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Coming of Age Story.
I urge you to please read previous installments to get a full understanding of this chapter. The end of the night is finally here! I hope you guys have enjoyed reading as much as I have loved writing these latest chapters. I’m so grateful to you readers who have inspired me to continue to sit down and write. Like I’ve said previously, this is not the end. I have plenty of ideas on how I want to continue this tale and will do it in a timely matter. It will not take a year between installments again.

Sorry to repeat this but here goes: I use italics in my stories as the inner thoughts of the main character and since musicals are my favorite movie genre, they are used for musical breaks as well. You will find in my writing I try to be as illustrative as possible so you, the reader, will have a clear visual of the characters and the environment they are in.

Please feel free to leave comments either good or bad. I do read them and will respond quickly. I want to improve as a writer and any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is always welcomed.

Without further ado I present:

What a Difference a Summer Makes- Part 4C

Chapter 15

Danni Perkins may have a future as a party planner because her parties are, in a word, legendary. Ever since freshman year at her fifteenth birthday party it’s been the highlight of every school term. Back then, even upper classmen attended. Her house, a compound really, holds three epic parties each year; Back-to-school, Christmas, and her birthday which is in March. I’ve attended all her parties and I would bet money they can rival any Hollywood A-List party you can think of.

It also doesn’t hurt that her parents are filthy rich who dotes on their daughter, treating her like a princess. You would think with all the money they have the Perkins family would be your cliché stuck-up, rude, holier than thou type, but that’s not the case. All in all, they’re a nice and down-to-earth family. Danni can be a bit bitchy at times, especially with always treating me like some weirdo creep, but for the most part she treats people with respect.

I didn’t want to have anything to do with her after that summer night. Loser? Joe and Kimmie have outgrown me? Who does she think she is? Fuck her!

The music could be heard a few blocks down the street as we were entering her neighborhood, Bay Colony.

I know, I know, but I can’t help myself. LOL. We’re entering the Million Dollar Listing portion of the programming. Bay Colony is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in all of Fort Lauderdale and is the only gated single-family community in the area with 24-hour security. The waterways are deep and wide providing a desirable and secure location for boaters with larger yachts.

We somehow found parking somewhere down her block and walked to her home. This was Tanya’s first time experiencing a Danni Perkins’ party, so she was overwhelmingly impressed as we approached her house.

“Damn! Is this how you guys do it in Fort Lauderdale?” marveled Tanya.

“Mhmmm,” Lisa answered with a huge smile, “Danni knows how to have a good time.”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Nate added then gave her a quick kiss on her hand.

I, of course, kept my feelings to myself because no one needed to know I really didn’t want to be there. Lisa gave Tanya a quick rundown about how she and Danni have been best friends since the fifth grade, about the parties, and the theatre club they were a part of at school. Tanya was especially interested in the theatre club as she told us her dream was to perform on Broadway someday.

It seemed that we were some of the last people to arrive at the party as we didn’t see anyone else outside. Nate knocks on the door and in typical Danni Perkins style a half-dressed security guard, eye candy for the ladies, opens the door to check us in.

“Hi,” Lisa gleefully says. “Lisa Montero and Nate Buchner with their plus ones.”

While the security is looking over the list, I couldn’t resist scanning Lisa’s body. Damn, she is looking fine.

I must have been more obvious than I realized because just as I turn Nate and Tanya both look me dead square in the eye.

I was caught.

“You found what you were looking for Chad?” Tanya teased with a big grin.

Nate followed with a big chuckle, “Oh – he found what he was looking for!”

It felt like my cheeks were on fire. I attempted to cover them with my fingers to no avail as they both began to laugh.

Lisa turned around to see what all the commotion was about. “What’s up guys?”

“Nothing much Lisa. You ready to go inside?” I quickly answered trying to change the subject feeling a bit embarrassed.

Nate took a quick drag from his vape and embarrassed me even further in pure Nate fashion, “Yeah, it’s nothing. Chad is just here staring you up and down trying to figure out what the square root of sixty-nine is.”

Oh my God I could kill him!

Lisa sensing my embarrassment, gave me a quick kiss on the lips then whispered, “It’s ok baby. I got you.”

Her voice was so warm and calming I couldn’t help but feel at ease. She then turned her attention to Nate.

“If you must know Nathaniel, we figured that out a couple nights ago,” she smirked with just a small pouting of the lips, a narrowing of the eyes and a tilting of her head. “Didn’t we figure that one out, Chad?”

She was playing along with Nate.

I was taken aback by Lisa’s charm and wit. Giving a slight curve at the corner of my mouth, I knew exactly what I needed to say and in my best Drake impersonation, “It’s eight something, right? 'Cause I've been tryna work it out, ow.”

If only I had a camera. I would’ve taken a picture of Nate’s face as he stood there in disbelief staring at Lisa and myself.

“No, you guys didn’t,” Nate doubted as he took another drag from his vape.

Lisa’s big smile and my eyebrow raise revealed all he needed to know. Tanya gave Lisa and I a resounding high five with a big hug.

“So, why were you so nervous back at her house?” Tanya asked with a grin.

That was a valid question.

Both girls looked at me waiting for an answer and all I could come up with was, “It’s Lisa Montero. She always makes me nervous.”

They loved that answer with Lisa giving me a big hug then kiss on the lips while Tanya told me that was one of the sweetest things, she has ever heard. We all look over at Nate who was still in shock finding out Lisa and I had sex.

I walked over to him, put my arm around his shoulders and joke, “I know bro. It’s a lot to take in all at once, but let’s go party.”


The music was as loud as thunder making my skin tingle. Our school colors of red and gold were the neon lights flashing everywhere. Over the infectious roar of the music you could hear laughter and just kids just having a grand old time. We could barely hear Tanya when she shouted, “This is wild!”

