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The following weeks at work were extremely strange to say the least. Robin appeared very detached from me which was surprisingly after what we had just shared. Then the strangest thing, at least to me, were the looks I was getting from people on every floor of the building.

That first month, I worked on three different cases mostly just going over financials as I had done for Helen Jameson. In all three instances, I did uncover a few things that were helpful to the case. Nothing as important as the Jameson case, but still helpful. At the end of my first month with the firm, I received my CPA license which was framed and hung in my office along with my professional certificate in accounting and my master’s certificate in account.

At the start of my second month with the firm, I was called to Richard Butler’s office for a meeting. Jeremy Land had a long time friend pass away leaving a large business to two daughters, who apparently were overwhelmed. They wanted to sell the business but had no idea of what it was worth. Jeremy wanted me to do an assessment and possibly help the daughters with the act of sale.

I agreed to do everything I possibly could and Jeremy informed me that all of the firm’s files on the company would be in my office in the morning. I went back down to my office and finished up the day. The next morning, I arrived early and sure enough my office was full of file boxes. They went back nine years, so I put the older ones in the corner and tackled just the last five years.

I started separating the files as best as I could finding the financial statements for each year. The Gadden and Associates Company consisted of three smaller companies. The first and largest was Gadden Machine Works Inc., which was a large machine shop doing industrial repair. Second was Miller Hardware, a warehouse not far from the machine shop. Third was Gadden Properties, which leased all current real estate back to the other two companies. I compiled all the financials for all five years and sorted them out. Then basically, I read correspondence between Butler, Land and Reyes and Milton Gadden.

I was putting most of the correspondence back in the file box when a small pocket notebook fell out of one of the files. I picked it up and opened it scanning several pages. Something got my eye, so I sat in my chair and began reading the notes one page at a time. Apparently, a year or so before his death, Milton Gadden had talked to three of his employee’s about buying him out of the business. They were notations about possible price and what shares employees would receive. On one page, it appeared that Mr. Gadden would retain the property and rent the buildings back to the new owners.

I had Terri Clark set up a meeting at my office with three perspective employees the following week on a Wednesday afternoon. It was then I first met Charlie Miller, Tim Saxon and Derrick Miller. Charlie and Derrick were brothers who had worked for Gadden Machine Works for over twenty years. Tim Saxon was the job planner and purchasing agent and had been there for eighteen years as well. After speaking with them about the notes I had found in Milton Gadden’s files it seemed like he was already trying to put together a sale but then became ill. In essence, Charlie, Tim and Derrick would pay a monthly notes for the business and well as rent on the two buildings. The family was to retain Gadden Properties where one of his daughters worked. All three men were still interested in buying the business if the price was right. They were very nervous about an outsider buying the company and perhaps shaking things up.

Since, I already had perspective buyers it seemed foolish to put the company on the market at this time. I evaluated the previous five years of returns that were available first. Milton Gadden took quite a large sum of money out of the company in the way of salary and bonuses. After looking at the present accounts payable and accounts receivable they was a surplus of about seven hundred and eighty thousand dollars.

I started to put together a package for the three men to buy the company. After doing an analysis, I came up with a value of four million two hundred thousand for both the machine shop and hardware business. Milton Gadden took a salary of ten thousand five hundred dollars a month which came to five hundred forty six thousand dollars a year. Not abnormal, his wife was Vice President of the company and was paid three thousand dollars a week as well for a total of one hundred fifty six thousand dollars a year. During the last three years he had taken several bonuses at least once a year with the minimum being seventy five thousand. Both of the Gadden’s cars were owned by the company and insurance was paid through the company. In addition, there were large expenditures on the credit card for meals and other assorted expenses charges through the company.

I calculated that the Gadden’s took close seventy hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year as salary, bonuses and commissions. I started to put together a plan for the three men to buy the business on installments. The key was making sure it was attractive enough to the Gadden family and affordable so the men could keep it running.

I talked to Jennifer Gadden, who ran Gadden Properties. We discussed a monthly fee for the employees to rent both the machine shop and hardware buildings. After coming to some sort of idea what Jennifer felt the market value was, I finalized my idea.

I set up a meeting with the Gadden family and Charlie, Tim and Derrick. The meeting was set for Friday at ten in the morning. I figured it would be a marathon meeting so I asked Jeremy Land if he could set up a lunch for all involved. He agreed and the meeting was set. I asked Robin Woods if she would accompany me to the meeting and she agreed.

