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Every summer my niece comes to stay with my mother in law for a week or so. When she does she likes to camp out in my pasture. This year she brought a friend who made my summer.
This is an edited repost of a story I had on this site sometime ago I hope you enjoy it.


I live in the country on ten acres: a few acres of woods, 5 acres of pasture with my house and a small yard nestled in the middle. My mother in law lives a short walk away across my pasture, that way my wife and I can keep an eye on her and help out if she needs it. My brother in law has a daughter, Lisa. She's got bright red hair, stands about 5' 2" tall and weighs about 110 lbs. Although I thought she was a very good looking young lady, and would take any chance I had to get a look at her body, I also knew there wasn't any way in hell I'd ever get a chance to touch her, so I was very careful to not let on I liked what I saw.

Lisa would spend weekends and a few weeks in the summer with her grand mother. Sometimes she would invite a friend and they would always want to use my tent and camp out in my pasture. Mom was too old to chase after a couple of teenage girls, so I volunteered to watch after them when they were camping out. I chose a spot for the tent that I could see from my kitchen window. I also would give them a two way radio and I'd have the other handset, in case they got frightened or needed anything.

That summer Lisa arrived for a two week stay with her grandmother. She had a friend with her and I was totally surprised when I saw the girl .Most of Lisa's friends were like her, wholesome, nice, teenage girls. Clare was different. Her hair was died a raven black. She wore all black clothes. She had a nostril and eye brow ring. I could also see part of a tattoo showing at the nape of her neck.

When Lisa introduced her she seemed sullen and withdrawn. I wondered what Lisa saw in her. Later that day Lisa called and ask if I would set up the tent because they wanted to sleep in the pasture that night. I told her I was way ahead of her and it was already set up and waiting for them.

That evening, just after dark, I met the two girls at the tent. Both were dressed in men's t-shirts as night wear. As I talked to Lisa I noticed I could see both hers and Clare's nipples silhouetted under the thin material of the shirts. I could feel my cock growing hard as I stared at the two young girls. At that moment all I could think about was how it would feel to be sucking on those nice firm nipples. I finally pried my eyes from Clare's chest and handed the radio to Lisa. I told them to call if they needed anything.

She threw her arms around me, hugging me tight, which put her firm nipple tight against my chest as she said,"Thank you uncle Brad."

Lisa ducked and stepped into the tent. Clare began to follow. She ducked to enter, but just as she was about to step into the tent, she turned her head, smiled, and lifted the back of her shirt, giving me a great view of her pale firm little ass. I was stunned and my cock strained at my jeans as I stared at her ass. A moment later she dropped her shirt to cover herself. My eyes jumped to hers. She grinned, nodded and stepped into the tent. I walked home, the memory of that sight burned onto my retinas. When I got home, my wife said she was going to bed. I told her I'd follow shortly. I sat on the couch, the image of Clare's tight little ass dancing before my eyes. As I sat there the radio came to life.

Lisa's voice said,"Uncle Brad, you there?"

"I'm here," I replied,"Do you need something?"

"No, I was just making sure the radio is working. Is aunt Carol still awake?"

"No she went to bed half an hour ago." I told the girl.

"OK, see you in the morning." Lisa said,"Over and out."

I dropped the handset to the arm of the couch, but noticed what seemed to be voices coming from the speaker. I thought the girls were trying to contact me again, so I held the handset to my ear to hear it better. It took a few moments for me to realize that the radio transmitter button on their hand set must have gotten jammed open. I realized I was listening to their conversation and they didn't seem to know it. I listened for a short time. They were talking about a mutual acquaintance,

Pam, and how neither one of them liked her.

I was about to get up and walk out to the tent, to tell them they were transmitting, when I heard Clare say,"So, you ready for me to eat your pussy?"

I was halfway off the couch, but sat back down, wondering if I had correctly heard what Clare had just said.

"Oh yes," Lisa's whispered voice said,"But let's finger each other first, like we did before."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Lisa and Clare were fingering each other, and Clare was going to eat the little redheads pussy when they were done! I stared at the handset as pants and moans began to issue from it. My mind was going crazy trying to visualize what was going on.

Clare whispered,"Let me suck on your nipple. Shit Lisa! They're standing up like erasers!"

The next few minutes were full of slurping sounds, mixed with moans from Lisa.

Finally I heard Clare grunt,"God Lisa, you're really wet! I can't wait! Spread your legs, I'm going to put my tongue in your pussy."

As I listened to the two girls I pulled my cock out pf my pants and slowly stroked it, again trying to visualize the young dark haired goth girl, her face buried in my nieces pussy and her ass waving in the air, just waiting for a cock. For the next few minutes all I heard was Lisa moaning, then I heard her breathing, which had been fast, increase to a pant.

A second more, she moaned,"Oh...Oh...I'm..I'm cumming!"

I could hear small cries of pleasure coming from Lisa, then Clare said,"I'm going to turn around so you can lick me while I lick you, ok?"

My niece answered with words I never expected to hear from her sweet innocent mouth,"Get that dripping twat up here! I want to bury my tongue in your steaming cunt!"

Over the next 30 minutes I listened to them eat each other. From what I could tell they both came at least three times. I came that many too, stroking my cock and listening to the two tongue fucking each other.

Finally Lisa gasped,"No more! I can't take any more!"

There was silence from the handset for a short time, then a rustling sound.

A moment later Lisa said,"Fuck Clare, I'm glad you're my friend!"

"Yea, me too." Clare replied,"You've got a tasty pussy. I'd hate to have missed eating it."

"I'm ready for some sleep." Lisa said,"Good night Clare."

"Good night Lisa." Clare said, then a moment later in a much clearer and softer whisper I heard her say,"Good night."