Lisa didn’t waste any time and dragged all of us out onto the dance floor just as the DJ started to play Future’s Mask Off. You’ve never heard anything so mind-blowing until you’ve heard a bunch of high, alcohol charged teenagers singing and dancing their ass off to a Future song:


Molly, Percocets


Molly, Percocets

Rep the set

Gotta rep the set

Chase a check

Never chase a bitch

Mask on

Fuck it, mask off

Mask on

Fuck it, mask off

It was a wall to wall gathering of, what appeared like, almost every student from school on the dance floor in one brilliant feeling of togetherness suspended in time. Even with that, all I could focus on was Lisa. She moved like water, flowing effortlessly as if it was the only way her body knew how to talk. As she leaned back, she pressed her luscious ass against me, gyrating to the beat of the song, my cock began to stir.

Lisa smiled, knowing full well she had me at attention. She tilted her head back to me and I was lost in the moment. It was a primal desire; the next thing I knew I pulled her firmly against my crotch and pressed my lips against hers. I wish I could say it was a lovely or pristine kind of kiss like the ones you may see in the movies. But it wasn’t like that in the slightest. It was wet, sloppy, hot, fierce, and demanding. I lost myself in a way I never had before. I wanted her right, then, and there.

When we finally broke the kiss, our eyes locked onto one another. Nothing had to be said. We both knew what we wanted.

“Holy shit!” Tanya yelled at us over the music. “That was so hot!” Nate just grinned in our direction and gave a playful salute.

The DJ got on the mic and thanked everyone for coming out to the Back to School Bash which got a roaring cheer from the crowd. She started to scratch a couple Spanish records together that got the teenage party goers going crazy. Lisa continued to stare at me, grabbed my hand and started to lead me off the dance floor.

“Hey,” I said pulling for her to stop. “Where are we going?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Chad. I assumed you didn’t like…”

She didn’t think I was into dancing Spanish music. Little did she know that’s all my mother was into. She made it a point for me and my dad to dance with her every Sunday morning while we all cleaned the house.

“You think you have me figured out?” I teased. “Plus, you know what they say about assuming, right?”

Along with a playful eye roll, she stuck out her tongue and smiled that welcoming smile of hers.

She lit up in astonishment when I gave her a quick twirl just as the instrumental of Don Omar’s- Perdido En Tus Ojos began to play. It was the happy confusion on her face that I found so delicious. Her eyes lit up and stared at me in awe as I began to mouth the words:

Todo comenzó cuando nos miramos

Con una química especial

Nos tomamos de la mano

Dialogamos y desde ese momento

“What?!” marveled Lisa. “Why Chad Lincoln, you’re full of surprises!”

She kissed me and we kept on dancing with her started to sing the lyrics back to me:

Lo entrego todo por ti

Todito todo por ti

Y pongo a Dios como testigo de este amor

Hoy te entrego mi corazón

Lo entrego todo por ti

Todito todo por ti

Y pongo a Dios como testigo de este amor

Hoy te entrego mi corazón

This was much more than a party. It was a celebration. Not just for the upcoming school year, but for me it was a celebration of new beginnings. I soaked it in hearing all the voices sing and laugh with joy as we danced the night away. Even Nate who, at past parties, usually just chills on the side with his boys smoking a joint is now having a great time dancing.

What a difference a Tanya makes. LOL

The DJ was in a nice groove as she played a few more Latin hits that had the crowd jumping from Pitbull to Nicky Jam. All four us were having such a fun time as we switched partners with me dancing with Tanya and Lisa dancing with Nate. During one of the songs Bailando by Enrique Iglesias the girls began to dance together.

Nate and I stood there spellbound. Our eyes were a direct window into our thoughts as we watched them dance and spin with one another. They were the ice cream sundaes topped with fudge and we were fat kids ready to eat. The girls continued dancing, their movement were both sensuous and purposeful. They both glanced over at us and it became painfully obvious, at least to my cock in my jeans, they knew the reaction they were garnering.

I was about to say something until I heard a voice call out to Lisa over the crowd which instantly evaporated the joy from my eyes. I knew it was bound to happen, but I still wasn’t looking forward to it.


The way Lisa and Danni interacted with one another, the giggles, the laughter, the smiles; you could tell they’ve been best friends for a long time. It reminded me of all the times Kimmie, Joe and I were together.

Ughhh… I really didn’t want to think about them right now.

They chattered away like best friends often do then Lisa excitedly introduced Danni to Tanya. What I noticed immediately was how Danni’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Tanya, as if she were in the presence of someone, she had a crush on.

This did not go unnoticed by Nate when he nudged my shoulder and joked, “Don't like my women single, I like my chicks in twos.”

Nate really needs therapy.

There were no words for that comment, so I just gave him a smirk and shook my head.

“What?” he asked with a shrug. “You haven’t thought about…”

“Thought about what?” I replied with a sense of confusion.

“Chad, c’mon, we’ve been friends for a while now,” Nate went on, “And I know how long you’ve been crushing on Danni Perkins. You’re now with her best friend and it never once crossed your mind to be with the both of them?”

The way he said it made me think I would have to be a complete moron for it to not even cross my mind once.

If only Nate knew the entire story, he would know exactly why I wanted nothing to do with Danni Perkins.

“Nah man,” I responded. “Never once crossed my mind.”

To describe Nate’s facial expression would be like the look kindergarteners would give describing advanced calculus to them – WTF.

I decided I had enough of watching this reunion and asked Nate if he wanted to go with me to get some drinks for us and the girls.

A gentle hand reached for my shoulder as we started towards the bar.

“Hey handsome, where you off to?”

Damn it, Chad! Why couldn’t you move faster!

With reluctance, I slowly turn to see Lisa so happy, it was beaming from her eyes. My intent was to be strong and nonchalant toward Danni. I meant nothing to her so she would mean nothing to me. But she still looked so good. Thick and luscious in all the right places with her skintight light blue jeans with a semi shear black top showing off part of her abdomen and enough boob to make a person’s mouth water.

Stop thinking with your dick, Chad Lincoln. She’s the enemy so treat her that way! Even though you would love nothing more than to bend her over and fuck the shit out of her. Damn you, Nate!

I let Lisa know I was about to go over to the bar to get some drinks with Nate and if she or Tanya wanted anything. She called over to Tanya and Danni.

So not what I wanted.

