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A story about a man, his daughter and her best friend.

In a matter of seconds, one’s life can change forever. This is the story of how precisely that happened to me, when a dream I didn’t even know I had, had just come true. This transformative experience befell me on what might have been a typical Sunday afternoon, a day that actually started off quite dull and frustrating…

I had spent most of my only day off doing outdoor labor, singlehandedly preparing the entire house and garden for the oncoming winter. It wasn’t so much the manual work that annoyed me, but rather that my family had stuck me with it. I had informed them of my plans well in advance and added that I expected everyone to do their part. However, when the time came, the wife and kids had ran off anyway, each claiming their trivial activities were far more important than the preservation of our domicile.

Unsurprisingly, my protests had fallen on deaf ears, and so it was up to me and my wife’s Pomeranian to get the job done. I started off early and worked hard, ticking off one item on my list after another. I replaced and painted damaged wood siding, fixed broken shingles and cleaned the gutters, gave the garden set a good cleaning and stored it together with the earthenware pots in the shed. Lastly, I raked the fallen leaves into a neat pile, and with that, all the most pressing jobs were done.

Although the dog hadn’t been much help, the work had actually taken less time than I had expected. In fact, it wasn’t even three o’clock when I finally put away my tools, which meant that I still had a couple of hours of afternoon all to myself. It’d be a while before my family would return, as they surely wouldn’t risk showing their faces before the work was finished, so I was free to do whatever I wanted. Judging I had already had enough exercise for one day and therefore was allowed to forgo my weekly jog, I opted to have a cool beer instead, followed by a long hot shower and a refreshing nap, to fully unwind and recharge myself for tonight’s soiree.

Barely half an hour had passed since I had laid my tired body to rest, when I was roused from my slumber by a faint noise. Though barely audible, my subconscious picked it up anyway and judged it important enough to wake me. I lay quiet for a moment and listened intently for the noise. Given that our furry pet was more likely to run off and cower than act like a proper guard dog, I knew that if there were intruders, it would be up to me to defend our property. I didn’t have to wait long before I heard it again.

One thing was certain: it definitely wasn’t burglars. While faint and muffled by the walls of the house, I instantly recognized the sound as that of a woman moaning out in sexual ecstasy.

At last I understood why such a near imperceptible sound had managed to wake me, but it did raise another question: if I was the only one home, who was making these highly erotic noises? This, I had to investigate.

I got out of bed, threw on a robe and stuck my head out the bedroom door. There it was again, a little louder than before. As I listened to the muffled whimpers, I traced their origin to a partially opened door at the far end of the hallway; the door that led to my daughter Gemma’s bedroom.

This discovery presented me with the moral dilemma of what to do; should I barge in and protect my daughter’s virtues by scaring some pimply kid half to death, or be one of those modern, liberal dads and allow her to explore her body and sexuality in the relative safety of our home?

While I was weighing my options, an additional thought popped in my mind. Gemma had broken up with her boyfriend some three weeks ago, and, as far as I knew, wasn’t seeing anyone since. Who then could it be in there with her?

It wasn’t unthinkable that the old lovebirds had somehow reconciled and were now celebrating their reunion. Daniel, the boy she had so recently broken up with, also happened to be her best friend’s older brother, so she was bound to run into him again eventually, and who knows what might happen if they did. If that were the case, I had severely underestimated the boy’s skills as a lover, because whoever was in there sure knew how to please a woman. Nevertheless, a reunion of my daughter and Daniel was not something I was looking forward to.

To be honest, I never liked Gemma dating Daniel. It wasn’t the age difference that bothered me, I’m no hypocrite. No, it was that I always felt my daughter could do a lot better than him. To put it bluntly, my Gemma was a solid eight at least, while he was at most a five – and I’m being very generous here. Daniel could best be described as a stereotypical nerd; bad skin, physically underdeveloped, socially inept and with all the peculiar hobbies his kind seemed to pursue. I’m not ashamed to admit I was quite relieved when Gemma informed us that she had finally dumped the wimp.

Hence it was with more than the usual parental interest that I listened to the lustful noises emanating from my daughter’s bedroom. The longer I was standing there, the more noticeable it became that, although there was plenty of female moaning, I had neither heard Daniel’s whiny voice, nor the more baritone sound of a real man. In all my naivety, I concluded that this meant that either Gemma’s partner was very quiet, or she was in her room alone. If the latter were the case, barging in on her would only be embarrassing for us both.

I decided that, whether my daughter was masturbating or having sex with a mute, it was really none of my business. I was going to take a shot at the liberal dad thing; I was going to respect Gemma’s privacy, head back to bed and do my best to ignore the lustful noises. Maybe I’d even be able to catch some more of that much deserved rest. However, I had just turned my back towards the door, when I heard something that made me reconsider this resolve. It was a female voice, but it wasn’t my daughter’s.

“Oh yes Gemmy, I love it when you suck my clit like that!”

Overpowered by an irrepressible fit of curiosity, I tiptoed back to the partially opened door and cautiously pushed it until the crack was wide enough for me to peek in. What I saw inside was indeed not one girl, but two; a gorgeous pair of young women, each naked as the day she was born. One of the girls I recognized as Gemma’s best friend Eileen, and the other was most likely my daughter herself.

