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Tom has found his way into a parallel world, an earth where some mammals have evolved alongside humans.

There’s no going back "home", lucky enough to fall under two cats, Sarah and Kitty’s protection, saving him from possible death by heresy. Or is he just their sex toy?
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It excited Tom at long last to be out and about exploring this new world at long last. Although he had promised Kitty to help at the pub with her human guests tonight. He was right about the pub’s location, as they arrived at the large thatched roof house overlooking the beach and low wall running around a small front lawn. A small sign read “Kitty’s pub and B&B” on the gate that gave entry to the pub.

Initially they ignored the lounge and bar area. They climbed the stairs up to the second floor, high in the roof. At the top of the stairs, Kitty showed him a cupboard room with a bed for him to use as “his” bedroom, but really just for somewhere to stow his rucksack and to keep up appearances. Pointing out that behind the next door was Kitty’s bedroom.

The first floor had a shared shower and toilet, and the guest ensuite rooms, which had wardrobes for guests. They got linen and made the beds with actual duvets and pillows.

Back down on the ground floor, in the kitchen, he received a black “Kitty’s Pub” apron and introduced to Brenda the chef, an older cat, who wore a smock and apron. Brenda was nice, looked quizzically at Kitty, who quickly explained their story of Tom just looking for summer work and walking the coast after losing his job.

Kitty showed him the bar and lounge areas, although he couldn’t see anything like a till anywhere. Neither of the two areas was that large, both would be `busy’ with twenty people in them and rammed with thirty occupants. These could be in any pub anywhere in Britain, in either world. Low ceilings, dark beams overhead with an open fire in both.

Kitty said aloud to no one in particular, “Kitty’s pub,” surprising Tom.

Tom then heard from a speaker that couldn’t see “Good Afternoon Kitty,” replied the pub.

“Add new person to level 1 access, name Tom,” Kitty said

The pub responded, “Tom confirmed. Tom please speak clearly?”

“Hi, I’m Tom,” said Tom, really puzzled and looked questioningly at Kitty.

“This sets you up on voice commands to turn lights on & off, lock doors and in an emergency set off fire alarms. You just need to state lights on / off, lock / unlock door and the pub will react” said Kitty, shrugging off his puzzled look.

She showed him what the various drinks were and what would be expected of him, which was basically what Sarah’s job was. It was all very familiar and much like his previous bar work, except that the clientele would be human sized cats and dogs, plus some captain dogs who where to receive waiter serviced, as they all sit at a large table in the bay window of the bar, each on their own seats and had their own individual mugs–which Tom had to learn. The few other tables were small, using stools rather than chairs, the bar being surrounded with empty, elbow high shelves for clientele to prop their beer on, all to keep space available in the small bar area.

Food was to be collected from the kitchen hatch and dirty dishes, empty beer glasses returned to the same hatch. The new dog will take them to keep the hatch clear. Kitty warned him about the new dog Becky, who was the daughter of the top dog Captain Brown. He had asked Kitty to employ Becky as a personal favour, as they knew she was spoilt, arrogant and hopefully a summer job would bring her down to earth, before she goes to university at the end of the summer.

There was a lot of to remember and etiquette to follow, but above all he was NOT to step on any tails. He learnt the menu’s , which were very close to his home counterparts, some tailored for cats, some for dogs and some for humans, but all could appeal to anyone should they wish.

Gradually, as the afternoon wore on, locals drifted in for their afternoon tipple, so Tom’s story was repeated multiple times. Some were captains, and Tom managed to get the right drinks and mugs to the right captain. It shocked Tom when a few local dogs pinched his bum, in what was obviously some boisterous tomfoolery.

Tom noticed his sense of smell was obviously a little more pronounced now, with each individual having their own unique smell and he could count how many were present by just the number of individual smells, although previously back “home” all he would have smelt was wet dog.

These nano-bots and DNA were working there magic, Tom wondered what other `powers’ he could accrue and which ones would he want, certainly not a wagging tail, fur or pointy ears. He did like the bonus of cat’s night vision and was hoping to put it to good use.