A second later the handset quit transmitting I sat stunned. Did she just tell me good night, or was it coincidental? Did she turn it off or did it come unstuck by its self? Did she know it had been sending? My mind wandered and I began to think

about what the young dark hair girls pussy would taste like, what it would feel like to slide into her wet, warm cunt. Then my mind jerked me back to reality and I started to wonder: if she did know I was listening, what kind of game she was playing? If she knew the radio was transmitting, she wanted me to hear her and Lisa, but why? Was it a tease? Did she want me to fuck her? Or if I tried would she scream and report me? I had no idea what she was like, what she wanted, or what her game was. I decided I needed to play it cool and slow. I didn't want to get swung by my balls for making a pass at her. I wasn't sure she had arraigned the broadcast or that she had anything in mind at all for that matter.

I went to bed and lay awake for a long time, trying to make sense out of the situation. And trying to decide what to do. When I finally did fall asleep, I still hadn't decided what I should do. The next morning my wife got up and went shopping with her sister. I was drinking coffee when Lisa called on the radio.

"Uncle Brad, you there?"

I picked up the radio and said,"I'm here."

"Can we use your shower? Gram's doesn't work very well."

I wondered at that. I knew for a fact that my mother in law kept an immaculate house and she would never allow something like a badly functioning shower. But I also didn't mind getting another look at those two in their night wear.

"Sure, come on over." I said.

The girls came in the door 5 minutes later, still dressed in those oversized t-shirts. Lisa said she was going to shower and headed off to the bathroom, leaving Clare with me.

As soon as the bathroom door closed Clare looked at me and said,"Did you like the show?"

At first I was shocked, then a chill hit me. I still hadn't figured out what her game was, so I decided to be cautious.

"What show was that?" I ask.

Clare smiled, as she stepped closer and sat down next to me on the couch.

"Why, the one over the radio last night." She said.

As she sat she slid her t-shirt up until it was only a fraction of an inch from exposing her pussy.

"I...I'm not sure what you're referring to." I said my eyes riveted to her bare thighs.

"Really?" Clare said taking my hand and placing it on her upper thigh,"You didn't hear what we did? You didn't listen while I licked your nieces sweet little pussy and she licked mine?"

My cock was straining at my jeans from the feel of her smooth soft skin under my palm, the visual stimulus of her sweet teen body and her erotic words.

"I....yes I listened to you two for the entire time." I finally blurted out.

She still had her hand on mine. I felt her pull at it, sliding it up her leg. A moment later the exquisite feel of her damp pussy lips against my fingers hit me.

"Hmmm..." Clare said,"So would you like to fuck me?"

I knew then that I was lost. I knew I was going to fuck her no matter the cost and no matter the consequences. I looked up from staring at her pussy and locked eyes with her.

"If you're going to fuck me you'd better hurry. Lisa will be done soon. You don't want her catching you with your cock buried in me."She said with a sly smile.

I grabbed her waist, picked her up and pulled her onto my lap. As I did she straddled me and wrapped her arms around my neck smiling a wicked smile. I reached down and hastily unzipped my jeans. With a shaking hand I pulled out my cock and put the head against her tight, warm slit. I grabbed her waist and lunged upward, slamming my cock full length into her tight teen pussy.

"Oh yea.." She groaned,"Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

I grabbed both her firm ass cheeks and began to fuck her with long hard strokes. The slap of my skin on hers, her moans and my grunts filled the room as I pistoned into her tight young cunt. She had her arms wrapped around my neck moaning loudly; I had both her ass cheeks in my hands pulling her down onto my cock as I slammed upward, filling her tight teen pussy with my hard meat over and over. I have no idea how long we fucked but after a time I felt my balls tighten and I rammed deep into her tight snatch as my cock exploded, blasting gob after gob of spunk deep into her vagina.

As my cock twitched it's last I heard her whisper,"You work it right this is just the start. I'm a horny little bitch and I need cock on a regular basis."

She slowly climbed off my lap, pulling my cock out of her pussy as she did. She looked down and grinned at the sight of my slick, cum covered cock laying against my belly. So leaned forward, wrapped her hand around it and slid her soft palm up and down my cum covered shaft once, then stood up.

She grinned, leaned down and kissed me on the lips, then stood up. She held her hand up and looked at the cum on her palm, transferred there when she had stroked my cock. She brought it to her mouth and slowly licked the shiny coating from her hand.

She grinned again and said,"Time for my shower."

Through the fog that filled my head I heard the bathroom door open. Lisa was coming! In a panic I hastily tucked my cock into my pants and zipped them up. I had just finished when Lisa came around the corner. She was still dressed in that large t-shirt. Clare ginned at my niece, then disappeared around the corner toward the bathroom. Lisa came over and flopped down next to me.

"Did you and Clare get to talk?" She ask.

"Yes, a little." I said,"awww...interesting girl."

"Yes, yes she is." Lisa said with a grin,"Interesting indeed."

A moment later she wrapped her arms around mine and pulled it tight against her chest. My hand ended on the inner side of one knee. All I could think about at that moment was the feel of her firm tits against my arm and the feel of her soft skin against my hand.

"Thank you uncle Brad." She said, hugging my arm even tighter.

As I sat there with my arm against her firm tits, my hand against her smooth soft inner thigh, I found myself wondering what it would be like to fuck my sexy little niece. A second later another thought hit me: you just fucked her friend! You're sitting here with a cum slick, pussy juice covered cock thinking about fucking this sweet girl! You are a pervert!

Lisa let go of my arm and stood, saying,"I'm going to see if Clare's done. We need to get back to Gram's so we can change into some regular clothes."

Lisa headed for the door, but dropped her towel just before she got to it. As she bent over to pick it up her t-shirt rode up, giving me a great view of her bare firm little ass.

I licked my lips thinking, 'I'd love to have my hands on that!'