They both came over giggling about something and Lisa asked them what they wanted from the bar. Tanya was first and asked what kind of drinks were being served. Danni gave her a wry smile and replied whatever her heart desired. Tanya gave a quick glance to each one of us as to confirm if what Danni said was true and we all just nodded.

“So, this is how the other half lives!” she joked with a chuckle. “In that case I’ll take a Mai Tai.”

Lisa wanted a Margarita. While Danni eventually decided on a Pina Colada, she studied me like a person who thinks they know someone but can’t place where they know that person from. Trying to connect the dots.

It was kind of funny that she didn’t recognize me.

Just as Nate and I were about to leave Danni says, “Excuse me, but I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I’m Danni. What’s your name?”

Lisa and Nate looked at each other realizing their blunder. They both didn’t recognize me when I came back so of course Danni would not have as well. Tanya’s look of confusion wondering if we all went to school together how did Danni not know who I was.

I extended my hand and took hers, “You have one hell of a party here Danni. My name is Chad and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

As Danni and I lightly shook hands Nate and Lisa couldn’t help but smile at one another while Tanya still wore a confused expression on her face.

“Oh, stop that Chad,” Lisa chirped slapping my hand away. “No one would be able to recognize you from three-months ago.”

Now it was Danni with the look of confusion as she looked at Lisa and Nate then back at me.

“Ummm,” Danni hesitated, “do we know each other?”

Lisa whispered in her ear and in an instant Danni’s eyes lit up like a firecracker went off inside her head, blood drained from her face, she shook her head in disbelief with an unblinking stare.

She put her other hand that I was not holding up to her mouth and with a muffled voiced spoke, “Oh my God – it can’t be.”

I never wanted to say or hear the name ever again, but I felt it was necessary for this moment so with a raise of my eyebrows along with a closed-mouthed smile I finally declared, “Yep – it’s me. It’s Squirt.”

Chapter 16

While she drank her Pina Colada standing next to Lisa, I could feel Danni’s eyes upon me after each party goer would come up to converse for a bit and thank her for a fantastic party. I was talking with Tanya and Nate but occasionally I would look up and Danni would quickly look in another direction.

Her face was priceless. She wore a blank expression, like her brain could not compute what her eyes were relaying to her. For years I wanted her to look at me more than just Squirt; Joe and Kimmie’s sidekick. Now that she finally is, I must admit I don’t how I feel about it. I want to be mad at her, but for some strange reason I’m not. I guess you can attribute that to the fact that Danni has always been honest about her feelings toward me in the past. She never hid the fact that she felt uneasy around me. She kept herself at a distance even though it was kind of hurtful especially because of how I felt about her. But I respect the fact she always made her feelings known from the very start.

Nate and I gave Tanya a quick rundown on why Danni reacted the way she did toward me as I pulled out my Instagram to show her how I looked prior to the summer vacation.

“Holy shit, Chad!” Tanya gasped. “Is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me. Kind of crazy isn’t it?”

“You’re a completely different person now. I can see how she freaked out a little bit.”

The music was still buzzing but not quite as loud as when we first arrived. I’m guessing I was just getting adjusted to the noise. As we looked out onto the crowd everyone was so euphoric in their inebriated splendor, singing the songs the DJ played. Some students seemed a bit too tipsy as they danced a little helter-skelter crashing into others while most just had a grand old time on their last few hours of freedom before the beginning of the school year.

I let Nate and Tanya know I was going back to the bar and if they wanted anything. Nate was about to say something, but Tina interrupted him and took him back onto the dance floor.

“Got to keep my baby happy,” grinned Nate as he was pulled by his arm.

Giving him a head nod, I told him to have fun. I quickly made eye contact with Lisa who was talking to some other friends of hers. I raised my glass indicating if she wanted anything else to drink to which she motioned that she didn’t and then blew me a kiss with a smile. Her friends looked my way then back to her. I could tell by their faces they wanted to know who she was blowing kisses to. I let out a quick chuckle with how fast their necks snapped back to me when Lisa told them who I was.

I got to the bar and requested a Red Bull and Vodka from the bartender and as I waited, I got a tap on the shoulder. To my surprise it was Danni.

“Can we talk for a sec?” she asked.

I was a bit surprised.

Danni Perkins wants to talk to me.

Not responding right away I looked at her then to the both sides of me and asked with a hint of uncertainty, “You want to talk to me?”

A smile flashed across Danni’s face directed towards me that I’ve NEVER seen from her before. Her usual dismissal tone and monosyllabic words were now replaced with acknowledgment and complete sentences.

“You’re the only one I’m looking at,” she teased while moving a strand of hair from in front of her eyes.

Wait… Is Danni Perkins flirting with me?

There’s something about Danni. She may be the most confident person I have ever known and that’s saying a lot because I now know Taylor. She’s the type of person people notice enter the room. She has an ultra-pretty face, but she is not the picture perfect, magazine looking model kind of girl and that doesn’t seem to bother her in the least. Danni’s comfortable in her skin and like I said she is thick and voluptuous with curves that can go for miles.

At high school it seemed like she was the Sun, and everyone orbited around her. The thing is I was never able to get close enough to feel her warmth. I was left out in the cold. If there was a planet further than Pluto, I would be that planet. But now the Sun notices me and I don’t know how to react.

“Ummm – ok,” I stammered taking a quick drink from my cup. “Wassup?”

We chatted more at the bar than in the previous two years combined. The conversation was littered with smiles from us both as we talked about our summers. She mentioned that she spent much of her summer in Key West with her parents and I told her a little about my time in France with grandma and Josef.

“Being in France for three months worked out really well for you!” Danni said playfully.

She is flirting with me. She does realize I’m here with Lisa – her best friend!

After a while I did take notice of something while talking with her. She kept the conversation directed towards me like she was probing for something. My best guess is she thought I was going to bring up the situation with Kimmie and Joe. I had no intention of reliving that, but I did want to pay her back for what she said about me.

“You know, when Lisa first brought up this party while we were in bed together,” I started. Danni immediately gave me a wide-eyed look, stunned by what I said. “I really wasn’t planning on coming.”