Becky arrived in the kitchen and they were introduced, Tom took an instant dislike to her, she was aloof, even to Kitty. She wouldn’t make eye contact or even turn to shake his hand. He thought she looked like a spaniel, but like all the dogs in this world, her snout was shorter than dogs back home.

Tom finally realised that both cats and dogs here in this world had short fur, no shaggy gangly bits. With Becky being more trimmed than others in places, almost manicured. He also noticed that unlike cats, the dogs didn’t seem to be able to control their tails as they seemed to swish uncontrollably without any warning.

The human family arrived comprising a couple with their two children, one young lad and a top heavy twenty something daughter with blonde hair. So Tom introduced himself; they had walked miles along the coast and were keen to explain that they only booked here as everywhere else was fully booked.

He took them to their rooms, carrying the mother’s and daughter’s rucksacks, and showed them the ensuite. They weren’t either happy or unhappy with the shared rooms, mother and daughter in one with father and son in the other–as the pub was too small for family rooms and the son too young for his own. The mother disapproved of Tom’s shaggy appearance, commenting that he was obviously spending too much time with dogs.

Although as she inspected the ensuite and he placed the daughter’s rucksack down, the pretty daughter looked at him and ran her fingers through his beard saying “I don’t mind, I like the rugged look”, before she blushed and turned her back as her mother returned.

He left them to sort them-selves out and checked in with Kitty, then rushed back to the shower with a towel and some borrowed scissors to wash, brush up, and tidy his beard and hair. To be fair to the mother, he was looking a little bedraggled.

Back down in the bar top dog Captain Brown was in, everyone was listening to anything he said. Tom laid out one table in the lounge for the humans, with menus, glasses and cutlery; as he finished, he turned to find the Top Dog stood behind him.

“So you’re Tom?” he said, holding his hand out ”Kitty told me your story, you’ll be fishing with me in the morning, Kitty thinks you will be finished with the humans breakfast by 9:30, so come down to the beach by 10 and we’ll be off.”

Tom held his hand and shook, he had a very strong handshake from years of fishing for a living, his eyes scrutinised Tom, did he suspect? This wasn’t a request; he was to be there at 10.

“Nice to meet you Captain Brown, I think I will enjoy that, although I’m sorry I may not be a very good fisherman, but I will try,” said Tom, scared half to death, hoping he could squirm out of it.

“To be a Fisherdog takes years of experience and hard work, so I am not expecting much, don’t worry we are only pulling up some crab pots, so just hard work,” he replied, turned and returned to the bar and his seat at the captain’s table.

Through the doorway Tom saw kitty behind the bar, looking at him with her thumbs up, looking as nervous as he felt.

The evening seemed to fly by; the human family came down, ordered their food and drinks, with Locals also ordering drinks and food, including waiting on the captain’s table or clearing tables, so Tom was rushing around.

Although every time he returned to the hatch it was full, Becky wasn’t clearing them, getting Tom very frustrated. Meaning he had to enter the kitchen, each time he asked Becky to clear the hatch but without any results. He finally lost it when he had to enter the kitchen fully laden to find Becky leaning over a counter, scrolling through what looked like a fashion magazine.

“Becky! for fuck’s sake, I am working my ass off here, Brenda is too, it’s a madhouse out there, Kitty is working flat out, you are letting not just yourself down but also us and your boss, Kitty; we need to work as a team,”

“Whatever!” she replied, and just flicked over another page.

Tom glanced at Brenda, who just shrugged in acceptance, he just didn’t know what to do, but with the atmosphere being boisterous out there, he imagined he could get away with more with dogs than he could with students at his old student bar.

Tom placed his load down in the last space on a countertop and walked up behind Becky, fuming. Before he knew it he slapped her hard across the rump and pulled her tail at the base, she turned with her lips in a snarl, but Tom was already stood above her looking down and sternly said “Becky do your JOB, clear that hatch and wash up, Brenda needs space to work.” Then he turned and stormed out with the next tray of food.