A moment later I thought,'You fucking pervert! You've already fucked her friend. And probably will again. Forget her.'

Lisa and Clare left a few minutes later. I sat on the couch thinking about what had happened. I still wasn't sure what game Clare was playing, but I knew if she let me I'd fuck her again. All day and into the evening all I could think about was how it felt to have Clare's pussy around my cock. Carol arrived home at 6:00 PM.

Carol had gone to bed when the radio crackled at 10:30 PM and I heard Lisa say,"Uncle Bart, are you there?"

I picked up the handset and answered,"I'm here. You two settled in for the night?"

"Yes, we're both tucked in." Lisa said,, then added, "Is aunt Carol still up so I can say good night to her?"

I answered, "No sorry. She's already in bed."

"Oh, ok.." Lisa replied,"We're going to sleep now."

"OK," I replied,"I'll see you two in the morning."

A moment later I heard a bunch of noise from the radio, then Lisa said,"OK, he won't bother us tonight. He'll think we're sleeping."

I grinned at the thought that Clare had jammed the radio switch open so I could hear them.

"He has no idea." Clare responded with a giggle,"Spread those sweet legs girl! I'm ready to taste some pussy!"

A second later the radio went dead. I sat there staring at the handset totally disappointed that I wasn't going to get to listen in on what they were doing, thinking what I wouldn't give to watch those two eat each other, or be snuggled between them.

Gradually those thoughts receded and I returned to watching TV. At 10:45 there was a knock on the door. As I got up to answer it I wondered who it could be this time of the night. When I opened the door Clare was there, dressed in that long t-shirt.

She smiled that wicked smile and said, "I told Lisa I needed to go to the bathroom."

She walked past me, put her hands on the back of the couch, looked at me over her shoulder as she said,"Is your wife in bed?"

I nodded.

She smiled that wicked smile and said,"I had her tongue in my pussy. I'm all wet and ready for some cock now."

In a trance I walked over to her, grabbed her, spun her around, took hold of her T shirt and with one pull jerked it up and off, tossing it aside She had on a pair of panties, which I quickly pulled down her legs and off, tossing them aside with her T shirt. I hastily unsnapped my jeans, pushing them to my ankles. A moment later my underwear followed. I picked her up and put her ass on the back of the couch. I stepped between her thighs, pushing them wide apart as I pulled her to me.

My hard shaft was nestled against her wet cleft as she said,"God, fuck me!"

I grabbed my cock, placed the bulbous purple head against her wet pink lips, then nudged forward and watched as the crown of my cock spread her labia and disappeared between them. My cock slid smoothly into her until my balls were against her firm ass cheeks.

"Oh shit that feels so fucking good!" She groaned wrapping her arms around my neck and burying her face in my shoulder,"I love a tongue but I have to have a cock too!"

I began to fuck her hard. It wasn't sex, it was rutting, an animalistic joining. Her heels dug into my back, her finger nails pierced my skin as I hammered her tight little cunt. At first we didn't speak. The only sounds coming from either one of us were grunts and moans as we fucked.

Then I heard her moan,"Oh fuck! Make me cum! I want to cum! I need to cum!"

"Yea, cum for me you little slut! I have my hard cock buried in your tight little pussy, so cum for me."

"Oh fuck!" She groaned, then began to chant in time to my stroked,"Wanna' cum, wanna cum, need to cum, need to cum, make me cum, make me cum....."

She chanted as I fucked into her, filling her tight little box over and over with my hard rod.

After a bit her chant changed and began to grow louder,"Oh fuck...oh fuck..oh fuck..oh fuck...OH FUCK....OH FUCK...I'm...I'm...gunna CUM!!""

The last word was just short of a scream. I knew I couldn't let her do that, because it would more then likely wake Carol, so I leaned forward and slammed my mouth to hers in a crushing kiss. She seemed to understand. Her arms pulled my lips tight to hers and she kissed me back. I could feel more then hear her loud moans as I smothered, but by no means stopped them. I continued to fuck her hard, smothering her loud moans and slamming into her tight teen pussy. I was so intent on trying to keep her quiet, I didn't realize I was about to cum until my cock exploded. My cum blasted into her cunt, filling her to the brim, dripping out of her tight box around the hard obstruction of my cock. As my cock throbbed inside her, it set her off. I felt her stiffen, felt her finger nails dig deep into my shoulders, felt more then heard her moans go into a scream, then I was treated to the fantastic feeling of her pussy milking my cock. Soon we were done, my cum dripping from around my hard cock, which was still buried in her well used, swollen teen cunt.

"I'd like to do it again." I whispered,"But as noisy as we are we might wake my wife."

She giggled and replied,"Yea. It was kind of intense wasn't it?"

I stepped back, slowly pulling my cock out of her, watching as it slipped slowly out from between the plump lips of her pussy. The head finally popped out with a wet slurping sound. As the crown of my cock popped from between her slippery swollen lips, it was followed by a stream of my cum, sliding from her hole to dribble down the crack of her ass. She hopped to her feet, picked up her T shirt, pulled it on, then picked up her panties and pulled them on. She grinned at me, then without a word headed for the bathroom. A she walked away down the hall I realized I was still rock hard, and also realized if I had time I'd fuck her again right then. Clare came out of the bathroom a few minutes later. I was dressed and met her by the door.

I opened it and she grinned up at me and said,"More next time." As she stepped out.

I walked back to the couch in a warm haze, thinking about how good Clare's tight young pussy felt around my cock. I sat down to watch TV but my mind kept filling with images of Her smooth young skin, tight young pussy and firm young breasts. I knew that if I had the chance I'd fuck her until I was exhausted. As I sat visualizing the radio cracked, then a moment later I heard the girls voices.

