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Molly and Jack spend their first sexual night together as Molly gives her little brother a night to remember.
How Traditions Start – part 8

An original story by Starrynight

I would like to start with a special thanks to Dudley Dowrong for his inputs and comments after each story in the series. Your reviews were much appreciated and implemented in the following chapter. Any comments and suggestions are welcome and will only help making my stories better.


A sleepy smile formed upon Jack's handsome face as he slowly entered consciousness. At first, he was sure it was just a dream, a hot perverse sex dream involving his mother and himself. His cock was hard in his pants and he slithered his right hand to it as he opened his eyes. The moment his hand touched his morning erection everything came rushing back.

Jack stared up at the ceiling with disbelief as the events of the previous night played around in his head. He still had a hard time believing it happened. It was his own mother, he thought as a flush crept over his body, making his already hard cock twitch in his hand as recalled every nasty detail of their taboo encounter. He could clearly remember the image of his mother's naked body, the way her mouth felt engulfing his erect penis, the way she tasted as he devoured her pussy and the divine warmth that filled him when he pushed his manhood deep inside her vagina for the first time.

Jack pulled his boxers down to his knees while still on the bed and wrapped his hand around his cock. He started pumping it slowly to the memory of the previous night. He closed his eyes, his breathing turning heavier, and masturbated. He thought about his mother's moans as they made love to each other, and started going faster, letting out a small moan as precum started oozing from his penis. Jack continued until he felt his release coming on, then started stroking his hand along his cock as fast as he could, stifling a moan as his orgasm finally took hold of him.

"Jack?" a female voice called from outside his bedroom door as his cock erupted, squirting the first load of spunk onto his stomach. Jack tried to speak, still excitedly jerking his cock as the orgasm surged with full force through his body, but all that came out was a loud groan of pleasure. "Jack?" she said once again as to his horror, his bedroom door opened, and his sister walked in on him wanking his spurting cock.

"Molly! Get out!" Jack finally managed to say in a shaking voice. He painfully stopped stroking his cock, despite his body screaming at him to continue. He tried covering himself with his hands and looked at his sister embarrassed while his cock continued ejaculating with unpleasurable frustration.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry" Molly said and quickly averted her eyes, but it was too late, she had already seen her brother's squirting member as she came into his room. "I just came to wake you up. It's almost noon." She said while blocking her view of him with her hand.

"Get out!" Jack called out, his voice shaking part from the embarrassment and part from the orgasm his sister ruined for him.

"Okay, okay, I'm leaving" Molly said once again embarrassed as she turned to leave "I'm really sorry" she added and walked out closing the door behind her. She wondered how this awkward encounter would affect her plans for that night.

Jack quickly grabbed a towel from beside his bed and wiped himself as he shuddered from the embarrassment. He would normally never masturbate with the door unlocked, but he was so aroused from the thought of last night that he wasn't thinking clearly. He pulled his boxers on and got to his feet, not knowing how he would face his sister after that.

It was already noon when Jack made his way downstairs after getting dressed and washing up. He made his way to the kitchen where his mom left him a plate of breakfast. He poured himself a glass of orange juice and sat down to eat his breakfast hungrily.

"Good morning" his mom said cheerfully as she entered through the kitchen door while Jack ate.

"How did you sleep?" she asked sweetly.

"Pretty good" Jack answered blushing. He looked up at his mom then back to his plate.

"You really slept-in today" Liz said as she started rummaging through the kitchen cupboards "But I guess that was to be expected after last night" she added in a quieter voice as she turned her gaze back to her son.

Jack barely swallowed the food he was chewing and looked at his mother with a flustered face that caused her to chuckle. "After you're done here" she said as she walked towards him and put her hand on his shoulder "go help your brother with the barn. He's still cleaning it out" she said and made her way over to her bedroom.

Jack finished eating and made his way to the barn where his brother was. For the next couple of hours, Jack and Zach worked on cleaning the barn while chatting amongst themselves. Jack was very relieved he did not run into Molly and hoped he would manage avoiding her for the rest of the day.

The next time Jack saw Molly, was around the dinner table. They were all gathering around to have dinner and Jack kept steeling glances at Molly. He was still embarrassed by what happened that morning, but Molly didn’t even look at him.

After dinner and dessert, Jack did not linger and quickly made his way up to his room while the rest of his family stayed downstairs. He entered his room, removed his shirt and got into bed wearing just a pair of black shorts. He opened his book and started reading. Half an hour later, there was a knock on his bedroom door.

