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Chad's story continues.
Author’s Note: I sincerely apologize for the extremely long wait, but life does get in the way. I decided to break this into a part 4B and 4C as this is a decidedly long portion of the story. Thank you all for your continued support of this series. This is not the final chapter. I have many ideas for future plots involving Chad and his friends, but it takes a lot out of me to construct these stories just the way I want them, but I promise you guys it won’t take a me a year between posts again.

If you haven’t read the previous installments, I encourage you to do so to get a full understanding of the world I’ve created. By now, you know the whole shtick about my use of italics, so I won’t bore you about that any longer. Please feel free to leave comments either good or bad. I do read them and will respond quickly. I want to improve as a writer and any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is always welcomed.

Without further ado I present:

What a Difference a Summer Makes- Part 4B

Chapter 9

How can such a seemingly fantastic day come tumbling down? With a blank expression on my face I slump back in my chair at a loss for words. At first, I thought she might have been joking, but by the tenor of her voice it indicated she was quite serious. Her question made my head spin.

Do I like the person I’ve become? What the fuck does that even mean?

“Kimmie, what – where,” I started then paused putting my head down briefly then back up. “I don’t get it. Where’s this coming from?”

“I’m sorry Squirt but…”

“But what?!” I interrupted just loud enough that nearby patrons quickly looked in our direction.

Biting her lower lip, she refused to make eye contact with her eyes darting everywhere. She seemingly was squirming in her chair as she slowly returned her gaze back to me.

She was NERVOUS.

On the other hand, I was quite different. Anger boiled deep inside of me, as hot as lava. I had to get up from the table because there was no telling what would have spewed out my mouth if I remained. With a deep breath, I rose from my seat.

“I’ll be right back,” I mumbled. “I have to go stretch my legs.”

My look upon her couldn’t hide the annoyance that was coupled with confusion.

She reached out for my hand just as I was about to walk off, “Wait Squirt, don’t leave. Let me explain, please.”

Once again, I feel vulnerable, hurt. Just like the emotional pain of that dreadful summer night. It felt like an old wound opening before being fully healed. I was not going to allow her to do this to me again because I knew, if I did, it would break me.

Did I forgive her too fast?

Her hands were trembling on top of mine as I slowly drew my hand back.

“No Squirt, please don’t. I’m sorry,” Kimmie apologized. “All of this – you’re not this person. This is not the best friend that I grew up with and love.”

I would’ve just stormed off, if it weren’t for that last part, LOVE. I was taken aback by her word choice as it instantly brought back the memories of our entire twelve-year friendship and the love she proclaims existed.

“One-sided,” I snapped back.

She wore a puzzled expression trying to read my thoughts to no avail.

Isn’t it funny, after all the women I have slept with, it was still Kimmie that held my heart? It all came back to her. This is what I’m most frustrated about.

“One-sided. Everything about THIS love is one-sided,” I said firmly as I waved my finger to her then back to myself.

“After everything we’ve been through over the years, how can you say that?” she replied with her eyes starting to water.

I hit a nerve.

Not allowing her emotions to deter my message I continued, “You just don’t get it.”

“Don’t get what?” she sniffled as she wiped a tear from her eye.

“Oh boy,” I exhaled and took a deep breath. “I like the person I’ve become, and I wouldn’t change it for anything; not even you.”

In our conversation I let it all out. Kimmie listened in disbelief on how broken I felt prior to this summer. Sure, on the outside I seemed happy when I was around her and Joe, but I was in pieces internally. Every night I told her; I would look in the mirror at myself and just see a disappointment.

“I never truly loved myself prior to this summer,” I confessed.

Kimmie hung on my every word like her life depended on it and when I was done explaining how I am now finally living the life I’ve always dreamt of she couldn’t help but smile.

“I don’t know what to say,” she quietly said. “You’re my absolute best friend in the world and I can honestly say it’s like I never knew you at all. Why haven’t you ever brought this up before? Did you not think me, or Joe would understand?”

That was a particularly good question. I couldn’t find the strength to tell her I kind of felt Danni was right when she told them they’ve outgrown me; that I felt inadequate around them.

“I don’t know. I guess…I just didn’t bring it up. It was something I was dealing with on my own.”

“Squirt, we’ve been best friends for twelve-years. You could have told us this. We’ve always been there for one another through thick and thin -- Mr. Poole’s heroin overdose, my sister’s leukemia; we would have been there to support you and how you were feeling. We tell each other everything, right?”

That struck a chord with me.

“Oh yeah?! We tell each other everything?” I challenged with a hint of sarcasm. “You guys didn’t tell me y’all were fucking.”

This is what I meant when I said I should’ve gotten up from the table and walked away because of what might have come out my mouth.

Her eyes shifted to the side again and became glazed with a glassy layer of tears.

“That, “she choked-up as the tears dripped down her cheek, “that’s not fair Chad.”

I knew it wasn’t fair, but I didn’t care at that point.

“I know it’s not fair Kimmie, but it’s the truth. You just don’t get how badly you guys hurt me and I will not apologize for it. The Squirt you knew is dead. I’m Chad now.”

Oh – My – God! A rush of certainty coursed through my veins after saying those words. It was as if I knew precisely at that very moment who I’ve become. Squirt was like a ghost that fell at my waist side and what remained was a strong and confident young man that was ready to move on.

Have you ever seen the movie Superman III with Christopher Reeve? There’s a part in the movie where Clark Kent fights the evil version of himself/Superman.

I bring this up because even though what transpired between Kimmie and Joe that summer night hurt like hell, I’ve just come to realize it was me I was more upset with than anything else. They were my world. They were my everything. I thought without them I was nothing. I was just, for lack of a better word, a squirt.

But now, I am my own man. Like Taylor told me, this is my origin story. Squirt is like the evil version of Superman that I had to finally kill off to become me, Chad Lincoln.

“So, what does that mean?” she asked anxiously, “What – are you telling me?”