"Let's pick up where we left off." Clare said,"Spread those sweet thighs so I can eat that tasty pussy of your's!"

"Only if you plant that sweet one of yours on my face!" Lisa replied.

I heard rustling sounds then Lisa moaned,"Oh fuck Clare, you taste so fucking good!"

It struck me then that my niece was eating my cum out of Clare's pussy! My cock grew instantly hard as I thought of my innocent little niece with her face buried between Clare's thighs licking my cum out of her pussy. Over the next 30 minutes I sat stroking my cock as I listened to the two eat each others pussy. I came twice thinking about Lisa licking my cum from Clare's pussy.

Finally Lisa gasped,"No more! No more! I'm done, I can't take any more!"

There was some rustling sounds, then Lisa mumbled,"Good night Clare."

A moment later Clare's voice whispered,"Goodnight...stud. She likes the taste of your cum."

Then the radio went dead. I sat on the couch for a long time thinking about what had happened. When I went up to bed I was once again hard. My wife doesn't like sex very much. In fact we only do it about once a month, and we'd done it the week before so I knew I wasn't going to get any from her. I had cum three times that evening, so I closed my eyes and finally drifted off to sleep. When I did it was with images of Clare's tight young pussy in my head. The next day was Saturday. My wife took off early to go shopping, so I walked over to my mother-in-laws to visit. Actually I wanted to see Clare. I visited with my mother-in-law for half an hour, all the while looking around for the girls. When I finally asked about them, I was told they were still in bed. I tried to stretch out my visit waiting for them to get up, but after another half hour I had to bid my mother-in-law goodbye and head home. I was sitting on the couch surfing through the TV channels when the phone rang.

When I answered it Clare said,"Is your wife home?"

"No, she went shopping. I don't expect her home until late this afternoon."I replied.

"I'll be right over." The young girl said just before she hung up

I paced the floor until a knock sounded on the door.

When I opened it Clare stepped through, put her hand on my chest, looked up into my eyes and said,"So, you ready for some more of my pussy?"

I reached down and cupped both her ass cheeks in my hands, picked her up until her face was level with mine and said,"You aren't leaving until I get my fill of you."

She grinned, wrapped her arms around my neck and said,"Oh fuck yes!"

I kicked the door shut and carried her to the bedroom. I sat her on her feet next to the bed, then grabbed the material of her dress and pulled it up over her head. To my delight as I pulled it off I found she had nothing else on under it. Her firm young tits stuck out from her chest, the dark hair of her heart shape pubes framed the gentle swell of her mons. It took me all of 10 seconds to undress. A few seconds after that I was on the bed kneeling between Clare's smooth soft thighs.

"Eat me!" She groaned shoving her hips up, offering her tight pussy to me,"Eat me then fuck me!"

I grabbed her legs just below her knees, pulled her ass off the bed and slammed my mouth onto her wet snatch.

As I rammed my tongue as deep into her hole as I could she let out a long moaned,"Ohhhhh fuckkkkkk yesssss!"

Her clit was the size of the tip of my little finger and rock hard. I nibbled on it, sucked on it and rolled it around with my tongue. Each time I touched it she let out a squeal and her body vibrated and she squirmed. After a short time I pushed her legs up until they were against her elbows. I wrapped my hand around both her leg and elbow, pinning both to the mattress. I had her totally immobilized. She couldn't move at all.

I ate her pussy she tried to move, but I held her down, devouring her pussy. She screamed, but I kept right on licking her clit and tongue fucking her wet, tight little hole. Finally I felt her cunt pulse and she let out a long high pitched cry as she climaxed. When her cry died away she was panting.

"I want cock! Fuck me God damn it! Fuck me now!"

I put my leaking swollen cock head against her pink slit and with one hard lunge rammed it's full length into her pussy.

I began to fuck her with long hard jarring strokes, grunting as I did, "Is that what you wanted? A hard cock to fill your tight teen pussy? Well you got one now! I'm going to fuck you until I can't get it up again!"

"Oh fuck! You bastard!" she screamed,"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

She grunted with each push, my balls slapped her ass with each stroke. As before it wasn't sex, it was rutting, a primal joining. I rammed into her over and over. I felt my cum rising, felt my balls tighten, then I grunted, rammed balls deep into her pussy and flooded her teen womb with my cum. I relaxed my grip on her legs and she slowly dropped them until her feet were on the bed. I was still buried balls deep in her pussy. There was no way I as going to pull out. I planned on

fucking her again as soon as I had a small breather.

"Fuck." She breathed,"That was so good!"

I grinned at her comment, grabbed her hips and rolled. When I was done, she was sitting astride my lap, still impaled on my hard cock.

I leaned back and said,"Your turn."

She knew exactly what I meant. She began to slide her hips back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of her warm cum filled pussy. I closed my eyes reached up and filled my hands with her firm tits, letting her ride my cock, enjoying the feel of her young body against me, her tight pussy around my hard shaft, her erect nipples against my palm. After a time her tempo increased. I opened my eyes. Hers were closed and a look of intense concentration was on her face as she fucked herself on my cock. Her rhythm got faster and faster, accompanied by moans spilling from her plump lips that got louder and louder. The speed of her hips picked up until she was fucking my cock at a frenzied pace. I could feel another load of cum rising in my balls. It built until I groaned as my cock exploded, blasting a second load of cum deep into her tight pussy. As my cock spasmed, her body tensed, she screamed, her pussy clamped down on my cock as she climaxed. She slumped against my chest, moaning lightly.

"That was fucking intense." I said.

All she could do was nod. After a few minutes she sat up and grinned at me, saying,"Very."

As she sat still impaled on my cock, I ask, "How long have you been having sex?" thinking at her age it couldn't be long.

She smiled and said,"I really don't want to tell specifics, but I've been fucking for years."

