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Cannibal, old, woman, playing, fantasy

My Aunt owns a very large and spacious house just outside the city, I have been coming there for many years. From childhood she was my favorite aunt, in the beginning I did not look at the woman but at the big house. If I was there I could go anywhere, and it was so big that I could walk around for hours. When I got a little older I got less because it was strange to my friends when I said that I was going to see my aunt. But every moment that I was alone I went to her, in those years I started to fantasize about all kinds of secrets that were in the house. I often played the whole weekend on my own, my aunt always laughed when she saw me again after walking around the house for hours. Now you should not think that it is a house where you can get lost, no it has eight bedrooms on the upper floor. A large bathroom and then several storage cupboards, on the ground floor there are four rooms, a large kitchen and a large basement under the house. There is also an attic but my aunt does not allow me to go there, she has always said that it is very dangerous. The floor is not solid and more of that sort of thing, I have always believed her and never went there. In my mind, the attic has always played a major role in my imagination. The last few years that I now come to see my aunt I often look at her with different eyes, she is always dressed in a skirt with a blouse on it, stockings and shoes with a low heel. She always has her graying hair hanging in a tail on her back, she has also become a lot thicker in recent years. She used to be not a slender woman, but now she has a nice wide ass, and for the rest she is well put. She is not that she really has too much everywhere but just nice and wide. In recent years I have watched her with admiration every time, after my school I started working and still live with my parents. I am now in my mid twenties and feel more and more sexual attraction to my aunt. I have tried several times to look under her skirt or touch her buttocks. Most of the time it doesn't work, but when I go to her again and she opens the door for me, I always try to bump into her. Her breasts are also nice and large and I have been able to touch them with my body on several occasions.

A few houses away as my aunt also lives a fairly sturdy woman with whom my aunt has been friends all her life. She is often there when I'm with my aunt again, nowadays I no longer play in the house, but my fantasies have not diminished. This weekend I agreed with my aunt, I will go there the weekend to do some odd jobs. She often asks me if I want to do it for her, and I do so with a lot of love for her. I don't know if she knows that she is so attractive to me. In my mind I have experienced several times this coming weekend, I hope the weather is nice because then my aunt often has a slightly shorter skirt. On Friday evening I pack my things and decide to go straight to my aunt's. I drive at my leisure to Auntie's house and park the car behind the house. The back door is open and I walk in, I call once but I get no answer. I put my bag in the hallway and walk upstairs softly, I hear nothing and go up the landing and push a few doors open. Nowhere does a sound come from a room, when I open Aunt's bedroom it also remains quiet there. I sneak a little further into the room, normally I don't come here often but now I can't contain my curiosity. The room smells all the way to my aunt, he is very tidy. There is a spacious chair in the corner and a few items of clothing. When I am at the chair I see that there is also a slip in it, I pick it up and press it against my face. The scent of my aunt pulls in my nose and I feel my cock harden in my pants. When I press the cross against my mouth I taste her urine and other things. I almost come in my pants, I quickly put the slip back on the chair and leave the room.

On the landing I walk past the door that goes to the attic, for the first time I see that it is slightly open. I put my hand on the button and carefully open the door a little. A faint light from a lamp comes down the stairs, I also hear a few soft voices. My curiosity overcomes my mind, I go up the stairs pressed against the wall. I take every step very carefully to ensure that no steps creak. When I am at the top of the stairs I can look over the attic, there is a door right in front of me that is half open and with light behind it. The voices also come from there, I go further into the attic and look through the opening to see what is behind the door. There is a spacious room there with a large bed, against the wall is a very large closet. I see all kinds of ropes and belts hanging on the beams of the roof. As I look further into the room I see my aunt's neighbor lying on the floor, she is lying on a mattress and has her arms spread on the floor. My aunt stands above her and is completely undressed, my cock is hard in my pants, I pull it out of my pants and start pulling it off slowly. The neighbor is lying naked on the floor, she has a large bundle of hair between her legs. I feel my seed looking for a way out with great shocks, I bite my hand and come off with a shock. I quickly look around and grab a cloth behind me and rub the seed off the floor. When I look back into the room I see that my aunt with her half hairy cunt is sitting on the neighbor's face. My pleasure returns with shocks when I hear both women sigh. My aunt grabs the neighbor's head and rubs it tightly against her cunt. Suddenly my aunt starts to moan hard and comes cramping. She drops onto the mattress next to the neighbor, I look at her dripping cunt. I would spend a lot of time diving between her legs and licking everything up.