Since the night Robin and I had slept together, I had to admit, she was acting different. I’m not sure if perhaps she regretted what we had done. Several days after the encounter, I had asked her to dinner, but she declined. But since I was busy on the Gadden account, I let it be for the time being.

On Friday morning, the conference room was full by the time I arrived with Robin. In attendance were Milton Gadden’s wife, Margaret, both of his daughters Jennifer and Milly along with their husbands. Richard Butler and Jeremy Land were also in attendance as well as our company stenographer. I also had asked someone from the Cattleman’s Bank and Trust to be there. That was the bank that Milton Gadden had used for years and this was his personal banker who I had met with several times.

Robin and I took our seats and I started laying out all of the folders we had brought with us. In my mind, I felt that this would be a defining moment in my early career. I had handled the research on my own and this was all on me. If this went badly, I would definitely have a black eye.

Before we were able to begin, Mrs. Margaret Gadden announced something I was not expecting. Apparently, Milton and Margaret had done very well through the years and had invested wisely. Though not admitting to a monetary figure, Margaret Gadden said she was financially secure for the rest of her life. Therefore, she was willing to sign the company over to her two daughters and allow them to make the sale.

With that said, this completely changed the scenario but since I was already prepared for the sale, I decided to move forward anyway. What I proposed was that Charlie Miller, Tim Saxon and Derrick Miller buy Gadden Machine Works and Gadden Hardware outright. I used the annual salary that Milton Gadden took out yearly as a basis for the installment payments on the business. Doing that, the three new owners would not be adding any expenses to their monthly expenses. They were simply converting Mr. Gadden salary into monthly payments to purchase the businesses.

Since the perspective buyers were willing to lease both buildings for a ten year period, I asked for a slight reduction of the overall cost of the business itself. I listed the proposed selling price of the machine shop and hardware store at three million seven hundred and eighty thousand dollars. There would be no down payment, however the bank would finance the cost of the business. The note on the business would be roughly sixty eight thousand a month to Cattlemen’s Bank and Trust. The Gadden daughter would split the check of three million seven hundred and eighty thousand dollars.

In addition, Gadden Machine Works would pay a nine thousand a month rent and Gadden Hardware would pay thirty five hundred. So the daughters would have another twelve thousand five hundred dollars a month in rent coming in.

By the time I had laid all of this out, Jeremy Land suggested we break for lunch and let everyone talk privately. Robin and I went to the breakroom and made a small plate and ate. After a hour or so, the meeting was reconvened. The Gadden family attorney said that the family was overall pleased with the proposal but the taxes on a three million plus dollar sale were staggering. He said in speaking for the family, they might be willing to finance the business themselves. That way the daughters would accrue taxes at a much lower rate by spreading the purchase price out over years instead of one lump sum.

Since I was representing the Gadden family, I had to mention that if they decided to go that route and the business failed, they basically had no options. I saw Richard Butler nodding his head at Mrs. Gadden not quite knowing what he meant.

What I could do to offset the taxes was to place money into treasury bonds, state bonds and municipal bonds that would be not taxable until withdrawal. After all, they would have a little over twelve thousand to split monthly from rent payments. Both daughters had been set up in a business by their father years ago. Jennifer Gadden was an interior designer who did quite well. Milly Gadden had her own computer business which did a large amount of business as well.

My recommendation to the Gadden family was to take some time and think about the options and could schedule another meeting when they were certain as to their direction. Surprisingly, the Gadden family attorney asked us if the family could have the room for a private conversation. Everyone agreed and we all filed out into the lobby leaving the family alone to talk.

The Gadden account belonged to Jeremy Land and it was one of his first accounts. I knew he valued the Gadden family and had known the daughters since they were toddlers. We waited for about twenty minutes before Jennifer Gadden opened the door and motioned us the office. We all took our respective seats and Mrs. Gadden leaned forward on the table.

“Since I am the senior member of the Gadden family, I have been asked to speak for all of us. My husband was very fond of these three young men who have been with this company for so many years. I cannot think of a better way to continue Milton’s legacy then keeping the company with the men he trusted the most. Therefore, we are going to sell the company to these men and we elect to use Cattlemen’s Bank and Trust for the act of sale. We will lease out the buildings for the amount that was mentioned and give them a ninety day startup period with no rent due.”, she started.

“Mr. Williams, we want to meet again with you in a week where you can present us with ways where we can offset the tax liability we will incur. Going forward, Jeremy will continue to handle this family’s legal issues. Since Butler, Land and Reyes now has its own certified public accountant, I’m asking that Mr. Williams handles all of our financial matters.”, she ended.

