up with your girlfriend

Yeah, yeah, 'cause I'm bored

As I’m watching her sway her hips seductively to the song, I can honestly say that Taylor is quite the beauty, but to see her up close only reinforces that statement. Each part of her was as if angels themselves crafted her. I must have done something right for the gods to have brought her into my life.

“What are you thinking about?” Taylor asks with a hint of seduction seeing me with a devilish grin on my face leaning up against the wall.

Slowly I walked up behind her giving her ass a quick slap to which she cooed. Turning her around with our faces only inches away from one another I whisper, “What do you think I’m thinking about?”

She let out a small giggle that was a mixture of both innocence and sin that only she can pull off naturally.

“Down boy,” she teased, “we don’t have time for this now. You have somewhere to be in about twenty minutes.”

Of course, she is right, but I don’t care as I’m taking in her natural scent kissing my way gently up her neck to her lips that taste of cherry. I’m lost in this moment. I yanked her to me and covered her mouth with mine in a hungry kiss. It was magic, the way our lips connected together. Her mouth was so tender and warm, I opened my mouth with a low moan. Taylor splayed her hand against my chest with the intention to push me away but just left it there.

She hesitantly looked up at me panting, “Chad, please -please. We HAVE to go.”

“I know – I know,” I breathed as we continued kissing, “I just want to show you something.”

I had swirls of emotion running through my veins, mainly lust and desire.

“I know what you want to show me, mister!” she squealed nibbling on my earlobe, “But we have to – OHHH FUCK!” Taylor didn’t realize why she was talking I had my plan set in motion with my cock already out as I pulled her panties to the side and entered her treasure box.

“What were you saying?” I said softly while pumping in and out of her slow and deliberate. Her pussy was on fire and dripping wet. It felt so slick and velvety around my cock.

All Taylor could do was hold me tight and just whisper my name repeatedly as she was riding her first wave of an orgasm.

The kisses were long and deep. She wrapped her legs around my waist with each thrust going faster and deeper. Within minutes our bodies ended in a fantastic eruption of orgasmic bliss with me emptying every ounce of fluid into her love canal. We both screamed in heavenly pleasure staring at each other like we could see our souls in the other’s eyes.

“Holy SHIT!” we both exclaimed collapsing to the floor drenched with sweat with our arms and legs entangled. She was the first to get up because I was too weak to even sit up, let alone stand-up.

Taylor brought me a cold bottle of water as I still laid on the floor in the middle of her bedroom. Sitting down next to me and giving me a kiss, she brought her hands up to my cheeks, “Chad, we have to go. Don’t leave Kimmie waiting.”

Ah, Kimmie, yes.

Reluctantly, I slowly stood up then downed the bottle of water trying to regain some of my strength.

I knew she was right, I thought to myself as I turned toward the door when it hit me, “Wait! We? You’re coming with me?”

“That’s right,” Taylor nodded, “you’re going to need me as backup just in case, plus I could use a good workout.”

“Ummm,” I teased giving a quick glance to the area we just finished having sex on and giving a couple of hip thrusts, “I thought – umm, we just finished a good workout a few minutes ago?”

“You know,” Taylor said jokingly putting her head to hand, “you’re an idiot. Let’s go before I change my mind.”

This was totally unexpected but welcomed because I did feel I may need someone to come along. The last time Kimmie and I were together it didn’t end so well.

As we stood in the front of Taylor’s condo for the car my mind began to wander: What am I going to say to Kimmie? What is she going to say to me?

One incident can’t really destroy twelve years of friendship, could it?

I snapped back to the present with Taylor rambling on about something regarding her glutes as the valet pulled up with my car. Her eyes opened up like saucers, “Holy Shit! Is this you?!” she said excitedly, “This is nice Chad!”

“Thanks, I got it for my birthday. Surprised the shit out of me.”

“I bet it did. Let’s go. I want to see how this bad boy feels on the road!” bubbled Taylor as she grabbed the keys from the valet.

“SURE - by all means, you can drive MY car. I just got it today. Not a big deal AT all,” I said sarcastically.

“YOU…just finished riding a fine specimen,” Taylor teased while striking a sexy pose then giggled, “Now it’s my turn! Get in.”

The valet driver stunned at what he just heard quickly coughed.

“Have a good day sir,” he said with a smirk looking at me as I immediately turned red with embarrassment handing him a ten-dollar tip.

“Thank you. You too.”

She has NO FILTER. But I admire that about her.

On our drive to the beach we joked, sang some songs on the radio and I also talked to her about Lisa. She seemed to be very impressed with how things ended up with Lisa last night or should I say early this morning. Taylor is such a carefree spirit and just so easy to talk to as no topic was off limits with her.

“You’ve been working overtime these last couple of days,” Taylor joked with a wink, “Bianca, Lisa and me three times.”

Looking at her side-eyed I teased, “Well, you know what they say, right?”

“No Chad - What do THEY say?”

“Young, dumb and full of CUM!”

Taylor suddenly doubled herself over and burst out into laughter. “Wow!” she cackled, “That’s so corny but SOOO Chad at the same time. You can’t help but laugh,” she paused rocking back and forth, “You’re stupid. Oh my gosh!”

“Just watch the road before you get us both killed!” I jested.

I loved Taylor’s laugh. It wasn’t overly robust and loud, but rather soft and gentle. It lights me up inside every time I hear it.

Chapter 2

It was one of those perfect eighty-three-degree weather, baby-blue sky days at Deerfield Beach. Coupled with the smell of fresh sea-water from a light, gentle breeze. This was a postcard perfect day with the sun beaming down warming our skin.

Looking out onto the beach it wasn’t overly crowded. Some kids playing in the sand, guys and girls on boogie boards and some people just resting, taking in the sun on their last few days before the end of summer. I reached into my pocket for my phone to text Kimmie on where we would meet, I saw a message from her that read: I see you. Meet me up by the pier.

Quickly I glanced at Taylor who returned a warm smile. “She’s over there,” I said pointing out at the pier, “let’s do this.”

I have to say that I’m not nervous. Maybe because Taylor is with me or maybe because I saw Kimmie and Joe last night which kind of got all my nervousness out or maybe because I just had some incredible sex (lol). Whatever it is, all I know is I am calm and clear-headed.

Just as we approach the pier Taylor stops me, “Go on Chad. I’ll be right here if you need me.”

“Ok,” I replied letting out a sigh and giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

Continuing on along the pier, Taylor calls out to me, “Chad?”

I turn back around to her. “Twelve-years,” Taylor emphasized with a heartfelt expression, “Just remember twelve-years. She made a mistake that she will regret for the rest of her life. Really try and give her a chance, ok?”

How did she know I was thinking that earlier? I almost choked up when she said that. Keep it together Chad. Keep it together.

As I got closer, Kimmie and my eyes locked onto one another. My anger from yesterday kept me from not appreciating the woman standing in front of me. She was more stunning now than she has ever been. I've seen other boys, grown men even, trip over themselves in her presence, she is that beautiful! With every step I made toward her I had flashbacks of us growing up. I’d see us play-fighting in the pool, paintballing, watching movies, bike riding etc. There was hardly a moment in my life that she and Joe were not a part of. They were a part of the best times of my life and now, regrettably, all I can think about is that night. FUCK!

Thinking about what Taylor said crept into my mind; twelve-years.

Yes, they did hurt me but they’re still my friends – best friends. I know, deep down, I still love Kimmie and Joe and they still love me. Love means taking the good times and the hard times. It means standing by the other in times of heartbreak, easing their pain, seeing them for the human being that they are. How else do we show that our friendship is more than words? Love requires action.

Finally standing in front of Kimmie we stared at one another which seemed like an eternity. No words were needed, but the hurt, the pain, the sorrow and the love were in both of our eyes. I finally pulled her into an embrace and held her tight and we both started to cry.

“I – I love you. I’m sorry Squirt. I’m so – so sorry. You’re my very best friend in the world and I betrayed you. Please forgive me,” she sobbed into my shoulder.

Hugging her tightly I cried, “I do, and I love you too Kimmie.”

She sobbed even more, after those words, with tears flooded like the waters rushing down from a waterfall and the only time, she'd stop was to fill her lungs with air.