“I’m telling you,” I paused and took a deep breath to gather my thoughts. “I love you but maybe we rushed back into things. I think I need more time to process…EVERYTHING. Are you ok with that?”

My heart sank as I watched Kimmie’s eyes well up with sadness as if her soul were ripped out of her. I wanted to scoop her up, hold her and tell her everything would be ok, but I knew if I did, we would just fall back into the same old routine and I didn’t want that; this was the right decision – for me.

She grabbed a tissue as she stood up and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“Kimmie,” I begin to start but she raised her finger, shaking her head no. She was hurt deeply. I could see the pain in her eyes as she rested them on me. Without a word she turned and walked away placing her hand over her mouth to muffle the sounds of her crying.

This was the hardest thing I’ve EVER done in my life.

Watching her walk away a feeling of irony swept across me. I thought it would feel doubt or uncertainty about what I decided, but instead it was one of freedom, independence. A burden was lifted, and I was Squirt no more. I still love Kimmie and Joe. And always will. But it’s about me now and my growth. It didn’t dawn on me until this moment that they still saw me as that same person that left for France and in some sense, so did I.

I let out a big sigh of relief when I hear, “Sorry for keeping you waiting guys – wait – where’s Kimmie going?”

With a quick raise of my eyebrows I turn to Taylor and answer, “She had to go take care of something.”

Taylor knew all too well that was bullshit, but she didn’t call me on it. She just sat down next to me, reached for my hand, and rubbed it.

We walked back in silence to the car holding hands. Every few steps I would look at Taylor giving her a forced smile. At my core, I am certain of what I just did. But it tolled a heavy price, the future of my friendship with my best friend. The combination of joy and sorry is an odd mix that I was battling just under the surface and I knew Taylor could sense it as well.

“It’s going to be ok, you know,” she softly spoke as she leaned in, resting her head on my shoulder.

“How can you be so certain?”

“Because at the end of the day you’re a good guy Chad Lincoln and plus, Captain America always does things for the greater good.”

The deadpanned nature in which she said that I couldn’t help but give a slight chuckle.

“There goes my Chad,” she giggled while giving me a reassuring smile. “Let’s get out of here.”

How does she always know the right thing to say? I’m so thankful I have her.


This was a pretty fantastic day overall, I thought to myself while at a stop light coming from Taylor’s condo. I replayed all that transpired today. I had sex with Lisa ‘FUCKING’ Montero, of all people, and she stayed part of the night with me in my bedroom. I got the car of my dreams from my parents and grandma. I went over to Taylor’s place and fucked her like a porn slut TWICE. I met new friends, Addison, and Piper, at the beach. Then of course, Kimmie.

Kimmie?! Why do all roads lead to her? Damn it!

I need to get her out of my head and the best way to do that right now is to put on some music.


Of all the songs in the world this one just so happens to be playing. I couldn’t bring myself to change the station as Patrick Swayze’s She's Like the Wind hypnotized me and pretty much summed up my feelings for Kimmie:

I look in the mirror

And all I see

Is a young old man

With only a dream

Am I just fooling myself?

That she'll stop the pain.

Living without her

I'd go insane!

Feel her breath in my face

Her body close to me

Can't look in her eyes

She's out of my league

Just a fool to believe

I have anything she needs

She's like the wind

Even after everything, I’M STILL IN LOVE WITH HER! I cursed at myself turning off the radio.

The problem is when I look at her now it’s just of her calling me a loser while fucking Joe and Danni on my computer monitor. No matter how I try to forget and erase it from my mind – it won’t go away!

This was not supposed to happen like this. We cried and hugged one another. All was forgiven, right? One moment I’m happy and cheerful around her. Then, in an instant I’m dragged back down in that sunken place where the anger and sadness consume me.

I just need to go home, get in bed, and clear my thoughts. Right as I’m about to pull up into the driveway, I see that all too familiar black Dodge Charger parked in front of my house.

‘Oh Fuck,’ I thought, ‘Joe.’

I totally forgot I told him to come over for dinner tonight.

Chapter 10

As we all were eating dinner around the dining room table there was a heavy silence that settled over us. Everyone was avoiding eye contact with the other and when we did, there was an awkward smile that followed. Joe especially looked uncomfortable shifting every few minutes in his chair. He looked painfully out of place, like a piece of lettuce in a bowl of cereal. I must admit it was kind of funny to see him like this because he has always been the cool, confident guy in the room and now, he’s sweating bullets.

“Great dinner tonight mom. You’ve really outdone yourself,” I began trying to lighten the mood.

“Aww,” Mom said bashfully while slightly leaning her head to the side. “Thanks honey, that means a lot.”

“Yeah Mrs. Lincoln. This is fantastic,” Joe chimed in. “I didn’t know vegan food could be so delicious.”

Joe was right on the money. Mom prepared us a Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowl and a Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili with Avocado that was to die for. Who new Vegan could be so good!

“Honey,” dad praised while wiping his mouth with his napkin, “you really have outdone yourself.”

Mom looked at all of us with such joy and simply said thank you.

This is exactly what was needed to break the icy start to the evening. Watching my parents and Joe conversing reminded me about all the years previous when we would sit around this very same table along with Kimmie to joke, laugh and play. This house was the epicenter of everything for me, Kimmie and Joe with my parents being like their parents. We would do school projects, do karaoke, Halloween parties, barbecues, etc.

Thinking back on all those memories made me smile but when I looked over at Joe the moment changed quickly. In an instant I’m taken back to that damn night! It won’t get out of my head. It’s still haunting me.

Damn it!

I quickly get out of my head and pay attention as mom began to explain to Joe how she started her vegan journey this summer and incorporated it in her yoga classes for her students.

I’ve always been enamored with how my mother explains things. Her conversations are so much more than words. It’s her smile, the gentle shrugs and the light in her eyes that draw people in. She really had a gift for that.