That titillated me so I asked,"you ever get fucked in the ass?"

She grinned and said,"Yes. "

I was a bit shocked, but also happy to hear her admission. I had never been able to convince Carol to let me fuck her in the ass. Now her was this sexy teen telling me she had done just that.

"Did you like it?" I ask, hoping the answer was yes.

"Not at first." Clare said,"But after a few times I learned to like it. I can cum from it too. I've also had two guys at once."

"Fuck!" I said astounded,"You've had two cock's in you at once? A DP? Fuck!"

"Yea." Clare replied with a grin,"I've never cum so hard as I did with two cocks in me."

A thought struck me and I said,"So what about girls? You've been eating Lisa since you've been here. How did you get started doing that?"

"Actually," She said, a sly grin on her face,"She was the one who turned me on to that."

"Lisa? My innocent little niece?" I sputtered.

"Yes Lisa your innocent little niece!" She mimicked my tone,"I was spending the night at her house one weekend. I told her about my sexual experiences. She was very interested in the oral sex part. After we talked about it she dared me to do it with her. I was kind of interested in how a girl tasted, so I did it to her. I was hooked on the taste of her from the first second my tongue slipped between the lips of her pussy."

Clare squirmed her hips around ,grinned at my expression, then settled back down onto my cock.

"After I ate her I demanded she do the same for me. She too liked it from the beginning. We've been eating each other out for six months now."

"Is she still a virgin?" I ask,"She hasn't let a guy fuck her has she?"

"Not yet." Clare replied.

I was ready for more fucking by then. I grabbed her hips, picked her up and set her next to me on the bed.

"On your hands and knees." I said,"Time for me to get some of that fine firm little ass of yours."

Clare grinned, put her head on the pillow and pushed her ass into the air. I got up behind her and put the cum covered head of my cock against her puckered little brown eye. I grabbed her hips and gently pushed forward. Her rectum began to stretch and mold around the crown of my cock. Clare moaned and I stopped pushing.

"You ok?" I ask.

"Yes,"She groaned,"It hurts, but it hurts so good! Go ahead, put it in."

Again I began to push. My cock slid into her asshole an inch at a time until I had my balls tight against her pussy lips. It was incredibly tight and hot inside her ass. I began to fuck her with long slow strokes. I have no idea how long I fucked her, 5 minutes, 10 minutes half an hour, who knows. All I know is it felt so fucking good. When I finally busted my nut and filled her bowels with spunk, I was in heaven. I pulled my cock out of her and grinned at the sight. Her ass was gaping open and cum was dribbling out down over her pussy. I flopped onto the bed next to her, sated.

"I have to get back" .She said, then added,"I know what kind of trouble you can get into for having sex with me, so I won't tell anyone."

Thank god! I said to myself, then felt a chill as she said,"If.."

"If what?" I asked fear starting to fill my gut.

She grinned and said,"If you help me with something. Lisa hasn't lost her cherry yet. I want it. I want to fuck her, and take her cherry. I don't want to do it with a vibrator. I want a strap on cock to do it with. I want you to buy me one."

I thought about it and it didn't seem to bad. I wasn't doing anything but buying an appliance for Clare.

"Sure, I'll do that." I said.

Clare smiled and said,"You will be rewarded," her smile turned sultry as she added,"very well rewarded."

I grabbed her, pulled her to me, cupped her firm breast and growled,"I hope the reward is more of you!"

Clare pushed away from me, smiled mysteriously and replied,"Perhaps...perhaps."

As soon as she was gone I jumped into my truck and sped off to town. There are several adult stores in my town and I hit all of them looking for the appliance I wanted. Luckily I found it at the last store. It was a nice strap on cock, about six inches long and one and a half in diameter. I had found several like it at other stores, but what set this one apart was the fact it also had a second cock on the other end so the user could insert it into her pussy as she used it. Additionally it had a vibrator built in. I figured Clare would want something like it to do Lisa with. I took it home and hid it so my wife couldn't find it.

That evening, after Carol had gone to bed the radio came to life as my niece spoke,"Uncle Brad? Are you there?"

"I'm here." I answered.

"Is aunt Carol in bed?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, she went to bed a half hour ago." I replied.

"Oh, ok. Can Clare come in and use your bathroom?"

"Sure." I answered, trying hard not to sound to excited,"Tell her to come on in."

It seemed like an hour but was only 5 minutes or so before Clare knocked on the door.

"Did you get it?" She ask as she stepped in the door.

I didn't say anything, I just motioned her to follow me. I lead her to the garage, pulled the strap-on out of it's hiding place and showed it to her.

"Oh shit! This is great! I never thought about having one for me too!" She said with a grin as she examined it.

"It gets better." I told her,"It vibrates."

"No way!" She replied, her grin growing wider.

"It does. Care to try it to see how good it is before you do Lisa?" I ask with a grin.

"Oh fuck yes!" She said.

She was dressed in a knee length night gown. I reached up under her gown to pull her panties off and found none.

She smiled and said"I came prepared."

I took hold of her around the waist, picked her up and sat her on my work bench. She pulled her gown up and spread her legs as I pulled the strapon out of it's bag. I flipped it on, then placed it against her pussy. She was already wet, and it didn't take any effort to slip it into her pussy.

She rolled her head back and moaned,"Oh fuck! This is killer! I'm going to make Lisa cum and cum and cum!"

A moment later she jerked, sat up, grabbed my hand and pulled it out of her pussy.

I must have looked puzzled because she smiled and said,"It's good, but I want to save it for Lisa. Besides, I want cock!"

I turned it off and dropped it on my work bench. Clare was already unsnapping and unzipping my pants. She had my cock out in another moment. She stroked it a couple of times then looked at me expectantly. I grinned, picked her up and set her on the work bench. She hooked her heals around my hips and pulled me between her legs. She placed the head against her wet hole, grabbed my shirt and jerked me forward, causing my hard pole to slide full length into her tight sopping pussy.