I see the women calm down and slowly rise, I go down quickly and sit on the couch. Half an hour later my aunt and the neighbor come down. Neither of them are surprised that I am here, I get a big kiss from both women. For a moment the neighbor looks at me with a smile and strokes my face with her fingers. Then she walks away and sits down in a chair opposite me, my aunt comes back into the room with three glasses of drink and puts it on the table. Without asking me how long I have been there we start a quiet conversation with each other. After about two hours the neighbor leaves, when she gets up I get a nice view under her skirt. I look at her briefly for a moment, which disappears quickly. My aunt comes back into the room when she has waved goodbye to her girlfriend. I get a kiss from her when she sits down next to me, she puts her warm hand on my thigh. She always did this when she sat down next to me. Now she leaves her hand while she looks at me, I see a sparkle in her eyes that I have never seen before. Then she turns her head away and takes her hand off my leg, when she does she first lets him slide up a bit so that she touches my cock. The pleasure shoots through my body and my cock starts to grow. Smiling, my aunt takes her glass and takes a sip, then she sits quietly against the backrest and looks at the television for a moment.

"Auntie I go to bed, tomorrow I have a lot to do for you."

“That's good boy, I also get to bed on time because you first have to do a few things in my bedroom. Good night, boy till tomorrow. "

I give her a kiss and then go upstairs in thought, when I am later in bed I cannot get to sleep. I kick off the blankets and take off my briefs, my hard cock pops up immediately and taps my belly. With my hand I strok the hard meat and immediately I see the two women busy again in the attic. A moment later I hear the stairs creak, the fourth step from the top always cracking. If I want to be quiet in the house I always skip that step, I know that my aunt always comes to see me when I sleep with her. I decide to stay on my back, I leave the eken at the foot. A moment later my bedroom door opens, something is falling in and I see my aunt come into the room through my eyelashes. She turns on a light and then looks at me, she stands right next to the bed and strokes her lips with her tongue. Then she stoops a little and I feel her fingers sliding down my hard cock. When her finger touches the sensitive spot, just below my glans, I suddenly come out in shock. My aunt looks at it and slowly brings her finger to her mouth. She licks the finger off and then carefully walks out of the bedroom, I feel the seed run down my stomach. When the door is closed I strok the dripping seed with my hand, I bring my hand to my mouth and lick the seed off. I get up and grab a towel and rub myself dry, then I lie down on the bed again and fall asleep very quickly.

The next morning I take a shower and then I go down for breakfast. When I am almost finished, my aunt walks into the kitchen in her dressing gown. She looks at me shinyly and gives me a kiss on my forehead.

"Have you slept well, boy?"

"Yes, I fell asleep quickly last night and heard nothing and woke up wonderfully rested this morning."

I look her in the eye when I say this, she smiles briefly and then turns around. A moment later she comes to sit at the table with a large mug of tea. She carefully takes a sip and keeps looking at me.

“Do you want to hang some shelves in my bedroom today? I have two large wardrobes, but I want to move them a little. If those shelves are hung against the other wall, I can put my things back on them. "

"Of course aunt that is not a problem, I will immediately start with those boards."

When breakfast is finished I get up, aunt also gets up and together we walk upstairs in silence. My aunt walks up the stairs in front of me and at every step I can look under her coat, if she moves her leg in some other way I can suddenly look at her bare buttocks, startled I see that she is not wearing a slip. My cock is starting to grow again, I just look the other way to avoid standing in her bedroom with a hard cock. We walk into her bedroom and she tells us which shelves should go and where to hang them. The cabinets now stand against two different walls, if these are next to each other, the bedroom becomes larger. I nod to my aunt and start emptying the shelves, I notice that my aunt is looking at me, when I look at her from the corner of my eye I see that she is slowly moving her hand under her coat. Then she turns around and takes a towel from the cupboard and gives me a kiss.