Eileen was sitting on the bed, more or less facing my way. She was leaning against the headboard, her upper body supported by a fluffy pile of pillows, and had her shapely legs dangling over the edge of the mattress. There, between those wide-open legs, was the other naked girl. This one was on all fours, her fine ass thrust up high in the air and her face pressed firmly against Eileen’s crotch, where she purportedly was doing a great job sucking on her clit.

It was difficult to believe that the girl who was so expertly eating Eileen’s pussy, could be my own darling daughter, but the proof was impossible to ignore. I obviously couldn’t see the girl’s face, but it had to be Gemma. Not only were the girls in her bedroom, but she had the same petite athletic figure and golden chestnut hair. Also, the fact that Eileen had addressed her lover as ‘Gemmy’, was compelling evidence.

Walking in on this intimate act had been quite a surprise, but I must admit that seeing my daughter going down on her best friend was also the single most erotic thing I had ever witnessed. Each of the two naked girls was a sight to behold on her own, but seeing them together in this erotic display made me seriously doubt whether I was really awake or still dreaming.

Though both Gemma and her friend would be considered attractive by any standard, they could have hardly been less alike. Strawberry blond and fair-skinned Eileen was blessed with a luscious curvy figure, with an ample bosom and broad hips that were obviously designed with only one single purpose in mind: breeding. Her massive round breasts rested heavy on her chest, jiggling hypnotizingly as she was writhing from the pleasure Gemma was giving her. My view between her legs was blocked by my daughter’s head, but I knew there would be a neatly trimmed patch of silky blond pubes, and below that, one of the hottest and wettest pussies in town.

The reason that I was so intimately familiar with Eileen’s scrumptious body was that, until quite recently, she was not merely my daughter’s best friend, but also my secret lover. For two highly satisfying years, I was involved in a torrid affair with this sexy young woman, during which I got to play with her curvy body on countless visits, sleepovers and secret get-togethers in various seedy hotels and parking lots.

Most people only got to see Eileen’s kind and polite side, unaware that underneath that well-mannered exterior lurked an exceptionally hot and horny piece of ass, possibly even a borderline nymphomaniac. I was one of the lucky few who got to know this firsthand, and I absolutely loved it. She had a near insatiable hunger for big cock, and she loved mine most of all. Whenever she thought there was the slightest chance we could get away with it, Eileen would get on her knees for a blowjob, or drop her panties for a quick fuck, and I was always keen to comply. I don’t think that during those two years she ever left our house without at least one dose of my cum soaking somewhere inside her.

Sadly, that all came to an end a couple of months ago, shortly after she started seeing her current boyfriend, Mark. The young man she had picked as her mate was intelligent and handsome, probably hung like a horse, and remarkably conservative when it came to sex. I never expected her relationship with such a straitlaced individual to last, but she proved me wrong. Her affection for him was strong enough that she decided to give up her promiscuous ways and embrace a life of monogamy, thereby abruptly terminating our affair. Though my wife and I still have a very active sex life, and I honestly don’t have any cause to complain, I often miss having a sexual partner as talented and uninhibited as my daughter’s best friend Eileen.

While it was nice to see that the months of monogamy hadn’t dulled my former lover’s wild nature, nothing on earth could have prepared me for the shock of seeing her in bed with my daughter. Eileen’s bisexuality might not have been much of a revelation, but I never expected my own baby girl to have such inclinations as well. It was astonishing to see how skilfully and passionately my sweet and demure daughter was pleasuring her friend with her mouth and fingers.

However, her lesbian appetite wasn’t the only surprise my daughter had in store for me, nor was it the biggest. In stark contrast to her friend, who had no qualms flaunting her luscious female curves, Gemma usually kept her petite figure hidden behind multiple layers of loose-fitting clothes. It had indeed been quite a few years since I had seen her wear as much as a bikini, never mind the last time I saw her fully naked. As I was looking at her, I was amazed how stunningly gorgeous a woman she had become, now that her body had fully blossomed into adulthood.

I knew that I should have closed the door and left the girls to themselves, but I simply couldn’t do it. I had to keep looking. I was all too aware of how rare it was to get a glimpse of my daughter’s nude body, so I felt I owed it to myself to take full advantage of this unique opportunity. I put aside any lingering scruples and took a good look at all the forbidden parts usually hidden underneath Gemma’s baggy clothing, thoroughly scrutinizing her graceful physique without observing a single flaw. Though I had always thought that Gemma was a beautiful girl, this notion had been largely based on conjecture and parental bias. Now I knew it for a fact, and one thing was clear: my estimate of her being a solid eight was completely wrong. She was positively off the scale.

Years of regular exercising had rewarded Gemma with an athletic, yet highly feminine figure. She was by no means skinny, but there wasn’t a single ounce of fat out of place anywhere on her body. Covered in creamy smooth skin, her heart-shaped little ass was a true work of art. While not as big and full as her friend’s, the delightfully firm twin cheeks were exquisitely curved, with a cute pair of dimples near the base of her spine. Separating those tight globes was a deep cleft that harbored a tiny puckered-up hole. Looking at my daughter’s behind was a real treat, and I could only dream of what it’d be like to be the lucky bastard who got to fondle those tight round globes, or to grab them firmly while he pounded her hard from behind.