Amid my mom talking with Joe, my eyes land on my father. The way he looks at her is something special. Over the years I’ve noticed this, but not until now do I get it. He not only loved her, he admired everything about her. The way her voiced cracked when she got excited or the funny way her ears would stick out when she got upset. He is completely in love with her. That sums up exactly how I feel about Kimmie.

Damn it, Chad Lincoln! Stop thinking about her!

Once dinner was over Joe and I helped clean up the table then placed the dishes in the dishwasher. He was rambling along about something, but I wasn’t really paying attention. My mind was preoccupied on what happened today. I figured there was only one way for me to get closure on this whole situation and it was going to be tough. Not only on me but for Joe as well.

“Bro, I still can’t get over how you look man,” Joe said with amazement as he put the last plate in the washer.

“Thanks bro,” I replied a little subdued.

“Squirt, you ok?”

I sort of cringed when he called me Squirt.

“Ummm – Joe, this may come as a bit of a shock, but I don’t want to be called Squirt anymore.”

He stood there staring at me in disbelief with his mouth frozen wide open. "Whaat - when," he shook his head trying to wrap his mind on what I just said. "I don't understand."

I was about to explain when my mother came up from behind me, kissed me on the cheek and interjected. "My baby is all grown up now Joseph. He wants to be called Chad from now on."

Seemingly transfixed by her words, Joe turned his head as she walked by us toward the refrigerator to get a bottle of water. Mom turned back and gave a small chuckle looking at Joe's confused expression.

"Aww, I know Joseph," she softly said walking up to him placing a loving hand on his cheek as only mothers can do, "it's going to be something to get used to, but it'll be ok."

I couldn’t help but laugh looking at his face. Joe looked like a child who was just told, for the first time, there was no such thing as Santa Claus.

“C’mon bro. Let’s head to my room. We need to talk about a couple things.”

Joe looked up at me and just grunted along with a head nod.

LMFAO. He’s taking this name change a lot harder than I realized. He hasn’t called me Chad in… come to think about it – I don’t even remember the last time he called me Chad.

His mood drastically changed as we got into my room. Joe sat on my bed and gave me a somewhat inquisitive look.

“What?” I asked defensively.

“You know what.”

Completely baffled by his statement I shrugged my shoulders. “Joe, I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

“Two words,” Joe continued with a devilish grin, emphasizing his words by pointing up his index and middle finger in the air with each word he uttered, “Lisa…Montero!”

Hearing her name, I tried to suppress my smile because this was not what I intended to talk about, but I could feel the heat growing in my cheeks.

There was a brief awkward silence as Joe stared at me. Not so much looking at me but through me like he was searching for something. Giving him a shrug and an awkward grin, “What the fuck bro? You ok?”

“Soooooo?” inquired Joe as he motioned his hand for me to spill the beans.

I couldn’t help but smile and give a sigh of satisfaction.

“I knew it! I just knew it,” Joe boasted proudly as he put his arms up in a victory pose. “Kimmie didn’t believe me when I told her you guys were going to fuck.”

“Oh, no?” I replied with a raised eyebrow.

“Nah, she kept on and on saying you’re not like that blah, blah, blah,” Joe gave a little chuckle, “and I’m like Squir…ahem, sorry bro, but this is going to be something to get used to -- Chad is about to get some ass!”

That was the thing about Joe. He has such a light-hearted persona and quick wit that it was hard to be serious around him. That was also what made him frustrating at times because he hardly ever took anything seriously. Girls, school, and life in general. Simply put, Joe was just Joe. Nothing more, nothing less.

For some reason, my plan to talk to Joe about him and Kimmie went right out the window and it turned into a three-hour conversation about my entire summer adventures. I let it all out! Things about Bianca, Olivia and Chloe, Lisa, Addison, and Piper, and of course, Taylor. It felt good talking with my best friend again. All these years prior it would be me listening to his stories about girls on what he did and now the shoe was on the other foot. What was surprising to me in talking with Joe was his attentiveness.

He listened to me as if every word I uttered were precious and he’s been waiting for this his entire life. I would talk, he would ask a few questions and it was like I could see the wheels turning in his head, such as chess player planning a few moves ahead. His words were a mixture of concern, encouragement, and kindness.

Right then and there I could see why girls dropped their panties for him. Joe is a great listener. He treated you like you were the only person in the world.

“Holy shit bro!” Joe praised giving me a high-five. “You had one hell of a summer!”

I really, really did I thought to myself. It was a fantastic summer; the summer of my dreams and it couldn’t have happened if – oh shit!

Here it comes again. Damn that fucking night!

That night hung over me like a black cloud, raining on me at any time without notice. It’s hard to put into words how I’m feeling. I love them both, but my heart is shattered for what they put me through and even after everything that has happened since then I’m still picking up the pieces. It is now time to get the answers I need.

“You ok bro?” Joe asked with a concern to his voice. “You look like you’re about to throw up.”

It seems that even the thought of what happened was beginning to make me physically sick.

“I’m ok.”

“You sure bro? I can go to the kitchen and…”

“Seriously, I’m fine,” I cut him off. “Tell me about you and Kimmie.”

Joe stood frozen the moment my words stopped. Blood left his face, his eyes widened, staring at me in horror, turning pale as if in fear of what was going to come next.

I’ve NEVER seen this side of Joe in my life. He was the picture of confidence and what stood before me was the COMPLETE opposite of that.

“Joe…Joe,” I said calmly to try and break him out of his trance-like state.

Shaking his head, he took a big gulp before acknowledging me.

“Sorry Squir – UGHHH,” he grunted clapping his hands together with a stomp of his foot. “Sorry – I meant Chad.”

“It’s ok Joe. Just take a deep breath and tell me.”

The pained expression on his face indicated that he didn’t want to say anything. “Please Chad, don’t let me…”

“No Joe!” I fumed shaking my head. “We’ve danced around this subject for a little over three-hours. I deserve the truth.”

