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his is fiction, this is my first story, and I have more of the story to write. All characters directly involved are 18+ Please let me know what you think. Be kind please...
The New Neighbors

After living in a small town for around 30 years my wife took a job an hour away in the city. I was ready to move anyway so we bought a house about 10 miles from her work and we moved. We have been here a year and we have great neighbors everyone kept to themselves for the most part. Chat when we saw each other outside and things like that.

Tom, my neighbor on the right side of our home caught me outside and told me that he was going to be moving. He found a smaller place where he wouldn't have to work as hard to keep it up and that he sold his house to his niece. Her name was Donna. She had just been through a rough divorce and her settlement was not bad. She had enough to purchase his house and she would be moving in a couple of weeks. He continued to tell me Donna has 2 daughters Dawn and Charlotte. We chatted for a little bit and then I had to get back to my projects.

Donna moved in as planned and was very nice and open person. We had her and the girls over for a cook out and got to know each other a little. It seemed that they were all happy about the divorce and moving to the city. As we sat and ate and had some wine. Donna told us a little about their past but nothing too revealing, just that her x was not in the picture any longer and they were better for it. She told us her only regret was the fact that her girls would not have the influence of a man in their lives. My wife said that I would be happy to help with anything that I could. I said of course, and that seemed to make the girls very happy. I told my wife later that night how it surprised me when she volunteered me. She told me that she felt sorry for them. She said that she didn't think much of it and rolled over and fell asleep.

Time marched on and true to my word I did help when needed. I always referred to all three of then as "the girls" it seemed natural. At first I felt a little guilty, the girls were all "lookers" and I would often fantasize about them. But my wife just seemed to see it as us being good neighbors, so I figured that there was nothing wrong with a little fantasy.

Donna was a real beauty. She was medium height with perfect 34 B/C cups and tight little body that made them seem bigger. She was a touchy feely kind of person that I really enjoyed. She always brought a smile to my face when I would see her. She would always smile back and it would melt me.

One day while my wife was on a business trip, I was in my shop cleaning up after making the girls their own wall desks for their rooms. I had finished them and installed them along with monitors and small thin clients with mouse and keyboards. I had connect them to my WiFi and was serving virtual machines so they could save money. Anyway, I was cleaning up my shop and Donna came bounding up just glowing. "thank you so much!" she said as she threw her arms around me and jumped into my arms. She kissed me on the cheek two or three times and then let go. "We love our new desks. Dawn and Charlotte said that it felt like Christmas." I told her that it was my pleasure to help "my girls". Donna went on and on about how it will be so nice to all have their own workstation to do homework and other things online. I raised an eyebrow when she said "other things" and winked at her. She smiled big and blushed a little and when on. After so many conversations we were very comfortable with each other and a little tease or a little flirt here and there were completely normal and comfortable. I had told her that I would put some parental blocks on the girls workstations so she would not have to worry about them going places where they shouldn't go. She said, " don't worry about it, I am very forthwith with my girls. Hey are over 18 and are curious. I want them to feel free and open to discover and ask questions openly with those she trusts" I told her that was very progressive and nice to hear. We had many conversations about relationships and I had told her in the past about my wife's prudish ways and it may be a good idea to be a little less open with her. I told her that it impressed me the way she dealt with things openly with her daughters.

Then Donna paused and brought the conversation down to a little more serious level. "I want to warn you, I think that Dawn will be coming to you with some questions." "really?" I said. She continued, "Yes, well she has been starting to ask about sex and sexuality and has some questions about men and women. I of course told her my women’s perspective. I told her that she should also talk with a man she trusted about it and she asked if she could talk with you." now it was my turn to start blushing. Donna's statement threw me off guard a little. "Donna, this is a very unusual request, but I am happy to help and I appreciate you giving me a little advanced warning."

All this talk about her daughters questions made me excited and when Donna jumped into my arms again and kissed me, this time on the lips, she slide back to the ground slowly feeling my boner pressed against her body. Staring deep into my eye she told me she knew that Dawn picked the right man to talk to. She stayed pressed against me for a moment and I believe I actually felt her pull in and rub against my hard on with her pussy before letting me go. This was next level flirting and it was exciting and hot but I played it as cool as I could and as she turned to leave I swatted her on her ass playfully and told her she better behave, she was playing with fire. She turned and said, "I like fire. I am going to go in and do a little research on my new workstation about that fire." then blew me a kiss and went back to her house. All I could think was, what am I getting myself into.

About an hour later Dawn came out of her house, much like her mother did. She was the spitting image of a younger version of her mother. She was also very thin and had A/B sized tits. I had already known that Dawn speaks her mind whenever she is around me. She has told me about her friends and what they tell her about sex but she never really asked me any questions. She was full of fun and laughter. She came into my shop and gave me a big hug around my waist and told me how happy she was with her new workstation. She couldn't believe how fast it was and that she was able to have it for her very own. "Well, I have to take care of my girls now don't I?" I said and she hugged me again hard. Even though I was soft, I could feel her press up against my body and it was all I felt myself get aroused.

She finally pulled away and said, " Mom told me that she talked with you about my wanting to ask you some very personal questions." I told her, "Yes she did, and I told her how honored I am that you would want to ask me. I appreciate your trust and friendship." She smiled big and blushed and said, " Okay, tell me about penises...I know all the basics that Mom told me and in school but tell me about them really...How big are they? how do they get hard? are they really that sensitive? What does circumcised and uncircumcised mean? What... ", I threw my hands up stopping her. "Hold up, I am not taking notes. I will answer all your questions one at a time. Lets just go to the patio and I will tell you all about it."