"Oh fuck,"She moaned,"I love all kinds of sex but there is nothing like getting filled with a hard cock! Oh!"

"I want you to cum in me....but I don't want to cum yet." She groaned as I rammed into her,"I want to cum while I'm fucking Lisa."

That turned me on to think about Clare fucking Lisa with the strap on. That and the fact of her warm, wet pussy wrapped around my cock, caused me to cum a few minutes later. I groaned, grabbed her hips, pulled her onto my cock until the head was against her cervix and blasted a load of cum straight into her womb.

When I was done cumming, Clare leaned forward and whispered in my ear,"Think about your niece eating your cum out of my pussy when you listen to us later."

She kissed me, then licked my lips as she climbed off my lap.

She grabbed the bag with the strapon in it and said as she left,"Have fun listening."

True to her word the radio came to life a few minutes later.

"What's that?" Lisa ask Clare.

"Something I've kept hidden until now." Clare replied,"It's for you."

A moment later I heard Lisa gasped,"My god! What is it?"

"It's a strap on cock." Clare told my niece,"I want to fuck you with it."

"Oh my god Clare, you know I've never had that kind of sex before! I've never had anything bigger than your finger in my pussy!"

"I think it's time you did."Clare replied.

A moment later I heard Lisa giggle, than say,"Ok, Why not? We've done everything else."

"Almost everything else." Clare replied.

"What haven't we done?" Lisa ask.

"That's for later."Clare replied,"But right now, let's eat each other's pussy so I can get yours all wet and slippery for this."

I could imagine her holding up the strap on.

A few moments later, amid moans and groans I heard Lisa's muffled voice say,"Oh my god Clare, you taste yummy! And you must be really turned on, your pussy is already extra wet."

Over the next 15 minutes I listened to the girls eat each other. They both came at least once, but I think Lisa came a second time just before they stopped.

Finally Clare said,"Enough...enough....I want to use our new toy."

I listened intently, almost able to make out the stages of her getting it on.

Finally I heard Lisa say,"Oh my god that's cool! It has a second one that goes up inside your pussy,"I heard a hum and than Lisa gasped,"And it vibrates!"

"Ok girlfriend,"Clare said,"Are you ready to get fucked?"

I didn't hear Lisa answer, but she must have nodded for I heard a rustle, then a sharp intake of breath from her.

"Relax, relax," Clare said,"Let your pussy adjust to it....relax."

"Ok...ok..."Lisa gasp, I'll try to...mmmmmm....."

I had my eyes closed, my hand wrapped around my hard cock and could picture Clare smothering Lisa's comments with a kiss. Several seconds later I heard both girls groan, then the unmistakable sound of skin slapping skin came through.

"Now girlfriend,"Clare panted in time with her strokes, "I'm...,,,,"

A few more minutes and Lisa moaned,"Oh yes! Fuck me Clare! Fuck me hard!"

I began to jackoff, timing my strokes to coincided with the girls rhythm . I have no idea how long I sat there listening to the two of them fuck stroking my cock. It sounded like Clare came twice and Lisa at least three times. Finally my cock exploded sending streams of cum into the air coating my hand, my cock and my balls. I sat there holding my cock until the girls finished a few minutes later.

"Well?" Clare ask Lisa,"What do you think about fucking?"

"It's fantastic!"My sexy red haired nice replied.

"Tomorrow night, you get to use it on me!"Clare said.

"Really?" Lisa replied,"I can't wait!"

They rustled around, apparently getting into the sleeping bags, then I heard Lisa say,"Good night Clare."

"Night." Clare responded to her, then a second later a whispered,"Good night stud." Came over the radio before it stopped transmitting.

That set a pattern for the next 5 nights. After the girls had gone to bed Clare would call to see if she could use the bathroom. She would arrive at my door a few minutes later. A few minutes after that I would be buried in her tight pussy. I'd fuck her until I came, filling her with a load of cum. She would then go back to the tent and have Lisa eat her cum filled pussy. Sunday after eating her pussy, Lisa put on the strap on and fucked her dark haired friend. Clare made sure the radio was jammed on so I could listen to the whole thing. They fucked so long I jacked off twice that night. I could believe I had that much in my balls after cumming in Clare's tight pussy for the last five nights in a row. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were much the same. I'd fuck Clare and fill her pussy with cum. She would then go back to the tent and do a 69 with Lisa. After that one would fuck the other with the strap on.

Thursday as I was fucking Clare she moaned to me,"Listen close tonight. I'm going to fuck your niece in the ass!"

The instant visual I had of that dildo sliding in and out of Lisa's tight little brown eye caused me to bust my nuts right then. Clare chuckled as my cock finished filling her tunnel with hot spunk.

"You like that idea huh?" She said.

"Oh fuck yes!" I grunted.

"Good,"She said as she climbed off my lap,"Now I've got to go do your niece!"

A few minutes later the radio came to life. I listened as the girls ate each other, then as Clare donned the strap on. A few minutes later I was pumping my cock as she began to fuck Lisa's pussy.

Lisa came, the I heard Clare say,"Now I'm going to put it in your ass."

"It won't hurt will it?" Lisa ask, fear plain in her voice.

"A little." Clare replied,"But once it quits hurting, your going to love it."

I listened as Clare began to work it into Lisa.

"Oh shit!" My niece cried out,"It does hurt! Take it out!"

"Lay still!" Clare barked,"You have to let your ass adjust to it."

For the next few minutes neither of them spoke, then Lisa said,"It....doesn't hurt now."

I could hear grunts and moans, then Clare said,"I told you it would quit hurting. Now I'm going to fuck your ass!"