He looked me square in the eye and nodded his head a couple of times. “Ok Chad. You’re right. You do deserve the truth.” There was a brief pause then Joe sighed, “Here goes nothing…”

Chapter 11

Listening to the rain pelt away outside like it was tap dancing to the roar of the thunder and lightning all that ran through my mind was the scene from A Few Good Men when Jack Nicholson as Colonel Jessup states the famous line, “You can’t handle the truth!”

I wanted the truth but after hearing it, my mind was reeling. I couldn’t take it. Six-months! They’ve been fucking for six-months without me knowing. How could I have been so clueless? So naïve?

What had me thrown for a loop was the fact that Joe expressed that he was falling hard for Kimmie. My Kimmie! I couldn’t believe it. This is Joe we’re talking about! His entire M.O. is to fuck a chick then move on to the next.

He said he never told her how he felt because he was afraid that it would potentially ruin what they had.

Joe, afraid? In all my years in knowing him, everything came easy and natural for him. So, hearing that HE was afraid about something threw me for a loop.

In the past when Joe would talk to me about his conquests with girls, he would go about it matter-of-factly on about how the girl sucked his dick, how he would play with her tits, eat her pussy then he would finally fuck her. You know, basic shit. Sure, he would give some information about if the girl had any tattoos or piercings that he liked, or anything else I might find interesting. It was simple and to the point, but with Kimmie, Joe was completely different. He was incredibly detailed, poetic even, when describing their encounters.

The look on his face when talking about her I knew he was for real. He was in love with Kimmie.

He told me that they would usually go and have sex after they dropped me off at home from when we would all hang out or coming from school. As I thought back on it, at first Joe would drop Kimmie home then me because he and I lived closer to one another, but things did change about six-months prior to summer vacation. I never questioned it because he told me he liked driving alone from her house to just clear his head from the day to day things. Now I know it was all a lie. They wanted alone time together.

“How – How and where did it begin?” I asked as I slowly shook my head in disbelief.

“The truth?” he replied with trepidation.

“Yes Joe. That’s all I want.”

He quickly stood up from my bed with a pained expression on his face like a new doctor who had to deliver a tragic message to a family that their loved one died.

I know. I watch too much Grey’s Anatomy. LOL.

“You were there,” he blurted out.

“What do you mean… I was there?”


I love it when it rains. The sound it makes when it hits the pavement, the smell of freshness it leaves behind and, for me, it just seems to wash all the bad stuff away. The rain was something that calmed me whenever there was any sort of chaos in my life and as a teenager it can pretty much seem like a weekly thing. But nothing, not even the rain could help with this situation.

As I stared out my window watching each raindrop fall of my windowsill, I was numb. I didn’t take notice of my mom entering the room until she touched my shoulder.

“Honey, are you ok?”

Blankly staring out my window I answered without any particular emotion, “Yeah – I’m fine, I guess.”

“Joe left in quite a hurry,” she said with concern. “He barely said goodbye to me or your father.”

“I asked him to leave.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

That was a good question, but with a heavy sigh I replied, “No mom. Not right now. I just need some time to think, ok?”

“Ok honey. If you need me or your dad, we’re always here for you.”

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek with a comforting shoulder squeeze then turned to walk out my room. As I continued staring out my window, I called out to her, “Mom?”


“I love you.”

“I love you too, honey.”

Usually my mother’s words provided me comfort, but I could not be consoled right now. This is what it must feel like to be in shock. I had to be in shock!


It wasn’t just rain anymore it was a downpour. The raindrops struck the grass and the pool like they were coming out of a gun barrel with each droplet like a ricochet in my head of ‘I was there’ replaying repeatedly.

Why did it have to be her? I’ve fantasized for so long about being with Kimmie and here he is, my other best friend in the world, explaining to me in detail everything I ever wanted.

He was living my dream… And I hated him for it.

The fact that I was both equally upset and aroused by what Joe was telling me is what drove me mad. The way he described her breasts as they fell out her bra or the way her lips felt on his mouth and cock, I could not help but get a boner, but I also was consumed with rage.

That’s what I always wanted. That should have been me!

While Joe was telling the story, I flashed back to that day when all three of us were at my house practicing for an upcoming Call of Duty tournament. My parents were gone for the weekend on a mini-vacation and they left me money for food. Just getting my license the week before, I begged Joe to let me drive his car to go to the local Publix to get some snacks. He was willing only if he was able to tag along because he wanted to make sure nothing happened.

Joe LOVES his Dodge Charger…AND I mean LOVES.

But I was the one to tell him to stay behind and show Kimmie the new strategy we came up with on one of the maps for Capture the Flag. He was a little hesitant at first but finally came around, coincidently, with help from Kimmie because she knew how badly I wanted to drive his car too.

Shit! It’s almost as if I must take part of the blame on how they started having sex. FUCK MY LIFE.

While I was gone Joe says that he was explaining to her the new strategy we wanted to introduce but Kimmie was totally opposed to it and began complaining about it.

“She kept calling our plan dumb and ridiculous,” Joe said while shrugging his shoulders.

“But it was a great plan,” I boasted. “We came in first place during that tournament.”

Joe gave me a quick nod. “We know that now, but at the time she felt we were sacrificing too much, and the margin of victory would have been too small.”

The thing about Kimmie is she is all about the numbers. If the math is not favorable, she is usually against it.

It seemed that Kimmie would not let up and kept on badgering Joe, saying that the plan stunk.

“She just got so annoying, Squir… sorry, Chad. I couldn’t help myself,” joked Joe trying to compose himself.

“Whaaat – what did you do Joe?”

Joe scrunched up his face, “We were sitting next to each other and I told her if she thought this stunk then you will surely not like this. So, I kind of farted on her.”

“You what!” I yelped in astonishment trying to hold in my laughter. “Oh my god, Joe you’re nuts!”

“All I did was raise up slightly off the bed, lean to the side and pass gas on her,” he confessed like he did nothing wrong. “She deserved it for being so obnoxious.”

