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Continuation of the story
Lisa and Jace didn’t speak much the next few days. Jace didn’t know, but Lisa kept replaying that day at the lake through her head, just as he did. “She is so intoxicating” he thought.

The texts were very platonic for most of three days. That third day was a Friday. Lisa had a long rest of her week at work, and started talking to Jace a little more. Right before lunch Jace hears his phone go off. “Hey, I need to get away for lunch, want to have lunch together?” Lisa sends him in a text. Jace isn’t sure how to react. He had been dreaming about Lisa since the last time they saw each other. Incredibly vivid dreams of the things he wanted to do to her. “Yeah, were do you want to go?” He replied. “Your house?” she inquired. “Yeah that’s fine, but aren’t you worried about someone seeing your car?”, He wasn’t super worried about it, but wanted to make sure she didn’t mind. “Just come pick me up, and we will take yours, I take lunch at 1230”.

Jace didn’t say much for the rest of the morning. All he could think about is how he was going to control himself around her. He wanted to explore her body, and was not sure he could resist the urge.

Time crept by very slowly. Jace kept watching the clock, tick tock, tick tock. Finally, lunch came around. Jace parked in the alley behind Lisa’s work. Not 30 seconds later, she came walking out. Jace took a deep breath in and held it. She looked amazing. Her blonde hair blowing in the slight wind, and the dress with a semi-conservative neck line, but showed off her amazing legs. “What is going to come of this lunch?” he thought to himself. He thought that they were strictly platonic, but she was going to notice the erection he had.

“You ready?” Lisa asked with a coy smile. Jace realized she had gotten in and buckled up while he was lost in his thoughts. “Yeah, lets blow this popsicle stand” Jace replied.

The ride to his house was uneventful. They took back roads so no one would see them. Jace swore the closer they got, the higher up her legs the dress got. When they got to his house, they walked quickly inside. The door led directly into the kitchen. The house was completely empty, except for them. Jace walked over to the fridge and pulled out the stuff to make a salad. As he was making it, Lisa was slowly running her hands up the inside of her legs while he had his back turned. She wanted him, but was trying to behave.

They sat and joked and laughed over lunch. As Jace was carrying everything into the kitchen, Lisa moved to the living room. When Jace walked in, he saw that Lisa was not wearing any underwear, and was slowly running her finger up and down her slit. He immediately got a rock-hard erection. Lisa noticed this and just smiled.

“Now for my dessert” Jace said as he got down on his knees between her legs. He slowly kissed up the inside of her thigh as she moved her hands up and rested them beside her. Jace would kiss, then slowly run his tongue over her thigh, then kiss again, then slowly run his tongue over her thigh. As he got higher and higher up her thigh, her gasps became more and more intense. Jace finally reached her extremely wet pussy, and slowly ran his tongue lightly over the lips, eliciting a moan and gasp from Lisa. Jace kept running his tongue over her lips, putting slightly more pressure on each stroke. Lisa’s gasping and moaning became stronger and stronger the more pressure he put with each stroke. Once he had revealed her clit, Jace started making little circles around it with each stroke. Lisa started moaning deeper and deeper, and Jace was afraid she was going to cum too fast, so he slowed down slightly. Lisa very quickly grabbed two handfuls of hair and pushed his tongue onto her. Jace slipped one finger inside and found her G spot. Jace started massaging the G spot in time with licking over her clit. Lisa launched into the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced in her entire life. As soon as Jace realized she was cumming, he sped up everything he was doing, and this started a leg shaking, hard squirting orgasm. She shook for at least a minute, but it felt like 10. When she finally got her bearings back, she looked down at Jace. He was wiping the glaze she had covered him in off his face, and licking it off his lips.

“Oh hell sweetie, next time, you better get a towel” she said. “Yeah, I see that, but not complaining” he replied.

Jace just smiled, and ran his hands over her legs. She shivered. Lisa stood up, which placed her pussy right in his face. He licked at it, but she moved away too fast. “Uh, I can’t handle more of that right now, besides, it’s your turn” Lisa said with that sly grin. Jace stood up, and she pushed him down onto the couch. Lisa could still see the outline of his erection on his pants.

Lisa unzipped his pants, and his erection sprung out in her face. Lisa smiled, and slowly licked up the bottom of the shaft from halfway down, all the way up to the tip. Once she got to the tip, she swirled her tongue around it and gently sucked on the head still swirling her tongue around it. Jace’s gasp meant she was getting somewhere. She could feel his pulse quickening in the head of his dick. Lisa slowly started moving the head in and out of her mouth, taking a little more each time, until she had all she could fit in her mouth. She was going very slow, up and down, up and down. Jace started gasping and moaning more and more. Lisa could taste the Precum coming out, and knew he was getting close. She started going a little faster and a little faster. She was slamming it into the back of her throat with every stroke. As Lisa hears Jace moan louder than he was, she feels the throbbing and jerking of his dick. She slams his dick as hard as she can and as far as she can as he cums straight down her throat. She feels the warmth of it running down her throat and a little staying in her mouth. Lisa holds as much of his dick in her mouth as she can, and slowly slides it out of her mouth, feeling Jace shudder as she stops to suck on the head one more time.

Jace looked down at Lisa, that coy smile on her face again. He smiled down at her. Those amazing eyes drawing him in.

“Sweetie, I have to get back to work” Lisa said as she starts to wipe herself off. “My kids are going to their grandparents tonight, if you can get away. I feel like we still have something to do….”

“I will make it happen; you just say what time” Jace replied.

“Let’s say 10 tonight?” Lisa inquired.

“I’ll be there” Jace said with a large grin. This was going to be the start of something amazing……
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