I listened to the girls moaning at each other and tried to visualize what it looked like. I jacked off furiously and came just as I heard Lisa scream,"Oh fuck! I'm....I'm CUMMING!!!"

After they were done and Clare turned off the radio, I sat on the couch thinking about what it would be like to see them, or better yet be in the middle of those two. As I headed to bed all I could think about was what it would be like to be in the middle of the two sexy teens. As I thought about that fantasy it hit me, the girls were due to go home the day after tomorrow! I had only one more night to fuck Clare! As I headed to bed my mind vacillated from the sweet fantasy of fucking both girls to the reality that they would be going home in two days.

The next night when Clare came to my door my mind was still dwelling on that image. She climbed on my lap, circled my neck with her arms, then planted a smolderingly hot kiss on my lips.

When she broke off the kiss I reached down to put the head of my cock against her warm, slippery pussy, but before I could she whispered,"How would you like to fuck me and your niece?"

I was stunned because she had voiced exactly what I fantasied about.

"Hell yes!" I replied.

She smiled and said,"Good. Then all you have to do is come with me to the tent."

"You mean Lisa is willing to let me fuck her?" I ask.

Clare grinned and said,"She doesn't know it yet, but yes she will let you fuck her."

I thought about it for a few moments. I could get myself in big trouble if anyone found out. But right then I was so intoxicated by the thought of fucking both Clare and Lisa, I really didn't care.

I followed her out the door and across the field. She stopped a 100 yards from the tent and whispered,"Take your clothes off and wait outside the tent until you hear me call you."

When we got to the tent Clare climbed but left the flap unzipped.

"I was wondering how long you would be." I heard Lisa say,"I've been fingering myself and trying not to cum waiting for you!"

"So you're all wet and warm for me?"Clare replied,"Let me see how that nice pussy of yours tastes."

I listened to the girls as they licked each other, my cock was so hard I thought it would explode.

I heard Clare groan,"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" and a few moments later Lisa cried out,"Oh....Oh...Oh Fuck!" As she too came.

I couldn't take it, I pulled my cock out and began to stroke it. I didn't do more then half a dozen strokes and it exploded, spewing cum onto the grass.

As my cock finished twitching I became aware of Lisa asking Clare,"You said you had a surprise for me tonight? What is it?"

"Not yet girlfriend." Clare replied,"I'll let you know when. You ready for me to fuck you with the strapon?"

"Absolutely!" Lisa giggled.

"You think you'll be ready fro some real cock soon?" Clare ask.

"If it's as good as this strapon, hell yes!" I heard my sweet little niece reply.

"It is, trust me." Clare responded.

A moment later I heard Lisa groan,"Oh fuck that feels so good when you stick that thing in me!"

For the next few minutes all I could hear was moans, then I heard Clare say to Lisa,"You ready for your present girlfriend?"

"Oh fuck yes!" Lisa groaned.

"Close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you to open them." I heard Clare say.

A moment later her hand came out of the tent flap and made a beaconing motion. I quickly climbed into the tent. Clare was grinning at me as she pointed to Lisa, who was laying with her legs spread. The lips of her pussy were slightly apart. I could see her wet swollen liner lips glistening in the dim light. . Clare pushed my shoulder and nodded toward Lisa. I quickly got between her spread legs, put the head of my cock against her wet slit and pushed. My cock easily slid into her until my balls were against her ass. Lisa opened her eyes, then gasp as she recognized me.

"Uncle Brad!" She gasped,"Wa...what are you doing?"

"This is your present." Clare said from her position beside my niece, "your very first real live cock!"

"'re my uncle!" Lisa gasp, starting to pull away from me.

"Only by marriage." Clare replied, holding Lisa down so she could slide away,"So relax."

I began to fuck her with slow strokes. After a moment Lisa groaned and I felt her body relax. A moment more, I pulled her legs up and quickened my pace until I was slamming into her.

"That's it girlfriend." Clare whispered to her,"Enjoy it. A cock feels so good doesn't it? You know what? You've been eating his cum for days now. Every time I went to his house to use the bathroom he fucked me and filled my pussy with cum. You've been eating it out of my cunt every night. And now after he fills you, I'm going to do the same to you!"

I felt Lisa's body stiffen, then she groaned,"OH......Oh...I'm.....cummING!!!"

As her tight little pussy pulsed around my cock I couldn't stop myself from cumming. My hard rod throbbed, blasting rope after rope of sticky spunk deep into her tight young pussy.

As my cock finished emptying into my niece, Clare pushed at my shoulder and yelled,"MOVE! MOVE GOD DAMN IT!"

I rolled off Lisa and watched in amazement as Clare dove between my nieces legs, burying her face into Lisa's cum dripping pussy.

After a moment the dark haired young slut gasped,"Fuck me! Fuck me while I eat her!"

I got behind Clare, put my still hard cock against her cunt and slammed into her. I leaned over her shoulder and watched her eat my niece's cunt as I fucked hers.

We remained that way for a long time, me fucking Clare while she ate Lisa. Finally I felt Clare's pussy grasping at my cock as she came.

When she was done she said,"Lay down. Lisa's is going to ride your cock for you."

To Lisa she said,"Come on girlfriend, time you had both holes filled at the same time."

Lisa straddled me. As she did I lined my cock up with her wet hole. When she sat down it slid up into her wet, warm tunnel. By the time we were situated Clare had the strapon belted around her waist. She got up behind Lisa, put the tip against the young redheads ass, grabbed her hips, then leaned forward.

I heard her whisper to Lisa,"You ready to get filled?"