“Margaret, thank you so much for the trust you have put in us. I promise, we will let you down. “, Jeremy Land stated.

“Jeremy, my husband was a shrewd businessman. He didn’t achieve the success he did without being a good judge of character. He trusted you and I trust you. I know you won’t let me down.”, she replied.

The meeting ended and the three new business owners set up a meeting with Cattleman’s Bank and Trust to arrange the loan. Everyone left with a smile on their face so barring any unforeseen circumstances we apparently had a deal. I rode down in the elevator with Robin and we returned to our offices. I wanted to talk to Robin that evening, but she got out of her office quickly before I could approach her. Around five o’clock I grabbed my coat and was heading for the elevator when Terri approached me.

“You have a minute ?”, she asked, looking nervous.

“Of course, what’s up.”, I replied.

“Tim, I don’t quite know how to say this….. but you are a very nice guy. Damn, this is hard but….”she stuttered.

“Terri, just tell me.”, I urged.

“Tim, please be careful around the women in this building. They talk about everything that goes on…. I mean everything. So please be careful.”, she said softly, touching my hand.

“I keep that in mind, Terri. I’ll try not to make a mistake.”, I promised.

“Uh….. it’s a little late now, don’t you think ?”, Terri responded.

“I’m not sure what you mean Terri.”, I replied.

“Uh… you and Robin.”, she quickly replied.

“Robin, I must be missing something.”, I said, suddenly concerned.

“Well unless the rumor mill is wrong and it seldom ever is…….. Robin was able to get you in bed.”, she stated, looking me dead in the eye.

“How could anyone know…….”, I began, then abruptly stopped.

“Well, if you didn’t mention it…. Only one other person could have.”, Terri stated.

“Where did you hear it from, Terri.”, I asked.

“Nora Davis, the gossip queen.”, Terri admitted.

“Ok Terri, thanks for the advice.”, I answered, walking off.

That Monday, I was called up to Richard Butler’s office for a nine o’clock meeting. I was still reeling from what Terri Clark had told me knowing full well it was all over the building. I was a few minutes early, but Richard, Jeremy and Carlos were already waiting for me. Carla ushered me in and rubbed my back as I entered the door. I sat in one of the chairs across from Richard’s desk as Richard took charge as always.

“Tim, on behalf of the three of us here now, we want to personally thank you for the work you have done for us thus far. We were hoping that you would eventually become what I knew you could, but I never dreamed you would have this much success this early. “, he began.

“First, the Jameson case and now the sale of the Gadden business assets. In both instances we made money and more importantly retained our clients in the long haul. Not only did we retain Helen Jameson, the Gadden family but now Charlie Miller has asked us to handle all his legal needs going forward.”, he continued.

“So, the three of us talked and effective immediately your salary is being bumped to one hundred forty five thousand a year. Secondly, since you now already have two clients, The Gadden’s and the Gadden Machine Works as clients we need to create the financial department. You will be given your own floor and your own staff. Is that ok with you ?”, he ended.

“Mr. Butler, I don’t know what to say….”, I began.

“Don’t say anything. Just keep working hard like you do and everything will work itself out. We will work something out on the floor you get. Once we do that, you need to hire a staff.”, he said, standing up.

The three of us shook hands and Jeremy Land again thanked me for putting the Gadden sale together. I walked to the elevator and got in going down to my floor. I just went from making about sixty thousand a year to one hundred and forty-five thousand a year. My weekly paycheck just went from eight hundred dollars to about twenty-one hundred dollars a week.

I stepped off on my floor and walked to my office just as Robin was walking out of hers. I decided to confront her quickly.

“Robin, can I talk to you for a minute ?”, I asked.

“Oh, I really have to…..”, she started.

“It won’t take long.”, I replied, walking into my office.

Robin had no choice but to follow me in sitting in one of the high back chairs across from me. I decided not to immediately confront her about the night we spent together.

“I just wanted to thank you for the help you have given me here since I started. I just left a meeting with the partners and they have agreed to start a financial division on a separate floor very soon.”, I stated.

“Wow, that’s great Tim. I assume you’re going to get a staff as well ?”, Robin replied.

“Yes, they told me as soon as the floor is decided and everything gets moved, I will have to hire a few people.”, I replied.

“I can tell you for a fact that Richard is very pleased with your effort. He knows the long hours you put in and the weekends that you are here. Trust me, nothing happens here that Richard doesn’t know about.”, she commented.