An inch or so below that tight hole was another one of my daughter’s hidden gems; her beautiful pussy. Though the lower half of her sex was largely obscured by her fingers rapidly strumming her clit, her arousal was unmistakable. The delicate skin surrounding her slit was slightly flushed, giving it a reddish glow, and the plump outer labia were swollen and lavishly glazed with her rich female nectar. The chubby lips were pressed tightly together, but sometimes her stroking fingers briefly pulled them apart, and when they did, I was offered a glance of the ravishing pink interior of her vulva. It was almost like Gemma’s pussy was winking at me, letting me know she didn’t mind if I secretly stole a peek.

I don’t know how long I was standing there, ogling my naked daughter and her friend. It was a view no father should ever have of his darling little girl, and it was stirring all sorts of new and disturbing feelings inside me. The hypnotizing sight of her swaying hips and dancing fingers had me fully captivated, and I’m sure I could have kept watching her play with herself like that for hours more without ever getting bored.

With much difficulty I managed to tear my eyes away from my daughter’s fabulous rear end, so I could swiftly examine the rest of her body. Though it would be challenging to top that delicious ass, I wasn’t disappointed. She reminded me strongly of her mother when we started dating, and also of my sisters when they were around her age. Gemma had clearly inherited the best traits of both our families and managed to combine it into something that was simply beyond beautiful.

Though Gemma’s kneeling position offered me a fabulous view of her gorgeous ass and pussy, it also hid much of the rest of her body from my sight. Most regrettable was that I could only see barely half of just one mouth-watering little breast. The petite beauty appeared to be just about the right size to perfectly fill my hand, was slightly cone-shaped, and delightfully firm and perky. The sexy mound was topped with a puffy pink nipple that protruded about a quarter of an inch from the creamy white skin, begging to be pinched or sucked.

As I was still imagining what it’d be like to caress that alabaster skin, squeeze those lovely little breasts or suck on their pink tips, my eyes were irresistibly drawn back to her flushed pussy and her busy fingers. The glossy digits were still moving smoothly and nimbly, obviously well-versed in what they were doing. This notion was soon confirmed, when Gemma uttered a deep groan and then arched her back in a series of jerking motions. With a shock I realized that my little girl was cumming right before my eyes. At the peak of her climax, she was plunging two fingers into her gushing vagina and frantically fucked herself with every jerk of her body. Then, as the first series of bucking motions died away, she resumed fingering her clit in a flurry, and almost immediately a second orgasm took hold of her. She started bucking again, her pussy once more pouring its hot juices over her fingers.

Gemma was having one orgasm after another, each just as intense as the first, in an impressive series that endured for over a minute. When she finally came back down to earth, she withdrew her hand from her sex, giving her hypersensitive pleasure button a little rest while she dedicated all her attention to giving her friend an equally earth-shattering climax. With my view no longer obscured by her fingers, I was now directly looking at my daughter’s mouth-watering pussy. I was surprised and pleased to see that both her mound and lips were completely void of hair. No fur shrouding the intimate tissues of her sex, nor was there even a trace of unsightly stubble blemishing the smooth skin that surrounded it.

As I had noted earlier, her plump little pussy was tightly closed, but now I saw that tucked between the chubby lips were a tiny clitoral hood and a pair of the smallest inner labia I had ever encountered on a woman. The thin wrinkly folds only barely protruded from the protective outer lips, just enough to show off their bright pink hue to my spying eyes. Had this not been my own teenaged daughter’s pussy, I would not have rested until I had my way with that succulent morsel of female flesh.

For a moment I couldn’t help feeling that I was being played by fate, forever knowing that the sexiest, most desirable woman on earth was living right here under my roof, and also knowing that I would never get to lay my hands on her. It was a somewhat depressing realization, but I could still content myself with the next best thing: drooling over her from a distance and memorizing every detail of her tight young body so I could secretly fantasize about fucking her brains out while I was having sex with my wife.

When I finally gazed up from my daughter’s delectable body, I was presented with the shock of a lifetime: I was looking straight into Eileen’s eyes. I froze in panic, half expecting her to scream. I was already having visions of being brutally murdered by a pair of gorgeous naked girls, my body torn limb from limb and never to be found again. But, as it turned out, my fears were completely unfounded. Eileen gave me a wink and a sultry smile, and then lay her finger on her lips, indicating I was given permission to look, as long as I kept quiet. I accepted her invitation and, knowing I was busted anyhow, pushed the door wider open to better watch the erotic show inside.

While my oblivious daughter avidly continued to slurp on her friend’s juicy pussy, Eileen never took her eyes off me. More precisely, she was staring hard at my crotch, where my erection was making an unmistakable tent in the robe. I hadn’t forgotten her taste for big cocks and slowly moved my hand over the bulge, emphasizing the size of my member as I was trying to entice her. Judging from the look in my former mistress’s eyes, she was definitely interested.

“Show me,” Eileen mouthed silently, proving my hunch was right.

I untied my robe and lowered my underwear to offer the girl a good look at my swollen cock. My heart was pounding in my chest. Seeing my throbbing, fully erect penis was bound to bring back some memories for Eileen, memories I wouldn’t mind re-enacting at another moment. I decided to up the ante a little and slowly started to slide my fist up and down the shaft. As I squeezed my cock, a small gush of pre-cum oozed from the tiny hole at its tip, coating the head and my fingers in the slick stuff.