Soon Kitty indicated she had another tray of beer for the captain’s table. Picking up the tray full of beer from the bar he then worked his way across this boisterous room, he could be in a busy pub anywhere in either world, he was used to this.

This particular trip across the bar was harder than most, as normal he wound his way around tight groups of young dogs and bitches, stepping over tails as he went but this time tails just seemed to come out of nowhere, forcing him to stand on the same spot, juggling on one foot. As soon as he went to take a step, to place his second foot down tails would just flick out appearing out of nowhere at his chosen spot.

After a minute of Tom standing on one leg, balancing his tray, he summed up the mood of the room and its occupants, swallowed and said in his loudest voice “Okay guys you’ve had your fun, good joke, you win, but unless these tails stop wagging under my feet your beer is going to be warm and your food cold.”

There was a slight pause, with everyone’s eyes turned onto him, then the entire room burst into laughter and cheers. All the tails withdrew and the captains all smiled, Tom sighed, relieved. He safely deposited the beers as captains toasted him and smiled appreciatively with one saying, “good game, you lasted longer than most, well done lad.”

As he returned with the empty glasses, the clientele showed approvals with thumbs up, slaps on his back, laughing nods and the odd pinch on his bum. He was even more pleased to find an empty hatch. Peering through he saw Becky working hard away, Brenda turned and smiled at him approvingly as he deposited the glasses. For the rest of the night, the hatch remained clear.

The human family in the lounge had finished their meal and were going outside, but the daughter didn’t want to go. She remained at the table with her drink, trying to catch Tom’s eye, whilst he tried to avoid hers as he cleared their table.

He noticed Becky behind the bar, reaching up restocking the shelves with clean glasses. He went up to her, put and arm around her and gave her a peck on the cheek, to make amends for slapping her so hard earlier, “well done, thanks for keeping the hatch clear Beck’s it was so much easier thanks.” As he dropped his hand from her waist to walk away, he pinched her bum playfully and left.

The evening wore on and slowly the clientele diminished; the captains were long gone, leaving just an older cat sat in the corner, chatting with Kitty.

As soon as Brenda finished for the night she searched Tom out, “well done lad, you worked hard and Becky needed a talking to, but I can’t risk upsetting Captain Brown myself,” she smiled and left. Kitty was tidying up the bar area, then asked if he could put chairs on tables to sweep up, whilst she walked the old cat back up the long hill home.

Tom did as asked, then worked his way through the pub calling “lights off,” but he could still smell just one remaining dog, following the scent he went into the kitchen which was dimly lit by fly killing ultraviolet lights and could see Becky there, flicking through her magazine.

“Hi, I thought you had gone,” he said walking up to her, not sure how to gauge her body language or temperament “Thanks for tonight, it helped a lot with it being so busy”.

“No, I wanted to wait for you,” she said, Tom wasn’t sure but it sounded like a poor attempt to sound sexy.

As he was now within a step from her, she stood up straight and reached for his waist with her front legs, as soon as her paws were in contact, he felt claws dig into his skin through his shorts and she pulled him in close up tight to her.

“No one has ever spoken to me that way, nor spanked me, I want you to fuck me.” she said in a whispered fake sexy voice.

“Ahem, you’re too young for me,” Tom hoped he was right; he still hadn’t warmed to this particular bitch dog.

“Nope, I’m eighteen and I want you to fuck me,” she responded, her paws undoing his belt “no one has ever taken control of me, tell me you want me, tell me you need me, take me roughly” She then licked his face. The one problem with dogs having a snout, even short ones, kisses either don’t work easily or dogs just prefer to lick.

Tom paused, not sure what to do. None of his sexual experience prepared him for “rough sex”, but he still disliked this bitch and that made it easier. Her little breasts were pushing against him nicely and being this close to a female anything he could feel his dick throbbing trying to rise, so that made the decision for him.