"Who is it?" Jack called and sat up on the bed.

"It's me" Molly's voice came from the other side of the door and Jack's heart started pounding with dread.

"What do you want?" Jack asked trying to sound tired in the hopes she would leave him alone.

"Can I come in?" Molly asked innocently.

"Yeah, okay" Jack said reluctantly and put his book down.

Molly opened her younger brother's bedroom door and gently closed it behind her. She was wearing a white crop top, her right shoulder peeking out from the neckline, and a pair of blue running shorts. Her long blonde hair was in a loose ponytail and she was feeling extremely nervous as she looked at her brother sitting shirtless on top of his bed.

"Can we talk?" Molly asked her younger brother and took a step towards him.

"If it's about this morning then no!" he said defensively and studied his sister.

"I'm sorry for barging in while you were doing…that, this morning," Molly said blushing "but it's not about that" she said and looked at her embarrassed brother.

"Then what do you want to talk about?" Jack asked in an annoyed voice.

"I wanted to talk about last night" Molly said and took a sit on the edge of her brother's bed.

"What about last night?" Jack asked nervously and studied his sister's face for clues she really knew what he did last night.

"I know that you and mom…did it, last night" Molly said and noticed her brother's eyes go wide. "How was it?" she asked and looked into her brother's alarmed eyes while he stayed silent. "Did you like it?" Molly asked after her brother just looked at her in silence for a few awkward seconds.

"Um, yeah, I guess" Jack mumbled as his face flushed with shame. "How do you know about last night?" Jack asked barely louder than a whisper.

"You're not the first one to turn eighteen in this family" Molly said with a smile and Jack suddenly remembered what his mom told him.

"So, it's true? You and dad also…?" Jack asked.

"…Had sex?" Molly completed her brother who nodded nervously "Yes, on the night of my eighteenth birthday just like mom did with you." She added and saw the shock on her brother's face. "So, do you have any questions about…sex that you maybe want to ask me?" Molly asked as she built up courage.

"Seriously?" Jack let out surprised.

"Yes, I thought there might be something that you weren't comfortable asking mom and want to ask me" Molly said.

"Thanks, but I'm good" Jack said shyly. He wanted this awkward conversation to be over already.

"How about…having sex again, would you like that?" Molly managed to ask weakly.

"With mom?" Jack asked with shocked enthusiasm.

"No," Molly said as she looked straight into her brother's eyes "with me" she whispered.

Jack's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he heard his sister's words. "Are you offering?" he asked incredulous.

"Maybe" Molly said nervously and blushed.

"You want to have sex with me?" Jack asked still shocked.

"If you want to." Molly said with a shrug "I thought I could help my little brother get better and learn more about sex " she added diplomatically and gave him a reassuring smile. "So, are you up for it?" she asked.

"You're really serious about this?" Jack asked still not completely believing his sister's offer was real.

"Of course I'm serious," Molly said "so do you want to or not?" she added more assertively.

"yeah okay" Jack said weakly, hiding his eagerness. He fantasized about making love to his big sister ever since he started masturbating and he could barely contain his enthusiasm once he realized she was serious about it.

"Don't sound so excited about it," Molly said sarcastically "we don't have to if you don't want".

"No, I want to" Jack said alarmed and gave his sister a serious look.

"Good" Molly said and turned around. She walked over to the door and locked it, then turned back around and looked at her brother with her heart pounding. "So, what did mom teach you?" she asked nervously.

"I don’t know, just regular sex stuff" Jack said bashfully.

"What's regular sex stuff?" Molly asked with a condensing smile. "Did she give you a blowjob?" she asked.

"Yes" Jack answered quietly, his face turning red.

"Did you…lick her…pussy?" Molly asked embarrassed and Jack nodded shyly. "Which…sex…positions did you try?" Molly asked, feeling the wetness growing between her legs.

"Well, we started out with mom on her back and me above her," Jack said "then she told me to lay down on my back and we had sex with her on top of me," Jack continued and felt the blood rushing down to his penis "and last thing she had us do was…doggystyle" he said blushing a bright red.

"Way to go mom!" Molly said in hopes of lightening the mood and gave her brother a kinky look. "So, you ready to see your big sister naked?" Molly asked and Jack nodded eagerly.