I could see that my seductive stroking was having the desired effect on Eileen. She was watching me masturbate intently, lustfully licking her lips as if she was imagining sucking me off and gorging herself on the steady stream of precum.

“Take it all off” she mouthed, her eyes burning with lust. There was a fire raging deep inside her and I knew that the only thing that could quench this inferno was a big load of potent male juices, expertly injected deep inside her hankering pussy. It was something she wouldn’t be able to obtain from my daughter, but I made sure she knew damn well where she could get as much as she needed.

My heart was pounding in my throat; it seemed that, if I played my cards right, sex with Eileen was all but inevitable. The idea of fucking the pussy my daughter had just been licking was an enormous turn-on, and I only wished the girls had been doing a sixty-nine, so I’d be able to sample Gemma’s juices when I kissed Eileen’s lips. Ensuring my conquest, I dropped my robe and stepped out of my underwear, proudly and openly stroking my swollen cock in the doorway.

Eileen moistened her lips with her tongue and looked at me with lust burning in her eyes as she beckoned me closer. I shook my head. Although there was nothing I wanted more than to get reacquainted with my former mistress’s greasy pussy, there was no way I was going to step into my daughter’s bedroom butt naked, not to mention the obscene hardon I was sporting. Eileen would have to wait until we were alone, and then I’d fuck her so hard that she wouldn’t be able to walk straight for days.

My refusal wasn’t to Eileen’s liking, and I should have known that she wouldn’t admit defeat that easily. In response to my silent rejection, she made her next move. It was a strange and unexpected one, and I didn’t realize her true intentions until it was much too late.

“Hey Mark!” Eileen suddenly called out, while at the same time grabbing a handful of Gemma’s hair and pressing her mouth firmly against her sex. “I was hoping you’d receive my message!”

A muffled sound of surprise arose from between Eileen’s thighs as my daughter learned that they had company, and then again as she discovered that she was no longer able to freely move her head. Startled, I spun around to see if Eileen’s boyfriend was standing behind me, only to discover the hallway was completely deserted. Turning back towards Eileen, I pointed at myself and asked her with my eyes.

She nodded. She was indeed addressing me while she appeared to be talking to her boyfriend. Why on earth would she be doing that?

“I’m glad you could make it here so quickly.” Eileen rejoiced, “Although, I bet you didn’t expect to see anything like this, did you?”

“Well, no… of course not” I stammered, trying to sound like an uptight boy less than half my age. I could only hope Eileen’s meaty thighs muffled and distorted my voice enough to be unrecognizable.

“You’re not mad at me, are you? I know you don’t want me to fool around with other men, but you never said anything about women. That’s why I invited you to come over. You see, Gemmy and I were talking about a little… ménage a trois, and it got me so horny, I simply could not wait for you.”

Wait, what? Why was my little girl talking about having threesomes?

“In fact, I was hoping I might be able to convince you to join us” she added.

I nearly choked, was Eileen inviting me to have sex with her, and my own daughter?

“Err… But… I…” I grunted, too baffled to come up with a more articulate response.

Eileen gave me another sultry smile, “It’s okay baby, I won’t be jealous. In fact, I can think of nothing that would turn me on more than to see you take her from behind while she’s eating my pussy.”

I know I said that I missed Eileen’s lack of inhibitions when it came to sex, but this was definitely going too far.

“You can’t mean… me… fucking Gemma?” I gasped.

“Don’t you want to, baby? Isn’t it supposed to be every man’s dream to have sex with two girls at the same time? Just look at that gorgeous little body of her, and then tell me you aren’t interested?”

I didn’t have to look. In fact, I was trying hard not to… Damn, she had a fine ass.

“That’s it baby, take a good look… Can you believe she hasn’t been fucked in a whole month?”

With Gemma’s head firmly clamped between Eileen’s legs, a seductive wiggle of her hips was the only way she could convey her desire. Still, the message was clear; after a month of celibacy, my baby girl was in dire need of cock, and was eagerly offering me her fabulous body for a bit of casual sex. It was such an exciting thought that it was outright terrifying. I had to do something to steer this conversation in another direction, before things would run seriously out of control.

“But you are the only girl I want, Eileen.” I said. “Just you and me, like it used to be.”

“I know what you mean, baby. I’ve been thinking a lot about us lately. You see, there are so many things I have never experienced, and I’d hate to think I never will… I mean, what I’m trying to say is that I want you, but I need a lover who’s willing to try something a little more daring.”

There. She said it, as plainly as possible given the situation: I ‘only’ had to fuck Gemma, and then we’d be back together. The fulfillment of my deepest wish was almost within reach, just one insurmountable obstacle away. As I was mulling over her words, I spotted a loophole. I didn’t have to go all the way, I only had to show Eileen I wasn’t a prude. There had to be plenty of ways to do that, other than having sex with my daughter. If that was true, this was an opportunity I simply could not ignore.

“I’m not a prude” I replied.

“I know you’re not,” she assured me, “And this is your chance to prove it.”