Her magazine would make an excellent tool to slap her with, but when Tom looked for it, it had gone. The first thing he could think of was “Suck my cock bitch” he said into her ear, slapping his one hand on her rump.

She dropped her head level with his crotch and her paws only just loosened his belt and undid the waist button. She ignored the zip, yanked his shorts down to above his knees. She pulled his boxers down just enough to release his now half grown member that was quickly filling. At first she was clumsy, half licking, half biting as her front canine teeth pairs nearly pierced him, Tom realised this maybe her first blow job.

“Slow down bitch no teeth, make me hard so I can ram it into your wet cunt” he said, cringing to hear himself say the `c’ word.

She obliged, “Sorry, I am not experienced, is this better?” as she changed her technique, her canine fang teeth straddled his dick, making a narrow sharp gate way into her mouth. Tom worried for his throbbing enlarging shaft “No teeth I said, you must listen to instructions”

She pulled back clear of his now stiff rod “Sorry, you are so big, you will need to punish me for being a bad bitch”. She pulled forward but modified her position, so he was no longer head on, with his rod to the side of her mouth, this was much better. She tried to suck but couldn’t quite get it right, but his shaft continued growing and throbbing.

At least this was now beginning to feel not too bad a blow job. He held her ears tight at their base and slid her in and out on his dick, at least there was ample spittle to keep him lubricated and her mouth was warm. So Tom pulled her head in tight to him.

Even through his foreskin his tip felt the roughness of the roof of her mouth and then her throat, causing her to gag.

He pulled out, with his skin covered spade end just inside her mouth, then plunged back in to get her gagging again. He was now fully hard and enjoying the feeling of power as she behaved subservient. He got into a cycle of pumping her head whilst he thought on his next move; her spittle was drooling all over his crotch and onto the floor.

“Get on all fours, turn around and present your rump to me” Tom commanded “I want to see your juicy bitch cunt”. She obliged, her front legs spread eagle on the floor, her rear raised in the air, tail twitching vertical.

He could see her rear exposing two targets for him, one small dry star like crater and below her pink lipped petal slit dripping wet, leaking onto her rear fur, one part of him just wanted to drive his cock in but he also wanted to drag this out longer, enjoying it more than he would have thought. He grabbed the base of her tail with his left hand and with his right hand swung a hard slap across her rump, she shook with shock twisting sideways and gasped “stay still, you are to be punished” Tom tried to sound commanding, finding that this was a great turn on and he was enjoying it maybe a little more than he should.

He pulled her back into position using her tail, holding it hard at the base. He slapped her again, just as hard, with the flat of his hand; she only twitched this time but still made a light gasp “Umph”. To tease her, he stroked her one cheek softly with his free hand, letting his thumb stroke the damp well trimmed fur close to her wet drooling pink petal slit.

A ripple of pleasure ran through her, quick as a flash he slapped her rump again, then softly ruffled her rump fur, thumb stroking the wet fur next to her dripping slit, running it up to her dry crater above, where he lingered teasing the rim.

“Mmmm Tom knows best, I’ve been bad and want my punishment” Becky gasped in her normal voice, no longer trying to sound sexy. ‘Slap’ Tom hit her again, Tom alternated between teasing her dry rimmed crater above and her wet dripping pink lipped slit below and slapping her hard, with the odd double slap or just removing his hand from her rump to return softly to tease her.

Tom now was so aroused he was salivating at her wet rear, dying to get inside. She was quivering at her own arousal - he wanted in. On the next slap, as his hand returned to softly tease her glistening pink lips, this time he slipped a finger inside her, she tensed and gasped “Ohhhh yes, please” and he drove it in to his knuckle and then slowly withdrew it.

He dropped to his knees on the floor and pulled her back by her tail so he was on her left side, to gain better control as he probed her with his right forefinger, once in, he added a second, which was much tighter “Wooooooow” she squealed. He could pump both fingers in and out, now and then he would quickly pull them out and either slap or stroke her wet rear, to slide both back in. She shook with pleasure and anticipation, not knowing what to expect next.