Molly paused for a moment, taking a breath and building up the courage before she started. She grabbed her shirt and quickly pulled it over her head, exposing her flat stomach and body colored bra. She tossed her shirt on her brother's desk and faced him as she brought her hands behind her back and started fumbling with the clasp. Molly noticed her brother looking at her intently, a bulge starting to form in his shorts, until she managed to unhook her bra. She gave her brother a shy look and removed her bra to his inquiring young eyes, exposing her perky b-cup breasts, her small nipples poking proudly as Jack stared at them with awe. Molly threw her bra aside and smiled at the sight of her brother gawking at her naked tits.

A small embarrassed shiver ran through Molly as she stood topless in front of her little brother. She took another breath, shaking it off, then inserted her fingers inside the waistband of her pants. She looked directly at her brother, took another breath, then in a slow sensual motion pulled both her shorts and panties down her long tone legs, exposing her smoothly shaved vagina to her brother.

"So, what do you think?" Molly asked after throwing her clothes aside as she exposed every inch of her naked body to her little brother. She pulled her hair scrunchy off and tied her long blonde hair into a tight high ponytail. When she finished, she gave her brother a little twirl, showing him her tight young tushy before turning back around to face him and the bulge in his pants.

"Wow!" Jack managed to say as he looked at his big sister naked. Her naked body was by far the hottest thing he had ever seen.

"Thanks" Molly said with a giggle at her brother's words and the dazed expression on his face as he ogled her tits and pussy. "Your turn" Molly said after letting her brother stare at her for a little while.

"Okay" Jack said nervously as he stood up and faced his nude sister. He paused briefly, studying his sister's face, then awkwardly pulled his pants and boxers down, his hard penis springing up as Molly looked at it curiously.

"Not bad" Molly said as she studied her brother's naked body. His body looked good, slightly muscular but nothing too buff. He had dark shaggy hair, thin facial hair and a little hair on his chest. Molly continued running her eyes along her brother's body until she reached his cock and studied it while biting her lower lip. Jack's cock was not as big as his older brother or father, but it was nice. It was average, a little over five inches and not very girthy, similar to his older brother in its thickness. It had black pubic hair around the base and Molly felt the wetness growing between her legs. She took a few steps forward until she was only inches away from her brother. "Show me how you kiss" she said to her brother.

"You want me to kiss you?" Jack asked nervously.

"Yes, I want to see how much you caught on last night" she answered and looked straight into her brother's eyes. Jack took a step to close the gap between them then jumped back when he felt the tip of his erect penis touching his sister's vulva. "It's okay" Molly assured her brother with an amused giggle. She advanced, closing the gap between them and heard her brother gasp as his penis pressed into her lower stomach. "Go ahead" Molly urged Jack and looked up at his eyes as he put his hands gently on her waist. They shared an intimate look between them, their eyes locked for a brief second before Jack leaned forward and pressed his mouth into his big sister's soft lips.

Molly closed her eyes as her brother pressed his lips into hers and started kissing her hungrily. He gave her a hot lip locked kiss then snaked his tongue into her mouth and started caressing her tongue with his. Molly moaned into her brother's mouth and shot her eyes wide open as her brother kissed her surprisingly well. She let the sensual kiss last for a few more seconds before breaking it and looking at her brother.

"That was really good" Molly said surprised "Where did you learn to kiss like that? Did you ever kiss a girl before mom?" she asked not understanding how her little brother was such a good kisser.

"Yeah," Jack said out of breath "I practiced kissing with Mia last family reunion" he admitted shyly.

"You little pervert. Your mother, your sister and your cousin" Molly said with a grin and Jack smiled nervously.

"We just kissed" Jack said shyly.

"Next time you see Mia be sure to thank her. You're a really good kisser" Molly said with a smile. "And you should know that when you're kissing a girl like this, especially when you're naked, don't hesitate to put your hands on her butt," Molly explained while moving her hands down to her brother's. She grabbed them and guided him to her ass, placing his palms on her tight orbs. "You can even squeeze it" she said with a kinky smile and let out a little moan as her little brother did just that. With her brother's hands on her ass, Molly placed her hands on the back of his head and pulled him in for another hot kiss, this time making him moan as she shoved her tongue into his mouth.

It was a long sensual kiss that lasted for a while, moans being exchanged as they flailed their tongues between their mouths. Jack kept on squeezing his sister's sexy behind, drawing more moans out of her and into his mouth. They parted they kiss only when they were both completely out of breath.

"So, where do you want to start?" Molly asked her brother after catching her breath and taking a step back.

