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This is a work of fiction.
"You're planning to do what?!" Exclaimed Kelly, her pale face red worry.

"Like I said, meat like her doesn't need limbs. And it's easier to install her that way." Said the man.

"Install her?" Inquired Kelly.

"You will find out soon enough." He told her.

Kelly stood over her eldest daughter who was strapped down. Pissing into her daughters toothless mouth, she hydrated her disgraced daughter the only was she was permitted. The man was busy preparing multiple tools and devices. And what looked to be an electric saw.

Kelly wondered if she could fight him. He was much larger than her. At least 6 feet tall. Kelly being only 5.7 and particularly weak realized she had no chance of overpowering him. He approached her suddenly.

"I hope you're not thinking of doing anything stupid. It would be a terrible waste to lose a toy as beautiful as you." The man spoke calmly.

Kellie's mind spun, she knew her daughter was about to lose limbs but all she could think about was how calm and collected this man was. She felt inclined to help him. He brushed her platinum blonde hair from her face. Her mind was made up, she would follow this man into the burning pit.

"No sir, I intend to obey sir." She spoke confidently.

"Good mom, now help me tie off her limbs tightly." He ordered.

Kelly carefully wrapped each of her daughters arms tightly with the bands she was given.

"All right, almost ready. I just need you to address the audience now Kelly." He stated.

Kelly was ashamed. Her albino pale skin flushed red with embarrassment.

"Do it slave. Tell the people how much your daughter deserves what is happening to her." He said louder.

"My daughter Sierra deserves every thing that is happening to her. She caused all of this and wished for it. So she is learning a hard lesson." Said Kelly, her soft blue eyes looking directly into the camera.

"Good now state your name and age to the audience. And tell them how much this turns you on." ordered the man.

"My... My name is Kellie Anderson, I am 35 and this turns me on so much that I wish it would happen to me too." Kelly admitted, surprising the man.

"Very good, I will keep that in mind." said the man.

The man neared the tired and wounded Sierra. Half conscious and in pain. He injected her with adrenaline to rouse her. And grabbed the saw by the handle.

"Make sure you record every bit of this Kelly." ordered the man as he started up the saw.

Sierra tensed up helplessly as it neared her left arm. It made contact a few inches from her shoulder. And she felt it right away. It was the most painful thing she had ever experienced. Amplified by the adrenaline pumping through her. She squealed like a pig but could not pass out no matter how much her body tried.

The saw stopped and her severed arm hit the floor. Kelly was in awe. She could never have imagined such a scene. Her daughter, losing her limbs one by one. The irreversible act made Kelly wetter than ever. Her hand moved to her panties and she began to rub her most sensitive area.

"God you're such a dirty sow. Your daughter is undergoing these changes and all you can do is be a horny bitch. Come here and help me get this stump cauterized. Said the man as he held a blowtorch to a flat metal sheet.

Kelly moved to assist him. She pressed the searing hot metal against Sierra's stump. Frying the wound and stopping the bleeding. A quiet gasp left the girls mouth as she pee'd herself.

"A quarter of the way done." Said the man jokingly.

"Yes master." Chanted Kelly mindlessly. She was jealous of her daughter. To feel such extreme pain is rare in a lifetime and Kelly wondered what it felt like.

Krista still lay on the floor. Wrapped in her suit unable to escape. Itching and squirming helplessly.

"Master, may I touch Krista?" She asked.

"That depends what you mean by touch." he responded.

"I would like to.. choke her." Kelly said without emotion.

"I will allow it" He told her.

Krista was having the impossible task of trying to keep sane while every part of her screamed to be relieved of the itching sensation she felt. It felt like an eternity waiting for the mask to come off. But suddenly she felt pressure on her neck. Somebody was choking her, she could feel the soft hands around her neck squeezing. It came to her that these hands must belong to her mother. Even the rings she had on confirmed it. Her own mother was choking her hard. She squirmed and panicked but to no avail. Kelly was intent on experiencing the dark sensations this man had introduced to her life.

"Do you want to speak to her?' The man asked suddenly.

"That would be nice, master." Kelly droned.

"You may remove her ear plugs on one condition." Said the man.

"Anything." Said Kelly eagerly.

"Once she hears again, she will never be permitted to hear from today on. She will be deafened by me permanently."

This concept made Kelly think. Would it be worth it to speak to her youngest one last time if it meant her no longer being able to hear? The idea made her shutter at the finality of it.

"Yes sir I accept." Said Kelly beginning to remove her daughters ear blocks.

Suddenly Krista could hear again, she perked up right away intent on hearing what was happening. But she heard only her mothers voice in her ear.

"My sweet little Krista, I love you so much and I'm so proud of you. Thank you for bringing me here. I'm glad I got to find out what happened to you and your sister. Even if she is a disgrace. But guess what! She just had her arm sawed clean off!" Kelly said to her daughter

Krista perked up and that and felt as relief that her sister was suffering more than she was.

"I promise you Krista, the same fate waits for you." Spoke the man, loud enough for Krista to hear.

Whimpering now, Krista whined and whined like an animal.