“I'm just taking a nice shower, boy, just go on, then this job is done quickly. Then I have a few more chores for you. "

She gives me a light tap with my hand on my buttocks and walks out of the bedroom laughing. I check her rocking buttocks and feel a wonderful warm current flowing through my body. Knowing that she's wearing nothing under that coat makes me enjoy it very much. A while later I hung up the shelves and am busy putting them back in place when the door opens and my aunt with wet hair enters the bedroom. She has wrapped the towel around her blissful body, the towel comes just below her buttocks and the breasts are also just covered. I have never seen my aunt like this before and the pleasure grows quickly in my body again, she looks at me for a moment and lets her gaze touch my body.

"That looks good boy."

I don't quite see what she means, when I look into her eyes I think she means my body. Smiling, she walks to the wardrobe and unpacks a few clothes. She keeps it to herself and looks at me.

“Do I have to put this on boy? Or do you want me to do something else? "

I look at her and try to utter a few words, the towel has been pushed aside a bit, revealing the hard nipple of her right breast.

"I can still remember a piece of clothing that you once had on aunt, if you put it on for me I will do everything for you."

For a moment she looks at me tightly, then I see that sparkle again, she turns around and picks up a leather skirt from the cupboard, a light blouse with it and from the bottom shelf takes a pair of pumps with a fairly high heel.

"Do you want me to add tights or nylons?"

Swallowing I make a movement of it makes no difference, in her eyes I see that she is not satisfied with that.

"I would like to see you put on stockings, Auntie."

She puts the clothes on the bed and takes a pair of black stockings from a drawer, then the towel slips off her body and I see that she has shaved her pussy. There is now a small line of hair above the pussy. The tabs are slightly open, I cannot enjoy them for long. She turns around and puts on panties, the bra in the same color covers her beautiful breasts. Then she puts on the blouse and sits on the bed to put on the stockings. She is very flexible for her fairly large, she steps into the skirt a little later and finally she steps into her shoes. She takes a comb and brings her long hair together in a tail on her back. She pulls the tail a little tighter, giving her a strict appearance. With a bottle of perfume she brings a wonderful scent to her, then she turns to me and looks at me with tingling eyes.

“So now you are going to do everything for your aunt? Because you promised. "

I can't help but nod, she comes to me and looks me in the eye.

“You guessed that you are going to do that, now you continue with my bedroom and you stay away from everything. When I come upstairs you will have everything ready in this room. The cupboards are then in their new place and everything is neatly tidy. If you don't have that ready, your aunt will punish you. I've always wanted to punish you once and I'm going to do that today dear boy, you were here early yesterday and did things you didn't like and at least you get punishment for that. ”

She suddenly runs away leaving me in the bedroom, I continue quickly with the assignment and make sure that the cupboards go to their places. When I have just finished, the bedroom door opens and my aunt comes into the room. She turns her head around for a moment and then nods approvingly.

“You did well boy, now you go to your bedroom and take your clothes off, the only thing you can keep is your slip. Then you go downstairs and pour coffee in for me, you put it on the table and stand next to my chair. ”

I go to my bedroom and take off my clothes, I can hardly hide my cock in my briefs. I go downstairs and pour the coffee into Auntie's cup, I walk into the room with it and put it on the table and stand next to the chair. A moment later she walks into the room and sits down on her chair without saying a word. She takes the cup and slowly brings it to her mouth, from above I can see the coffee sliding into her mouth. This has a wonderful erotic feeling with me, I feel my cock getting harder and it rises above the edge of my brief. Auntie puts the empty cup back on the table and then sits back in the chair, I get a nice face on her breasts that are pressed above the blouse. She looks at my briefs for a moment and opens her mouth, she says nothing and stays on for a moment.

"Take the panties off because it's too small to hide everything."

I take a step back and quickly take off my briefs., Auntie looks at them and sits down comfortably in her chair. She takes a magazine and leafs through it quietly, when she puts it away my cock is still hard. She stands up and stands in front of me, in her eyes I see pleasure and domination.