She took a big gulp before she spoke. “Ummm – why is that?”

Do I have the nerve to do it? Squirt wouldn’t, but you’re not Squirt anymore. You’re Chad Lincoln!

I looked her dead in the eye, “My summer away at France kind of gave me some clarity on things here at home. Your parties use to be highlights of my life. But now, thinking back on it, I felt these parties were holding me back. Now, it seems I’ve outgrown them.”

Danni just stood there with a vacant look and she quickly turned pale, I thought she was about to faint. She knew I knew.

It felt so unbelievably satisfying to finally get that off my chest! The combination of what I said, and her expression made that black cloud which seemed hover over me dissolve into nothingness.

There was a weight that lifted off my shoulders and just as I took a triumphant sip from my cup an all too familiar voice says hello from behind me.


I turn around and I’m instantly taken aback by the out-of-this-world creature that stood before me.

“Wow! Kimmie you look amazing!”

I could tell by her blush she was fond of the compliment.

“Well, it is a party. I didn’t want to come and look like a complete hag,” Kimmie joked still blushing.

“To me, you never looked more stunning than you do right now.”

What am I thinking! Why did I say that? I might as well profess my love for her right here and now. SMH. Get it together, Chad.

She still has a hold on me I can’t quite break free from and by the way she looks tonight it won’t be going away anytime soon.

Wearing a black lace velvet crop top that showed off her B-cup cleavage and bellybutton, a sexy white high waist formal booty shorts, purple five-inch pointed toe stiletto heels, she looked like she could grace the cover of Teen Vogue. She had her golden locks free flowing a few inches below her shoulders and the red lipstick she wore topped off her sex kitten vibe.

We stood there staring and smiling at one another without saying a word.

“Chad – I want to say,” Kimmie started as she had her head down, fidgeting with her hands then looked back up at me. “I’m really, really…”

I cut her off and gave her a warm smile. There is no denying that I still love both Kimmie and Joe. After twelve years we all have a piece of each other in our DNA. They are and always will be a part of me.

“It’s a party Kimmie. Let’s just have fun tonight.”

I looked around and asked her for Joe. She told me that he was not in a partying mood and decided to sit this one out. I was surprised, to say the least, because Joe is always down for a good party especially a Danni Perkins’ party. But, I figured, after what happened during our last conversation it was completely understandable why he was not in a partying mood.

I asked Kimmie if she wanted to dance and suddenly a pair of soft hands covered my eyes.

“Hey handsome. What does a girl have to do to get another dance?”

When I turned to face Lisa, I was surprised. Not that it was her but with who else was with her. It looked like the entire upcoming junior year class were staring over her shoulder at me.

“Uhhh – Lisa, what’s going on?” I asked a little confused.

Lisa told me that people were shocked when she told them it was me and they wanted to see for themselves. I now know what a zoo animal feels like being paraded around for everyone to see.

If you don’t know Greek mythology there is a creature known as the Chimera a multi-headed beast sharing the same brain. I bring this up because that is what the crowd seemed like from my perspective. All saying the same thing and asking the same few questions. I can’t believe it’s you. How, what, when did this happen?

After the many pats-on-the-back, hugs and kisses on the cheek I get a whisper in my ear, “I see someone is becoming popular.”

I gave Kimmie a quick smirk. She knew I was not comfortable with this at all. Thank God for the DJ as she got on the mic to rally the party goers again: All right people. Feel the love going on tonight! Let’s do it big! Everyone not on the dance floor it’s time to take advantage of this opportunity!

That’s when she started to play the instrumental to the Cupid Shuffle. The cheers erupted to a deafening sound as everyone quickly moved to the dance-floor. Lisa grabbed my hand and I grabbed Kimmie’s. All three of us met up with Nate and Tanya. We were all grins. Music, friends, dance, and a good time. What can beat that? By far, one of the greatest times of my life.

Chapter 17

Before one of the songs ended Lisa whisked me off the dance floor to one of the bedrooms in the Perkins’ house. She quickly went through the bedroom to make sure no one else was in there. Watching her inspect the room like a CSI agent brought back memories of a couple nights ago when she was in my room.

“Ok, I think we’re in the clear,” Lisa said aloud while in the bathroom.

When she finally came out our eyes met. Not a single word was uttered by either of us, it wasn’t necessary because we got each other’s message. By the way Lisa smiled I knew she was seducing me. She quickly moved up close to me, pressing her body against mine, and kissed me, sliding her tongue in my mouth.

I cupped her ass and squeezed her further into me making her moan into my mouth. She reached for my cock which, at this time, was firmly imprinted on the front of my jeans.

“I’ve – I’ve been waiting for this cock… all night long,” Lisa panted while still kissing me and trying to fish my cock out of my jeans.

Her fingers gently but skillfully moved along my manhood.

Fuck, she is so good at this!

While we were amid teenage desire, I overheard a bit of noise coming from just outside the door. I attempted to walk over and see what was going on, but she lightly tugged at my cock and told me not to move. I closed my eyes and let out a pleasurable moan.

“No one is coming in,” she seductively whispered. “We have the room all to ourselves.”

Without hesitation she knelt in front of me. I reopened my eyes and met her gaze. Desire and hunger radiated from her sexy brown eyes as she held my manhood close to her mouth. The moment her lips parted and touched my cock the world seemed to vanish. This was not a blowjob. Lisa wasn’t just sucking my cock. She was making love to it. My eyes instantly fell closed and all I could feel was her. Her tongue on how it traced along my shaft, her touch on how her hands slid up and down my length providing just the right amount of friction.

I’m on cloud nine! If there were a cloud ten, I’ll be there too! LOL

She then became a little more aggressive. With every bob up and down she took more and more of my cock down her throat. She would gag a little then catch her breath then take me in further as if she were in a competition with herself. I couldn’t take it anymore and I wanted her right then and there.

“Lisa, stand up,” I begged looking down at her. “I need my dick inside of you.”

The sweet retching sound her mouth produced as she took me out her throat almost sent me over the edge. She stared up at me with her eyes watering and spit smeared around her mouth.

I never seen anything more beautiful.