My niece responded with nothing more then a moan. I saw Clare tense, then she shoved forward. A moment later I could feel the vibrations from the dildo that was now up my nieces rectum. As Clare began to fuck her ass I began to fuck Lisa's tight pussy. Time seemed to stop. The fantastic feel of Lisa's tight wet pussy around my cock, the vibrations of the dildo up her ass, separated from my hard rod by only a thin membrane of flesh consumed me. It seemed to go on forever. Finally I could feel my cum rising. Fantastically, when my cock exploded, I was aware of Lisa's pussy pulsing and Clare screaming as they both came. For a long time we lay in a heap, my cock still in Lisa's pussy, the dido, now turned off, still up her ass, all of us unwilling to move.

Finally I heard Clare whisper,"Well girlfriend, what do you think of dp?"

"It's.....wonderful!" My niece groaned.

"And what do you think about fucking your uncle again?" Clare whispered with a grin.

I felt Lisa wiggle her hips as she said with a giggle,"How many times and when?"

"That's my girlfriend!" Clare replied.

We untangled and the girls snuggled up to me on both sides.

"Are you going back to your house now?" Lisa ask.

"Not until I absolutely have to." I said leaning down and sucking on one of her nipples.

"I figure I've got at least three or four more hours before I need to get back."

"Then let's get this up and ready." I heard Clare say.

A moment later I groaned as I felt her warm mouth slide down over my semi-erect cock. Lisa sat up and smiled at me. She crawled over, put her arms around my neck and kissed me, a long passionate french kiss. Her tongue slipped between my lips and I could taste my nieces pussy on Lisa's tongue. I kissed her hard sucking her tongue, then I began to lick her lips and cheeks, enjoying the taste of Clare's nectar left there.

As I licked Clare's juices off Lisa's mouth Clare was busy sucking my cock back to rigid state. After a short time I groaned in protest as her mouth was withdrawn form my hard member, a second later though I moaned in exctasy as I felt her straddle me and her warm wet pussy slide down over my rod.

As Clare began to ride my cock I heard her pant at Lisa,"Straddle his face. Let him lick you."

Lisa threw her leg over my head and a moment later her dripping pussy was pressed to my mouth. I grabbed her hips, pulled her down tighter against my face and began to lick her pussy from to top bottom and back again.

"That's it," I heard Clare moan,"Ride his tongue. Cum on his face. Kiss me."

It was heaven. Lisa's sweet sopping pussy on my mouth, Clare's hot tight cunt on my cock. I don't know how long we stayed that way, but when my cock exploded all I could do was groan and push my hips up trying to get all my cock into Clare's hot pussy.

As I came I vaguely heard Lisa moan "Oh! Oh! OH....fuck I'm cumming!"

As my cock throbbed it's last, as Lisa's climax subsided, I became aware of Clare bouncing on my cock moaning,"Oh fuck...gotta cum....wanta cum...need to cum.....make me cum."

I gently pushed Lisa off my face and said to her,"Let's make your horny little friend cum hard. What do you say?"

Lisa grinned and nodded. I sat up, grabbed Clare's arms and spun her around until she was facing away from me. I pulled back with my hips, sliding my cock out of her swollen pussy.

Clare gasped and cried out,"Please no! Need to cum...need to cum," as her hips continued to thrust and squirm seeking my cock.

I reached between her legs put the head of my cum covered rod against her rectum and lunged upward, slamming my cock to the root in her ass. Clare gasped as it slid into her, but a moment later her hips were again thrusting driving my hard shaft in and out of her tight brown eye.

I grabbed her legs and spread them wide, looked over at Lisa and said,"Eat her."

Lisa grinned and dove between her friends legs. She pushed three fingers into Clare's swollen pussy and began to eat the dark haired girls cunt. A scream came from Clare's throat as Lisa attacked her pussy. Even where we were a long way from any house, I knew I couldn't let her do that. I grabbed her chin, twisted her face to mine and crushed my lips to hers, smothering her cries. I have no idea how long Lisa and I fucked Clare. I do know she climaxed at least three times. When my cock finally exploded, Lisa was sucking on my balls. It felt like I would never stop cumming. When we were done Clare sat still, impaled on my cock, letting out tiny moans. I slowly pulled out of her, totally spent. I don't think I could have gotten hard again no matter what. I looked out the tent flap and noticed the sky was turning gray in the east, sunrise was not that

faraway. We'd fucked away the night.

"I should be getting back home soon." I said,"Before Carol finds me gone."

Lisa crawled over and kissed me.

"Next time?" I asked.

"Anytime we can!" She said with a grin.

I kissed Clare as she lay slumped on the sleeping bag. Even as spent as she was she managed to wrap her arms around my neck and kiss me in a manner that made my sore, flaccid cock twitch.

"Will you come back?"I asked.

"Only if you will do this every time I do!." She said with a tired giggle.

I climbed out the tent flap, glancing back as I did. Lisa and Clare were laying naked, side by side, smiling at me. They left later that day for home. Both promised to come back as soon as they could. Next time I'll talk my wife into going to visit her sister while they are here so the girls can come sleep at my house.


2019-10-12 10:07:48
Great story... 2 for 2 so far. Batting @ 100%.


2019-07-23 20:07:00
This story has been a favorite of mine for a lot of years and I was always glad I had saved it. I'm glad to see it edited just enough to repost and share again.


2019-07-23 15:19:52
Not sure what Fat Albert's problem is. Very erotic story, that flows smoothly, and the mechanics (grammar, spellng, etc. is very good unlike many things posted here). I really enjoyed this and insist that your are a good writer. Of course, I speak with only the authority of having made my living writing professionally for the last 30 years. I'd like to see some sequels as I find these young women interesting. My only critique might be that it is a little thin on the background. However, who wants to read character development in a stroke story. That isn't what I came her for. Please keep writing!


2019-07-02 03:32:55
A well written and entertaining story.


2019-06-30 23:07:32
Write more stuff like Barn duty that was actually good.

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