She wiped some of her tears off my shoulder sniffling, “Look at me, I got your t-shirt all soaked.”

“It’s ok Kimmie. These are tears of joy. I’m just glad to have my best friend back,” I said with what seemed like a lump in my throat.

“Me too Squirt. Me too.”

Boy, did I miss her. More than I thought.

We instantly fell back in to our same routine. Talking with Kimmie was sort of a playful dance. We were funny together – in a goofy sort of way. We talked for quite a bit before I realized… Oh shit, Taylor!

“Give me a sec Kimmie. I’ll be right back.”

“Oh, ok Squirt. Is there something wrong.”

“No, not at all. I just have to introduce you to someone. I’ll be right back,” I grinned patting her on the thigh as I got up.

I hurried over wide eyed and bushy-tailed to Taylor who was still waiting at the end of the pier, but now surrounded by a group of guys, around my age, and obviously flirting with her. As I approached, I heard one of the guys ask for her number before I interjected, “Hey baby. Sorry for the long wait. You ready?”

Taylor turned to me and gave me a smile so genuinely sweet that it could melt the coldest of hearts. “Hey Hun,” she reached for my hand, “everything good?!”

“Everything’s great!” I beamed.

The guys surrounding us looked at Taylor and I holding hands and immediately started to apologize, “Sorry bro. We didn’t know she was with you.”

I let the guys know it was not a big deal. “No worries. I’d be doing the same thing if I saw someone as sexy as her,” I proclaimed staring right into Taylor’s eyes.

Still smiling at me, she squeezed my hand tightly and pulled me in for a full on, open-mouthed, I want your dick inside me type of kiss. And I loved it! All my thoughts stopped at that very moment as my heart skipped a beat. I didn’t realize she broke the kiss until I felt her warm breath in my ear, “Chad – Chad – Chad,” Taylor whispered.

Slowly opening my eyes and regaining my other senses I hear the guys hooting and hollering. I looked at Taylor whose smile was as bright and warm as the day’s weather.

“Umm – huh?” I mumbled shaking the cobb-webs out of my head, “Did you say something?”

Taylor let out a small giggle, “You’re just too sweet. Come and introduce me to your best friend.”

As we turned to walk back to Kimmie, Taylor waved goodbye to the guys with each of them giving me a fist bump. They knew how lucky I was and so did I.

Chapter 3

“Oh my god, Chad you didn’t tell me she was so gorgeous,” Taylor leaned into me and whispered. I picked up and kissed the back of her hand, “She’s probably thinking the same thing about you right now.”

Shaking her head with a smile, Taylor chirped, “Oooh, you’re getting good. Those high-school girls don’t stand a chance. They have no idea what the summer has unleashed in you.”

I didn’t reply, but I did take pride in her words. Thinking back to Josef’s words that all it takes is confidence in one’s self. I feel it in my bones with each passing day my confidence building.

Taylor must have sensed what I was feeling when she interrupted my inner thoughts, “Don’t get all big-headed mister. Remember what I told you on the plane. Don’t become an asshole. Keep that boyish charm you have.”

“Yes ma’am,” I teased giving her a military salute.

“You know - you could be a real dick sometimes,” she joked.

Playfully trying to grab and tickle her she dodged away from my outreaching arms. “No, no, no Chad! Kimmie is waiting for us,” Taylor giggled swiping at my arms, “plus, I love dick!”

She didn’t realize how loud she said that as a young family were walking close by us. The father and mother looked at Taylor giving her a meek smile, but what turned out to be hilarious was the fact their young daughter heard what she said and began to shout running along the pier with her balloon, “I love dick! I love dick! I love dick!”

I stood there frozen as I watched in awe at everyone’s facial expression. Taylor turned beet-red as she mouthed ‘Sorry’ to the parents as they ran after their little girl.

Our eyes followed the parents down the pier then we returned our gaze onto one another and burst into laughter. I laughed so much that my ribs started to hurt. Taylor just kept saying ‘Oh my God’ over and over again.

“What’s so funny?” asks an oh-so familiar voice. I turn around and see Kimmie’s smiling face looking at me then Taylor.

“Hey…Kimmie,” I said trying to catch my breath, “I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine. This is Taylor.”

Taylor’s laughter subsided as she gave me a curious look and mocked, “Good friend, huh?”

I didn’t know if what I said was wrong or not so I restated, “Very - good friend?” She walked by me, giving me a light jab to my stomach and murmured, “Good friend my ass.”

Kimmie extended her hand and said, “Nice to meet you.”

Taylor walked up to her slowly, “I don’t do handshakes,” and pulled Kimmie in for a big, warm hug. Kimmie hugged her back and looked at me with pure delight and cheered, “I like her!”

These two acted as if they had been friends for ages the way they interacted with one another. The banter, the way they finished each other’s sentences. Kind of disgusting if you asked me LOL.

If you didn’t know any better, you could have sworn they were best friends. I was not jealous, but quite the opposite. While they conversed, I was quite content on soaking up the sun and checking out the main attraction, the girls on the beach. What a sight! One of the greatest things about living in Florida is the half-naked girls that walk around all year long and none better than watching them at the beach. Blue thongs and red thongs and pink thongs, oh my!

The difference this time around was not only was I checking out the girls, they were checking me out too. The lustful looks, the whispering, the nervous giggles; I’ve seen this reaction by women many times before when I’m with Joe. But me? I’m still in disbelief, in spite of everything that has happened to me over the summer, that I garner this type of response.

My dad had a favorite show he watched in the 80s. The name of the show escapes me right now, but whenever he starts a new project for work, he would play that show’s theme song in his office while going over the blueprints. One day I asked him what the reason was why he plays this song each time he starts a new project. He just smiled at me and said because it reminds him that he is living the life he only dreamt about. He never thought in his wildest dreams he would have accomplished everything he did. A beautiful, loving wife, a son he is so proud of and a career in something he is so extremely passionate about. Dad said his life was truly perfect and this song reminded him of that.

Down on the beach, I look above seeing Kimmie and Taylor chatting away on the pier. They both catch my eye then smile and wave at me. As I massaged my toes into the sand, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing into the shore and the ocean breeze coating my skin in a light salty mist I begin to fully understand what dad meant. I couldn’t help but give a small chuckle as that song popped in my head because it basically sums up everything that has happened to me over these last few months:

Look at what's happened to me

I can't believe it myself

Suddenly I'm up on top of the world

It should have been somebody else

Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on air

I never thought I could feel so free

Flyin' away on a wing and a prayer

Who could it be?

Believe it or not it's just me

I was so lost in humming the song and swaying from side to side with my eyes shut I didn’t realize someone standing in front of me until the person said, “Umm… excuse me.”

“Oh – hi,” I said pleasantly surprised looking at a beautiful young lady in front of me.

She stood seemingly unsure of herself as she looked behind her then back at me.

“Is everything ok?” I continued, “Can I help you with something?”

“Oh no! I just feel a little awkward in doing this,” she replied averting her eyes and fiddling with her hands.

She could see the puzzled expression on my face and continued while pointing behind her, “You see my friend sitting over there?”

I looked over her shoulder at a girl sitting in the sand who was shyly staring in our direction with a big smile on her face. Giving her a quick wave and a smile, she waved back.

“Yeah, I see her.”

“Well, she wanted me to come over here and ask if you wanted to hang out with us?”

I was taken aback by this question as I examined this young lady in front of me.

“You two - want to hang out with me?” I questioned.

“If you don’t want to, it’s -” she started to say before I cut her off.

“No - no, it’s not that. I’m just surprised that’s all,” I explained as she looked at me with a warm smile.

I have to keep reminding myself that things have changed. “Confidence Chad, always have confidence,” Josef’s words rung in my head.

She waved her friend over and we all chatted for a bit as we introduced ourselves. The first young lady’s name, the one that first came over, is Piper.

Piper is hard to explain. Just explaining that she is 5’6”, auburn complexion with jet black, French-braided hair does not do her one bit of justice. To elaborate, Piper was the kind of girl that women loved to hate. She had that movie star look. She wasn't just flawless in her bone structure, her skin seemed smooth as satin and she radiated an exquisite beauty. Look up Alexandra Shipp.