"My darling, everything will be okay. Mommy is here and she is going to make sure you get treated right. Are you itchy baby?" Kelly said as she removed Sierra's gag.


"Are you thirsty baby?" Asked Kelly.

"Yes mom, please can I have some more water." Krista asked.

"You may not" Spoke the man.

"Kelly you know what you have to do."

Kelly, understanding what was implied, got on top of her daughters face.

"Mommy is going to hydrate you now baby girl." Said Kelly as she lined her snatch up with her daughters mouth.

Muffled moans escaped Krista's throat while she guzzled down her mothers fluid. Kelly now completely taken over by lust began to hump and grind on her daughters face.

"Good girl baby!" Kelly purred, as she pet Krista's head.

"Now let's listen to your whore sister lose the rest of her limbs."

The man continued with the removal of Sierra's limbs. With another motion Sierra's left arm was severed and her body seized and tensed. The look on her baby face was that of pure agony. Another 10 minutes passed and her legs were next. Both of her lovely legs. Cut right past her hips left her with not even a stump of what was once her legs. She was cauterized and left to rest.

"Kelly, you know its time for you to say your goodbyes to Krista." Said the man.

"Goodbye my sweet little angel. Thing's are going to get quiet for you now. But I'm here to watch you. Be a good girl OK?" Kelly said to her distressed daughter.

"What does he mean mom??" Krista asked in a panic.

Just then the man knelt down beside her. Inserted two wireless ear buds into both of her ears and closed the flaps on her mask. And then put her gag back in. Silencing her.

"Kelly I want you to do the honor." Said the man, handing her a small device.

Kelly knew right away what he meant. He intended to play music so loudly into her ear drums that they burst. In that moment she felt powerful for the first time since this all began. And then she turned the volume halfway to max and she began hearing metal music coming from her daughters mask. Excited by what was happening to her sweet little daughter she felt a rush of hormones wash over her.

"May I use her to cum master?" Kelly asked politely.

"Yes Kelly, use your suffering daughters shaking body as a tool to get off." He said mockingly.

That was all it took. Kelly adjusted the volume to max. The effects were immediate. Krista was flailing around on the floor worse than before now. Her pain was palpable and he mother was the cause of it. This was too much for Kelly to take now, she got down and began grinding on her daughters body. Rubbing and humping like a dog trying its best to get off.

"Let the camera know who you're humping now Kelly." Ordered the man suddenly

Shaking with pleasure Kelly turned to the camera and smiled.

"This is my daughter Krista, she is going deaf while I'm doing this and soon she won't have any limbs. Just like my former daughter Sierra." Kelly announced proudly as the camera panned over to the tiny figure on the table.

Sierra was now just a torso and a head. Her eyes were completely blind and her mouth nothing but gums. Her stumps were seared thoroughly. Her holes still filled with large toys.

"It's time us to finish her process." Said the man.

"What does that mean?" Asked Kelly curiously.

"It mean's this cunt is getting installed tonight." The man said picking up the limbless girl.

"Follow me." Said the man.

He led Kelly and Sierra to his SUV. And they drove back to his home. Mere blocks from their previous home. Upon arrival he took Sierra inside. There was a hole in his bathroom floor. He first placed Sierra into the hole. He vanished for a few moments and returned with tubing and a large bucket of wet cement. He placed the large tube down her throat and connected it to a large funnel above. He also connected a respirator to her nasal openings. As well as a tube to cover one both of her ears.

Kelly began to understand the purpose of all this.

"Is this what I think it is?" She asked.

"Yes, my new toilet." Answered the man.

"Can she still hear us master?" Wondered Kelly.

"Yes, most likely. But she is delirious with pain right now. But you will be able to speak to her through this tube running to the surface here." The man explained.

"Sierra, if you can hear me. It's your mother. I want you to know that you deserve what is happening to you and you wished for it. But you are making up for it with your actions. I love you and I promise to come talk to you every day and tell you how your sister is." Said Kelly to her eldest.

The man was done with the plumbing and began to fill the hole with cement while Kelly recorded it all. Covering Sierra entirely. All that was visible now were the tubes connecting her to the surface. After and hour of work the bathroom was ready. His new toilet was done and he sat down to use it. Emptying his bowels into the bowl. There was no flush other than the sound of waste draining down the hole. And a faint choking noise before stopping.

Kelly was impressed. "May I sir?" she asked excitedly

"Go ahead, you've been a good girl." He told her.

Now sitting on the odd toilet bowl. Kelly focused hard on releasing her bowels. Knowing full well where her waste would end up. She emptied herself with a quiet moan of pleasure. And her waste drained down and into to daughters stomach.

Sierra's faint moans sounded almost like the wind hitting the house.

"Will it overflow?" Kelly asked the man.

"No, we limit how much we feed her and when she passes it herself it will be drained from the drain installed below her. If I maintain her she could live for another 20 years. The man toted.

Kelly felt a sense of pride. Surely no other 18 year old girl has ever been used so thoroughly in her short life. Sierra was fated for this.

"And shortly your youngest will be in a similar predicament. But I have a more interesting plan for her."

"Yes master thank you for making good use of my daughters." -Said the pale blonde happily.
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