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Death, pregnancy, murder, sex, ghosts!
The feet message of the geisha on his back was causing the earthquakes to the pimpelves and their volcanos were exploding when many big feet again and again stomped and stomped the ground of his back valley. Steve Pimpelf was good at his job but it was hard work and he did not like it but he did enjoy being good at it and he liked the money so he kept doing it anyway also his secretary was hot she had big boobs and she suck the dick good and he liked that she sucked the dick good but didnt want his wife to know. Steve Pimpelves wife was sucking his dick good but not as good as his secretary and she was hiding under his desk sucking on his dick when his secretary walked in and caught them but she didnt because the wife was hiding so he came. Steve Pimpelves secretary brought him a hotdog like she did when he asked and he had asked her to bring him a hotdog so she did and he ate it like she always ate his dick and like his wife was now eating his dick under the desk but the secretary thought something was weird so she picked up the desk and was like OH NO! Steve ate his hotdog and his wife divorced him for cheating and then the foot stepped on their house and they died.

When the hotdogs heared what had been done to them they were not happy so they sent their armies to the pimpelf world to eat them back as revenge but when they got there all there was were flat pimpelves and pimpelf houses and they started to lick the blood while they cried because they didnt get to eat them while they were alive and dead pimpelf tastes bad they thought probably but nobody wanted to try because ew thats gross. The first of the hotdogs that had been born licked the wrong thing once and now he was going crazy he started to eat the other hotdogs and skin them alive and rip apart their buns and soon he grew bones and started to attack. He attacked them with his bones and they got killed and then he used the bones to rape their bodies but because they were all distracted by his attack and his attacking bones and he was so busy going crazy that nobody noticed that the sex ghosts were starting to show up. The sex ghosts took the hotdogs and put them in their wet pussies getting ectoplasm everywhere and moaning loudly as they had sex with dead hotdogs and touched their big sexy ghost boobs. The geisha was screaming as the sex ghosts flooded from her brain like tears from her eyes and she fell on the ground dead because all of her ghosts came out. The guy that the pimpelves live on got scared because it was another geisha that died in his office and so he had sex with her body and started to eat her while they were making love to each other and she got pregnant.

With all the hotdogs dead and having had sex and satisfied the pregnant sex ghosts started to build their new castle from dead skin dead hotdogs dead pimpelves and sex water and the queen of the sex ghosts sat on the throne in the castle and demanded the others bring her a sacrifice. The science sex ghosts worked tirelessly to shrink down the geisha they saw as god who they came from and the sexy geisha now shrunk down cried and screamed in fear because ghosts are scary and she has ghostphobia and she tried to run but they didnt let her because they had ghost ropes. The geisha was smacked and hit and cut and stabbed at and some of her skin was taken off but the sex ghosts sucked on her boobs and licked her vagina really wet. The sex ghosts started to make the geisha suck on their pussies and one at a time each of the sex ghosts took turns giving birth to ghost babies into the geishas mouth until the geisha couldnt handle any more and she exploding from babies. The queen was bored and thought it was a lame sacrifice and so she started to kill all the sex ghosts with their babies before she squeezed all the ghost babies together into a dragon and flew off on it. She would bring death to the pimpelves before they knew what was coming and they would die.

The ghost blood of all the dead sex ghosts soaked into the businessmans skin and soon he became pale and his body started to transform his bones twisting and shaping and breaking and unbreaking and his blood all came out and soon he started to change. His man pecks were now a pair of supple perfect big boobs with perfect suckable nipples pierced with rings and his abs were now not a mans waste but instead a slender and sexy midrift on top of wide hips good for putting babies out but she wasnt pregnant she was a virgin again because now the business man was a sexy goth girl with ghost poweres. At the school reuinion he wasnt going to go to before a sexy goth girl none of them ever saw before showed up and started to attract all the men and most of the women except for the gay men but there were only two of those and soon an orgy started. All the men and women had sex with the sexy goth girl at the same time and started to suck her boobs and lick her vagina and suck her vagina and lick her boobs and fuck her in the pussy and in her butthole and in her mouth there were so many in each hole she couldnt handle it except she could because she had ghost powers but if she didnt she would die. Soon she was dripping inside and outside with thick white liquid but it was cum not ectoplasm and she was prengnant. All of the people she had sex with were dead and she screaemd loud and started giving birth to millions of ghosts that started to move out of the building and into the city.

The ghosts would go into anyone they saw and start making them have sex with anything they saw until they died and then they would get pregnant with ghosts and give birth to millions more until the entire world was sexy lady ghosts with big boobs having sex with each other and now it was time because the ghosts marched onto the land of the pimpelves. There they found armies of hotdogs licking pimpelf blood from the dead pimpelves and all running from one carzy one and so they started to make the hotdogs have sex with them so they would have cums and get pregnant to please their queen. It was their queen they invented the hotdog because it was perfect for food and for sex and she use to be the queen of a huge kingdom that was really horny and hungry but they were all ladies with big boobs and nobody had thought to have a lady have sex with a lady yet so the queen decided to start making hotdogs because they could have sex with them and then eat them and because they looked like dicks they would get pregnant and grow in numbers but soon the queen got carried away and turned too many ladies into hotdogs until they were all ghosts and since they died because of the hotdogs that never got eaten all they could ever think of was having sex with hotdogs.
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