As Joe put it, Kimmie went bat shit crazy on him and began punching him in the arm, leg, stomach or anywhere she could, telling him that he was disgusting. She told him that she was going to pay him back by farting in his face.

Joe, not one to back down, dared her to do it because he didn’t believe she would.

“Boy, was I wrong Chad,” Joe admitted.

The way he phrased it, is what caught my attention. His eyes stared in my direction, but he wasn’t looking at me. There was a nostalgic longing in his face like all he wanted was to go back to that specific time and relive that moment again.

Joe was lost in thought when he muttered, “She sat on my face – and it was wonderful.”

He paused, for what seemed like a lifetime, as he thought back to that day then redirected his gaze toward me with a smile on his face. The cold stare I returned to him made his smile instantly vanish as he visibly wilted in front of me.

“Umm… I think that’s enough for now. Don’t you think?” Joe questioned as looked quite uncomfortable.

“There’s no way I’m letting you off that easy,” I refused as I sat down in my chair. “Finish the story, Joe.”

Chapter 12

Reluctantly, Joe went on to tell me that Kimmie had on her blue denim cutoff cheeky shorts.

Since as far as I can remember she has always been more comfortable wearing short shorts because she likes the freedom it provides especially when we were younger when we would ride bikes and play in the park or go to the beach. Her parents have tried to discourage her from wearing them as of late because of the unwanted attention she now receives, but Kimmie is so use to them. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

Kimmie sat on his face with the intention of farting on it but was unable to. While she playfully bounced up and down on his face, Joe initially tried to push her off but as he did, he breathed her in.

What occurred after that was something Joe never thought in a million years would have happened. He wrapped his arms around her legs, held her in place and rubbed his nose on the fabric that barely covered her pussy.

“Her pussy was so unbelievably intoxicating. The aroma of a goddess, like fresh mint and cinnamon,” Joe swooned.

At first Kimmie believed Joe was fighting against her but then jumped off him when she realized what he was doing. She was pissed, hit him in the arm and called him a perv. Joe plead with her, telling Kimmie he was sorry, and he didn’t know what came over him.

“Kimmie was so angry with me and began cursing and asking me what I was thinking,” Joe recounted. “I didn’t know what to do. So, I just did what felt natural at that moment.”

With anticipation of what was to come I leaned forward in my seat and whispered, “And – and what was that?”

He grabbed her by the waist, pulling her up close against his chest. His hand gently glided through her hair, as he looked at her in a way, he had never looked at her before.

Kimmie stared up at him with those beautiful brown eyes, not as his best friend which she has done a million times over in the past, but as something completely different, lust.

With them standing in the middle of my bedroom for a couple of minutes, Joe’s mind and cock was surging with anticipation while Kimmie seemed unsure.

“I’m not sure Joe if we should…” she began to say before Joe smashed his lips against hers.

“I didn’t want anything to derail that moment, Chad,” Joe confessed. “It was a now or never situation and I wasn’t going to pass it up because it just felt right.”

As I listened to Joe telling me about their first encounter, a mixture of emotions was flooding through me. I guess a part of me understood that it was probably inevitable that they would end up hooking up because they always did look good with one another. People always commented over the years how Joe and Kimmie would make a great couple, but they would always scoff at that idea saying that they were ‘just friends.’

The other side of me, I must admit, is a bit jealous and envious. For the past twelve-years, which is practically all my life, Kimmie and Joe had everything I dreamt of having. The looks, the personality and now it seems like they have each other. And with that, what I think troubled me the most about this situation is now that they have one other, they probably didn’t need me anymore.

With me in deep thought I wasn’t really paying that much attention to what Joe was saying until I heard him say they were naked, and he was lying on top of her on my bed.

“Wait, what? You guys fucked on MY bed?” I interrupted.

All this time of him telling and reliving that moment with Kimmie, it was if he was on cloud nine. But the light in Joe’s eyes seemed to fade as he came crashing down back to earth after my question. He didn’t answer the question and just stared at me afraid and nervous. A line was crossed, and Joe knew it.

I just wanted to walk right up to him and punch him in the face. Tell him to get the fuck out of my house and never to return but with a lump in my throat I was able to utter, “Continue.”

The tension in the room was palpable as the tightness in our jaws and shoulders could have mirrored one another. I could sense Joe’s apprehension when he finally spoke up.

“I really don’t think,” he sighed and continued, “I’m not sure this is going to do anyone any good, bro.”

“I’ll be the judge of that Joe. Just finish the story.”

“No, it’s stupid. You know everything already. Knowing the details will just make matters worse and I want us to get pass this,” he fired back.

“That’s the thing. I don’t think we will get pass this.”

I let him know the same thing I told Kimmie earlier that we may have rushed back into things and it probably would be best for me to be on my own for a while.

“This is bullshit, man! We apologized numerous times,” he snapped back at me. “What more do you want from us?!”

“Joe, you know what?” I began, “I think all this was a mistake and it’s time for you to go.”

His face turned crimson. Joe’s temper isn’t as bad as Kimmie’s but when the sparks start to rev up there was no place to hide.

“Ok fine, you want to know everything?” Joe snarled as he walked next to my bed and did a reenactment of his and Kimmie’s first time:


We were right over here, and she was face down, staring back at me, with her ass up in the air. Her pussy seemed to be pulsating in anticipation for all eight inches of my cock to be buried into it. I couldn’t believe how goddamn wet her pussy was as I slid right in. I would have cummed instantly with how good she felt if I didn’t pace myself. As I entered her slowly again and again and again, I spanked and spread her ass cheeks apart watching her cream all over my cock. She kept moaning and begging me to ‘break it’ so I started fucking her harder just as I saw you pull up into the driveway. I freaked out but at the same time I was so ready to cum at that moment. You just don’t know how bad I wanted to empty inside of her! She begged me not to because she wasn’t on the pill. I let her know that it was either going to cum in her pussy or in her mouth because you just came back home, and we had no time for cleanup.