Her friend Addison was quite the opposite. Beautiful just the same but she just oozed sex! The type of girl that makes you salivate as I couldn’t help but slide my eyes over her tight body. Everything about her was right! Her piercing blue eyes, luscious blond hair and porcelain skin spoke to me saying she was born for sex! Lookup Daisy Keech.

Conversing with the two of them I could tell they were best friends as they had a weird kind of banter. Crude insults were taken as hard warming compliments, to which only best friends can do. From the outside looking in you would think they were bickering with each other, but in talking with them I could tell there was genuine love. They bounced remarks between themselves like a kid's rubber ball. Reminded me of Kimmie, Joe and myself.

Piper was the ‘funny’ one, but not the funny ‘ha –ha’ type. She had a dry humor as her comments were clever and insightful. Being the subject of one of her remarks made you feel like part of the group. If Piper thought you were worth an observation you were in her good graces. Her jokes were never cruel or mean spirited. I knew Piper liked me when she made a comment about my attire, “So Chad, do you usually wear your little brother’s shorts?”

“What’s wrong with these?” I chuckled looking down at my grey camouflage board shorts and back up to Piper.

“Needless to say, I can see why Addie wanted you to hang out with us. She has always been a sucker for a guy in tight shorts showing a bulge,” Piper said dryly with a wink.

“You bitch,” mumbled Addison with a half-smile as she looked down at the sand mortified about what Piper just revealed.

“You’re CRAZY,” I laughed.

We both looked over at Addison waiting for her to say something else, but she attempted to hide her face. Her blushed seared through her cheeks beyond an attractive rosiness.

I knew she was WAAAY too embarrassed to respond as I knew, all too well, how best friends can do that to one another. Giving an attempt to save her from further embarrassment I quickly responded to Piper, “First of all funny lady, these are not tight, they are fitted. Second, in regards to the bulge. It’s just a reaction to the both of you. I can’t help that.”

Quickly looking at me in the eyes, then down at my bulge, then back up to my eyes, Piper gave me a wry smile. Addison, whose cheeks were still rosy red, made my skin tingle as she gazed at me with those fiery blue eyes that said thank you. I gave her a wink and a nod.

All three of us sat in the sand, with me in the middle of these two sexy women, joked and laughed some more. I found out that they both were sophomores at Florida Atlantic University. Piper is going for her doctorate in computer engineering and Addison is going for her doctorate in sports medicine. They both were surprised when I told them I was still in high school.

“Really?!” they said in unison. I raised my eyebrows and nodded in confirmation.

It took a second or two for this new information to sink in before one of them said something, which turned out to be Addison.

“You carry yourself as someone NOT in high school Chad.”

“Wow, I would have never guessed,” Piper added.

“Well, if you saw how I looked a few months ago, both of you would be singing a different tune.”

“I’m sure you didn’t change THAT much,” emphasized Addison.

I reached for my cell phone and went to my Instagram account to pull out pictures from sophomore year. Piper and Addison huddled up closer to me to get a better view. With their breasts brushing up against either side of my arms and taking in their perfume, blood rushed to my cock!

As I opened the app a picture of me appeared with Kimmie and Joe at the beach the day before I went to France for the summer.

“That’s me,” I said pointing to myself in the pic.

Amazement doesn’t quite cover the expression Piper and Addison gave as they examined the picture then back at me.

“Oh my god!” Addison gasped. “You have to be fucking kidding me!”

“No – No fucking way that’s you Chad!” blurted Piper as she gave my shoulder a playful shove.

Addison shaking her head and wagging her finger at me, “Uh – uh, nice try but we don’t believe you.”

We all burst out into laughter. I tried to convince them by showing them other pics of me, but they refused to look as Piper kept saying, “get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.” Tears rolled down our faces and we laughed until our tummies hurt.

“I’m serious guys, look at…” I grinned holding out my phone to them until someone grabbed it from behind me.

Chapter 4

Turning around I see Taylor and Kimmie wide-eyed, smiling at me. “Look at what?” Taylor repeated as she and Kimmie looked down at the pic on my phone.

Piper, Addison, and I all got up and wiped the excess sand off our legs giggling like toddlers.

“Hey guys,” I smiled, “I’m just showing my new friends Piper and Addison a picture of me from a few months back and they don’t believe me.”

Kimmie and Taylor looked at the pic and confirmed that it was indeed me. Addison and Piper were flabbergasted as they questioned how the hell did, I transform like that in such a short period of time.

“Wow,” Addison said in astonishment, “that’s unbelievable!”

“I know. What a difference a summer makes,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Shit, you can say that again,” Piper agreed.

Kimmie giving me an awkward look as her eyes moved from Taylor to Piper then Addison. I got the hint immediately.

That’s what being friends for twelve years gets you. You pick up on what the other is thinking by just a certain look.

“Oh, sorry guys. Where are my manners? Taylor and Kimmie, I would like to introduce you to Piper and Addison.”

As I looked at all four of these gorgeous women shaking hands and introducing themselves to one another I couldn’t help but think of a porn movie I use to religiously watch called Pretty Little Sluts.

My favorite porn genre is group-sex, in particular one man with multiple women, and this movie was a porn parody of the show Pretty Little Liars. I began to wander:

Standing naked in a darkened room, I could barely see anything in front of me if it wasn’t for the one flickering light coming through the window from the outside light post. As my eyes adjusted to my surroundings, I can make out the silhouettes of four dark, shadowy figures standing in front of me close enough to breathe in their scent. I try to reach out to them, but one of the figures slaps my hands away telling me, almost purr-like, I’m not allowed to touch any of them but only be touched. I know that voice; it’s Kimmie.

With one blink I’m instantly surrounded by these four figures. Suddenly, I felt a hand run softly through my hair caressing my scalp. Just as I was enjoying this sensation my head was quickly pulled back by my hair as a voice whispered seductively while nibbling my earlobe, “Your mouth and cock are ours to be used as we see fit Chad. Tonight, you are our sex slave.” I know that voice; it’s Piper.

The other dark figure moves closer to me running both her hands slowly up my abdomen to my chest. It leans forward taking my left nipple in its mouth softly biting down on it. I let out a soft gasp. “Do you comply with our demands?” I know that voice; it’s Taylor.

Just as I was about to respond a warm wet mouth engulfs my cock in one fell swoop sending an electric bolt throughout my body. With a sweet guttural sound, the mouth pulls off and is replaced by two hands frantically jerking my dick then I hear, “Oh – by the feel of this hard cock… he complies,” a voice says with an evil laugh. I know that voice; it’s Addison.

Lost in my imagination, I didn’t hear Taylor call out to me, “Chad – Chad, earth to Chad!”

“I’m sorry. I was lost in thought,” I explained.

Taylor gave me a puzzled look then her eyes glanced down at my groin. She teased with a wide grin, “Yeah, I know EXACTLY what you were thinking about.”

We all looked down at the front of my shorts and my cock was standing at attention!

I didn’t even realize it. My cock has a mind of its own!

“Damn!” Piper blurted out.

Addison raised her eyebrows in awe then looked up at me and smiled.

Kimmie shook her head in disbelief and giggled, “You’re such a perv!”

I didn’t attempt to cover up.

“Confidence Chad, always have confidence,” Josef’s words rung in my head again.

Standing in my best Superman pose I stood proudly with my cock straining to bust through my shorts.

“This - is what happens when you are with four fine-ass women at the beach. You guys have more than just my dick at attention,” I joked.

You could hear the sweet, joyful laughter from a mile away as other people looked at the five of us cracking up. This day couldn’t have gone any better I thought watching these four beautiful, sexy girls in front of me, but there was something missing. My thoughts were interrupted for a quick second by the sound of two guys joking and laughing while throwing a football to one another. I instantly thought of Joe and reminisced about summers past.

Kimmie and my eyes met as I turn back to the group. Like I said before she knew me probably better than I knew myself as she gave me a smile that brought back a million memories in a split second. Her eyes told me I knew what I had to do as she handed me my phone.