“Boy go to the attic, you have seen that there is a mattress and you lie on your back there. There is a hood on the bed and you put it on your head, you stay away from everything and wait until you get an assignment. ”

She walks away and I go upstairs, in the attic I grab the hood and put it over my head. This only covers my eyes, my nose and mouth remain free. I can't see anything anymore and lie down on the mattress. This is what I have always fantasized about, I have never found a girl what these games wanted to do. In my fantasy, my aunt was always the mistress. How many times I have finished with the image of my aunt in the clothes that she now wears can no longer be counted. Maybe I am finally going to experience this fantasy, a moment later I hear the door open. A small sigh of wind caresses past my body, I don't hear anything but I do feel that there is someone in the room. It is a large room with a lot of things, I have not looked at it. There were a few things that I did see, against the wall hangs a large plate with a number of whips, buoys and other things. On the other hand, there were a few devices that I could not see. Suddenly I feel something gliding over my chest, it is quickly gone again. Then I hear the heels of the pumps from Auntie walking right next to the mattress. Again there is that feeling, now it goes away again and comes back with a hard tap on my chest. It hurts a bit but I try to stay put. Then something is pulled around my cock, for a moment it hurts but it pulls away and gives way to a heavy pleasure. I have the feeling that I am going to cum, then it is pulled harder again so that pleasure disappears.

Everything is gone right away, then I hear the shoes slide right past my head. There is some movement in the mattress next to my head, for a moment nothing happens and then I feel that there is something just above my face.

"Open your mouth boy, stick out your tongue and let me enjoy."

When I stick out my tongue I feel my aunt's buttocks coming over my face, she squeezes her wet pussy on my tongue. I try to grab her legs with my hands but immediately they are grabbed by her firm hands and pressed back onto the mattress.

"Just your tongue boy, you just leave the rest."

She rubs my face hard and I hear her moan more and more. Then she sits still and squeezes my head tightly between her legs, I just get absolutely no breath and then feel the pressure diminish and immediately my mouth is full of her warm juices. I swallow it as much as possible, the taste is delicious. She becomes calmer on my face and then steps away, nothing happens for a while then I feel a hand grabbing me. I am pulled up and have to follow the person holding me, then I hit something hard with my legs. I am turned around and pushed back, I sit on a hard plate. Slowly the hand pushes me further back, I feel my back touch the hard surface. Then my leg is grabbed and placed on something, a couple of belts come around my legs. My buttocks are not on the plate but are hanging loose in the room. My arms are fastened next to me on a board, around my waist there is also a belt. I can no longer move my head also has no support and hangs loose so that it slowly sinks backwards. Suddenly something is pressed onto my nipple, I feel a sharp pain, and I immediately know that it is a kind of clip. The heels are sounding on the floor again, they stop near my head. Then I feel that the board I'm lying on is going up, when I'm a bit higher, a furry cat is pressed onto my face. For a moment I am surprised but immediately know that it must be the neighbor. She rubs her pussy firmly on my face, I taste her juices flowing over my face.

It does not take very long before I feel her cum coming together. The moment she comes, she squeezes her legs hard against my face. I can't move and feel her cunt running completely empty, I once had a girl who was able to squirt nice and hard but this woman is doing much better. The juices almost drown me in it. Slowly she let go of my head and I lick up every drop I can reach with taste. She walks away and it is quiet again in the room, suddenly the table moves again. He makes a big blow, so I turn around and hang my face down to the floor. My body pulls in the belts but they don't hurt. The boards on which my legs are lying suddenly spread further apart, I feel that I am now completely open. My arms are also further apart, I feel I am there when an animal needs some slaughter. This strange feeling gives me a hard cock that can explode at any moment, I feel a cold wet liquid running down my butt. It penetrates my butt hole a bit, the feeling is heavenly and I can't suppress a deep moan. The board goes down a little at the front and a little further up at the back. Again a wet stream runs through my buttocks into my butt hole, it remains a great feeling. Then the board goes back and I come back to hang horizontally, for a moment nothing happens then I feel that one of the women is standing between my legs. Without restraining the woman presses something hard and big into my buttocks, the liquid thrown in it makes the object go into my ass. It is the first time that I am taken anally. For a moment the legs are pressed against my ass then the woman starts to take me slowly with long strokes and hard knocks. My cock is hanging down hard. Suddenly I feel something warm sliding around my pole, I feel a soft tongue glide past my cock and that is too much for me. Shockingly, I squirt my sperm into the mouth that surrounds my cock.