My lust for the voluptuous nymphomaniac was almost unbearable; the promise of emptying my balls in her tight snatch was too tempting. Although my brain was screaming at me not to do it, I stepped into the room and pulled the door closed behind me.

The air inside the room was heavy with the scent of aroused female flesh. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m sure my cock grew even bigger and harder as I inhaled the pheromone-laden air.

“I knew you’d do it, baby,” Eileen smiled, “I could see it. In fact, I’ve never seen you this excited before. Tell me, is it because of me… or Gemma?”

“You, of course” I croaked, my throat dry as desert sand.

“You’re a liar, but I love you.”

I was already beginning to regret my earlier moment of weakness. No matter what I did, Eileen always seemed to be three steps ahead of me. I had only seconds to come up with a plan that would ensure the revival of my affair with the sexy nympho, and preferably one that involved as little incest as possible. On top of that, I now also had to devise an exit strategy that would not only be satisfactory for Eileen, but kept my identity a secret as well. However, my mind was a total blank. With all the blood in my body filling my erection, there was too little left to nourish my brain.

As I was standing there with my thumb up my ass, it became increasingly obvious I had to do something. I was still without a plan, and when panic struck, I did the least offensive thing I could think of: placing a single hand on Gemma’s compact rear and gently caress the soft skin. I knew it wasn’t the smartest move ever, but I had little choice.

I gingerly fondled my daughter’s delightfully firm behind for a moment and furtively explored its lovely feminine curves. It was simply impossible not to enjoy the smooth, warm skin underneath my hand, and as I was feeling her up, my paternal feelings were slowly giving way to less wholesome desires. I hated myself, but I couldn’t do anything to stop it. It was a good thing that Eileen couldn’t see my throbbing cock drool profusely, ready as it was to make that plunge into taboo territory.

While I was doing my best to ignore the effect my daughter’s body had on me, oblivious Gemma had no need for such inhibitions. She was moaning lustfully as she twisted and tilted her hips, trying to steer my caresses nearer towards her neglected pleasure center. As much as she wanted me to touch her there, I was determined to keep myself from doing just that. However, it wasn’t long before I wrongly anticipated her next move and my hand landed exactly where it shouldn’t: right on the edge of her pussy.

As soon as she felt my fingers on her dewy lips, Gemma instinctively pushed back, and before I knew it, the fleshy hood covering her clitoris slipped between my fingers and the soft labia wetly kissed the palm of my hand. My initial response was to yank my hand away from that forbidden place, but I managed to keep it there, fearing that such a reaction would compromise my plans with Eileen. Whether I wanted to or not, I was now fingering my daughter’s pussy.

“Yess… just like that,” Eileen groaned approvingly, “Feel that hot little cunt, I bet it’s dripping wet, isn’t it?”

Watching me violate my own daughter was exciting Eileen almost to the point of orgasm, and maybe that was exactly what I needed to do to satisfy her. Figuring I had already crossed this border, I gave myself permission to keep playing with Gemma’s juicy pussy until Eileen had come, and then I would quickly have to make my getaway, before this situation escalated any further.

My fingers traced the dainty inner lips of Gemma’s seething hot sex and then made their way to the little cowl protecting her sensitive pleasure button. I felt the little bead of her clitoris firm up under the tip of my finger as I circled around the tiny bundle of nerves. An approving moan sounded from between Eileen’s thighs, telling me how much she enjoyed what I was doing.

A little higher up, I explored the mouth of her vagina and tentatively dipped a finger into the tight hole. I only penetrated my daughter’s pussy up to the second knuckle, but the sensations of her velvety tissues hugging my extended digit were incredible. I had fond memories of how hot and tight Eileen’s young pussy was, yet this was a million times better still. If Gemma felt this good around my finger, I could only imagine how phenomenal she would be around my cock.

There was a moral battle raging between my brain and penis, a battle which my brain had little chance of winning. As much as I was trying to ignore the taboo desire I felt for this girl, it was simply impossible. By now I was horny enough to stick my cock anywhere, and Gemma’s moist pink pussy was beginning to look alarmingly tempting. Instead of focusing on that much-needed exit strategy, I found myself contemplating whether it might actually be worth violating my little princess in order to renew my affair with her best friend. It was a dangerous thought, and honestly, if I had managed to come up with a way to do it without messing Gemma up for life, I wouldn’t have hesitated another second.

Eileen had no sympathy for moral dilemmas. She just wanted to see me perform this unspeakable act of incest with my daughter. She was biting her lip and clenched her fists, fighting to keep off her orgasm as she watched me break down.

“Just do it, baby” Eileen groaned. “Grab your cock and fuck that tight little cunt… you know you want it!”

She was right, I wanted it. Badly. But I couldn’t do it; my love for my daughter was still stronger than my lust for her friend. I had crossed as many borders as I was going to. I shook my head one last time and withdrew my hand. It was a pity I had to relinquish this outstanding piece of ass, but I had to do it now, before my lust-weakened resolve had eroded completely and I’d do something I’d surely regret later.

“I thought you said you weren’t a prude,” Eileen sighed in disappointment. It was obvious she wasn’t going to settle for anything less than full penetration. As much as my penis would have loved to comply, I would not allow it.

“I… I think I ought to leave” I said, taking a step back.