In one fell swoop Kimmie pulled me out of her, got on her knees and took my entire cock in her mouth while looking me square in the eyes. I stood there astonished! No girl I’ve ever been with has been able to take half of my cock in their mouth let alone all of it. And now I’m here standing, wondering how in the hell a girl I knew all my life was such a cock-sucking savant and I had absolutely had no idea. All she gave me was a raised eyebrow with a giggle, knowing full well that she surprised the shit out of me. I quickly asked if she was sure and the vibration her moaning yes made around my cock was all it took as I emptied every bit of cum I had down her throat.

She sucked and swallowed every single drop but that was not had my head for a loop. It was the look on her face afterward is what got me. It was one of pure joy. Just like when she drinks her Coca-Cola and watermelon slushy mixture at the movie theater, savoring every drop of it.

Thinking back on it now, I believe I fell in love with her at that precise moment. I never searched for it because I never thought in a million years, I was capable of it. I loved fucking different girls but with Kimmie I feel different.

Is this what falling in love was like? A story you never wanted to end. I can't bear to lose her -- lose this person that makes me feel so complete. We quickly got dressed when we heard you enter the front door.


“Is that what you wanted to hear? Are you satisfied now?” Joe fumed.

Words left me – I stood in the middle of my room paralyzed and stared at him as if he'd been speaking a language I couldn't understand.

“I gave you what you wanted,” Joe said with sort of an attitude then continued, “You have nothing to say?”

It felt like my mind was screaming at me, “Don’t just stand their Chad! Say something!”

Words flew from my mouth that I never thought I'd even think, let alone say out loud. I knew instantly from the look in Joe’s eyes that they'd hit their mark. In that instant our relationship shattered like glass. Nothing would ever be the same again.

Chapter 13

With the water pouring down over me, my mind wanders off into a quiet, peaceful place. Gone are the distractions of the day before. Of me second guessing myself about Kimmie and Joe and the future of our friendship. It’s just me and the wonderful feeling of the hot water that calms me. Even though I know it’s only for a few minutes, these moments are cherished. This is going be one hell of a night.

I stare back at my reflection through the steamed mirror and think, ‘How in the hell did you get in this situation, Chad Lincoln?’ Before I even ponder the answer my phone chimes. It’s a message from Lisa telling me not to rush and she is running a few minutes behind. It seems she has some finishing touches to do with her makeup.

With a slight chuckle I text that it’s ok with a kiss emoji.

There goes my answer as I look back in the mirror. Lisa ‘FUCKING’ Montero. I’m going to Danni’s party mainly because of her. Did I want to go to this party? Hell, to the NO! I really didn’t want to deal with the whole Joe and Kimmie thing tonight. I wanted at least a day not to deal with our bullshit. Also, I knew there would be tons of questions about my, so-called, summer transformation. I really just wanted to enjoy some alone time with Lisa but fuck it. Let’s go party!

Just as I slipped on my boots there’s a knock on my door.

“Come in,” I called out.

“Hey son,” my dad answered poking his head inside, “You got a sec?”

“Sure dad. What’s up?”

He must have been impressed by my outfit as he looked me up and down with a half-grin on his face. I had on a grey 1960’s USA Olympic Cassius Clay shirt, light blue ripped slim fit jeans and wheat colored Timberland boots.

Of all the years past that I have gone to parties this was the first time my dad sat me down to have “The Talk.”

I could sense it was a little uncomfortable for him, but he soldiered on by just running down the basics of using protection, being respectful to women and no means no at any time. I kind of felt a little uneasy with this conversation but he felt that it was needed especially since Lisa was over the other night.

“Dad, this was great. I appreciate it,” I thanked him.

“Hold on son. There is something else,” he continued as he put his hand on my shoulder, “I know there are a lot of things going on right now with you, Kimmie and Joe…”

Shaking my head, I stood up and protested, “Please dad, I really don’t want to talk about them right now.”

“Just – just here me out, son, that’s all,” he said calmly. “I’m not pushing anything on you.”

I sat back down on my bed and with a resonant sigh looked at him.

“All I wanted to say is I’m so – so proud of you! How you were able to handle an exceedingly difficult situation this past summer? I’m not sure I could’ve handled it in the same manner.”

My expression and my loss of words said more to my dad than anything that could’ve possibly come out my mouth as he pulled me in for a hug.

“I love you, son.”

“I love you too, dad.”

My dad has told me he loved me before, but this felt different. I have to say, I was a bit choked-up by it.

We were making small talk as we entered the living room when my mother comes up and embraces me.

“What’s gotten into you guys? Y’all are so emotional tonight, I swear,” I joked.

With a quick peck on the cheek she looked me in the eye then sternly pointed out, “We were both high schoolers once upon a time, so we know what goes on at these parties. Be smart and use good judgement. Do we make ourselves clear?”

“Yes mom.”

She gave me a warm pleasant smile, “That’s my good boy. Now, go have fun.”

Just as I opened the front door my dad calls out to me and says, “You have a life to lead, son. So, lead your life. Along the way there will be tough choices to make, even when it appears there are none. Follow your gut and your heart and you'll be okay. You really will.”

I gave a nod and a smile to them both and headed out the door.

Has he been talking to Taylor? That sounds eerily familiar.

As I step outside, I see Nate leaning on my driver’s side door puffing on his vape which by my guess is filled with cannabis oil.

“You know that shit fucks up your lungs, right,” I pointed out as we approached one another into a bro-hug.

“What this?” he responded and continued, “You know what I say. "Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight."

I know I’ve talked about Nate but let me give you a quick visual. He looks like Harrison Holzer. When you get a chance look him up. Another thing to point out about Nate, he’s the biggest Drake fan you can find. From posters, to music, to clothes, he’s all about champagne papi. But what’s peculiar about him, which drives Joe up a fucking wall, is he always seems to mention a Drake verse in everything he says. It’s uncanny. I don’t even think he realizes that he does it. Or does he?

I personally believe it’s because he and Drake are both Jewish but fuck it, who cares on how he expresses himself, maybe except for Joe at the end of the day. LOL.