“We will baby. After the party. I promise,” Lisa sympathized then kissed the head of my dick she was still stroking slowly. “It just takes too long to get into an out of this outfit and I don’t want a quickie. I need this dick all night long.”

Who am I to argue with that logic?

She continued her wizardry and took me back in her mouth. There was an explosion in my brain as if all my neurons were firing at once. I had to take some control because I wasn’t going to last long at this rate.

“Take your hands of my dick,” I ordered looking down at her. Lisa did as she was told.

Good girl.

I gently put my hands on the sides of her face and declared, “I’m going to fuck this pretty face of yours.”

With my cock still in her mouth Lisa just smiled up at me. I didn’t fuck her mouth hard and fast like I would with Taylor. This was a slow and deliberate face fuck with Lisa eyeing me the entire time. Moans of ecstasy escaped my mouth as I pump slow and deep, slow, and deep; she would take me with little resistance. I watch her eyes continue to water down her cheek as my cock reached the back of her throat time and time again. My balls were filling with cum fast and I was ready to explode.

An audible pop could be heard as I quickly took my cock out her mouth and asked with vigor, “Are you ready for me to cum down your fucking throat?”

Who is this person I’ve become?

Lisa didn’t answer, but just gave me a sinister smile with her tongue hanging out halfway. That was all the answer I needed, and I slid slowly back into her until her mouth reached my pubic bone. It was nothing short of an eruption as waves and waves of cum spewed out of me. Lisa moaned with joy and swallowed every drop with none of it leaking out her mouth.


I’m nothing but delighted as we approach the door because I know for the rest of the night Lisa is mine. The blowjob was fantastic, but I need to be inside of her in the worst way. Just as I swung the door open there stood Danni.

“Well, well, well,” started Danni with a devilish grin, “What do we have here? Looks like you two have gotten into a bit of trouble.”

I glanced over at Lisa, biting her lower lip fighting a smile. I looked away before that naughty look of hers spread. But it was too late when I turned back to face Danni. It was written all over my face.

A grin spread over Danni’s face that I couldn’t quite place. I’m not sure if was good or bad, but I knew it was something.

“Would you mind if I stole Lisa for a bit Chad? I need to talk to her about something important.”

I gave Lisa a quick kiss on the lips and said of course. I let her know I’ll be downstairs with the rest of the gang and to meet up with me when she finished. With the music still pumping loud throughout the entire house I couldn’t make out what Danni and Lisa were talking about but when I looked back as I approached the stairs it seemed they were in a heavy discussion with Lisa shaking her head and saying no a few times. I figured Danni was just upset about what Lisa and I did in that room.

Walking down the stairs gave me a different vantage point as I looked out over the party. The crowd was like one heartbeat on a boom box as they all seem to glide along the floor. The DJ got on the mic and said: OK everyone! Guys, grab that special lady and ladies, grab that special guy as we slow it down to some Chris Breezy!

I reached the bottom of stairwell and instantly saw Kimmie. She was about to walk off the floor until she met my eyes.

Looking out on her it was as if a spotlight hit her skin. She is the star of my life and it doesn’t seem that will ever change.

When the instrumental to Chris Brown’s Yo (Excuse Me Miss) started to play we gave one another a joyful eye. Chris Brown is one of Kimmie’s favorite artists and she particularly loved this song when we were younger. Back then she always said she wanted someone to sing and dance to her like Chris did in the video.

Little did she know that back then I would practice and practice his dance moves for hours on end in my room hoping one day I would be able to build enough courage to be that guy for her. I was just too scared and never did it. I forgot about all that until now.

What popped in my head at this very moment is Josef’s words of confidence and Taylor saying this is my origin story. There’s no time like the present… so here we go.

I did a quick spin and slid toward Kimmie doing some of the choreography and mouthing the lyrics from the Chris Brown video. Her eyes lit up; she knew exactly what I was doing as she gave me a broad smile.


Tell me fellas have you seen her? (seen her)

It was about five minutes ago

When I seen the hottest chick

That young'n

Never seen before

I twirled around her still mouthing the song and she let out a giggle telling me I was crazy.

I said yo

Tell her girls I want to meet her (meet her)

On a second thought that ain't the way to go

I got give her game proper

Spit it so she'll get it

There she is I got to stop her

When I got behind her, she raised her hand and caressed my face as we swayed back and forth to the music. I continued to whisper the song to her:


I don't know your name but excuse me miss

I saw you from across the room

And I got to admit that you got my attention

You're making me want to say yo

Every day for the past three years, this is the moment, right now, with Kimmie, I’ve always dreamt about. I twirled her again and now she was facing me. The music slowed and she rested her head on my chest as we swayed body to body. The song ended then she looked up into my eyes. For the life of me I wanted to tell her how I really felt. I wanted to say out loud I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember. That we were meant to be. But I couldn’t.

What if this is not real? What if she doesn’t feel the same way about me as I do about her? Also, Joe told me he’s in love with her. What if she’s in love with him? If I say what I want to say, what will this do to all our friendships? What about Lisa?

Oh Damn! I forgot about Lisa. Where is she? Please God, I hope she didn’t see me and Kimmie dancing together.

I took a step back and must have looked flustered because Kimmie asked if I was alright.

“Yeah, I’m ok,” I replied. I was lying through my teeth. “I have to go look for Lisa.”

Her eyes cast downward for a split second almost as if she were sad. “Ok,” she began, “Just promise you’ll save me another dance, ok?”

I gave her a smile, quick kiss to the cheek and told her it was a deal.

It was no small feat searching for Lisa. It seemed much more people were at this party than even I anticipated. Some people I didn’t even recognize from our school. I decided to go up the stairs to get a better view. I scanned the crowd and there was no sign of her. The bedroom we were in, at the bar, the outside patio, and the dance floor; I ran through the places where she could have been. But I came up empty handed.

I spotted Danni by the lounge area talking with a few people and decided to ask her. I tapped her on the shoulder; when she turned, she gave me that same smile from earlier I just couldn’t quite place. Like she knew something I didn’t.

“Hey Squirt,” Danni said nonchalantly.