The rest of the girls were still in the midst of laughter when I interrupted, “Excuse me one sec guys. I have to make a phone call.”

“Make sure you don’t poke anyone’s eyes out with that thing,” Kimmie joked while smiling and shaking her head.

Playfully I put my middle finger up, turned around and adjusted my cock in my shorts.

Oddly, this felt all too familiar LOL.

I walked a few feet away staring at Joe’s name in my phone.

Just call him. Just call him.

I finally hit the call button and put the phone up to my ear hearing it ring a few times before, “Hey Squirt. Thanks for calling man.”

“Hey Joe,” I began, “How you doing?”

There was a brief pause. Joe’s voice cracked a little when he said, “I can’t begin to tell you… how sorry I am Squirt. You’ve been a brother to me all my life and what I did -,” he began to cry, “what I did, I wouldn’t blame you for hating me.”

I absorbed what he said and I knew he felt genuine guilt for what had transpired. Joe hardly ever shows his feelings. He usually keeps his emotions close to the vest. He’s been that way since the fifth grade when his father died from a heroin overdose. He cried for a couple months straight as Kimmie and I were with him every single day along the way. Even though he wouldn’t admit it, a part of Joe died that day because he and his father were very close. I think that is one of the reasons he has so many meaningless trysts with women. He doesn’t let anyone in besides Kimmie and myself so he won’t get hurt again.

Trying not to be overly sentimental, which I knew he would appreciate, I simply teased, “You’re such a pussy. You going to Danni’s back to school party tomorrow night?”

I hear a quick laugh and sniffle as he responds, “Asshole. Yes, I’m going to the party and I would be a pussy to a dick.”

“Mister Big Dick to you, Joe. Don’t forget that,” I joked.

He suddenly burst out into laughter, “Ok, ok, Mister Big Dick it is! Sorry mom. I’m talking to Squirt.”

Joe let me know he was out with his mother and little sister shopping for back to school supplies. I told him I was out at the beach with Kimmie and three other girls which raised his spirits even more. We talked for a few minutes more and I told him to come by my house later for dinner as we had a lot to talk about.

“Hey Squirt?”

“Yeah - wassup?”

“Thank you.”

Chapter 5

Everything was right with the universe. With a grin, I put my phone back in my pocket turning back towards the girls. Kimmie and Taylor seen me approach as they both had raised eyebrows giving me that ‘Is everything ok?’ look. I nodded my head and gave them a thumbs up. The smiles on their faces were infectious as I let the happiness soak right into my bones. I noticed right away both Piper and Addison were gone.

“Where did Piper and Addison go off to?” I asked looking around.

Kimmie let me know that they had to go and meet up with some of their friends, but to make sure I called them later so we all could hangout. We all decided that we were getting hungry so we decided to go to Burger Craze. This was one of Kimmie’s favorite spots as they played live music and had her favorite burger, The Big Kahuna.

The Big Kahuna is Kobe beef burger topped with caramelized pineapple, ham, orange ginger hoisin sauce, and American cheese. Kimmie says this burger is orgasmic.

As we looked over the menus I teased, “Kimmie, I don’t know why you’re even looking. You get the same thing EVERY time.”

Kimmie playfully rolled her eyes at me and changed the subject, “So, Addison and Piper, huh?”

My shoulders slumped instantly as I pulled up the menu over my face. “I think I’ll take the Carolina Jack. What about you Taylor?” I said feebly ignoring the question.

The response I received was a finger pushing my menu down as both girls came back into view.

“I think I’ll take so, Addison and Piper, huh? For five-hundred Alex,” Taylor deadpanned in her best Jeopardy contestant impersonation.

I was about to answer, but I was saved as her phone rang. Taylor let us know it was an important phone call as she excused herself from the table. When she was out of sight, I turned back to Kimmie who was laughing at me, “You’re in SOOO much trouble mister!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“She likes you dummy,” Kimmie stated hitting my hand.

I felt lost and confused, but happy and certain. I know she likes me, but we never clarified what our relationship was or if we even had a relationship beyond friendship, especially because of our age difference.

Kimmie could see my mind working and reached over the table to hold my hand.

“Do you like her?” she asked.

“Of course, I do. I like her a lot,” I added, “but this whole sex stuff confuses everything. I don’t know if I’m coming or going half the time.”

Kimmie’s eyes widened as I could tell I just blew her mind away. I was actually surprised she wasn’t aware after all the time they were talking on the pier. Since she didn’t know the particulars, I clued her in on everything. The flight home, this morning and how old Taylor is.

“Chad! What the fuck!”

She only calls me Chad when she is angry or really surprised at me. By her tone I wasn’t sure which one it was.

“God damn-it Kimmie keep your voice down. You’re not to say anything about this to anyone. She’s been a good friend to me and we’re not going to ruin her life over this.”

She composed herself and nodded in agreement, “Of course not. I would never, she’s super nice and I like her too, but you have to have that conversation with her. I saw the reaction she gave you when you introduced her as a ‘good friend’ to me.”

I sat back in my chair and really reflected on Kimmie’s words. I never gave much thought to the notion that Taylor wanted more out of our relationship. Sure, we have great physical chemistry but I never thought for one second that she would want anything more.

“I kind of liked it better before when I wasn’t having so much sex,” I said half-heartedly. While sipping on her ice water I noticed a smile flash across Kimmie’s face from beneath reems of hair. Her eyes looked up at me and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“You’re so full of shit,” Kimmie giggled throwing a napkin at me, “you love every bit of this!”

I couldn’t hold back my smile. She was right, I kind of was enjoying this. Taylor returned to the table apologizing and saying it was a work thing. As she sat in the chair, she looked at Kimmie then at me and let out a resonant sigh, “You told her.”

Kimmie assured her that it was ok and that she wouldn’t tell anyone.

“But what about Joe?” Taylor inquired.

“What about him? Kimmie and I responded in unison to which we both giggled.

The look on Taylor’s face was that she was not in a gaming mood as she said, “You guys are best friends. You will indeed be telling him as well, I gather.”

We both stopped giggling because we knew she was serious by the look in her eyes. Reaching out for Taylor’s hands we promised her that Joe will be the only person we would tell and not to worry. Taylor gave us a big smile and said thank you.

“That’s what friends are for!” I boasted.

“There goes that word again…friend – huh?” Taylor mocked looking down at her menu.

Kimmie gave me a coy look as she sipped back on her ice water.

I had to navigate this this carefully as I did not know if Taylor was serious or not. I was no good at reading people, especially women. I looked over at Kimmie with a pleading look of ‘help me’ but she playfully shook her head no.

Oh, I hate her so much right now...LOL

With a slump of my shoulder and clearing my throat I began, “Umm – Taylor?”

“Yes… Chad,” she said not taking her eyes off the menu.

“I’m – I’m not sure, but have I offended you in some way by saying that you’re my friend?”

She sighed putting her menu back on the table and turned to me with a quizzical look on her face, “Chad, we have only known each other for two days but I want you to honestly trust your feelings and ask yourself this: Am I really only your friend?”

That was the thing with Taylor, she never holds her punches and is very straightforward. There are lots of folks who can talk the talk, but she absolutely walks the talk and that’s what I treasured the most about her.

The wheels of my mind were turning about her question. I’m a loss for words. What is she getting at? What does she mean? Of course, she’s more…

A light went off in my head! I looked at Taylor and she raised her eyebrows and smiled. I glance over at Kimmie and she also had a grin from ear to ear.

LOL…Were my thoughts visible?

Taylor wasn’t simply a friend or a good friend, she has become a part of me. She is my gentle center when the storm of life is surrounding me. I know it has only been two days, but she is my calming presence.

“I’m - Taylor,” she said with a smile, “that’s all you need to say, and people will instantly know what that means.”

Her confidence is so awe-inspiring and something I aspire to as it’s anchored in the true self-worth that is always safe its core.

Needless to say, I am relieved. Taylor is someone I want in my life and I don’t want her ever feeling I don’t appreciate or cherish her. Leaning in, I give her a quick peck on the lips, “Have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” I give Kimmie a kiss on the cheek telling her I love her. She smiled and told me she loved me too.