When I'm sprayed, she lets go of my cock, the other woman pulls the object out of my ass. I hear the women smile and feel a strange object glide over my back. Very slowly the feeling becomes more painful. Then it is gone again the women are standing next to the shelf and look down on me, I hear them moan softly and I feel another strange moisture run over me. Then everything is quiet again and I lie quietly on my way, the board moves a little further, at the front it goes further down and my legs go higher into the air. Slowly my legs are further apart, my ass is wide open in this way. Something is being pushed in and then I feel a cold jet being sprayed into me. I am sprayed with cold water and then the board turns back with my legs down, this is repeated a number of times and then I keep hanging my legs up again. My cock has grown again and stands hard forward, I feel a hand being put around it that slowly starts pulling on it. Then I hear the neighbor say something to my aunt, it is very quiet so that I cannot understand what she is saying. The women walk away laughing, a moment later they come back into the room. The ticking of the high heels has given way to normal footsteps. Again that strange object is placed on my back. The pain is not there now and the object slowly goes over my back.

A cold syrupy jet is sprayed into my ass again, it feels great. Then one of the women presses her full hand in my ass, I feel no pain at all and enjoy this rape. Slowly she pushes her hand further into me, for a moment it seems as if she's in it all the way to her elbow. Then she takes something inside and slowly pulls back her hand. I feel something strange inside and can't say what it is, she takes her hand out completely and laughs and then walks away. The other woman, who turns out to be the neighbor, continues with the strange object on my back. My aunt comes back again and gives me a hard slap on my butt, I can't suppress a slight moan of pleasure. The neighbor lets the object disappear from my back and grabs something on my back with her hands and pulls it slowly. A very strange feeling creeps over my back. I hear my aunt moan softly and then the neighbor on the other side grabs something and pulls on a bit later I feel my aunt's hand disappear in my ass again to come out with something she has caught inside. Laughing, she walks away and comes back a little later, then the neighbor also lets me go, I feel them both standing beside me.

"He is starting to look very nice, dear friend, and he can be cooked."

I hear the women talk like that, but I don't really understand what they say. My legs are pushed a little further apart. Something is squeezed in my ass, with her hand my aunt pushes it all the way in me, then she presses her mouth on my buttocks and puts her teeth in it hard. I feel her teeth sink into my flesh, she leaves it there for a moment and then presses her teeth together and takes a bite out of my buttocks. It should actually hurt but I don't feel it, there is a jet running down my buttocks and I suspect it's blood. Auntie grabs the item the neighbor used and puts it on my buttock, she quickly pulls it up. The neighbor takes hold of something and pulls it aside I begin to suspect that it is my skin that the women are stripping away from me. They are now pulling the skin off my body on different sides. I turn around and the women do the same at the front. Moments later I think my skin is off and the women look down on me. I feel them coming over me and suddenly I feel two rays fall on my body.

“Mmmmm that's nice, spray your meat so clean mmm great I am hungry dear friend. Do we eat it raw or are we going to cook, bake or roast it? ”

"You say it, but after all, it's your cousin we're going to eat."

For a moment it is quiet then the women step above me, I no longer hear them and let everything calmly affect me. Then I hear the footsteps again, they come back into the room and I am released. Then four hands hold me firmly and lay me on something. They walk out of the room with me on a scale, I am placed on something in the attic and slowly I slide into a very warm environment. After a while I feel a cool stream go over me, the bowl is pulled out of the warm environment and brought back to the big room. I am put on a table with the dish and the hood is pulled off my head, for a moment I look at the eyes of both women. They turn away laughing and sit on a chair, the women take a knife and fork from the table and lean over me. With a few quick movements they cut off a few pieces from me and put that on their plate / with a lot of taste they start to eat my meat. When their plates are empty, they cut off a piece from me again. A little later I get turned around so I put my butt in the air. With a big shrug, my aunt cuts off a large piece of my buttocks. It falls on her plate. She gives the knife to the neighbor and she cuts off an equally large piece of my other buttock. A while later I am turned around again and lie on my back with my hard pole straight up. The women look at each other then the neighbor takes my cock and balls and my aunt cuts my cock and bales off my body in one movement. The neighbor puts my jerk in her mouth and brings her mouth to my aunt's mouth. She opens her mouth and the neighbor presses my cock between the lips of aunt who immediately puts her teeth in the flesh and bites a piece of it. The neighbor bites my jerk off and starts chewing it with great taste, after several bites my dick and my balls have completely disappeared in the stomachs of the women. Not much later they eat the last remains and I have disappeared forever in their stomachs.

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