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Continuation of the story
Lisa and Jace both slept better than they had in a long time that night they spent together. Jace replayed the night in his head for the next several days, as did Lisa. They messaged each other frequently, just like lust-stricken teenagers. It was difficult to try and see each other that week, schedules just didn’t line up.

That next weekend it just didn’t seem like it was going to work out either. Jace had secretly reserved a campsite about an hour away from the town they both lived in. He knew she enjoyed camping. Jace messaged her and she said she would find a way to make it. That Saturday, sure enough, she was able to sneak away for the night. She threw a bag of clothes in her car, stopped by the store on the way and grabbed some beer and Fireball, and headed out of town.

The drive an hour north was uneventful. She followed the directions he had sent her, and soon enough was pulling up to the camp site. She noticed he had ridden his motorcycle, and already had camp all set up. There was a smallish tent already set up, firewood had been gathered up, and Jace was slowly walking back from the shore of the lake. Lisa looked past the trees, and realized they were right on the water, and the view was beautiful. There wasn’t anyone in the camping sites for 3-4 around them in all directions.

“Hello gorgeous” Jace said as he walked up to her. He hugged her tight, and kissed her passionately, their tongues dancing in their mouths. Jace made her head spin when he did things like this.

“Well hello sexy” she replied when they stopped kissing.

“Toss your stuff in the tent, and come with me. The small section on the left is for our stuff” Jace told her. They walked over to the tent, and as he unzipped the tent, she realized the tent was sectioned off. There was a small section to the left for stuff, and a separate section on the right for sleeping. It looked a little small, but she doubted they would do much sleeping, if at all. Lisa tossed her bag in the tent, and Jace zipped it back up. Smiling, he took her hand, and lead her through the trees, and to the water. As they approached the shore, Lisa noticed two small folding stools and two fishing poles. As they got closer, she noticed they were collapsible fishing poles. She sat down next to Jace and they spend the next two hours talking and fishing. They caught quite a few which Jace put on a stringer on the bank.

Lisa made a comment about the beer, so they packed everything up and headed back to camp. Lisa started getting the beer out of her car as Jace cleaned the fish. Jase walked over to the tent and pulled out a pan, oil, a lemon, and seasonings. He quickly made a light dinner, and they ate well.

The sun was starting to reach the horizon when they finished eating. “I want to take you somewhere special. There is a hoodie and a helmet in the tent. Grab them really quick and we can go.”

Lisa walked over and found them right away, and put them on. By the time she made it back to the bike, Jace had already put on a jacket, his helmet, and gloves. He climbed on, started up the bike, and motioned for her to get on. She climbed on, and found the pegs for her feet. Jace flipped up the kick stand, and they were on their way. Lisa loved the feeling riding behind him. She had her hands lightly resting on his sides, and slightly leaned into him. It was a smooth ride. She seemed a little shocked when she realized they were going onto a military base. She knew it was here, just not that he was taking her there. As they approached the gate, Jace pulled something out of his pocket. They approached the gate, and Jace handed his ID to the gate guard. They were waved through, and it was another ten minutes of smooth riding. She noticed they were approaching what looked like a hiking trail up a large hill. Jace took a sharp left, and proceeded up the paved trail. Thank goodness there was a back rest, it was steep and she thought she might fall off. As they approached the top, she realized why he brought her here. The view was beautiful and you could see for miles. The sun was turning the sky many shades of red, orange, and purple on the horizon. Jace parked the bike by a water tower at the top of the hill. They climbed off the bike and Jace grabbed a blanket from the saddlebag on the bike. Jace smiled at her and took her hand. He led her down a path that ended in a small clearing on top of a crest. The horizon was in clear view of this spot, but unless you walked right up on it, you would never see them.

“Oh my god, this is beautiful Jace” Lisa said as she looked across the horizon. “Thank you for bringing me here.”

“Thank you for coming with me, I have never shown anyone this spot before. I found it years ago when I was stationed here.” Jace said with a smile. He then laid out the blanket on a small grassy area, and helped her sit down. Lisa watched as Jace walked over to a small bush, and pulled out a bottle of wine, and two glasses.

“Hope you like it” Jace said, pouring her a glass.

Lisa takes a sip, it was sweet, but not sickly sweet. “Yes, it is good. You planned this huh?”

“Maybe…” he responded.

They sat, sipping wine, and watching the sun sink lower and lower. As the second glass of wine was gone, Lisa locked eyes with Jace, and moved in and kissed him. They kissed deeply and passionately. Lisa starts sliding Jace’s shirt off, running her hands over his stomach and chest. Jace starts running his hands up her shirt as well, and stops kissing her just long enough to slip her shirt and bra over her head and off. Jace slowly lays her back till she is laying on the blanket. Jace slowly stops kissing her lips, and slowly moves around to below her ear, then slowly kissing down her neck, over her collarbone, and slowly down her breasts. When Jace reaches her nipple, he lightly bites on it, then pulls it into his mouth, and swirls his tongue around it. Jace’s hand ran across her stomach, and she feels her jeans beaning unbuttoned and unzipped. Jace’s hand starts traveling down and he realizes she is not wearing any underwear. Jace slowly kisses across her chest, moving to the other nipple as his fingers find her already wet slit and then spread it revealing her swollen and throbbing clit.

Lisa was laying there enjoying all the attention she was receiving. As Lisa started to feel an orgasm building in her, she stopped Jace. With a puzzled look on his face, she sat up, and leaned him back. As he laid there, she slowly kissed down from his belly button, moving her way lower, unzipping and sliding his pants down as she went. His erection sprung out and straight up in front of her face. She took the tip in her mouth, and sucked hard, eliciting a deep gasp from Jace. Lisa started moved her mouth up and down his shaft, and in the process also shimmying out of her pants. The sounds he was making, along with the earlier stimulation, had her dripping wet. She reached down between her legs while still sliding her mouth up and down his shaft. She was so incredibly wet. She ran her finger up and down her slit, and then took his dick out of her mouth.

Lisa scooted up over Jace’s legs, until she was right over his dick. She took it in her hand, lined it up, and dropped on it. She took every inch of him, and felt his dick pulsate a little. Lisa started rocking her hips back and forth, feeling him sliding slightly in and out of her. She started speeding up, and noticed Jace rocking his hips in motion with her sliding forward. Every time she rocked forward, her clit would grind into his pubic bone just right. She knew she was not going to last long, but she had a feeling he would not either. Jace’s moaning became stronger and stronger. Lisa sped up, rocking a little farther to move more in and out of her. She felt Jace’s dick start to pulsate, and then the warm feeling of him filling her up with his cum. She was so close and wasn’t going to stop. To her surprise, Jace had not gone limp, instead he was looking up at her, and pushing his pubic bone even harder into her clit. It was not long before her orgasm over took her. As her orgasm faded, she realized Jace was just laying under her smiling.

They got up, got dressed, packed everything up, and then headed back to the bike. On the ride back to the campsite, she was glad he gave her a hoodie. It had gotten colder at nights now. When they got back to the campsite, Jace made another fire, and they sat by it drinking and talking till after midnight. Lisa didn’t mean to, but she drifted off sitting next to Jace, her head leaning on his shoulder.
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