Nate’s smoking gives him a slight raspiness to his voice, so I chuckle when he asks, “You ready to go, my dude?”

“Yeah man, let’s hit the road.”

Since Lisa texted that she was running a little late we decide it would be best to go pick up Nate’s date first.

Nate’s been wanting a car since freshman year and he gave his parents many not so subtle hints to that fact, but they never budged to the plan of not getting him a car until after graduating high school. He never fought them on it because he knew when they set their mind to something it was final.

Instead what he did was focus on computers and music. Nate became a genius to anything digital. If you need a grade fixed, he can do it. If you need a traffic ticket to disappear, he can do it. I’m fairly sure if you need a new identity, he can do that too. He rarely takes money for his work because his parents are quite well-off, but instead he takes favors. People are aware that they can never back out of a favor when Nate comes to cash them in because there is retribution in the form of a click of a mouse. The downside with Nate was that girls thought of him as a goof ball who just spits out Drake lyrics all the time. I mean, it’s true and all so I’m definitely interested on how he snagged Tanya.

As we pulled up in front of her home, Nate explained that Paul showed him a picture of her one day and he had to meet her.

“I told Paul to set it up and he did, and the rest is history,” Nate said with confidence as he took another drag from the vape.

“Man, don’t you know I know you!” I said with a playful tone. “There’s more to the story than that. I know your ass was probably nervous as hell to meet her, at first, and you probably said some corny ass Drake line thinking you were cute.”

Nate took another drag, “Negro, what you talking about? What corny ass Drake line? I don’t do that?”

He really DOESN’T know he does that. LOL.

“What did you say when you first met her?” I asked with a cynical look on my face.

He suppressed his smile, but I could see by the blush on his face that he knew damn well what I was talking about.

“You see? Right there. Dead giveaway,” I laughed. “What’d you say?”

“Man shut up. There’s no giveaway. It’s the weed that’s making me look like this.”

We both started cracking up.

“C’mon bro. Just tell me. I want to hear this one.”

“Fine, fine,” Nate rolled his eyes then continued, “I might have said something along the line of you could have my heart or we could share it like the last slice.”

I couldn’t help but double over in laughter, hitting my head on the steering wheel. Nate started to laugh right along with me asking if I was ok. He was so nervous meeting her; that was the first thing that popped into his head.

“Ouch,” I laughed, rubbing my head, “Bro, she actually fell for that?”

Just as he was about to respond he quickly looks out his window. “Oh shit,” he says excitedly tapping me on the thigh, “here she comes.” No one has ever jumped out of a car as fast as Nate did.

I got out the car and watched as he stood at her driveway hopping from one foot to the other like a little girl and he was not ashamed one bit. He was deliriously happy, giddy even. She giggled as he picked her up and gave her a kiss. It was somewhat of a cloudy evening so I couldn’t make her out clearly until they approached a little closer.

With a smooth smile and a twinkle in his eye he introduced us, “Chad, this is Tanya.”

Chapter 14

I could definitely see why he was so overjoyed. Tanya Davis could have graced any billboard or magazine cover; she was that fine. Her white crop top was bold against her caramel complexion, with her knee-ripped skinny jeans showing a perfect bubble butt. What stood out the most was her shoes. She had on custom-made Superman red and royal blue glitter stilettos. She stood about five foot and three inches, brown hair with blond highlights. Perfect example would be Vanessa Morgan.

The scene was quite unbelievable, shocking really. Almost robotically I raised my hand to greet her. All that ran through my mind was how in the hell did Nate pull this off. My mind was sent reeling, unable to comprehend or process the images being sent by my eyes. I looked away, then looked back to see if she was still there. She was.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” Tanya finally said with delight. “Wow, you have a really nice car!”

“Umm,” I hesitated, “thank you and it’s nice to meet you as well.”

Words left me as I just stood staring at the both of them.

“He’s usually not a mute,” Nate joked that got a quick giggle from Tanya.

“You ok bro?” he quickly asked.

What a difference a summer makes. I guess I’m not the only one coming into this school year a new man.

“Yeah man. I’m good. Sorry about that guys. Didn’t mean to make it all weird,” I explained. “He told me you were beautiful, but he really undersold.”

Her blush was that of hot pink as her cheeks dimpled through her smile which made her even more attractive.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa their buddy,” Nate wisecracked as he pulled her in close to him, “this is my girl. We’re about to pick up yours in a minute. Settle down.”

Nate laughed as Tanya poked him in the ribs, telling him to leave me alone as I was only paying her a compliment. All I could do was give him a smirk and shake my head.

“I know – I know. I’m just teasing you bro. I had the same reaction when I met her.”

“Aww baby. You’re so sweet,” Tanya grinned looking at him.

“But let’s be clear,” Nate said as he quickly turned and leaned his forehead against hers, “I've got my eyes on you, you're everything that I see. I want your hot love and emotion endlessly."

Does he have all Drake’s lyrics stored in his memory bank with access to it at a drop of hat? You can’t be serious that this worked. LOL.

Tanya bit her lower lip and looked at him with wanton eyes. Her tongue slithered out like a reptile as she cocked her head to one side. Nate didn’t hesitate at her invitation as he sucked her in while his arms wrapped around her.

I stood there awkwardly watching my good friend and his first girlfriend devouring each other with no concern I was even there. My phone chimes and I look at it. Oh shit, we got to go!

“Ahem,” I interrupt their teenage make out session. “Time to hit the road.”


I was really happy for Nate that he found someone so great like Tanya and by the look of things she was happy to have found him. They whispered and giggled with one another while sitting in the backseat. You can always sense when two people are genuinely into one another and these two were the poster couple for it. A small smile crept on my face as I watched through my rearview mirror him grabbing her by the waist, pulling her closer against his lap. While she looked up at him, he gently glided is hand through her hair and leaned in and kissed her. If you listened carefully, which I was, you could hear the faint sound of a moan that escaped her lips.