She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the shop. I have a patio out on the side of my shop it is comfortable and a nice place to sit and visit without prying eyes. We sat down and she sat beside me all squirmy and excited. "Okay” I said, “tell you about penises...well they are a one-eyed monster that eats up little girls." I said jokingly as I tickled her. She giggled and said, "I know better than that, I am serious, I want to know everything about them and sex so the girls at school won't make fun of me." "Okay, okay, just trying to lighten the mood a little. You know the official word penis, but do you know other words for it?" I asked, "Sure" she said, "cock, dick, peter, rod, flagpole, member, pecker, prick..." it was interesting as she rattled off her list. No embarrassment or trepidation whatsoever. "sounds like you already know a lot about dicks, tell me more specifically what you want to know." I Said. Then she became hesitant and then said. " Well, to tell you the truth I really want to see one up close and touch it and feel it. I told mom and that's when she told me that I needed to talk with someone that I trusted. I know you love me and would never hurt me or mislead me about anything. I feel very safe with you and want to...see your...d...dick."

WOW I thought. I am really getting in too deep. I promised that I would talk with Dawn and it seems like her mother left out the part about show and tell so to speak. I understood what she was saying though. She didn't want to be hit on or attacked, she was exploring and wanting to know things that just couldn't be provided by her mom. I swallowed hard and said, "You know Dawn, I understand why you are asking this, and I want to help. I am a little afraid though. You know what you are asking is very wrong in the eyes of society. If it got out that I helped you with this, I could go to jail for a very very long time." "Oh I won't tell a soul pops! I swear. I trust you more than anyone else I know. You won't lie to me to get into my pants. You won't take advantage of me. I want you to teach me." I was getting very excited and aroused and Dawn was looking between my face and dick. Did Donna really know what Dawn was going to ask me? Did she know that her daughter wanted to see and touch my dick? "Come on Pops, I promise...PLEASE?"

“Well, I promised your mother and I promised you so yes, you can see it and touch it too?" she giggled As I leaned back and open my pants and my dick being hard was ready and burst out. "OH MY GOD!" she gasps. Now I am not huge, I am not going to write how I have a monster cock. I am average 6-7 inches and pretty thick but to her and it being the first one she has had presented to her, I am sure it was intense.

She stared at it and looked back up at me and asked to touch it. I told her sure she can touch it. She reached out her hand and felt the tip of my head with her finger tip. My pre cum was flowing and she felt that and then rubbed it around on my dick head. She giggled and asked if I were cumming and I told her no, that is pre cum, what is used to make it slick for sex. She looked up at me with intention to ask something but she resisted and looked back at my hard cock. She continued to touch me and let the pre cum gather on her finger tip and then she rubbed it between her fingers. She then smelled at it and gathered some more and tasted it. She looked up at me and smiled and then did something I would have never guest. She stuck her tongue out and licked the head of my dick and gathered up as much of my pre cum as she could and tasted it again. "I didn't get enough to taste before." she said when she looked up and saw the surprised expression on my face.

I regrouped and asked her, "Well, so tell me what you think?" She now had both hands on my dick and was rubbing it all over. Turning it from side to side and also examining my balls. " I LOVE it she said, It looks strong, it makes me feel like I supposed to love it. I like the taste of your pre cum too even though it doesn't really have much taste. Is that what cum tastes like?" "Well, I think that might need to be another lesson. I think that this has been an exciting enough time right now." She frowned and pouted a beautiful little pout and said okay, then she rubbed my dick one more time and kissed it on the head a few times and tried to suck out some more pre cum. Then she put it back in my pants and I zipped and buttoned up.

"Well, what did you think about your first penis?" I asked. "OMG Pops, I LOVED it. I can't wait for our next lesson." She said before she kissed me on the lips and slipped a little tongue to me. Then she ran back to her house. I sat there still trying to soak in what had just happened. While I was there, Donna came around the corner. I worried what she was going to say. Before I could stand up Donna sat straight down on my lap and kissed me full on as she ground her damp pussy on my cock. After a minute or two she stopped and pulled away. "I am so thankful for you!" she continued, "I knew you would be the right man for the job. She told me all about her first lesson. I am proud of her for telling you what she really wanted and I love you for showing her." I stuttered a little and told her I was very afraid, but I promised." "Oh Pops, you are absolutely safe. No one will find out." then she kissed me again grinding on my lap the entire time. We finally cam up for air and then she said, "now, let's talk about her next lesson she wants to know how to give a blowjob and what cum taste like..."


2020-09-26 04:35:42
What can I say? For a first story out the gate a very basic, generic run of the mill story this site is full of. The more you write the better you will get so keep writing. But overall this was not good at all.

Dudley DowrongReport 

2020-09-25 13:49:00
Agree that Donna should be 36, not 30, for Dawn to be 18. Minor slip of dates.

Dudley DowrongReport 

2020-09-25 13:32:35
Excellent introduction to a pontentially awesome series. One big step forward is good tech (spelling, grammar, paragraphs & dialogue), great scenario, good details of action. A couple of pagraphs a littld long, but not distracting from the smooth flow of the story line. Will be checking " updates" daily for more "Mew Neighbors"! More after ch 2 & 3. THANKS for sharing your talent on this site.


2020-09-23 04:09:46
You may need to change the introduction, or Donna's age.
Assuming she was only 18 when Dawn was born, that would make the girl only 12.
I could relate a similar experience with a 15yr old when I was her softball coach, but I'll save that one for one of my stories.
Otherwise, good work.
BTW, I prefer full stories to 'chapters', but carry on.


2020-09-22 15:53:43
Nice flow, I like your easy writing style. Can't wait to see the next chapters.

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