“Hey Danni. Have you…” I started to ask but got interrupted by the guy she was chatting with. She was talking to one of our school’s lacrosse players Aaron McGrady.

“Squirt?!” he said with astonishment looking over Danni’s shoulder. “No fucking way dude! People were talking about how you changed but damn bro this is a complete transformation.”

I thanked Aaron for his compliment and then asked Danni if she saw where Lisa went off to. She told me the last time she saw her is was near her parents’ library with Derek.

“Derek King?” I questioned.

Derek King is not only one of the best high school lacrosse players in Florida, but he also happens to be Lisa Montero’s ex-boyfriend. I remember right before the end of sophomore year they had a big breakup. Just like Joe, Derek was extremely popular with the ladies. Apparently, Lisa found out just how much when she discovered he was cheating on her with a couple of her classmates from drama class. His father, who is the high school’s lacrosse coach, is Caucasian and his mother, who is the school’s assistant principal is Korean. For a better de***********ion look up Charles Melton.

“The exact one,” she answered along with what seemed like a mocking smile.

Just as I was about to head off to the library Aaron came over with what seemed like the rest of the lacrosse team. They all gathered around me in total awe. The mixture of the party vibe coupled with their mostly inebriated state they would ask the typical mundane questions about how and what did I do over the summer to change so drastically. I didn’t want to be rude, but I wanted to get out of there in the worst way so I tried to answer them as fast and as simply as I could. As I was talking with the guys, I glanced over to Danni who gave me a glare that made me uneasy. Before the conversation shifted to other things that really didn’t matter, I interrupted the guys by saying I had to go to the rest room.

As I walked down the corridor, I finally took notice of the Perkin’s home. The house was very welcoming with many photos of Danni with her parents. The love was evident.

I approached the solid metal door and I could hear two people squabbling. The door was slightly ajar, and I couldn’t help but eavesdrop.

Derek was pleading with Lisa to give him a second chance. That he made a mistake he regrets, and she shouldn’t just throw away six-months of their relationship.

“I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that it’s over!” Lisa fumed. “Yeah and in that six-months you could never keep your dick in your pants! How many times did I catch you and take you back?”

Derek did not answer and just stood there staring at her without blinking.

“Well?” Lisa demanded with her arms up in the air. “Answer the damn question!”

Derek ran his hand through his jet-black hair a few times before he walked towards her.

“Don’t come near me D!” she ordered while she put a hand up to block him and taking a step back. “I’m not going to allow you to do this to me again.”

I should have stepped in to end all of this, but I was transfixed by what I was observing.

He just repeated these three words, “Babe, I’m sorry” as he got closer and closer to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and by this time Lisa put up little resistance. They looked each other in the eye before he spoke.

“I’ve been an idiot but please don’t leave me. I’m so, so sorry,” he apologized and leaned in to try and kiss her.

“No,” she said as she turned her head away and began to tear up. “You don’t deserve to kiss me.”

Derek pleaded with her that he was going to do better and for her not to cry. He pulled her in closer and now he had both hands over her ass.

“Can’t you just leave me be, Derek?” she choked up, barely holding back her tears. “I was having such a good time at this party and you have to come and ruin it.”

He became visible angry after that comment.

“You’re having a good time, huh? With Squirt?!”

“Yes!” she insisted while shoving him in his chest. “He’s a decent guy and treats me with respect. He wouldn’t do to me what you’ve done to me repeatedly. And most of all… I like him!”

That was an awfully nice thing for her to say about me. But I instantly thought about what I did with Taylor not even twelve-hours after I spent the night with Lisa, and I must admit that didn’t put me in the best light.

What she said didn’t faze Derek in the least. He simply hissed his teeth and gave her an arrogant smile.

“Squirt is a nice guy, but he doesn’t know you like I know you baby,” Derek said confidently as he squeezed her ass. “He can’t possibly know how nasty you like it.”

Lisa gave him a sarcastic laugh and asked him how he can be so sure, but what I took notice of was she stopped being resistant to Derek’s sexual advances as he kept massaging her ass.

That’s when Selena Gomez song Good for You could be heard throughout the house.

“Do you remember this song, baby?” Derek asked just inches from her face. Lisa did not respond, but I could see her breathing getting heavy.

“You remember this song,” he gloated, “This is our song. The one that played during our first time together in my parents jacuzzi.”

Lisa made a feeble attempt to move away but it was to no avail. He had her in his clutches. She put her head down in defeat, he lifted it back up by her chin and then kissed her. It was raw passion and emotion behind their kiss as their tongues intertwined.

I was immediately startled when a hand crept onto my shoulder. I turned and there stood Danni.

“Find what you were looking for?” she whispered softly in my ear as she glanced over my shoulder at what I was witnessing.

It was more than a lump in my throat. It felt like a gigantic piece of coal was lodged in my esophagus. I couldn’t answer her.

Danni continued to whisper in my ear, “Whatever you think you were trying to accomplish earlier by upsetting me. No matter how much you’ve changed and whatever you may think you have with Lisa. You can’t beat history – Squirt.”

She moved away from my ear and rested her eyes on me. It was intentionally cold and unfeeling. The smile she gave was just as cold. She motioned her head for me to turn back around.

I turned and was shocked to what I saw! Lisa was on her knees with Derek jackknifing his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Baby, I miss this throat of yours!” he said with glee.

His words were emphasized every time he would hit the back of her throat. “This throat – was made – for this fucking cock – you can’t leave this!”

He pulled his cock out her mouth and her spit flew everywhere. He rested it on her face, and she reached for it. Derek slapped her hands away, “No hands just suck it, slut.”

Acting like an obedient whore Lisa slurped along his shaft smearing her face in the process. Just as she was about to put his cock back in her mouth, he lifted it up and told her to stick out her tongue. He smacked both sides of her face with his cock.

“You’re all mine, right baby?” He asked while jerking off and whacking his cock on her outstretched tongue.

Watching all of this made me realize that Danni was right. The history between Derek and Lisa is a real thing. He had a hold over her that could not be explained, but you knew it was there. How else can you explain her taking him back repeatedly? He took her back tonight even though my cock was in her mouth just a few minutes earlier. There’s no way I can compete with that.