He pulled his fingers free, using the flat of his fingers wiped the juice soaked trimmed fur under her wet love canal up to her little dry crater above, repeatedly to wet and lubricate it, patting it lightly to tease, she tensed and relaxed her little crater’s muscle, not knowing what was going to happen or when.

He patted her dripping pink lipped love canal and slipped in his second finger and with his thumb pressed on her now wet little rear crater, she tensed “relax Becks or it will hurt more, relax, you are to be a good bitch now, I want to pleasure you”.

She shivered, almost melting with pleasure at his words. She relaxed and her rear crater opened. Tom applied pressure to his thumb, and it tried to enter, he had to tease it around and press hard but finally it entered fully, Becky tensed again, he pushed his thumb further in, as she let out a long exhaling gasp” OOooooooo”.

He hooked his middle finger into her wet pink love canal, keeping his thumb inside her crater’s cave above it; it wasn’t easy as her she was tight and pushing back. So he released it to hear Becky yelp “yooow”, but drove his two fingers in and out her dripping pink canal with greater speed.

Becky was quivering more and more “oh, oh, oh, I’m going to cum, I’m coming, yes, yes” she whispered as she spasmed back onto his fingers, he felt her pink love canal tighten on them and drove them in hard and deep, then vibrated them side to side, from his wrist, as her whole body went taught in a few spasms of pleasure “Yeeeeeeessss fuuuuuccckkk” She squealed, held her muscles taut and then relaxed.

Tom turned rotating on his knees to face her rear, lifted her up onto his lap by her tail, leant forward and licked her pink lipped love canal; she tasted bitter sweet, different to Sarah or Kitty, but now soaking wet with her juices and cum.

He delved his tongue in between her pink lips easily, hunting with its tip not being sure of dog anatomy; he soon found a flap of hard skin causing Becky to give an “ohhhhmmmm” gasp and a shiver when he licked it, teasing it repeatedly with his tongue for a minute or two.

Tom then raised up on his knees, pressed his rigid ram rod against her wet pink love canal lips and drove it in deep, she squealed “yeeeeooooowww”, she was so tight on his shaft his foreskin pulled back sharply even with all the lubrication inside her.

He released her tail, both his hands reached onto her hips, just to where he knew was right, held tight digging his fingers in and pulled her into him, started pumping in and out. She soon responded in synch and soon he was bouncing off her rump with her gasping at every drive in “oh, oh, oh, oh”.

Tom leant over her back, moving his hands forwards to rest on the floor either side of her, searched her neck and gathered up some neck skin in his teeth. She knew what was coming “yes, yes, yes, Tom, that is so nice, I’m coming again, please” Becky begged, so Tom bit hard and she spasmed again, tensing around his ram rod deep inside her, she squealed “yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhssss” and tensed her body.

Tom held on until she relaxed, then released his bite, drew in a deep breath and came up back onto his knees again, withdrawing out of her, his penis dripping with her cum. She collapsed on the floor with a grunt “Gmphhhhh”.

“But you haven’t finished yet, I’m not satisfied, I’ve not cum yet” Tom said. He was pulsing rock hard and his balls were aching. He was enjoying this way too much, although his distaste for Becky was now fading and now feeling a little empathy.

He rolled onto his back on the floor alongside her, face up, his dick reaching for the roof “climb on top, sit on my throbbing cock you worm, you have had your punishment, you have had your pleasure, now it is my turn” Tom commanded.

Becky rose, looking at him tired and shocked “but I am exhausted. How can you be still hard?”

“Sit on my dick I said, I want your wet cunt wrapped around my stiff cock,” Tom commanded hiding his cringing thoughts.

Becky sat up and straddled Tom’s waist, her paw guided his dick to its target. He felt the wetness of her lips on his naked tip. She was lowering herself down slowly, but Tom couldn’t resist an extra twist. He grabbed her waist and pulled her down and raised his hips up to drive into her, her mouth opened wide, gasping silently in shock.