“That’s the other thing I wanted to mention. How did anyone in this building find out we went to bed together that night at your condo.”, I asked, looking her straight in the eyes.

She immediately looked down at her hands and began rubbing them together. I knew she was about to lie to me, but I wanted to let her hang herself.

“I’m not really sure, maybe they guessed…”, she said softly, not looking up.

“Robin, I’m not going to make a big deal out of this but there is no doubt in my mind that you told somebody. I never said a word to anybody and just the two of us were there. But, I learned a valuable lesson, I guess the hard way.”, I said, calmly.

“Tim, I only mentioned it to one person….about how…”, she began.

“Robin, forget it. What’s done is done.”, I replied.


The next month flew by and I was extremely busy. The entire building had heard about the new financial division that was being formed and there was a lot of speculation about possible changes that would follow. They decided to give us the fourteenth floor and it was remodeled within seventy days. My office was at the very end of the hall. It was a large office with an adjourning conference room and a smaller outside office for my office assistant.

Robin and I barely talked and the tension was high, whenever we were together. The strange thing was, I really like Robin and was hoping to continue our relationship. Although the more I talked to Terri the more I found out this building was a large drama mill. I knew who was sleeping with who even though it did not really matter much to me.

We were approaching November and on October twenty ninth, I moved into my new floor alone. They sent me one girl from the secretarial pool to answer the phones for the time being. According to Richard Butler, he wanted me to hire one receptionist for the entrance to the office, one secretary for myself and one assistant to get some of the research work off my back.

For the next seven days or so, I interviewed at least a dozen and a half people for the various jobs. No one really stood out except the one girl that I hired as the receptionist. She had a pleasant phone voice and extremely attractive. So, for the time being its was just Belinda Banks and myself in the office.

Two days later, Carla Davenport sent me a young woman who had some bookkeeping experience for a local insurance company. Brooke Claiborne was twenty-seven years old and had been working for the same firm since graduating high school. Just recently, her boss had hired his new girlfriend at the office and Brooke was too close to his wife. He was afraid that Brooke would spill the beans about the girlfriend, so he told her that he hired a bookkeeper to do her job. She was terminated immediately but her did give her a letter of recommendation.

The second interview that day was a young woman by the name of Bella Tomas. Ms. Tomas was twenty-seven years old and had not worked in close to five years. She had been home caring for her mother who had just passed away with pancreatic cancer. She was in school to obtain a business degree but had to drop out her junior year to care for her mother.

She had a slight darker complexion than most and was extremely beautiful. She weighed maybe one hundred twenty five pounds and had an amazing figure. She knew quite a bit about accounting and really wanted to go back to school and finishing but really couldn’t at this time. She still had a few thousand dollars left from her mother’s life insurance policy. Thankfully, the small house her mother had owned was paid off.

Bella Tomas seemed genuine, sincere and eager to work. I decided to hire her on the spot and sent her to Human Resources to complete the paperwork. I felt she could assist me with various projects already having three years of college with a business background.

I decided for the time being to hold off on hiring a secretary for my outer office. This was new to me and having to train two employees at once with Belinda and Bella, it just seemed like a lot. I would hire a secretary several months down the road and I was leaning toward the girl I had interviewed, Brook Claiborne.

That evening, Amanda Peat reached out to me and said that Bella Tomas was good to go. She asked me when did I want her to start. Since it was Thursday, I informed Amanda to tell her to be here for eight o’clock Monday morning.

Belinda Banks, the receptionist I hired was fun to work for and very flirtatious. She was good looking and like to have fun in a very low, key sexual way. She was in between boyfriends and made sure I knew that fact. On Friday evening, she came into my office and sat down with me making sure I had returned the calls I had received. After going through several days worth of messages, I asked her to call several people Monday morning for me. As she was writing the information down, I looked up at her.

She was wearing a very short blue skirt with a white button down blouse. Once glance at her legs gave me a great view of her black panties. I’m sure that she intended for me to look up her dress so why disappoint her. She didn’t catch me looking which and I may be wrong, seemed to disappoint her. She left about ten minutes later and I was right behind her.

As usual, I had a very uneventful weekend and was at work early Monday morning. Bella Tomas arrived at about seven twenty and Belinda right behind her at seven thirty. I introduced the two of them, then for the time being assigned Bella the office right outside of mine. I figured since we would be working together it was better for now that she was very close to me. About ten o’clock Monday morning, I received a call that would send the business into a turmoil.