Looking at myself in the mirror I replayed today’s events in my head and I couldn’t be happier. I made amends with Kimmie and Joe, made new friends in Piper and Addison, and most of all I had Taylor with me every step of the way. Fantastic day all-around, I thought, and just then my phone chimed. A message from Lisa.

Oh shit! Lisa. How could I forget about her? This is Lisa ‘FUCKING’ Montero we’re talking about! LOL

Lisa: Hey baby! Just thinking about you. How’s your day? Anything exciting?

Anything exciting? So many exciting things happened today that I knew I couldn’t tell her all of it. I had sex with a girl I have spent countless hours dreaming about being with and today, I hardly thought about Lisa at all. Looking back at myself in the mirror I felt a tinge of guilt in my stomach. I feel conflicted with the reflection staring back at me. The problem I’m facing is that I like all the girls. Each and every one of them. They all have something I am drawn to.

Is this what they mean when they say you can't eat your cake, and have it too?

I want to make Lisa happy, truly I do, but if I told her what I really want, what I need, she’ll never understand. My phone felt like a ton of bricks as I brought it up to respond to her.

Me: My day is great. I’m at Deerfield Beach with Kimmie and some friends catching up. What you up to today?

I took a deep breath and cleansed my face with some water when my phone chimed again.

Lisa: Kimmie? Can I ask you something?

Me: You can ask me anything. Tell me.

The girls were probably going to put an A.P.B out for me because I’ve been in this bathroom for so long, but I was very curious about Lisa’s question.

Lisa: I get the strange feeling that Kimmie doesn’t like me and after she saw me last night with you it only confirmed my thoughts. Is there anything more than friendship going on between you two I should know about?

That was a loaded question. Way too many layers to breakdown, especially via text message. I had to type this carefully.

Me: Kimmie is my best friend. We had an issue over this summer and we met at the beach to resolve it. You have nothing to worry about. She has never mentioned to me before that she doesn’t like you so you might be reading more into it than you should.

Lisa: Ok. I got the perfect outfit for tomorrow night. You’re going to love it! Call me later when you get home. I miss you.

There is so much to admire about Lisa but I think the fact that she can change subjects at the blink of an eye was what I fancied the most, almost child-like.

Me: I’ll call you as soon as I get home and I miss you too.

Chapter 6

As I walked out of the bathroom, I noticed the band finishing up a set and an idea popped into my head. I see the girls through the crowd looking a little antsy as our waiter delivered the food probably thinking what the hell is taking me so long.

I get the attention of one of the band members and whisper something to her and she gives me smile and a head nod.

“Excuse me ladies and gentlemen,” the band member says into the mic. The crowd turns and looks at her, “Thank you. We have a young man here who wants to express his true feelings to two special young ladies in the crowd today.”

Slowly I step forward and the crowd starts to clap a little. I make eye contact with both Taylor and Kimmie. They both mouths, “What are you doing?” as their faces lit up with a combination of happiness and embarrassment.

I brought the mic up to my mouth, “Uh – Umm, hi guys. Not something I usually do but I wanted to let these two wonderfully important women in my life know how much they mean to me,” I said as I pointed to Taylor and Kimmie.

The entire crowd turned to them with even some of the passers by stopping and looking on at the scene. People started to clap and cheer. Kimmie and Taylor meekly waved and smiled at the crowd then back up at me playfully shaking their heads.

“Bear with me because I don’t have the greatest voice in the world, but if you know this song please feel free to sing along with me. Here goes nothing.”

I look back at the guitarist indicating it was time to start and he strung out the instrumental and the crowd exploded as they knew this song instantly and I began with everyone singing along:

Thank you for being a friend

Traveled down a road and back again

Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant

And if you threw a party

Invited everyone you knew

Well, you would see the biggest gift would be from me

And the card attached would say

Thank you for being a friend

“One more time EVERYONE!” one of the band members yelled then the crowd sang louder.

And if you threw a party

Invited everyone you knew

Well, you would see the biggest gift would be from me

And the card attached would say

Thank you for being a friend

There was something magical about this crowd. They were so jubilant like children on Christmas Day. In that moment it was pure bliss written on everyone’s face as they clapped, whistled and cheered on. Taylor and Kimmie faces were priceless watching them both giving me a smile from ear to ear, shaking their heads in disbelief.

“Thank you, guys, for being such a terrific crowd!” I exulted pumping my fist up in the air with delight.

I thanked each band member and walked back over to my table through the sea of people giving me high fives and pats on the back.

“More than friends!” I said proudly pulling both Kimmie and Taylor in for a hug. In that moment, in their embrace I felt the world around me melt away. This couldn’t have been more perfect!

During our meal we talked some more; with the girls primarily teasing me about Piper and Addison. I insisted that there were just friends that wanted to hang out, but the girls kept saying that I was naïve to the fact that Piper and Addison were into me, especially Addison.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t notice her looking at you like a piece of meat,” maintained Taylor as she took a sip of her green tea.

“They both did,” Kimmie added, “especially after your wardrobe malfunction!”

My face went blank looking at her with confusion in my eyes. Her facial expression turned from good-natured to deadpan, “Really Squirt?”

I still gave her a look of ‘What the fuck are you talking about?’ Kimmie continued to stare at me when she put up her two index fingers together then slowly pulled them apart, “Your tight shorts and Mr. Long John’s appearance.”

Taylor suddenly snorted with laughter as the green tea she was drinking expelled through her nose accidentally. Both Kimmie and I quickly handed a napkin to Taylor who couldn’t stop laughing, “Kimmie you’re SOOO right! Oh – my – God!”

I sat back in my chair and reached for my ice water staring at Kimmie through the top of my glass as I drank slowly. She must have seen the twinkle in my eye, “You see right there!” Kimmie pointed at me and giggled, “You saw their look too.”

Taylor playfully punched me in the arm, “You’ve turned into such a slut now. I guess you’re catching up for lost time, huh?”

Not playing dumb any longer, I finally admitted that it I did notice how Addison and Piper reacted to me. I didn’t seek them out intentionally I told Kimmie and Taylor it just sort-of-happened.

Taylor glanced at Kimmie then gave me a kiss on the cheek and rubbed my hand, “Have you guys ever seen the movie Captain America: The First Avenger?”

Kimmie and I just stared at her like she had two foreheads. Taylor gave a quick chuckle and an apology to that OBVIOUS dumb question. She went on to explain that she had a theory on why this summer happened the way it did. She had Kimmie and I on the edge of our seats with that one as we listened intently.

Taylor sensed she had our ear and proceeded to quote Dr. Erskine from the movie, “This is why you were chosen. Because a strong man, who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power. But a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion.”

Woah! My mind is officially blown with that one!

Kimmie spoke first, “So, you’re saying this is kind-a-like Squirt’s origin story?”

“Exactly!” Taylor chirped leaning forward, “I’ve been thinking about this when we were talking up on the pier. The genuinely good person he is and the physical transformation from what he was to what he is now usually does not happen. It definitely coincides with the movie.”

As they conversed, her theory raced through my mind like a train with no chance of stopping. I never thought about it from that perspective. Immediately, I thought back to early this morning when Nate jokingly asked me what kind of super-soldier-serum I took in France. With a joyful eye and a light raise of my eyebrow I gave Taylor a peck to her cheek thanking her for her kind words.

I loved that movie and for someone to compare me to Steve Rogers was, in a word, fantastic!

Taylor and Kimmie seemed to be having a private conversation as I watched them whispering to each other while looking at me.

“What are you guys up to?” I asked focusing on both of these beautiful girls with raised curiosity.

“It’s time Chad!” blurted Taylor with a mischievous giggle.

“Time for what?”

Kimmie was cheeky and casual when she answered, “The Chloe and Olivia story.”

Oh shit! I forgot all about Taylor wanting me to tell that story.

I really did try to get out of telling the story by saying it was not the right time, I feel stuffed from the food we ate, and we were all tired but they didn’t let up.

“It’s time to pay up Chad. You promised you would tell me because we didn’t get a chance to talk about it on the plane because, well, you know,” Taylor said with a smirk and a wink.

Kimmie looked at both of us quizzically, “You didn’t?”