Now Tom could see her underbelly fine, finally able to study her close up, he just hadn’t notice before, her slim waist, the way her fur was trimmed, she had lovely breasts, small but perfectly rounded, with nice small nipples that were hard. She was sitting in her own wet patch on Tom’s hips, he could smell her sex, it filled the room, but she wasn’t moving.

Tom slapped his fingers of one hand across both her breasts “yowww” Becky yelped but grinned back, he then softly fondled them, “you need to pleasure me now” he ruffled her fur as he lowered his hands to grasp her hips and ground their hips together, the wet patch between them felt nice and sticky.

Slowly Becky came back into the swing of things, taking over the grinding work, so much so he released his grip on her hips and once more tucked his hands behind his head, looking up at her relaxed, enjoying watching her body impaled on his shaft, grinding her crotch to his, with her breasts moving sweetly, Tom could see she from her smile and her reactions she had become aroused again.

“Bounce up and down on my dick, I need pleasuring” said Tom, as he raised his hips up lifting her and dropped back to the floor, so suddenly leaving her mid air momentarily, connected only by his flagpole, then she dropped, landing with a huge slap. Becky gasped in shock, “Arrrrggghhh ooooo”.

Becky got the idea and rode up and down, using her rear legs beneath her to lift her up then releasing to drop mouth open grunting in time “uh, uh, uh, uh”. Tom enjoyed the feel of her well lubricated tunnel, sliding up and down his throbbing shaft. Looking up at her again, he felt his balls give that familiar twitch. He was nearly there.

“bounce up and down bitch, I want to see your tits bounce” Tom said, knowing he couldn’t last much longer, he slapped her lightly across her breasts again and returned his hands to behind his head. Becky raised her front legs over her head, paws together, giving Tom a clear, unrestricted view of her breasts as her own orgasm grew.

Becky upped the tempo and pumping up and down faster, rising high enough to just keep his naked spade end just inside her lips, then slapping down onto the increasing wet patch between them. Her breasts were bouncing for Tom to admire. She grunted with each landing stroke, “uhg, uhg, uhg”. She was in control of her own orgasm that was building to a climax.

She squealed “Ooooo I am coming again, Tom, I am coming, yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhsssss,” cried Becky, raising herself up on his flag pole whilst arching her back, her breast flattening with her, her front legs and paws stretching up above her, in a spasm and Tom felt her muscles clench around the spade end of his shaft then whole body dropped onto his flag pole pushing it deep inside her “Fuuuuuuccccckkkk” she squealed.

Well, that was it. Seeing her orgasms climactic release, he could feel his own orgasm climax, releasing his own cum bursting inside her, she felt his warm liquid flood into her. It was Tom’s turn “grmph, Beeeeeecccckkkkeeeeee you beauteeeee” He grabbed her hips and ground them to empty his balls. She squirmed in delight and collapsed onto him, her head just above him, hugging him tightly and once again licking his face.

“That was unbelievable Tom, I’m sorry I’m an awful dog, I know people don’t like me, I don’t know why, I try, I do try for people to like me. Thanks that was fucking brilliant. I never thought I would lose my virginity to a human, but I am glad I did” she whispered, revealing her secret to him.

FUCK, thought Tom, jeez, this is top dog captain Brown’s daughter, that will piss him off if he finds out, shit and I am supposed to go fishing with him tomorrow..

They led together on the kitchen floor cuddling for a short while, then Becky rose off him, licking him all over his wet crotch, then came up to his face licking him and then managed a peck on his cheek.

“I’m sorry, I have to go, if mum hears me coming back this late she will worry where I have been” she said licking his face again “thanks again - lover”.

“Oh, I don’t care about you and Kitty, Sarah or anyone else; BUT if you screw any other bitch dog in the village, I will bite your cock off, you are mine, I am your one and only bitch dog” Becky looked serious and to confirm that she put his wet flaccid limp dick in her mouth and made sure he could feel her teeth and gave it a nip and twist.