I didn’t want to stay and watch the end performance, so I was about to leave until something unexpected happened. Derek looked up at me through the crack door. I could have walked away if it weren’t for his smirk.

Did the arrogant little shit know I was there the entire time?

Anger boiled up inside of me like never before and I quickly turned to Danni.

“Is this some sick game?! How does he know I am here?!” I seethed while grabbing onto her shoulders.

“Squirt – let go! You’re hurting me!”

I shoved her to the nearby wall. “Answer the fucking question, Danni!”

Fear was in her eyes as she rubbed her shoulders and admitted she sent Derek a text right after she told me where they were.

Danni Perkins played me for a fool again. I knew something was up and I didn’t trust my instincts.

That was the breaking point of my patience. At that moment, I was blinded by rage. I turned back around and exploded through the door. I ran up and punched him in the face two times. He fell to the ground wailing in pain, and I turned to Lisa who began to tear up as she tried to hide her face that was covered in cum.

“I never want to fucking see you again!” I cursed pointing my finger at Lisa.

Danni ran up behind me yelling at me to get out as she attended to Lisa who was crying uncontrollably and Derek who was still holding his face groaning.

Chapter 18

The night was not supposed to end like this. What started out so joyous ended in complete tragedy.

I punched, the golden boy, Derek King. I shoved Danni Perkins, the most popular girl at school, against a wall threatening her. And I cursed out Lisa, the girl I brought with me to the party as my date. Another fine mess you gotten yourself into – Chad.

I can feel my heart thumping through my chest and my hands trembling as I’m weaving through the crowd feeling lost, panicked. It's time to get out of here before I do something else, I may regret.

Conflict is something I’ve never been comfortable with. I try to avoid it as much as I can. Even playing videogame tournaments with Joe, Kimmie and Nate, I’ve always had them dealing with any issues that may arise. But this situation – is all me. I did this.

Not realizing what I was doing I accidentally bump into Tanya and knock a drink out her hand.

“Hey watch it!” Tanya snapped before she realized it was me.

I could barely breathe let alone form a sentence as I stammered, “Er… I’m – I’m sorry Tanya.”

Her eyes showed a gentle concern and she asked if I was ok. I stared blankly out into the crowd and told her I needed to get out of there. Tanya grabbed my hand and led me over to where Nate and Kimmie were. I felt like I was going to pass out as sweat has completely covered my body and my heart feels like it's going to explode. Tanya spotted Nate and Kimmie in the foyer talking with some other students. She waved her arms up and yelled their names out to get their attention.

“Something is wrong with Chad, guys,” Tanya said with worry in her voice.

Nate came over first asking me if I was ok. I couldn’t respond. Kimmie was next by putting her hand to the top of my forehead to see if I was running a temperature and asked the same thing as Nate.

“Guys please,” I begged. “I need to get out of…”

Before I could finish my sentence there was a loud scream of my name that rose above the music. All at once; the cheering, the chattering, the laughter died. There was complete silence.


All four us looked in the direction to where my name was being called and we saw Derek storming in with the rest of the lacrosse team right behind him.

Kimmie turned to me with a baffled look and ask me what the hell was going on. Nate and Tanya both were stunned and asked what happened to Derek’s face. He had a nice shiner under his right eye where I struck him. I still couldn’t believe I had it in me to do that.

“I punched him in the face,” I said under my breath.

“You what?!” she replied in a high pitch whisper. “Why -- What the hell happened?”

Before I could get a word to reply Derek got all up in my face, “Bitch, you think you can sucker punch me and there will be no payback for that!”

I took a step back to try and walk away but Derek grabbed me by my shirt, “No, no, no, no! Where do you think you’re going? You’re not getting yourself out of this!”

There was an urge to push him back off of me, but as I looked over his shoulders, I wasn’t sure what his teammates would do if I did.

He wants a fight, but I won't give him one. Especially when I’m outmanned.

Just then Lisa who was followed by Danni came in between me and Derek.

“Stop it, Derek!” Lisa shouted. “Leave him alone!”

“You can’t be serious!” he yelled back like a petulant child. “Look what he did to my fucking face!”

She then turned to me and with a sorrowful face mouthed the words I’m sorry. Her eyes which always came off bright and radiant were now dim and dark. Lisa asked if we could go outside and talk.

She can’t be serious. Can she?

Hatred is a strong word I never use. I didn’t even feel that way toward Joe and Kimmie after that horrible summer night. But what I have learned about myself over these last few months is I have a limit on what I will tolerate. I will not be pushed around or be taken advantage of anymore. Whatever feeling I may have towards Lisa; she has crossed that line and with it all my respect.

Even though the crowd was relatively silent the quiet murmurs could be heard speculating what might have happened.

“Goodbye Lisa,” I say almost robotically.

“No – please Chad,” she begged grabbing onto my hand. “I made a horrible mistake, but don’t end it like this. I’m sorry.”

I was so disgusted I couldn’t even look at her. I pulled my hand from her grasp which made Lisa accidentally fall over. There was a collective sigh from the crowd.

“I’m sorry Lisa,” I apologized offering my hand to pick her up off the ground, “I didn’t mean to…”

Derek slapped my hand away and became even angrier with me as he helped Lisa off the ground.

“You’re gonna be given a good lesson tonight,” he said with bravado then peered back at his teammates. “Isn’t that right boys?”

I looked at his boys behind him. They all snickered toward me while pounding their fist in their hands.

Lisa tried to come between us again, but Derek ordered one of the guys to hold her back and told her that there was nothing she could do to stop what was going to happen to me.

I caught Danni’s eye and she just smirked which meant she was going to do nothing to stop Derek.

Fucking bitch!

Not to my surprise Kimmie came and stood next to me.

“You’re nothing but a piece of shit Derek! It takes a REAL man to do what you’re trying to do!”

Derek scoffed at Kimmie telling her to shut the fuck up and he will do what he damn well pleases.

Kimmie was about to charge at him but I held her back.