I gave a slight shrug with an embarrassed grin and Taylor sipped on her green tea trying not to make eye contact.

“Ooohh, you guys are nasty – I love it!” marveled Kimmie.

I’ve never been one to not follow through on a promise and I was not going to stop now. “Ok,” I sighed, “You guys ready?”

They looked at each other like little children in anticipation of the ice cream truck and squealed in unison, “Yes!”

“Well it all started – “

“Wait!” Kimmie stopped me, “Before you start, do you have a picture of them? I’d like to get a visual of the people you are talking about.

Kimmie was all about the details. Whenever someone would tell her a story about anything, she would ALWAYS request visual aides to get a clearer picture in her mind. One of the quirks I loved about her.

I gave her the social media accounts of both Chloe and Olivia so she could see how they looked. Taylor knew what Chloe looked like but was eager in seeing Olivia so she scooted over next to Kimmie to look at the pictures. I could tell they were impressed by the twinkle in their eyes.

Taylor’s smile was one of happiness and joy as she looked up at me, “This is going to be one hell of a story!”

I wasn’t quite sure but a flash of annoyance seemed to come across Kimmie’s face when she looked up at me giving me what seemed to be a forced smile.

Was she upset? She can’t be, could she?

Being friends for so long, like I said before, staring could be our only form of communication and my eyes were clearly wondering if she was ok. Kimmie gave me a quick nod, “Go on. Tell us Chad.”

There she goes again calling me Chad.

Chapter 7

You would think that watching porn would have you prepared, especially with as much porn I’ve watched over the years. You’ve seen it or television, on your computer and even on your phone. Of course, you get the basics down of what is what and this goes there, but when you actually are in the moment all that shit goes out the window. No longer am I just a voyeur, I have a living, breathing, sexy as fuck female standing in front of me that’s not only willing to have sex with me but is eager to. Shit, you can basically say she initiated it.

“Wait, I thought you had sex with both Chloe and Olivia?” Taylor asked with a confused expression on her face.

I leaned back in my chair, folded my arms and locked eyes with Taylor from across the table. There was no softness in the gaze I gave her, if you can call it that. The look I gave her was all the message that needed to be sent. She knew she fucked up.

“I know, I know. I’ll let you finish YOUR story. I’m sorry.”

Kimmie couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.

Where was I? Oh Yes…

So, after I met up with Olivia and Chloe at the clothing boutique store, we all decided to hang out that night. When I got home, I told Josef and grandma about my plans for the evening. They let me know it was fine and that they also had plans; Josef would take grandma on a romantic dinner date. He would often do that as he said it was necessary.

“When you love someone, Chad, always keep the passion burning for one another,” Josef would say, “Love is like a friendship caught on fire: In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love become as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.”

Josef was always so profound with his words, but I came to find out that it wasn’t his saying, he was quoting Bruce Lee.

I’ve never been a person to fuss over what to wear, not really fashion conscious. But, being with Josef and grandma those last few months I quickly grew into it. I became kind of obsessed with how I looked, especially with what I’m wearing.

“You look good, you feel good, you do good!” Josef would beat into my head, almost hypnotically, every single day.

Kimmie and Taylor were listening intently, but I could tell by their faces they were not sure as to why I was bringing that up.

“I bring this up because – “

“You can tell we were getting kind of lost there for a minute,” Kimmie interjected.

“I know – I know. Just bear with me.”

Where was I? Oh Yes…

Standing in the bedroom in my boxer-briefs staring at three different outfits on the bed racking my brain on which one to wear I was so lost in my own head and I didn’t hear the knocking on my door when Emma, my grandma’s housekeeper, walked in.

“Je suis tellement désolé monsieur Chad!” Emma said embarrassingly putting her hands up to her mouth.

“It’s ok Emma. Not a big deal,” I replied not turning around. She has walked on me in my underwear plenty of times I thought; why is she making a big deal of it now?

That’s when I hear, “Délicieux!”

Wait, that’s not Emma!

I stood there frozen as if my feet were nailed to the floor. The footsteps slowly approached from behind then she came into view. It was Olivia!

Olivia flipped her hair across her face and gave me a broad smile. “Why, hello Chad!” she flirted shamelessly.

It felt like someone turned on a gas heater inside of my body, beads of sweat trickling down the side of my face. Olivia could see the nervousness on my face and put a hand on my shoulder, “It’s ok. Just breath.”

Her words made me slow my breathing because I was definitely hyperventilating. I was so focused on Olivia that I didn’t notice Emma still apologizing.

“C’est bon Emma. Je vais le prendre d'ici. Tu peux y aller,” Olivia directed not taking her eyes off me.

Emma thanked her and left the room. With the door closed, Olivia slithered around me like a snake playing with their prey ready to devour it. Not taking her hands off of me, sending goosebumps up my spine, she caressed my chest, my back and abdomen, “VERY nice Chad. Very nice indeed.”

I was paralyzed by this sexy vixen and she knew the power she had over me. Even though I felt I couldn’t move my cock had a mind of its own as Olivia had its FULL ATTENTION.

How do I describe Olivia? One word: Voluptuous. She is a 5’1” brunette sex-kitten with brown eyes, D-cup breasts, thick thighs and ass. Just GOD-DAMN sexy. Look up Ariel Winter.

She wrapped her arms around my neck looking up at me, “I can’t believe you’re the same person I met six weeks ago. This is crazy.”

I really wanted to say something cool in this moment, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of one fucking thing.

Chad, you’re such an ass. All that training with grandma and Josef, now the moment arrives and I’m fucking blowing it!

It seems that Olivia didn’t mind me being a mute as she slid her hand back down my chest, across my six-pack then into my briefs grabbing my phallus.

“Ahh - SHIT!” I moaned.

Olivia looked down very pleased at the steel rod she had in her grasp and complimented, “Wow!”

The first hand on my cock, other than mine! OMG! This is the greatest moment of my LIFE!

“Guys, do you know what the first thing that entered my mind when this was happening?” I asked Taylor and Kimmie who both were glued to my every word like kindergartners during story time.

Taylor sat straight up and wisecracked, “It better had been - I’m finally going to get some pussy!”

Didn’t I say she has no filter?

A burst of childish laughter ensued as tears were rolling down all three of our cheeks. As we calmed down, I answered, “Ok well, maybe the second thing then. It was the Black-Eyed Peas.”

Kimmie gave me a frown, “Squirt, what the hell are you talking about?” She looked at Taylor who gave her ‘the hell if I know’ look then turned back to me, “Why would you think of the Black-Eyed Peas?”

I gave them both a wink and sang:

I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good night

That tonight's gonna be a good, good night

They both took a handful of fries and threw it at me giggling with Kimmie saying, “Oh shut-up and finish the story Squirt.”

“C’mon, that wasn’t funny?”

“Ummm – yeah, great job Kevin Hart!” Taylor said sarcastically giving me a thumbs up.

Where was I? Oh Yes…

Olivia stood before me as clear as a summer day, her black hair falling beautifully across her face. The curve of her lips, so delectable, so inviting, I was transfixed by them. She was extraordinary!

As good as Olivia’s hand felt on my cock, I HAD to witness it for myself. My cock never looked more magnificent pulsating in her grip! Just as I thought nothing could be greater, I see not one, not two but three strings of saliva slowly descend onto my dick. This was like straight out of a porn flick. She knew how to handle a man’s fuck stick.

“I want you to be totally honest with me Chad. Can you do that for me?” she asked stroking my cock with purpose. I concentrated with all my might not to cum right then and there. The mixture of her spit and expert handling of my dick, I never felt anything so wonderful in my life!

“Ye – yes,” I stuttered with shallow breath.

“Are you a virgin?”

Her hand gripped on my cock was like Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth as I could not lie to her question.

“Yes,” I slowly nodded, “I am a virgin.”

A Cheshire grin spread over Olivia’s face, the kind that said she wanted to do something so bad – yet so good.

“To be honest guys, all I could focus on was her five fingers wrapped around my cock and how good it felt as she slowly stroked it,” I said with my eyes closed reliving the experience, “I couldn’t believe it was actually happening.”