“No baby, don’t leave now, we’ve only just got started.” Eileen replied, visibly annoyed by my refusal.

“Yeah… well, I’d better go anyway.”

Like before, my rejection was not at all to Eileen’s liking, and again, she had an ace up her sleeve. In reaction to my relapse into disobedience, she quietly parted her legs a little and relaxed her grasp on my daughter’s head. This calculated move allowed Gemma just enough freedom of movement to turn around almost far enough to see me.

“Please Mark, stop fooling around.” she urged me, “Who knows when her father shows up again. You don’t want to have to explain what you are doing here in Gemmy’s bedroom, do you?”

It wasn’t hard to extract Eileen’s hidden message; she had me by the balls. If I didn’t cooperate, the secret of my identity would not last another second.

“No.” I sighed and got back on my knees behind my daughter.

“That’s better, baby. Don’t leave the poor girl hanging.”

With mixed feelings I plunged my thumb back inside my baby’s waiting pussy and used my finger to tickle her clit. As soon as Gemma started moaning again, Eileen tightened her grip on her head once more and secured it firmly between her thighs.

“I’m sorry baby,” she apologized, “I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s just that… it’s obvious we all want the exact same thing, and that’s for you to fuck Gemma… I’m trying to help you as much as I can, but it’s up to you to make your dreams cum true.”

Like before, it was clear that Eileen had chosen these words very carefully. I needed a moment to let them sink in. She was helping MY dream come true? Was she doing this for me, not just to satisfy her own kicks? Thinking back to everything she had done so far, she might be telling the truth.

“But what about… you know… her father?” I asked, still not fully convinced.

“Don’t worry, I assure you that nobody will ever know you were here. Whatever happens in this room today will remain a secret between you and me. I was a fool to doubt you, and I hope this proves I will do anything to please you... Do you see what I’m trying to tell you?”

Finally, I was seeing it clearly. Not only had I passed Eileen’s test, she had also created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to have sex with this gorgeous young woman. I must be the luckiest man on earth. Hearing Eileen promise that everything would remain a secret was the final straw. I got into position behind my daughter and resolutely aimed my cock at that delightfully forbidden place.

My heart was pounding in my throat as I watched the blunt head part the hairless lips of Gemma’s succulent pussy. The delicate petals of her inner labia cradled and caressed the swollen tip as it moved through her slit. I hadn’t even made an attempt to enter her yet, and the sensations were already beyond belief. I swiped it up and down her vulva a couple of times more and teasingly tapped her clit before I let my cock come to a halt over the entrance to her vagina. The pink opening was slightly distended and oozing creamy juices, assuring me that penetration would be effortless, smooth, and highly pleasurable.

I was just about to put that theory to the test and plunge my cock into my daughter’s inviting pussy when Eileen stopped me.

“Be careful, baby,” Eileen said, warning her friend as much as me. “you’re a LOT bigger than my pathetic brother.”

I grunted something affirmative and then slowly began to push forward. Although I was as hard as ever and both my cock and Gemma’s pussy were thoroughly lubricated, the snug little hole kept resisting my entry. In fact, she was so tight that, if I hadn’t known better, I’d swear I was trying to deflower a virgin.

I began to believe Eileen hadn’t been kidding when she insinuated that Gemma’s ex-boyfriend had been so poorly endowed. The realization made me simultaneously feel sorry for my daughter, and thankful that I was given the chance to show her how good sex could be with a real man.

I gradually increased the force with which I was pressing into my little girl until I felt her pussy begin to give, and then the tip of my penis slowly started to disappear inside her. She let out a grateful groan as the bulbous head of my cock suddenly popped past the taut ring of muscles surrounding her entrance and smoothly sank into her deliciously wet and hot canal. It wasn’t long before I bottomed out, seven inches deep. With still another inch-and-a-half to go, the head of my cock bumped into the solid lump of her cervix. For now, I was as deep inside my daughter’s pussy as possible.

After giving her a moment to get used to being stuffed like this, I grabbed her sexy ass with both hands, and just as I had envisioned earlier, began to move my hips back and forth in that special way. With each thrust I could feel the snug velvet-lined sheath caress and grip the entire length of my shaft as it rapidly moved in and out. These sensations quickly made me forget the worries that might have kept me from fully enjoying her. Something that made us both feel this good, couldn’t possibly be bad, right?

While Eileen held her friend’s head safely between her legs, she did allow Gemma enough freedom to fully enjoy this welcome fuck. I was still bottoming out with each thrust, but if I was hurting her, she obviously did not mind. In fact, she was actively pushing back and intuitively rolled her hips to guide my cock to all the previously untouched spots deep inside her. Whenever she wasn’t too busy sucking on Eileen’s pussy, she was moaning out loud and begging me to fuck her harder. Eager to please, I intensified my thrusting as much as I dared, and it seemed that the harder I fucked my daughter, the more she liked it. Soon, our bodies were slapping loudly together and her dripping pussy was making squishy noises as we rutted like animals.

I had been savagely pounding my baby’s sexy ass like that for a minute or two when she first climaxed on my cock. Like before, her whole body started bucking, but now I could also feel her convulsing pussy constrict tightly around my shaft, making it tough for me to keep thrusting. Overcome by this powerful orgasm, she abandoned Eileen’s slit and let out a long ecstatic moan, not unlike the one I first heard some fifteen minutes ago. The sound of Gemma cumming on my cock was by far the most satisfying sound I had ever heard, and it was making me feel mighty proud that it was me who caused it.