“I usually do not take pleasure in this,” he began, “But you leave me no choice. You have to be taught a lesson that no one is allowed to mess with Derek King or my girl without getting their ass whooped.”

I’ve never had a fight before, but I have imagined it from time to time. Not in my wildest dreams have I envisioned it to be like this; twelve on one!

Kimmie squeezed my arm telling me I was not alone, and she had my back.

“I got you till the end of the line,” she said proudly looking at me.

God, I love her!

I nodded my head and with a grin repeated, “Till the end of the line.”

Just as Derek’s teammates came along side him there was a faint echo calling my name out from behind me.

“Chad – I’m here.”

I know that voice.

“On your left.”

My eyes widened at Kimmie and she gave me a chuckle, “You didn’t think I wouldn’t have a plan, right?”

We both turn and to my surprise making their way through the crowd was Joe with the rest of the wrestling team. About sixteen in all! Joe walked up and stood alongside the both of us.

“Well, what do we have here?” Joe asked condescendingly. “The lacrosse team wants to have a fight and didn’t invite us to the party. I always knew you guys were pussy’s but didn’t realize how much until this very moment.”

Derek tried to speak up and tell Joe that this didn’t involve him, but Joe wasn’t having none of that.

“Chad is my best bud and I’m never going to let you, or your punk ass boys try and do anything to him.”

Suddenly Derek was all by himself as his team quietly stepped back away from him. They wanted no part of Joe and the other wrestlers.

For probably the first time in an awfully long time Derek found himself alone and it showed, his face visibly anguished. This prompted Kimmie speak up. “A little lonely out on that limb.”

Boy, she knows how to twist that knife.

His once cocky bravado now vanished. He didn’t reply to Kimmie, but he turned to face me. With one look the verdict was in. I was the enemy.

Chapter 19

Kimmie, Nate, Tanya and I were all out front of Danni’s house. Joe was thanking his buddies for having his back before he came over to us. I explained to them everything that happened with Lisa and Derek. Also, I told them what I suspected Danni’s involvement was in the whole matter.

“Such a fucking vindictive bitch,” cursed Kimmie as she turned to Joe shaking her head.

Joe gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder and I thanked him for coming to help me out.

“You’re my best friend, man. You know I got you,” Joe declared looking me dead in the eye. “No matter what.”

He’s right. No matter what’s going on in our lives even if we’re upset with one another I know we have each other’s back whenever we are needed.

By the look on Tanya’s face she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “They both seemed so nice. Especially Lisa.”

Nate kissed the back her hand and told all of us that it was better we found out now before I got more serious with Lisa. We all agreed with him. But he couldn’t leave it at that and in typical Nate Buchner fashion he chimed in, “I learned working with the negatives could make for better pictures.”

We all gave a Nate, including Tanya, a side eye view of ‘really dude?’ He can’t help himself.

Joe always hated Nate’s as he called it Drake-isms. If he could physically throw-up in his mouth he would have. Kimmie gave a quick eye-roll. Tanya and I couldn’t help but laugh. Nate gave a puzzled face wondering why we all gave him that reaction.

By this time the rumor mill had circulated and everyone pretty much knew what transpired. As we all continued talking amongst ourselves random people from the party would come up to me telling me they were sorry about what happened.

Even though I appreciated people’s sentiments I felt more embarrassed than anything else. I couldn't believe it had happened, and in front of everybody too. This will be definitely be the talk at the start of the school year.

Through the crowd I could see Lisa making a beeline straight towards me. I didn’t want to deal with this right now. Joe noticed her too and gave me a look that said he’ll take care of it. While he walked up to her to run interference, I told everyone else that I’m about to head out to clear my head. Nate and Tanya let me know it was okay for me to go without them and they would catch a ride with Joe or get an Uber. Kimmie asked if I wanted her to come with me. I let her know I needed some time alone.

Walking to my car it gave me some time to think. I told both Joe and Kimmie I needed some alone time.

Perhaps this incident with Lisa is the only way I will discover who I am, the me that is purely myself.


She loves me? What?

“What – what did you say?” I said perplexed.

“I love you,” Lisa repeated sobbing. “I didn’t realize it until tonight. I know I really messed up, but I don’t want to lose you. Please forgive me.”

"You're kidding, right?" I ask, my voice shaking as her eyes meet mine.

Kimmie could sense my emotion and she grabbed my hand. Lisa was about to speak before I put my hand up to stop her.

"No, Lisa, it's over." I slowly turn away, trying to hide the sadness in my eyes. I opened the door to my car and got in.

Lisa sobbed louder and tried to stop me but Kimmie stood in her way and told her to let me be. As I drove off down the road, I just replayed what she confessed. How could she say she loves me? Did she think I would just take her back?

The truth is, before what she did, Lisa is someone I could love. But I’d rather be all alone than subject myself to that type of love. What she did was unforgivable.

With all this mess that has happened the last couple days I need to sort this stuff through. I need Taylor. I quickly called her. She picked up after the second ring. There was some static on the line and I couldn’t make out what everything she was telling me. I did understand that she was home and I told I was coming over to talk for a bit. Plus, I was really horny.

I get to her door and knock. No answer so I knocked again. I heard footsteps approach. Taylor opened and my jaw dropped. She had on the most exquisite black bondage teddy with statement straps throughout the torso and back, and a thong bottom. Damn, she looks so good!

“Chad, what are you doing here?” she asked. “I told you I was a little busy and I couldn’t see you tonight.”

She came across a little nervous and I was not use to her like that. She’s always super sure of herself. I apologized and let her know I couldn’t make out everything she said because there was static, but I needed to really talk to her. Taylor explained that she had company over and she couldn’t talk with me now but she promised we would talk in the morning.

I always figured Taylor had someone so I wasn’t overly upset about it and agreed to talk with her in the morning. She gave me a quick kiss and said thank you for being understanding.

A woman that fine is not alone.

Just as I turn to leave, I hear footsteps and a female’s voice in the background, “Hey baby. What’s taking you so long? Come back to bed.”

Wait? That voice is familiar.

I turn back around and look behind her.


This can’t be happening to me.

Author’s Note

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