She got up and left the kitchen, leaving Tom lead there on the floor in a wet patch, shorts still pulled down onto his thighs. He quickly checked his cock for blood `jeez she is scary when serious, I’m sure she meant it’ he thought.

He got up, sorted himself out and called for lights on; he could smell the sex and see the wet patch on the tiled floor. So he found a mop and disinfectant and quickly did the entire floor until he could only smell disinfectant.

Afterwards he crept upstairs, got a fresh towel out the linen cupboard and jumped in the shared shower, nowhere near as nice as Sarah but he was sticky and sweaty, he must launder his shorts and clothes soon.

Whilst showering, he pondered on the day, wondering what canine attributes he will take on after sharing nano-bots and DNA with Becky. SO long as he doesn’t chase his tail around or walk around with his tongue hanging out, he hoped.

He finished up, dried off, wrapped the towel around him, picked up his clothes, made sure the room was tidy and presentable, called for lights off, opened the door and stepped out into the hallway, his cats eyes giving him a clear view of the hallway.

There curled up at the door, asleep was Kitty, Tom bent down and stroked her ears until she stirred “Oh Kitty what are you doing here, you should be curled up in bed” he whispered as she rose from her slumbers and lifted her face to his, he kissed her.

“I wanted you to know you can sleep with me, I don’t want you to be alone tonight, you’ve worked hard and proven yourself, I heard you with Becky and didn’t want to miss you, so when I heard the shower running I just waited”.

“Errr Yes, She wanted to talk and apologise”

“Hmmm, there was a lot of squealing and grunting going on, sounded more like sex to me and a long session at that, I think she has gone home triple satisfied” Kitty said with a smirk kissing him back, “come on”.

Tom enjoyed his new ability to wander a dark house in complete darkness with his night vision cat’s eyes, making their way through the dark pub up to her bedroom, which was large being the full width of the house with windows on both front and rear aspects of the pub; her bed was possibly the largest he had ever seen.

He dropped the towel and his clothes and joined her on the bed where they curled up face to face and kissed.

“It’s ok Tom, it’s been a long day so you are probably shattered now, I don’t expect you to perform, however eventually I would like to have the chance to leave scratch marks on my roof beams, like Sarah has above her bed,” Kitty said winking at him with a knowing smile as she stroked his limp member teasingly.

“Mmmm thanks, although just for you I am sure I could find some energy somewhere. I am glad you are ok about me now, I have really enjoyed today in every way and you look wonderful” Tom responded.

Kitty needed to tell Tom something she had bottled up all day “Surprisingly Sarah loves you and that means a lot to me, as I love her too, you have really caught her heart. Please don’t hurt her, she won’t expect you to be monogamous, but whoever you go with please return to her, she needs a male in her life.”

Kitty went on, ”I have made Captain Brown promise to bring you back safely from your fishing trip; we have lost nearly every off world visitor to captain Brown taking them out on his fishing boat, no one really knows where they go but he returns hours later without them. “

Tom’s passion was rising again, his limp shaft was stiffening as blood made its way back filling it again, Kitty’s soft paw stroke was working its magic “It would be rude to waste it now” Tom said, rolling on top of Kitty, kissing her “Sarah found doing it like us humans quite a kinky turn on, he joked” enjoying the feel of her soft breasts against his chest.

Tom felt a comforting familiarity on top of Kitty, as her fur, like Sarah’s felt more duvet, whereas Becky’s dog fur felt more like shag pile carpet in comparison.

“I’m not convinced, but I will try it once” laughed Kitty, now stroking his bum cheeks with her rear paws and his shoulder blades with her front paws and grinding her hips into his stiffening rod.

Tom drifted his right hand down between her legs and reached his target, her pleasure palace was dripping wet already, he teased her initially with a wandering finger, then slipped his second finger in between her moist palace lips to search out that warmth inside, he found that telltale nub of hard lip, teasingly circling his finger tip around its base, causing Kitty to purr softly.