"Can I…lick you…down there?" Jack asked shyly as he looked at his sister's young pink pussy. He was dying to know what she tasted like.

"Yes please!" Molly said with a horny smile "good choice little brother" she added. "Before we start though, there are a few things about sex I wanted to go over with you". She decided to take the opportunity to teach her little brother how to treat girls.

"Okay, like what?" Jack asked.

"First thing that's important is, that before having a sex with a girl, make sure she really wants to. Don't ever pressure a girl into doing something she doesn't want to do, and even if she says she wants to, make sure she's in a state to know what she's saying. Sometime the girl is too drunk or high to know what's going on and guys take advantage of it." Molly said with a serious look.

"Okay, got it" Jack said with a nod.

"Next thing you should keep in mind, is that the girl's pleasure in sex is just as important as the guy's. Going down on the girl is a really good start. You need to make sure the girl you're with is properly aroused and wet before you, um…stick it in, otherwise it could really hurt for the girl and be much less pleasurable for you too. Also, don't be embarrassed to ask her what she likes each time. Each girl like something different and most will appreciate you asking" Molly said, glad of the opportunity to teach her brother these things.

"Okay, anything else?" Jack asked. This was getting a little weird for him.

"Last thing that I'm sure mom talked to you about is safe sex." Molly started saying "Obviously always use a condom when you're having sex with a girl who's not on birth control. Don't try pulling out before you cum or shit like that. Even if the says she is on birth control and you don't know her, don't take her word for it. She might not be on birth control or she might have an STD." Molly was talking from experience of her and of her friends. She had a few guys trying to convince her to have sex without a condom promising they would pull out.

"Wait, don't we need a condom?" Jack asked alarmed.

"No, it's fine, I'm on birth control" Molly said to his relief.

"Not sure I can I take your word for it" Jack said with an impish grin.

"Good, you're catching on" Molly said with a laugh and looked at he brother. "Now come on and lick my pussy" Molly said eagerly and climbed onto her brother's bed. She sat at the edge of the bed, propped herself on her elbows and spread her legs.

Jack gave his older sister a hungry look and moved towards her. He took his place between her legs standing and looked down at her gorgeous naked body. He placed his hands on her soft thighs and caressed them gently before moving them up her body until he reached her titties. He cupped them gently, squeezing the soft sexy mounds before leaning down and taking his sister's left nipple in her mouth.

"Mmmm" Molly moaned as her brother sucked on her erect nipple. He gently pushed her back until she way laying on her back and pressed his body to hers as he started licking and sucking on her perky boobs. A wave of pleasure shot through her young body as her brother played with her tits. He caressed and squeezed her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples to her tender moans.

After thoroughly servicing his sister's tits, Jack pulled himself off her and slid his hands back down to her thighs. He looked at his sister's eyes as he caressed her thighs, seeing the lustful desire in them as she waited for him to taste her. Jack ran his finger over her smooth pubic mound, thinking back to his mother's trimmed bush and briefly ran his thumb along her tight slit before pulling it away and getting on his knees on the floor.

Molly reached for a pillow and grabbed it before sitting up. She placed the fluffy pillow under her lower back and looked down at her brother as he spread her legs wider apart and took his place between them. She could feel his warm breath on her intimate folds as he studied her womanhood, then let out a moan as his lips met the lips of her labia.

"Oooh Jack!" Molly moaned as her brother began kissing her vulva all over. He planted soft gentle kisses along her slit, on her smooth pubic mound, on her clitoral hood and along her outer lips. After kissing her vulva for some time, Jack was hungry for more. He stuck his tongue out, placed the tip of it on the bottom of Molly's slit and brushed it up along it. When he reached her clit, he circled it with his tongue before giving it a teasing lick which made her moan loudly.

Jack's cock twitched to the sound of his sister's sexual moans. He slid both hands up her thighs, caressing them tenderly before reaching all the way up. He gave his sister's slit another hot kiss, then used both thumbs to spread open the petals of her tight flower. He looked at her pink interior with awe, the sight so hot, then sank his tongue into her, tasting her tangy feminine flavor as he pushed his tongue into his sister's wet snatch.

"Oh god!" Molly moaned as he brother studied her sacred hole with his tongue. She felt his warm tongue running along her depths, sending shivers through her young body. His thin facial hair was ticking her inner thighs and his nose pressed against her mound as Jack continued exploring her muff. He kept it up for a while to her vocal encouragements before pulling away to her frustration.