I fucked my daughter as well as I could throughout her lengthy orgasm, and when her thrashing finally began to wane and her pussy stopped twitching, I pulled out and kneeled behind her. Putting my mouth on her dripping lips, I softly sucked and then twirled my tongue around the little bead of her clitoris. Almost instantly she came again, gushing more of her sweet juices directly into my mouth.

Gemma tasted absolutely divine, just as a girl like her should: pure and fresh and sweet. I greedily lapped up every drop of the nectar that flowed from her seething sex and kept licking while she kept cumming again and again. She was still trembling when I got back on my knees and eased my cock back into her slick hole to resume my thrusting. A minute later, a new set of climaxes took control of her body. Sex-starved Gemma seemed to on an endless series of orgasms, her pussy continuously squeezing and sucking on my thrusting cock.

It was a joy to make my beautiful little girl cum like that, and if I had it my way I would have kept her climaxing until either of us passed out from sheer exhaustion, but I knew that if I didn’t ease off a little, I would never last that long. I was looking forward to busting a nut inside her, but not yet. After all, it was unlikely I would ever have another chance to fuck this beautiful young woman, so I had to make most of it while I did.

I abandoned the jackhammer-like pounding and slowed down to a steady, deep thrusting. Gemma’s thrashing eased off a little as well and as she regained her composure, she also resumed her pussy-eating duties. I let go of her shapely ass and moved my hands underneath her body, and then up over her taut belly until I reached those perky breasts that still continued to evade my sight. Like a blind man, I used my hands to form an image of Gemma’s delectable breasts.

The petite orbs were actually a bit more than a handful, divinely crafted from the finest female flesh and covered in smooth, creamy skin. Automatically my fingers found her nipples and they promptly closed around them. As I gently pinched the puffy tips, I could feel the little nubs stiffen and elongate between my fingers while the areolas puckered up underneath them. In my mind I replaced my fingers with my lips and imagined how I’d kiss and lick her breasts and suck on her erect nipples.

While I kept playing with Gemma’s perfect tits, I leaned forward and kissed her neck and hair. Doing so I unconsciously inhaled her natural female fragrance. It was both very familiar and completely new at the same time, a scent that seemed to unify and transcend the sexual lust and fatherly love that I felt for this gorgeous girl. Her skin was warm and soft and tasted sweet and salty from her sweat. It was a shame I was so restricted by the need to remain invisible, as I would have loved to lie face to face with her, to look deep in her eyes, kiss her soft lips and make passionate love to her, the way an angel deserved to be loved.

I had been thrusting into her for about ten minutes now, and although I wouldn’t have minded to keep playing with my daughter’s heavenly body for another ten or twenty more, the steadily increasing pressure in my balls informed me that that wasn’t going to happen. It wouldn’t be long before I was going to shoot my load. Cumming this soon would be unfortunate, but not necessarily a bad thing though, as with every ticking second, I ran the risk of being discovered. Knowing an inevitable orgasm was looming, I let go of Gemma’s perfect breasts, moved my hands back to her ass and began to pound her without mercy.

“You’re gonna cum, aren’t you baby?” Eileen asked.

I nodded and gave a positive grunt.

“It’s okay, baby. You can do it inside her if you want, she’s safe.”

Gemma moaned into Eileen’s sex, uttering something that could have either been an encouragement or a protest. Whichever it was, it was far too late for me. There was no way that I would waste this orgasm by pulling out at the last moment. I was about to cum, and I was going to do it inside her.

I sped up my thrusting one last time for the grand finale, in a frantic effort to give my little girl one more climax, a last huge orgasm to be shared between both our bodies. I pounded her with all my might and managed to hold on for another fifteen seconds before I could no longer delay the inevitable. As I was feeling the first wave of semen rush up my urethra, a fluttering series of contractions around my cock told me that I had reached that all-important goal. I let out a deep grunt, pulled myself all the way into my daughter’s churning pussy and let go inside her. I was seeing stars and hearing angels sing as I came, bathing in pure delight. No drug on earth could make me feel any better than I did when I was planting my seed deep inside my daughter’s convulsing vagina.

Seeing us climax together, and knowing that this meant I was flooding Gemma’s womb with thick gobs of incestuous cum, pushed Eileen over the edge as well. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her body started to tremble. Cumming harder than I had ever seen her cum before, she thrust her hips off the mattress and then opened her legs wide as she shook in orgasmic ecstasy. With a flash of panic, I realized that my daughter was now able to move without restrains, and if she were to look around, I would surely be discovered.

Despite my dire situation, I could not stop thrusting. In my mind there was only one thing worse than being discovered, and that was to pull out of my daughter’s pussy before I had finished riding the waves of this massive climax. Luckily, she was too much consumed by her own and Eileen’s orgasm to look at me, and when her friend’s thighs snapped shut again, I knew our secret was safe once more, at least for another few moments.