I felt so centered. With each chest rise and fall I could hear each breathe I made with ease. A small smile crept on my face and I simply let it sit there remembering Olivia. Being totally lost in the moment I open my eyes to see both Taylor and Kimmie smiling at me.

Oh shit! I forgot I was telling a story…

To be honest I was primed and ready to explode, but the way she manipulated my cock by squeezing the base of it prevented me from doing so. She just kept telling me not yet and that she was preparing me for a long and special night. I was not going to object because like I said this was the first time anyone other than myself has touched my dick so I just nodded my head in compliance.

“Good boy - I like a man that follows direction,” Olivia purred as she tugged on my manhood pulling herself up close to my chest. Staring into her eyes there was a spark of desire in them which instantly gave me goosebumps. All I wanted was her; nothing else mattered.

“Pl – Please Olivia, I can’t take it anymore. Let me cum,” I begged.

“Cum for me now,” she ordered then pulled me into a fiery, passionate and demanding kiss. I lost myself in the moment as ropes and ropes and ropes of cum spurted from my cock onto Olivia’s hand. Both me and Olivia had to break the kiss and witness how much cum was expelling out of me.

“OH – MY – GOD!” we both exclaimed as she continued stroking me. It was like a scene from a Bukkake porn shoot as to how much spunk came out of me. As the last drop was released, I was on cloud nine!

“But –,” I confessed with a tinge of embarrassment.

“But – what?!” Kimmie and Taylor asked in unison with their voice almost cracking.

“Listen, this was the first time a girl has ever touched my penis and I never thought -,” I started rambling until Kimmie interjected, “Squirt, just tell us what happened.”

“I fainted.”

“You WHAT?!” Taylor asked as if unsure what she heard was correct.

“Yeah, you heard right. I fainted in a puddle of my own cum.”

The look on their faces were priceless as their eyes seemed to pop from their skull with a snorting of laughter that followed; Kimmie put her hands to her face and Taylor leaning back in her chair, pounding the table in hysterics.

“This could ONLY happen to you!” giggled Kimmie.

Taylor got up from her chair, walked over to sit next to me and gave me a consoling kiss, “I’m just glad my baby can swim. It would have been a shame if you drowned in your own cum.”

The girls laughed even harder at that comment.

Even though it was at my expense I couldn’t help but chuckle as well. Looking back, it was kind of funny. Where was I again? Oh yeah…

I’m not sure how long I was out for but what I do remember is I was awoken by two people squabbling.

“Why can’t you ever listen?! We were supposed to do this together,” one voice hissed.

“I was going to wait for you, but look at him! He just looked so good standing there in his boxers I couldn’t help myself,” the other voiced explained.

Slowly I opened my eyes and make out the two standing over top of me; Chloe and Olivia.

“So, all you did was jack him off and,” Chloe asked perplexed, “he passed out?”

Olivia nodded and giggled, “Mhmm, it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. He gave me a big wide smile, said thank you and the next thing I knew… he was out cold.”

Chloe let out a small giggle, “Poor thing. His first time cumming took a lot out of him, but damn! He sure spurted out a lot!”

“I know, right?! I’ve never heard of or seen anything like this. Look at the floor, look at my hand and forearm!” Olivia gasped raising her hand to her face in disbelief.

As I was on the floor regaining my bearings all I could think about was Chloe’s words of: We were supposed to do this together.

Holy shit!

“I hope he has -,” Chloe started to say before I interrupted, “Ummm – hey guys.”

Chapter 8

Don’t blow, don’t blow it, don’t blow it was all I could think about while in the bathroom staring at my reflection. This is what Olivia was preparing me for! She wanted me to get that first cum out the way so when it was time to fuck, I wouldn’t just blow my load instantly.

Did I just say I’m going to FUCK?! Oh my God! This day has finally arrived!

And me being a connoisseur of the porn genre and the five-finger palm technique I know, all too well, after you get that first load out, a guy can last longer the following times.

“Five-finger palm technique?” Kimmie asked with a puzzled expression. To say I was dumbfounded that she didn’t get that reference is an understatement.

This is the same girl who swallowed Joe’s 7-inch cock and held it in her throat for twenty seconds, right?

Taylor reached for a ketchup bottle on our table and reenacted a guy jerking off. Kimmie blushed instantly and chuckled while shaking her head, “You’re so stupid Squirt.”

“Connoisseur of the porn genre?” Taylor sarcastically interjected, “Is that what the horny teenage boys are calling it nowadays?”

I took a sip of my water and gave them both a coy look, “I have the liberty to use Artistic license when telling MY story ladies.”

“Oh – Whatever!” piped Taylor, as she nudged my shoulder, “Continue YOUR story.”

Isn’t that what I’ve been trying to do?

I felt giddy with excitement and I wanted to run, to shout from the mountaintops: I’M ABOUT TO FUCK! Not one but with TWO super sexy women! I tried my best to calm down but I just felt tingly all over. With one final look in the mirror I confidently said, “It’s now or never. You got this!”

What stood before me when I walked out of the bathroom was something, up until that point, I’ve only dreamt about. Chloe and Olivia were stark naked in a small embrace kissing one another. I couldn’t help but shake the suspicious feeling that they have done this before by how their tongues played together.

I was in a hypnotic trance watching how they were in the throes of passion, with every gentle caress of the breasts and pulling of the nipples, slow grab of the ass and soft kiss of the lips. Olivia’s hand crept in between Chloe’s legs and within a few seconds Chloe clutched onto her tightly with a moan and a shiver.

Olivia got skills!

Her breathing being a little ragged, Chloe raises her head up meekly, biting her lower lip with a soft moan and smiles like someone who got high for the first time, “Oh – hi Chaaad! Feeling better?”

Olivia quickly turns around and looks me in the eye then down at my cock which is harder than a titanium rod and grins, “He is DEFINITELY feeling better!” She gave Chloe a kiss on the cheek then continued, “Doesn’t he have such a BEAUTIFUL cock?”

Chloe whose eyes were also fixated on my cock just hummed hungrily, “Mhmmm.”

What struck me in all of this was the dynamic between Olivia and Chloe. When I hung out with them it was Chloe who seemed to be the leader, the one that made most of the decisions, but right now it was Olivia who took charge.

“Go sit on the bed and wait for us,” Olivia told Chloe then turned to me extending her hand, “Come over here to me Chad.”

It almost seemed as if I glided over to her on a magic carpet because I really don’t remember taking a step. Looking down at her I was just hypnotized by her brown eyes. They were like the color of hot cocoa, sprinkled with tiny flecks of gold like mini marshmallows. I was hers to use in any way she saw fit.

“Ready to taste your very first pussy?” Olivia asked in a sultry tone. I took a big gulp as I had a mixture of excitement and nervousness coursing through my veins. I nodded my head.

“Then taste this,” she said putting her two fingers she had in Chloe’s pussy in my mouth, “does she not taste exquisite?”

My first taste of pussy. It was so immensely satisfying, I savored every inch of Olivia’s fingers, sucking on them like a lollipop.

“Black cherries,” I whispered ever so softly with my eyes closed.

Olivia couldn’t make out what I said and ask me to repeat. I opened my eyes, “Black cherries,” I smiled, licked her fingers some more and went on, “tastes like fresh black cherries!”

Both girls giggled with Chloe thanking me for the compliment. Olivia gently reached for my steel rod for a cock and led me to the bed.

“Lay back on the bed Chloe and open your legs. Class is in session and we are going to teach young Chad here how to PROPERLY eat a woman’s pussy.”

The excitement I felt was like the feeling you get when you’re on a roller-coaster about to take that first dive from the first steep climb. The anticipation was a nervous kind of energy.

Before I knew it, I was face-to-face with Chloe’s hairless, sweet aroma, glistening pussy! I wanted to just jump head first, quite literally, into it but Olivia told me to be patient, take my time and focus on the entire vaginal area, not just the opening.

“Pay attention to everything Chad. Don’t just stick your tongue in there flailing it all around,” Olivia instructed with her face next to mine, “Lick her pussy lips first.”

I did as I was told and gently traced around Chloe’s outer vaginal lips which made her coo with pleasure, but her sounds were a little muffled and when I looked up, I found the reason being Olivia was sitting on her face.