Tom sat up onto his knees, between Kitty’s rear legs, enjoyed the view of her stretched out beneath him. His cat’s night vision allowed him to see her perfectly in the moonlight room, appreciating her fur basque and breasts. He angled his now flag poled rod down and engaged his skin clad tip with her juicy pink lips, feeling her wetness and she his hot tip. He slipped slowly inside her juice filled tunnel, feeling his foreskin slide back exposing his tender tip.

“MMmmmmmmm, that is so nice” kitty purred, Tom resting on his knees, gripped Kitty’s hips and gave nice long slow strokes, almost withdrawing then sliding back deep inside her. Tom enjoyed Kitty’s soft contact and her loving smell, that coffee with a hint of nut, without Sarah’s drug like heat fogging his thoughts and vision he was really savouring this wonderful creature and the moment.

He longed to see those breasts bounce though, so he upped the energy levels, now slapping into her sopping wet love canal as he plunged into her repeatedly. Kitty reacted with regular little gasps “oh, oh, oh, oh” as her own excitement rose and those breasts started bouncing and just like being basque clad they were popping up out of the fur support into full view, then dropping back with fluidity.

Tom leant over, kissing her underbelly, working his way up, until he had to release her hips and move his hands up under her upper arm pits, onto the bed. He could now kiss her breasts, but he wanted to taste her, like Sarah, he wanted to suckle her.

Wrapping his lips around her left breast, he sucked and squeeze, releasing a squirt of warm, rich milk into his mouth, slightly less viscous as Sarah’s, causing Kitty to squeal with pleasure “yeaouhhhhh, MMmmmm”. Then quietly said ”so that is where Sarah picked it up from. It is sooooo kinky, you really are our sexy super sex toy Tom”.

She squirmed slightly beneath him as he moved upwards, keeping the milk safely contained in his closed lips. His chest leant onto her now damp breast. Her mouth open, silently gasping at his rod lunged in and out, he hung over her. Looking into each other’s cats’ eyes, his lips above hers and let a dribble out, lowered his lips and kissed, pushing his tongue into her mouth, sharing her milk.

“Meeeeooooooow” Kitty Purred, Tom could feel her climax rising, tensing her muscles, inside and out, as his own stirrings deep in his own shaft, he dropped his head, nibbled her neck to find the right spot and bit her neck “Yeeeeeewwwwooooo” Kitty yelped as she arched her back as her orgasm climaxed, Tom felt her tunnel wall crush in on his shaft, he could no longer contain his own and released his warm spunk into her, pumping it and grinding his hips until the last drop.

They held still, taut for a short while, until Tom released his bite and came up to face her and look into her deep yellow cats’ eyes, then gave her a deep kiss, his tongue delving in to meet hers. Their kiss lingered whilst their bodies relaxed.

“MMmmmm I may need more practice at these human positions” Purred Kitty, as she licked Tom in the now familiar post sex cleaning. Once finished they curled up, face to face, snuggling, pecking little kisses onto each other.

Tom felt comfortable and safe in kitty’s arms with her odd gently purr, curled up in yet another warm, soft breathing duvet and he slowly dropped off to sleep.

To Be Continued, assuming people give enough positive votes and constructive comments! *******


2020-11-26 23:36:08
good story!


2020-10-25 01:05:44
An interesting chapter, to say the least. Two Cat lovers AND a Dog lover? I'm going to assume that Tom now has absolutely NO INCENTIVE to return to the world he accidentally left.

However, Tom is going to have to watch out for Becky. She could possibly cause a bit of trouble for him, especially if she tells Daddy what they did after closing time.

One last thing..m you are hereby commanded NOT to dawdle about with this story!!! Obviously, anybody posting a Negative Comment here needs to go out with Captain Brown and not come back....

Keep up the good work!!!


2020-10-16 18:35:57
Ignore DBuck, the story is great. Keep going. The story will find it's own way.


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Very good! Looking forward to the next chapter.


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Very good! Looking forward to the next chapter.

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