I met with Richard Butler, Carlos Reyes and Jeremy Land at ten thirty that morning in Richard’s office. Whenever all three were together, you knew it was going to be serious.

“Tim, now that you’re settled into your new offices, we have a new task for you. Understand that going forward we will market you an avenue for our present and future clients who need financial help. As of now you have the Gadden family, Helen Jameson and the two Gadden companies.”, he began.

“I am now adding a new client to your agenda, Butler, Land and Reyes. I want you to go over our expenditures for the last five years and find out where we can cut cost and be more efficient. This firm is too large now and we basically have no rules in place for expenditures. Last time I checked, we have close to seventy five credit cards in employee’s hands with no real verification of what is being spent. I want a complete breakdown of each department and their expenditures. Any problem doing that ?”, he ended.

“No sir, not at all. I may need to borrow a girl or two from the pool for a while, but it won’t be a problem. The only other thing I would need is to speak with who is handling the financial records now.”, I asked.

“That would be Nora Davis.”, Richard replied.

“If you would like, I can arrange for Nora and two or three of her people to help you.”, Richard replied.

“If its’s all the same sir, I would prefer not to deal with them at this time. I would like to get a fresh set of eyes on everything, if that’s ok with you.”, I answered.

“I think that’s a smart thing to do, Tim.”, Richard said, smiling.

“I’ll call down to Nora Davis and let her know you’re on the way down.”, Richard advised.

By the time I rode the elevator down several floors and exited into what used to be the financial section of the firm the news had already arrived. I walked across the office and to Nora Davis’ receptionist Stephanie Jackson.

“I need to see Ms. Davis, please ?”, I asked.

Ms. Davis is not available.”, Stephanie answered, not looking up from her paperwork.

With that attitude, I realize that we were going to play whose dick is bigger. Since I had just been given explicit instructions from Richard Butler, my dick was definitely bigger.

“First of all, Ms. Jackson, when you address me have to the courtesy to look at me.”, I said, raising my voice slightly.

From that point on you could have heard a pin drop in the office. Everyone had stopped what they were doing and all eyes were on me. Stephanie Jackson lifted her head and stared at me with eyes that could kill.

“I said she was busy. She will get back to you.”, she replied, sarcastically.

“May I borrow your phone for a second ?”, I asked, picking up her receiver and dialing Carla’s extension.

“Carla, can you connect me with Richard. I seem to have run into a problem down here.”, I asked.

“I figured you would. Hold on.”, Carla laughed.

Several seconds later Richard Butler picked up the phone and I explained exactly what was going on. He asked me to give the phone back to Stephanie Jackson, which I did. After about twenty seconds of verbally reaming her out, she transferred the call to Nora Davis. I waited for several minutes as the tension got to a fever pitch on the floor. Finally, Nora Davis came out of her office with a furious look on her face walking up to the receptionist’s desk.

“So, you’re going to run to daddy every time you don’t get your way.”, Nora commented smiling.

“Nora, let me explain something to you. Richard gave me a job to perform and I’m going to do it. Everything financial for this company now has to go through my floor. I did not ask for this, it was given to me by Richard, Carlos and Jeremy. Now quite simply, box up all of the records you have for the last five years and transport them to my floor. I will need them first thing in the morning. If you have any further objections, call Richard and explain them to him.”, I answered, turning and walking away.

“This is not over.”, Nora said, raising her voice.

“Yes, it is.”, I replied calmly.

I went back to my floor and explained to Bella and Belinda what we had coming down. I directed Belinda to have all of the boxes put in the conference room against the right wall. Later that afternoon, five years of Butler, Land and Reyes in house records were stacked neatly against the wall in my conference room.

After two weeks of sorting all materials and doing extensive research on line I came up with a formula that forty five to fifty percent of every fee dollar was used to pay for non-lawyer salaries, rent, computer and phone expenses, the law library and supplies.

But what I found was key to every successful law firm was billable hours. Every time you worked on a case, you had to record your hours. Mismanagement of time could cost a firm hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

The second thing, was tracking the billable hours of each attorney then comparing them to what he brought to the firm. All of his expenses had to be deducted from what he billed to see his true net worth.

Since we had everything separated, Bella and Belinda started working on the office supplies, computers, phones and equipment. I started on the credit card expenses by employee and compiling an average yearly spending per employee who had use of a credit card.

After a week or so, on a Friday afternoon I had a pretty decent idea of the personal expenses per employee. Of course, Richard, Carlos and Jeremy used their cards for meals, transportation and basically whatever else they deemed necessary and were the highest in the firm. Next in line were Nora Davis, Mark Berger and several other attorneys.