“Behave mister,” she whispered, “Chad is right there.”

“I know baby,” he uttered softly, “but you know what you do to me. I know you can feel it.”

I quickly glance at her through the mirror and she knew exactly what Nate wanted.

“You must be crazy,” she smiled with faint protest. “You’re really out of your mind. What’s your friend going to think of me if I suck your dick here in the backseat of his car?”

To be honest, I would not have minded one bit. This would be kind of hot, but I wasn’t going to tell them that. LOL

They probably didn’t think I was listening because the music was on but after a few whispers back and forth I heard a zipper being pulled down slowly.

The next thing I saw was Nate’s head swing back. I wanted to readjust my mirror but didn’t want to give away that I was watching them.

“Oh, Tanya,” was all Nate could mutter with a low moan as the mix of swishing and slurping sounds rang through the air.

All I could really see were both his hands-on top of her head as he guided her down his cock. A deep throaty sound could be heard from Tanya with Nate whispering to her, “Good girl. You know what I like.”

It couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes when I hear, “Oh Fuuuck!”

“Take it, take it, take it!” Nate moaned while bucking his hips and cock into her awaiting mouth. After his last thrust there was an audible pop as Tanya raised up from his lap. I glanced back up at the mirror and she had a wide grin on her face as if she was a conquering hero.

Looking over at Nate he had an afterglow and sighed with great satisfaction.

“Feeling better, now are we?” bubbled Tanya while she was looking at herself with her phone fixing her makeup.

“Babe, I must confess,” Nate said with a serious tone while zipping up his pants.

She stopped what she was doing and looked over at him with a concerned look. “What’s wrong?”

In the song cadence from Rihanna’s song Work featuring Drake, Nate sang, ““I spilled all my emotions tonight, I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t help but blurt out a quick laugh.

With a playful shove to his chest, she turns her head back to fixing her makeup and laughs, “I can’t with you sometimes. I just can’t.”

He’s such an idiot. I don’t know how he comes up with this shit.


As we pulled up in front of Lisa’s house you would think with everything that has transpired over these past few months, I should be cool, calm, and collected, right? Plus, Lisa and I have already been intimate. So, why do I feel so tense? It’s not like I’ve never been on a first date before. Come to think of it, I’ve only been on one first date and that was with Bianca.

Shit, I’m nervous.

I think Nate could sense my internal struggle or he probably just noticed me fidgeting with my hands as we all stood outside the car.

“You ok bro?” he asked then handed me his vape, “Take a couple puffs of this and it will take the edge off.”

I stared at the vape for a few seconds and might have taken his advice, but my mom’s voice rang in my head of be smart and use good judgment. The last thing I needed was to be pulled over by the police for smoking pot. I just got this car and I’m quite sure I wouldn’t see it again until graduation if that happened.

“Nah man, I’m good, but thanks.”

“No problem bro, but you really need to calm down. You’re making me nervous,” he replied taking a quick drag from the pen.

Tanya gave him a light punch in the arm telling him to hush. She let me know it was perfectly fine to feel what I was feeling and that I just had nervous energy because I must like Lisa a lot.

She was spot on. I really do like Lisa.

“You weren’t exactly the picture of calm on our first date, mister,” Tanya teased.

“Who me?” he fired back, “Sure, but I wasn’t as bad as this guy over here.”

She playfully rolled her eyes at him then turned to me, “Don’t listen to anything he says Chad. On our first date I thought he was going to have a stroke with the way his right eye was twitching.”

Nate gave a sarcastic laugh, “Babe – C’mon. That was for a brief moment. I was chill for the majority of the night.”

“Yeah – right after I gave you that edible.”

Nate and I looked her wide-eyed in disbelief before he spoke. “Wait, you’re telling me that Reese’s Peanut Butter cup you gave me was an edible?”

“You damn right it was! And after that you were so cute spitting Drake lyrics to me all night long after that,” Tanya said proudly.

We all started laughing and that helped ease some of the tension that coursed through my veins until my phone pinged with a message from Lisa that she was coming out.

I was filled with so much nervous anticipation it felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. I’m going out on a date with Lisa Montero where actual people from my school are going to see us together as a couple! Holy shit!

Finally, the door opened, and she appeared in all her grandeur, giving me one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. My eyes twinkled as they slid over every inch of her body without a blink. If eyes could salivate mine would be frothing.

As I was standing, it was like she walked and waved to me in slow motion. Nate gave me a quick nudge which got me out of my trance and whispered, “I know you want to say it. Go ahead and say it.”

“Hi Chad. You look great,” bubbled Lisa as she gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

He nudged me again and even though I really didn’t want to say it, it seemed like it was the only appropriate thing that would sum up exactly how I felt looking at her.

“Damn it, Lisa!” I emphasized. “You got it, girl, you got it!”

Please God don’t turn me into Nate. LOL

With a soft, almost child-like, giggle she thanked me for the compliment. Her smile is what caught my attention. Lisa’s smile could light up the darkest regions of the earth. It’s like a ray of sunshine.

Lisa said hello to Nate, and he introduced her to Tanya. They instantly hit it off as they complimented each other on their makeup, outfit, and shoes.

Speaking of which, I have to describe what Lisa was wearing. A black satin shirt romper with a plunging neckline which showed off her curves, ample cleavage, and legs to full effect. She wore two gold crosses that dipped in between her breasts which accentuated her golden bronze skin complexion. Her hair was tied up together to show off the gold cross earrings she had on and what outfit is not complete without the shoes; open toe, strappy, gold-stiletto heels.

As I watched all three interact with one another a small smile crept across my face. This is going to be a night to remember!

Post Note:

Thank you everyone for your support of this series. I do apologize for the extremely long wait, but I hope this was well waited for. Part 4C is almost complete. Sorry that I had to break it up into another section, but it was becoming quite long. Like I’ve said previously, I wish I could devote all my time to writing, but life does get in the way. Until next time.


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