"Is there something specific you like?" Jack asked after lifting his head from his sister's cunt and looking at her glazed eyes.

"Yes!" Molly said eagerly, glad her brother was listening "I want you to push a finger inside my pussy and lick my clit while you're doing it." Molly said and saw a smile spread on her brother's face as he dove back in and started licking circles around her clit. "Oh my god yes!" Molly called out as her brother's index finger slithered into her tight hole. "Now start fingering my pussy" Molly said with a strained voice and groaned when Jack started pumping his finger in and out of her slick pussy.

Jack studied the reactions of his sister's body as he did what she asked. He was licking her pussy gently, pressing his tongue to her clit occasionally while mostly licking around it. His sister's moans were growing louder and her pussy wetter to the point it was gushing.

"Oh my god yes!" Molly whimpered with pleasure. "Stick another finger inside me" she ordered Jack who added his middle finger and started fingering his sister with both fingers. Jack moved to fully licking his sister's clit and he heard her moans grow accordingly. "Suck on my clit!" Molly called with urgency in her voice. "Oh yeah just like that, oh fuck I'm gonna cum" she let out in a shrill voice when her little brother closed his mouth around her clit and started sucking. "Fuck I'm cumming, I'm cumming, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Molly called out in short high moans as she exploded.

Molly's young body surged with electrifying sexual ecstasy as she came. Her eyes closed and her back arched as her entire body tensed from the orgasm that engulfed her. Her brother still had his mouth on her clit, sucking on it, and his fingers still fucking her pussy as she whimpered. Her legs began to shudder, her toes curling, and her pussy convulsing around her brother's probing fingers. She moaned as the waves tore through her body, barely noticing her brother stopped and was just looking at her trembling body. She whimpered and writhed on the bed until the last waves of pleasure faded away and left her breathless and sweating.

"Fuck me" Molly said in a begging tone while still breathless.

"What?" Jack said shocked as he looked amazed at his sister while holding his hard cock in his hand.

"Go ahead, put it inside me" Molly said reassuringly and eyed her brother's hard dick. Her orgasm only made her hotter and wanting more.

Jack looked lustfully at his big sister and moved in closer. He grabbed Molly by her hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed. He looked at her divine body and felt hornier that he ever had before. He grabbed his pulsing member in his right hand and leaned down, nervously guiding it to his sister's pussy. When he touched Molly's slit with the tip of his penis, he let out a gasp and took a deep breath. He could feel the warmth radiating off her perfect vulva and looked mesmerized at it as he guided himself to her entrance and pressed the tip to it.

"Oh fuck!" Jack moaned with excited disbelief as he pushed the head of his cock inside his sister's forbidden hole. He looked up at his sister and saw her looking intently at his cock, then looked back down and took a deep breath before slowly pushing his rigid member into her. Jack immediately felt the difference between his sister and his mother as he penetrated her snug box. Molly's pussy was so much tighter than their mother's, and he couldn't help grunting in pleasure as he pushed himself in, her warm cunt hugging his member powerfully. Molly let out a soft moan as her brother penetrated her, pushing his shaft into her longing pussy. He slowly pushed himself into her until his entire length was inside her.

Molly and Jack looked up and at each other in awkward ambivalence. A sudden realization dawned upon Molly as she looked at her brother. She had realized that she had committed incest with every male member of her family, allowing her father, twin brother and now, her youngest brother to taste her forbidden fruit. She had let each of them insert his manhood into her forbidden hole to their mutual pleasure, and although she knew it was considered wrong and disgusting, the thought of it only turned her on more.

Jack froze as his dick disappeared inside his sister's womanhood. She was so tight and wet he didn't dare move at first, afraid he would cum instantly. He looked at her with an expression of utter disbelief on his face as she looked back at him. He waited for a few seconds, assuring himself he wasn't about to cum, and only then, while still watching his sister's face, did he start moving his hips, very slowly thrusting his shaft in and out of her snug muff.

Warm waves of pleasure spread through Molly's recently climaxed body as her brother finally started moving. She let out an encouraging moan and studied him, looking at the focus on his face. She looked down at his nice cock and watched as he slowly moved it in and out of her. He was going painfully slow, gently thrusting his erect penis in and out, while Molly stayed quiet.