I planted a kiss on the base of her neck, to show her my gratitude and affection, and also to once more inhale her scent while I let the last of my cum soak inside her. When my balls’ supply of sperm was utterly depleted and my penis had lost too much of its stiffness to keep thrusting, I reluctantly had to accept that it was time to withdraw my cock from Gemma’s moist pussy. She too seemed reluctant to let me go, her muscles contracting around me in a last attempt to keep me inside her. It was to no avail; I was thoroughly fucked-out.

Exhausted, I slumped onto the floor, feeling dizzy after cumming this hard. Looking up, I was staring at my daughter’s fabulously tight ass. A creamy coating of our sexual juices, whipped into a thick lather by my churning cock, glazed her lips and inner thighs, and her now well-fucked vagina had acquired a deep red hue. The formerly tight hole was still slightly distended after being stretched more than ever before and not quite able to keep all of my cum bottled up inside her, as was demonstrated by the pearly white bubbles that were oozing out her pussy. The creamy globs of sperm trickled slowly downwards between the bright pink lips, over her small clitoral hood and then splattered wetly on the carpet, where they formed a small frothy puddle between her knees.

As I sat there, Eileen was slowly coming back to earth and finally released Gemma from her orgasmic stranglehold. She pulled my daughter up towards her face and they shared a passionate kiss.

“So, was I right?” Eileen asked, smiling wickedly. “Wasn’t that the best fuck you’ve ever had?”

“Yeah… it was like… wow!” panted her friend, her mind still reeling from countless orgasms.

“Better than with Daniel?”

“Ugh… it doesn’t even compare… so much better… I’m like, still tingling!”

If I hadn’t been feeling great already, knowing that Gemma wouldn’t ever settle for a sissy like Daniel again, would have made my day. Now, it was just the icing on the cake.

I was still feeling lightheaded, but, having fulfilled my obligations for now, I really had to leave as soon as possible. For the moment the girls were still engaged in a loving embrace, but I had no idea how much longer Eileen could prevent Gemma from looking at me. This might possibly be my last chance to get away from the girls unseen, so I stealthily began to make my way towards the door.

I had almost made a clean getaway, when I heard Eileen’s voice again.

“I’m glad you had such a good time, Gemmy, but there’s something I have to tell you… You see, I told you about Mark going on a business trip to Brazil, didn’t I? Don’t you realize he’s been gone for three days now?”

“Brazil? But how… who?”

“Sweetie… look behind you, quick!”

Damn! I had been betrayed, stabbed in the back by that deceitful slut Eileen. I made a mad dash towards the door, racing for cover while my daughter was slowly turning around. As I twisted the knob, I heard a soft voice behind me.


I looked up at my daughter, not knowing exactly what to say or do. She still had that freshly fucked aura, but there was disbelief and confusion in her eyes. She suddenly appeared so incredibly small and vulnerable.

“Tell me, how does it feel, knowing you’ve just let your own father cum inside your unprotected pussy?” Eileen taunted.

Gemma now looked back at her friend, and as she turned around, another creamy glob of cum started to dribble down her inner thigh. She was leaking a lot, but I knew that I had left plenty more sperm inside her, enough to keep her having my babies for at least a decade. In my mind I was already seeing millions of my little seeds racing up her fallopian tubes, each eager to melt with her waiting egg and make a little grandchild inside her.

“Daddy? That… was you?” she asked, confounded.

Unable to find the non-existent words I needed to explain the situation, I stared back sheepishly and uttered some moronic noises.

“But… why?”

As I was still stammering some kind of apology, Eileen explained.

“Do you recall a certain prank you pulled at my home, some time ago? We had been working on an assignment all evening and then, before you went home, you went to Daniel’s room to say bye and give him one of your goodnight-blowjobs? Do you also remember that as you were leaving, you gave me a kiss and fed me a mouthful of his cum?”

Gemma nodded, slowly and cautiously.

“You thought it was so funny. You knew I couldn’t spit it out while mom was standing behind me, so I had to swallow that nerd’s disgusting sperm! I nearly gagged while you were standing there, pissing yourself laughing! Remember that?”

“But… that was like three months ago!” Gemma gasped.

“Yeah… well, I swore I’d get you for that,” Eileen continued, “Guess what? Today it is payback time. And let me say; you got everything you deserved. Every single drop.”

Gemma was positively speechless. Her eyes went back and forth between me and her friend, then rested at my fully deflated cock for a while before she finally looked down at her own body. Rubbing her fingers between the swollen lips of her pussy, she retrieved some of my cum and studied her slimy fingers for a minute.

Then a wicked smile appeared on her lips and she licked the sperm off her fingers.

“Joke’s on you, Eileen” she grinned. “I totally loved it!”


2023-12-05 06:27:49
A great story. I do wish there were more parts


2023-12-05 06:26:10
A great story. I do wish there were more parts


2023-10-19 02:15:54
There are so many ways a sequel to this story could go. Well done.


2023-05-03 14:10:59
My daddy’s cock springs free and before he is aware of what is happening I mounted him, fully impaled on his juicy stalk. My pussy clamps down on my daddy’s shaft and I go up and down up and down till my pussy feelings becoming stronger and my pussy spasmed around his cock and I release my girlie juices and I moan loudly to wake up entire neighborhood


2022-12-25 23:09:38
Very nice story! Great one shot. Only would have been better getting daughter to beg for it before she knew it was Dad.

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