With her face flushed, Olivia had a pure look of joy, “You take direction very well. Now, do that again but this time also focus on that little nub at the top. That’s a woman’s clit. It is very sensitive so be careful when you lick and suck on it. If you do it right a woman can feel great pleasure but if you do it wrong, it will be painful.”

Nodding my head again I did what I was told and when I reached the clit, I flicked with my tongue a couple times which made Chloe squirm. I looked up at Olivia who gave me an approving smile and told me to continue.

I followed every direction Olivia gave which drove Chloe wild as she reached for the back of my head pulling me into her further.

“You’re not doing it good if your face isn’t covered in pussy juice,” Olivia repeated on a few occasions.

While I was in the midst of tongue fucking Chloe to another orgasm Olivia told me to stop and look at her. Chloe began bucking her hips and panted, “No – No, pleaaase don’t stop! Pleassse, I’m so close. I want to cum again!”

Olivia ordered me to stand up quickly and as I did, she grabbed my cock and pulled me into Chloe’s dripping wet pulsating love box.

I’ve been waiting for, praying for this day to arrive!

I could honestly say I thought I was going to cry when my dick pushed through the velvet opening as it sucked me in. My toes curled, I arched my back and the sensation of pleasure could be felt in every fiber of my body. I was in such a heightened state, I saw God!

Chloe made a scream from the pit of her stomach like she was unleashing a demon, “FUUUCCCKKKK – MEEEEEEEE!”

The combination of watching my dick, coated with Chloe’s love juice, pistoning in and out of her cunt while Olivia was furiously rubbing and sucking Chloe’s clit at the same time, I was on the very edge of exploding everything I had! Olivia, staring up at me, could tell how I was feeling because the next thing I knew she slammed her lips into mine sucking my tongue which moments ago was licking her best friend’s pussy.

My brain was lit on fire as I completely forgot about cumming and had renewed energy. I broke the kiss and reached for her breasts. Olivia’s breasts were so warm and inviting, so responsive to the touch. Her nipples became rock hard as I rolled them in between my fingers. She gave a pleasing sigh as she looked at me with thirst in her eyes.

“I’m CUUUMMINGG… I’m CUUUMMMINGG,” yelled Chloe as I could hear the sloshing sound emanating from between her legs and see the tinge of white secretion coating my cock. I continued to fuck but she eventually pushed me off of her because she said she couldn’t take anymore.

This was surreal. Only in my wildest dreams did I expect this to happen.

Now there was a problem. Moments ago, I couldn’t wait to cum but now it was quite the opposite. My dick was rock hard and unable to cum.

Olivia saw my dilemma and had an idea as she instructed me to go over to the swivel chair in the corner of the bedroom. She kissed and then whispered something to Chloe who was still trembling, but coming down from the high of her orgasm. Olivia walked over to me.

“It seems you need extra stimulation in order to cum Chad,” Olivia said softly as she carefully descended onto my lap with my cock gently nuzzled in between the crack of her ass, “You need to feel, see and hear in order to get off.”

Not fully understanding what she meant, but I was willing to try anything at this point to cum because my dick needed relief in the worst way.

Olivia began to rock her ass along the length of my throbbing member and looked back at me innocently with her sparkling brown eyes.

“Are you ready?’ she asked softly.

There was no need for a response. The expression on my face was one of purposeful intent which was all the answer Olivia needed as she gave me a wicked smile, bringing her right hand to her mouth and licked it.

She rose from my lap, bent over and reached for my dick with her wet right hand, “Come - take this pussy Chad! It’s been aching to feel that beautiful cock in it.”

Like she said: I follow directions very well.

I was so preoccupied with Olivia teasing me I didn’t take notice of Chloe on the bed watching our every move while finger-fucking herself until I got out of the chair. With Olivia guiding my cock into her throbbing, hot, wet cunt I let out a deep grunt, “Oh Fuuuckk!”

“Ohhh SHIT!” Olivia cried, “Fuck me like the slut I am!”

I was a man possessed, pounding into her like a jackhammer into concrete. My dick had one mission and it was to destroy that pussy! The white creamy tone of her tight, juicy ass bouncing against my pelvis reverberated throughout the room with Olivia groaning and moaning, “I’m CUUUUUMMMIING!”

What I didn’t expect was that now the roles of Olivia and Chloe were about to be reversed with Chloe taking charge.

The reckless abandon I was fucking Olivia with, I felt her legs give way as I finally unloaded a large deposit of baby batter deep in her love canal. I had to hold her up or should would have crashed onto the floor.

“Chad - she's had enough!” Chloe shouted while still feverishly fucking herself to another orgasm with her index and middle finger, “Put her – AHH AHH - on the floor – UGGGHHH!”

My dick was soaked in cunt juice taking it out of Olivia, easing her down to the floor beside me. She looked so out of it with her breathing slow and shallow.

Did I fuck her to sleep? No way! This ain’t The Chauffeur! LOL

With a look of concern, I asked Chloe who rolled out of the bed and strolled over by us with an air of confidence, “Is she ok?”

The way she stared at me was one of admiration as she reached behind my head to pull me into a deep passionate tongue-kiss.

The type of kiss that will leave an imprint on my life forever.

We broke the kiss and Chloe licked her lips. “You’re just so yummy,” she said with the excitement of a cheerleader at a football game, “Did you have fun?!”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much!” I smiled pulling her in for a bear hug, “Thank you!”

Chloe hugged me back and giggled. I’m guessing a guy has never thanked her after having sex, but I couldn’t help it. Up until that point, it was the greatest experience of my life!

Still in the embrace I looked down at Olivia who was still out like a light, “Chloe? Is she going to be alright?”

“She’ll be ok. She’s just gets drunk off good dick, that’s all,” she said matter-of-factly, “You should feel honored.”

I gave her a blank stare as I did not know how to react to what she just said.

How many times has she got drunk off good dick? How many guys has she slept with?

Chloe started to burst out into laughter as she could see me in deep, deep thought, “We’re just kidding – Liv get your crazy ass up here before you give Chad a brain aneurysm.”

Olivia jumped up off the floor giving me a hug and sweet kiss on the lips. Needless to say, I was confused. Chloe let me know that Olivia didn’t want me to be the only one to experience a blackout after an intense orgasm.

“Oh – yeah,” I said with slight embarrassment, “I’m sorry about that one.”

The girls came on either side of me and hugged me. “Don’t be ridiculous Chad,” Olivia went on, “I found it extremely flattering.”

“That’s right. Plus, you should be very proud of yourself” Chloe said.

“For what - fainting in a puddle of my own cum?” I replied with a cringe.

“No silly,” Chloe answered then continued, “You’re the ONLY guy we’ve EVER allowed to sleep with the both of us.”

My eyes brightened up at that statement looking at Olivia who gave me the most genuine smile!


“And that’s how my first time went. Some small bumps in the road to start off with, but overall it was magnificent!” I sighed with sense of pride looking at Kimmie and Taylor.

“Woah!” Taylor exclaimed squeezing my thigh, “that story made my pussy wet!”

Both, Kimmie and I looked at Taylor in disbelief. I was fascinated by her carefree nature to say whatever is on her mind at any time. The look Kimmie gave was something different that I couldn’t place.

I got the attention of our waiter and asked for the check as we all decided it was time to go. Taylor got another phone call she said she had to answer and excused herself. With a lingering kiss on the cheek, she got up and I knew all too well what that kiss meant. She wanted to fuck!

Just like on the plane coming to Florida I stared at her perky ass along with some other onlookers as she walked to the back of the restaurant.

I turn back to Kimmie with a smile, “She’s something else, isn’t she?”

Kimmie didn’t answer and by the look on her face I could sense she wants to tell me something.

“Just blurt it out. What the hell is going on Kimmie?”

Biting her lower lip, which she does when something is bothering her, I ask her again to tell me what’s wrong.

Kimmie gives a quick glance over my shoulder to see where Taylor was then looks back at me with concern in her eyes and asks, “Are you liking the person you’ve become?”

Where in the Fuck did this come from?


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ThroatHER that’s great to hear. I keep checking back for any updates. Glad to see your able to continue writing.


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