Jack moaned as he slowly plunged his cock into his sister. He could not believe he was making love to her. He had fantasized and jerked off to her, but never in a million years did he think he would get a chance to have sex with her. He fucked her slow at first, marveling at the tightness of her divine pussy as it constricted around his cock each time he pushed it in.

"Can I go a little faster?" Jack asked his sister shyly after getting used to her tightness and feeling confident he could last.

"Yes, go ahead" Molly said eagerly and watched her brother's grip tightened on her as he picked up the pace. "Oh yes!" Molly meowed as Jack began more rapidly thrusting his dick in and out of her.

"Oh fuck" Jack moaned at the extreme pleasure "Molly, this feels so good" he said while fucking his sister with a good rhythm. They were fucking for almost two minutes and Jack was getting dangerously close. He kept thrusting at that pace for a few more seconds then slowed back down.

"No, don't slow down" Molly said disappointed, "fuck me harder, please!" she begged of her little brother. Jack paused for a moment, then a second later, a distinct sound of two naked bodies colliding echoed through the room. "Oh yeah, just like that!" Molly moaned as her brother slammed his hard cock into her with force "don't stop" she called as he awarded her pussy with more pleasure by smashing his cock hard into her once more, now fucking it powerfully to their euphoric moans.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum" Jack announced a few seconds later. No matter how hard he tried to fight it, he felt his orgasm was only moments away.

"It's okay, cum inside me" Molly told her brother as he kept ramming his cock into her pussy.

"Oh god" Jack said in a trembling voice that was quickly replaced by a series of animalistic grunts. He kept pushing his dick into his sister on pure primal instinct and let out another deep groan as he reached his climax.

Jack's mind filled with elated pleasure as he fucked his sister to his orgasm. An intense burning pleasure shot through him and a moment later he felt his cock releasing its first load deep inside his big sister's tight snatch. His body quivered with agonizing pleasure, moans and groans escaping his lips as he continued to plough his sister's amazing pussy, ejaculating his incestuous sperm to an overpowering pleasure he had not known existed until the previous night. He continued his relentless thrusts into his sister as the pleasure tore through his young body and stopped only when his cock was completely drained and started going soft.

"Oh my god" Molly said looking up at her brother as he finally pulled his now limp dick out of her. "That was so hot" she said with a grin and looked at her brother who towered over her breathless. He looked back at her amazed and collapsed on the bed next to her.

"That…was…amazing" Jack said still panting and looked over at Molly as she sat up on the bed.

"Not bad for your second time" Molly said and looked at her brother. She noticed him looking at her pussy and looked at it too, noticing his sperm trickling out of it.

"Oh shit" Jack said as he quickly got up and grabbed a hand towel from his closet, tossing it to her.

"Thanks" Molly said as she used it to wipe her cream pied pussy while he brother watched with perverse fascination. He stared at her pussy and took a sit on the bed next to her, the sight of his spunk flowing out of her vagina getting the blood rushing back to his cock.

"Wow, already?" Molly said with amusement in her voice as she noticed her brother's cock starting to get hard again. She finished cleaning herself up and looked at her brother's hardening member with lust. She shifted around on the bed, getting on all fours and advanced towards him. "Here, let me help you with that" Molly said facing him and grabbed his semi erect shaft in her hands. She placed her palm around the base and leaned down, taking his cock into her mouth for the first time.

"Oh fuck!" Jack moaned as his sister engulfed his cock with her mouth, tasting her own juices on it. She sucked on the head, making her brother almost instantly hard, then pulled her mouth off and started licking it to his enjoyment.

Molly licked the length of her brother's manhood then moaned in delight as she took him back into her mouth. His cock was the perfect size for a blowjob and she easily took over half of him into her mouth, running her tongue along the bottom of his rod. She grasped the base of his dick in her hand and pulled her mouth off with a loud suction sound, making her brother moan as a grin spread across her pretty face.

"Ready for some more?" Molly asked her brother with a kinky look as she held his rock-hard cock in her hand. She didn't have a chance to cum when he fucked her and hoped he would last longer on their second time.

"Hell yeah" Jack called out enthusiastically to his sister as she kept sucking his cock. She took the head back in her mouth and sucked on him as he moaned in sexual bliss. Molly bobbed her head a few times up and down his dick, making sure it stayed nice and hard, then pulled it off and let a large glob off saliva drip from her mouth onto it before using her hand to coat it thoroughly.