So, I had Bella start typing up a list by employee and all their credit card transactions. Belinda and I started working on computers, phones and equipment. We dealt with one source for all of our computers and phone, an Apple company which was locally in town. I did notice that we spent quite a sum on phones. In fact, it seemed that every one or two years, employees got a new phone. The computer cost was not that bad, but we did have an IT guy in house that resolved most issues. Bella took the files she was typing home, one of the laptops and promised to have everything ready by Monday. Belinda and I, stayed in the office to finish up the miscellaneous expense sheet. We were both sitting side by side at the conference table when Richard Butler stopped in to see how everything was going. He looked around the conference room at all of the stacks of file folder we had neatly arranged and shook his head.

“How’s everything going ?”, he asked.

“Getting there sir, should have you some answers by the end of next week.”, I replied.

“Great, keep up the good work.”, he stated, walking out.

We went back to work and a few minutes later, I noticed Belinda would touch my leg with hers. It was brief but constant there was no doubt she was flirting with me. I had to admit, it had been a long time since my one night encounter with Robin and I was beginning to feel something. We continued to work and I noticed it was getting close to six o’clock. Before I could say anything, Belinda leaned over and whispered.

“I don’t know quite know how to say this but…um, how long are we going to work. I’m so fucking horny right now, I need to cum bad.”, she said, softly.

“Oh, well…. You can go Belinda, I can finish up.”, I said, a little embarrassed.

Before I could react, she grabbed my right hand and pushed it up her short skirt. She was staring into my eyes as I touched her silk covered pussy. She closed her eyes for a second when she first felt my fingers on her but reopened her eyes.

“Can you make me cum ?”, she asked, innocently.

I had already begun to lightly stroke her pussy so refusing was pretty much out of the question. The only thing in the back of my mind was the office gossip this might cause. I looked into her eyes once more to see they were glazed over.

“Belinda, no one can ever know of this. If it gets out, I know it is you.”, I warned.

Belinda quickly responded to me but not in a way I was ready for. She caught me completely off guard with the statement that she made.

“Tim, I like girls more than boys. My girlfriend and I split up a few months ago and I’m going crazy. I have been with a boy or two and it’s always good, but I prefer girls.”, she whispered.

“Good to know….”, I said softly.

Belinda moved her hand completely and gave me free access to her pussy. I slipped my hand inside of her panties and found a very wet pussy. I eased one finger inside of her and pulled out a finger full of thick moisture and rubbed it on her clit. She lifted her skirt to her waist and put her right hand over mine as I rubbed her clit over and over. She was getting wetter and wetter by the minute and she I don’t think she lasted two minutes.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”, she whispered, shaking and writhing on the chair.

It took her about twenty seconds to recover from her orgasm as my fingers continued to rub her softly. She finally adjusted her panties causing me to remove my fingers from her. She pulled her skirt down and sat back down in the chair.

“Thanks Tim, I needed that.”, she leaned over, kissing me softly on the lips.

She reached down and softly rubbed my cock through my pants which was already extremely hard. Somehow, she had a look in her eye that perhaps she wasn’t done for the night.

“Since, I don’t have a ride home why don’t you bring me. Then you can fuck my brains out with this big dick.”, she offered.

I immediately jumped at the offer and less than an hour later we jumped into her big bed. She wanted me on top of her right way. She spread her legs and I grabbed my cock inserting it into her tight pussy. Like before, she was extremely wet and I pushed into her easily.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me hard.”, she asked.

I began to thrust in and out her rapidly doing exactly what she asked. This was not romantic or passionate, this was pure fucking. After a minute or so she put both hands on the back of my neck and pulled me close to her.

“That’s it baby……fuck that pussy.”, she panted.

“You like that, huh ?”, I replied.

“Oh fuck yea…. You’re gonna make me cum again.”, she whispered.

“Cum all over my cock baby…….. fucking cum Belinda.”, I urged.

She exploded into a violent orgasm as I continued to pump in and out of her for all I was worth. Just about the time she was coming down off of her orgasm, I pulled out of her and began to stroke my cock rapidly shooting my cum on her breasts and stomach. I continued to jerk off until I had milked every last drop of semen from my cock. I fell over on the bed next to her to catch my breath. A while later, we took a shower together then I ate her out to several more orgasms. She gave me a great blowjob and let me cum in her mouth which was quite surprising considering she preferred women. I left Belinda’s at about two in the morning and drove straight back to my apartment.


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This is a great story


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