"Go ahead and lay down in the middle of the bed" Molly told her brother while moving to the side. He complied quickly, moving on the bed until he was laying on his back in the middle, his cock pointing upwards. Molly studied him with an aroused gaze, biting her lower lip as she watched his erect cock bob until he got in place. Once he was comfortable, she grabbed his cock, then moved on top of him, sitting on his legs.

"Can I tell you something?" Jack asked his big sister as he looked up at her.

"Sure" Molly said lightly. She still had her hand around her brother's slick penis and was stroking it gently.

"I think you're really beautiful" he said nervously as he studied her. He looked at her pretty blonde hair tied into a ponytail that exposed her pale elegant neck and at her perky breasts that looked so perfect to him.

"Aww, thanks little brother" Molly said flattered.

"I've actually fantasized about you for a while" Jack admitted and blushed.

"Oh really?" Molly said with a naughty grin and raised an eyebrow "what kind of fantasies did you have about me?" she asked in a low sensual voice.

"I…well," Jack started stuttering, not expecting his sister's question "I would picture what you look like naked," Jack started "and fantasize about taking your bra off and touching your boobs" he said gaining a little confidence. He watched Molly as she stopped stroking his cock and reached for his hand, grabbing it.

"You mean like this?" she asked in a sexy voice as she guided his hand to her breast and placed it on it. Jack nodded to his sister as she pressed his hand into her chest and started caressing herself with it, guiding his hand to rub her tit for a few seconds before pulling away and letting him continue, on his own. He quickly found her erect nipple and started playing with it, rubbing it and pinching it between his fingers as Molly cooed seductively. "What other fantasies did you have about me?" she asked as her brother who continued playing with her incredible tits.

"I fantasized about pulling your panties down," Jack said with a shaking voice "about seeing your…pussy and touching it" he added. Molly looked at him passionately and grabbed his hand once more. She led him down to her pussy and guided a gentle finger inside her drenched cunt.

"Did you masturbate while thinking about my pussy?" Molly asked, letting out a moan as her brother started playing with her prized jewel.

"Uh hu" Jack admitted with a nod, his cock rock hard and twitching to the intoxicating aroma of her womanly juices flowing only an inch away from it.

"Do you want your sister to sit on your cock?" Molly asked teasingly.

"Yes" Jack said almost begging.

"Yeah?" Molly asked grabbing his cock in her hand once again and stroking it "You want your big sister to put your penis inside her tight little vagina?" she asked while raising her waist up, speaking to him like she was talking to a little boy, something she and Zach often did while having sex.

"Yes!" Jack said in a pleading tone and looked up at his hot sister. Molly gave her brother a devilish look and lowered herself onto his erect penis. She lowered herself until she felt the tip of his manhood breaching her and just kept going. "Oh my god!" Jack moaned in pleasure as his cock parted his sister's lips. He stared at her pussy and watched with great pleasure as she lowered herself onto him, impaling her hot tight snatch all the way down onto his dick.

"Mmmm, yeah that feel nice" Molly said quietly while closing her eyes, a warm smile spreading across her face. She opened her eyes, looked down at her brother and saw his eyes glued to her pussy, his cock deep inside it and spreading her pink lips. Molly placed her hands on her brother's stomach, shaking him out of his hypnotic state as he looked up at her, then started moving her hips up and down.

"Oh my god Molly, that feel so good" Jack moaned as his sister started riding his cock, her tight snatch powerfully hugging his cock as it slid along it to her motions.

"Like in your fantasies?" Molly asked in a teasing tone and let out a little moan.

"So much better" Jack said and let out another moan to his sister's downward motion. He gawked at her amazing tits bouncing as she continued to ride his cock, slowly sliding her twat up and down his cock as they both moaned.

Molly leaned down onto her brother as she continued riding his cock. Her clit was begging for some attention and she pressed it into her brother's pelvic bone, the action making her moan aloud as pleasure shot through her.

"Oh fuck" Molly groaned and closed her eyes. She kept grinding her clit against her brother as she rode his cock and it felt amazing. A few seconds later Molly opened her eyes in surprise to her brother grabbing her breasts.

Jack moved his hands to his sister's breasts and started kneading them as she fucked him. He squeezed them lightly, rubbing his finger over the nipple, then raised his head and guided his mouth to her hard nipple.

"Oh god" Molly whimpered as her brother latched his mouth onto her nipple and started sucking on it greedily. She stretched her body along his, leaving only the head of his cock inside her as she moved her breasts closer to him. A pleasurable shudder went through her as he sucked on her nipple again. She pressed her clit harder into him and let out a series of cute little moans.

"Your tits are perfect" Jack told his sister after finally pulling his mouth away. Molly kissed him briefly on the lips, then slid herself back onto his cock with a moan. She sat up looking down at him, her pussy burning with pleasure from being rubbed into her brother. She placed her hands back onto Jack's lower stomach and continued riding his cock, this time going much faster.

Jack let out a deep grunt as Molly continued riding his cock briskly. She twirled her hips on his cock, drawing a loud moan from him, then started going even faster, slamming her pussy onto his dick with loud sexual slaps.

"Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!" Molly called out in ecstatic delight as she fucked her little brother. She could hear him moaning under her as she used his cock just the way she liked. She could feel her orgasm slowly building up and moved a hand to her clit, rubbing it in circular motion as her hot sweaty body screamed with pleasure.

"Molly, I think I'm gonna cum" Jack said regretfully.

"Try to hold on a little longer, I'm almost there" Molly asked and watched her brother nod. "Here, help me" Molly said and grabbed her brother's hand, moving it to her clit and gesturing to take over. Molly then slid her hands back, placing them on her brother's legs, and started riding him as hard as she could while he continued to rub her engorged clit.

"Oh fuck!" Jack screamed as his sister fucked him as hard as she could.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Molly screamed at her brother as her entire body rushed with pure sexual ecstasy. She closed her eyes and felt her breath being swept away as her entire body came alive. Her toes curled and her legs shuddered as the searing pleasure took hold of her. Every muscle in her body tensed and relaxed as the orgasm surged through it. She could feel her pussy convulsing around her brother's cock, and a second later she felt his cock pulsing and a warm sensation inside her pussy as her little brother began ejaculating inside her.

"Molly, I'm cumming!" Jack announced as he too was overpowered by his orgasm. The way his sister was writhing and moaning on top of him, and the feeling of her pussy squeezing his cock as it convulsed, was too much for him to handle and he instantly began cumming.

Jack continued rubbing Molly's clit and she continued riding him as they ascended into a heavenly realm of delight. The thought of her brother cumming inside her as she climaxed, increased the pleasure she was feeling, and she moaned and shrieked with excruciating pleasure.

His sister's screams and moans where having a similar affect on Jack who in return groaned with pleasure as he climaxed. He felt like he couldn't stop ejaculating, the pleasure so extreme he was afraid he would to pass out.

"Holly cow" Jack said after he finally finished cumming and pulled his hand away from his sister's pussy. A few last orgasmic shivers ran through Molly before she slid off her brother's cock and laid down on the bed across from him. She grabbed one of his pillows and put it under her head before spreading her legs wide, placing her right leg over Jack's as she looked down at her saturated pussy.

"You clean it this time of you don't want me to get any on your bed" Molly said as her brother also looked at her pussy, his sperm beginning to drip out of it as they watched.

"I don't care, I'll just change the sheets" Jack said breathless and laughed exhausted. "God that was wild" he added.

Molly laughed and watched her brother's face as he studied her pussy. "Yeah that was good, I love it when I cum this hard" Molly said and giggled at the face her brother made.

"I also love it when you cum this hard" Jack said teasingly and looked up at her face as she laughed.

"Oh my god," Molly said laughing "you're just like Zach" she added looking at him.

"What do you mean?" Jack asked confused.

"He also used to say things like that when we started having sex" Molly said and watched her brother's eyes go wide.

Jack looked at his sister amazed as her words sunk in and his mind started racing. He looked at her shocked before almost screaming out "Wait what?"


2020-03-21 16:22:40
good story!


2020-02-20 21:54:54
Hot story. I'd love to Have some willing sisters

Dudley DowrongReport 

2020-02-06 05:20:35
Thanks,again. I also glad U were able to get back to "traditions" . Really glad to read ch 10 & Look forward to Lisa's 18 birthday as Tom & Jack for sure & maybe Zack initate her education to a non-virgin woman.

Dudley DowrongReport 

2020-02-06 05:20:32
Thanks,again. I also glad U were able to get back to "traditions" . Really glad to read ch 10 & Look forward to Lisa's 18 birthday as Tom & Jack for sure & maybe Zack initate her education to a non-virgin woman.


2019-11-30 12:14:18
This is a great series of stories. Dudley is right I have read some stories where it's real detailed like yours and the last chapter is short and cheap. You haven't cut one corner to save you time and you should be proud of that.

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